The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

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Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic DruggingPsychotropic drugs. It's the story of big money-drugs that fuel a $330 billion psychiatric industry, without a single cure.

The cost in human terms is even greater-these drugs now kill an estimated 42,000 people every year.

And the death count keeps rising. Containing more than 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health experts, the families of victims and the survivors themselves, this riveting documentary rips the mask off psychotropic drugging and exposes a brutal but well-entrenched money-making machine.

Before these drugs were introduced in the market, people who had these conditions would not have been given any drugs at all.

So it is the branding of a disease and it is the branding of a drug for a treatment of a disease that did not exist before the industry made the disease.

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  1. Well this is a propaganda film made by that org. So why would you think otherwise?

    1. I think you’ll find if you do some research, that the financial incentives offered by big pharma to psychiatrists are very real, and that reputable critics of the dsm-5 are countless. Your subjective opinion is only part of a much larger story.
      Also, FYI, seroquel is a controversial atypical anti psychotic that is often abused and prescribed off label. (From Wiki: According to the Department of Justice, "the company recruited doctors to serve as authors of articles that were ghostwritten by medical literature companies and about studies the doctors in question did not conduct. AstraZeneca then used those studies and articles as the basis for promotional messages about unapproved uses of Seroquel."[83]
      Multiple lawsuits have been filed in relation to quetiapine's side-effects, in particular, diabetes.[88][89][90][91]
      Approximately 10,000[92] lawsuits[93] have been filed against AstraZeneca, alleging that quetiapine caused problems ranging from slurred speech and chronic insomnia to deaths.)

      This topic can only be viewed in a broader context, wherein people expect a golden bullet to solve any problems experienced in life.

  2. Funny how anyone who questions basic psychiatry and mental illness is immediately written off as a Scientologist.

    1. Well this is a propaganda film made by that org. So why would you think otherwise?

  3. This is riveting and rings true with my experience with these quacks since my divorce and Service Connected physical disabilities.

  4. Absolute garbage and doing harm by spewing a lot of misinformation. They show little to no proof to what they claim. What they fail to say is that most psychiatrists warn you of the side effects and TELL YOU THAT DRUGS ARE NOT THE SOLUTION. You have to see a therapist and whatnot to overcome depression, anxiety, or whatever. YES there are corrupt psychiatrists, but what department doesnt? This documentary left a sour taste the moment they said social anxiety disorder didn't exist. Lexapro gave me such bad anxiety, I would vomit profusely if I had to go past my driveway. But I'm not going to sh*t on all fkng pills because I, ME, didn't react well to the drug. Everyone is different and will react differently! I was put of Gabapentin for my anxiety and zoloft for my depression and regularly saw a therapist and worked on my depression anxiety. It is much better now. But this documentary doesn't say how most psychiatrists will warn you that drugs wont solve your problems. They take snippets from people on the street, especially when they're talking about bipolar disorder, and of other interviews of others talking about drugs. No context on what they were saying. I do not trust that. My best friend's mother has extreme bipolar disorder and she goes f***ing berserk and ends up in jail and psych wards when she is not on her medications. Spreading lies like this is disgusting and is harmful to those who do not know better and actually have disorders that could be helped.
    I heard that this was propaganda for scientology, and hell, it sure seems like this. Utter bs that doesnt give both sides, proof of what they're saying, and tests on random people that doesn't mean anything.

  5. Scientology called me in as I was walking past that way and tried to sell me this book in Sydney in the city. I said no and I don't have any money on me so they took my chain with a cross and a star that I was wearing around my neck and they said they will give it back to me when I come back with the money and buy that book. I went back to them and asked them to give me back my chain with the star and the cross. They denied taking the chain with the cross and star off me and I never got my property back the scientologists stole off me. They even tried to sign me up to work for them for free that is without wages but I said no.

  6. Not for the A.I.'d, rosy colored glassed, extremely naive,that does not believe they have entered a covert, chemical torture program for grant funding expedenitures. Welcome to Solzhintyns' Gulag open air Archipelglio.

  7. How do I know this was made by Scientologists? Should I just go by David Miscarriage's (frightening moniker) word?

    1. Well this is a propaganda film made by that org. So why would you think otherwise?

  8. My state representatives received this DVD in the mail. I viewed it with one of them. This "documentary," made by one of the Church of Scientology's front organizations, is a boring, repetitious, and bizarre mix of highly selective information, rapid-fire mini-sound bites from people in the street repeating short phrases or single words (e.g. "bipolar" "Zoloft"), "experts" opinions, and ominously-colored and flashing graphs and numbers (e.g. millions of dollars) with portentous-sounding voice-overs. The message is that psychiatry is a mercenary hoax threatening everyone and that psychiatric medications have no good effects and kill lots of people. Since the film provides no research supporting claims made in the film and the "experts'" credentials — and even, in many cases, their actual positions regarding psychiatry — seemed dubious, I looked for facts online. I was saved considerable time because someone else had already checked all the presenters that could be found and had written them asking if they were aware of the nature of the film they appeared in, providing them with the minutes where their comments appeared so that they could check to see what was included in the film. Some seem to have responded. I found an extensive article by University of Texas bioethicist Dr. Howard Brody who appears often in the film. In his article he expresses his positive opinion of psychiatry and psychotropic medication and presents a clear and careful analysis of the entire film. I can't include the URL but it isn't hard to find. I also found a statement by a state representative from another state about how he narrowly escaped publicly endorsing Scientology's anti-psychiatry position, explaining, "They misled me." (not by this film, however). There may be a good documentary somewhere about the very real problems with the pharmaceutical industry: the profiteering, the way they advertise, conflicts of interest by professionals, etc., — but this isn't it. This video merely promotes Dr. Thomas Szasz's incorrect ideas from his half-century old book in complete ignorance of facts and sound subsequent research.

  9. Absolute scientologist xenu tom cruise garbage, based on the fact that l ron hubbard was against science and medicine, therefore his brainwashed minions believe this crap.

    It is no small irony that many of those in scientology will eventually realise that they are in a cult, and requite psychiatric intervention, possibly institutionalisation for the good of society,

    Thetans, you absolute knobheads....

    1. Can't believe people are thinking today just of Scientology bullsh*t that is related to this sure big pharma is good for us then right? when some people miss the point of this documentary you can see how this sick this world has become because of the flexner report of 1910 had some part in creating this big pharma that it is today.

  10. I was rasied by these drugs. .

  11. A very close friend of mine was taken to a hospital nearly 2 year ago in a ambulance, with cops. Why? a "friend" of his called the police and told them he was dangerous and possibly suicidal. He was on Prozac and per him started getting worse mentally, anxiety attacks, constant headaches. He was evaluated for 72 hours and kept for 2 more weeks, put on several psychotropic drugs. Now, 1 1/2 years later, he is physically worse, has mindsplitting headaches regularly, grew paranoid and ran into the street thinking someone was after him. I printed out the drugs he was on and the "side effects" and they all included increased depression, paranoia and headaches. The fact that when I bring up to other friends and even his doctor that these drugs are making him worse, I am looked at like I'm crazy. But it is abundantly clear that he has gotten mentally worse since being on these drugs. One thing is for sure here - he is insured and has lots of $$$ in the bank. So I conclude at least in this case, that he is being slowly driven to his death because he has money and certain psychiatrists and doctors are using legal means to get it. I say slowly, because if he is killed off right away, there's no continual income from him. Now this may all seem strikingly one sided and crazy, yet, it is happening right before our eyes. What to do?

    1. Fuc---in get him off that sh*t man I’m on lithium cuz they diagnosed me w bipolar after 2 hours of intermittent speakin n this sh*t sucks I don’t even got bipolar never have, sh*ts barley existing it’s not genetic or nuthin they jus poisoning yo boy, get him off it that shtuff Prozac is mental

  12. I think the fact that "The Untold Story" documentary "does not exist" any longer tells a whole lot. It touched the nerve of Big Pharma. Don't want to get to much info out there. I've tried five anti-depressant meds in twenty years. The last and very last was Seroquel in approximately 2005. The first was Prozac in about 1988. Everything in between had the same affect. I wanted to die. It was as suicidal as i've ever been. The way they did help was that i realized I wasn't as depressed as i thought I was. This cow manure did a number on me. I've instructed my children that in the event i become unable to talk for myself they keep an eye on my meds and NO ANTI DEPRESSANTS! anti psychotics. Have had a few of those as well. Big Pharma has alot of talking to do before Jesus thumps them downward. God bless the sick people that are simply a number.

    1. First of all Seroquel is a mood stabilizer not an anti-depressant. Second there is zero credibility for this $cientology propaganda piece posing as doc. I’m no fan of big pharma and they deserve plenty of criticism but this film is the equivalent of Mein Kampf which blames all of the world’s problems on Jews and was written by Hitler.

  13. I also know that the iron infusion caused it because I checked up on cosmofer and ferinject which is what I was given. Had I not been given these drugs I KNOW that I would not have had schizophrenia.

  14. Hi I'm in Hampshire in England and I agree with the documentary. In 2007 I broke from an abusive partner and had cultural issues and it took me a couple of years to try get back on my feet as my problems def were not the norm. However the first thing my doc said was take drugs. Now I am a logical person and after 11 years of abuse you learn to try n deal with it but obviously I would have to adjust over time as I had list Everything, home family friends money business husband everything overnight. The doc was constantly pushing me to take drugs, and the more I met yhe doc the worse I felt as I felt I was being pushed into something I didn't want. 3 years in I saw a different doc same surgery female as I couldn't talk to a male about issue. She kept sending me for counciling and physical examinations by womens who were very rough and then the male doc who kept trying to push drugs on me told me I needed iron. y this time I was exhausted I took iron tablets and told him I was violently ill so he knew I was intolerant, instead he sent me for an iron infusion now each time I would go to doctors they kept fobbing me off ie one lady told me to look on the net for symptoms and would not examine me then another lady was physically abusive I told her she hurt me and she said I'm fine. So the stress understandably made me give up and say fine I'll take yhe infusion when I took the infusion I was violently ill and kept telling the doc that the iron made me sick both physically and mentally and that I have some other female problem going on. No one listened they kept telling me it's in my head.

    In the end it was discovered I had endometriosis a problem with my overies so I was right but as I was being fobbed off I was stressed out by the doctors and got schizophrenia from the iron infusion. Of course speaking to my doctor he said I was suffering psychosis because of all the abuse from family. I know it was bought on by abuse from the doctors.

  15. These people are not saying that mental illness do not exist! What they are saying is that there are way too much false diagnosis!

    I was diagnosed critically depressed and anxious almost 2 years ago. Fortunately I had a very good psychiatrist who helped me and got me out without using medicine. If the first answer from your therapist or health professional is a pill, he's NOT doing a good job. Look elsewhere.

    The brain is a physical part of your body just like any other. If you have back pain, or muscle aches, yes you can take a pill to help the pain but you don't cure the problem. You would want to go see a physical therapist or else to help it cure. It's the same thing with your brain. If your brain is ill, you can follow a good therapy and fix the problem.

    Now, sometimes there are no answers to a problem and drugs are needed. I admit to that. But it shouldn't be the number one answer to any mental illness.

    1. No, they're not saying mental illness doesn't exist. They're saying there's no proof that it exists as a tangible, medical disorder of the brain. Big difference. Behavior is a symptom, not a disease. Underlying physical problems should be tested for and found before treatment is given.

  16. Thank you so very much for posting this video. As one that their life and everything has been totally destroyed by these drugs I hope people start taking seriously the bad that these drugs do to people and not much good. Never ever worth it never......

  17. This is sickening. I've had psychiatrists nearly save my life. I assure you depression is a very real and deadly illness that is not just something "everyone deals with".

    1. really, how did they fix ( increase the size to normal)your Hippo campus if you suffer real Depression?

    2. So if she, (Maris Garden) as a patient, cannot explain to YOU how they saved her life, you say she has nothing valid to say? Are you saying YOUR an expert and the only cause of depression is a "undersized hippocampus"? Where do you get this &#!# from?

  18. mental illness is real there are ppl suffering from all kinds of it this documentary is crazy !

  19. This documentary has serious technical problems of stopping periodically!

  20. Yes, people do have troubles and yes, there are solutions but drugs that change the brains wiring is not the solution. a true solution does not create other problems. Imagine having the problem of your car not running right and then you bring it in to a "professional" mechanic and then getting it back with another problem.... That wouldn't work for you so you bring it back and they try to fix that but now you get it back with that problem and a new one, once again, now your angry and you don't want to pay for it. That's whats happening in the psych community. Churches, friends, just listening helps more than these drugs and that is for the majority of people, the others may need more help but that is for another forum.

  21. Facts are facts. Sounds like anyone that says this video is bias doesn't understand what a fact IS. Unfortunatly the truth can be hard to swallow. And hard to confront but one still should not confuse facts and truth with opinion and theory. You don't "agree to disagree" when it comes to fact and truth.

    1. You seem confused, Sandy Marie. It is this video that is biased with its nasty little lies and unsubstantiated "facts." In case I forget to mention it - you might be surprised to know that one of its "experts,' who was quoted more than once, lost his medical license, probably in two countries. Too many of his patients were committing suicide. Ironically, he was a heavy proponent of the "people aren't taking enough meds" school of thinking. He was prescribing at least twice the maximum dosages recommended by the manufacturers. He ignored the concerns of his patients and their families and kept the dosages up. He was doing this right up until at least a year or so before this video was made. I wonder how much they paid him.

      You claim anyone who disagrees with this video and says it is biased is wrong, that WE don't know what truth is and WE can't accept facts. I'm afraid WE are the ones who know the truth and are right to question the "facts" quoted in this video, Sandy Marie. The "truth" and "facts" are not hard to swallow, they push their way in whether you like it or not. Severe depression is severe depression and no amount of talking to your priest or minister is going to stop it from consuming your life. There is no more world. There is just that endless void of hopelessness. Talking to someone who hasn't lived through it, especially someone who thinks you can pray it away, or just have to do a little volunteering or stop thinking negative thoughts, will probably make it worse. They'll make you think that you're even more of an undeserving person than you thought, since those things didn't help YOU. You're not doing it right. You're not doing it enough. You just don't want to get better.

      The solution IS for this forum as much as it is for claiming that depression and other mental health problems don't exist. Do you really think you can get away with claiming there is no such thing as depression and then implying the people who might really have depression shouldn't be discussed here? That's not right.

      The solution for a depression so severe probably DOES involve psychiatric meds. Some other therapy, probably CB therapy, maybe group, should also be administered once the person is well enough to benefit from it. But it might take a month or two on the meds before they're ready for anything else. They should be closely monitored during the first few weeks, longer if there are problems or med changes.

      Medication is a TOOL. One to be used in conjunction with other forms of therapy. For some it is temporary, like a cast on a broken leg. For some it is permanent, like glasses or insulin shots. Some people are not so severely depressed that they need medication. Sometimes only CBT is necessary or other talk therapy is all that's required. But those people are rare.

    2. Maybe this might enlighten ya a bit of how they created big pharma first started with the flexner report of 1910

  22. WORST documentary I have EVER watched! So biased!!!! and these "DOCTORS" keep contradicting themselves!!!! WTF

  23. My father killed himself after struggling with depression after 22 years. His third depression came when his drug stopped working but this time, he decided it wasn't worth it to keep looking for help. He was prescribed meds without ever being prescribed therapy, lifestyle changes and coping mechanisms. I'm a yoga instructor, Chinese medical practitioner in the making and believer in healthy diets, except cues, community involvement and talking out ones problems. My father is the second in his side of the family to successfully kill himself. At least 5 on his side have tried that I know of. Depression can be alleviated and controlled but there are no quick fixes. Psychotropic drug use is an evil pandemic out of control.

  24. Wow, I love how everyone here is saying mental disorders don't exist. I agree that these mental symptoms shouldn't be dubbed "diseases" because they aren't; they are simply a way of brain functioning, but I will honestly say that Prozac and Xanax have saved my life when coupled with therapy over the last five years. These drugs are not meant to be taken over a lifetime, but too many people think that way and it gives these helpful drugs a bad name. Drugs didn't make me attempt suicide in seventh grade. Drugs didn't make me self harm for seven years. Drugs didn't make me have mental symptoms of severe depression for over a decade. Drugs didn't make me have attention problems. Drugs didn't make me impulsive or anxious or obsessively pick at my skin. They didn't and I know that for a fact because I had all of these symptoms and issues prior to attempting suicide a second time. It wasn't until then that I did get on anti-depressants. And you know what? They have helped me in so many ways and I am alive in part because of them. Not just them, of course. But, they are there to clear the fog so you can see the path to a new life of thinking and coping. Like guns, these drugs are only dangerous when used improperly. And for those of you saying mental disorders like depression and anxiety and ADD/ADHD and OCD and whatever don't exist? They do. No, they aren't diseases, but they exist. Just like a cold, these "diseases" are just names for a set of symptoms. They're caused by the type of brain functioning any given person has. Yes, the medical world uses this word "disease" loosely to make money, but that's like blaming McDonald's for making you fat because they made you over eat in order to get money. Stop blaming the system because even if it is largely due to the system, the public have a big part in it too.

    1. Some people do end up killing themselves. Some people do take them for a year and have horrible problems the rest of their life. Some people kill others, as we've seen in mass shooting as, when before they were fine. The fact you got away clean is a miracle. I know you THINK you'd take the chance again but you'd be dumb to do it. Especially since the sugar pill has the same effects. That's right google 60 minutes placebo effect. Harvard professor proven the drugs aren't doing anything, it's the placebo effect that helps at all. Boom!

    2. People commit Suicide and murder without being on the drugs. In fact, more people kill themselves and murder without having ever taken a psychiatric pill. It's called statistics. Yes, placebos have been found to work in many cases, but every mind is different and they don't work everytime. I'm not saying every person with an issue or medical aliment should jump to medication, I'm actually against that, but the fact that people blame science for political issues is amusing to me. Like you, I'm against the medicalization of our country. I rarely see a doctor other than my psycologist. But, these drugs save lives. Why don't you take your energy and use it somewhere more productive like the overuse of antibiotics?

    3. I think you missed the point. There IS NO science. There is no medical or scientific test to identify the issue, there is no science or medical test to then prove efficacy. I think when these drugs do help it is a lucky coincidence. And along with it luckily helping someone, many many damaging effects are going on in your body. Statistics will show that. These drugs may help for awhile, but watch out down the road. You are one of the lucky ones to have what seems to be a good psychologist. But don't fool yourself, these drugs are most likely damaging you long term.

    4. Completely agree!! Thank you!!

    5. I think what they are trying to do in my opinion is bring to the public that these drugs are being used long-term, not short-term as was supposedly intended. It is an awful epidemic and it is only getting worse. I am speaking from experience these drugs have totally destroyed me and my life and I only hope and wish it would not be able to destroy others.

  25. I suffer from chronic pain. Where I live now the doctors won't prescribe any narcotics due to my usage of an herbal supplement even though that allows me the greatest pain relief and functionality. Although this wasn't an issue in the previous 2 states I've lived in there is a common denominator in my situation. All doctors I've seen for pain treatment, whether pain management or primary care, attempted to prescribe antidepressants or SSRI drugs even though they are the only class of drugs I've had an allergic reaction to......

    1. And that too is no accident. The supplement you speak of has valid medicinal use, but was kept illegal for monetary reasons.Because, it also has many industrial uses, that are in conflict with the greed of those 1%.

  26. These made up diseases are just opinions of so-called "doctors". Witch doctors maybe....

  27. Every school shooting or mass shooting was committed by a person or persons who have ingested psychotropic drugs. Think about that next time you try and blame a tool.

  28. No such thing as ADD, ADHD, and many of the rest of the alphabet diseases. These are made up phony ailments so as to drug the population and dumb down the society. This is just one part of the government's agenda to control a populace. Governments fear a strong independent, family oriented husband & wife and traditional straight society with faith in God. So they must crush all resistance in any way they can to achieve global slavery. Put each brick of evidence there is in place and you have a wall. The puzzle is clear.

    1. Joe Joe,
      I agree. The phoney diagnosis of "mental diseases" is a discrace. Since the government can only go so far to control people, it certainly is convienent to label people, charge them money (drug companies along with FDA make a huge profit).
      What bothers me most is that people are allowing this to happen. When are people going to wake up and take a stand?

  29. Let's separate the baby from the bath water... There is a difference between psychotic & neurotic illnesses. This video addresses the profits issues made on over diagnosises of illnesses which would be classed neurotic.
    In addition, the bias is clear, nonetheless these matters ought to be public information.

  30. This is the truth that I and my family know all too well. It has damaged my mind permanently, devastated our family and friends, permanently scarred my oldest daughter and caused the death of my son Jonathan. It has corrupted the medical fields so that to trust a doctor should be looked at as a potential Fatal mistake. Even well meaning doctors and medical professionals have become part of the problem because they have been manipulated conned and lied to to the point where all I can say is forgive them father for they know not what they do. As for the others they should have all they've made from the death and suffering that they have caused taken from them and locked away as the heartless self-serving murderous drug dealers that they are.

    As for CCHR and the courageous efforts of the people who are bringing the truth about the corruption and deception and destruction of human lives to lite should not only be applauded but brought to not only the net but to the forefront of local, national, and international news and kept there until this epidemic of greed driven deception is stopped
    Sincerely: Michael J. Midlo

  31. Google mind control thru your t.v secondly google DEPOPULATION AGENDA. In the movie 1984 people were just walking around like mindless zombies. They weren't aware of their surroundings & each other they had no human emotion at all. The government told them what time to take their meds & if they questioned the police was called as the government was monitoring the sheeple thru their T.V sets. This society is on the breaking point 1984 "their" spraying the planet with chemtrails GMO foods". You take your vaccines as prescribe you drink milk that had puss blood hairs growth hormones & vaccines. Your meat is radiated chickens are the size of pets now are we ever going to wake UP! I don't believe there's no hope for humans we can't even say no to processed foods drive thru because most people are lazy! While your walking around sleeping they have you under control stop taking their drugs! The movie THEY LIVE IS TRUE this is why we're in the situation because people are dumbed down & unconscious WAKE UP & get informed.

    1. This piece of propaganda masquerading as a 'documentary'

    2. Amen brother (or sister)! Wake up! When my daughter experienced psychosis. It woke me up! The only problem with children and young adults with severe and persistent 'mental illness' is that parents are dumbed down, lazy, or unconscious. Too unconscious to protect thier children from psychiatric harm and abuse. Too worried about middle class comforts. I ought to know. Been there. Done that. STop making kids take meds. Instead, try listening, deeply to children!! Stop the war on children! STop believing in the delusion of the American dream. Seek justice, love, and wisdom, instead. Put your treasures in heaven, not in this dog-eat-dog world.

  32. This is bull....This film is made by CCHR (a suborganisation to Scientologists). This is propaganda. Do not rely on this movie.
    Sure, sometimes it can be too easy to get prescription drugs written out but it's not as easy as they make it seem.

    1. Wow, your argument is ridiculous. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is a human rights organization and this documentary is sadly very true. I did a project for our School Board when they were considering putting "Teen Screen" into our daughter's high school. I called 20 families in our county who lost their kids to suicide. I reached 16 and every one of them were on a psychotropic drug or coming off one at the time of their deaths. None of them had a medical test before being placed on the drugs because we found out there is NO CLINICAL TEST for this.

    2. Alice, your reasoning is flawed. There are clinical tests, but not in the conventional way of thinking. There are tons of studies based on empirical evidence, from the observations of ones behaviors. Just because the field of psychology is a soft science, doesn't mean that it isn't real. Most of it is based on behaviorology. It's the field I'm currently working on my Masters. Your reasoning that it can't be real because there are no definitive clinical tests would also mean that Autism isn't real, and dozens of other medical conditions.

      I have a friend that has an enlarged pancreas duct, and gall bladder duct. They removed her gall bladder and now her stomach lining is now thickening. She has a team of doctors, specialist from 8 separate University departments. None of them can tell her why these things are, nor why she had to have an emergency heart surgery to burn 2 nerves causing A-fib. They believe it is all related, but none of them can tell her why. So the symptoms are there, Does that mean that she doesn't have a medical condition?

      Your main comment was about the pyschotropic drugs being used today. What are you considering psychotropic? Are you including ssris? The teens that killed themselves, who told them to come off of the drugs? Was it a family decision? Was it a primary care physician? If the answer to either is yes, shame on the parents. Their children should have been seeing a psychiatrist. If they were the parents still should have known and/or been aware of the dangers of having children on psychotropic drugs. I personally research anything that my doctors prescribe, before taking it; before getting the prescription filled I speak with pharmacist. One of the main warnings for psychotropic drugs, especially for teens, is suicidal behavior, and it usually states specifically suicidal thought for teens.

      It may seem harsh that I say part of the problem was the ignorance of the parents. It may also seem like overkill that I talk in depth to my doctor and pharmacist, along with my own research, but I'm hypervigilent because of my past history with doctors and medications. I have Bipolar 1. I have been showing behaviors of it since I was in my mid teens. This was also the beginning of my drug and alcohol use. I stopped drinking and using drugs, and the reasons I began my use returned. I ended up experiencing a long bout of sever depression, followed by several manic episodes. I didn't see the mania as a problem, because of the "high" and how much I was able to accomplished. At first I saw my doctor for depression. Just a simple ssri and something for my insomnia. These pills mixed together helped foster my manic episodes. I finally decided to see a psychiatrist instead of my family doctor. It took 3 years for a proper diagnosis (only 6 months with my psychiatrist, and another 2 years searching for the right combination of drugs that allowed me to live a somewhat normal life.

