Magical Egypt
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Magical Egypt

2001, History  -   194 Comments
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Magical EgyptThere is another side of Egypt that is not so widely known. Egypt is also the land of secrets. Another history, a secret history, tells of Egypt as the inheritor of deep wisdom and magical ability from an even earlier culture. It is the account of the Egyptians themselves. This alternate history is echoed by parallel accounts from the myth and history of other ancient cultures, as well as myriad secret societies and occult sources. The remarkable number of parallels in these stories provides a unique window into this other Egypt.

A new kind of counterculture is emerging around the unexpected discoveries of a small but growing circle of scientists, authors and researchers. The focal point of this counterculture centers on an alternative interpretation of ancient Egypt - not as mankind's earliest attempts at primitive civilization, but as a fully developed, and inexplicably advanced culture, who's scientific and metaphysical achievements we are only beginning to fully appreciate.

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194 Comments / User Reviews

  1. yup, third rate writing, slow and stupid, heavy organ score, hardly worthy of history channel even ...

    1. Yup, you dumb and shallow. Only attracted to shiny things.

  2. RIP John Anthony West. The world lost a true legend and scholar

  3. I would rather watch Magical Egypt than any one of the reality shows or talent competition or sports for that matter. The series is educational. It makes you think. Fascinating to me.

  4. I am avGreek Mystic, I find thus authentic and beneficial I was led here by my Egyptian Scholar.

  5. today's Egypt is nothing remotely like Ancient Egypt ..ancient Egypt was glorious and beautiful with nothing less than perfection with their much respected Kings and Queens ..i love learning about them

  6. This is for the people that think this documentary is bull:

    It is like this:
    if we were borne like 500 years earlier, and i told you there will be a device that with the pres of a button you could talk to a person on the other side of the PLANET! would you believe it?
    NO because your mind is closed, we do NOT know everything we will never ever know everything becouse we cannot even be everywhere.
    I am not saying i will believe everything everybody says, but i do use my own mind to calculate and to think through in a logical sense.
    Use your own mind! try to think positive and try to believe in other people then yourself or your family.

    We are all devine creatures, dont take that for granted!
    i believe in the people! i believe that human kind is very generous, loving and kind. some people just forgot it seems.

    much love Esmazing

    1. We are no more divine than the insects that annoy us at a picnic. While we may not understand fully the reasons the ancients constructed sites we do know how. It is fun to speculate what might have been...the things our society does today is at par with what has happened in the past.I LOVE a mystery! Unfortunely understanding through science has popped most of the balloons of mystery:(

    2. I agree mike, we are no more devine then the smallest insects, we all work together fot a healthy planet :)

    3. All life is divine.

    4. Life is the definition of Divinity ;)

    5. "define life", said the human being. My question is what's a "human being"?

    6. Science and ESPECIALLY archeology have a history of stating fact only to prove them selves wrong. Archeology is with out a doubt one of the most reclusive, elitist forms of science, you put your career and reputation on the line if dare go against the status Qua. And with good reason, An Archeologist concocts a theory based on anecdotal evidence, he puts together a story that makes perfect sense, he then writes books, makes documentary and others follow suit, they you have some guy come along and question it putting very powerful peoples reputation on the line which is why big discovery's usually come after the death of a particular generation. When you talking about ancient Egypt or any culture from that time or before all you are really doing is translating a language you don't understand, making sense of artifacts its never going to be a fact no matter what the story. Do I think they had "magic" no, but they could do complicated math, perhaps there is another way to harness energy that we do not know, a simpler way a lost knowledge they had access to. Man there way of doing math is simpler and quicker then ours now. Maybe the reason we harness energy the way we do is not because its the only way but its a way that make very very powerful people very very rich and powerful. Tesla

    7. amen to the Tesla quote! recently watched a documentary on Nova called " At the edge of space". The program dealt with the phenomenon of electrical sprites. as I watched the photos from spaceI couldn't help but wonderthe incredible amount of energy circling our planet. And along with that, the ways it might be harnessed.

    8. Honey is pretty divine, let me tell you! Science is only beginning to scratch the surface of what is.

    9. When you on the level of: These civilizations are very old and that many practical discoveries are made by accident, and that our current world is around 2000 years old since the last "era" or whatever. 25,000 years is a very long time for people to find ways to mix all of the chemicals at hand, minerals at hand, view and log the passage of time, etc. Their intelligence was about the same. They were not super humans, but they were skilled watchers and practitioners creating the ideals of 'elitist' behavior and the sacredness of precision.

    10. Existence is life. There is no beginning or end. If your journey consists of finding the start or end do not look anymore. #2019

  7. What made me love TopDocumentaryFilms is that it wasn't just a documentary site.. It actually taught me to refuse racism, refuse religion, refuse wars and despise killing for whatever reason. And, most importantly, It made me LOVE science! Thanks for educating people, you're doing a huge favor to us and you don't even know it.

    Greetings from Egypt to the whole world.. No one excluded.

  8. Thanks Truth, What is happening with the female Arab spring? Is it ok for men to cheat but not the women?

    1. I really do not know why do you guys always condescend and pull out all your tricks trying to show the negative side of EGYPT and EGYPTIANS. Open up your minds a bit and keep the love.What you say is a projection of what you feel inside.i suggest group therapy or CBT.Good luck.

    2. im egyptian and im happy to tell you that it is not ok for anyone to cheat neither female nor male . but really is this all what you know about egypt ? .

  9. 90% of women in Egypt have undergone female circumcision. Another example of religion driving people insane.

    1. I think you are talking about when they take out an organ which makes it possible for a female to have an orgasm. I completely disagree with those barbaric practices but as always even in such a bad thing you can see something positive... Women didn't cheat I guess :P

    2. That is not true.
      I live in Egypt, and know that such act is considered taboo in the Egyptian culture. and moreover it is forbidden by religion.
      Such percentage is idiotic and unreal, i am not saying it did not happen, but unfortunately it does happen, rarely!

    3. Thank you for your eyewitness report. In America, they would have us believe you guys are immoral pigs. :(

  10. really, an amazing discovery with intuition and insight. Not everything in history is boring, and this brings life to the lost past of our history

  11. Just a quick comment. When it mentions the people who learned the secrets of the egyptians... issac newton? lenardo? napoleon? correct me if im wrong...
    But were the majority of these initiates left handed???

  12. Shows us a glimpse of human possibilities... Maybe one day we will once again understand.

  13. Wonderful documentary, would love to travel to Egypt some day.

  14. Let me start by saying that I should have known by the title that most of this doc was going to be a bunch of crap. But I thought that maybe this "magic" was going to refer to advanced knowledge of the sciences.

    And that's as far as we should have gone with the discussion on "magic." As others have already mentioned, it's evident that the Egyptians (or their predecessors) had a good if not amazing understanding of mathematics and astronomy. The first part of this doc, therefore, was somewhat interesting. Then, as if the doc wasn't already long enough, West made it seem longer by his endless conjecturing. On top of that, his stretching of the "facts" to make them fit his esoteric world view got more painful by the minute.

