Madness in the Fast Lane

Madness in the Fast Lane

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Madness in the Fast LaneMaybe the extremity of the behavior of the two Swedish sisters who threw themselves into traffic on the M6 was transient, but since drugs were not part of the equation, it seems much more likely that the behavior was connected to something more hidden (from our view at least) and more long lasting. The "Folie à deux" (induced delusional disorder) is plausible, but was this just transient madness without drugs?

What about the family backgrounds of these two women? They certainly chose to go far, far away from home as adults. Why did they choose to do that? Just adventurers or did they feel they had to escape something (including each other). Similar experiences growing up as twins would have primed them even more for Folie à deux (shared psychotic disorder). After all, even when it isn't psychotic, family members often sway each other mentally.

What about the contents of their bags? It seems that the paranoia there was a bit elaborate. Perhaps their behavior could have peaked into some sort of transient madness, but it was probably just because the madman (or mad women) woke up, not because it was manufactured instantaneously from nothing. The level of disconnection / over-connection with Ursula that Sabina displays seems like two sides of the same coin. She is simply not grounded in reality on some level. She needs both to be nice and ordered and also to deal with intimacy issues at the same time. Probably, this grounding was not established when she and Ursula were small children. Perhaps they developed massive systems of denial that in many ways worked for them (as worked for Sabina in the jail scenes).

After she's released from custody, Sabina greets total strangers on the street - bold and unfearing and then goes out with them. Maybe it her small way of saying "I can be risque without really getting in trouble, ergo, I am in control even in situations that might be out of control." Just a thought. She offers them cigarettes and then snatches them away. "They are poisoned." Is this just a random paranoid thought? Or a symbol of extreme inner anxiety that she suddenly can neither access directly nor ignore? Maybe she is torn between doing favors for people in order to get positive attention and the fear that they will poison her. It just seems that it was her way of retracting an offer that she suddenly felt very uncomfortable with. She is too friendly on one level, paranoid and guarded on another level.

She really wants help, but believes that the knife that cuts the sandwich for her is going to cut her as well. Maybe that's why she thinks that she has to stab a stranger in the chest. There is nearly always more to the story, especially in cases of mental issues. The mind is a black box of history and mystery.

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  1. I've watched this several times over the years, and I believe it was something undetected by their drug tests like the crap that's all over the place now.

  2. If someone were to tell me this happened.. i'd never believe them... I'd think they were over telling or trying to be dramatic about the story.... WTF This is wack.

  3. Totally fake psyop documentary played on trusting viewers except you can not fool everybody all the time ,GAME OVER .FAKERS

  4. British law enforcement are totally incompetent

  5. so strange!

  6. I've just been made aware of this story today as someone had posted the motorway clip on Facebook. I hadn't heard of the Eriksson twins and I'm surprised it hasn't had more media attention. This is a very strange story indeed and you get the distinct feeling there is something very strange about this whole thing.

  7. Note A Madness Shared By Two is due for released 12-12-12

  8. A Madness Shared by Two is the true story that exposes the police cover-up involved in the Sabina and Ursula Eriksson case and the murder of Glenn Hollinshead - To be released on the 28 October 2012 in eBook and paperback

    A Madness Shared by Two, is not only the true untold story about the lives of Sabina and Ursula Eriksson, alongside the murder of Glenn Hollinshead, based on a critique re-examination of the BBC’s Madness in the Fast Lane documentary that had 7 million viewers [with a conservative estimate of around a further 15 million people having since watched this film via the internet and on websites such as YouTube],glued to their TV screens watching the twin sisters propelling themselves into the fast lane of the oncoming traffic on the UK’s-M6 motorway, as Ursula manages to throw herself under the wheels of a 40ft articulated lorry travelling at 60mph, that seems to swallow her up and spit her lifeless looking body back out of its rear end. It is also the result of a thorough investigation into what might have really happened on those fateful days that led up to this tragic slaying of an innocent man. We challenge the “Official Storyline” and expose what really occurred just hours before M6 dash, for it is here for the first time we expose the Eriksson sisters were “arrested” under the Mental Health Act, though this vital caught on film evidence was edited out of the original BBC films. This will come as a great surprise to many people who questioned; ‘ was it possible Sabina could have been released from hospital after only five hours’ following their ‘suicide attempt’ on the M6? We also reveal that the coroner’s report shows that the injuries inflicted on Glenn, was done so by ‘two’ weapons, it’s always been believed “Sabina” used one, and that it’s highly likely there were more than one person who killed him and that Sabina could be totally innocent. Yet this obvious evidence seems to have been brushed under the carpet, or at the very least, it was never challenged. We explain how these twins were very likely embroiled in some kind of major drugs smuggling ring and that they had been under “Obbo” [police observation] prior to the M6 incident and was probably so for quite some period of time. As a result of our findings, legal action is now being sought and brought against the police and other related authoritative bodies by the Hollinshead family.

  9. Were the cigarettes ever tested??

    1. Don't thinkn they were, though very likey they were laced with some kind of drug, such as PCP.

    2. lol at very likely

  10. Nephilim... This is why some people claim to be abducted...we are being replaced with an invasion of our own DNA mixed with theirs.. They don't need a war to get our planet....just breed us out ..wink wink

    1. The intelligence agencies are full of witches, and all the logdes have Jinns, they can put them on you, like watchers. You'll see them in the sky and everything, they will appear whenever you look up! "Chemtrail Planes"

  11. Don't understand it? Must be demonic possesion! *rolleyes*

  12. The song at the end was a perfect fit.

  13. that looks like they were both hypnotized or subjected to top secret CIA mind control drugs, which could not be detected by regular means.

  14. these b*tches got powers and are part of an underground world we don't know about. hey were trying to keep it secret...that's why this was taken off so many sites!!!

  15. I have a little different 'theory' about this. It may be that they had (unknowingly) ingested a heavy dose of LSD. How this could happen is another matter, but it could explain the behavior and the quick recovery. It could also explain the lingering paranoia that followed. I overdosed on LSD once and my behavior was totaly out of control and paranoid like them. The lingering paranoia was similar also. For the record, I never hurt anybody but that could simply be good fortune. Just a theory.

    1. interesting, but shouldn't the drug show up on their blood work tests?

    2. I'm not sure how it is in the UK but here in the USA, most hospitals run a standard panel. It is rare here that they would test for LSD or PCP unless they are specifically asked to. This is due to financial reasons and because those substances are not as widely abused.

  16. so did the mental illness give them the supernatural strength? to fight off cops and get up after getting hit by cars "in the fast lane"? and what was in the bag? this wasn't big news in Canada, i wonder if there was a lot of exposure in England?

  17. Wow. This is just horribly tragic yet absolutely bizarre. A very interesting story of mental illness that is made more unreal by both their actions and the fact that they are twins.

  18. (Pardon me, Glenn Hollingshead was the victim's name.)

  19. @Hammer2Fall: I supposed that Sabina *might* have been doing that - if she was in a state enough to have forethought, hitting herself with the hammer, I mean, to try and make the murder look perhaps like a defense.
    But then again, if that had been suggested during the trial, maybe that would have shown enough forethought during her episode of some sort of madness to throw "dimished responsibility" as a defense into real question?
    (Still, to be honest,I'm not questioning the crimincal insanity here.)
    (There's no way to "act your way" through this kind of thing - and anyone else here, please don't think this is any suggestion that mental illness is a form of "acting out" either! - also, even if the two had planned an elaborate "spree of acting out", you just can't "put on" the unreal strength Sabina displayed, and even Ursula's, trying to get up with "smashed legs" as they put it..god. Just wondering what form of brain anomoly or disorder it actually is!)