      I understand the effects of suicide, on family, friends, a neighborhood, and a community. My best friend, who was like a brother, suicide with a 10 gauge shotgun. A parent attempted twice. 4 people I went to high school with various ways. I, myself, shouldn't be alive to type this today. I stopped counting when I surpassed my fingers and thumbs. Someone, or something, has intervened every time. Usually it was a friend or family member that knows my behaviors. Those same behaviors there are no clinical tests for, the ones that caused my diagnosis, the ones that saved my life, the ones cannot be clinically tested, but they are...And for that, I'm thankful.

      My advice to you is if you know someone that is having trouble with their child's moods and behaviors, is to get them to take the child to a psychiatrist. I'm not bashing pcps, but they don't specialize in psychology. They don't necessarily have the tools needed to give the teen the best help. I would also suggest that they see a cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT). Meds alone aren't always enough. A CBT will help the them communicate themselves better, help "rewire" the irrational, but real thoughts the person has, and most importantly, the right CBT will genuinely care about the individual, show interest, and just be there to listen sometimes, and it is a person who has no ties to any of their situation, isn't involved in any way, and won't judge them for being themselves or what they say, think, or act.

      Sorry, I didn't mean to rant. My major issue with this "documentary" is their beliefs that many diseases/disorders, for which psychotropic drugs are used, were created so people would be on the meds. That is a lie. Manic Depression (bipolar disorder), first described by the ancient Greeks; Schizophrenia was described by the Romans and called by a Latin term, which I can't remember; and Depression and mania were described by the Greeks too. There are accounts of them being described in the middle east and oriental regions between the 11th and 15th centuries. You have to remember that psychology is a relatively new science. Although many of these conditions were coined and extensively observed in the 19th century, most advancements weren't recognized and spread world wide until the mid 1900s. Before the 19th century, people whose behavior didn't line up with the majority were labeled as being mad, crazy, and that's all they knew about them. So if the director of this "documentary" can't get the main premise of his statement right, how much more can be wrong...and it only takes one faulty premise to cause an argument or main point to be invalid. With that being said, Psychotropic drugs can be dangerous. I wouldn't suggest a teen taking any, unless there was a confirmed diagnosis of a severe psychotic episode, they were seeing a therapist, and the parents had done some research on there own about the drug.

    3. Hey Dedu what really is a bunch of BULL is when someone who doesn't have
      the guts to put there real/full name down on a comment. While calling
      the UNBIASED TRUTH propaganda! When it comes from a major number of top
      level , unbiased professionals in the field ,(including past SSRI drug
      company insiders) who have the courage and fortitude to put the Truth before there pocket books.
      Then try to discredit the Truth by trying to build some kind of
      Predigest based on there association with a religious group and there
      beliefs. Well I'm an American and I'm a Catholic by religion and though
      my spiritual beliefs and understanding of God and our origins differ.
      There is no justifiable reason to use predigest as as a tool to
      discredit the efforts of people who have the preservation of human life
      and the safety of vulnerable people who need proper and compassionate
      care. Oh and by the way DUDU this is about antidepressants and
      anti-psychotics. NOT all prescription drugs. You don't see them trying
      to advertise and sell narcotics directly to the general public, nor
      Identifying them as something other than a narcotic like labeling them
      as sleep medication, or allowing people with only a nursing degree to
      prescribe them. Even though they are far more dangerous due to the
      nature of there so called purpose! Sincerely: Michael J. Midlo

    4. two quick things
      1. i shake my head every time someone uses their full name online but to each their own. please address someones arguments not what thry choose to use as their name
      2.please stop posting that link containing all your personal information. not only is it not safe it is not allowed here


    5. I can only assume that you are part of the administration for moderation of comments on this site and have removed the information leading people to our web-site. I did not see any guidelines that said I couldn't lead people to our site to let them see our story in the hope that it would help people understand that this is truly a horrific problem that is causing death and suffering every day in this country and throughout the world. I have been in contact with CCHR and they know what and why we are trying to do our part to bring about the reforms that are required to stop this from happening to people on a daily basis. I wish you would reconsider letting people find our site for the sake of those are seeking understanding of why there loved ones are gone or what is happening to them or those they care about before it's to late like I was. I have given my actual name just as the people in this documentary because I truly believe that this is something worth standing up for and even worth dying for. Nobody should have to go on living as I my family and Jonathans friends have been forced to do. Even if I broke a rule of your site I wasn't intentional. I just want to do my part to help save peoples lives. Please at least look at our jonnyslaw site and if you can give us any helpful information or contacts to further our goal to bring about the needed reforms for the sake of humanity E-mail or call me. Also Please on a personal basis share our web-site with those you know on the basis that what I believe your documentary site is about. Which is to bring the TRUTH not propaganda to the world
      Sincerely: Michael J. Midlo

  33. It's such a relief to see that someone is speaking out about this. We've all seen it, heard about it, but few know the real story. After divorce my ex put our 5 year old daughter on this stuff because she was acting different after our divorce and the mother was trying to date again, so sedating her made her commandable. She's fifteen now and suffers seizures from Epilepsy, and it does not run in our family, it just showed up.

    1. This piece of propaganda masquerading as a 'documentary' .
      The entire issues of 'creating disease' is outrageous' to begin with. Even stating the bi-polar is the same as ups and down is moronic.
      This entire video is a fake and fraud.

  34. This needs to go viral. Everybody needs to share this on all social networks.

  35. excessive prescription of drugs is obviously a problem, but there are many mental disorders where medication is beneficial, it's ridiculous to berate the entire field of psychiatry- and narrator's voice sounds like the movie trailer man's...way over the top

  36. Not all Psychiatrists are pushers for profit. Some really do care and monitor their patients carefully.

  37. There is a lot of truth in this film, Psychiatry is a made up profession that use to perform horrible medical procedures on innocent people. They never cured ONE person yet. The like to think they are doing good but they are just greedy self rightious hypocrits with expensive tastes. They destroy lives and cause many deaths. Pschology, on the other hand questions the behaviours and looks for solutions through therapy and family involvement. STOP DRUGGINS OUR CHILDREN FOR PROFIT.

    1. I guess you have no clue as to the FACT that mental illness is REAL.

    2. Every single person on this planet will experience mental illness at least once in their lifetime. Do we all need psychotropic drugs to live. The drug companies are meeting to plan new ways of getting children on meds to secure future profits for shareholders. Investigate this info please. Google "Drug giants accused over doctors' perks".

    3. You are dead wrong. Every person on the planet will experience some kind of mental dysfunction from time to time. That is NOT the same as mental illness.

      This video is interviewing people on the street and using that as a 'source' of professional diagnosis. That is the most unethical and repugnant kind of use of 'non-information' ever gathered

      Please supply PROOF of the meeting of the conspiracy to 'misdiagnose' children by board certified physician to abuse drugs!

      PLEASE NOTE: attending conferences
      for drug information is NOT proof of any misdiagnosis or physician malpractice either.
      Apparently you do not understand that EVERY PROFESSIONAL JOB on the PLANET GETS PERKS

  38. JIMMY: Well, not JUST fear. They use fear (the second strongest emotion) to sell us the strongest: HOPE. Or in this case, a false and detrimental hope. And the fact that Scientology exists and jumps all over endorsing flicks like this casts doubt over even the very dangerously true statements will be ignored by the masses.

  39. Watching this documentary last night brought extreme sadness and also consternation, as I wondered why the information has not been made public over and over until the practice is stopped. I saw so many parallels to exactly why I lost my sister nearly ten years ago at the age of 68. I still remember the names on so many of those bottles which she was given at the local hospital, the state hospital and finally the nursing home where she chose Hospice rather than have an entire leg amputated due to infection from bedsores. She'd gone from very active, (walking 2 m. daily) to being curled in hands and feet in 2 years from side effects of sometimes three of the drugs at a time. She was brilliant and, at the time of her situational depression at age 65, was dealing with wet macular degeneration which had stopped her from pursuing education to become a Special Ed Test Administer. She was wrongly "diagnosed" (quotes due to what I learned in the documentary) for 1 1/2 yrs. as schitzophrenic, treated on trial and error with multiple drugs and even institutionalized. Finally, a truly caring doctor prescribed shock treatments, which completely changed her to rational. However, the damage of all the drugs had already caused extreme muscle retraction and she could no longer walk. I pray this documentary goes viral and the outrage rises to a level that the practices are stopped.!

    1. It is not made public because it is WRONG and NOT Accurate on any level

      This piece of propaganda masquerading as a 'documentary' .

      The entire issues of 'creating disease' is outrageous' to begin with. Even stating the bi-polar is the same as ups and down is moronic.

      This entire video is a fake and fraud.

  40. Fear! That is what I would attribute the majority of all problems we humans have. Fear of death, fear of rejection and fear of failure. For me personally, once I realized on more than an academic level that everyone who has ever lived is going to die one day, a cloud lifted. When you truly embrace this, you are free to try anything your heart desires, as long as you respect the rights and boundaries of those around you.

    1. I couldn't agree more Jimmy. I try to "gently" point this out to most people I converse with. I am terrified to imagine where this "mental health discussion" is going after this tragedy in CT

  41. we love children and um... (no u don't u love money even more) 39:28 they not going to be your future they are dead 56:30 this is life of the future

  42. I almost died after taking one of these "medications." I have little to no chance suing these people for massive physical and emotional done to my family. They are a bunch of murderers and killers. Corporate America at its finest.
    Mental Illness is a lie used to poison very gifted and spiritual people the same way they poison us with MSG, aspartame, chemtrails, and fluoride. "Mental Illness" is in fact, an energetic and spiritual imbalance and must be dealt accordingly. The solution is "alternative" medicine such as Acupuncture, Reflexology, Shamanism and Astrology.

    1. "Mental Illness is a lie used to poison very gifted and spiritual people the same way they poison us with MSG, aspartame, chemtrails, and fluoride. "Mental Illness" is in fact, an energetic and spiritual imbalance and must be dealt accordingly. The solution is "alternative" medicine such as Acupuncture, Reflexology, Shamanism and Astrology."

      I would like to start by saying - I've had a long standing diagnosis of BP disorder (18 years and counting!). It took a very long time, and different testings done to ensure my diagnosis was proper. I was on zoloft for 1 year at the age of 13-14. It wasn't good. I went off and didn't look back. I was ignoring my disorder and it basically didn't exist. The biggest problem, and none of the previous posters seem to be able to articulate is BP isn't just a set of symptoms. The behavioral aspect is what causes it to be different than "The Norm". Everyone has ups and downs. It's apart of life and it makes it interesting. Life would be rather boring if it wasn't for our emotions. That being said, my emotions have caused me to believe I was Jesus. They've caused me to be negligent with credit cards, to which I've had to claim bankruptcy. It's not a matter of spending sprees, et all, it's the behavior associated with the disorder. Everyone tends to go on sprees (for example), but you tend to stop when you start getting final notices, don't you? I didn't. Pills don't make this disorder go away, you're very correct on this point. Are they poison? No. They're not poison. If they are then so are all the other things you ingest. Even herbal remedies.

      As for alternative therapies, I couldn't agree more that they are extremely beneficial to the patient. I am also a massage therapist, as well as a person who has BP disorder. I can attest to the fact that massage therapy helps with many aspects of this disorder, but it doesn't stop the actual disorder's symptoms and behaviors the way medicine does. It's an excellent compliment to them.

      The combination that each and every BP person should have (I know first hand it works) is CBT and DBT therapies, mood stabilizers, anti-depressants if needed and relaxation via alternative modalities. This is not a disorder that can be "cured" (Meaning proper management of the symptoms) in one way. It takes a multi-factoral approach that has to be aggressively treated on a daily basis.

      As much as it would be lovely to just wish this away (Or ignore it for 15 years like I did), kissing this boo-boo isn't enough. BP people need a lot of support and caring from those around them. This disorder is much more than what you all are giving it credit for. It's not a hopeless disorder and it's very much treatable.

    2. I think money and greed is the root of the problem. Psychiatrists may go to school for 7 years but they never learn how to cure people.
      The sell their license to the drug companies and destroy lives.

    3. So far this is totally true as of 15 minutes in.
      I have said for years , I have nothing but adverse effects from all theses drugs and injections.I suffer Nausea
      at least once a week, Ill feeling all the time, headaches, and Respiratory distress constant,I have been to so many Doctors for My medical conditions and none have a clue. 9 different diagnosis for the same symptoms.
      I have seen so many Psyces, and they are the same, they do not treat or delve into your history, they just give you drugs, and I totally believe all my ailments are from these Anti-Psychotics, I will not take another pill or Injection ever!!! Still am not sure what may be the issue.
      but after 25 years of seeking help, I got worse,
      mentally and physically from these meds.

      My medical conditions are a bafflement to the establishment. It is obvious now why.
      Screw my mental Illness, its better left untouched, but too late the damage is done, and after 5 years living a recluse, I am sure I will be suffering my condition till I die,
      which makes me want to die, because I cannot stand being how I am. there is no hope with these people.
      These so called Meds are ONLY 1-3 % effective.
      and as I will attest, cause more than harm than good.


  43. It is no longer possible to discern what is legitamate and what is purley used to make a profit. We have put our trust in man and now we have to depend on man's answers. I never hear people focusing on the cause of these "disorders" and what can be done through life and nutritional changes. You will never be truly well by synthetic means. Even if the meds help initially...the long term side effects are more damaging.

  44. Social Anxiety is very real. If you suffer from it (like I do) then you know it is not just being shy! It does not come and go. I used to not be able to go up to a clerk in a store to ask where something was. I could never answer the telephone or make a phone call to someone I didn't know. I could not raise my hand in class to ask a question, or answer one, even if I knew my answer was right. And the amount of sleep I will never get back because of laying at night thinking about everything stupid I did during the day that would cause people to have judged me is a number so high I am not able to count it. I was VERY offended by those in this film that mocked Social Anxiety. With THERAPY and Zoloft on the side, I have been able to recover tremendously. I still have trouble in social situations at times, but therapy helped me so much. I took Zoloft at the same time, so I don't know how much it helped, but I feel a lot better. I am 20, so I fall under the "black box warning" that says you could become suicidal on the drug. I went through a few weeks where I was feeling that way, but I was honest with my therapist and it eventually went away. Basically I had to turn off this film because it became very offensive to somebody like me with a true mental illness. I encourage anybody to get help from a therapist first if they feel they have any problems, no matter how big or small. Someone once said to me that anybody, in any walk of life, can benefit from therapy, and I really think that to be true. It takes a lot of courage to get help, but it is well worth it in the end.

    1. I used topass outbecause of social anxiety. I couldnttalk at meetings. Then I realized that I was making a big deal over nothing and now I don't let myself go there. I'm going to take a public speaking course to overcome my fears. No straightjacket , shock treatment or dope needed. We have to learn to survive in this shagged up world without being labeled drugged because some greedy doc wants to have life easy for himself.

    2. I have the same prob. I'm getting a little better but I used to fear and/or avoid friends, social situations, talking to authority figures, and other b.s. like that all the time. I have bipolar 2 which usually goes hand & hand with social anxiety. It's seriously a real thing & I've dealt with it since I was about 16. You really can't help/control it - some days for no reason I'd get reallly depressed and loose any self-esteem I had, it'd stay like that for a couple weeks then I'd be 'normal' for a couple weeks and then I'd be the happy, confident, talk-to-everyone guy for a couple weeks and then cycle through it again for random-length periods. I've been taking lamictal and depakote for years which kill my short-term memory and make me feel zombie-like at high doses. Lately I've been taking a pretty low dosage which still helps & cut down the side effects a little but leaves me a little more vulnerable to the swings. Honestly though, the best thing I've ever done was start writing out my damn irrational thought processes in a "journal/diary". I started thinking philosophically about life, society and analyzing everything more objectively which has absolutely had an amazing impact. I have a theory (at least for my case) - my bipolar 2 and social anxiety is a two part problem... 1. neurotransmitter/brain activity malfunction (due to nutrition and physiological responses from internal/external stressors) 2. Irrational, underlying thought processes. My theory is that the irregular brain activity in certain areas along with certain neurotransmitters being over & under produced (you need to find out why for yourself) expose you to your unhealthy subconscious irrational thought processes about yourself and life. If you fix the biological problem then your irrational thoughts won't surface as much and if you fix the irrational thoughts/perspective problem, then your neurological problems won't have as much of an effect. So what I'm doing is working on both by eating *unprocessed* foods as close to how you find them in nature as possible (in the proper amounts & nutritional proportions), ditching 95% of the sh*t I used to buy in boxes/packages in the supermarket and journaling to fix my perspective and thoughts about myself and everything. Sure, it takes a lot of work, planning, effort & willpower but the inner-peace I'm getting from it is well worth the struggle. I've probably spent over 150 hours researching so if anyone has b.p. 2 and/or social anxiety or even depression,

  45. As a psychology major studying under a licensed, practicing doctor, per his expertise, there are basically three mental illnesses that warrant medication. They are: severe depression, bi-polar, and schizophrenia. Other than those three, most mental disorders can be treated with therapy, not drugs. Please note, being an informed patient is extremely important, however, being ignorant is absolutely reckless.

    1. And as a pharmacological salesperson, which "patient" do you prefer? One person's uninformed recklessness is another's budgeted settlement fund!

    2. Finally a voice of an intelligent person.

  46. This is so sickening and it makes me mad! I suffer from depression, for a long time I suffered because I didn't want to take drugs and be a "happy zombie" like people like the ones in the video say you will become. I finally took drugs for my depression and it felt like I started a new life. There's no way these diseases are "made up". I can't believe such stupid people exist in the world.

    1. Well said. I've tried several antidepressants, and they have been helpful. I've had some side effects, but minor stuff, and nothing you don't get with any other type of med.

    2. I agree, this film is bordering on fraudulent.

    3. Depending what toxic drug how much etc. You may pay the price down the road. The Video is real!! This is happening. I was a victim and I paid the price! All Lies! Only reason I am still here today is I did the opposite of Doctors! I have no mercy for these Murders! I just watched a Movie called The East which really gives me Ideas how to pay these Evil Doctors with there own Medicine! If there are people out there like in the movie and this is real> I am here I will help you as you help me go to great lengths to fight companies with there own medicine..

      Drugs are not nutrition it is but a toxic poisonous Drug. In the end you will always pay the price at a much greater cost with more drugs and a miserable death!
      Fact>You cant take drugs and say you are doing your body good. YOU WILL PAY LATER!

      I know I have been to hell and back and will never forget what they did to me.


  47. what a load of bollocks. while I agree there may be some truth to the fact that pharmaceutical companies lobby to make extra money. but to say mental illnesses and chemical illnesses are invented and that psychototropic drugs don't help is total bull****. for example if you know giving someone a drug that blocks dopamine receptors lessens the symptoms of psychosis it's pretty safe to say that high dopamine levels contribute to psychosis. that's ******* science!

    1. Though you are correct there is evidence of a biological basis for schizophrenia and other severe psychotic illness, even for these very little is known about the biological mechanisms, dopamine is only part of the story. As for other mental illness, there is no biological evidence for disorders such as SAD, MDD, these are purely subjective. If you would like to know how diagnostic categories are generated look at the politics around DSMV forthcoming. Also, therapy esp behavioral therapy, excersize, having a dog, social connections, all have been found to be as good and in many studies better than drugs. Where do we see the doctors and advertisements telling patients about the research comparing drugs to these?

    2. They thought that increased levels of Dopamine where what was causing psychosis, however powerful anti-psychotics such as clozapine do not work by blocking dopamine receptors, thus, completely throwing the dopamine theory in to question, meaning that it is not fact just theory.. They reason that anti-psychotics work so well is largely down to dulling down brain functioning. It has been said that Heroin is in fact one of the most powerful anti-psychotics and this is largely down to this reason.

  48. This piece of propaganda masquerading as a 'documentary' was very difficult for me to watch.

    Bipolar is not an invented disorder, nor is it a personality disorder as described in this documentary. It is called Bipolar Affective Disorder, and is classed as a Mood Disorder. Although the actual causes are not 100% clear, there are very strong indications that it the episodes of mania and depression are brought on by a hormonal/chemical imbalance in the brain.

    It is normal for people to have mood swings. But when the mood swings become so severe, long lasting, and prevents you from living a meaningful life it becomes an illness.

    I have lived with this condition for two decades, although I have only been aware of it for two years. These two years have been the most stable of my life! I am taking medication to help control my mood, which stops me having a full blown manic or depressive episode. In addition I am also learning to control my thought patterns with help of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and other talking therapy.

    There is currently no cure for this condition, any less than there is a cure for Epilepsy or Diabetes... The only proven form of treatment that can help manage the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder is drugs. Just as drugs are the only proven way of managing Epilepsy and Diabetes.

    To even think that mental illness is just something psychiatrists are making up in order to line their pockets is just outrageous! Every other part of the body is subject to illness, so it is only obvious that the brain will also develop illnesses. It is after all the most complex organ in our bodies!

    Although there is no physical test available to diagnose most mental disorders there is clear evidence that they do exist. A lot of research is going on in this field, which would explain why so many more drugs have been invented in the last 40 years.

    Yes, the medication does have side effects. I have gained a lot of weight, I am a little groggy in the morning. I need to keep regular checks on my thyroid levels, as well as keeping in mind the medication I am taking can make me more susceptible to type 2 Diabetes... But without this medication I would not be able to have any stability in my life.

    So let the pharmaceutical companies continue to develop medication. Let the psychiatrists continue to do research into the causes and management of mental illness. One day we may be able to find a cure, but until then we must continue to manage the symptoms!

    1. I did not bother to watch this video. I know all too well how real bi polar disorder is and I am also stable due to drug therapy. Thank you for speaking out.

    2. Thank you bipolarseb for your insightful comments. I must add that your first sentence "This piece of propaganda masquerading as a 'documentary'..." appears to apply well to a major number of the so called documentaries on this site's list.

  49. My psychiatrist talks to me for an hour every two weeks, she is amazing.

  50. People have legitimate issues, yes stuff may e over diagnosed yes but there are people who have legitimate mental illness, obviously the people on here have never experienced a mental illness and don't know the pain that it causes.

  51. ya but people on psychotropic drugs may have been depressed in the first place and that caused the suicide not the drug itself.

    1. Drugs intensify the depression.

      Why not fix the problem > get off wheat processed foods seek a nutritionist as well as holistic Doctors and give your body what it is deprived of.

      I know I have been there!.

    2. That is the circular reasoning always proferred by those in the mental illness industry!

  52. Plus there are people with legitamate issues. Autism for example is the DSM and I have worked with children with Autism and I know for sure that there is something going on with them. Also I have experienced depression myself and I needed help and phyciratry saved my life.

  53. My psychiatrist is amazing and has helped me a lot. Meds have helped me too. I am doing a lot better now then I was a few years ago, psychiatry can work.

    1. Long Term use of Meds Can Destroy your Life!
      You are just masking the problem and can have a horrible Death down the road. I have seen what drugs have done to family members.

  54. Having lost my wife and the mother of my children to these bastard criminals in behavioral health, who have the audacity to call themselves professionals, scientists, care providers, or whatever other filthy lie they can conjure, I can tell you that they and the pharmaceutical companies that produce this poison should burn in hell for their crimes against humanity. There is nothing scientific about what they do. The drugs are shackles to keep your loved ones on their billing system so they can collect their blood money. The drugs are unpredictable, having a different reaction on each individual. They are most dangerous during periods of dose change. Going on to the drugs, changing dosage, adding a med, changing a med, reducing a med. The dosage change take months to stablize. During this time, the patient shouldnt be left alone. The patient would rather be dead than continue to live with the savage destruction of their psyche. The "doctors that prescribe this crap have no way of predicting the outcome, or the side affects, yet they will gladly mix and match, blend and change until the patient is so distraught they can no longer take it.

    Ease off slowly, please keep hope alive through the help of loved ones, and the light of day will soon shine again in the lives of your beloved.

    Modern Psychiatry and Psychology is to behavioral health, as bloodletting is to physical health.

    1. Agree completely. They will always, though, justify their quackery by claiming they saved someone's life--or prevented some violent act from occurring(something they cannot do but that doesn't stop them from claiming they can).

  55. As I watch the movie I was amazed at what these people are able to get away from. I think to many people now a days are not willing or are to busy to research what they are about to put in their body. They do not do heavy think about what they are about to put in their bodies. They trust the information coming out of the doc or theorpist is correct and going to help them. I my self do not out right trust anything anybody say until I look it over first. That being said I question alot of information in this movie. Example being, if the DSM is such invented crap full of invented dieases why do so many doctors, theorpist and PROFESSORS trust it and make you study it cover to cover.

  56. The movie title sure was well chosen.
    The "Behavior" of the "Druggists" (Since the hat fits) 'd invoque the activities of organized crime leaders. Whoever they'd be.
    In the sense that at one time, as the mafia was at its early stage, the leaders of the mafia didn't want, accept drugs in their business.
    They knew it cause downfall. Even though it takes a long time.

    I was wondering, during the movie: - Is there one or a few Psychiatrist's child under any bipolar prescription? Cause I know that many Psychiatrists diagnosed themselves as bipolars. I stumbled on more than one Youtube movie in which many "Specialists" act as "Repentant" or witnesses.
    They seem to earn their life out of their admission. And a whole lot of money.