    This should have been two different docs: one, on the subject of older civilizations. Two, on hermeticism, symbolism and esotericism in ancient Egypt. But then, West wouldn't have any "facts" to mix in with the garbage.

  15. this is all mostly common knowledge in most of Africa. Long before the Europeans arrived there were Arab invaders. And Nilotic tribes keep the history of the real Egypt in their culture and traditions PRE-Islam.

  16. did anyone else here the fart noises? lol

    1. i just can't understand why he keeps making that fart noise with his mouth. is he drinking the moisture out of his mustache or something? lol

  17. You see whats going on here is the earliest forms of the African and native peoples prime of their Life and art that was far more superior then the people who concurred them in the near future,there were no aliens,No magic,just the direction of the one and only GOD who made us all (but them first) directions for showing their Knowledge, and existence of math, architecture, science, astrology, Art, and superior human communication through super highly advance architectural feats that stood the test of time, during their last of times while our feats are only just beginning like the cray supercomputer, the Hubble Space telescope, Computer graphics, the Hadron Collider all that's been going on is they've been trying to show us that they knew this all alone too seeing things in our earth's history as they stand is why they've done so.

  18. I think the modern Egyptians are not the actual descendants, and are definitely not the cultural or spiritual children of, those who actually built what remains of that ancient, wonderful civilization. I think the people we know as Egyptians found the pyramids and other artifacts of what we think of as Egypt. I think the same is true for the Inca/Maya remains in the Americas. It is obvious to me that we misunderstand the whole business, and those amazing carved stones are all the evidence we need to safely at leasst entertain the question. Modern Egyptologists tell us the Cheops pyramid was built in 20 years. It is a ridiculous claim on its face, but it remains the official dogma. I am saddened by the loss of our true history as humans. I can only hope it is not intentional deception. Sad as hell.

    1. Kept under wraps to deliberately deceive in order to stake false claim to it.

    2. intelligent observation

  19. For many years I have studied early people, early cultures, early languages, and early civilizations. Without any exceptions, all of them made unexplained transitions from what would be a basic nomadic existence to an artisan existence, a transition which normally would take centuries as the skills of an artisan take an incredible amount of time to develop. When I looked at the earliest Egyptian culture as expounded by ‘Westerners’ I saw the earliest monoliths and I asked myself where is the evidence of the gradual build up over the centuries of the skills required to construct the monoliths, there was no evidence. All of a sudden these people acquired the incredible skills necessary to construct the monoliths.
    I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that instant skill acquisition is possible! So I asked myself, from where did these skills come from? Many disconcerting answers arose and I to travelled the path as described in this series of videos.

  20. similar to my quantum quranic essoteric priniple of universal harmonics very interesting

  21. Unless you are a spiritual person who has a BASIC understanding of the occult, or at the least an OPEN MIND, this video will seem preposterous(like it did to our skeptical friend Lumixian among others). The fact is; the ancient egyptians were more advanced than we are today and they had a spiritual outlook on just about everything. They believed in 'MAGIC'. Guess what- Magic is nothing but high science; a spirit science that sadly this "humanity" has not understood yet and will not understand. It is a mgic that taps into the 4th dimension.. That is where all the power is. Look at the new quantum physics. It's nothing new to the ancients. just different wording.. It is going to take a rude awakening to wake up the sleeping sheeple-

  22. Amazing how many people will sit and watch a 7 hour documentary just so they can comment about how stupid it is. Why did you even click on it in the first place then?

    1. The reason why this knowledge is such a secret, is because it give acknowledgement to the Black African,which the white westerners do not like to give credit towards anyone black. Past, present or future.

      And why is that?

    2. From the book Winged Pharaoh, a book of a past life memory from Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians of the time of Meniss and Atet were not a black race. Black races had trade with this nation, but the Egyptians were not black. Their slaves may have been.

    3. I don't understand, what is the problem with the Egyptians being black? I don't see how that is relevant to the information.

    4. It explodes & exposes the long-held myth-the LIE- that has been perpetuated for centuries about the Black Man. The Truth is- the Ancient People of Kemet- "Land Of The Blacks" were indeed far superior than any other people who have ever inhabited Earth. No matter how you trace it- ALL roads lead back to KEMET.

  23. Ok, am I the only one who noticed that one of the researchers and producers was a person named "Chance Gardner?" Does anyone remember the movie, "Being There", with Peter Sellers. His name in the movie was Chance Gardner. What are the odds............?

  24. One of the most disingenuous and horrendous documentaries on the topic. Why do people eat this stuff up? Is it because Joe Rogan recommended it? I think Joe Rogan was on shrooms when he saw this because there is no scientific credibility whatsoever.

    He doesn't adhere to any scientific principles and he event attempts to associate ancient Egyptian "magic" to the success of various historical figures without explaining why...or even better, how? It's a low blow and it's absolutely shameful that he tries so hard to associate this ancient Egyptian "magic" or "sacred knowledge" to real things in order to make it seem that much more authentic. Adam West,is just another kook, and the documentary overall is tantamount to a 'UFOlogist' making a documentary about the existence of UFOs and their role throughout history. The credibility is just about the same...

    On the upside, this is good for entertainment purposes if you're scientifically literate.

    1. Dear Limixian, You are a very small minded human being. I would compare you with a blinkered race horse. Take those blinkers off. Learn to look outside the box. I feel for you, I really do. Are you really going to go through life thinking that no one else can bring knew theorys to the table. All the evidence is there. The internet is full of good stuff (and bad). Anyone with anykind of intelligence can see that this stuff is real. These knew discoverys are amazing. And I am looking forward to the day they start teaching these in schools.


    2. Alien help or not you should drop your attitude, especially since your own arguments are completely devoid of any facts themselves. West raised a lot of interesting points, one of my favorite was the desert astrological stone site. They give some very strong observations supporting what is honestly the only logical conclusion regarding the placing of the stones: those people, 6000+ years ago, obviously had a commanding knowledge of astronomy and could only have gained that knowledge by using modern mathematics and physics to predict the precession of the equinox's, OR had 25,000 years worth of observations to draw upon. (I wont even bother going into the hypothesis that the positions accurately indicate the distance the stars are away from earth because it should be obvious. people living in the bronze age SHOULD NOT HAVE THE EQUIPMENT OR KNOWLEDGE TO MEASURE RED SHIFT AND MAKE THE CALCULATIONS!!!! choosing to disregard such astounding proofs because you cannot explain it or because it clashes with what historians think they know is absurd.) Or yes, maybe aliens gave them the information. Any way you slice it your conventional point of view is asinine.

    3. . Nothing he is saying can be disproven.. hows that for your science..

    4. I don't think you know what the word "disingenuous" means.

    5. And on that basis the producers will be featured guests on "Coast to Coast" radio---the home of Charlatan Enterprises.

  25. Sorry, I kept falling asleep.

  26. In response to the commentaries regarding the background music and general tone of this series: I tend to appreciate the "documentary style" of exposing the facts the most accurately possible and let any emotional response come from within the audience, not from the tone of the documentary itself. That is, the opposite of the pop-corn-shock-and-awe-perpetual-movie-trailer trend heralded by History Channel and Discovery Channel etc, which I personally dislike so much.

