Made in Spain
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Made in Spain

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Made in SpainThe scent of saffron, the sound of flamenco, the sights of Spanish culture and a spirited chef creating classic dishes can now be found together in one captivating program. Made in Spain is a series exploring the culinary and cultural riches of Spain and is hosted by Chef José Andrés, creator of multiple celebrated Washington, D.C.- based restaurants, including Jaleo and minibar by josé andrés.

Made in Spain highlights the extraordinary cooking traditions of a country whose food and wine is capturing the world's imagination. In every episode, José brings the exciting flavors of his native Spain to the American audience with easy and informative recipes created in his Washington, DC kitchen using products found here in the U.S.

Each cooking segment is woven into a gastronomic and cultural tour of one of Spain's 17 vibrant regions, where José introduces the viewer to many of Spain's great cheese makers, wine makers and restaurateurs. Traveling throughout Spain, José takes the viewer to the source and inspiration of the dishes he prepares back in his kitchen, demonstrating that the flavors made in Spain can be created right here at home.

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10 years ago

Spanish Sweet Smoked Paprika is my favorite spice. It literally makes everything taste mouth- watering and delicious with no salt. It has combined with everything I have added it to. It is NOT smoked Paprika, you have to specifically look for the "sweet smoked paprika"

Sham J.
11 years ago

I've never really enjoyed cooking shows, but I decided to watch this one as I'm going to intern in Spain in a couple of months and would love to know more about their culinary side. Andrés is an infectiously happy man. I enjoyed every episode.

12 years ago

Very entertaining and informative. He somehow manages to pack Spanish geography, history, culture, gastronomy, restaurants, and music into less than half an hour; not to mention interesting recipes I'm dying to try.
When I go to Spain next year, you can bet I'm going to visit some of those towns and restaurants.

12 years ago

Not much here for a vegan! Found the rigid structure of the programmes - cooking a recipe in Washington DC and then cutting to a scene of eating in a restaurant in Spain and then back again - really irritating. And speaking of irritating, is the presenter bi-polar or is being this hyped up normal for chefs?

12 years ago

This freak talks to tomatoes!! "Mr Andrés’ enthusiasm is infectious. Very informative and a joy to watch." Whats so informative about it?

ivo slon
12 years ago

"Dont tell me this is not like a gooseneck barnacle cathedral."

priceless... :D

Lady Penelope
12 years ago

I can not cook but love to eat. Mr Andres can cook for me any time lol.
Henno , I agree with you , a joy to watch.

13 years ago

Mr Andrés' enthusiasm is infectious. Very informative and a joy to watch.