    Say you'd have, own some 4 billions pigs... Or rabbits...
    How many of those in terms of % out of those statistally talking, would be strucked by one specific ilness? 15? 20? or 20%...
    Use any desease instead of only one.
    How many? Not enough according all Vets, Huh?

    Case is more simple to figure out than going through all the chit chat within that docu.

  57. I went to my DR. because I lost interest in things that I used to be able to do for hours such as video games I could play all day but now I get bored within a few minutes same goes for watching movies. I have a collection of over 1000 movies but no interest in watching them. So My DR had a mental heath specialist come in to talk to me about my issue. He asked me a series of questions and based on my answers I was given a score. He said anything over 10 is treated with medication I scored a 14. How the scoring works I don't know. However I was prescribed Prozac. I'm on my 3rd day and no negative effects as of yet. It's very tragic to see all the suicides but can they truly 100% without a shadow of doubt be linked to psychotropic drugs? We don't know exactly why these people committed suicide or what problems they had or personal demons, there's alot more to this story that's being left out. In my opinion suicide is our societies fault. Watching the news is enough to send a "normal" person into a depression. The world we live in is a jacked up place. It's definitely not the same world I remember as a child but then again maybe I didn't see it for what it actually was. Like having a fear that someone is going to break in and murder me is legitimate because its not the drugs its because ****** up **** like that happens its reality. This documentary had me hooked just like a drug until I saw the ending with the stamp of approval from the CCHR which is funded by the Church of Scientology. There is always 2 sides to a story. CCHR's views on psychiatry are a reflection of the position held by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, whose writings express very strong opinions against psychiatry. The group has implied that the September 11 attacks were influenced by psychiatrists. Seriously! They just want everyone off meds so we all go crazy and are easier to control. It's just a smear campaign. Take any info in this documentary with a grain of salt. I will close with this quote.
    "Kids are different today, I hear ev'ry mother say
    Mother needs something today to calm her down
    And though she's not really ill, there's a little yellow pill
    She goes running for the shelter of a mother's little helper
    And it helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day"-Mick Jagger

  58. This is an incredibly misleading documentary. Yes there are problems with the psychiatry system but this documentary seems to label all mental illness as made up. Yes there is definitely a problem of over prescription for depression, id**t doctors prescribing it for people being sad when that is a normal part of life but mental illness does exist. There are some very serious forms of mental illness. I have a form of schizophrenia and have a lot of experience with anti-psychotic medication. They are not perfect but they do help my symptoms and allow me to lead a relatively normal life. When I stop taking my medication after a few weeks or so the symptoms return and a relapse happens.
    The DSM is said to be just full of made up conditions to sell drugs. So what schizophrenia is made up?
    I found watching this badly made documentary very frustrating and it gives people the wrong idea about mental illness however right they may be about the psychiatrists and drug companies.

    1. Good comments. Mr B/ From what I've observed, many of the docs in various categories on this site appear to be as reckless and misleading as this one.

    2. I am curious as to how you come about the conclusion that the drug companies and Psychiatrists are corrupt and yet the concept of mental illness is valid, and what do you personally think is the answer to this dilemma you have posited?

    3. Hello, I haven't come to that conclusion. I don't think the entire psychiatry community is corrupt. But as I stated in my second sentence, there are definitely problems. Unfortunately I don't really see a way to completely fix this because if there is a business behind making people better then unfortunately you will always have some people who prioritise making money over helping people. I guess if the whole thing was run by governments but that would be almost impossible as I don't think drug companies will be willing to give up their massive profits.

      Of course I think the concept of mental illness is valid as I have hallucinations everyday to remind me my brain doesn't work normally. Again, the concept is not perfect and there are mistakes but just because there are a number of doctors and psychiatrists who either don't like thinking for themselves so completely rely on the DSM (or maybe they actually have a belief that diagnosing a child who is shy with a mental illness will actually help the child get better) you can't take the view point that mental illness is invalid because there are a lot of people who have gone through a living hell because of their condition. I don't understand how someone could have the view that the concept of mental illness is invalid. Mental illness exists, there is no debate there. It is not normal to hear voices in your head telling you to kill yourself and to see visual hallucinations everywhere, or being pinned down on your bed for half an hour by invisible hands when you are wide awake. Those aren't normal, my brain is not working properly.

      This documentary however is just a joke. It's funded by Scientology who hate psychiatry because their founder had some of his papers rejected. That's why they are against psychiatry, because their founder went off and sulked because they didn't like his work. I'm not standing up for psychiatry, I've had bad experiences with it but just because you have problems with psychiatry you should then have the viewpoint that mental illness doesn't exist.

      It's a very complicated situation and I am really not sure how to fix it. I am sure it is only going to get worse and then there will probably be a breaking point and then maybe things will change. Apologies for the rambling answer.

    4. I will refer you to what Dr. Szasz had to say about the validity of the concept of "mental illness" versus the alternative concept of "problems with living". This concept is what gives Psychiatrists, legislators, judges, and ancillary mental illness industry employees the power over the life of someone who may openly claim to experience what you just have claimed to experience, which is almost carte blanche over your life. Psychiatrists deterimine when you may be legally kidnapped, drugged, and imprisioned(no matter what anyone calls it, "behavioral health units" are essentially prisons). They do so often without justification or comparative justification, because for the most part, it's on the schedule of hospitals which always have as a policy a 100% bed occupancy rate in mental--er, "behavioral health units"(sorry-almost got politically incorrect there). What Dr. Szasz was most concerned with, as am I, is the ethics of coercion--ie, forcing someone into some kind of "treatment" based on the circular reasoning that folks are so ill they just don't know they are(they even coined a term for this--"Anogosomia"--the most clever term since "Hysteria", no doubt. What does the Hippocratic Oath say about that, and what does it say about the level of fear running through society when folks who claim hallucinations are the first ones to be locked up, forced into both inpatient and outpatient "treatment" , and treated as considerably less than a human being(ie, more like an animal in a zoo). Now, somehow this is not befitting a society which claims constitutional rights, including a right to due process.
      You didn't state, assert, or mention how you feel on these topics or coercive treatments or interventions in general. But my point is that for the very vast majority of folks, involuntary civil imprisionment is unnecessary, overburdensome for all of society, and a testament to the lack of a working federal constitution in the United States of America. Seems to me since this nation fought a Civil War in which 690,000 people died, a Revolutionary War before that which was plenty bloody, and wars since that time under the guise at least of preserving this country--that in general the citizenry is far too lax about the solemnity of the constitution in general. Perhaps it takes foreigners who come to this country and legally become citizens of the USA who seem to in very many ways have a larger appreciation of the idea of preserving such rights than does the usual American citizen.
      Now aside from my opinion, contrary to the arrogant assertions of someone from the mega-industry itself on here who took issue with my opinions, I am not afraid to have any other opinons, agreeing with me or not, and would in that spirit be happy to learn how you may feel about some issues I raised in terms of voluntary versus involuntary "treatment". I will tell you I don't see a soon "breaking point" so that things will change any time soon simply due to too many people and too much money having a stake in keeping things the same, no meaningful oversight over Psychiatry and no end to that profession any time soon. Thank you for sharing. I might add one other thing, just for the sake of anyone else. Never in my life have I ever claimed nor have I ever once experienced hallucinations of any kind--but that of course has never stopped those running the industry to proclaim me validly under its purview. Seek it out(which circumstances forced me to do at one point)--and it WILL find you and never let you go and never declare you anything but theirs!!

  59. I wish there was a way to take a movie of the inside of a person going through meth addiction. National Geographic did a pretty good job. I was amazed and the things people experience from meth use. I use meth for 16 years in the 80.s and when i saw that now they use battery acid and stuff like that it made me sick. It is no wonder the skin and teeth take on a look of cancer, can you imagine what it does to your inside of your body. This is one reason i am taking this drug class. To learn what it did to me while i was on it and anything is may still be effecting. Wish there was a way to get rid of it, herion, crack-cocaine and the like. Seeing the faces of meth really got to me because even after 15 years in a good lite, you can still see some scaring on my face and legs from chasing the meth monsters. God Help you if you try it one time, it takes hold of you , now, this first hit or snort. Just don't do it please.

  60. I've been on antidepressants for 6 years, and they have literally been the difference between life and death. I understand that they're powerful drugs that can have serious consequences, but please don't assume that I'd be better off without them. Untreated mental illness is a horrible thing. I feel fantastic, and am finally able to live my life to the fullest. No one has the right to take that away from me. My depression is not situational; I have a chemical imbalance in my brain. It might be with me forever. I am perfectly fine with being on this medication for the rest of my life, because it has SAVED my life. Believe it or not, there are some people out there who have benefited from these drugs.

  61. I can't help but laugh at the fact that as I'm watching this, there is an ad for an anti-depressant medication on the side of the screen.

    1. ya, we watched a hole bunch of stuff in my drug class about all of the stuff advertised to help us "through it". I am trying to get pain regulated with just T.H.C. no chemicals except my Zoloft. Truthfully pot helps alot of things inside the body and gets right to it if you eat it. Smoking helps relax , but eating really gets in the thick of it.

  62. Glad my doctor recommended some great therapists. Although they offered prozac, I tried it once to see what the side effects were and they are worse than any recreational drugs;(

  63. Sounds like a job for the Guardian rather than droning on about exposing Murdoch, a news lite story

  64. Am I the only one who thinks the "experts" that are talking... look as though they are reading something?

  65. I stated that there is true mental illness in this world yet I DO believe these pills are being way over prescribed. I suppose its hard to grasp until it personally effects you. Seeing a member of my family lose everything in his life because he was carelessly given a sleuth of medications after talking to his general doctor for 5 minutes...yeah THAT makes me sick. Seeing him go from shy and timid to paranoid and violent was horrifying! And please before you go on criticizing others rants (because yes, I did rant), do a little bit of research before you make your presumptions. I know there is true natural biological mental illness...I am not doubting that! But are there side effects to the medications we use to treat mental illness...? Yes there definitely is. Can these side effects be just as deadly as the disease..well I don't know...perhaps I should read the "possible side effects" list directly from the package insert from the medication..why golly..look..INCREASE IN SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, AGGRESSION, VIOLENT MANIC EPISODES, SUICIDE, PARANOIA..and the list goes on. I feel that it is safe to say that yes, these drugs do have the potential to be just as deadly as the disease itself. Taking these pills is like playing Russian roulette with your life. The problem is that there are too many variables with illness such as depression, bi-polar disorder, and anxiety. Every single person I know could be classified under one of these disorders! Why are people being prescribed them without a thorough evaluation? Why are we giving them to pregnant women and young adults or children?? The companies that manufacture these drugs are spending millions on advertising..and why? Because it generates a huge profit!

    And like I said..I did personally see the horrors of these medications and perhaps that is why I am more inclined to believe the view the movie is portraying. That and I have spent much time researching this issue and have found many different sources, ones that have absolutely no ties with Scientology, and have came to the same conclusion. I am not for certain about the claims that psychiatry is a big hoax and I know for certain there are people who have true mental illness but there is also a vast amount of people in the U.S who are being wrongfully convinced by advertising that they also have a mental illness. And the consequences can be deadly...

    1. You make some good points, and it's hard to deny that people will respond to advertisements for some of these drugs with pyschosomatic symptoms, desperate for a cure to a perceived illness. That's why it's important to evaluate cases well; I experienced the fun of poor diagnosis when I was given drugs that were not effective at treating me. I only went a week before demanding discontinuation of the regimen and switching to one of the few drugs that was

      I suffer from diagnosable, classic OCD, and am treated with a high dose of Zoloft. The drug does its part, reducing the anxiety response my brain generates (inhibiting serotonin reuptake). This allows me to intervene in situations where previously an overwhelming automatic anxiety response would be triggered, sending me into relief-seeking compulsions which reinforced themselves thanks to endorphin spikes they trigger, further leading the brain to want more without addressing the fundamental anxiety response fueling it. With the drug, the reaction is softened to a normal level and I can begin to reduce the reinforced compulsions, breaking the cycle and allowing me to actively address the complexes that drive the anxiety response; very difficult to do without medication, much easier with.

      However, the drug has side effects, especially at the doses that I take. More importantly it isn't the only part of my treatment; it complements cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a known effective treatment for OCD even without medicine.

      Once the issue is manageable with medicine, I wean off of it and maintain CBT until I can manage the issue unmedicated. From there it's just a matter of maintaining health and wellness.

      This is how a competent physician/psychiatrist handles a case like this, and I'm pleased that I took my advice to a competent one.

  66. Yeah, it's the Orwellian "Citizens commission on human rights" a front group for the murderous "church of scientology" .

  67. You are so certain of this theory, you must be a neurosurgeon or brain specialist, and you must have done hundreds of tests on brains and the chemicals that get "imbalanced"? What chemicals are you talking about and what amounts of each constitute an "imbalance". For instance, what is the chemical make up of a successful artist as opposed to a failing school child? What exact chemicals do they have in their brains and what amounts would be present, also how does each specific chemical affect the activity and thoughts of each of the above.
    Please send me the test results and trials, or the link to your lab's website.

  68. Yes, drugs can kill people, and they can also save your life.

  69. I wonder if they'll start prescribing heroin as an anti-depressant? I have a doctor that works part-time in a psychiatric hospital. She says that they are admitting more patients than ever with psychosis purely from the use of Marijuana.

    Drugs are bad. People have the right to put whatever they want into their bodies, or not. It was definitely scary seeing that poor girl that was dragged away and put into a psych-ward and pumped full of drugs. Scary... these gangsters of science. Unfortunately it always seems to be the extremely underfunded that are the whistle blowers.

    And not that I think this is bad but the narrator was definitely the same guy that did the narration for the episode "Mysterious Mysteries" on Volume two of Invader Zim!

    These are such large numbers. $330,000,000,000.... wow, have you ever tried to count that high? I did. I tried to count to 700,000,000,000 because it was the first number our government let us know they would be bailing out Fanny and Freddie or whatever. Anyways try to find a calculator that calculates that kind of cash. It's FUN!!!

    I like when other people get on the conspiracy theory trip. It forgives all the times I've heard people say "Conspiracy theory"

    Thank you for the wonderful investigative work.

  70. I was given welbutrin in the Marines to counteract Attention Deficit. Three days later, after a lifetime of no suicidal thoughts, I had my first one.

  71. Scarry, scarry and scarry....even children are given drugs!!!

    I`m on my way OUT OF this kind of drugs through over than ten years! The siteaffects can`s describes! Four times I serious thought of taking and planning to take- my own life! Because of the drugs, and I did`nt know it!

    Now: This hell after stopping with the drugs - it`s worth it! Some day I can see the light in the world again!

  72. Oh, really, people? I am Bipolar I, and I can tell you right now that when I go off my meds, it is VERY OBVIOUS. Not only do I grow paranoid, high strung, upset, etc etc, I have a habit of ruining my life. When I'm on medication, I am able to concentrate. Not freak out. Not obsess that somebody is trying to ruin my life. There aren't invisible people in my backyard that are waiting to kill me. There are invisible people trying to break into my house. Etc, etc. If you think that nobody needs psychotropic medication, think again. It's pretty obvious you don't know anyone that really needs. Good for you. *eye roll*

    1. Yes but here's the controversy, is Bipolar really a "mental illness". It is estimated that 1 out of 7 people are diagnosed as bipolar or manic depressive. The numbers tell you that this is a very common "condition". Perhaps it is not a mental illness but human nature. If their are millions of other people in your country who also have similar personality issues as you then doesn't that tell you that you, in your mental illness are the normal? You are the average. Its great that the drugs work for you but as long as you take them you still will always have the underlying "issue". You will never overcome your struggles within as long as you are doped up. And you may not have suffered from horrible side effects that effect your personality in a negative way but you better believe that those drugs can and will effect your other organs and nervous system. Good luck with that. Giving these drugs freely to anyone without giving a thorough examination is completely unethical. Giving these drugs to children is beyond disgusting. Encouraging people to numb themselves with potentially dangerous drugs, playing rush and roulette with their lives, rather then advising a change in diet and therapy is wrong. Convincing people that they are abnormal and wrong for feeling unwanted emotions is just pathetic. I hope one day you change your perception of yourself and perhaps then you can stop making decisions to "ruin your life" when you are off your meds.

    2. Andrea when anyone goes off their psyche drugs they're going to go mad before they're going to get well, ie paranoid,angry, upset,insecure, etc etc, thats a fact nothing new there, ask any junkie, thats standard, thats when the psyches get excited because they can then tell the unaware, that, look, see you/they need your/their meds, they really work on the unaware or the not too sure carers then, who don't realize what they're doing, if they get them on their side their dealing jobs done, the victims always a victim it doesn't matter to them what they're really feeling or thinking as long as they get the carer in a sense, look no one's saying that there aren't people who might need some medication, if they're happy with it, on it, then its up to them, but its not really about them people, it,s about the people who are in despair about it, its about the ones being forced to take what they are saying is making them sick both mentally and physically, thats fair enough isn't it, man if you've got people in your back yard doing that, you might actually need the stuff, but it still sounds like withdrawal to me, either way it cool if your cool, doctors are crooked people i know that much, think about these methadone people, thats the doctors dealing heroin really, they might as well get thieves to go to the police station to pick up stolen good from the police, its the same thing, I wonder if when you started having troubled thoughts feelings if you ever went to a therapist or psychologist to get guidance and direction before you went to a psychiatrist to get poison for your trouble, Id be interested to know.

    3. So dependent. What would you do if there was no magic pill? Would you be able to exist at all? What does that say?
      Whether you believe it or not, you have the power, trust me. I used to run the same drug-induced treadmill. Then, one day, I was shown that the power to overcome it all was inside me the whole time. I was just using a crutch because it was an easy solution and absolved me of any personal responsibility.

    4. Getting benefit from a medication doesn't mean you are dependent on it. Someone taking cox inhibitors for painful arthritis would be unlikely to want to stop taking the medication because it improves life quality. Please stop calling it a magic pill. It is a medication the same as any other. Dave, great that you found a drug free solution, but doesn't mean it applies to everyone else. It depends on what is causing the problem.

    5. i agree with you. there are people who does not matter how or why, they need them to well, be human. it is when they are forced on children, like prozak and such, or vacines that studdies have shown, in areas where there are less parents allowing it, well the children that get them, are 200 - 500 % higher to get sick or a disease.

      but non the less, we are all different. i did not have to read any other comments to know, some people can't see both sides to everything, and some people just have a problem of needing to be right, when everyhting they say is compleat bullshit

    6. Nice BIG PHARMA AD!!

    7. Wish you lived near me I would turn your life around!
      Trust me...

  73. To those of you who discredit this movie:
    I personally seen the horrors of these drugs. My brother was put on Zoloft and became withdrawn, aggressive, and violent. They then put him on Xanax to "offset" these side effects. His behavior became increasingly irrational and totally out of character. He lost his girlfriend and his job and damn near everything. He wouldn't eat or sleep. It was terrifying. For example...he started making all these make shift shanks in his basement in case someone tried to break into his house or mug him at the gas station, he then began carrying them every where with him. Paranoid was an understatement...he honestly started to believe that someone was going to come murder him in his house at night. Once we finally realized it was the drugs and my mother weened him off of them the madness began to stop but the damage was already done. I can only imagine what would have happened if he would have kept on them....I honestly think he may have killed someone. And like the movie states, my brother only went into his general doctors office for 5 minutes or less and complained about having some anxiety issues. When we confronted the doctor about the "adverse" effects he would not admit it was the Zoloft!

    The pharmaceutical industry IS corrupt and these drugs are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. If you honestly believe that normal human emotions are "mental illness's" then you are obviously programmed. There are real mental illness's but they are not curable nor treatable with drugs. The best they can do is to contain and heavily sedate those who are (for example) truly schizophrenic. I mean think about it...if a huge percentage of our nation is on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication doesn't that tell you that these overwhelming feelings of sadness or nervousness are NORMAL and COMMON emotions for a human to feel??? You're not alone here...the problem is that the mass media and medical industry is instilling it in your head that these emotions are abnormal and wrong. And the effect this is having on our children is just sickening. I've personally taken adderall and it feels similar to speed and stronger than cocaine.

    1. "To those of you who discredit this movie:
      I personally seen the horrors of these drugs"

      I've seen the horror of untreated mental illness. When I see ignorant like rant on the internet about "the pharmicotal industry" it make me sick.

  74. What about the people who are truly ill, don't these meds really help to treat depression and anxiety? When someone attempts (or succeeds) suicide, there is obviously a problem that needs to be addressed. Where is the balance?

    1. Good comment. I think these meds do help a lot of people, though, there's no guarantee for every case to be the same, and, according to other comments here, there are exceptions.

  75. can see nobody here tryed mdma and experienced in first hand what is a chemical imbalance... chemical imbalance is real and is what makes us different from each other. The problem starts when this chemical imbalance is so big what makes the life of the person miserable.
    This documentary is fake propaganda and ridiculous for anybody who has knowledge about how the brain works.
    If too much people have mental illnesses, we have to start look in our society.

    1. According to these wanna be doctors everyone and I mean everyone has metal disorders. It's true you can go to a doctor and tell them anything and get prescribed pills. After the first time I watched this I went to my doctor and lied saying I don't feel happy tired blah blah (the normal everyday life problems everyone has which is common) within 5 minutes I was prescribed a couple of drugs, not one but 2 to start with, which were all suicidal but them I threw the prescription away. Yes there are people that do have mental disorder but not everyone and if you can't test it then it isn't real. SORRY but you hate your life take all them pills they'll help you dye faster. Love your life then don't. Life is all about challenges and how we all can deal with them, pills do not do that, people can only truly change themselves with the support of loves ones NOT PILLS THAT SCREW YOUR BODY OR BRAIN AND THEN KILL YOURSELF. My best friends husband was prescribed pills in a week he killed himself. He went to the doctor for a regular check up came out depressed. Please the were tired because they had twins and one was really sick. So that means if your tried and stressed because you started a family and are not use to it yet that means your depressed and should takes drugs that kill you. Please the brain is hard to understand and there are still more to learn about it. PILLS DON'T HELP YOU BE HAPPY THEY MAE YOU WORSE AND CAUSE MORE MEDICAL PROBLEMS THEN YOU HAD BEFORE. GO LOOK AT ALL THE PILLS AND YOU WELL SEE A LONG FREAKING LIST OF SIDE AFFECTS YEAH THAT WILL TAKE YOUR PROBLEMS AWAY TO ADD SEVERAL MORE TO DEAL WITH THAT WAY YOU FORGET ABOUT YOUR FIRST PROBLEM AND DEAL WITH YOUR SCREWED BODY CAUSED BY THE PILLS IF YOU DON'T GO CRAZY AND KILL YOUR LOVED ONE THEN YOURSELF LIKE OTHER PEOPLE DID.

  76. To those of you who are writing off this movie as the work of Scientologists/other equatable crazies, do you have any personal experience with any of the adverse effects these drugs can cause? I'm currently going through HELL trying to get off Cymbalta, which I was given for an undiagnosed pain in my side. My doctor will not acknowledge the extent of the withdrawal symptoms, aside from suggesting various other medications. Surprise, surprise...everything he wants me to take just happens to be available through a free sample from his office. I am in no way saying that psychotropic drugs are 100% bad, as I know many people who have been helped by them. The issue is not use by those who can benefit from them...maybe try actually watching the film/doing a tiny bit of research before you blow this off as scientology dribble.

    1. When I came off Cymbalta I felt dizzy and off-balance for a long time. I was put on Cymbalta because I was depressed and feeling suicidal. I did not feel depressed or suicidal until I started taking Haloperidol. Mental health issues are a problem with the spirit, not with the brain. Healthy thought patterns lead to a healthy mind, and the opposite is also true.

  77. Put it this way, the general physician practitioners should not be forking out their free samples and prescribing every patient a psychotropic drug to combat a non-existent illness, BUT the most heinous crime is perpetrated by the FDA, the government-sponsered drug research programs, Medicare, Medicaid, prohibition of most (if not all) naturally-produced drugs, and the messages that are preached in public schools (ie. "Drug-Free Environment") and medical schools (ie. students are taught how to treat someone with a unnatural drug but aren't taught to treat illness with prescriptions of nutritional value, clean eating and exercise. And it doesn't help that it's becoming very hard for newly appointed general physicians to start a business with all the regulation from the FDA and federal/state governments on operational practices, and massive inflation making business start-up extremely expensive for the building space and materials for the business.

  78. If any of these drugs HAVE to be used or prescribed, they should be done in a manner that has a goal in sight that the dosage will decrease and one day the patient should be able to function without them. The problem is that, like the doc says, these drugs are overprescribed as a quick fix/procrastination for the problem at hand. I agree with those who say that "some people" really do need help from some of these drugs, but only when they are being used correctly. But "some people" is a much smaller percentage that the amount of people receiving these drugs. For the most part, they are abused and cause harm to their users.

    When this doc cam out i shared my experience with with the ADD bullcrap and the problems that i deal with now because of it. I quit using the pills my freshman/sophomore year in high school and now as a sophomore in college im finally seeing results where i can concentrate on my own. As for the depression its still here but getting better by the day, anxiety is gone though.