    This series is not tone neutral, but unlike the aforementioned trend, and this is also personal opinion, I think it does not harm the message being conveyed. To begin with, the very nature of some of the subjects it touches, such as consciousness, the transformation of the soul, the so called "temple in man", etc., are not easily communicated by just neutral speech or a plain interview with an expert.

    We have all seen beautiful sunsets, or landscapes, or buildings, and took a picture of them with our cameras only to see later how poorly those pictures convey the experience we had there.

    In music the main theme of a piece is usually not spit out from the very beginning but instead after an introduction sets the mood in order to fully appreciate it.

    So I think that setting the mood here helps to create a state of mind in which certain ideas can be communicated. The series does not dig deep into the magical knowledge itself (which is not the point anyway), but I think it does a very good job on hinting towards the mental and cultural framework in which the Egyptian civilization flourished, besides showing clearly how little we know, and how little we are let to know.

    Actually it is after watching this series that things like all the geometrical discoveries found in the Pyramids, as shown in another documentary also found on this site, "The Revelation of the Pyramids", start to make sense.

    But of course, departing from neutrality is likely to create both supporters and detractors. In this case, I am a supporter, for the reasons I stated.

    And all this is just the tiny top of the tip of the iceberg. Pity that the library of Alexandria was burnt, isn't it?

  27. I believe, that its old as ****, and any one who says they know is just a little bit full of ****. But what the hell, lets stick to the Victorian version of Egyptian history.

  28. Train by day, Joe Rogan Podcast by night, All Day!

  29. 'don't cast your pearls before swine'

  30. I watched the first 10 minutes of the video, then scanned forward. It says essentially nothing, just a deep voice an a sound track for mystery movies.

    A total waste of time. I am surprised the TDF has featured this nonsense.

    1. Axel Brinck:

      TDF does not watch the docs in advance to make sure it meets with everyones approval, or sensibilities, that is why we have this comment section where you can voice your opinion. Thank you for your input.

    2. Quite judgmental for someone who admittedly didn't even watch the damn thing.

    3. You have tru;ley showed the public your depth of ignorance

  31. OK! Settle down, boys!

    There are no mysteries; it happens all the time!

    A country has a bad run of leaders, just like America with the Bush clan, Willie Wonka Clinton & The Man from God Knows Where, Barry Obamaaaaa. Can you imagine the disaster that would have happened in Egypt, 5,000 years ago, if you had these clowns as leaders? Yep, the economy would go down the tubes & it did & now with Islam in charge, its like climbing a shitty pole.

  32. This is crap. It takes forever for them to present their ideas. They don't use Ockham's Razor. It's full of logical fallacies. They don't say anything about the actual mysteries that's really interesting. The guy puffs up his statements with large words to sound authoritative, but there's no substance to any of it.

    1. When dealing with an ancient civilization, where no one can definitively say that they know anything for sure, there are going to be assumptions. Its impossible to avoid conjecture for a subject like ancient Egypt. Sounds like the filmmaker is not the only one likes to "puff up his words to sound authoritative"....

  33. Verrry annoying musical background and narrator tone of voice, the halo of mystery sustained during seven hours ruins it all, like a madmen hitting audience with a sacred brick. It could had been enlightening and really open minding if done properly. On the other hand, scholars are often even worse in their papers, it's likely that developed civilizations emerged and collapsed before history is commonly acknowledged to start.

    1. Hi Eric,

      It must have been Homer Simpson who came up with the idea of background music, just in case we might understand what yer man was trying to say, because he hadn't a clue!

    2. the repetition of the music was annoying i do have to say but at first listen through gave this deep connection and feel of nostalgia that I could not describe. I'm actually someone who enjoys the music and would like to know who actually came up with the soundtrack well a certain piece of it anyways.

  34. Please. Come on folks. This "alternative history" is so completely bogus. Whenever I find that some people believe nonsense like this film, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It is an old propaganda technique to take a few true things and mix them with lies to try and make the lies look more credible -- like this film does. The world would be such a better place if everyone would employ at least a modicum of logic, reason, and critical thinking.

    1. I think there's a lot to take out of this that can initiate further research. I don't think everything is necessarily "true" but it definitely opens your eyes. I know I and other people were taught that ancient Egyptians were "primitive" and the fact is we couldn't even come close to replicating some of their architecture or art even with our "modern technology". You have to be very close minded to dismiss everything in this documentary. Sometimes its upsetting to people to have things they believed to be true to be challenged, which sure sounds like your case John.

    2. There are, probably, aspects to the "alternate history" that are completely bogus as you say. But your arrogance (fear? close-mindedness?) prevent you from understanding that these kind of revisions have been going on since man first began to write histories, with loud opposition accompanying them.

      Also, there are reasonable and logical reasons to question, if not doubt some of what traditional history teaches us. If your voice, manner and attitude were not so shrill you might be open in understanding that.

    3. Dear John,
      You are a *****. It is not "alternative history" but rather a collection of ideas presenting a different way to evaluate what REALLY happened. No one in this documentary says it is true or false, or that you need to believe it. And contrary to your last statement about rational thinking, I believe that the world would be a better place if people looked more outside of the realm of logic, reason, and critical thinking. While all very practical and useful, these things are all limiters on human intelligence. There is too much that we don't know and to shut down ANY type of new idea no matter how ridiculous it may seem is what is really bogus. People used to think the world was flat and were completely dogmatic about it just like you are about history as we currently know it. Today we would call those people complete id**ts. Learn to open your mind a little and you will find there is more to learn from what things AREN'T then from what they are. Even if it isn't true, there is still much to learn from this series.

    4. he doesn't claim credit for this "alternate history" it is all directly from the egyptians themselves and the translations are not in dispute. But what the hell, i suppose we're so smart we know more about them than they did right? our version is the alternate and anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete fool. history will never be a complete picture and errors, misinterpretations, and missing information will abound until the day that time travel is an easy feat.

  35. I have been a student of symbols across cultures for several decades and this set of documentaries constitutes the most radical claims I have heard. Even so, I was struck by the correlations drawn between Egyptian buildings and mathematics. The cross cultural similarities are striking.

    Many years ago while studying the religious symbols of the Haida with a very knowledgeable Haida elder almost the first thing she taught us was how to see "The Golden Mean" in Haida art. It was her belief that for non-Indians to understand the symbols they needed to see the world in much the same was as traditional practitioners. I quite taken aback when the documentary began with much the same correlation and continued with the same assertion.

  36. "Magical Egypt" is that ..."it's about time"...documentary from West and collegues that makes one wonder. Is there enough time left to know that we should stop sleepwalking backwards toward the same cliffs we fell off last time we were so smart?

  37. very interesting series if you pay attention.

  38. Very intriguing.
    In the episode "Illumination", where the mason talks, I realized that they are esentially speaking of anchoring emotions. This is very valid and is not magic. It might seem like magic because it is very rarely brought attention to.
    Unusual things are quickly ascribed to magic. And this certainly is unusual, but it's frequent and all in the mind, as most things.
    Anyway, you can anchor your emotions into a myriad of things. Specific muscle tension, visual and auditory stimulus and thus of course to items as well. Kids experiencing a negative emotion will tense in a specific way and if it occurs often enough, this emotion can carry through to adulthood whenever those muscles are tensed. And there's very little chance of a person actually figuring this out themselves.