  20. This Is Terrible. Please know that nothing I say here is meant to make light of the cold, meaningless murder of that Good Samaritan, Mr. Hollingshead, if it's just not ringing right with the rest of you here on the forum. This is a stretch, but keeping them separated seems like one good idea - but you can't keep Sabina (sp?) out of the States, as she's not committed any crimes there or risked the public. But Ursula did risk the public safety in a huge way by causing those accidents on the UK Motorway. Perhaps..stretching, I know..she could be refused entry into the UK again, on those grounds - because 1.) That was more than a little traffic jam; (It's nail-biting and dangerous enough driving on those roads on any regular day!) - and also because 2.) There are actual diagnoses run before a court there that indicate a real risk that the togetherness of the twins may have caused all of this risk to life and loss of life (as is suggested through "Ursula's presence in Sabina's mind" at the end of the doc.) Besides the thoughts of "this is how traumatic brain injury and/or mental illness can manifest in violence" that went through my head, I have to confess the un-politically correct thought that occurred to me of my so-called "Berserker" ancestors in Scandinavia..demonstrating to their opponents in battle a horrifying disregard for their OWN lives, and so-called "superhuman strength". Makes me wonder if the hard life back then went along with some high incidence of mental illness in the population. As I said, I'm just musing! Mental illness is a grave enough reality for all of us today. Whether we have it or someone we love does. And a man was killed here, and I want to make it clear I'm not putting it down to that little train of thought. My heart and my respect go out to the family of Greg Hollingshead as they try to pick up the pieces and build around the empty place left by a beloved brother and family member. The brothers were flexible enough to be interviewed for this or allow the footage to be included in this doc, and they are dignified despite this infuriatingly bizarre crime against them all! As Pierre mentioned (though I'm only following one element he brought up in his post) these two women had parents, somewhere, at some time - whether both alive or deceased at the time of the crimes - asking the obvious, did they try to contact the parents? the thought of how easily any family contact would help turn a diagnoses in some kind of sensible direction went through my head more than once! Still, if the police only chose to contact an apt. roommate/"partner" of one of them in Ireland and mentioned only that fact in the doc, then I'm assuming - maybe wrongly - that they already tried to contact family in Europe or N.America and either didn't broadcast that fact here, or if they did, perhaps I've forgotten..? Just a few thoughts. anyway, very intriguing documentary, but sadly, for all the wrong reasons, as it only exists because a man lost his life for literally no reason yet given.

  21. crazy bitch's I think they were possessed by demons

  22. Totally messed up women, it amazes me how many fruit loops there are out there on the streets. Totally selfish behaviour in regards to the motorway and as for poor Glenn such a tragedy

  23. fr*aks should of been locked up for good - disgusting

  24. shes lucky this wasnt in the USA

  25. Taze the crazy lady. That's how we do it in America.

    1. @Calin Stephensen,

      :-) ... Since there's nothin to figure out in there...


  26. a right pair of mongrels

  27. I have more than one member of my family that suffers from bipolar/schizophrenia. First, for those of you talking about bi = two = possession - PLEASE got look up the definition of the disease before you go spouting off things that make no sense at all. The two poles in "bipolar" are mania and depression, two states of mind, not two entities or beings living inside one body. I do not know if these two women have this disease or not, since I am not a doctor and of course never met them. However, I can tell you from direct experience that a person with bipolar/schizophrenia can act violently to themselves and others, say unusual and paranoid things, seem to have super strength, fight you every inch of the way - and then calm down and act quite meek, and behave as if nothing strange has happened. They can go days, weeks, even months acting merely odd, but not particularly "crazy". Then one day they tear all their clothes off and jump in a freezing river or something, and fight you as you try to save them, spitting and kicking and clawing and calling you names the whole time. So the twins behavior, even in custody, does not seem out of line with things I have seen in other mentally ill people. How they survived being hit by cars, I do not know.

    The thing that bothers me is how they even considered releasing a woman who had run into traffic three times and acted such a maniac just hours earlier. They didn't need to see the film, I'm sure the police reports were right there for the authorities to see. They just processed her through, let her go and said "well that was odd". That's unacceptable to me, they really should have kept her for observation, and sadly, a man lost his life because they dropped the ball. And of course it bothers me that anyone would consider this woman "low risk". How do you kill a man like that and be considered LOW risk? I mean, not even a MEDIUM risk?? Come on now, let's not be stupid.

    I also question if the man that took her in for the night might have made a sexual advance on her, but I don't get the feeling he tried to force himself on her. However, it might have been a trigger for her at that moment. How unfortunate for him, and his family. I live in the US and I really hope I never run into either of these women. Luckily, it's a really big country.

    1. @ Cherry
      Good explanation of bi polar, you can't get too upset at people for not understanding the disease it isn't something many people who have no exposure to it can understand because as you know and pointed out it is complex. Just for clarity I do not have bi polar issues in any way I just happen to know a little bit about a few things. I don't know if these two woman are bi polar or not but I find it hard to believe they would both have a bad manic episode at the same time. Unless it is possible that one of them could start a manic cycle and her behaviour somehow (maybe because they are twins and therefore close and somehow in tune with each other as twins can be) was a catalyst for setting off the other one.

      I also don't understand how the one was set free later that day either, the police should be held responsible for that mans death in some way or I guess maybe the doctor who said she was ok to let go. You would think that after what had gone on she would have been out in the Psych ward at the hospital at the very least for overnight obseration. You would think that there would be a law in place for when someone acts like they did plus assaulting a police officer is an offense I thought at the very least would make an overnight stay in jail mandatory.

      Ok a drunk man (with his buddy but the buddy left) sees an attractive woman (been a while since I saw the doc and don't remember what either really looked like but I am going with attractive to make my point) while he is walking home from the pub and invites her to come to his house. Hmmm lets think for a second about not just guys in general but drunk guys specifically who has a girl he just met come home with him, even if he is the nicest most polite guy on the planet as soon he started talking to her in the street he was trying to figure out if he had any chance at all of having sex with her and what he had to do and say to make it happen. You could be right on the button when you say maybe he hit on her and it set her off, if someone is on the edge mentally you don't know what is going to push them off it. If she went off like she did on the highway where even being hit by a vehicle didnt seem to slow her down then the poor guy she attacked really wouldn't have had much of a chance to defend himself. If a car or truck hitting her didn't stop her then a drunk guy who probably only had his hands to defend himself with wouldn't have even slowed her down.

    2. Hi Greg - I get upset at people who don't bother to find out a single thing about a subject, and then spout off harmful and very backward opinions about it. I am glad most people don't have a real intimate knowledge of what mental illness is like, however if they're going to say something about it in a place like this, they had better bring more game than "possession". Seriously, we're in the 21st Century last time I checked.

      I feel awful for the man that got killed, I mean, you bring a lost girl in off the street, share drinks and food, hope you might even get laid (YAY!) and end up stabbed to death instead. And to think it most likely could have been prevented if the police just held her for a few more hours, that's so sad.

    3. @ Cherry
      Seeing as you have family members who suffer from Bi polar problems it is understandable that you get upset when people with no real understanding of it wrongly talk about it like they are experts on it. My wife has lived with some mental illness most of her life although I didn't really find out about it till we had been together for 5 years or so and had a child, she has been diagnosed by different docs with everything from depression to being bi polar. It's the 21st century as you say and possession (talk about an insane diagnosis) is being used as a viable excuse, that is almost as stupid as whenever my wife got sick friends, family and even some doctors would immediately right it off as really being mental illness. You get stigmatized as having mental illness (sadly I still have to use the word stigmatized) and you are no longer able to even catch a friggin cold or have the flu, NOPE it is always in their head. To complete my point properly I have to give out personal information I prefer not to post on a public forum like as an example for the last 6 years I have been basically a single father and taught myself to be a nurse/caregiver and even while that is more than I am comfortable sharing it is just a percentage of what goes on when mental illness is misunderstood by even some real doctors (let alone regular people giving their opinion in a forum) to the point of obvious physical problems being ignored because they are not easy to figure out and would take a doctor giving some effort to figure out or god forbid admit they were wrong with their first diagnosis. So I fully understand your frustration with people at times.