  79. hey everyone hope your all chillin as best you can, haven't been around for a while, thought id just better say hello to all you good people, im still at war with the oppression people, the see sick crew, their really good at it hey, anyway just a short visit with just one little clue, think about this, the forced drugs are hallucinogenic and each have over 40 side effects that mirror any mental illness you can think of, or out there, which they admit to, they also admit you go mad going on them and coming off them, well leave it there wont we. Your all cool, if ya not get cool, be cool , stay cool, its better than what psychiatrist give the non compliant, which we all know is, get sick(take this poison), be sick(keep taking it), and stay sick.Chin up, At least some of us non compliant know. And remember the truth will win in the end.It always does.

  80. damn scientologists. Seriously. I wish to god that freak Tom Cruise would go LIVE with my exhusband for a while and see if that can straighten his wanker ass out. I know that when I had a rough time an anti-depressant changed my life and probably saved it. You know... you can correlate ANYTHING if you try hard enough... " 90% of people committing suicide had eaten spaghetti sometime in the past 5 yrs" - point taken?

    1. Hi Sam, its great that you got the antidepressants and that they worked for you, so no one was forcing it down your throat and you were happy to take it, you were compliant then, that's also great for you, well done, I didn't know spaghetti was poisonous though, im going to stop eating it now, sorry im not allowed, the doctor just said. Correlate what you like but remember you are compliant and happy about that, some of us aren't compliant and aren't happy about that, would you stick up for us against the bullies, we need your understanding and your help, even though your happy with it do you feel anything for those not happy but sad with it and forced on it ?

  81. What a load of bulls***! Is Scientology behind this crap? "The majority of people commiting suicide have psychotropic drugs in their system". Don't the people that made this shit get that those who took their life were being treated against mental illness?!? This s*** makes me mad!! Stupid effin' people!!

    1. That's amazing i didn't know that the majority of people who commit suicide are being poisoned, I also didn't know that all the people who took their lives were being treated for a perceived mental illness, with a mental illness either,(see my last post) thanks for that Lina, your a beauty,

    2. Have you ever taken any psychotropic drugs? I have, and the drugs made me suicidal. When I stopped taking them, the thoughts of suicide disappeared. I didn't stop taking them because I was better, I stopped taking them (by tapering off over time) to get better.

  82. I wish there was a drug without side effects

    1. then it would be called food

    2. Oh you've never heard of indigestion?

  83. Everyone should watch this and be aware of what is happening.

    I receive my first anti-depressant at age 13 for my headaches/migraines. Between the ages of 15 to 20, I was diagnosed with depression + general anxiety disorder followed by bipolar then rapid-cycle bipolar with anxiety then schizophrenic. Over this time I was on a mix of Effexor, Adderoll, Adivan, Cirpalex, Wellbutrin, Cumbalta, Zypreca, Paxil, Seroquel, various sleeping pills and a bunch I don't remember the name of. I also used some recreational drugs (MDMA in particular) as well as over=the-counter pain meds like Codeine and Tylenol 3s.

    At 18, after many small failed attempts, I decided to OC on a mix of over 80 pills... my father found me in time and brought me to emergency where I was given charcoal and watch for 48 hours to be release home after the hospital's psych said I was fine and being dramatic/seeking attention. I was hallucinating, cutting/bruising myself and scared to be alone in fear of killing myself. I tried to check myself into hospitals and finally, right before Christmas, two weeks after my OD, was taken in as a voluntary patient. I was supposed to be in the kids ward still at 18 but because it was Christmas, was sent to the adults ward where in the first 12 hours my rights were taken away from me. No shoelaces, no closing the door to go to the washroom, constant checks, no smoke breaks/leaving the ward and mandatory medicine. This is where they diagnosed me schizophrenic.

    I was scared and luckily, found a friend in the second youngest patient who was in her mid-20s and a heroin addict. She helped me try and argue the fact that I wasn't schizophrenic and needed a different psych. They kept telling her not to intervene, that schizophrenics, don't know their schizophrenic so I don't know what I'm talking about. Finally, I was given a meeting with a variety of psychs to re-evaluate me. After begging for another doctor, I finally got one.

    I wish I remembered her name but my memories of this time are all blurred like a dream. She was in her 30s, with long red hair, divorced, had three kids and a brother was was a former addict (and now a nurse in my ward). She let me go home to my parents after signing a contract that I wouldn't try to kill myself and that my parents had to be in control of all my medicines. Over the next few months, I saw her once a week. She thought I did have some depression, anxiety issues and possibly borderline personality disorder but that medicine was not the answer. She weened me off the meds, all but the Adivan because I had grown so dependant on it. Because she technically had to write me a prescription every time she saw me, she'd prescribe me books to read and films to watch. She eventually got me off the Adivan and we started to see each other every few months... and then not at all. I am so grateful for her insight, compassion, letting me know that feeling is okay, that everyone has a problem (she herself had depression through her divorce) making it the norm and the chance she gave me to be myself again with all the meds.

    I am lucky to be 23 and off meds/drugs for 3 years now. I was young when I experienced all of this and am still young enough to really have a life now without any of it, unlike many of my friends who have just started or are in the middle of this chemical-filled struggle, convinced that feeling nothing is better than feeling bad.

    Medicine is not the answer, it is a last resort. In some cases, some drugs may help to help you overcome something you are dealing with but it does not cure what you are feeling. Not feeling is the opposite of what you want to be doing in order to get better. You need to feel down to let go, it's natural.

    We need to welcome our emotions, be physically-active, allow ourselves to rely on our friends/family, eat healthier and get rid of our dependance on chemicals to solve our issues.

    Giving children under 18, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, tranqs, anxiety meds, etc. should be illegal in my opinion. Your child is having a problem not being one. They need to talk, they need to learn how to express themselves and cope with their emotions and they need to know that what they are feeling is okay.

    What we're doing as a society with these medications and type of 'treatment' saddens me deeply.

    1. @ Brittney Kroiss
      "Everyone should watch this and be aware of what is happening."

      I have watched it. Twice!

      Those criminals should be shot at the earliest possible convenience.
      And I would postpone all other entertainment to go to their each and individual funerals.

      Corporatism chomping its way through the economic jungle like some mindless insect without regard for life must come to an end ? forever.

      People have to stand together and make it clear it simply will not be tolerated a moment longer.

      Thanks for you post.


    2. Brittney -- Thank you so much for taking the time to write this and I will pray for the angel that helped you. Would that there were more with such integrity. The Truth does set us free.

    3. Honestly the system scares me. I would never ever want to be where you were. I feel for you and am glad there are some happy endings. I am also amazed you were prescribed drugs for headaches/migranes. I don't know if you know this but most headeaches are caused by dehydration and a glass of juice or pills wont help you simply need a glass of water. What a weird strange culture we live in instead of finding the problem and fixing it in everything we just kinda cover up the problem. If you smell cover yourself with perfume attitude we have in medicine today actually sickens me. What we need to do is have a shower. I am glad you are better now and hope you still dont suffer from headaches if you do I suggest drinking lots of water and not pop coffee juice or other fluids like that because they will in fact dehydrate you. It's funny how many health problems people have that can be cured by a simple glass of water and some vitamins.

    4. Thank you for being so candid, and I agree it should be illegal to give children under the age of 18 any psychotropic drugs. As a society we have forgotten we are first spiritual beings and our bodies are meant to heal through natural means, healing is a spiritual process one that drugs just numb out. I just finished watching generation rx on netflix there is a wonderful quote from that documentary: For every drug that benefits a patient there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect. Dr Carl C Pfeiffer, M.D.,PhD. I am lucky to have such influences as Dr Abrahm Hoffer a psychiatrist who treated all his patients with high doses of vitamins even curing people labelled schizophrenic. He made the statement that all mental illness is cureable. He wasn't afraid to speak the truth. I hope your story will continue to help others.

  84. Doctor's & Rx's have MADE ME SICKER THAN I EVER WAS when I first went to see my internist about anxiety.

    That was...ohhh...about 20 years ago! I REFUSED medication for years. I've been "diagnosed" as bi-polar II, borderline personality disorder (!), OCD, ADHD, panic "disorder", severe depression, and this one cracks me up the most: intermittent explosive disorder. WELL F*** THEM AND THEIR PHARMACY REPS! There's a bit of "intermittent explosion."

    The 1st Rx I ever took was Klonopin. That was...ohhh...a good 16 years ago. When I asked my doctor if it was addicting he said "No. Not for you." Ha! It led me down a pathway to HOLY LIVING HELL. That drug has truly ruined a good 20 years of my natural born life!

    Then came the SSRI's. Antipsychotics. "Mood stabilizers!" Tranquilizers. Pain meds up the ass.

    And how strange it is that I went from a 24 year-old happy vibrant super creative young a doped up drug dependant/drug resistant 40 year-old woman. BUT...I refuse to allow Big Pharma to "win."

    Labels, labels, labels everywhere we go!! EVERYTHING IS A DAMNED DISORDER NOWADAYS. Fat obese ppl are labeled "metabollically challenged!" Yes. I've seen it & heard it in many doc's offices.

    No one cares to GET TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM(S)!! I do. Damn! Everytime we have a FEELING the drug companies want to give us a friggin' pill for it. Are you sad? Are you depressed? Are you lonely? Are you hot? Are you cold? Does your big toe ache? Got athletes foot?!!!


  85. i took zyprexa (made by lilly) and i developed type 1 diabetes overnight. as a diabetic i must have an emergency kit handy -- it is made BY LILLY. they have obviously done research that shows it was beneficial to give ppl diabetes and be sure to continue to sell them meds for the rest of their calcuable lives.

  86. i took zyprexa (made by lilly) and i developed type 1 diabetes overnight. as a diabetic i must have an emergency kit handy -- it is made BY LILLY. they have obviously done research that shows it was beneficial to give ppl diabetes and be sure to continue to sell them meds for the rest of their calcuable lives.

    1. eli lilly paid 15000 people 1 billion dollars in a settlement, call your lawyer,,,the settlement was for people who got diabetes from their drugs,,,,,

  87. What a load of bulls***! Is Scientology behind this crap? "The majority of people commiting suicide have psychotropic drugs in their system". Don't the people that made this shit get that those who took their life were being treated against mentalt illness?!? This s*** makes me mad!! Stupid effin' people!!

    1. "Mental Illness" is a broad term, covering not only what may result from any physical damage to the brain, but also to any one, or combination of, potential human responses to one's own condition; which, based on certain determinations by a panel of independent judges, can then be diagnosed as a 'malfunction of the body', and treated with (generally quite high priced) pharmaceuticals. Nothing to see here folks... It's just Business As Usual.

    2. Lina, what gives? are they paying you too?

    3. I wish you get madder still at the trillions in health fraud, human rights abuses, and arrogant mini-kingdoms established by Psychiatrists and ancillary workers in the mental illness system.

  88. And it's so true. Everyone's on DRUGS nowadays. Medications keep the money coming in... as long as there are NO cures it won't stop. It's Bullshit. Any freaking doctor who tells me I need to be on medication can go screw his mother.

  89. This Doc is heavy handed garbage... anyone with half a brain can see that.

    This issue is Big Pharma... and the power they have . Insurance companies don't want to pay for therapy they'll pay for pills...this is not the fault of the therapist! it is the system.

    1. Yes, and the system is BUSINESS. Anyone with a functional halfed-brain would know that. It's all about money. Companies don't care about your health, they just want your money. You know, Stupidity should be a disease, and the only actual cure for you idiots should de DEATH. :)

    2. Umm.. Not to disagree with your overall sentiment, but.. The preferred treatment for idiocy is education... Not DEATH.

  90. the focus here is abuse 4 profit, max induction 4 potential gain. u CANNOT negate REAL mental illness! once u've seen it, u NEVER 4get it. severe psychosis cannot b mistaken or confused as 1 of these daily, emotional occurances.

    1. I believe severe psychosis has a cause, a trigger. In my case the psychosis passed and I returned to normal. I am med free, but I make sure I avoid the triggers, I know what made me flip. Drugs are not the only way to deal with psychosis. Not all people who are psychotic are violent or dangerous. The lie the system will feed you after a psychotic episode is that you need to stay on drugs for the rest of your life because you have got something wrong with your brain and if you stop the meds you will go psychotic again. I've been off all meds 6 months, so far so good. REAL mental illness requires definition, I believe its a condition of the mind, which can be changed, and not a condition of the brain. I believe all mental illness can be cured by the mind, and that its not biochemical. Different thought patterns can produce different brain chemistry.

  91. My mom had never needed haldol and ativan or anything else like that in her whole life. She was always a very happy well adjusted person. She went to a nursing home to recover after a simple surgery. She was was drugged into a coma by these drugs. It took her days to be able to even talk after she came home. She fell from not sleeping for a few days from trying to detox from these drugs. Then she was admitted into the hospital for the fall since she had a bruise only on her leg. There she was drugged into a coma again while detoxing from the first coma. These drugs were given even after telling the staff that she cannot take these drugs. She again came home in a coma.Then the visiting nurses came over when she was still unable to talk because of the drugs. They labeled her with severe dementia because she could not talk. This was after I explained that she was drugged and that is why she could not talk. They forced her into a home where she was forced to take more of these drugs against her will,or tricked into taking them even if she told them that she did not want them.While in this home she was sent to the hospital where she was forced to take more of these drugs against her and my will again. She was drugged into a coma again when I left for a very short time. They did not care that she had deadly sensitivity to these drugs.(N.M.S.)These drugs were put in her iv even after she went into the coma if she moved so much as her finger.When I saw this I was able to tell the staff again that she can not be drugged .This was about the third or fourth coma that she had been in since her surgery.This last time she was in a coma for 2 weeks then passed. I was so scared about what happened to her that I am terrified to even leave the house now. I tried so hard to protect her from these monsters it was so unreal.This is America how can this happen. I also have always been a happy go lucky person and well adjusted until my moms life was taken. I hate sleeping now since I have terrifying nightmares which I had never had before until my mom was forced to die. When I look back on how I could have saved her, I realize that I should have called 911 on many occasions and I should have never left her side for even a second. I had always explained to everyone that she can not take these drugs since they hurt her and she just needed to recover from them not be put into coma after coma. These people who did this destroyed my mom and our family. I am going to do everything I can to make new laws no matter how hard it is for me. Something has to be done to stop these killers. No one should be forced to be drugged and forced to die.

    1. I am so very sorry for your tremendous loss and the irreparable harms and damages these alleged "medical" facilities caused to you by their forcing your mother to die from forcing psychotropic drugs upon her, causing her to go into a coma so many different times. This is egregious! May the following give you a little hope, comfort, and something to study that might be useful to you, since you want to change laws to make things better for other people.

      I am studying these things right now, because I am trying to save my eldest son with a mitral heart valve prolapse/regurgitation and tricuspid heart valve prolapse/regurgitation from a similar but different fate involving the State of California behavioral health courts and a court system that wants to force potentially deadly psychotropic drugs on my son that interfere with his heart intervals and could further damage his heart and body and give him diabetes and stroke and heart attack and potentially cause him death. I have to rush to get a conservatorship over him, but I waited to get reacquainted with him to see first to what degree would he be able to take care of himself and his own life without help. He is a 10-year-old in a 25-1/2-year-old body. His father had him heavily drugged after my lawyer suddenly died and my ex-husband went to court when our son was almost 12, and gained primary custody over him for superior financial status to be able to benefit him more "materially" than I could at that time.

      LAWSUIT: "People of the State of California v. Gwen D. Hughes" A Wrongful Death Lawsuit against a particular government-run-supervised nursing home/rehab facility for "Medi-Cal Fraud & Elder Abuse" & Violation of Civil Rights was prosecuted successfully by California's recent Attorney General, Edmund Gerry Brown, Jr., now Governor Brown of California. The Director of Nurses forced underling nurses and staff to force unwanted psychotropic drugs upon a number of the facility's patients against their will. Study Attorney General's lawsuit 27-Page Declaration on the Internet. I think it was and it told of various conditions that existed, of various state laws that were broken,

      "ADVANCED HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVE": For my son, or me or anybody I love, I am setting up to do both a very meticulously specified "Advanced Health Care Directive" and/or a "Limited, Conditional Durable Power of Attorney" with the exact same specifications in my "Advanced Health Care Directive." I can put in my documents, that I very specifically forbid any form of psychotropic drugs being administered ( to either of my sons [in their documents], or to any loved one [within their own documents]) , and then also put "Imprecatory Language" (threat of lawsuit, stating that I will sue, or that I/family in advance of otherwise preventable illness/side-effects/death am ordering my family/friends/trusted home health care helpers and/or survivors to sue any medical facility and/or individual(s) that turn out to cause my loved one(S) or me harm and damage, however slight, especially for failing to obey and carry out clearly-specified "Advance Health Care Directives" to not administer any shape or form of psychotropic medicines for any reason. Additionally, I might also include "Exhibit-A," "B," "C," etc... of underlined and/or yellow-marked highlighted reports listing all the possible side-effects of psychotropic drugs in general, or any class or classes of psychotropic drugs in general, until all the different classes are covered. A document is not enforceable if it lacks the necessary impreccatory language in all 50 states.

      QUACKERY HARMED MY SON: Our now 25-year-old eldest son with the intelligence level of a 10-year-old suffered needless heart-damage and suffered his brain being fried by a quack psychiatrist who experimented on him with different heavy drug cocktails mixed with Ritalin, Lithobid, Lexapro, Seroquel, Risperidal, Haldol, and Zyprexa.

      Our son was kept safe from these things until he was 11 turning 12 when my family law lawyer suddenly died. My ex-husband did the fast strategic "Spanish March" to court claiming superior finances and won primary shared custody of both our sons with the court's grant of his request to have the final deciding word on any subject in dispute regarding our son's health, education, and welfare.

      Dad could not control our eldest son, so he kept him drugged.

      Our son kept calling me for help when he was 15-16-17-18 and only 125 pounds, complaining of severe heartburn and inability to focus to do homework while on the different drug cocktails that Dad (a nurse) and the doctor, were experimenting with. I did all I knew to do at that time to stop over-drugging our son. After my lawyer died, values were less important to the judge than money. I then had secondary lesser custody for our minor children, so my hands were legally hog-tied to act to protect our eldest son.

      The psychiatrist completely ignored my letters requesting him to lower my son's dosages to the minimum, or even taper him off, citing adverse side-effects he was suffering.

      Then, some years back, around October, Anna Nicole Smith's young adult son Daniel died of a combination of psychotropic drugs -- the very same drugs listed above that my own son was being forced to take against his will.

      This time, I had studied some cases. I wrote a "Notice of Duty & Liability & Breach & Intent to Sue" letter to the psychiatrist, based upon visiting 4 different pharmacists who asked me: "Who is trying to kill this kid? Do you know that his prescription is 4-times more than that of Daniel Smith's deadly dose?" The psychiatrist complied, tapered Nathaniel down and then off the strong cocktails.

      Then, later, the same psychiatrist was grossly negligent, and his lack of checking into the young man's medical history, and his insistence on a higher dosage, and his other combined actions ended up needlessly killing a young 32-year-old man. The psychiatrist blamed his patient's death on other mental health hospital staff. The truth came out. The psychiatriast was disciplined by the California Medical Board. He was severely restricted in his practice in what he could and could not do. Then, later, there was a state lawsuit against him. Then there was a federal government lawsuit against him. Then there was another patient who he almost killed, and did great harm and damage to. So sad for the family who lost their 32-year-old son and for the other patients who complained about this long-time psychiatrist. A reasonable likelihood exists that his actions and omissions and liking for prescribing higher dosages of multiple-ingredient mixed psychotropic cocktails to his patients could have harmed and damaged many more people than we know about.

      My ex married his 4th wife, who did not want our eldest son around her, so the blessing is that he came down to live with me. We got fishing licenses, are taking short classes on different vocational skills together, are focusing on the happier and more successful sides of life, and want to go on living happily.

      Thanks to this psychiatrist, my son's heart has been damaged.

      Now I have to fight the local mental health one-stop facilities from seizing conservatorship over my young adult son to force him to take deadly psychotropic drugs for a person with heart valve damages, plural. I would just pull my son out of their programs, but he got in a little trouble with the law, not knowing that he had to have a concealed weapons permit to carry a kitchen steak knife to the canal to go fishing! (to fillet any fish caught!) The District Attorney did not know how severely disabled he is mentally, and is prosecuting him as an adult, though he has a 10-year-old brain, literally physically "shrunk" by all those psychotropics. The Mental Behavioral Health Court is what the new lawyer said is my son's only hope to not go to prison for 3 years, and the lawyer forced my son to plead "no contest," so sentencing is yet to come. How can going fishing cause one to allegedly be guilty of a felony and then cause one to be forced to take even more strong potentially deadly psychotropic medications for the rest of his life, which could be shortened by such malpractice!!! The courts are not medical doctors. The psych facilities have medical doctor psychiatrists, but most of them who we have talked to have been covering and protecting the doctor who did our son so much irreversible permanent harm and damage.

      I cannot imagine how terribly you must feel about the egregious unjust malpractice that was perpetrated against your mother, causing her untimely and otherwise preventable death. My heart and my prayers go out to you, and to all those with loved ones they want to see get better, instead of being forced against their will to take potentially deadly psychotropic drugs that shrink the brain and contribute to premature death.


    2. How old were you when your mother had this operation and was then drugged to "death" (how did they claim she died -- remember "death" has been redefined so that they can harvest while the person is still alive but after a "death certificate" has been issued the individual is a "non-person" legally -- like a pre-born baby in the womb; and were you (or was someone else) your mother's [Durable? with autopsy power after "death" and ongoing after "death"] Power of Attorney?

      Be sure you sign a Will to Live and/or Life Support Directive for yourself and other family members.

    3. Tafuulee, my heart goes out to you

    4. And to think, if this were the 19th century and your father wanted to get out of the marriage, she would be shipped away to an Asylum, diagnosed with "Hysteria", and since this was prior to the days of so many drugs, she may well have been lobotmoized.

  92. the cost of hospitalizatin is about $1,000 dollar a day(usually a thirty day) w/ no burden of proof..i watched a woman whose 2 children were purposly burned to death be forced to sign a document,selling her house,to pay for the "stay".a native american indian.
    i was forced to sign a document of divorce that i couldn't read because of the medication.relinquishing my interest in our home,and had my child (daughter) taken away by a state psych rep who spent one hour in my home,and decided i was an "unfit" parent.

  93. i`d not be too eager to believe the points they try to prove here. it is emphasised numerous times that mental diseases are fictional. what diseases are they talking about? surely not all of them? surely, let`s say, anorexia is pretty obviously a REAL medical condition? there may be more sense in arguing about depression or social phobia, etc., although it is limited. they just keep on going blah blah blah, psychology is not a science, psychiatric conditions cannot be real, you cannot x-ray them, cannot prove them in any rational way and so on, but what are they basing their opinion on? yes, sure, depression cannot be x-rayed. does it mean it does not exist? you can`t x-ray the mind in general, does it mean it does not exist too? chemical imbalance may be a myth, if they say so, i`m not in a position to argue about that but there are numerous other causes that result in some kind of mental condition, like childhood traumas, violence, could anyone argue about that? it`s not that i find the claim that psychotropic drugs are not really working (although i have been on seroxat for the last six months and am happy about the decision i made to take it) insulting - they`re evidently not working for everyone, and yeah, like someone in the movie said, it`s too great a price to pay for a few that do get better. i do agree with that. but the continuously made claim that psychological illnesses are fictional makes no sense to me and the movie lacks the proof to make me think otherwise.
    it`s true that people have to be aware of what they`re taking. but we`re not dumb, are we, and there`s plenty of information to make use of before you start taking the drug. i was fully aware of the risks involved before taking seroxat, however, decided to give it a try and believe I made the right decision. the girl who died on the tenth day or so of her paxil use, as sad as it makes me to see her family so devastated, was able, i would think, to understand that something is wrong because of the drug and just stop taking it - another life saved. there`s a great advantage in being able to use your own head instead of blindly following the directions of a doctor. of course, i`m not talking about self-medication, but more about self-observation, which is evidently lacking.

  94. thank you for the film "Making a Killing". Have been on the wrong side of a psychiatrist's desk and had psychotropics ... realised I wasn't so crazy after all and stopped taking them. Quickest route to sanity is talking to a psychiatrist.

  95. Brilliant documentary a must see

  96. I was diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Ritalin when it was the primary "treatment" while I was in around 4th or 5th grade. I continued to take it (and various others [Concerta, Stratera, Adderal XR] in order to alleviate side effects such as loss of appetite, mood swings, and twitching) until 9th grade when I had a revelation that I didn't want to have to rely on a pill to focus for the rest of my life. However, right after I quit, one of my physicians reccomended me to a study for an up and coming ADD med that was in the research phase. I agreed to the study, solely because they paid me 100 bucks a month for 3 months to take free meds. I was only required to take an increasing dosage over the time period and to come in for blood testing and questioning once or twice a month. Near the last half of the study, I just quit taking it and kept the cash(kinda shows how flawed the system is).From that day on I had to rehabilitate my brain to pay attention like it used to without the aid of meds. 5 years later im in college still struggling to pay attention but finally seeing progress.

    This doc only backed my own suspicion/theory that these psychotropic drugs are solely a cash cow that grips its users tighter and tighter by the day and by abusing naturally existing emotional obstacles and offering the "easy way out" or "shortcut" without presenting informed consent or "side effects." The fact that I could go into a psychiatrist's office and lie, knowing the symptoms of these "diseases", and come out with prescriptions of my choice is absolutely appalling.