    Emotion anchoring works even if you know it's normal for the brain to do this when you attempt it. Now when you think it's magic and also you believe in magic, then spend time creating your 'talisman', pouring emotion into it. It's no wonder it'll work. It has no real power over others, but has the awesome power of changing you. But a temporary fix in my opinion.

    Changing the way you look at things is where the magic is. And keep doing it.

  39. Maaa, Are we there yet?

  40. i think this is a pretty entertaining series. some cool shots on location, narrator is both clear and eloquent, and host is good, though i felt he could show more knowledge of the astronomy and archeology. he also uses or dismisses historical dating when needed, but usually gives a fair nod to uncertainty. overall this gave me some ideas i hadn't really thought of before, and some informational depth on sites i didn't know too much about.

    though i think there are a fair amount of bogus connections and conclusions drawn throughout, i took a lot of questions out this one.

  41. Is Magical Egypt in Public Domain? thanks in advance

  42. What a load of garbage. Really. Magic? We got past this several centuries ago. Pick up a book and put down your hash pipes please.

    1. I couldn't have said it better. What a kook-fest. *Tsk*

    2. Well said!

    3. ya because the universe is so rationale.. f outta here

  43. it is written, I will call my son out of Egypt: Notice, Jesus goes down to Egypt, to call Gods son (Israel is Gods son) while Jesus is the "ONLY BEGOTTEN SON" ....who is begotten within his own son (Israel) which is why he both brings "many sons" to glory (the glory of thy people Israel), and why God is BORN within his people........David (beloved) after the flesh:

    1. im sorry but quoting stuff from/that reasemble the bible/the koran is not giving you any credibility, in my humble opinion. your are so darn ********. do you realise you speak/think like people did 2000 years ago, evolve for HUMANS sake!!!

  44. wait hold it if Jesus was the son of god why did he have to go to school ?

    After searching throughout this collection or Index library of documentaries
    This series is one of the few worth watching,on this website disregard the rest (and I'm not overstating here) not only Mr West reveals some of the principles of De Mysteriis; but if you follow your heart and you truly want to be Illuminated with a balanced approach, you must see this series. Although this being on an instructional level, still gives a solid foundation into what's the grand plan or design for the world. For those successfully able to decode it. If Anyone needs further advise or books on the De Mysteriis I can point out the safest and proper sources for it.

    1. lol YOU would say that.

      grade A insanity.

    2. What sort of literature did you have in mind as further learning?

    3. Sources please...

    4. Ummmm....there are no sources. Hes putting forth his opinion. Some people......

  46. check out graham hancock and his research on ancient civilisations, its hard to believe we have been lied to for so long, its time to wake up and spread the truth we have been blinkerd for far to long this knowledge belongs to every one.

    1. graham hancock's (a writer & journo) work looks pretty silly to me

  47. when I become successful and rich I will be sure to pay great tribute vladtko and the Topdoc com crew. I regard it now as my university, the education into fields otherwise unknown.

    The great global awakening of people in the 21st centaury is not owed to the technical aspects of internet infrastructure but instead to the people who help make it possible and allow us to connect with informations and knowledge from across the global community.

    While it took previous generations decades to achieve the so called enlightenment stage of knowledge and wisdom I sincerely believe that with it would take perhaps someone of today a matter or weeks if not days to achieve such worldly view. The only guiding philosophy of course been inquisitive interest with a desire to change.

  48. There is a lot of information here that is outside the paradigm of the status quo. Therefore, very hard to process given what has been taught to us from birth, just about. The precision and scope of many sites in Egypt are daunting to absorb, most of which are neglected in our basic education. That being said, it is easy to see how other present day governments manipulate their populations, but few realize to what extent their own government if fudging the data. Having a population who realizes that their spoon fed history has been tampered with and then questions all they have been told is a frightening thing for any control system. Information is being suppressed at many levels although no one wants to believe much of their life has been a lie. If we remove this stigma of the orthodox teachings are gospel, then the whole world changes.

    West, Bauval, Hancock and many like them finally are getting a voice (thanks to the internet) and many are seeing the validity of what they say. What is also being revealed is the arrogance and stubbornness of the status quo when logical theories oppose embedded farces posing as facts by academia. Many of these mainstream theories are at the base of countless other theories. Actually, this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Throughout the past, the status quo paradigm of any civilization has fought tooth and nail against information that doesn't agree with their thinking.

  49. Pretty cool... I Enjoyed it

  50. These theories presented in this documentary series are profound. It's nice to see open-mindedness leading to cohesion between science and religion. The fact is, popular academics nowadays are too quick to take theory for fact; hesitant to investigate otherwise, in fear of proving themselves wrong thus nullifying their previous accomplishments or beliefs. We should only be concerned with finding the truth.

  51. Egypt didn't appear "at its height" with a gradual decline. There was a rise, up and downs, etc., just as in other cultures. Very primitive forms of hieroglyphs have been found, proving they didn't just "appear". The view presented here is outdated.

    1. I'm just curious, as you said views in this documentary are outdated, where were these primitive forms of hieroglyphics found? If you could give me a source or link, I'd like to research

  52. love u vladtko. this is very very interesting!
    my "boring days" are over thanx to you!

    love from norway!

    ps. i will commersial this website wherever i can!

  53. Interesting theory.

  54. Read John Anthony West's 'Serpent In The Sky' for a more detailed exposition of what the ancient's were up to.Also Schwaller de Lubicz's 'Sacred Science'.These guys(ancient Egyptian's)were operating with a highly sophisticated knowledge that would make modern technology seem primative!They worshiped the spirit,of which their buildings were merely representations!!!Long live pharoaonic theocracy!!!( ;

  55. total and complete crap doc. there were Egyptian mystery schools...the priesthood. but they were separated by culture and time (Greek and upper and lower Egyptian). I was hoping to get a bit more info about them..but this doc offers nothing but crap science and lightly veiled sensationalism.

  56. I have yet to watch this documentary however it is an accepted fact now (watch Ancient Discoveries: Machines of the Gods) that there was a secret society known as the Egyptian priesthood that were keepers of knowledge and who contracted intelligent inventors to create machines in the temples that appeared as miracles to the common people. Once again a religious order wanted control but that is much to say about many orders including governments. Oh and this is the fun part. Guess what popular biblical person was accepted and taught in that Egyptian Priesthood... It was Moses. ; ) He was probably fully aware of the natural events of the red sea.

  57. Where's the evidence? Um, it's in the background in every second shot. We call them "Giza pyramids".
    That said, the lack of discussion re the pyramids themselves was interesting - I'm picturing a giant elephantine hieroglyph in a phi-dimensioned room. I guess the great M. de Lubicz hadn't proffered any wisdom in that regard. Dunn's Giza Power Plant is the best theory yet.