      As for your second paragraph if the guy had stayed at the pub and had one more beer he wouldn't have run into her and he probably would have hit on another girl who more than likely wouldn't have killed him.

  28. What's even more disturbing are the sentencing guidelines under UK law. I also feel for those Motorway cops who have about as much defensive authority as a theater usher. The "so called " psychiatric professional with their contrived observations are just as reliable as a witch doctor. Justice was marred and no one won in this tragic occurrence.

  29. i don't see what was so utterly shocking about it. kept waiting for the big outcome that was supposed to be shocking.

  30. I love documentries.I like this website.I liked this movie.It gave me more ? than answers.It would of been alot better if they could of got 1 or both sisters to do a interveiw.6 out of 10.

  31. How odd, I received an email alert about a new comment being posted on here. I opened it and could read it in my email so I clicked on the link that brought me to this page because I wanted to comment on the comment but I cannot find it on here anywhere.

  32. meeeeeeeeee

  33. I immediately thought of PCP myself and would think we are not the only two people who did. I don't know anything about PCP and it's half life ( I do understand it in general terms) or how it reacts in the body like you do, or if it was possible for all traces to be out of the system by the time they were tested. My concern is that while on the highway clearly mad or on drugs they were out of control mentally and their physical abilities not near normal, if they were on PCP is it possible to go from that state while under it's influence and then taken to the hospital and have their blood tested (I do not know how long it took before they tested them for drugs etc) and have no traces of it left in them? Does it slowly fade out of the bloodstream or does it just very quickly or close to immediately leave the system. The one girl when let out the next day (seems odd to me she wasn't held by the police for longer, but I think I remember them saying what she was charged with wasn't a crime they could keep her locked up for for a longer time) viciously murdered an innocent man which leads me personally to think she was crazy (I know crazy doesnt explain the strength etc they exhibited the day before) to begin with as was her sister. I hope they look into how the whole situation was handled as an innocent man was killed and it was lucky no others were as well. As for the sisters I really wouldn't have been bothered in anyway if one or both of them had been killed, this may sound cold hearted and unfeeling (which as a rule I am neither) considering that if they were mentally ill they may not have been in total control of their actions and needed some serious psychiatric help (I know people who suffer from mental illness so I do know a little bit about it and how they can act in ways that is out of character for them and not something they have any control over) but right or wrong (probably wrong) it is how I feel.

  34. Its funny how there is no mention of PCP in this documentary which could explain the massive increase in strength, how they were completely oblivious to their massive injuries and their paranoid delusions. I know this documentary said that they had no drugs in their systems but PCP is very soluble in lipids and its half life can last from 7-46 hours. It seems like a much more obvious cause rather than pawning it off on a "puff of madness"

    1. She sat in jail for 24 hours and whent on to murder a man, thus rendering your conclusion invalid.

      What I find strange is that they both should have died in those accidents and yet didn't, I mean drugs don't do that and psychosis does it neither so what was that?

    2. or maybe they just saw an arbys across the motor way

  35. ugly revolting woman should of got there heads birst open by that lorry on the motorway

  36. Bwarff! Why not make the whole simple and stick to the rules of law?
    If a human being kills another one, there's a minimal penalty that goes with this! Beside, these twins once were youngsters? Had parents?
    Too bad if that type of sickness wasn't indentified, treated and so on...
    There may not be to this date, any formal workable cure.

    Consequently, lock them up.
    If their family or relatives would see this as unjust, then ask where they were all the time that went by?


  37. Sounds like a classic case of BZ poisoning (3-quinuclidinyl benzilate) which is a militarily used mind control agent....

    1. After looking the symptoms up I think you are right on. Maybe in the cigarette that she didn't want the guy to smoke.

  38. spoiler @ 37:34. from this point on I was riveted but unsatisfied. It was a lot like a girl offering up a handy, and then just talking you through your own. Ok story, but could have been better.

  39. I wouldn't even waste my time watching this BBC garbaggio. It's obvious that these women were part of some evil mind control intelligence operation. It's like something right out of La Femme Nikita. I'll bet you they were fed up with being used like guinea pigs. Their actions were probably not so irrational if we were ever to learn the true back story, but don't hold your breath for that. The BBC is the last network that would ever tell you the truth about something like that. They positively revel in their lies. The corporate news media won't even acknowledge something like the JFK assassination being a Coup d'état 50 years on, something everyone with a least half a brain knows by now.

    1. Awesome comment.

    2. Opening people's eyes to the risks of driving on the highway and even contact with total strangers, is always a good lesson for the young and inexperienced of today. Some people live in sleepy seclusion where the bizarre is only Hollywood whereas others have seen and experienced too much, during their short lives.

      I find it interesting nobody has pondered over the question of whether or not Glenn Hollinshead engaged in sexual advances towards Sabina before she killed him. Secondly, what did those barbaric experiments on Twins during the 2nd World War really teach us?

      I wouldn't throw away this doc just yet. There are no shortage of copy cats on this planet.

      As far as JFK is concerned, the only ever US Catholic president, it is ludicrous Rome has never spoken out but then the Moon is highly symbolic to the Catholic church as well as the Nuclear stand off in Cuba (Jesus was put on an Open Cube: a Crucifix!), etc.

      Finally to end these Silly Symbolic games from that Old World Order, 18 years before Cuba (1962) was 1944. 1944 is 18 Cubed!

    3. "I find it interesting nobody has pondered over the question of whether or not Glenn Hollinshead engaged in sexual advances towards Sabina before she killed him."

      I'm pretty sure if a buzzed guy picks up a stranger chick to stay with him overnight, he is most likely thinking he would get some pussy. But even if he made sexual advances, that doesn't excuse the killing of someone, unless he tried to rape her or something.

      Obviously these girls were bat shit crazy. People who are trying to turn this into some "mind control" bs need to be categorized in the same groups as the girls, Paranoid schizo.

    4. The docu layed down the facts and tried to grasp at some kind of conclusion but in the end left it open as to what happened to these woman.

      To go further in speculation and talk about mind control techniques no mather how probable is not their job.

    5. I find your opinion of the BBC to be quite interesting, I assume you are British and therefore have more experience watching the BBC and and have a more fact based (either from just watching the Channels and observing or getting your info by some other means) opinion than I would. Being a Canadian my only real exposure to the BBC (other than having Dr Who and Torchwood available on our space channel) is the docs I get to watch online which believe me are far better and seemingly to me at least more inbiased than the tow the party line, avoid having and sharing any opinion that varies from it American channels that we are stuck with. Our Canadian Government owned and tax payer funded station, The CBC, now has a couple of different channels that are mostly news, docs and investigative reporting (a show Called The Fifth Estate exposes companies and people who seem to be getting away with breaking the law, especially when it involves children or high profile murder cases, and it very good at times) and they put together some good shows which is a change from the main CBC channel which without it's Saturday night hockey in the winter is a waste of air space. The docs they put together can be pretty good because they don't care if they piss off the American Government like so many other channels are afraid to do. Take for example the whole 9/11 conspiracy thing, they have done some very good shows where they actually bring up subjects that American stations wont ie Why did building #7 implode into itself like a controlled demolition? They not only talk about what is taboo and carreer suicide in the USA but they dig and get facts and interview experts on certain things and actually try to cover and give equal time to both sides of the story. The last program on 9/11 that I watched on this channel not too long ago was hosted and put together by this guy who clearly thinks and isn't afraid to say that he believes something fishy went on that day and the American Gov is lying and covering up stuff but he talked to people and experts that had opposite views on what happened and by the end of the show (much to his disapointment I think) the people who were anti conspiracy had put together a much better case. The fact it wasn't edited in a way that skewed the facts to the hosts point of view was refreshing to see.