    I suffer from depression but so do you, everyone does to a degree. Its what you do to seek help that matters. You just need to talk out your problems with someone you trust and love mutually that wont judge you for whatever events have caused this emotional trauma (close friends/family). Hmmmm, kinda sounds like what a psychiatrist used to be before the incentive of pharmaceutical economic support came about. The psychiatrists lost the idea of why they pursued their profession (to genuinely help people) when they saw the opportunity of more money. Sad but true and easily observed.

    Due to some recent events in my life, I have decided to go see a free psychiatrist provided by my university in about a week. I am curious to see how it plays out and if im offered meds for my naturally occurring emotions that ive already learned to treat through honest conversation. Ill be sure to post back with my results because im sure you all might share some of my curiosity. Feel free to reply regarding more details/suggestions/thoughts on my situation.

    Im not forcing you to believe my testimony and I dont mean to offend anyone suffering from these emotional troubles, this is just my opinion, experience, and experiment. Also I am not a scientologist and actually believe that Christianity follows under the same category of "deal with your emotional problems without artificial help from a chemical." Believe what you wish, but you might be ignoring the problem and proving that they've fooled you and many others.

    1. Well done for getting off the kiddie-speed (Ritalin). I find it completely insane that on the one hand we criminalize adults for taking amphetamines (siting the severe physiological and emotional damage incurred by frequent use) and on the other hand prescribe them to children on a long term basis in order to increase concentration for short periods of time. Totally mad short term and short sighted solution.

      Here are some chemical free suggestions to help increase concentration and emotional well-being:

      Breathing techniques combined with exercise like those used in Tai-Chi, Chi Kung and swimming can dramatically help to increase concentration and well-being.

      Deep breathing exercises are also good. The key is to control the outbreaths. For example, take three seconds to breathe in and six seconds to breathe out. Increase the time taken for the outbreath as you improve. This technique will help to regulate oxygen flow to the brain; increased concentration follows.

      Avoid recreational drugs including large amounts of alcohol as they seriously alter the ability to react to emotional stimulus and can easily replace emotional well-being with fake emotional crutches and addictive behaviour.

      Psychologist's have done extensive research and there is a direct correlation between increased bodily contact and feeling of well-being. Touchy-feely is good. We all like to be held closely and feel another persons warmth.

  97. I had a 1 off seizure then suddenly i was epileptic i was prescribed drugs b4 the results were even in, i didnt have another seizure untill i ended up reluctantly taking the 2nd prescription way later, i was fine, not a problem in the world, i was a happy go lucky guy playing sport again but when the drugs started all hell broke loose, i was having seizures all the time i was seeing things, i couldn't do anything i stabbed myself i didnt want to live it wasnt me at all i'm the kinda person that feels guilty when a butterfly dies on my windscreen lmao, hard times avoid AVOID TAKE A HOLIDAY UNWIND EVERYTIME YOU CAN, im sure my seizure was stress related im comming of this shit and proving my doctor wrong so far so good....

  98. Hi guys

    In agreement with Ms Anderson. I feel that doctors nowadays are all too eager to give you a drug that stops the symptoms from forming, but never try to treat the cause.

    Well I ignored normal doctors for the last three years and concentrated on alternative therapies. I will not tell you what they were as it will sound like I am trying to sell something (I think different things will work for different people).

    I was anxious and depressed and basically had suicidal tendencies. I have been trying to overcome these since my early teens and had my dose of anti depressants to overcome the issues. However I felt that there must be something more than prescription drugs that would overcome this issue.

    After twenty years of searching I think I have found my solution - the one that will fix MY problem!

    I have been prescription drug free for three years now and although it has not been an easy path, I know feel that I am achieving a lifestyle and having positive thoughts - thoughts that I have not had for so many years!

    I think you know your body best and although prescription drugs might be good for some I felt that they were damaging me, making me into someone that would be forever dependent on those drugs. The problem is that this suits the pharma companies (who like making money) and the doctors (who like easy 15 minutes sessions) but it didn't suit me!

    I feel the government, pharma companies and any doctor's association have a lot to answer for - the government actually give credence to a non natural method for treating almost anyone with prescription drugs without any real validation other than that of a doctor - who wants you to limit your appointment to fifteen minutes! Perhaps the government is naive or stupid or perhaps both.

    Anyway please read up on anything you can until you feel something hit a "chord". It may be one of many "chords" you have to hit but it will be worth it long term!

    Good luck!

  99. I've just read on the internet of an article, that psychiatrists want to call being angry a mental illness. Also finding it hard to throw things out, you may be suffering from a hoarding disorder, how utterly MAD. A new DSM-IV is due to be released in 2013, what more so called disorders will be in the textbook. My grandma doesn't like to throw things out, she's not mentally ill. I've got memories of photos of my dad, who died a few year ago, doesen't mean i've this so called hoarding disorder.

    1. the DSM used to consider Homosexuality a disease, so that right there should give you an indication of how "flexible" the mental disorders/diseases can be. I feel like medications should be used , for severe mental illness, but with caution. there are so many things that people get drugs for , Stressed out Stay at home mom? have some Zanax! when really she should try to find help to rearrange her life so she doesn't feel like she's going to pop a fuse! people need to be resourceful and try every avenue they can before getting on medications!

  100. Hi Skye I just realized i thought i was talking to Mike but it was you,I hope my letter wasn't too blokey,thanks Skye,Johnnybe

  101. @mike59 Hi no i just stumbled across the film one night when i was looking at different psychiatry and drug stuff on u tube i think, and then someone rang me the next day out of the blue and said they saw the signs on my fence and then told me a story how when she was in my position with her son that they helped her get him out and said that they asked her to play a part and she said she was doing other things and they haven't or didn't pressure her, so i rang them the next day and started some exploratory dialogue, I was worried about my daughter being electrocuted, and i, sorry, my daughter needed help from somewhere, what i thought about it myself didn't matter, I told myself, and i don't have to feel threatened by indoctrination, Ive got my own understanding and belief already,and no ones threatened me or pressured me, but i did meet with some nice people from cchr, who had offered their time to come way up the mountains on a very cold wet day, and sit down and give us their time and words of experience in the area of how they could help, and how i could join in helping, just in a helping caring sense, and of course like any group of same minded similar people from any group,anywhere,on a mission to save some people if they can, would always naturally want to have other like minded friends with similar interests, and in that, increase their membership, and in that increase their help section, the footy club wants to do that,so nothing out of the ordinary there,anyway we had a talk and exchanged bits of each others story and talked of their approach to assisting and how all that works,talked of maybe a bit of an interview on film which was a maybe,had a cup of tea, and not been reconnected in any way since yet, but i appreciated the fact that they were out there trying to help support me to help in some way. whether they were vested in anything i couldn't see but i felt a bit cheeky looking for vested when i was thinking about them helping me,and i was trying to be non judgmental i just liked the fact of what they were doing, because i have seen what torture mental health can inflict, so i reckon they just have to be good, because their fight is about helping people who are oppressed by mental health tyrants, i don't know if that involves anything else, but im sure they would want to feel normal too, i always go with that approach unless things become obviously apparent that they might be different,But as far as becoming a helper Id love to but my world is totally taken up with concern here and i think they could see that,anyway I read the comments before i looked at the film, and decided, the person that said "they looked at it, and just took what seemed real"got my attention and is pretty much how i would have been looking at it, So i watched it with that attitude, and man i was so blown out by so much, it was dangerous for me to watch it really, i was so angry at mental health at that time, i was ringing the police and asking them to go down and arrest these gorillas they sent in to assault and drug and tie down and electrocute my daughter, in that order, or to question the nurse that may have assaulted her, or to arrest the doctor that ordered the electrocution assault on her, i was probably lucky they didn't lock me up,but that happened right through those different movies over different nights, the police were really nice for the most but some were not as evolved and caught up with the syndrome and effect of the phrase "whatever these people in white coats are saying has got to be right",more of an affliction then a phrase for the insecure these days,anyway its their right to have their own beliefs i can only try to do my best to tell them the truth in a sensitive simple honest language and hope the message gets through.The people in the movie for the most seemed real enough for me some were a bit funny and maybe a bit exaggerating but generally fairdinkum its the hypem8 and their is insecurity along the way because there is so much about the mind and different concepts of mind and what thinking is, moral and medical,so much to take in,its emotional,all the things that might even make you push its reality aside or its meaning because of its deeper effect on our mind and what we feel than a standard doco might, so did it scare people so much and did it make them feel uncomfortable enough that they wrote bad things about it,was it too confronting for some that they wrote diparigingly about it, all those things into account, and looking at it open mindedly i reckon it was preety real, I think i went off the track with the film then back on track, My daughter is the same as she ever was, and as sane as she ever was, except for the Hurt from the ECT torture sitting in her memories and her heart,and the insecurity she still feels about their tag, their continual stay sick treatment and medication, or the reality of mental health being> if ya not sick this is going to make you sick, and keep you sick, and there is nothing you or anybody is going to be able to do about it, dominance thing they've got going, still they've got to make a living, mustn't grumble,apart from that She is doing pretty good,but im going on yesterday which was day fourteen prior to the injection she is always at her best she was vibrant happy and had slept well and always feels good because the medication is at its least in her body, its very sad to see her after that though, but she definitely inst adding lithium (speed) to counteract the fourteen day injection of heroin(flupenthixol) that they keep control with, that was the trouble, for three years, she has been taking lithium just to help with the sleeping drug she feels is the same as heroin, and i agree because it makes her sleep for ten days of fourteen, and shes on the nod like a junkie, so its mental healths heroin and the lithium is mental healths speed. And even though you can understand mental health wanting to be the dealer (they're so evil)they're stupid dealers because they are adding two opposite effect drugs and that can only confuse,and my daughter was stupid for taking it too but shes got a bit of an excuse she young and desperately trying to feel alive,but mental health are so into the drugging thing they're just trying to imitate street drugs to get the monopoly over the street dealers,so its good she has stopped that lithium that's for sure, she has also come to a place in her mind and heart that she must not drink anymore or for quite a long time at least,she needs the dark past and thoughts(that caused her coping and mental problems in the first place before the drugs that psychosed her) to leave her alone for a time and she might be OK then, anyway she isn't drinking and that is really helping her at this point, that's definitely for sure.But yeah same old same old, drugs depressing her and keeping her down and in a cloud of fog, so its like a young adult with regular emotional mental concerns, being made to have a multitude of extra mental health concerns that weigh her down,and make living her life you name how many times harder, plus it hurts her brother and sister as well, but outside of that shes doing well because of her efforts,the fact the hurt and anger from the ECT has subsided somewhat,the fact she has rested and not done any drugging or partying or drinking is helping too, She has finally left the nest and is living near the city something she has needed to do for quite a while, she is living in a shared house with five others two guys three girls, shes got a swimming pool in the back yard, and a nice room, shes slightly scared out in the world but the adventure and excitement of being her own person in her own place for the first time in her life is just an amazing lifting life experience, I think things are only going to get better and better. She is putting in her resumes today in her local area at the health food shops and some aged care facilities and that will give her a lift too, especially when the wheels start turning, so all in all everything is looking good except for the big black cloud of mental health always looming above and about, I am still trying to get them to stop hurting her I have finally got all the records and what I am seeing is Lies,deceit,back stabbers,incompetence,brutality,aggression,deception,drug abuse,physical and mental abuse,ignorance and arrogance basically all the stuff we've been saying but in words, and actions, so Ive been writing mostly this week, as Ive seen the proof of what we've been saying, but I am yet to put every day in order and then slowly go through it a day at a time there is 3000 pages in seven volumes,so i have to read and collate a statement for the supreme court and then take it to the lawyers, might take me the best part of a year, but what can you do, you've got to work off the fact that these people would want everyone to be sick forever,well they've never had a cure and they admit it so just by their own words that's true, eight years is a good start anyway, so i don't think their ever going away and they cant be trusted even if they say they will stop,so the show must go on, and My daughter must have freedom, anyway that's the war that we have to have, outside of that changing well just have to continue on and take the abuse. Untill things change either through the courts the government or the voice of the populace gets them to stop. Thanks mike hope all is well with you too buddy.JB

  102. I agree with this documentary to a great extent when its about psychiatrists. I was wrongly diagnosed of having scizophrenia at the age of 13, when infact i have temperol lobe epilepsy which was ignored on the first appointment i had by a shrink. It mimics schizophrenia, but its not a mental illness, its neurological. Me and my family tried sueing the so called dr's, but failed. This documentary is right with saying they get away with murder, its CORRECT. All they believe in is drugs, most are like MAD PROFESSORS and it all boils down to greed, its disgusting. Most dr's are corrupt. I had ECT (electro convulsive therapy) too at age 15 as well as anti psychotic drugs at age 13 to 16yrs of age. I'm fine now though, i guess i'm a lucky minority. I heard from a friend of mine, who's other friend of hers had ECT for being permiscuous. She's cabbaged now like a vegetable. GREED, GREED & MORE GREED.

    1. They are not able to diagnose personality disorders (like schizophrenia) until the age of 18. They can however, say that a person may be predispositioned to have the capabilities to be diagnosed with a personality disorder at the age of 18.

    2. Any Psychiatrist can diagnose anyone with anything at ANY age. I know.

  103. @mike59 ... hehehehe, you cracked me up, yes it is true broken clocks are right twice a day.... heheehhe ... that's funny.

    But no, stopping drugs doesn't necessarily mean reading Ron L. Hubbard's stuff ... I stopped the drugs and my life improved immeasurably without any books or stuff.

    Scientology - different people have had different experiences of it, but that's a discussion for a different forum. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a scientologist or any of that, in fact I know very little about it, so I can't really comment on what it is or isn't. Have you been involved with it at all?

    Johnnybe, I absolutely agree with you 100% - when these psychiatrists find that their treatment aint working, they throw more treatment at you that doesn't work either. When they find that's not working, they increase the dose or the intensity of what isn't working .... so you get more drugged by stuff that does not do its job. How's your daughter doing these days?

  104. a hypothetical question in the same vane,
    What would the psychiatrist do? if you said to him or her that "if they made you take any more of their drugs/poison you would kill yourself".

    1.Give you more drugs
    2.Electrocute you
    3.Electrocute you and give you more drugs
    4.set you free

  105. which would be better? they stop drugs and join up with L Ron Hubbard's kooks? or they just stop drugs?

    broken clocks are right twice a day

  106. @ nicfromcanada,

    Touche' - well said, my point exactly, most of mental illnesses (especially depression) will resolve themselves without medication. I've proved it myself, I was on 15 different drugs relating to depression, for this, for that, high blood pressure, epilepsy (when I've never been epileptic before taking these drugs), insomnia, you name it .... not ONE of them did their job. One day in September, in a moment of clarity, I thought that if I can feel so bad on all these drugs, what do I need them for? So I canned the lot, at the same time, much against the doctor's advice. Of course she didn't want me to stop taking them, she was getting huge kickbacks from the drug companies ... I just lived with the withdrawal symptoms, which were horrendous, you can imagine withdrawing from 15 different drugs at the same time ... when all that was over, the sun came out in my life, I am alive again! I have clarity of thought, I don't have to worry about the hormonal problems (which just disappeared with the withdrawal)... no more epileptic seizures, no more sleeping problems, the high blood pressure normalised, the depression disappeared, all the other unpleasant symptoms just evaporated. Drugs are a problem within themselves, their side effects are horrendous and cause other problems, and I have yet to see a single drug prescribed for anti-anxiety, depression or anything related to it, that actually works .... Through the years I have probably been prescribed 30 different anti-depressants .... not ONE of them actually did their job, and what's more, the side effects just caused other problems ... shaking, high blood pressure, chest pains, thyroid issues, blood problems, gastro problems, kidney hassles, you name it ... so for each side effect there is another drug that causes other side effects, so the list of drugs prescribed to be taken simultaneously increases ... it's a mess! I was having doubts about continuing these drugs, I thought if I can feel so bad on them, why do I need them? A good friend of mine showed me this DVD, Making a Killing - that was IT, my mind was made up, I stopped the drugs that same day. I can't really comment about whether drugs for other "mental illnesses" are really necessary, I haven't had first-hand knowledge of that, but I can say I have never seen a person say with schizophrenia, be cured or controlled on their drugs prescribed. Like the doctor Rebecca said ... psychiatry is pretty much a guessing game. Its not a science.

    I can only say these drugs did me a DISSERVICE, they mucked up my life and robbed me of living - for the best part of 15 years, I would say. I am so pleased my friend showed me this DVD, and I wish more people being robbed of their lives on prescribed drugs - and those with family members being killed by these drugs - would watch the movie and take in the truth!

  107. The Scientology cult disgusts me.

  108. I don't know anyone, up, positive, with it, or happy, on psychotropic medication do you? I know a lot of people who aren't happy and are being forced to take psychotropics against their wishes and yet the psychiatric profession knows they are doing this to people and that those same people have got a 70 plus percent chance of coming good off them as opposed to 70 percent chance of staying sick on them. So morally they are bankrupt and I reckon they should be held accountable by the government. Yes its time someone with the government done something to save our families from this forced medication and electricity frying brains.

    Diabetes and the medication that's required for that is real, unlike 90% of psychiatric illness with its chemical imbalance, which changes daily in us all, is made up from imagination, so see how you go imagining that.Anyway the real deal is this> People with mental/emotional/mind concerns need to look at, and deal, with the crap that has caused their mental problems the psyche knows this that is why he is rubbing hes hands together because he also knows its very hard for people to look at their crap, so he says dont worry about it, just take these and the problems will fade into nothing, because you'll be so out of it you wont be able to deal with the problems let alone look at them. i rest my case John

  109. @ Sampe

    I understand what you are saying, and I agree that ''mental illness'' is downplayed in this documentary, as in they are saying depression is just ''being sad'' and so on, but where the line is drawn for me is where the medical industry convinces people that depression and anxiety (or other ''mental illnesses'') are a DISEASE.

    I have been through several depressions, and struggle with anxiety. Some I've been through with medication, some not. ALL have gotten better eventually. Where I get confused with your point that ''health problems are caused by lack of or too much of'' is that the fact that ''mental illness'' will get better whether medicated or not. Try telling a diabetic that he doesnt necessarly need his insulin. If he stops taking it - he could die - whereas the mentally ill will get better either way. As a medical professional - what is your explanation for that? If mental illness is a ''chemical imblalance'' or a ''medical condition'', why does it seem to resolve itself without medical intervention?

  110. Im a doctor and anyone who has any medical knowledge knows that nearly all our bodily functions are, or are controlled by, a series of CHEMICAL reactions. Hormones that control our behaviour and growth, enzymes that control our metabolism, its all chemistry! Bipolar disorder, ADD, insomnia, anxiety and so forth are all ACTUAL health problems caused by either "lack of" or "to much" of certain chemical. These disorders can lead to many long term problems related to health and social interaction. This can be solved in many ways medically by increasing/decreasing production, eliminating antagonists(counter agents), or curing and underlying disease.
    Look people it all comes down to your doctor. Human beings tend to be greedy creatures and doctors are no exception. There will always be those who take advantage of these drugs and prescribe them to people who dont actually need them. If you cant get a good nights sleep or cant focus and sit still during a movie or a lecture seek medical assistance, but if your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you then you just need to stop being a p***y and start dating :P
    Internet is awesome and I advice you all to just read and learn about ANY drugs prescribed to you. Knowledge is health.

    1. I'm not a doctor but I think and read a lot. I have some thoughts right now. Did I have a psychotic episode because my brain had a Zyprexa or Sodium Valproate deficiency? Can different thought patterns produce different chemicals in the brain? Do some chemicals produce thought patterns? What is the Placebo effect? Can the mind heal the body? Can the mind heal the mind? Are some/many/most diseases merely symptoms of toxicity?

    2. Right on.

  111. I think that these drugs are being so abused by the medical field. I experienced the terrible abuse done by the medical field when by mom was drugged and eventually drugged into a permanent coma. The medical staffs magic medicine is what caused it She had never been on these drugs until she went to the hospital for a minor surgery.The medical field is addicted to giving these killer drugs out to patients who never need them such as my mom. Who knows how many lives are being taken from this magic medicine that are passed out like candy to everyone. It is very convenient for the medical staff to not have to deal with the patient and if they give them enough magic medicine they really will not have to deal with the patient since the patient will be dead.The medical professions are not supposed to make their job easy by killing patients with magic medicine. Quite the opposite,their jobs as medical professionals are to help heal patients not put them in harms way and kill them just because it is more convenient for the staff. This may make it more convenient for the doctors and staff but it destroys the lives of others.There are some very disgusting people in the medical field who should not be working there. They should be banned entirely and maybe just be kept in prison instead.

    1. Sadly what appears to be mostly true is that their job is to look first after the interests of the medical industry. They also pay a lot of money to the people in charge of the people who put people in prison.

  112. Hi there Johnnybe
    I would love to continue this conversation with you offline. misstoffeles at gmail dot com.
    Kind regards

  113. Hi Skye thanks for your response and encouragement.The doctor made me give her/made her take three Zyprexa's a day and it made her stay awake and trip, I don't know any other way to describe it. It sounds like it did the same thing as it did to you except for the sleep,exactly as you describe it.We have had to drop it to half a one in the morning and half a one in the night, and she's still tripping.Plus half an epilim same times.And they all have to go as well eventually.She isn't sleeping properly still but has improved a little, so that will have to go as well,she has the clamp of madness flupenthixol once a fortnight injection as well, and that is due this week so we will talk about the medication then and see how that (injection) effects her as well.

    The injection will have to stop as well and be replaced in pill form.My daughter isn't a depressed person if anything she is the opposite,She is an up person,very positive and encouraging, but like us all there are always ups and downs, nothing out of the ordinary. If anything it is the medication that depresses her, because it fogs her up, and makes her feel alien to the world or just alien full stop.

    She is the same as everyone else in every sense,she hasn't got a mental illness except for the one she has to have in a pill,so when she is allowed to self medicate, and be left alone, she will be alright. Anyway proof is in the pudding, only time and a slow withdrawal will see her back in a normal mind frame. And like you say, lots of love and encouragement. But whether they will let that happen who knows,but i think the wheels are turning in that direction now. I reckon we all know that behavior is pretty much what causes mind problems,well mostly.

    I also think her behavior hasn't been the best, but she has grown, and is now maturing and has stopped drinking, which i personally believe is the number one cause of mental illness, and everything stems from that, but i also believe the medication retards your life management and so in that sense it has been a long time, but the corner has been turned now because time has been the key and just natural maturing with age.I will keep you informed how things go in the next couple of weeks. I am hopeful she will settle and come back to earth as we reduce, i think mental health are starting to get the picture, at least i hope they are, thanks again,your cool as john

  114. Hi there Johnnybe, thanks for the update on your daughter. Zyprexa is an awful drug, I was also on it, at one stage got a zypreza injection 3x a day!! I found it only made me sleep followed by waking up confused and enraged ... by that time the next injection was due, I lived in a twilight world, it was awful, I could hardly tell reality from fiction because I was always heavily drugged .... so I can definitely identify with your daughter's experiences. Shame, I feel so much for you all, depression is such a dark, horrible unknown place to be in, and its hard for the family and loved ones too, to deal with the depressed person and help them, they are so far in the dark, murky mist, they don't know how they got there or how to get out.

    I can only wish you strength, have patience, give her a lot of love and encouragement, and respect of course. I hope her symptoms will ease soon. Zyprexa is a killer, try to get the doctor to prescribe something less taxing on the system.

    Thinking of you - Skye

  115. Three week later. Im just going to say that that Zyprexa has got to be the worst drug out there.According to my Daughter it is Ice-Ecstasy and lsd all in one,and from what i can see that and more.

    She is far worse than she has ever been in the sense of normal in a normal world.But as we are reducing the 30mg per day we were ordered to have or be locked up,she is coming back to normal,but a millimeter a day,very slow.

    I found the statistics for the 70% patients coming good after not taking the medication not quite as i had thought but same deal same result here they are

    People with schizophrenia not taking antipsychotics more likely to recover,
    states researchJune 13, 2007by Angela HussainPeople diagnosed with schizophrenia
    who are not on antipsychotics are more likely to experience recovery than those
    taking the medication, according to an American study.Over 15 years,
    schizophrenia patients not on antipsychotics showed more periods of recovery
    than those taking antipsychotics, states a research paper in last month’s
    Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. Researchers reported that, after 10
    years, 79% of patients on antipsychotics were psychotic, whereas 23% of those
    not on medication were psychotic. After 15 years, 65 per cent of patients on
    antipsychotics were psychotic, whereas only 28% of those not on medication were
    psychotic.The study’s authors - Martin Harrow and Thomas Jobe of the department
    of psychiatry at the University of Illinois in Chicago – concluded that “not all
    schizophrenia patients need to use antipsychotic medications
    continuously throughout their lives.”They stated that certain patient
    characteristics – such as a “favorable personality” – helped those not on
    medication to experience recovery.The study was on 145 patients - 64 diagnosed
    with schizophrenia, and a control of 81 patients who had another psychotic
    diagnosis, such as paranoid disorder.The research was part-funded by America’s
    National Institute of Mental Health.

    It took me a while to track down but how good is that!!!

  116. Hi John / Johnnybe
    I am in South Africa, unfortunately I can't recommend somebody like-minded to me in Australia, I don't know anyone there, but perhaps there is a register of Health Professionals, or perhaps a homeopath or natural doctor could refer you?

