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Man vs. Wild

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Man vs. WildWith little more than the clothes on his back, survival expert Bear Grylls goes toe-to-toe with some of Earth's toughest, most remote environments in each edge-of-your-seat episode of MAN VS. WILD. Grylls faces sweltering desert temperatures, icy, raging rivers and hungry predators as he fights for survival using techniques he learned as a British Special Forces soldier. You'll never look at the great outdoors the same way again!

The Rockies: In this episode, Grylls encounters a grizzly bear, jumps off a 70-foot cliff and floats nearly 12 miles in treacherous and freezing white water, all on a diet of rattlesnake, raw fish and worms.

European Alps: Armed with just a knife, water bottle, cup and a flint to make fire, Grylls parachutes into this mountain range. From a radical new technique that could help save lives in crevasse zones, to building a snow shelter to survive alpine storms, to demonstrating how to escape from a fall into a frozen lake, Grylls puts his skills to the test.

Costa Rican Rainforest: Grylls's challenge is to make his way to civilization from within the Costa Rican rainforest with just a knife and a water bottle. His journey takes him up 100-foot trees and down pounding waterfalls, through secondary jungle and mangrove swamps to the sea.

Moab Desert: On this incredible journey back to civilization, Grylls travels down a maze of narrow canyons, encounters rattlesnakes and escapes quicksand.

Sierra Nevada: This time carrying only a water bottle and cup, Grylls shows us how to survive in the Sierra's breathtaking yet deceptively dangerous three major mountainous regions.

Alaskan Mountain Range Join Grylls in this challenge as he scales the icy peaks of the Chugach Mountains, Alaska, one of the toughest environments on the planet.

Mount Kilauea: Made up of a bleak expanse of solidified lava which stretches for 33,000 acres, this environment is one of the world's most inhospitable. One tourist a week is rescued from its lava fields. Grylls deliberately puts himself in the position of one of those lost tourists, putting his survival skills to the ultimate test.

Desert Island: Grylls eats sea urchins and fish eyes, encounters razor-sharp coral reefs, rip currents, and relentless surf and comes face to face with sharks.

African Savannah: Grylls demonstrates how to find water, build shelter, use natural medicines and prevent elephant and rhino attacks. In his journey to safety, Grylls eats the meat from a lion-kill in this thrilling episode.

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20 Comments / User Reviews

  1. rue

    I looovvee Bear! I know most of the show is staged and whatever but it's still is so entertaining! You do learn a lot of random survival facts that could some day save your life, you never know! keep it coming!

  2. js
  3. js

    I want more of this series.. awesome

  4. Edgars
  5. Edgars

    This documentary rocks!

  6. mj
  7. mj

    this guy was faking all those documentaries... he lied through his teeth..
    nevertheless he did ate some of these awful spiders, snakes, blood
    plus some of his survival techniques are not worthless... shame he could not have made the film honestly

  8. Marko
  9. Marko

    Have never been a big fan of Bear Grylls, and just like Steve Irwin, he is more of a showman and a clown, and in the process killing any real credibility that he may have (i have read his wikipedia) and like Irwin, he's laughing all the way to the bank.

  10. Gus
  11. Gus

    Marko, being an aussi I happen to know a bit about Steve, Steve died doing what he loves, working with nature.He made money but he protected the environment as well.To compare this guy to Steve then follow it with Steve was all about money is a statement that is prettying bloody ignorant.

  12. Dillon
  13. Dillon

    I honestly wish that there will be more episodes

  14. Henry
  15. Henry


    yea that doesn't stop it from being a good show but I feel kinda scammed sitting thru the first 2 seasons thinking it was all real...

  16. joel
  17. joel


    'Just like Steve Irwin..?

    Steve Irwin has bought and saved more land and wildlife than you've had dirty emails!! Visit Australia Zoo, in which he and his father built from the very beginnings to what it is today!!

    Showmanship, entertainment, to compair 'Bear' Grills with Steve Irwin is a f@#$%&* huge copp out which only a self indulgent non educated red neck would make.

    Do some more research in the future before you state uneducated ridiculous claims!!

    Any one can compare Obama to Oprah, but to measure a mans achievements through his accomplishments is truly much more honorable!!

  18. ameriturds
  19. ameriturds

    What's the fuzz about the show not being real? It's TV. If you honestly think someone would put themselves in grave danger on TV w/o safety precautions you've gotta be 12 years old. And, yeah, the cameraman has to do almost as gnarly stuff as Grylls so how dangerous could they claim it to be? It's entertainment - but far better than most other series out there. Hope to see more episodes soon!

  20. Adele Cotton
  21. Adele Cotton

    I love to see how long it takes before he takes his shirt off. Who would've known that you can only conquer the wild half naked?

  22. Jin
  23. Jin

    How this count as documentary is beyonde me.
    i stopped watching the "show" after he "capture" and killed a dear. cuz i realized how fake it is , as far as survival goes , it probablykill you if you do what he does. watch it for fun but dont take it seriously.

  24. oklima
  25. oklima

    I'm now pissing on my shirt and putting it back on before I go to work - thanks Bear! I wouldn't want to dehydrate :D

  26. Dr. Jones
  27. Dr. Jones


    I've been canoe tripping and living in the wild for almost 30 years now. Doing what this guy does is a recipe for death. Plus you can spot areas where it has obviously been faked. i.e. wild mustangs with horseshoes that were freshly brushed... Think of it as unreality TV but it is not for learning.

  28. antiloops
  29. antiloops

    do you want to watch real survival ? search for.. Walking the Amazon!!

  30. Mathew Devon
  31. Mathew Devon

    its obviously staged in the way that they put dead animals around, put live animals around and put him in situations that are constantly pushing ones boundaries. They do this to make the show entertaining. sure he didnt track down a certain animal, but he did kill it and eat it himself. You can't say that him eating all those grubs, drinking pee and rotting meat was fake. it was real. Same as all of his climbing and dangerous encounters. They are real but he also has safety precautions in place to prevent him from dying. He still free climbs those giant mountains. He is more man than any of you ever will be

  32. jak9090
  33. jak9090

    just watched the documentary you reccomended, it was amazing, that guy would eat bear grylis for breakfast.

  34. antiloops
  35. antiloops

    when I watched man vs wild I start think to my self if this guy does all that stuff for real,..... the other guy with camera on his hands must be the strongest man on the planet :D

    Just saying !!

  36. William Casey
  37. William Casey

    if you watch the behind the scenes special youll see its not faked...

  38. mike
  39. mike

    entertaining yes. but when it comes to making out he `survives` without help in some of his programmes. its been proven that the whole team are never in real danger and have professional survivalists with them.

    but - like i said. its enteraining and sometimes helpful info, too.

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