  58. you people are to narrow minded to get the actual point of what he is describing in this doc

    1. It seems that so many people missed the complete point of the documentary. I never felt like West was trying create his own interpretation of anything, but to investigate into the deeper meaning rather than the typical standard approach that is already written. "Carbon Dater" you missed everything that the video is about. How do you think he came about this understanding? by going out and doing the research. His whole point was that modern perspectives do not address some of the issues laid out in the documentary. You simply did not hear that, obviously. Do you not have a deeper sense in yourself that maybe there is more out there than has been presented to you in your science classes in your college. What makes anyone think that they know anything at all...based on what? Our own schooling? You must have a real question in you to grasp what he is saying in the first place. The Library of Alexandria was burned and we know nothing about what it contained, really. Have you read any Aristotle. I can hardly get through a sentence of his writing because it is so articulate and dense. Far beyond my standard schooling! Do you think Buddha just magically discovered his concepts. Even they realized that true teachings have to be passed down to keep its understanding. Understanding is not just something that we grasp overnight. Maybe one can be smart and learn in school, but what does one really know about the bigger picture of life and existence. Keep that in mind when you ask about carbon dating. What good is carbon dating, when you don't even know what it is going to date. Please think before you just need to acknowledge your own short -sightedness. I do not have any answers, either, but something feels right about what this man is saying. There is a lot we do not know about ourselves and science has still not answered many of my questions. Science is more like a fun toy we are playing with today. Something to pass the time. But where does true meaning and understanding come into play? West says that we separate science from the sacred. I have intuitively felt that as long as I can remember. I do not fall prey to conspiracy theory, nor do I feel that West is even promoting such claims. All research is relevant. I would not discount any of it, especially research that is so thoroughly thought out as this. All researchers make claims, that is just how it goes. The point is to look into oneself and use the tools that we have in this day and age to explore the past, but not limit ourselves to those only explained through our instrumentation. Hope this helps.

  59. How come they didn't do carbon dating?

    1. carbon dating only works, for human time scale purposes, on organic material. often you cannot apply it directly to stone - because you are dating materials 'around' the stone. the stone itself will only yield time frames in the millions to hundreds of millions of years.

  60. This documentary is too damn vague to get anything out of.

  61. Lately I've seen a few documentaries with this sort of fake English accent bit with the narration, like it adds some credibility. My mother was English and I went to school over there, so maybe most Yanks are fooled, but to many it's just totally hokey and ridiculous. If you can't get Attenborough, please don't try to fake it--it's painful.

  62. Complete waste of time...this guys are crazy

    After searching throughout this collection or Index library of documentaries
    This series is one of the few worth watching,on this website disregard the rest (and I'm not overstating here) not only Mr West reveals some of the principles of De Mysteriis; but if you follow your heart and you truly want to be Illuminated with a balanced approach, you must see this series. Although this being on an instructional level, still gives a solid foundation into what's the grand plan or design for the world. For those successfully able to decode it. If Anyone needs further advise or books on the De Mysteriis I can point out the safest and proper sources for it.

    1. Pompous git. You will die a virgin.

    2. Not merely pompous, quite clearly suffering from delusions of intellect.

  64. Interestingly - the Arabs themselves call Egypt "Mother of the World - Umm AdDunya" .
    The series is fascinating and challenging to the generations to come

  65. love being a human. To know we have had a real past en riches my life. Thanks for your work putting these on and thanks to JAW, for his passion and work!

  66. 3 minutes in and my eyes are already almost rolling out the back of my head. Saying in a deep meaningful voice '...shared wisdom with other ancient cultures...' and then showing images of Khmer Angkor ruins suggesting some linked heritage is utterly ridiculous. About 4 thousand years worth of ridiculous!

    To suggest Angkor has anything to do with ancient Egypt, or worse some unknown pre-dynastic culture, is beyond retarded.

    Angkor Khmer culture - 12th Century AD
    Pyramid building Egyptian culture - 27th Century BC

    Bit of a difference!

    1. Go look at Graham Hancock's research on the very thing your calling impossible and you wont come on here talking with so much authority about something you know nothing about!

    2. Only 3 minutes into 7 hours worth of documentary and you are already labeling it as rediculous? That seems pretty narrow-minded and judgemental as hell. I watched all of it and I'll agree that some things were a little hokey, but otherwise, this doc series was one of the best I've seen on this site. It's not the most well-put together docs that would include a celebrity narrator and cutting edge editing effects, not to mention the best public speaking abilities by some of the people in the doc, but some of the information presented in this doc was amazing. Not to mention some really interesting theories...

    3. What is it about the folks who ascribe to these kinds of theories that makes them believe it. It's like there is something about everyday life and its mundane (for the most part) quality that breeds a desire for something 'more'. Something that says there must be more to us than this. It's like turning reality into a cool sci-fi story. I can't help thinking that if it were true, there would be a body of artifacts. Aside from one glass skull, what artifacts are there. If its true, artifacts will show it.
      untill they do, count me out as a "believer"!.

  67. @ 41:01 Hey, Newgrange is in Ireland, not England or Wales. Although it will probably be sold to pay the IMF. Ancient megalithic observatory anyone?

  68. EXCELLENT! I can say one of the best Docus on Egypt I have seen thus far.

  69. To interpret and enjoy this documentary, there is a lot of "reading between the lines" to be done. THe problem here is, these truth-seekers (the ones who made the doc), can't give you the "evidence" you want, and the "facts" that you are used to. You have to believe it yourself and use your own logic to figure out. Yes, there were great civilizations before the Old Kingdom Egypt, much more advanced than ours...I wish there wasn't such a stress on the perceived "primitveness" of the "ancients"

    1. The fact that you used the internet to type such a comment pains me deeply.

  70. As I myself being an avid researcher of ancient Egypt, I can honestly say this was a very poor presentation.. What was the point? The whole thing was not very clear and was not presented in a learning fashion.. Why was the book of Thoth not mentioned? Yes the Egyptians know the secrets of life and were very wise, this is because there whole civilization was born from a few worthy individuals that came over from Atlantis before it was destroyed. And although they did a bad job explaining and validating these facts, what there talking about for the most part is true, do the research.

  71. are you kidding? this is not a documentary, this is not even real. where is the evidence? i am pretty sure the priests where just very clever con artists, most of them any way

    1. its difficult to convey evidence that requires thorough reading to be done through video

  72. Utter tripe, it's based on thin air and a heavy dose of romanticism for the ancients. A documentary is supposed to present both sides of an argument not present you with what the writer believes to be true and base it on absolutely nothing. I managed 20 minutes before becoming infuriated at the seeming lack of evidence. Of course Greece based their civilization on Egypt, in the same way Rome based their Post-Caesarian empire on Greece, Britain on Rome and so forth in history. A civilization takes the best bits from history and flourishes but then corruption and incompetence (in Egypt's case, the temples) leads to their downfall. The mystics in Egypt had everyone from the Pharoah to the early Greeks fooled. Thank God we had rational thinkers of Greece to thank for Western Philosophy, not animal worshipping power hungry priests of Egypt.