    Johnnybe, is this your wife or daughter you are referring to that is having such a sad struggle? Unfortunately, as much as I say that sometimes time-out in a psychiatric ward or hospital is a good thing for a patient to rest and be at peace without the stresses of society, I also say it must be a very short-lived journey, maybe a week / 2 weeks at most, in which the patient can be assessed and treated accordingly for her specific condition. Then to go home, be treated gently and with respect and love, and slowly, at their own pace, integrate into society again. Medication is only a small part of it, to take the edge off or to regulate whatever is necessary, but mental illness cannot be measured, there is no test, x-ray, blood test or anything like that to say this person is "x-amount" depressed, or needs so much amount of dopamine or serotonin or whatever it is. Mental illness is a dis-order that occurs in the brain, due to lack of neurotransmitters, or serotonin or something in the brain, but it cannot be measured, there is nothing to guide the doctor to say this patient needs so much of this, or less of that, or this to counteract that ... it's pretty much a trial and error thing. If this doesn't work, the doctor has to try that ... that's where overdosages and overmedication comes in. Because the patient might not be responding well to x-medication, the doctor sometimes increases the dose, so in the end they get more of a lack of response from a medicine that is incorrect anyway. So, then the doctor tries the next medication, and increases the dose, and puts this with that to get another result, and to add insult to injury (literally), they put more and more drugs into the equation, and they just start conflicting with each other and causing more problems and side effects, and then the doctor medicates even more to counteract that, putting more drugs into the mix ... it can land in a mess ... there are many great drugs to treat any mental condition, but that is the key ... they only treat for a short while, then stop working. That doesn't mean the doctor needs to medicate even more, it means the patient has reached tolerance and that the dose should be decreased and eventually stopped. Meanwhile the patient should be getting decent counselling to get going again, to put their lives together and to need the medication to a lesser and lesser degree and rather replace the medication with better coping mechanisms, interest and passion for life, life skills, etc. The entire process from 'crash' to 'wellness' shouldn't be longer than 3 months. The patient will need counselling long-term probably, but counselling is not addictive, not harmful and certainly not toxic, if anything that is the way to go. Everybody needs a bit of help in life from time to time, but they certainly don't have to go through the pain of threats of incarceration, or shock therapy or anything else harmful or painful that only makes things worse. Depressed people are not criminals, they are just people who can't cope in the real world, due to whatever reason, a life changer, a death in the family, loss of job, whatever it is. Why must they be punished for feeling bad? Is this the way we treat any other patients, heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure or anything else? NO - we treat these patients with respect, kindness and the decent medical care they deserve and need, until such time as they feel better and can cope on their own better. So it should be with psychiatric patients - what have they done wrong or different that they shouldn't be treated with the same medical care, moderate medication and love and respect that they need? TLC is a great healer, sometimes a back rub or run in the garden is all they need just to feel a bit better. Or to stroke a dog or cat or see a funny movie or something else that they usually enjoy. The way to go is the holistic route - medicate for a short period to get the patient going again and to take the edge off their terrible feelings, then slowly integrate into normal life again - 90% flourish on this philosophy. I definitely cannot see any merit in keeping them drugged, locked up in wards and tied to beds or tortured in any way. How is that going to heal or help them? No, they must be integrated back into a fulfilling, meaningful life as soon as possible after they have hit rock bottom / crashed / whatever.

    I would welcome your comments on this.

  117. Thanks Tony I'm even scared for them(the ones that want to help people). She came home Thursday night it was so good to have her home except for her condition. Its like shes still the same lovely person but shes a lot older, so drugged, and far more damaged. Its like the insecurity is greater but its drugged and masked or something. She is wanting to apply for these jobs she has been trying to get for so long i am so worried for her. I thought i would be able to sleep and love and care better but im still only getting five hours and those five hours are trauma,I wish the nightmare would go away. I have got 13 different drug sites now all saying the diagnosis she got in essence was wrong. They are all saying that a speed psychosis isn't a real psychosis, to not add drugs,and it will disappear in a few days,a couple of weeks at the most, sleep being the main ingredient in effect.

    I know that was eight years ago but i just cant get it out of my mind,haven't been able to for eight years, and then to electrocute her when we've been creaming out for eight years. Man I could go and live in Sydney just for that doctor. But the doctor cant play a part because the community treatment order has to go first. Its all like a trap of madness. The injection, the cto, the threat of incarceration,the threat of more electricity,the threat of more poison,and they've already increased that two fold.They got her to sign something in there,i don't know what ,they wont tell me,she cant remember,what they say is on that or this day she was OK. They've got a story for everything and anything.

    Its like if they see an insecurity they jump on, it tag it,feed into it and then off it, and say new customer, and ka ching goes the cash register. Anyway i guess the only thing we can do is begin the process that starts to move away from them, and show them that in every way we can, proper caring counselors,psychologists,private health cover and a private caring psychiatrist,diet and body health experts to help with the poisons,And then there's the war that has to happen in the courts, when we can get the records which they wont let us have ,all very difficult when peace is what you need.Thanks Tony don't worry mate Im a fighter.

    I can truly and fully understand why most of the people give up with them now, I even did myself over the years, and thats eaten away at me, but enough for me to never ever give up again, I think that they knew we had arm in arm, arrived at that place this time, and that that is really why they electrocuted her. And now I am electrocuted, and far more determined than i have ever been in my life to save her from the mind and body torture, My two other children have been deeply effected by this also, its like the whole family has been abused, my son is really sad from this and very very hurt. My younger daughter is trying to put a major exhibition together to finish her third year, to go onto her masters, and is in meltdown and needs my help also. She is so strong and works as hard as two people I am so proud of her.

    So is my son he is working three jobs its like they are keeping the glue in the family that's holding us together. Now I'm worried if my daughter reads this and gets hurt or feels hurt. I have asked her permission to go out in the world and tell this story, her story really, and although she has given me permission it is hard to know what should and shouldn't be said. If you have ever looked at a picture of someone in a magazine and just felt the loveliness in that picture,in that person, then that is who she is,And i can absolutely tell you there is no mental abnormality in her whatsoever,other than the average dose of a young adults concerns and insecurities for want of a better word.

    This is why her story has to be shared, first and foremost so she can know that She is good in her mind, and so others in her world can know also,And because others can know that the answers are firstly always in care and love before its anything and rarely, if not ever in a pill and a label and the imagination of someone who does not see it. John

  118. I am very interested to see the toxicology reports of the Australian Surfer. Often the media distort issues when people are medicated to make it sound like something else. Look at Heath Ledger on Zoloft and numerous painkillers at the same time.

    Although this may sound bizare, there is a scienific link.

  119. There are heaps in Melbourne.
    Just look for them.
    Know ing what you know about this, you will spot the money hungry (psyche) from the True therapist.

  120. John I know one in Sydney mate.
    These Psychiatrists are at teh cutting edge of their discipline. They truly want to help people, while others want to help Pharmacy companies and their shareholders.
    But here in Australia the medical board comes down hard on these Psyches because they do not tow the line.
    Its sad to see just how much the beleif systems of humans can be changed and moulded for right or wrong.

  121. hi rebecca I wish i could find a psychiatrist that thinks like you and might act like you, im in melbourne australia do you think there are any here that might be of the same mindset. Im just amazed there is someone in psychiatry that understands that its in the most about information and guidance and acts in that way.

  122. I mean I study in this field as a criminologist. I do not think that this issue is one that can be resolved independant of experts. Hope that clarifies last post.

  123. Hi Rebecca
    I like your style.
    I wish I could contact you in some way to discuss this?
    THere are more like us.

  124. Its the drugs that are keeping people dependant on them. 95% of patients on psychotropic drugs are unhappy and suicidal, they come alive and flourish within themselves once they are off them. And yes, I am a doctor, a psychiatrist myself actually. I don't overmedicate my patients, rather short-term treatment & counselling until they are over their particular stressor thats keeping them depressed. None of my patients get a script longer than 3 months maximum. Depency on drugs is not the way to go, definitely not, its just a crutch!

  125. aaangie not just stop medical advice. But make your intentions clear.

    I dont think any here can or should give medical advice.

    But you can ask questions about these (Tremendoulsy) negative drugs.


  126. Hi Aaangie, I also had horrible side effects when I canned the drugs, I just drank a LOT of water, they soon eased and now that I'm rid of them forever I have never felt better, I am just so pleased that I had the insight and courage to live with the consequences / side effects, they pass on their own anyway.

  127. This has forced me to look at the drugs i take. Some anti depressants and strong painkillers. I would never just stop taking them suddenly.
    I now see the 'side effects' in a new light.

  128. And the 80% not leading satisfacory lives i will have to find again, Ill have to start making sure i keep the links but i can tell you i reckon its higher than that I have just been visiting the psyche ward where i have spoken to all the patients and none of them are happy, except for one out of the twelve that i spoke to so if thats any indication. what i found amazing was that 9 of them were sent there by their mothers, work that one out.whats that all about.

  129. hi tony the 70% statistic is one i got from critical psychiatry when i was a member there a few yars ago it was done by the american psychiatric association over a number of years and approximately 700 clients ex users and current users atthe time of publishing i havent been able to find it since but i sent it to a psychiatrist who said they didnt get it thats all i can tell you at the moment but i know it was there because i read it back then both on critical psychiatry and on the apa site. The 42,000 one was in one of the sections of the film marketing of madness.

  130. Hi Skye, I was lucky I had rehabs where you had large group therapy,smaller group therapy, one on one psychology,relaxation classes,na and aa classes,morning work shops where you made something for your family or the ones or one you loved,an hour in the community garden,an hour recreation,career guidance,and a jokes class where everyone had to tell a joke, it was all positive reinforcement, no drugging ,all about health and wellbeing, vitamins and diet.

    All these things arent in psychiatry, and unfortunately when you have mind problems, and you get drugged, you cant manage your problems because you are drugged,thats the saddest thing, psychiatry is about them managing their imagined chemical imbalance that apparently they can see but you cant, but in reality its always about your concerns and they need to be looked at by you with people that can help you to do that so as you can learn to manage the feelings that go hand in hand with those concerns and start to cope and grow, and so therefore its really about managing your own wellbeing, and not this sickness, that is being prescribed to you in a pill and a story.

    Its always about information and insight. think about it, its simple really, when you wrere little and you were hurt by a bully or something someone said, what did your parent or teacher do, they didnt give you a pill did they, they gave you advice or words that comforted, made you feel ok or safe or secure, well its still the same when you grow up, its always been the same,allways will be,just the way it is.

    Unfortunately i couldn't save that person from that shock torture which i believe is just an admission of their failure anyway, really an admission of guilt,and the act itself should carry a jail sentence in 99% of cases,maybe an anorexic who wont stop killing themselves or the really extremely disturbed mind where resetting the brain is the only option or worth a try but im still not 100% convinced, but again if they have been on forced medication and havent been given the chance to be helped with information and diet care then the crime was commited in the first place whaen that wasnt tried first, outside of that its like a punishment for their disturbence both the client and the doctors in not being able to help.

    apparently no one can beat mental (un) health and i feel ive failed them now and am very sad so are they, their heart is broken their mind is burnt and they want to up the dose and continue the forced drugging which is causing the problem in the first place, the injection which is their trap to make sure you cant get away, and on top of that zprexa the most deadliest psychotropic poison out there with 31,000 law suit against it, so the problem and the despair is grater and weve got a broken heart to go with it all, and their keeping some more electricity up their sleeve just in case we complain again.

  131. Hi John
    Your comments are interesting, but I was on prescribed drugs, anti-depressants, anti-epileptics, sleeping tabs, mood stabilisers, you name it ... I would never try recreational drugs, its just not in me to do that. I don't smoke, don't drink, try to live as healthy as possible, but like I say, these medically prescribed drugs are what messed me up. There is no drug that will cure or even alleviate any ailment, that is a fact and I have proved it.

    I hope you do save that person from that shock therapy prescribed ... it doesn't work either, I had 15 consecutive treatments of that, it didn't alleviate anything, just made it all a lot worse.

    1. so you don't drink, don't smoke but have had any imaginable pill in the book... healthy lifestyle

  132. I would just like to say that the number one drug for mental disorder is alcohol. Think about this what was the first mind altering drug you tried, i think 99.9% percent of us know that it is alcohol.OK so alcohol in its effect says dont worry about it m8 crack another can and its good for that in that it can take away all the worries and concerns and bury them and we all need a break. Then when we try a bit of dope it says the opposite in its effect it says look deeply and think about the stuff weve buried through alcohol.

    What happens here is the person that doesnt take that as a challenge to look deeply decides im gonna be a piss head and not go near that dope because it spins me out and i cant look at that shit so they keep drinking and burying the c@#$, not only that they attack the dope because its made them feel like that, so all the piss head people or alcohol club members are all out there attacking dope.

    dont get me wrong here some people can actually deal with the internal feelings and thoughts better than others it would depend on a number of factors ie; what their grounding has been,how early in their development they began drinking,etc etc. Ill come back to this gotta go out and save someone from electricity to thier brain whic is really just an admittance by the mentall health people that they have failed.

  133. Hi,
    I am so pleased somebody had the 'guts' to make this video. I have been on these toxic drugs - prescribed by psychs, at huge cost to myself, both financially and physically. I kept the psychiatric wards at private hospitals functioning at a profit for a long time. Long story short, I've canned all the drugs, it's been 3 months now, never felt better! The drugs were just conning me into thinking I couldn't do without them, nor the side effects of heart palpitations, brain sparks, indigestion, acidity, depression, suicide attempts, epilepsy attacks, and a whole host of other unpleasant factors ... (I've never been epileptic before I took these drugs!) The Video is absolutely true and accurate in all respects, I have bought it and distribute widely to friends, foes, colleagues and everyone else I can think of! I'm just so angry that I lost 15 years of my life to these 'medical' drugs! They definitely made a killing out of me, that is for sure. Anyone who is interested in my story is welcome to contact me.

  134. Hi Adam
    Your story is a good one.
    I say with the utmost respect, that people do not need these drugs.
    Perhaps they may perceive the "NEED", not necessarily "need". Does a Heroin addict "NEED" Heroin? Or can they use alternate forms of therapy.

  135. Thanks alot. Someone close to me who quit taking their meds is now convinced they did the right thing because of this. No doubt these drugs cause problems, but the people who made this have never lived a day with the type of people who need them.

    1. Hi Adam, I beg to play devils advocate. I don't think anyone needs these meds. There are people who need help but there are several options other than mind killing meds.

      A healthy body is a healthy mind. Most people who need help just need a healthy environment, good diet, people they can talk to, goals and dreams they are achieving and maybe some guidance from a good therapist and most of all the support of a loving family that makes them feel understood.

      All humans have hard times in their lives and I think all people could benefit from seeing a therapist especially one who is trained in mindfulness forms of therapy like the Hakomi method.

      Modern humans have gotten lazy and think things can be solved in a pill when actually our ancestors would take on long lasting spiritual and physical practices for years to achieve the so called nonmentally ill state of mind.

      It is not a natural state for humans to be in perfect balance. That takes work, desire and a healthy environment.

  136. Like I said, this film is so full of truth, but it's just a shame that they downplay the reality of mental illness because it might cause people who might otherwise be changed to shy away from this wealth of information.

  137. John
    Where did you get those statistics from?
    Can you direct me there?

  138. so what if this is a film by the church of sciencetology? or whatever, science IS the only real truth, yes this film is very manipulative in some ways, but it also has some very strong points. show me a group of people that want to get their point across that wont manipulate you. regardless of this films manipulative ways its on point. theres big bucks in the drug business and pharmacology, and anything that has big bucks behind it will always do more damage then good. because all the people care about is getting that green. same reason why gangbangers shoot at rival gang members, for drug terrority more drug terrority= more money. these people might as well be labeled as proffesional drug dealers because thats what their doing.

  139. 80% of psychiatric patients report living unsatisfactory lives,

    APA Survey

    70% of 350 ex patients who had ceased taking their medication became well (positive personality types did the best)

    70% of 350 current patients who continued taking their medication stayed unwell (negative personality types did the worst)

    It doesnt matter what anyone says those statistics speak for themselves and if thats not enough what does this tell you (The cost in human terms is even greater-these drugs now kill an estimated 42,000 people every year.) I never knew that one and you want to keep going, you'd have to be a bunny. This is what I have to take from mental health with one of my kids 90 extremely dangerous side effects sleep 12 to 14hrs a day, look lobotomized, pain in their liver,kidneys,backside from the controlling injections,back, stomach, etc etc and thats eight years now.

    What sort of human being would want to not have a go at that 70% that came good and if they don't they can always go back to the medication thats pretty fair isn't it. This is how it is Pharma at the top holding the strings and paying billions to sell it to the public then comes the puppets we all know who they are then comes their bunnies they're mainly the nurses but also the public that are sucked in by the promotional money people in Pharma and their own insecurities and ignorance. Then comes the downtrodden and we all know the bullies always pick on the weak.

    Well you can all think what you like because i think thats still legal well it was last time i looked anyway,the biggest concern is that they are happy to play with keeping you sick but they wont even have a go at you coming well and regardless of what anyone thinks about medication to not have a go at the getting well off the drugs is a crime of the heart and thats the biggest crime of all. I wish you all well in whatever path you choose isnt that funny natural words natural thoughts natural hope and yet the reality is you cant choose.thanks Pharma.

  140. I do think that this documentary is biased and this is a shame beacuse it also contains very very valuable information. They are talking from the point of view that mental illness such as depression (sadness) and anxiety (fear) do not exist at all, which we all know is not the case.

    HOWEVER, they are bang on about big pharma and the DSM bullcrap, making up all kinds of ''diseases'' and pushing drugs on people.

    The problem here is that no one is ever sad anymore, they suffer from major depressive disorder. No body is afraid anymore, they suffer from some form of an anxiety disorder. This all makes the problem worse. It's so disempowering to convince someone they have a disease. And it's all for the almighty dollar. Besides, how can this be a disease? For a ''mental illness'' such as depression, you will get better whether you take your medecine or not. What does that say about chemical imbalance? Take a diabetic for example. What happens to them if they don't take their insulin? Now THAT'S a disease.

    I say: Depression and Anxiety DO exist, but they are caused by environmental factors. The chemical imbalance theory for depression was disproved before Prozac (the first SSRI antidepressant) ever even came out, yet it still did, and prozac and other SSRI's are prescribed every day anyways.

    Good therapy, a sens of empowerment, hope, and removing or grieving the causes is the key here folks. Don't let them convince you that you are sick beacuse you are not!

  141. If fear is something associated to death and brain damage, and toxic contamination, then it is justified. Is it fear mongering if you tell your kids to not to play on the freeways, or is it common sense.

    I just think bringing Scientology into this debate is loosing the point. Again, its good to divert attention away from the real issue facing our society. But it does nothing to help Humanity progress as a social organ.

    I prefer to choose what infromation I want, not be denied my democratic rights, in a so-called free world, free media and free markets. Well that is what we are 'told'.


  142. You don't exactly need to know anything about Scientology to figure out that both industries are just as bad as each other, one business Coupes out propaganda, nonsense and fear... While the drug industry shovels out liver toxic brain damaging chemicals, what's the difference? Their both trying to f@#$ you...

  143. I love what Galloway wrote, of course.

    But, Tony!!!

    You are some big juicy brains!

    "Remember Political Correctness, is the most Polite Form of Tyranny!"


    Although, I do not agree with human rights for moms and dads and children...

    F*ck them!

  144. I think labeeling this as a Scientology issue is ad nauseum. The topic is about one of this worlds largest frauds. Because a group who wishes to see that honest and reliable information is delivered is irrelevant. I say good on them for having the fortitude and courage. Maybe if the critics had honesty and courage, they would not condone killing so many people under the lable of health. While you sit and wonder at how Hitler gassed so many people under the noses of German citizens, think of the analogy in terms of so many people dying under our noses. Yes, thats right, we are do nothing either, just as the Germans did...WHy? Because some want to beleive what their news stations and Newspapers tell them.
    THis is a systemic and profoundly pervasive topic that is nothing other than a massive fraud perpetuated by the Corporations, on sheeple who do not know how to question. Why, because maybe they have been given chemical lobotomies and cannot think anymore.
    They are Marketing a Contagion in a Mad Economy. (This is my paper, and I am a Criminologist).

    Remember Political Correctness, is the most Polite Form of Tyranny!

    Human Rights for All, this includes Children, Moms and Dads across the globe.

  145. @Cman,

    The talking cure is good. But I think where the organization that did this documentary is coming from is psychiatry as a whole. In other words, their real target isn't drugs so much as the mental health profession. The reason for this has something to do with L. Ron Hubbard's personal experience with psychiatry. So, all Scientologists must dislike all of psychiatry, lock, stock, and barrel, because L. Ron Hubbard had an axe to grind. Once you understand where that is coming from, the documentary takes on a whole new meaning.

  146. Saw this the other day, pretty interesting, a lot of truth to it, but also a lot of over the top scare tactics.

    Coming from someone who had severe depression, I can tell you that things such as prozac, zoloft, etc. WILL worsen your condition.

    They dull your mind, increase suicidal tendencies, do many things that someone who is depressed doesn't need.

    What people really need to do is talk more. After my suicide attempt (OD'd on pills), I decided to quit everything, including the pharm drugs. So, instead I exclusively used talk therapy.

    That really worked wonders, after a couple years (getting out of severe depression is not a quick fix, anyone who tries to tell you that it is, is full of s@#$) I'm pretty much out of that dark tunnel.

    Believe what you want about the organization that created this film, but it does have merit, and it is something that people should be concerned about.

  147. Just smoke some pot is my thought to all those who don't know what to do with their own lives and need someone to tell them how to deal with it. It's natural anyway.

    On another, just random note, is it just me or does the narrator sound he should be announcing a M. Night Shyamalan film???? Just asking....

  148. The solution to mental illness isn't to see a doctor, but to become a scientologist? C'mon people, don't put your brain in the pickle jar. You're smarter than this crockumentary, I hope.

  149. I just watched this and the film is great.

    Some interesting debate going on here though most likely from drug company employee's????

    For the greater truth and freedom of man, Ian

  150. All just makes sense, must be accurate info based on the backlash here. Usually a just another PR firm hired to try vindicate a company of certain findings...

    bottom line is...
    Nobody should be on proscription drugs, period!

  151. This is total Scientology propaganda. the scene with the doctors all saying "we have no test" in succession was edited directly from the doc called "Psychiatry, an Industry of Death" which can be found on this site. The voice is the same also. Pure drivel. Just c@#$.

  152. 100 percent correct. I was diagnosed with 'add' and 'bi-polar 1'. For 10 and one half years I was on 60mlgs of Ritalin and 400mlgs of lamictal. My vision got bad, my balance got bad, I became increasingly uncoordinated and dizzy. I had a 'bad back' for a decade with all sorts of pain. I had a psychotic break in March of 2009. On my own, without consulting my pdoc, I took myself off everything cold-turkey in November and it will be 9 and 1/2 months in a couple of days. I am STILL in the process of withdrawal, but it is wonderful to get my coordination and balance back. I don't hurt anymore and I am so much looking forward to the future as even more of the poison leaves my body. I fell for the whole 'mental disease' and 'chemical imbalance' thing hook, line, and sinker. I will spend the rest of my life fighting to warn others about these things. I am a tennis professional teacher and national level racquetball player and my game went so far down-hill on these things, and I can't wait to see how well I will be playing when they are fully out of my system. I think I have about 2 more months to fully detox and this will be a very happy day for me.

  153. Der Oberst, you have been schooled.

    Good job lm3000.

  154. fantastic documentary loved it was oh so true esp being a victim of benzoes and money grabbing psychiatrists

  155. Just a point, I believe marijuana has a good deal of medicinal value if used properly-boiled into liquid tea like form. I think many people are using/ab-using the medicine by smoking it. You smoke enough of anything wrapped in paper or plastic blunts even if it is maple tree leaves you will start to have lung problems eventually. Further if you use marijuana more than once a day you can become addicted. You would not be addicted to the marijuana itself necessarily but you would be addicted to the good feeling you get from it. Just like how some people can become addicted to sex. Sex is not addictive or else we would all be sex addicts but for people who have sex everyday it can become an addiction and causes people to become pornstars.

    if you have an illness and marijuana is necessary boil it do not smoke it. It is no different than coca. If you go to columbia you see farmers chewing coca leaves but none of them are lying on the floor addicted to cocaine or murdering or shooting or robbing anyone for cocaine. Coca leaf is used as a mild stimulant in south america like our coffee. You don't see people shooting each other for coffee in downtown new york and you don't see columbia farmers shooting each other for coca leaf. However some idiots decide that they will stomp on coca leaves mix it with gasoline to turn it into a powder then tell everyone to smoke it or burn it and look at the result.

  156. I think this doc is amusing to watch but very confusing, since it only shows one side of the story: all psychiatrist are 'evil' and dont look anyfurther then their 'made up' DSM, they are reckless and dont care about a client or patient but are just on the lure to drug the next one. hmm. Well since I'm a (child)psychiatrist myself i can inform u all, it is not that black-white or bad-good.
    I rather don't prescribe medication (methylfenidaat, risperidon, etc) if not strictly necessary. ofcourse i am critical and all options to support a child with ADHD/ADD, ASS, etc., are carefully evaluated and there's a long diagnostical phase before any plan is carried out.
    As far as a lot of fellow colleagues operate in the same fashion.
    Maybe the reason why this differs from the point of view from this Scientology Doc, besides that it seems one sided propaganda, is that i work in Europe.
    I do agree, that the pharmaceutical industry, espec. in the US, should be critical in what they introduce as medication, but most of all psychiatrist themselves need to be critical. And I am sure that most actually are.