  40. Didnt M. Night Shyamalan make a movie about this? Its the plants, Im telling you.

  41. That's why the sister came from the States to throw herself under traffic. She wouldn't be able to afford such joyful pastimes in the US, it would be way too expensive. Also American family cars are generally way bigger than European HGV's so she probably would have been killed by a SUV. At least in the failing UK her 3 months spree in hospital was on the NHS - free of charge. Kudos !

  42. Vlatko, is there any chance of uploading "Theres Something Wrong With Aunt Diane"? It will probably interest most people who have watched Madness in the Fast Lane.

    This is the very sad story about Diane Schuler in the US and the horrifying collision she caused by driving down the wrong side of a highway.

    Driving on British motorways/dual carriageways in the wrong direction seems to be on the increase or perhaps the media has only just started to report on the problem.

    1. @Hammer2Fall,

      I do not upload any of these documentaries. I just browse the web and post (embed) whatever I find. Lately 95% of the documentaries I post are suggested by the visitors (what they found on the web).

    2. Hey Hammer I know I watched that doc recently and if anyone asked me where I saw it I would have said on TDF. But reading your and Vlatko's comments it seems to suggest that doc isnt on here. Well it is late anyway so I will take my tired and now confused head (and the rest of me too I guess lol) and go upstairs to bed. I looked on my pc for that doc but cant find it but I will have another look tomorrow and maybe find something somewhere that will lead me to where I watched it from.

    3. Details have been sent directly to Vlatko.

  43. I had nightmares about this doc. I slept in till 10:00 A.M. as it kept me awake! Truly troubling.

  44. Are There Any Updates on this? what happens next?

  45. Mental illness to the worst degree... that mans death could have been avoided though..

  46. In their defense : they were foreigners in an unfriendly land . They were left in the middle of nowhere thanks to a paranoid driver; and later on questioned by the police -out of usual suspicion I guess ( everyone knows swedish blondes are the worst kind of terrorists) then those police officers somehow hadn't realized their condition and left them there like a piece of .... and when they decided to walk : again the police intercepts ; couldn't they have waited till they arrive somewhere safe ?
    I feel sorry for the guy who was stabbed but who in the hell brings home an apparently mentally ill person and for what purpose ? Instead of drinking beer and getting her to his place ;he could have easily called the social services or something similar for help - I am sure there is an organization for "human beings" in the country of RSPCA. Before judging and condemning her we should accept the fact that we don't really know what happened there .

    1. I disagree. We know what happened. Mental and stupid blondies were hopping across motorway to kill themselves and possibly few drivers.
      Police haven't done much to stop them on place and to prevent it happening later.
      Everybody likes blondies, those suicidal and homicidal too ;]

    2. Oh come on, that is no excuse. The UK would be "unfriendly" if these two didn't speak a word of English, but they were incredibly fluent. They were two blondes from Sweden, not a family of Somali refugees.

      The driver wasn't paranoid, he was concerned for the safety of the bus and the people on it. If they weren't acting crazy, perhaps they would have stayed on. The police officer gave them a number to call to get on another coach. THEY chose not to.

      And the reason the police intercepted them was BECAUSE THEY RAN ONTO A MAJOR HIGHWAY. What would be the point of intercepting AFTER they get hit and cause a major accident?

      And finally. how can you point blame at the guy for doing something good? Maybe he doesn't believe the government should always have to get involved, maybe he figured that she wouldn't want them to, so he stretched out a hand of compassion and wanted to help. And then you blame him (essentially) for getting stabbed by this nutjob? Let's be honest, if this was a thug instead of a small blonde Swedish woman, he probably would have been more hesitant.

      Why do I get the feeling your a lost brother of these two or something? XD

    3. How come you realized that they were my siblings? :D

      My aim was to try to put myself in their shoes .

      I just can't accept leaving people in the middle of the road for holding their bags close to their chests ...

      Try to imagine their condition, left on the road , people staring at you and even calling the police . You already payed for the ride and maybe you don't have enough money to pay again. Those sisters didn't looked like they were working 9 to 5 ( we may even assume part of their mental problems were due to malnutrition) Already overwhelmed with your mental issues you decide to walk.

      **At that point I have to object to what you wrote cause :
      The first time they jumped to the road when they saw the police coming for them -with lights and sirens - not the opposite . Watch carefully the first part of the doc and you will see that police monitored them trough the cameras and send a patrol to intercept them and they tried to escape from the oncoming police because they were already agitated by the previous events .That situation could be handled better.

      And then the drama begins : already delusional you see your sister run over by a truck -her legs smashed- while trying to escape and you got hit by a car shortly and when you wake up you hear your sister screaming out crazy things like "they are going to steal your organs" even a mentally stable person would go crazy after that ...

      Finally, I blame no one . But what happened afterwards brings forward a lot of questions to my mind . Cause even the brother of mother teresa wouldn't be that compassionate and would have thinked twice to bring home a crazy lady -who moments ago talked about poisoned cigarettes and scared the shit out of your friend-
      I can't say that he had other things in his mind by choosing a blonde over a thug (as you wrote) and things didn't go as planned . All I can say is we really don't know what happened there and what caused the sad result.

    4. You contradict yourself. You criticize the bus driver for not allowing them on the bus because they were acting crazy. Then, you criticize a man for taking in a crazy person.

      The bus driver could have called the police but, he didn't. The police could have been a great deal more forceful, but they weren't. The courts could have held the second woman in custody for a longer period of time, but they didn't. The gentlemen could have snubbed this woman and left her on the street, but he didn't. And you call this an unfriendly land? If I had been kicked off the bus for acting crazy, I would have been glad he didn't call the police. If the police had approached me on the highway, I would have smiled and nodded and been glad they didn't throw me in jail. If someone invited me in for beers I wouldn't have stabbed him. Years later, I would tell people about my experience and say that that all in all the English were quite helpful. I'm just drawing from experience. My hippie years quite often involved hitch-hiking around N. America.

      Most people do not like to call the police unless absolutely necessary. Necessary is quite often too late.

    5. I think it makes the situation more tragic if the driver tought they were crazy. What is the difference between his choice and leaving two unattended children on the road ? As far as I understood the reason he left them was : not craziness but his exaggerated suspicion cause "they wanted to keep their bags close to themselves" ... and indeed they called the police

    6. @ boodidharma

      This use of the word "crazy" is an exercise in semantics. These 2 women behaved in an unnatural manner. As for the claim that his suspicion was exaggerated, I would think what happened later should bear out his suspicions. How could he know what exactly was wrong. All he could know was that there was something wrong with these two women. He chose the safety of the other passengers...a prudent decision.

      Although my statement concerning calling the police was an observation and not specifically directed at the bus driver, it seems he did the right thing by calling in the police. The police found nothing illegal (being odd is not illegal) so they let them go. Had the bus driver's suspicions were legitimate and there was something in those bags, he would be a hero. He had to make a difficult decision and he made it. Good for him.

  47. Wonder how it will turn out once she is realised and if she will be followed up or watched etc?
    The ending song was 'Where is my mind?' by The Pixies (it also featured on the end credits of Fight Club)

  48. Why on Earth would this woman be let out so early? I can't find the logic behind this decision. So she runs into traffic three times, hits a cop and is let out a few hours later, no questions asked? There's such a thing as being "too lax" and I feel the police here fell into that. It infuriates me, because a child could see that footage and tell that neither of these women were "fit for release."