    1. 'Thank God we had rational thinkers of Greece to thank for Western Philosophy...' How ironic that westerners did not even know the content of Greek thought until the Arabs provided/translated ancient Greek writings (from Arabic) into Latin and some other languages during the middle ages. By then, most of what European thought was formed based on what was learned from the Arabs. The only room left for Greek thought was romanticizing it into prominence in western civilization. Following your thought process, we should have seen a predominantly rational western civilization since Roman civilization, right? After all, they learned their rational ways from Greece, right? Then, why did it take another two thousand years or more for Europe to get out of the dark ages?

      If you leave your fragile sensibilities at the perpetual door, there might be something to learn here.

    2. yes. exactly. thank you.

    3. The simple fact is that Western civilization IS based on Greece/Rome. The collapse of those civilizations and their lost texts mean nothing, what does it matter that the East provided translations for the texts? Granted there was a huge romantiscism for the classics during the colonial periods in our history which is being discredited by modern academia. Read the following texts for more basic information of this debate:

      Creighton, J. (2006). Brittania: The Creation of a Roman Province. Abingdon: Routledge

      Hingley, R. (2000). Roman Officers and English Gentlemen. London: Routledge

      Mattingly, D. (2006a). An Imperial Possession: Britain in the Roman Empire. London: Penguin.

      Mattingly, D. (2011). Imperialism, Power and Identity. Woodstock: Princeton University Press.

      Millett, M. (1990). The Romanization of Britain. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

      Russell, M., Laycock, S. (2010). Unroman Britain. Stroud: History Press.

      There is no such thing as a Dark Age in Europe. This is a manufactured title by historians of the mid 20th century to provide neat brackets for periods in our history. Following the collapse of Rome the land was divided by people who were not Roman, those who resisted her influence and therefore anti-Rome and they didn't want to live like the Romans. So "Following my thought process" Western civilization was actually made up of the peoples who were the REASON for Rome's collapse therefore there was a disappearance of her customs, language, art, centralised government (the list goes on). I would say it took approximately 200 years for the supposed Dark age to brighten up again. Take Britain as an example, the Angles, Saxons and Jutes moved into prominent positions on our Eastern shores bringing with them the customs and language they previously used. With the introduction of the Roman church to the island 200 years hence, language and literacy returned (take the Lindisfarne/Lichfield gospels as examples). We have our own written texts of our history by Gildas (5th Century) and Bede (8th Century) which actually sum up the Roman period pretty nicely thank you.

      I think perhaps it is you who has assumed knowledge here and not taken into account regional and sociological factors for a so called "2000 year dark age".

      One more quick thing..."Fragile Sensibilities"? All of my knowledge is gleaned through reading, learning facts and unbiased reasoning. That is why I have spent 3 years as an undergraduate of Archaeology, 1 year on an MA and 3 years on a PhD. Please do not attack me again. If you disagree with me, do so in a reasoned fashion and bring facts to the table to back it up. I'll accept your apology though.

    4. You will have no apology coming from me. I think you have confirmed quite nicely with your latest response the case of 'fragile sensibility'. It baffled me for a while why people like you enumerate their academic credentials on a layman forum such as this one. My conclusion, fragile sensibilities. Disagree if you will.

      Now, back to what is relevant. For what it's worth, I agree with you that the period termed as Dark Age is not much of a dark age in Europe. Much of western Europe's dark ages came before the medieval era. The middle ages were actually when earnest examination of the world about us started in Europe. And much of this scholarship started in the church. I am sure as a PHD in anthropology, you may be familiar with the term Scholasticism. Scholasticism is the bedrock of western European thought, not Greek philosophy. Yes, it is highly based on the teachings of Christianity, but you can give western Europeans credit for synthesizing their own thought on a number of issues that are relevant to all civilizations.

      As far as romanticism, you talk about this ill motivated historians who came up with the idea, not to mention to denigrate their own Europe as suffering from 'dark ages' in her recent past. What do you suppose their motivations were to do as they did? Do you think mostly westerner and mostly European historians were conspiring to present their recent past in a negative light?

      Finally, my assertion that Arabs made ancient Greek writing available to Europeans is to essentially negate your unfounded assertion that Greco-Roman civilization one continuous endeavor that eventually culminated in western civilization. A potent antidote to dispel that nauseating romanticism, don't you think?

      Oh, if you mention your PHD again, I will have to ask you to verify it. ;-) And it better not be from a diploma mill! xD

    5. Nice reply!

      For what it's worth, the reason for pointing out my academic background was to illustrate that I will not often take things at face value and as such my own emotions will not colour or taint my opinons. Not that I was trying to make anyone out to be a layman or belittle anyone. My apologies first off for what may have seemed snooty or high and mighty attitude, this wasn't my intention.

      I'm aware of but not deeply involved in the debates surrounding scolasticism as my interest in history is the British Iron Age/Roman/Early Medieval transitions. I'll have to bow to your knowledge on such matters for fear of being wrong but I can put forward an opinon for your second question:

      The colonial view was of a Romano-Europe filled by natives adopting togas, Roman vice and baths. This came during the years that Europe were forging empires of their own. The view developed that the socially and technologically backwards conquered Europe benefited from Roman influence and hence welcomed them with open arms. This theory has been defined by modern scholarship as Romanization. The term Romanization was an invention used to restore assurance during “a crisis of imperial confidence” in the early 20th century (Hingley, 2007). This was also used to justify the conquering of other nations considered socially and technologically primitive. Essentially, the European powers were trying to make themselves the heirs of Rome, hence my first comment about the British empire basing itself on the Roman Pax Romana style of government. They coined the term Dark Ages because of the dearth of literary sources coming out of the period. Moreover it is my belief that they didn't want to be associated with the "barbaric and backward" societies such as the Vandals, Goths etc who proliferated following the Roman collapse and who still hold some negative context in language today.

      It is not romanticism to suggest that Western civilization is based on Classical Graeco-Roman influence. It really is fact! even after Rome's fall the Roman church took sway and held a monopoly over most of Europe, there really is a continuum of belief and philosophy. Here I feel I should qualify what I meant in my original post. There is a clear argument that throughout history, super-powers have taken on ideologies from previous super-powers and moulded them to their purpose. We have democracy from Athens, we have a senate in parliament therefore our ruling system is based on the philosophy of those civilizations. We have publicly funded projects such as roads, our state religions are founded in the very landscape we are discussing. For all the similarities I could point out a similar, if not larger list of differences. To say that Western civilization took EVERYTHING from Greece and Rome would be romanticism and to say that we took nothing from them would be false. I do cringe at the hideously out-dated and romantic phrase "Cradle of Civilization" though :) . It is clear that the best civilizations are able to synthesise with all cultures and practices. The most prolific at this were possibly Alexander's Greece and the Early Roman empire both of whom were aware of the need to win the hearts and minds of the conquered.

      I for one am all for the native influence of any argument. I stand on the side of Native Briton influence during Romano-British interaction. I cannot however ignore the fact that Rome all but completely changed the British landscape. The political structure changed, paved roads were laid, taxes funded local administration and life adapted to include Roman amenities, such as villas. The political system of Britain could be said to have become Romanized from a tribal dynastic monarchy, with “primitive” customs, to an imperial province. Therefore I cannot say that western culture was not based on classical Rome and Greece. I would love to say for instance that modern Britain is based on Iron Age customs and no-one else but that would be a lie.