  157. I also think that Scientology is bunch of BS. But I truly think there are things to think about here. No Doctor of any kind has ever looked inside my brain, I have asked them, how do you know it works? And the answer is we don't know how it works, it just works. So I've tried it and being one of those people that is in the very small segment of the population that truely needs this kind of help, a extremely small of 5mg Lexapro helps. There is really no way that all these millions of people have something wrong with them. If that would be true we would have an equal number of people born with, lets say heart problem.

  158. The weird thing is, is that all my life from childhood I've have sleeping disorder and I also had traumatic experience in my childhood which I kept repeating with my behavior and reactions. I have been diagnosed with various things and now the latest bipolar disorder. The strange thing is that the only drug that works for me is over 40 years old and costs under $30.00 (1mg a day) a month and is called Klonopin . My doctors won't give this to me unless I get Lexapro and Seroquel which together cost about $400-500 a month. They say that it is addictive even though on the scale of 1-5 (1 being the most addictive) it rates no 4. But since I'm willing to take the others drugs in my hand they give it to me. I find this very strange. Actually few years of therapy has done a lot more for me. I have tried these medications individually, and found out the hard way that the dose of Lexapro they wanted me to take made me suicidal the Seroquel put 40 lb on me in a year but helped me sleep but living in a daze all day long. I have taken Klonopin for 4 years and neither built up tolerance for it not gotten addicted to it. The sad thing is that I have to pretend that I am taking those medication in order to get what I need and Medicaide is paying the tab. I don't like this. But this is how the system works. Now I got hundreds of pills I don't take I don't want but can't say no to. Weird.

  159. It is important to remember that all doctors just 'practice medicine'.

  160. my previous comment is awaiting moderation-only one word i tried to take out is "offensive,but no where near as offensive as the garbage i listened to as i wrote what i am relieved many others think of this little show-- get rid of this quality of programming( i agree with much of the message) or i will do my best to let as many as i can that you should be avoided,in fact if i see another poorly intelligence insulting waste here, that would do it! the web/net is our last free speech media,we will see if your the one/s bought and paid for.

  161. poor critical thinking jejune examples- this crappy film is so full of logical fallicies it should be used in a logic class. first the over dramatic narration, then the a.p.a. Rx procedure and nosology as well as Tx is very similar as the a.m.a.Rhetoric aimed at about the jr high about the endless examples-random(seemingly)street interviews-not science. post postpartum depression is real, these liar ass-holes should know that Benzo's can be life saving-also dsm- uses "conditions" and they can be dismissed after apx 6 months to 2 years.alcoholism in dsm in NOT a disease,the a.m.a, say it is.

    dsm also has fictitious,ego dystonic and other diagnosis that state temporary or specifically non diseases, the a.m.a. also have off label knock off's. the f^@%#$@! Scientology church has to be behind this. there are tests to measure dopamine,lithium,in fact a clear diagnosis for Bi-Polar is the significant behavior changes. Sz can be seen in depleted dopamine should be sued for your crappy "film" i say that and i hate the pharm corps- your dreck will not help kick the f.d.a. and big pharm in the ass,which they need-- what you pathetically and poorly try to discredit end's up discrediting this endless lack of specific studies,anecdotal examples, this is the worst piece of sh*t "documentary" pasted together,ignoring a.m.a practices which are often worse, causal relationships,no mention of premorbid or co-morbidity.

    And you say psyc's hand out all and any like candy is a f^$##@ LIE-a big lie.did i say how much i hate the f.d.a.-they tried to regulate all supplementer's in 1989,Mr Emord is 6 for 6 against the fda (yeah i know what the hell im talking about) dirk and sandy went on. you use alleged single examples, you just suck-- please somebody make a film that isn't as awful as so many psychiatrist are-- you lie,distort, exaggerate.

    This crap will help the industry,because if it goes into litigation or before professionals you will get your ass's chewed,there is a new diagnosis-- adult's who think there are people who are stupider than themselves and duped Pt.s. The F%@^$#^& teletubbies require a higher degree of intelligence--Ah! i get it you made such a pathetic movie clandestinely to make the a.p.a look bad,however,they end up thinking your soap opera makes anything look better- thanks a lot your production is a letter of recommendation to the evil pharm/f.d.a. empire. you gotta be ^@^%#%^ scientologist's only a psychotic religion could have made this drivel, oh and fyi-- all the trends you name are lies, the trend is to avoid rx's etc oh i forgot you could be the fda, or i guess Sarah palin could have produced this.

    1. Wow S. Minor. You really have no clue what you are talking about. Just drivel drivel. All docs are biased and full of holes but they at least had the guts to call out a very corrupt industry and for that I am thankful.

      I was a victim to this industry as a 12 year old girl. It is inhumane and wrong what is being done and someone needs to speak out.

  162. By the way,
    If you care to look at the world as a whole,we are nothing more then a walking toxic dump.
    What has our population become? Walking Biological filters of toxic waste for the gains of corporate america.
    Many psych disorders are the direct result of what we have
    already put into our bodies. Flouride, Aspartame, High frutose corn syrup, artificial colors, chemical flavorings.
    The body was Not designed to process these chemicals.
    Does it surprise anyone that their bodies are malfunctioning?

  163. Don't shoot the messenger- We should All be grateful that someone had the money and b_ll's to bring forth this information.
    Ask yourself one question - who benefits from "you" being ill?
    Wake Up People, the truth is out there.
    But most of us are too lazy, too "BUSY", or Brain-washed
    to seek the truth.
    Let go of bias's and open your mind.

  164. I understand everyones confusion, and I agree. However, having had one friend that committed suicide just after being put on Lexapro, and seeing a 'fairly normal" friend go absolutely insane after only being on chantix a couple of days. I must place some stake in the reasons for this documentary. I myself was a walking pharmaceutical company. Diagnosed with asthma, severe allergies, fatigue, sress, hormone disorders,depression, anxiety. Being given a suitcase full of pharma products which caused me to have seizures, vertigo, become aggitated and suicidal. I decided to ditch the drugs. Lactimil, prozac, elavil, etc. Instead, I decided to return to my old teachings of "symptoms are a direct result of another problem". I set out to find the "real" problem(s).

    After researching for months, I took my findings to my doc. I was basically laughed at. Hence I continued to research. This time, I was getting angry. (another psych. disorder). But I decided to channel my anger and instead make demands. Very firm demands. I requested drug tests for Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Mycoplasma, Mono, etc. As it turned out, the results were refreshing. I actually had a "real" diagnoses. More then one. And, the funny thing was. These diagnoses could account for the majority of symptoms, as well as anxiety, and other mental issues I was experiencing.

    Upon going to a specialist. I later found that I truly had Lyme, RMSF, Ebstein Barr, Mycoplasma, CMV, etc. I was a walking autoimmune disaster. And the doctor advised me that I had been undiagnosed for years, based on the degree of symptoms. My "symptoms" were that of hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, CFS, Fibro, Arthritis, rocacea, psoriasis, in addition to the mental disorders. What I have since found is that all medicine revolves around MONEY! They do NOT want us to get the 'ACTUAL" Diagnosis, since that means, we will get well. They do want "life-long" patients. Wellness does NOT PAY.

    This documentary, even though you may Not like the producers, does in fact bring this point to the fore front, which is a necessity. The regulations in place currently, do Not protect the population, but in fact, promote illness. Not every doctor is involved. There are still good doctors out there that have ethics and values. I work with some that do. But they are definitely Not the Majority! Since being treated for my "Actual Illnesses" I no longer have to take "ANY" DRUG. My seizures have stopped, my allergies and asthma have seemingly disappeared, my skin has healed, and I am once again able to work, and happy to work and live my life as a normal human being once again.

    I suggest you do further research before condeming some useful facts. You are not being forced to believe everything, but there are always more then one side to a story, and truth is always stranger then fiction. You may want to look into more facts (ie: rockefellers connection to the Med.schools (donations), the AMA (ownership), the big pharma companies (stock holder), and see why drugs are "always the treatment of choice"..instead of surgery? You may also want to look up the mark up on drugs. Closed minded people look at one aspect, open minded people look at all aspects.

    It's your life, you have a choice. I chose to Live, and I succeeded!

  165. these drugs if properly prescribed do help many. on the other hand prescribing to a youth some of these have produced suicides. many need to be more careful in how they treat their patients.

    1. You are wrong. Depression is real. It is scientifically proven that people with depression have a 25 % reduction in the Hippocampus. The region that controls memory, negativity and others. There is NO treatment or DRUG that assists with correcting this.
      I have for 25 + years taken prescribed meds and Not ONE of any of the prescribed drugs have helped. They have caused me MORE mental issues, and also Medical Issues. How would you like to try some Injections? Where you take 3, and spend the next 2 years with Acathesia? Uncontrolled muscle spasms.
      Untold heightened anxiety,anxiousness. I literally walked the walls 24/7. Oh, and by the way, in 4 years I have not slept more than 6 hours, usually only 15 minutes to 2 hours is all I can get, thanks to your Prescribed Medications that you say are good.
      I believe this Documentary to be absolutely right ON!. IT aint Propaganda man, I know, I been in out of treatment more times than you spent in school grades.

  166. My concerns is that the children are given these drugs without the parents being properly briefed about the side effects.There should be mandatory classes for parents whose children are prescribed psychotropical drugs.I also think that some alternative ways are available to the kids such as therapy and counseling.

  167. The truth is the truth, who cares who the messenger is if it's the truth.

  168. Educated as a nurse and midwife, and having worked in hospitals , i can tell you that health personnel are only too aware of the problem of side effects. For example I can bet you a million dollars any day any time that when critically ill patients are given certain drugs,( which I wont name), that person will be dead within 10 days. As medical personnel we are all aware of these(side) effects. so, dream on, those that think this is propaganda!

  169. Like some of the participants in the film say, these drugs are "highly toxic and not very effective", have both short and long term( side) effects, are addictive and cause collateral dammage." What a cure, I'll stick to my headache, and u know what, being SAD doesnt seem so bad, if one has a choce!

  170. unwinnable wars are indefinitely fundable. its that simple. there is no reason to "cure" this "mental illnesses" becuase if they do cure them then there is no patient and no steady income. just look at the world around you and realize how much we are getting lied to. its always fear and war mongering in order to get your money. the war on terror - unwinnable, indefinitely fundable, same goes for the war on drugs, the war on global warming, and the war on mental illness. there is a reason the "cold war" was such a great thing too, becuase it was another war, but that one required no actually results so the money was even easier to steal. the truth is everybody is depressed at sometime in their life and its how they deal with it that affects them and yes sometimes these medicines work but at the same time, going back to the scientology argument, they help most becuae the medicated believe they are being helped, so it is still their mind which is in control. i do agree with you ben, but there is a reason weed is illegal and its not becuase its dangerous or a gate way drug, its becuase the drug companies know how easy it is to grow and that they cant make the money off weed that they would lose from other drugs. there are probably 100 or more multi million dollar prescription drugs out there that marijuana would demolish and the drug companies would hate that. that is exactly they along with tobacco and alcohol are the biggest supporters of the war on drugs. i do love this site.

  171. IF these companies make so much money, why do those who cannot afford health care not reap the benefits of health care?? We all have our views, Scientology or not, which idk why you ppl think that it has anything to do with this doc.. Are oblivious then.. Alcohol and tobacco kill, pills kill.. Marijuana- maybe in some bizarre way has or could kill, but knowing many cancer patients who are prescribed pills only to have no appetite and no desire to live..

    Pick up a joint an toke on some fine herb, they can actually sit down and eat a full meal. I am biased because i am one of the hundreds of thousands without health care, because these a--holes make millions and billions of dollars a year, but still have found no cure, killing people with their "diseases" is just bull****.. Free health care, tax the pharma companies hard..

    You cant have a tobacco commercial on TV, but you can advertise pills that can make you have suicidal thoughts and actually go through with it????? What the f*** is wrong with this country??? College student in med school..

  172. Scientology propaganda video! Totally one sided, non factual documentary!

  173. Personally, I think scientology is bs, as is any religion. But this documentary, while perhaps skewed and biased in some ways does point out several important points. My brother was prescribed psychoactive drugs when he was 19 because he had an anxiety attack. He was told he had a chemical imbalance and was urged to take Paxil, which he did. He was never told of the side effects of the drug and there was no follow up therapy for his treatment. I'm not saying you should believe everything this documentary is saying, I am merely saying that you shouldn't trust everything you hear from the pharmecutacal companies, psychiatrists or the government.
    I mean, should these drugs really be advertised to consumers? You never see any advertisements urging us to ask our doctors about some new cancer drug. It's the doctors job to ask us about it. These are simple questions that don't get answered and I commend this documentary for at least questioning the whole state of affairs.

  174. Tell me, what would you do if your child's teacher says your child must have ADHD however, your child's doctor says otherwise? Then, what is your reaction when you hear your child's doctor say, "ADHD does NOT exist"?

  175. I have had my own personal issues with depression, most of which was work related. None the less it was starting to cause me serious mental & physical "side effects". After 18 months my employer and my doctor suggested antidepressants and viagra. I chose to throw away my prescriptions and quit my job instead.

    Three years later and in business for myself I have never felt better, the only mind altering drug being the occasional Budweiser. If I had stayed in that situation and taken the the drugs I truly believe I would be in a grave or psych. ward right now (it was the lowest point in my life).

    On another note the same doctor put my wife on antidepressants when all she really needed was a hysterectomy to put her hormones in check (life has been great since that surgery).

    On yet another note that same doctor has been prescribing the same type of drugs to my daughter for the last 2 years and we have seen nothing but a steady decline in her mental health ever since.

    She watched you documentary and decided to stop taking the medication and we can see an immediate improvement.

    I'm not a doctor or psychologist but I can clearly see that drugs were not the answer in any of our cases!

  176. My father was a "Shrink" and I can tell you first-hand that it was always about the trips to Munich and Barcelona the huge $ fees - always! We were never allowed to take drugs. It was all about nutrition, meditation and just plain having fun. To this day no one in our immediate family takes drugs of any kind - not even OTC. Only in the rarest of occasions does one need medicine. This documentary is completely accurate in its portrayal of the Big Pharma/Physician relationship.

  177. This "documentary" is completely ludicrous.

    1. you cant hide from the truth,,,42000 people die from these drugs every year,,,,,you must be on them

    2. Right...everybody's crazy, criminal and stupid, except for you and your play religion friends...uh huh...

  178. It's a bad documentary because it cherry picks data to support a simplistic up-front assumption. Some issues it tackles are real. However the film is full of worthless edited unbalanced opinion pieces and likely to increase confusion rather than reduce it (like any piece of conspiracy theory, btw).

  179. Great informative documentary. In 1989, my friend was prescribed Prozac (which had been out for a few years). Shortly thereafter, he attempted to "monoxide" himself in the garage of his house while sitting in a running vehicle. Fortunately, his parents caught him in time and he lived to tell the tale. His drugs were changed to other serotonin reuptake inhibitors over the years. To offset the euphoric feeling from the serotonin drugs, he was prescribed klonopin for sleep. Over the years, the effects of the serotonin reuptakes burned out his neurotransmittors so that he would delve into deeper depression once he got off the drugs. To help offset this, he'd down two liter bottles of Mountain Dew (with lots of caffeine).

  180. The drug companies really do have the FDA eating out of the palms of their hands, so to speak. Do you really think the food industry is keeping the F in FDA in business?
    I've taken Paxil, Zoloft and Cymbalta (at different times) for depression from being disabled 8 years ago and I have never had a suicidal thought before I started taking them or since! I didn't find that the Paxil or Zoloft helped and I've had a little relief from Cymbalta, I don't seem to cry as much or as easily. I can't tell if my side effects are from Cymbalta or from the pain medications, muscle relaxant or arthritis medication I also take. My only side effects seem to be constipation and sleeping problems, either I sleep too much or I have trouble falling asleep. But, if a drug makes you feel weird, like your brain is outside of your body--stop taking it!! Just before I filed for divorce, a shrink told me that I was bipolar and put me on "those medications" (I don't remember what they were)and I couldn't function, even my speech was slurred.

    My family begged me to stop taking them and even though I couldn't think clearly I knew that it was the medications that made me feel so weird, so when I stopped taking them (I had taken them for 7-10 days) I didn't feel like a zombie anymore! My ups and downs were due to being emotionally abused by my ex, one day he would say I was his dream girl and the next he would say I was crazy, the worst mistake he ever made and that I was intentionally doing things just to make him mad, etc. During the divorce, my ex said I was bipolar and I wouldn't take my medications and I said I didn't need them as I wasn't bipolar and that the real cause of my "ups and downs" was his abuse.

    So the court ordered a "730 evaluation" of my ex, myself and our children and was to be done by a court appointed psychologist, that my ex had to pay for. So the shrink gave me a test to take (like the one they called teen screen) and it said I had "suicidal ideations" (see comment above) and the only question I can think of that might of had to do with it, was one that asked if I took part in any "activities" that were dangerous, so I asked the shrink if that would include smoking cigarettes, she said yes, so that's what I answered (I asked the shrink a lot of questions about the questions on the test) and I lost custody of my children. She also said that my oldest son had "suicidal ideations" too, and he told me that he would never commit suicide and that the shrink was crazy! In order to get extended visitation, I had to get another full evaluation by another psychiatrist.

    I wasn't allowed to read the report she, (the court shrink) made and when I went back to court with another evaluation, the court shrink didn't like what the new shrink said ('cause he said there was nothing wrong with me) and the court told me I needed to get another evaluation from a different psychiatrist! When I went back with another evaluation (it also said there was nothing wrong with me)she wouldn't even read it, so needless to say since my ex paid her--"she didn't bite the hand that fed her" and I still don't have extended visitation with my kids. But now my oldest is living with me, because he is over 18 and I'm sure the other two will follow. This is a very complicated situation, but I'm trying to make a point on how dangerous some of these drugs are and as much as I love and miss my kids, I wouldn't take the drugs they gave me for bipolar again, even if it guaranteed me full custody because I know I wouldn't be able to take care of them or myself!
    Psychiatry ruins lives and divides families, they really don't know what they are doing!! This documentary is telling the truth on how this is ALL ABOUT MONEY, the DSM keeps adding more imaginary illness everyday and the tests they use are designed to make everyone have a mental illness and if the test results don't give them a DSM illness, they have the audacity to say you're lying on the questionnaire!

    I could go on and on about how bad the shrinks are--they are the ones that started the repressed memories of satanic abuses, in the 1950's they said that autism was caused by the mothers!! Social services and their shrinks don't know how to protect children, they don't believe a child is in danger until it's too late or they place them in another situation that gets them killed (like Ricky Holland)or they take them from their parents based on false/repressed memories or false tests, like the one in this documentary. There is no science behind psychiatry, the father of modern psychiatry; Sigmund Freud was a cocaine addict, he's the "genius" that came up with the "oedipus complex" that says children want to have sex with their opposite sex parent--I guess you would have to be on cocaine to understand this!!

    So what!, the Scientology made this documentary, what they are saying is true!! Just because Scientology can be viewed as a cult, doesn't mean that they can't be right on this one issue. They didn't slip in any of their beliefs of how any illness (either mental or physical) is all in your head (and caused by past hurts that you can "audit") and that you don't need doctors of any kind to heal you, all you need is the power of your own mind. I tried to read their book "Dianetics" and I only made it half way through because it was way too ridiculous and a waste of my time.

    I think the best thing anyone can gain from this documentary is "INFORMED CONSENT"!!
    If you still have a problem with the message of this documentary because of the messenger, there is another documentary called "SWEET MISERY" about the FDA and the drug company buying approval for the lethal chemical aspartame, an artificial sweetener. I originally saw it on the Documentary Channel on television. I found it on this website under the "Health" category along with several other documentaries (I have yet to watch) regarding the greedy drug companies.


  182. So true, so sad, so alarming and in such a need of educating mankind,it always comes down to food vs health

  183. Interesting that some think that this is just propanganda in favor of the church of scientology. That is the actual proganda here. I have just spent two months researching the information in this film and this is what I have discovered thus far.

    1. Propaganda films rarely give statistical data that you can actually look up in medical research manuals that are published yearly. The only proganda film out there that actually does give stastistical is the Inconvenient Truth by Al gore. That is about Global Warming and the statistical data in that film has been widely disproven as fact.

    2. Noone here even mentions the fact that was discussed in this film regarding nutrition. There is actual studies that prove that dehydration and low levels of nutrition are the leading causes for anxiety, depression, and the symptoms that someone would relate as being bipolar.

    3. If one was to look through the annual records from 1970 to now they would find that the suicide rate has in fact quadrupled over time. With that stated there is actual documentation that shows that 49.775% of annual suicide victims were on a psychatropic drug.

  184. There are other, better documentaries about this issue. Scary voice guy should be your first clue that you need to draw your own conclusions about the material being presented here. It puts most of the blame on psychiatrists, while in reality the FDA, drug companies and the legislators who have put us in this position are the real culprits. Psychiatrists who take drug company grants to slant their studies are just opportunists; plenty of doctors in other fields are doing the same thing.

    Sure, psychiatrists may get the lion's share of drug company money, but that's not because of some secret master plan. It's easier to arbitrarily classify someone as having some nebulous disorder based on occasional bad feelings than it is to identify, say, a cancerous tumor. And unlike drugs designed to treat measurable physical disorders, there are lower standards of proof for the necessity and efficacy of psychotropic drugs. Because of these factors, psychiatry more than any other branch of medicine has become a tool of the drug companies. But in vilifying unscrupulous psychiatrists as the cause rather than the symptom this "documentary" fails to identify the underlying problems that have turned our entire medical system into a money machine for insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry.

    I also find it highly suspect that they don't cite any references when they present frightening statistics like "psychotropic drugs kill twice as many people as homicides." Where did they get that figure? The unapologetic use of unreferenced material is a scare tactic that should tell you this is propaganda, not journalism.

    The only thing that's missing is an ad for dianetics at the end.

  185. Good points Eli. Basically you just have to trust yourself to do what's best for you. If your meds make you worse, then you probably shouldn't take them. If they make you better, then take them. And of course, always do your own research.

  186. Tim said
    "People seem to forget that no one is forcing them to take medication unless they are clearly a danger to themselves or others."

    This is true, but psychiatrists are not giving out all the information. They don't tell you all the side effects of the medication (there are a lot of them) and they then tell you that only a small percent get side effects.

    I was on Wellbutrin and started having suicidal thoughts (which I have never had before) and my psychiatrist gave me a higher dose. I mean... come on... let's think about this here.

    I was also on Haldol and when I told my doctor I was getting side effects (to the point of not being able to work) he told me I was lying, because no one gets side effects on the dose that I was taking. I looked up the side effect and it was caused by the Haldol. When I got off the Haldol the side effects went away.

    It's just like a cult. No one forces someone to join a cult, but if you leave out information and also misinform them then you are basically leading them to take medicine without them being aware of what can happen.

    And it's all about small print. The side effects are printed so small. People TRUST their psychiatrist to give them all the right facts that they usually don't go through and read all the side effects and dangers. It's the fact that these psychiatrist are going around and are society is making it seem like they are a reliable source.

    When infact it is a pseudo science. It is based on theory (Chemical imbalance) and things in the DSM, all the things in the DSM, have not been proven to exist.

    We don't even have cures for mental illness... why?

    Because if we found cures for these problems than a psychiatric office would be a one stop shop. They wouldn't get any money, because people could be cured

  187. @Shell: I too take drugs for severe anxiety, and they also saved my life. I was pretty much unable to function, and though I also would rather not be dependent on drugs, to me it's better than having massive panic attacks every couple of hours. But you're right that doctors do get kickbacks from prescribing certain drugs that the pharmaceutical reps push. You can't be completely certain how much integrity your doctor has. And you're also correct that this is common in many fields of medicine, not just psychiatry. You can even get psych meds from a general physician. It depends on how willing they are to write prescriptions and how much they trust that you actually need the meds.

    @Look Around You (and Jason): You're right, all these people commenting could be psychiatrists, cultists, addicts, government agents, who knows what. You could be any one of these, too. But I doubt this website is a prime target for disinformation campaigns.

    JShellacque: Maybe I can answer your questions. Just because we don't know what causes a disorder doesn't mean we don't know how it works. I still have no idea where my anxiety came from. It just started one day and that's all. But the drugs work. And maybe it is just a placebo effect, but the problem is that prescribing placebos is a questionable practice. The patient needs to have informed consent, so the doctor can't tell you he's giving you a prescription for Whatsamax and then call up the pharmacy and tell them to switch your pills for a placebo. That would also be kinda hard unless the doc knew what pharmacy you were using. Anyway, the doctor CAN write a prescription for a drug that he knows is a placebo, but that only works if the patient doesn't know anything about the drug. And the patient should definitely do some research on any drug before taking it. But in any case, prescribing a placebo is deceitful, even though doctors sometimes do it anyway.

    People seem to forget that no one is forcing them to take medication unless they are clearly a danger to themselves or others. Before a person starts taking any medication they should know what is in it, what it does, what kind of reputation it has, and any side effects it might have. Your doctor is obliged to give you this information if you ask for it, and if he/she can't or you don't trust them, use the internet. Even the pharmacies have to give you a little talk before you start a new medication. No one should be taking an medication that they don't understand.