    I'm not a psychologist, so I won't attempt to diagnose them. But this is really messed up and strange. It's tempting to think of this as possession. Because no one else can come up with a suitable explanation...
    But the result is not fair to the people who've lost a love one because of them. That's injustice.

    1. actually questions were asked - in snapshot manner to quote the guy in the film - by multiple health professionals?

      not sayin i agree with the sentence - jesus.

    2. Life is always easier for blondies ;]

    3. Even when they look a little bit like Donald Duck.

  49. Really interesting documentary! Interesting that they are twins, has anyone read the silent twins, excellent book!!

    Does anybody know what that song is at the end of the documentary? It was also at the end of a film but I cant remember what one and its really really annoying me lol

    1. The Pixes, Where is my mind.

    2. Thanks!! :)

    3. the film is fight club

    4. Thanks I finally remebered that! :)

    5. the sog was the pixies, its called where is my mind.

  50. My guess is that something happened in their past which left them traumatized. And that when they met again that whatever had happened came back to there memory.

  51. I think they were possessed by demonic forces......

    1. I'm rather inclined to agree.

    2. Angelic forces work same way ;D

  52. No-one, not you, not I, not any policeman, lawyer, judge or juror and certainly not any psychiatrist knows what was going on in either of the ladies' minds.

    The psychiatrists haven't a clue - all they have are theories and they make up names for their theoretical "illnesses" and then are called in as expert witnesses to produce expert diganosies which have no valid medical basis.

    There was no problem anyway, until the police poked their noses in - that is not to say that there may not have been a problem later, but until the police turned up everything was quite peaceful, if a li'l unusual.

    The only people having any idea of the truth of the matter are the ladies themselves and they are not saying a word and that is the only sensible thing about this whole situation.

    1. Actually, there was no problem until one of the women, inexplicably, suddenly bolted into traffic. The one officer tried to stop her but she managed to escape. Any normal person would have talked to the police, explained their situation, accepted a trespassing citation and went on their way.

      The police are always criticized for being heavy handed (sometimes deserved) but when they are trying to be helpful, they face criticism for not preventing acts like this. A tough job. Most of those involved are probably now saying "If I had it to do over again, I'd...". In retrospect, it probably would have been best to throw them, face first, onto the pavement, handcuff, shackle and drug them and lock them in a jail cell for a couple of months. However, the respect for human rights and dignity must prevail which means that weird things are going to happen. Its the price of freedom.

    2. Not quite true, the middle lane is forbiden to walking trafic and bicycle. It is there only for emergencies and to separate the two directions. To get there you have to cross the highway, there is no sidewalk. (am i right?)

    3. @ Azilda

      They may have had a legitimate reason for being in this lane and were in need of help. The police would not know this until they talked to them. The police did the right thing by approaching them suspecting they may be in trouble. They were in trouble alright, but not the kind the police expected.

  53. Police inefficiency. 3rd attempt !
    Should be restraint or sedated after the first episode!

  54. I'm sorry, but a "PUFF of Madness?" A little more than a PUFF I'd say.

  55. They fooled everyone. The police. The courts. And now some viewers. It's not about psychiatry, (that's their best trick) it is truly about possession. Someone here got it right. POSSESSION. If you're not in control of your own mind, then something else is. Clearly, someTHING else is in control of these two. There is no such thing as mental illness, that's another misdirection for the public, label it, drug it and temporarily fix it. It's no permanent cure! It's all spiritual. Not hokey-pokey BS. Look at with it a calm, non-judgemental mind. It's so easy to dismiss this to drugs, genes, shared DNA, mental illness.
    You have to look beyond the known.

    1. Yaah I'm not the only one! :P
      Thank You

    2. Thing? what thing? isn't that just another NAME of the same THING we are all talking about?

    3. I see a great market opening up. I'm going to become a witch doctor. How long do I have to go to school for that? I could get a scholarship. I'd probably have to go to Papua New Guinea and wear a bone through my nose. This needs more research.

    4. Stick a bone in it to research it, right, because you have to look beyond the known...

      If you end up in New Guinea, though, you might want to watch out for those koteka devils...

  56. One of the strangest documentaries I ever watch this second guessing but the woman who stabbed the man should have held for longer after the highway incident both sisters had shown bizarre behavior what a tragedy for both families.

  57. Possession? none. No need for an exorcist, Just misfiring neurons, no aliens have taken over also. Just mentally deranged. Multiple personality disorder? could be.

  58. I don't agree with either of the diagnoses made.

    1. how can anyone agree with diagnoses that are never actually seen, i mean if 'leading expert' in UK never saw a case of the first diagnose, and maybe saw a single case of the second one it's psychiatric bs... to me, however, it looks like some form of (latent) schizophrenia... how come noone investigated (or presented us) the story before the sisters came to england or interviewed the members of their family or so?

  59. I want to add that frankly I'm shocked that this woman wasn't held for psychiatric assessment after the roadway incident!

  60. In multiple personalities the differrent alters have separate consciousnesses and hence what happens in one state is not accessible (remembered) in another. These individuals expereince "fugue" states which are highly dissociated (hypnotized) states in which normal physiological principles seem to be alterable.
    Nick Arrizza MD

  61. This woman (and her sister) has multiple personality disorder; often the result of sexual/physical abuse.

    1. You know this, how, please?

  62. Am I the only one who noticed when she says previous to the murder during her short period under custody after the M6 incident: ''in Sweden we say accidents never come alone, there's often 2 if not 3...''? I believe she was refering to the M6 incident as one, and she was already thinking about doing something worst as soon as she can. therefor (and i mean look into her eyes on that police mugshot) she is somewhat sane. I mean by that she is ''fit to trial''.

    1. I didn't notice that. They did say they were not able to watch the video before letting her out though. I don't know what it would have required legally to keep her in.
      Zatarra's suggestion of pretending there were drugs in their bags sure would have been tempting if only they had thought of it (actually for her own benefit).... but that could be so misused and is, in many situations, in many countries.

    2. they conclude the documentary that she is (legally) no threat to others... after 2 jumps in front of car , stabbing, hammering herself, and jump from the bridge??? wow, i mean just remember what that car looked like after the hit, and yet 5 minutes after it took 7 men to hold her... like i always say -it's all in the head, like in matrix -if you believe the car does not exist -it cannot harm you, ahahahaha

    3. You're right, Az. You can't just go searching people's bags "for their proteciton." The abuse of such a law would be huge!

    4. There is No reply option below so I will answer here. Re: 11th, 22nd, 33rd and 44th president of the US. Politicians are much of a muchness however some personal features are unique every time.

      We are "told" various politicians are democratically elected yet very few voters actually bother investigating any dimension of the entire electoral process. They accept what they are "told" every time without independent interrogation.

      If you check the above presidents you might recognize some unique features are slowly emerging based on master numbers. Perhaps it is something you have never considered monitoring or been interested in checking.

      When dealing with foreigners outside the US you may well find some of these people raise suspicions about the installation of Presidents and Prime Ministers, not because their own elections are fradulent but because certain patterns have already started to emerge raising suspicions.

      For example: World War I coincided with US Presidential Terms 32 and 33 and World War 2 coincided with US Presidents #32 and #33; Both President #2 and #3 died on 4 July 1826 and five years later, President #5 died on the same day, Independence Day 1831. By the way, they all died of natural causes!

      There is so much we do not know about these Swedish Twins, which equally applies to our own environment and the actions of different governments.

    5. @CnN
      They can search the bag all they want if they're cops but they're not suppose to leave stuff in there that wasn't there when they started.

    6. Az: Shista! You mean cops can search your bag just because they want to?!? I didn't know that! I thought you had to give consent.