      I truly hope that this qualifies my point without any offense to anyone with opposing views.

    6. Nicely done. Another bit of arrogance and so foolishly apprehensive.

  73. Those bowls that we couldn't carve in the modern era.... Is it possible they were molded from molten stone instead of carved?

  74. I keep hoping that someone will address the mysteries of ancient civilizations with some rational evidence and explanations but none can be found in this series.

    It would take a forty page essay just to point out all the logical fallacies used herein.

    The Robert bauval segment was especially irritating but I am at least grateful that I will no longer have to pay any attention to what any of these writers have to say.

    For example, when bauval goes on and on about how the ancients had to learn the meanings of the hieroglyphic "technology" (God please use a dictionary and learn the meaning of words yourself for chrissakes) and that once their meaning is understood they could "discharge" that knowledge to the initiate.

    Yes well I had a similar experience. I had to learn 26 strange and ancient symbols and then learn how to combine those ancient symbols into tens of thousands of combinations and once I was able to do this knowledge was "discharged" directly into my brain. Maybe you all have heard of this, it's called READING.

    Or he goes on that unless you experienced his 'Ank' symbol you could not possibly understand it no matter how long he took trying to explain it to you. Wow deep. You would also be hard pressed to describe the color blue to a blind person, or the taste of chocolate to someone that never tasted chocolate before. Fact is that most if not all things in life have to be experienced directly for one to be able to understand it. That this basic principle is presented as some great revelation or mystery simply proves to me the man is an idiot.

    Or my favorite line is "you have to be present in the temple to activate it" Right, so the temple cannot be activated by sitting on the couch watching the football game.

    It is because of this type of nonsense that real investigation into ancient civilizations is stymied for fear of the researchers being lumped in with the gang of lunatics behind this series.

  75. Amazing! I may never need T.V. again.
    Thank you, whoever created this site.

  76. Sorry, but I just dont find this very interesting? I watched the first hour long episode. It is kind of interesting, I agree, but way, way too slow. After one hour what have we learned? Well, apparently the ancient egyptations knew about math.
    Also, the main character adopts a really anoyning "I-know-it-all-but-the-rest-of-academia-will-not-see-the-truth" attitude. Fair enough, man, but then present the f...'ing data, so that I as a viewer can make up my mind? For christ sake - it is okay to set the scene with some dramatic comments, but then you have move on?! I dont understand the many positive reviews above?! To me it was just one "new age" phrase after another for 60 minutes. And the pictures are bad and repetitive.

    Maybe it gets better i episode 2?

  77. Just when I was thinking of being stuck in this pit of a YUGA we're in, the good man at the end of Episode 3 put my fancy ideas of ditching this YUGA to rest. xD

    Here is to not being like the Romans when in Rome! Truth can be sought by willing individuals from the comfort of their seemingly meaningless middle class existence. Amen to that, eh?

  78. Oh it does work. Thank you crab

  79. does the first episode not work on here. i.e, invisible science

  80. episode 1: I have a good idea for a drinking game, have a drink everytime he says "magic", "invisible", "mystery" or everytime your brain flags up the alert 'conspiracy'

    turst me you won't make it through the episode.

    1. Not if your drunk you won't!

  81. One of the most important documentaries I've seen in a long time. I have often thought that people of a golden age as requiring little in the way of cities and objects to live a life of great expansion, spirituality and depth. We are the tool ... we are the laboratory and we are expressions of life which surrounds us.

    1. Nicely said! I really like what you wrote

  82. Great Documentary. One big problem though....

    This professional team that put together this great documentary cant figure out what COMPRESSION is??? lol Notice how it goes louder, then softer inbetween people talking? Well, all they needed was a decent compressor. In the future, if you want even sound, look me up lol

    btw...did I mention this is a great doc? :)


  83. This could have been a good documentary. But the poor production makes it look like an amateur home video. Audio mix is plain terrible, same loud soundtrack going on for an hour, irregular audio levels and probably the worst filming I have seen in a documentary. Please camera guy, do yourself a favor and buy a frikin' tripod!

  84. My god...that background music just went on and on and on and on, it made me go crazy. The series starts with a lot of interesting ideas and "proofs" of an earlier unknown civilization in human history, but slowly ends up as a droning repetition of "new age" chanting and bad use of imagery (its like 5 video clips repeated over and over with a voiceover that would put anyone to sleep).

    The series would have benefited in losing all that mumbo jumbo and being 4 episodes shorter, concentrating on pure information. Too bad because it is an interesting subject.

  85. I watched all eight episodes. There was a lot of interesting and astonishing information in this documentary. Some of it I had already heard about, a lot of it was new to me. Yes, there are many conjectures, but also quite a few facts that are presented.

    Some of the music, which is repeated throughout all the programs, started to get on my nerves after a while. But all in all a must-see documentary.

  86. A wonderful example of pseudoscience, I guess that's why episode 1 is called Invisible Science.

    Why do they not show any examples of the Fibonacci series in the architecture of Karnak? It shouldn't be that hard, they did it for the artichoke. What is present in the Eygptian architecture are proportions approaching the Golden Ratio, phi. A nice discussion of Badawy's Fibonacci theory can be found in Architecture and Mathematics in Ancient Egypt by Corinna Rossi.

    The bit about a snake, energy, a sin wave and de-spirituralized consciousness gave me a chuckle.

    Come on people, let's think a little bit critically.

  87. this documentary is boring, i havent heard him present a single fact its all conjecture

  88. great documentary ON THE TRUTH OF OUR HISTORY. It makes you wonder why the people of our times, governments, and religions try to hide this from us. Scared we will learn our POWERS? It is time for the GOLDEN AGE...and we are discovering the truth.
    And as for you usirkafasarmin, your comment above makes me feel really sorry for you..You poor human being. I am sure there is something about the poor brown skinned woolly haired africans....maybe even on this site? If not, keep searching, we wouldnt want you to feel left out!

  89. It seems as though some people don't get it. There was an intellegence that over saw this construction and examples of higher levels of exisistance that we have some how forgotten as a culture. This is VERY BIG STUFF. Thanks for taking the time to open my eyes.
    Also search THE WANDS of HORUS almost every statue is holding these wands in their hands.
    Also see areial view of Baalbek Lebonon to see similar layout of Temple (in shape of a human)as in video #4.

  90. Review for first video in series: I'm sorry but I can't sit through this! The camera work is so bad it's making me seasick. The would-be mysterious but actually rather creepy and smarmy voice-over by a ham actor is making me laugh too much and I am inhaling my tea. Blah, it's neither entertaining nor informative. Why are there so many complimentary reviews here? How are you all so easily pleased? There are better docs available on this website. Don't waste your time folks!

  91. @dale gervais

    awesome presentation. that guy means business. haha. thanks for posting the link.

  92. thank you!i have read a text that disapproves this fellow but i like him.i like the way he speaks...this documentary is unlike others.mysterious and supreme

  93. i would like to watch a documentary about mesopotamia and older civilisations than egypt itself.can you recommend any?