  188. We have no idea who the people are that ramble comments here. Masquerading Big Pharm reps, cultists, who knows? Use the seat of your pants people! I've seen the devastation this predatory industry has inflicted on close friends of mine with these dangerous addictive drugs. It walks and quacks, and it IS a duck! All the psycho-babbling in the world won't change that.

  189. I used to work at a very fancy restuarant. I did alot of banquets for drug companies who woo doctors to their drugs like kids in a candy store with fancy plates and drug presentations:) I can tell you .. kick backs are real and thats just one restaurant i'd say two or three $3000 parties a WEEK>>> I dont trust any of these drugs companies or pharmaceutical makers. They are in buisness to keep people sick. PROFIT is the main motivation and a few good souls that want to help others get trapped in the system. As far as the doctors that do this.. same on them.. but dont they got some HUGE school loans to pay back... Our whole society is built on a wall of over inflated monetary cards that will fall eventually from lack of substance. I believe in using your common sense when it comes to your health. People need to start taking care of their bodies. Mental illnesses that can not be self manifested are different and i do believe require medication. What i mean by this i will give an personal example of. I have a nephew who lost his mother very young. He acts out. That is common. Well than he has trouble focusing at school. So the teacher says to his father (My brother) you should take him too see a phsychatrist. My brother who loves his son does this with the best of intentions. When the doctor tells him his son has ADHD and other mental conditions that can be cured with prozac my brother rejects this and states he doesnt want his son medicated. The school reports said brother to the authorities on basis of possible child abuse. Said brother must go thru court to fight for his right to not medicate his son. Removes son from school and changes his son's diet to exclude candy sodas and very starchy foods. My nephew is now in a new school with a new diet and is doing WELL without drugs. He stills has issues about his mothers death as she died when he was very young. On another example. My bestfriend betsy worked in a old folks home in high school. She was great at taking care of the paitents there as she had been taking care of her mentally ill mother for many years already. Her mother was Severly Biopolar and Had Dementia before she died. This woman WAS very Mentally Ill and required medications to keep her from hurting herself and those in her family that cared for her. Medications was absolutely necessary and it was always hard to keep it coming in b/c without this woman being under the care of a hospital besty had to continously prove her mothers mental illnesses and deal with the govt medical system. I watched her frustration and anguish. After her mother passed away (which i hate to say was a burden off of the grieving families shoulders) betsy finished college and moved to washington to help with legislation and policies concerning healthcare and paitents rights. So you see.. Every story has two sides. I watched this video and understand what avenue or agenda it is documented from. It does not change my mind that in some instances medications are in fact necessary. But i do believe that massive corruption and greed have caused the MINDLESSS (pun intended) to believe like sheep that a pill can cure all. Until people start taking their own education into their own hands the responsibility is on them first and foremost. My brother did his research and said NO WAY> And we all stood behind him. He even had to move b/c of the public's opinion of his parenting but he was right and just in his decisions and his son is NOT taking these dangerous physco meds at the tender age of 7.
    One last thing b/f i leave this for some to pick apart and Irrationalize .. I've read alot about the columbine boys and other things about people that are involved in these mass shootings.. prozac ..hrmm thats all i need to say.
    I actually make fun of the tv commercials with these drugs being advertised...

    Take something prozieroloolwatherloo .. you'll have a big penis but you'll go blind.. loose your teeth and forget where you live.. bwawahuaha.

  190. I feel that the direction of blame is misplaced. Most of the people that I know that have been prescribed meds being discussed are prescribed by Family Physicians. This is NOT a Physchiatrist issue ONLY. I personally take a medication for severe anxiety disorder. I've taken this med for over nine years and have been free of any anxiety problems since. I do not like being dependent on any drug, however, it honestly saved my life. My panic attacks were so bad I couldn't eat or take care of my family. Within a day or two of taking my medication I was able to eat, be there for my kids and do all of the other "things" that needed to be done. If my life is shorter because of taking a medication.... Well, at least I know I did all that I could to take care of my family. HOWEVER, I know that psychiatric drugs are pushed at an extreme rate. I've seen them (the "pushers") at 9:00 a.m. while seeing my Dr for an appt. They bring lots of samples to hand out to patients, pastries, etc. The more our Dr's prescribe, the more kickbacks they get. It's our responsibility as patients (or those helping the patient in need), to be aware and to do their homework.

  191. I just need to share my opinion. I think this doc is important to take serious and also to have in mind that not all of those issues can be ruled out - even if there is some kind of Scientology group behind it or not.
    It is easy to put wrong diagnoses, we talked about DSM IV in school at our psychology course and our teacher said that we never should try these tests on ourselves because then we'll probably find out that we have all kinds of psychiatric diseases. I do think that there are disorders in the DSM IV that do exist like social anxiety and others but my opinion is that it has to be in a really high level before it becomes a disorder or a true problem that needs treatment. That's why you can't just prescribe something in 5-20 min, or take a single test (so if this is true it's really scary). I also think it's important to then try to start some kind of treatment without medication, and then if there's no good progress look at what other choices that do exist - like for ex medication. One thing that is highly TRUE is that these medications have severe side effects and some of the psychiatric drugs are considered strong as narcotics (at least in Sweden where I live) and thats why you should be properly informed and put the positive and the side effects against each other to make a decision.

  192. if you like this doc i highly recomend "Generation RX" im surprised its not on here?

    VLATKO! i would love to see this doc on here plz!

  193. CK, you haven't really addressed the fundamental question of: If you don't know the cause of those severe, genuine problems, on what scientific basis can you prescribe drugs for it? You say it helps, but does it help more than a placebo would? (I read somewhere that at least one of these drugs has a LOWER effectiveness than a placebo!)

  194. This documentary is 20% true and 80% propaganda. I work at a mental hospital, this documentary suggests bipolar and anxiety disorders are mild conditions that everyone experiences every once in a while. The truth is, yes these conditions are highly over diagnosed, but try telling someone who can't even go out of the house, or who someone will go into extreme fits of rage or attempt suicide without their medication that the medication that helps them function is doing nothing. I don't think they will agree.

  195. My opinion is that this documentary used certainly some wrong means to spread a very good and "worth to think about" subject concerning of modern society.
    What I believe (and believed before seeing this) are not what is of conquense. Do not look for someone to tell you "This is the truth" and finally exhale relaxed and say "Yes, X is right. Now I can forget about this." No. In my humble opinion just don't take everything as truth because it is partially correct or hitting a subject where it hurts.
    In my humble opinion using kids to read "Death, depression, oh I'm scared." etc is almost digusting abuse of our parental instincts. Hitting big numbers on a glass surface that breaks is honestly almost offending my intellect. I can easily take a point and start being sceptic without such means of psychologic manipulation.
    Last I'll add my opinion just to be a good sport :). I don't believe people take medication without just reason, I "know" they do. My mother used to keep the antibiotic bottles from one of our sick times as kids for "the next time". While as far as my education goes giving out antibiotics like some kind of cure-potion is extremely damaging and certainly not effective in many cases.
    I can't blame the pharmaceutical industries for my mother's ignorance alone can I? In my opinion this documentary focused too much on only one aspect of wrong use of medication.
    And psychiatry certainly doesn't have the monopoly of giving out drugs that are not ment to cure but fight symptoms, or even just fight ghost-diseases.
    I guess one might say "Well the subject was psychiatry not the rest of the medicine world." or "It is less common in other branches of Medicine." Yet for a documentary ment to open people's eyes it was too narrow in the point of view.
    It is always refreshing to have at least one in a documentary that disagrees. Show some of the opposition. Let the people hear both sides at once... or is that not easy enough to feed people as information?
    Well education should not be easy. It is the continuous struggle to determine and discover the truth we need to reach a better future.
    I'm sorry if I rambled too long. It was just a very interesting conflict of emotions I had. Reading the comments bellow was almost twice as enjoyable and mind-teasing as watching the doc.
    Thanks all :)

  196. Somehow I'm getting the idea that most of the people that are bashing this doc are either psychiatrists or addicts that are taking their medications and desperately trying to believe that the meds are helping them.

  197. I don’t appreciate the fact that the documentary believes social anxiety disorder is a made up disease (I won’t discuss how TOTALLY inaccurate their take is on bipolar being a made up disease for sake of time). Of course most people one time or another feel anxiety around others or certain social settings. However, the DSM is very clear in that each criterion must be met to be diagnosed. Particularly, in my case being diagnosed with social anxiety disorder (my doctor and therapist think that I probably have avoidant personality disorder- there are no pills for personality disorders, something I learned while being hospitalized 3 times) it is a disabling disorder that has made it nearly impossible for me to work, have fulfilling friendships, a significant other, enjoy life, etc. Of course there are people that are the “worried well” that think they need to be on medication because they’re a little shy. In these cases I’m sure a doctor will prescribe medication without really going thoroughly through the criteria needed for medication. But that doesn’t mean this is a made up disorder that doesn’t affect millions of people that truly need the help of medication. In addition, psychiatrists aren’t the only ones using the DSM to diagnose people. Clinical psychologists, LMHC, LSCW, etc use the DSM as a guide to treat social anxiety disorder, as well as the other disorders this documentary claims are made up. And they do it without the use of medication. So how can these illnesses be made up by the pharmaceutical companies when professionals (i.e. psychologists) not involved with dealing with medications treat these disorders? I think the problem is and I think they make a point in the film about it, is yes doctors prescribe medications without fully knowing the patient a lot of times. That to me borders unethical medicine. The moral of the story is you need to be your own advocate when seeking treatment. If you have a doctor that is not listening to you or doesn’t take time to properly diagnose you, then it is you job as a consumer to get a second opinion and so forth. I know that health care can be a cynical world but there are some doctors that truly care about their patient’s mental health and how to best help them.

  198. I always think it's important to find out who is behind a documentary, someone made it for some reason. This turns out to be an interesting case. So scientology has it in for psychiatry. Why? Tbh I don't care, I think they are a bunch of deluded freaks. That aside it doesn't mean they can't use this argument, which I believe to be a valid one, to make people think. It certainly got my attention. At the end of the day most of the pharmaceutical industry are money grabbing scum. There are other documentarys out there that push the same message but look at the industry as a whole, not just the area of psychotropic drugs. However there are some very real illnesses that exist where medication is vital, not highlighting this is where the film turns very questionable.

  199. i just wanted to say a few things...

    firstly, it's a very persuasive doc. and near the end i was thinking to myself "holy sh*t!"
    i read some of the comments and along with a few questions i had formulated myself...., it reminded me that it is important to ask questions, and take everything in with a grain of salt.

    secondly, i would like to say that due to the industry clearly being polluted and discredited by the billions that are available to capitalise on due to the modernisation of the psychiatric world since the 1950's.... it would make sense to pay less attention to the "mental illnesses" which were construed within the last 15-20 years, and pay more attention to the mental ilnesses which were established back in the 50's when there weren't so many dollar signs fueling the invention of such bull***t mental disorders as "social anxiety disorder" or SAD.

    Lastly, i would like to point out something i noticed...
    whether you look at this documentary as scientology propaganda, or as pure fact, or you're a psychiatrist yourself and think it's total bull***t...
    the fact remains that the entire margins of the video player are covered in psychotropic advertisements and self-diagnosis websites.

    scroll back up and check it out.
    i personally think the industry is ramming pills down our throats because there's money to be made on all levels.. most of these "illnesses" can be sorted out by good parenting and teaching your kids how to responsibly deal with natrual emotions as opposed to being a sh*itty parent and then taking them to a psychiatrist and wondering why they're getting diagnosed with all sorts of crap.
    and yes i know that there are some exceptions and that some people are seriously mentally ill. but they are the exception, not the norm.

  200. Actually, I have read some comments to this documentary and I see where they are coming from but let me tell you where I am coming from which is a patient's point of view! I have taken Stellazine, Zyprexa and the last was Abilify! After seeing this documentary I don't feel like wasting my time to go back to my doctor. I know that they have NEVER helped but only hurt me! I took Paxil starting in 2005 and had not only suisidal thoughts but also thoughts of homicide right after me taking it! I have NEVER thought like that! Then without my doctor's consent I took myself off of Paxil in January of this year! She had told me NOT to do that but I did it anyway and have NOT had any more depression!
    This is September 22 and the last time I have taken my Abilify was Labor Day weekend! I will not take anymore drugs of this nature again! If I need to calm myself I will take alternative natural type medicine! Abilify when I first took it pulled an energy source out of my head that felt that it was coming out in waves! I tried to tell my doctor and she said it would be okay and it wasn't anything that she knew of that would cause that as an effect from taking the drug Abilify! These are VERY DANGEROUS and I don't care what the medical field says these are killer drugs!
    I am doing well now and will do fine because I am relying on a higher power which is God Almighty! I feel at this point I have no other choice! He should be always be selected as first choice! I have been betrayed and lied too by the doctors and the drug companies!

  201. To Im3000,
    In regards to your answer, if what you say is true, I'm sorry
    for any 'insinuation' about 'scientology, the CCHR or for that matter any other religious/spiritual/fundamentalist/etc. group.' You just never know unless you can research it or ask.
    Yes, it is clear enough. Please accept my apology.

  202. To theLuke631
    My department is part of a completely objective, scientific and research based academic institution (read university) and is not in any way, shape or form affiliated or even sympathetic to scientology, the CCHR or for that matter any other religious/spiritual/fundamentalist/etc. group. My opinions are based on my and colleagues’ experiences in this and other research/academic institutions and is not marred by opinion, propaganda or affiliation. I do not appreciate the insinuation that my comments are based on anything contrary to this – I was merely agreeing with certain aspects and elements highlighted by this video clip not the whole "documentary". If you read my comment properly you will note that I refute the existence of serious mental illness (and neither do I think the "documentary" does this overtly) but rather that my comments are aimed at the fictitious nature of many new mental illnesses and the irresponsible dispensing of psychotropic drugs to individuals that do not truly require these.
    Clear enough?

  203. Hahaha! I know a full grown woman who says 'seriously' and 'dude' in every single sentence that she utters. It's pretty sad that she can only present herself as if she were a sophomore in High School. She wonders why her son cannot speak like all the other children his age.

  204. Dear Jayne,
    Exactly what is this supposed to mean? "One other thing that really needs to stop is the over use of “conspiracy theorist” that is 'just a term by ignorant people to call those who thing differently then the norm' as ridiculous." Or this? "oh and whoever wrote that they had mental issues because they smoked pot seriously I cannot help but laugh at you…no dude you are mental to think such a thing." Question? What's the difference between "smoked pot seriously" and "smoked pot un-seriously?" "no dude you are 'mental' to think such a thing?"

  205. a very important movie that everyone needs to see. i'm tired of seeing my friends and family being destroyed by this hoax. it isn't only about money either. the US government is in on it too. the gov. could shut down the FDA at any moment, but they won't, because the FDA is carrying out this murderous agenda on purpose. the LAST thing this country's "leaders" care about is the health and well-being of its citizens. don't be ignorant! do be fooled by flashing lights in a box that tell you what your life should be! get mad! take back your life!

    good ending too.

  206. oh and just because scientologist believe that needing drugs to change our psychological issues is bs does not discredit this information. There beliefs are that the mind is much more powerful then any drug. Yet in psychology we believe the same thing through cognitive therapy and the study of cognitive processes and development.

  207. See this is what gets me, people see "Scientology" and automatically discredit this documentary because of it. How much of our lives are manipulated by religion especially Christianity? Is this really based on religion? Our society is based around profit, no one can argue that. Yet it is people like all you who speak negatively against this documentary who base your opinions on nothing more than personal experience and other uncredited sources. Why do we convince ourselves that our country is so great and that those who are in control of what we consume are out for our best interest? Our freedom as Americans comes from our ignorance. The less we have to deal with and question in the world around us, the better our lives are. So we sit in front of our televisions and are convinced that if we put full trust in certain people we will have nothing to worry about. If any of you can sit there is discredit this film and say that our society is not over drugged, and is not manipulated then you need to ask yourself why all these new disorders are just showing up out of nowhere. If you all would do your research, you will find this information in several different places, aside from anything associated with Scientology. All this documentary is stating is basically that we as a society are over medicated, that big pharm is the cause of it all, and that we mindlessly take anything from a doctor. This is true for any type of drugs, regular MD's are given gifts from the pharmaceutical companies for drugs related to all illnesses. Obviously this isnt true in every situation. That is why someone cant say, "oh my psychiatrist smokes pot and listens to the grateful dead" so this must be false. Obviously not all people in the field believe the same things. One other thing that really needs to stop is the over use of "conspiracy theorist" that is just a term by ignorant people to call those who thing differently then the norm as ridiculous. To question and to not just go along with what we are told is not ridiculous. Lets really ask ourselves this question...ok so just because a person goes to college for medicine and becomes a doctor, does that mean they will know anything other than what they are taught to know? In general a person would have to go out of their way to learn anything other than what school, and media tell them. How many people actually do that? ..oh and whoever wrote that they had mental issues because they smoked pot seriously I cannot help but laugh at dude you are mental to think such a thing.

  208. Hey everyone.

    Just want to make a few notes about the film. Its perspective is very skewed towards a (as I see it, partly justified) critical take on psychiatric drugs. The film treats a very serious and complicated matter as a simple question of black and white, good and evil. Doing so, its style of presentation is very exaggerated and plays on emotions of fear and outrage of the viewer. This film doesn't want anyone to take psychiatric drugs, or to go to the doctor in the first place. The makes of the film want sad, confused people to turn to the Church of Scientology instead.

    And yes, the film is unmistakenly of Scientologist brand - the aestetics, the style, the message, the manipulative presentation... from, a scientologist showcase organisation. Careful with this film. It's authors are way worse than Big Pharmacy, they're one of the world's most destructive sects.

  209. Prozac = Seroquel. False. Also, the narrator sounds so cheesy that I thought it was comic relief in the very beginning of the doc! Some of the 'experts' seemed to have a mild form of Schizophrenia. My doc isn't walking around with fancy suits or driving expensive cars to work. But, he does feel some medications are much better than others. The better ones have their stamps on his pens and calendars. I do not feel I have to investigate a conspiracy theory on my Doctor. He loves the Greatful Dead and has smoked his fair share of grass. This documentary is hilarious LMAO. Not in a stand-up comedy kind of way, but in the way that horror movies are funny...accidentally.

  210. To @lm3000

    Question. You say: "I’m a neuropsychology researcher (PhD) and based on research being conducted in my department and elsewhere..." Just where is your department? What school or research dept. are you with? This documentary was produced by, which is connected with Scientology. Is this who you are working for? Please explain.

  211. This documentary is not hard to believe for me and I am just an ordinary person. Why? Because for the past 20 months I have been severely ill and seen so many doctors I lost count. Last summer I felt like I was dying. I was told by countless doctors I was mentally ill, severly depressed, etc. etc. They tried hard to get me on a number of mental health drugs. I did not agree to them and continued my quest to find a doctor to help. After thousands of dollars spent in tests I finally was sent to Vanderbilt Research Hospital and was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency, a spot on my pituitary gland, and now recently intersitial Cystitis and Moderate Autonomic Nervous System Failure. Yes...I was depressed..who the hell wouldn't be with all the strange illness I was having and the pain. I am now much better due to my hormones being balanced (not with phychotropic drugs either) with bio-identical hormones, meds for the IC and careful consideration each day of what I can handle and what I can do physically. I actually had one doctor who bitched me out and called me a very mentally sick person. I would love to shove these diagnosis in her her _ _ _!!!! These people who thought they walked on water were full of crap, they underdiagnosed me and misdiagnosed me. However...I can't give up on doctors yet as I still need them to care for my many ailments and my autoimmune disease. My case can show how dang far off the mark they can be and eventually I could have died from my adrenals not working. This leads to Addison's crisis which I believe I was in last summer. How could have any of these drugs helped me? After 20 months of misery I am finally seeing some health return but not due to the doctors who tried to label me "mentally ill"!!!!!!!!!!

  212. @lm3000

    I think you misunderstood my statement.
    I am not questioning the issue/problem that this documentary is dealing with, I agree with you as far as that is concerned.
    I am criticizing the fundamentals.
    I just can't stand it when a video is made to appear objective and factual when it is not.

    Der Oberst

  213. Der Oberst, what exactly are you basing your opinion on? I'm a neuropsychology researcher (PhD) and based on research being conducted in my department and elsewhere as well as previous experience of this, many of the DSM-IV diseases are ficticious exaggerations of everyday and normal emotions. These are chemical "imbalances" the drug/psychiatric industries are using to line their pockets yet are natural phenomena. My field is just as guilty of this as there is a lot of money to be made in research grants.
    This documentary highlights those issues and I do not for one minute think that they are questioning the existance of serious mental illness or suggest that some drugs are not useful in the control of these. They are instead highlighting the issue of psychotropic drugs being prescribed like candy to people and CHILDREN (the latter of which, according to ethical considerations and developmental issues, are not allowed to be diagnosed) that are not mentally ill but merely going through the ups and downs of everyday existence. Also, bear in mind that most of these prescriptions are being handed out based on a 10-20 min consultation where as previously psychiatrists (in conjuction with psychologists) used to spend hours a week over prolonged periods of time before a definative diagnosis was made in addition to treatments being adjusted accordingly. All that is required for repeat prescriptions is another 10 minute visit 3 or 6 months later.
    Human emotion is being labelled and prescribed for in a dumbing down process in order for further drug peddling to ensue.
    One last thing, Der Oberst, be careful before labelling anyone crazy. Based on the couple of lines you wrote and with s DSM-IV at my side, I can easily label you... Wonder what more we can come up with if we had a couple more minutes...

  214. This "video" does not deserve to be called documentary, eeeeem what should it be called instead???eeeem.... oh yeah I got it..... it's Propaganda!!!

    It is highly manipulative and bias, it is not balanced, it does not want to educate, it manipulates, it's sources are questionable (for ex. google "Dr. Rima Laibow" who is indeed a psychologist but also Ufologist with crazy conspiracy theories.)

    Don't waste 2hours of your life on this!

    Der Oberst

  215. Having gone through anxiety and seriously suicidal thoughts. I think this documentary really missed the ball by not pointing out some of the success stories for people who really need the drugs. Also, I have my mental problems from smoking alot of pot, which many people believe is a harmless drug - it is not true and i dont think i will ever believe otherwise (who knows though, life is long).

  216. alao wanted to say that the film is dichotomy. extremely misleading in some aspects and right on target in others.

  217. -hardcore mental illness can be managed with medication. hoping anyone who has been on a psych ward, had a psychotic break or attempted unmedicated suicide does not stop taking their medicine after watching this film.

    -also wonder about parts of the teen screen story.

    -other than that, big pharma IS evil..

    1. the only true scientific proof that I am aware of, is of Depression.
      It results in a 25 % reduction in the Hippocampus (The Brain).
      I suffer from this, and I can tell you after 25+ years of Psyche wards and how it all operates. This Film is absolutely true.
      So, there is NO DRUG,MEDICATION that can even attempt to CORRECT this. So, any and all's argument bout medication works is basically wrong. and those persons do not suffer real mental Illness.

      So, those that do take them and report better health are under the influence of the drug and probably DO NOT suffer from any real mental Illness in the first place.. As for me, They have cost me so much money, cost me my life, my health and my happiness.

      I have a multitude of Health problems that doctors cannot even find out what is causing it. 10 different diagnosis for the same symptoms.Usually diagnosed as a infection, but antibiotics do nothing.I even had a Doctor tell me, my cough was caused by my blood pressure medicine that I had taken for 1 week.
      It has been known to cause a cough he said.
      -uh oh, now how does an existing medicine that can cause what I went thru even be made available or in the market to begin with? A drug for blood pressure is actually causing harm>? I did not even have High Blood Pressure only borderline. So, it stands to reason that what I have experienced over the past 25+ years with Psyches is also damaging.

      Point is, this documentary film has confirmed all that I have been saying out loud to myself in my reclusive life.Where I never sleep for more than 15 mins to 2 hours. Never more than 6 in a 24 Hour Period.I vomit at least once a week.
      I constantly have snot and (brain fluid) coming out of me.
      A constant unending cough, Battles with Pneumonia .
      Headaches (unending) Tinitus,Spot Hot Sweats(where I only sweat in spot, Long Hot Flashes,Very poor short term memory,
      Numbness and tingling in right hand, Arm and Armpit,Bouts of Acathesia, ( in fact, it took me two whole years just to get over the mid point of three injections, am still rolling down from that) plus others.And I am 100% sure that these meds have caused these conditions.

      If you think these drugs help , by all means keep taking them. I will never touch then again. I will suffer my depression without THEM!
      I have experienced a lot of what is discussed here, I have seen it, felt it,suffered it.
      SO you have ask yourself, are you really mentally Ill, or have you been the subject of a Legalized Drug Pusher?

      Never has these drugs made me feel better in any way shape or form. Hence it took me over 25 years to learn this, wished I had seen this 30 years ago. :D

      I have heard of two kinds of NON-MEDICINAL treatments, but are still not widely known or used. ECT was one and another
      requires an Electrical implant that is tied into a nerve to the brain to stimulate growth/use in/of the Hippocampus, where Depression really exists.

      This country needs to wake up and see/hear the TRUTH about mental illness. Am so sick of hearing you need treatment this or that person needs treatment,AS IF TREATMENT was a cure!!!!!! It aint no cure, and it definitely is not even a band aid on those that actually suffer in my opine .when every damn treatment I been thru is nothing but an experiment and drug dispensing Doctors , who nevr ask you anything, or even see you till the last 10 minutes before you are discharged.

      I know the truth, I have lived in it for 30 years.