      At the airport it's a different story: I had my Bible rifled by the guy in the airport---wonder if many people hide contraband in them? That and my underware were individually fondled one by one. He was very thourough--perhaps because I was without luggage and only had carry-on bags and was actually TRYING to get out of the airport quickly!!! ;-)

    7. Elsewhere this is entirely valid. The British Monarchy knows very well they have been subjected to a series of weird road accidents, yet they and others insist on keeping these "supposed" accidents entirely separate. What does that tell you? You might discover the complete picture if all the deceased are joined together?......

    8. Huh???

  63. It is about time psychiatrists and cops thoroughly researched and understood "possession" over the centuries and considered this as cause for bizarre acts and even chains of weird accidents and deaths.

    We have many devices in our environment, which have the potential to influence the behaviour of humans and machines. IF they were ever exposed as harmful, big business and profits worldwide would be effectively destroyed. So claiming people are mentally ill protects Big Business long term......

    World war 2 conferences have been named after the Altar of Magnetos. Thank Russia and America for that!

    Interesting twist to see Sabina hitting her OWN head with a Hammer. She would not have killed anyone if she had been incapacitated on the M6.

    1. Finally some one to come right out and say it POSSESSION..We live in a society where we want to embrace all the fancy terminology of these psychological diseases Bipolar and Schizophrenia? Back in the day they would say unclean spirits. I know i'm about to catch alll kinds of hell saying this :P As many diagnosed bipolar folks walking around on this planet lmao. what does bi-mean? TWO RIGHT? If you walking around with two or more personalities inside of you thats not normal folks. Let alone 6 personalities? "My Name Is Legion; for we are many." OHH the mental health system is RACKING UP with DOUGH LOL. Let the religious debates BEGIN :0

    2. I told you, you would jump in the lake, even if the water looks real COLD and full of pirhanas lolololol

    3. Yep you did. I can't help it, this time you can't sit up and tell me after watching this crazy mess you don't believe in something on a spiritual manner Az. Hell the damn scientist psychologist whatever couldn't even explain this. He was looking crazy too.

    4. Spiritual is in full use already, i prefer energetic. Not sure how it applies here though.

    5. @knowledge

      I'm originally from the South, too (South Carolina)... And the South is what's done that to you, baby, lol!

      Cheese-grits, everybody!*

      Anyway, this is certainly one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen, and I can easily understand how one could get the idea they are literally possessed.** I saw some legitimate trance dancing in a little village in Bali that could be considered very similar to what these women manifested, right up to having to be restrained from hurting themselves.

      A fascinating, very disturbing example of the myriad possible permutations of human consciousness? Certainly! Genuine possession by the spirits of demons? I don't think so...

      *With a side-order of voodoo.

      **It's the South that's done it to me...

    6. @Pysmythe
      Is that what it is LOL. Yeah 30 years of the south this same old place is enough huh.

      Well honestly I must tell you the truth I've been thinking of relocating just a fresh change. I am interested in some land
      in Virginia. Still part of the South.

      But seriously though Pysmythe taken aback something else that i pointed out too. There are other entities on this planet walking around amongst us. Hmm....could that also be the case???

    7. Seen some of that in Africa too. Heard many interesting stories while staying with a family of 20+ some for 2 1/2 months. I started in my tent and was later offered a room of mud brick, oil barrel made door, bar metal for a window and everyone eating outside from nearly the same bowl. I am always inquisitive when i feel i have reached trust of me.

    8. That must have been an experience to always remember probably some really interesting stories too. 2 1/2 months thats just wow ;) Seen alot of things Az.

      But something that Pysmythe mentioned some legitimate trance dancing.

      When someone is in like a trance they are not themselves right? Your body like going into convulsions REAL not that fake acting stuff because some people do fake it.. something is like coming over you that you are not in control of if you think about it though.

    9. The absence of a plausible answer does not automatically imply demonic possession. However, this may be an opportunity for an exorcist or a faith healer to rack up some dough. Is Benny Hinn still practicing faith medicine. I'm sure he is in for a quick buck.

    10. Benny Hin is full of it like all the rest of those TBN tele-evanglist money hungry.................

      Now to have gotten that out of the way something came over those women it is obvious SomeThing.

    11. You are so right. All of it. Just finished watching. How can you not consider the possibility of possession? Why? Because the FDA has labeled every conceivable illness, and invented a new drug to profit from?! Give me a f#$@! break!
      Thank God for people like you to speak up.

    12. Thanks FRANK :)

      @Pysmythe and @Az

    13. @knowledge
      That view is a matter of faith, not a matter of fact. The human brain is the most complex thing we know of in the universe, about which we have a tremendous amount left to learn, and we're advised to proceed with attributing its malfunctioning to evil spirits? Or even better (and this one's for you, @Frank), there is yet another elaborate conspiracy being perpetrated in the high towers of the wealthy elite (in this case, Big Pharma) against us poor, ignorant rubes, lost down in the deep, dark woods of the general populace?

      If you guys think things were better for the mentally ill back in the days when it was considered, more often than not, to be due to some kind of possession, you really need to defrag your heads and move on into the 21st century, and admit how much improvement has been made, gradually, over the last 2 1/2 centuries, despite the mundane motive of old-fashioned greed manifested by those trying to sell us drugs. Schizophrenics, especially, had very little hope back in the day, but, really, neither did "manic-depressives," those with Panic-Disorder, or any other mental illness you can think of, and did not precisely because the wrong views of the origins of such conditions were taken, if any could be taken at all and they weren't simply thrown into a corner in chains. You can't send a schizophrenic to church or an exorcist to fix him; depending on his background, you could even exacerbate his illness a great deal. And even if you could, and it worked (but it wouldn't, not with that one), I guarantee you'd find a religious background in the patient suitable for effecting nothing more than the power of suggestion.

      It is not "all spiritual"; it is physical, and the proofs have been seen. For example, if you take a perfectly normal, mentally healthy person and deplete the levels of dopamine in his brain, he will become depressed, perhaps even clinically. Is that possession? Or if you, as a formerly normally functioning person, play roulette with hallucinogenic drugs and land in the mental-ward with undifferentiated schizophrenia, is that possession? Those things are the direct result of physical changes in the chemistry of the brain.

      Come back from the Middle-Ages into the bright light of the Modern World! Those days are back there for a reason...

      ( I see on your facebook page, @Frank, that we have a lot of similar interests. Please don't take any of this too personally... You, either, @knowledge! )

    14. @Pysmythe "It is not all spiritual; it is physical, and the results have been seen. If you take a perfectly normal, mentally healthy person and deplete the levels of dopamine in his brain, he will become depressed, perhaps even clinically. Is that possession? If you, as a formerly normally functioning person, play roulette with hallucinogenic drugs and land in the mental-ward with undifferentiated schizophrenia, is that possession? Those things are the direct result of physical changes in the chemistry of the brain"

      I really like this part of your comment:

      I agree with you if you take a perfectly normal person and his levels of dopamine in his brain deplete yes he would become depressed. If you're just ONe person feeling down life is going a little down for you, you're not possessed. Now when you are so far gone that people are talking to you in your head and telling you to do things that you would not normally do like hurt people or kill someone that is something that has come over you. As far as Manic-Depression Bi-polar diseases if someone is hearing voices talking to them. That is not Normal. If you hear two people talking to you if there are multiple people alter egos that are going on in your head THERE is a problem. If you as a person cannot remember that you just killed 5 people and you are telling people that it wasn't you someThing came over you.

      As far as taking hallucinogenic drugs we have had conversations about this, and you have an terrible episode you are seeing things that are not human they are talking to you in your head you have pretty much let yourself be taken over by something else other than you. Having said that about hallucinogenics because I have asked questions about that. If you take artificial chemicals man made produced forms of like Lsd or Dmt the results would be different than if you take the say natural forms of the chemicals like found in the plants that produce the chemicals. And thats what i am interesting in as far as being interested with DMT. Not some artificial chemicals. Since we have talked about this and I had questions

      Edit: No of course I am not going to take this personal lol :)

    15. What does bi-mean? Two Right! What does Polar mean? North and South Poles; Arctic or Anarctic? Remember how one of these women was asking for the Police, even though the police as we know them, were there?