  94. john speaks of something that is beyond our modern seems that everything is connected with the universe,the stars,the sun,the moon.

  95. I've only watched the first of this series and find it interesting enough to follow up. DL'ing it now via TPB.

    Thanks to the others who've posted similar stuff above.

  96. it's actually a pretty good doc. they're not all comprehensive, but it's a pretty wide subject that has a lot of different interpretations of understanding. nevertheless, it's a good watch. i, personally, have a strong interest in all things metaphysical, so it was nice to have something new to watch for the past few days.

    one of my favs on this site so far, however, like anything, take the opinionated views with a grain of salt.

  97. would have been more convinced by this documentary if there had been some mention of the matriarchal period of pre historic egypt (and all indigenous cultures before the financial/proerty age)...all this doc did was remind me of the present day propensity for male-stream research where the contribution of women has been overlooked or destroyed. In some ways it has made me disbelieve this research, he has demonstrated that he has a tendency to overlook huge amounts of evidence in order to support his theories...sorry done 50 years research myself on this subject and it was totally missed in this doc making it inbalanced... dissapointing!
    although he does have half of it covered...he has missed details that are glaring and demonstrated splitting in his ability to find the truth so therefore has made his theory invalid...shame could have been a great doc

  98. Watching no.5 right now, I liked the series so much that I'm downloading it at tpb. If there is one negative thing about this doc is the fact that Dr. West just goes on and on. He starts to think-out-loud and then starts to elaborate on one of those thoughts. Other than that good ish that people should know about........good good Vlatko

  99. It's the fact that when the monument was built to have accumulated that much water erosion the date would have to be much further back than estimated conventionally because the amount of rain needed to produce such erosion hasn't happened since those more ancient dates ... therefor the civilization that built the sphinx existed and was developed prior to those periods in history in which the climate was producing that amount of rainfall in that area.. pretty simple

  100. One thing I don't understand, hopefully someone can help.

    They said in the first doc. that the erosion around the Sphinx encloser is evidence of rain. They go on to say further that there hasn't been rain in the Sahara since before the Ice Age. But there is rain in the Sahara, the Sahara recieves about 0.79 inches of rain a year. (Very low, yes, but still).

    So I'm confused. What's the proof? That there had been large amounts of rain in the Sahara that hasn't been seen since before the Ice Age? Because evidence of rain in the Sahara doesn't seem like proof of a Pre-historic culture.

  101. Outstanding!,West, is supercool

  102. @Tyler

    Much like it is unfortunate that [fill in modern culture] destroyed the ancient [fill in ancient culture]. Except that we now have [insert modern invention]. If it is Islam specifically you don't like, check out "When the Moors ruled Europe".

  103. It is unfortunate that the advent of Islam further destroyed the rich, impressive culture of Egypt rather than allowing it to renew its majesty

  104. wow! fast, thanks allot, much appreciated!

  105. the videos have been removed I believe from their sources as well! can anyone plz help on this matter?

    1. Fixed that @luvhumans.

  106. This documentary asks "How could they develop such huge leaps in 200 years?" But just look at the change in our time of buildings and machinery in 1900AD and then 100 years later in 2000AD. From horse and buggy to jet planes in 40 years! to the moon from horse and buggy in 60 years! Not to mention ALL the science and technology that developed in that 100 years. Seems like they are grasping at straws or choosing symbols to suit their ancient civilization thesis.

  107. So the Egyptians figured out Math. That's not especially surprising. You're half way there once you can count. The pyramids should have been a pretty big hint they like maths. This documentary says more about out state of ignorance and the lack of understanding of mathematics (being the eternal, unbreakable laws of everything, rather than a boring highschool subject) than about Egyptians or magic.

    Take home message: Please kids, pay attention. Math is important.

  108. Wow, you can watch the documentary mini series here for free, or you can purchase it new or used for $279.95....aaaaaahhhhh, geee, what to do......Keep up your awesome educating the world techniques Vladko!! YOU the MAN!! Peace from Ontario, Canada.

  109. @ meh?
    Ha ha 'Great Britain' indeed.. It was the Scoti and Dun Eidinn who raided and eventually populated stone age Britain from this angry little island to your west originally,
    before the Romans or Saxons arrived apparrently bringing with them the superiority complex so prevelant today.
    Maybe I was a bit harsh in my criticisms, he brings a very interesting slant alright. But in fairness, facts are facts. Newgrange is in Ireland. Not England, Scotland or Wales. Big difference.

  110. "He is simply misinformed. Newgrange is in Co. Meath in Ireland! I was really enjoying this doc up until this point."
    may have his facts a little cofused but it was the way he interprets the egyptian archaeology that is so very interesting he ;eaves many questions unanswered but he is free of that obsessional, pedantic idiocy and pride of the intellectually weak that you demonstrate so well- dismissing him over one misplaced megalith, england ,scotland, wales, northern ireland and the province of berwick upon tweed- bit of a mouthful- he could have said northern isalndic europe but is also a bit long, could have said great britain but tha upsets our angry little cousins.

  111. You have to question West's credibility when he refers to Newgrange being of the megaliths of England, Scotland and Wales. He is simply misinformed. Newgrange is in Co. Meath in Ireland! I was really enjoying this doc up until this point.

  112. The Church wont like this. but its about time!...yeah to the end of the DARK ages. :)

  113. is big contradictory paradox but very obvious.

  114. bleurgh. what can you type after watching that?
    mindblowing take on ancient world. still only part way throughwatching it- if you are reading the comments thinking 'should i watch this? just press play thanks hatco.

  115. i meant linked right there as in, linked directly above xD

  116. Thanks Tim - I`ve watched the Egypt one and the other two are now queued up :)

  117. Nope those are links to Nassim Haramein - I assumed that Timjim was mentioning docs...

  118. they are linked, right there lol

  119. Timjim

    Could you link those please?

  120. The Old Kingdom and the Older Still, The Temple in Man, and Cosmology are well worth looking at. These focus on evidence that there was an advanced civilisation prior to Ancient Egypt. Far out stuff.

  121. Not too much "rabid" or "slanted" in Ursirka comments. If the truth is racist then you need to reevaluate your priorities.

    Great Doc. Graham Hancocks "Fingerprints of the Gods" was great prep for this.

  122. Superb doc - will have to watch it again at least twice to take it all in.

  123. "This is a truly profound doc, it all makes perfect sense, No?"

    So profound I`m watching it for a 3rd time.....

    Usirka get rid of the chip on your shoulder. Your rabid slants upon modern society are basically racist. If one society drops the ball, another picks it up. Mostly however your comment is nonsense that I`ve picked the bones from.

  124. This is a truly amazing doc but what's even more amazing is that the people of that land ,brown skinned woolly haired africans have been cut of from their great mystery , or my-story and only tought history or his story. Other wise made to feel savage and inferior when your so called founding scholars waited to be let in our schools.reclaim what's yyours reclaim your place.usirkaf ausar min dr york....

  125. This is a truly profound doc, it all makes perfect sense, No?

  126. this doc was great. it answered many questions i have recently thought of. if this is all true, the ancient people are far more amazing than i imagined. thanks Vlatko!