      For those involved with promoting democratic electoral systems abroad, consider how this might be explained to observant outsiders. Take a look at the 11th, 22nd, 33rd, and 44th president of the US. Do you see a pattern of Dual/Two/Bipolar features emerging undemocratically in the US presidency...

      This post focuses on Twins!

    16. @Hammer2Fall

      Edit: :0

    17. @Hammer2Fall
      After a little googling, I am still puzzled by your comment:
      For those involved with promoting democratic electoral systems abroad, consider how this might be explained to observant outsiders. Take a look at the 11th, 22nd, 33rd, and 44th president of the US. Do you see a pattern of Dual/Two/Bipolar features emerging undemocratically in the US presidency...

      Care to clarify what you mean?

    18. @knowledgeizpower
      I am not sure if I am reading what you said correctly so straighten me out if I have gotten it wrong. What I think you said was bipolar was 2 personalities or thats what I took out of it but I have been known to get things wrong on more than the odd occasion. If that is what you did mean then I will say that while I am no psychiatrist and barely have one personality let alone two so I am no expert but bipolar doesn't mean 2 personalities as in 2 different people living in one head, it is a mood disorder so people who are bipolar have within their mood swings 2 different moods or states of mind as kahina said. They may act or seem like 2 different people but it is just to polar opposite moods or states of mind.

      I wont get into a religious debate as I am not knowledgeable enough to do so but I cannot argue with your statement about the mental health system racking up dough.

    19. Thanks I won't get into religious debates myself. As far as having some understanding of the disease the meaning bipolar "mania" and "depression" I do agree. Just for clarity I Do Not have bi polar issues myself either. I do have "clinical depression" I happen to know a few Things. I also Happen to have "Family" Members that have been Diagnosed with BiPolar Disease, I happen To Have ExPosure To the Disease Personally. A member of my family attempted suicide on two seperate occassions suffering from Bipolar disease. What my opinions are and what facts are two diferent things we are All Free To Express Both....Peace To You

    20. I watched The Secret Of The Manic Depressive by Stephen Fry last night, i woke up thinking about that. The ending where he says he and most people he talked to would not press the button to be rid of bipolar condition with the exception of one woman who doesn't seem to ever get the very highs.
      Doesn't every one of us at one time or an other have questioned our own sanity?
      Doesn't every one of us at one time or an other have wished to die?
      Doesn't every one of us contain bipolar condition dormant until it sprouts up?
      Some early in life, some later, some keep it hidden, some manage it, some heal it themself and some still have to live it to under stand it.
      Life is a mystery for sure, specially the non physical part of it, the non observable under scope.

    21. Wow thats some deep things you just said Az....Ohh I don't want to get all personal and emotional today aZ....ask oneselves especially on a spiritual sense...Why? Why have we questioned our insanity? Why have we wished to die? Why is Life such a Mystery? Who has The Answers to these questions? I think that is something that we all individually can find out the answers to for ourselves if one chooses to search for those answers, once you do I am sure that you will feel that Life Is a Precious Gift worth Living...Secret of the maniac depressive I saw that one a long time ago myself thats another good one by Stephen Fry..i have to go hope to discuss later interesting discussion this could be...Peace To You

    22. I watched that Stephen Fry doc too. He must have a much, much milder version of it than what runs in my family, bless him. I love that guy. To answer your questions - Don't we all question our own sanity? I would guess a lot of people might do. I have enough truly insane people in my life - I KNOW what crazy looks like, so maybe that's why I never questioned my own sanity. You know that old saying, if you are wondering if you're crazy, that means you're NOT. I think that's true, from my experience, because my beloved crazies adamantly believe they are the normal ones, and everyone else is nuts (meanwhile they are telling you that Jesus told them to cut off their own feet or something equally bizarre). Next, don't we all wish we could die? Sadly, I have, but never took any steps to make it happen. I suppose we all hurt bad enough at some point in life that we think what it would be like to just end it. An end to suffering. That's not crazy, that's just human. And lastly, don't we all have bipolar tendencies that lay dormant? To this, I will say No. Bipolar is a disorder, a type of mental disease. I don't think everyone has this disease dormant in them. I do think there are a LOT of people who do though, perhaps a great many that never get diagnosed and suffer through it their whole lives. A lot of people with artistic talents seem to suffer from it. Genius and borderline madness seem to go hand in hand. Most of the people in my life are artists and musicians, so go figure, half of them are looney. Oh well, life is so complicated, it's a wonder we can deal with it at all. You are right, life is a mystery, and always will be. :)

    23. @Knowledge
      A religious discussion with someone who has the same faith as you do (if you ... by you I mean anyone not you personally ..... have a specific faith) is ok, well DUH Greg of course it is they tend to have those types of talks at this place called a church.

      Nobody said giving an opinion is wrong, Cherry's point was people having the wrong facts or the facts wrong and talking as if they are experts on the subject and that upset her. Your average GP isn't an expert on mental health problems but they do know a whole lot more than non doctors. I have been in some Psychiatrists offices (as well as some other types of doctors) with my wife and the docs were less than comforting in their knowledge, plus she is a doctors nightmare lol she has done a lot of research over the years and she often knows more about prescription drugs than some of the docs do.

      Hmm to make your point you pasted some of my comment or just typed the same things, was this as a convenience or were you making fun of me? Either way is good lol.

      Having clinical depression cannot be fun, for what it is worth I do feel for you as it is not a fun way to go through life. I have seen how it effects people. Do any of the meds they give you help at all? Having a family member try to kill themselves because of being bi polar (or any reason really) must be tough to go through, especially the same person twice. When I was about 20 years old 3 or 4 guys I had gone to school with (they were all friends) killed themselves within a year and a half or so of each other, I never heard why though. I was even close friends with one of the guys sister and apparently or maybe it was just a rumour he had left a note but she never told me. She really just didn't want to talk about it (the suicide not the note specifically) so I never pushed her on it and really it was none of my business.

      Getting back to the whole opinion and fact thing, I already talked about the fact part of it. You said
      What my opinions are and what facts are two diferent things we are All Free To Express Both

      Of course you can express your opinion, nobody ever said you couldn't. If we cant express our opinions then the comment section may as well be taken off of here, the basic reason for having it is so we can express our opinions. As I said before what Cherry and I were talking about was people who don't have all the facts or have the facts wrong trying to sound like they are experts and that it upset her when they did it. If you look at my initial reply what I said to her was that she shouldn't let it bother her and she replied back telling me why it bothered her.

      As I said nobody ever said not to express your opinions, I don't know where you got the idea that anyone did say that. Cherry didn't like people getting the facts wrong and said that you should check your info out before you post it on here as fact and she gave her reasons as to why she said this and why it upset her.

      Sorry but I don't fully understand your last sentence, the one I pasted above. Again I will say yes of course everyone is free to express their opinions, and people are free to express facts too. It is just easier and better if the facts people express are correct.

      Ok after typing all this and trying to read it over I am now completely confused lol. Let me know if what I said makes sense and if it comes close to having anything to do with what you said and/or if it provides any sort of answers or facts lol

    24. Lol thanks fo replying back. I had to read this twice Omg...Okay I will start from the bottom portion of your comment and work my way up ....My last sentence what my opinions are and what facts are two different things....When my opinion how it was worded " very harmful backwards opinion" was brought up it was just that an opinion. How can one assume that I have not found out a thing about this subject of one being BiPolar, or that i do not have an "intimate knowledge" of what an illness is like. What the "facts" are what the meaning of bipolar is in your comment you made "mania and depression" two psychological states of mind in that I did agree.

      If you do not agree with my opinion that is okay. I think the focus was on my opinion. I hope that makes sense to you Lol. As far as the other comments that were made we don't even have to go into those I took them as insulting in a way we don't even have to go back there..But the story you shared about your wife and how some Docs that you and she have seen not knowing more than she even on prescription meds I can relate. I know as far as dealing with that I do not take meds anymore. Just by doing my own personal research myself. I have a happier lifestyle and understand the condition I have and how to deal with that... Yes it was and still is difficult having a family member with this disorder trying to take his life, Thanks For Those Kind Words :)... Sigh I think this is one of the longest post I have written Lol....But I hope you understand what I'm trying to say, I understand what you are saying Greg..I hope that just because you see my name I chose knowledgeizpower that you or anyone else takes this as me being or thinking that I am an expert at all things because that is not why I chose this statement...But I do believe that the more knowledge that one gains no one will have Power over you and try to control you in a negative way...Its better to gain knowledge and understanding than not to gain it at all......Peace To You

    25. @Knowledge
      You read it twice? Did it eventually make any sense?
      You are confusing me, this is the second reply where you are saying I don't agree or hold any value in your opinion and that what I said was insulting. All the things you are angry about from previous comments (" very harmful backwards opinion") are if you have another look not things I said, someone else said them. All I started off doing was saying to Cherry she shouldn't let things upset her I wasn't , actually this is exactly what I said
      "Good explanation of bi polar, you can't get too upset at people for not understanding the disease it isn't something many people who have no exposure to it can understand because as you know and pointed out it is complex. Just for clarity I do not have bi polar issues in any way I just happen to know a little bit about a few things."
      I wasn't refering to you at all in fact re read what I just pasted and from what you said about your own experiences I am saying you would be someone who can understand it lol and I said it before you mentioned your personal exposure to it so if you took anything i said there as mean towards you it then I am psychic because as I said you hadnt even said anything at that point you mentioned your own experience after.

      I was not and never intended to disagree with you or insult you in any way so I am sorry if thats how what I wrote came out. I am scrolling up and down trying to find what I said that got you mad at me still and lol at the end of your first paragraph you said you agree with my mania and depression comment. I didn't remember ever using the word mania so I went back to scrolling to see what comment you were talking about and lol again it wasn't mine it was Cherry's comment you agreed with. So I think it is evening out with you agreeing with me and getting insulted by me when the comments were made by Cherry.

      Anyway I have scrolled up and down so many times I am starting to forget the order things were written in, so lets just say this ... We got confused about who said what a couple of times, I never devalued your opinion in any way, I agree with you that because of your own personal experiences your opinion means a lot and is a fact because you have lived it and nothing can be more fact (as well as opinion at the same time) than that and lastly that my intention was never at anytime to be rude to you or insult you and again I am very sorry that that is how you took something I said (lol or that Cherry said). I come on here to watch and talk about docs not to insult people, being rude to people is not in my nature. Oh yeah one more thing, the thought that your name meant you thought you were an expert in everything never crossed my mind. I took it to mean just what you intended it to mean. There are plenty of obnoxious egomaniacs on here, but you are not one of them. I can tell even with all our confusion you are a nice person. We just need to straighten out that CherryBombpop woman cause she is definetly trouble lol JK Cherry

    26. Ohh My Gosh Greg_Mc LMAO :-D
      Hell I think I'm Just Going To Shake My Head And Agree With You....This Has Been The Best Interesting Most Confusing Conversation I have Had...I Have To Go For Now But I Think It will Be Fun The Next Time We Talk..... I Am At A Lost For Words...Peace :D

    27. @Knowledge
      Confusion is what I do lol. Maybe I am related to the women in the doc but I don't plan on testing out the running in front of cars on the highway or hitting a cop. The best interesting most confusing conversation you have had, now there is a backhanded compliment if I ever heard one lol. Ok damn I have to go to the grocery store and it is Saturday so it will be a zoo in there but the sooner I go the sooner it is over with then I have to get my son to work on his homework, not that he needs my help to do it but he likes to have me in the room with him when he does it.

    28. Hi k.i.p. - good name by the way. I also have clinical depression. It's a tough thing to bear sometimes, but hang in there. Yes of course we are all free to express opinions. I have mine to express also, and I am kind of a snob in a way since I think that a person ought to have some good facts they are basing those opinions on. I'm certainly very, very far from perfect. I don't think my opinion is always perfect either, I'm a work in progress too. But I don't comment on subjects I know little about, I'd be embarrassed to - I don't want to be shown up as ignorant.

      I'm sorry about the person in your life that has attempted suicide, I hope they have gotten the help they need to go on. Life is tough for everyone, no one gets an easy ride. It might look great from the outside, but even people who seem to have a charmed life have hard times and heartbreaks. It's so worth staying alive though. Life is also very beautiful and endlessly interesting! Hope all is well for you and yours, Peace to you also.

    29. thank you Cherry for replying back also...I honestly hope that you didn't take my opinion to close to heart. But its all good no hard feelings...I gave Greg_Mc a Long reply maybe you might read my explaination lol...But anyway thanks for the compliment Hey Your Avatar caught my Eye I Like That its Cool :D!...Alright glad we could talk I will stop here before we get Scolded for getting off subject.....Peace :)

    30. @knowledgeizpower

      Yes, BI means 2, polar refers to POLES--as in pole of a hemisphere. The word bipolar refers to the emotional/psychological states of the person who has the illness. Bipolar people shift between manic and depressive states, they do not have multiple personalities. But if you believe in demon possession and are wary of "fancy terminology" I suppose I comment in vain.

  64. Wow! How is it possible for both these women to survive the crashes??? Fantastic and very disturbing doc! Mental illness to the worst and scariest degree!!! This had me glued to the screen!!!

  65. They might be born in sweden but they not from swedish blood =)
    sabina and ursula.. and then eriksson? the mom went and got a swedish man or they adopted, maybe they changed last name to have a chance to get a job =)

    1. What's weird about "Eriksson" being a Swedish name? It's a very common family name in Sweden. Something like "Smith" would be in England. Also their first names are commonly used in Scandinavia.

  66. YAP! weird to the max!
    And i wouldn't be surprised if she is watching this film and reading these comments. Who knows what is going on in her mind, the same way no one knew what was going on in their mind at the time of the highway episode.

    ps.. and where in the States are you? I guess that's private information.

    1. hint...the capital city of this state is known as Music City. But i did tell ya where I was on another "Music" Doc we watched :P lol

    2. She lives in Nashville?
      I am sure if i did a bunch of googling i'd find the info, but i've been on the net long enough already this morning.
      I am off to the hottub behind the house while Pi the cat watches me sink in ever deeper lazyness!

    3. Had you heard about this case before? I did not.
      Lived in the San Diego area for about 5yrs, used to be, that illigal immigrants would sometimes run across the 6 lanes highway at the Pendleton marine camp trying to evade the check point just ahead. Many accidents happened there.

      They, on the other hand were running FOR their life.

    4. No this is my first time hearing about this case. But just the point you made the immigrants were running across traffic probably to get into the country and risked their lives getting hit by cars.

      These chicks on the other hand something was not right
      one of them killed a Man for Petes Sake :0

  67. This was one strange case!
    Either they both had, as the psycologists said, some disorder, or something else influenced this...
    Hidden designer drug? Mind control? I'll jump on the Extraterrestial theory to...really mind-boggeling

    1. It´s just that they are Swedish:)

  68. No drugs no alcohol in their system? Looney! These chicks had super human strength I don't believe they were human they were Extraterrestials :0

    1. Species !! **GASP* :P