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Manga Mad

2008 ,    » 19 Comments
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Manga MadManga Mad gives insight into contemporary Japanese culture through the iconography of its biggest pop culture and explains why comics are not just for children, as depicted by the compulsive consumer obsessiveness of the otaku adult manga and anime scene.

The tradition of graphic narrative is traced in Japanese art history through to the post WW2 boom of comics.

There is extensive coverage of cyber-sex, electronics town, Akihabara. The virtual reality, manga-anime-mecca, for otaku, and most popular tourist attraction in Japan.

In addition, Comiket Market, the biggest comic and cosplay event in the world is featured with an interview with its founder, Mr Yonezawa, who recently passed away.

Candid interviews with artists, animators, publishers, historians, retailers and otaku fans punctuate vivid fantasy graphics and cartoon-clad, bustling, metropolis vistas, segued with an exotic, electro sound track.

Manga Mad opens the window behind the Japanese mask, to reveal what's really going on in the collective imagination, and explains why manga is so ubiquitous, mesmerizing, virtually uncensored, and is now contagiously popular worldwide.

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19 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Apollo

    The Only True Manga I Freakin loved was: Dragon Ball Z.
    But...? I dont really consider it a Manga, for some reason.
    Even though people say it is.
    DBZ #1 Cartoon ever!!!!

  2. House Of Pleasure
  3. House Of Pleasure

    Bit dry in it’s presitation but worth a watch.

  4. House Of Pleasure
  5. House Of Pleasure

    Dragon ball Z is very Japanese I don’t see why you don’t consider it manga. I take it you watched the cartoon, technically those are called anime. Manga refers to comic book form.

  6. adilrye
  7. adilrye

    Um...what? That's like saying you don't consider Spider-man a comic book character because most people know of him from TV and movies.

    DBZ is and will always be Manga and very Japanese.

  8. Apollo
  9. Apollo

    Well...? I guess, but I still dont consider it Anime? Maybe cuz growing up in Mexico we just considered a regular cartoon not a japanese cartoon?

  10. CatnipBubbleGum
  11. CatnipBubbleGum

    finally a non-'scratch-your-eyes-out-of-frustration' documentary!
    This is interesting, educational, cultural, and .... who isnt curious where the 'provocative' manga movies are from!? Great background information.

  12. Guest
  13. Guest

    Belgium and France also produce a lot of comic books, called BD for Bandes Dessinés.
    I read every Asterix et Obelix and Tintin et Milou when i was young, and many others.
    Japenese Manga now represents more than one fourth of comics sales in France.

  14. House Of Pleasure
  15. House Of Pleasure

    Yes that is somewhat a point this documentary makes. You stopped reading comics books when you reached a certain age. In Japan reading comics is much less age tied.

    …Also Michel Vaillant.

  16. Guest
  17. Guest

    The advantage of using drawings to tell a story is that there is absolutely no limit to what the *actors* can do. An exemple of that was in *Home Alone 1*, although no animation characters were used, it had a cartoonish way of telling the story.
    Also...there are many porn *comic* books...a better way to produce that sort of material which i suppose achieves the same result of exciting the audience.

  18. Misa Amane
  19. Misa Amane

    Yes, I fcking agree. DBZ has always been the greatest manga/cartoon series since it began in the late 1970s... and it's still very popular. It even made it to Hollywood (even though it was a bust.)

  20. Misa Amane
  21. Misa Amane

    You have to understand most people in the u.s. who are my age (I'm 21) grew up watching anime without reading the manga. Not to mention DBZ manga or manga in general wasn't popular until Cartoon Network had a hit with the DB series. That's why I consider the DB series the Eye-opener for Japanese culture in the U.S.

  22. Misa Amane
  23. Misa Amane

    Like I was saying above, if you grew up in the U.S. and you're my age (I'm 21), then you probably didn't have access to manga until a decade after the Dragon Ball series became popular. That's when manga was even imported to the U.S. because they saw it was a hit with the young audiences. And by that time, we were probably reading the Naruto manga, and just watching re-runs of DBZ.

  24. linzfrances
  25. linzfrances

    hentai manga ~

  26. linzfrances
  27. linzfrances

    I want Hentai manga/ comics & yaoi

  28. Kitty_Sea
  29. Kitty_Sea

    Great doco, looks a bit like a home made job but the content is great. I love anime, both dubbed and subbed, but I've never been into reading comics - this makes me want to try reading manga.

  30. lol_what_am_i_saying
  31. lol_what_am_i_saying

    all in all great documentary!
    it's a pitty that we don't hear more about timeline animation, as the manga animations have something very original in terms of movement. for instance it's amazing how some japanese animations have very few frames pr sec yet so much movement... things like that ;-3
    another thing, what's up with dubbing the interviews with "japanese" accents, haha that's silly. what's the point? some of it was really difficult to understand

  32. James Tod
  33. James Tod

    There is a lot of money to made in Manga movies, television for Kids,Adults and Games , Data ,toys ,books on Education know how to draw manga style art , adult entertainment , furniture And House hold products . They have lots of books on how to draw manga style art . Street Fighter And Dragon Ball Z is also part of Animation Manga Company . The Two movies And video Arcade games once took the USA by storm over night .In the USA Before Manga in the 1980's . PAC Man games was number one . Because it was not just fun to play . Any person at almost age could play it . And it had nothing to do with adult entertainment . But still made a lot of money . But right now Cell phones ,Apple computers and Dell computers ,Are number one in the USA . With DC and Mable comic's .

  34. James Tod
  35. James Tod

    Manga comics could take over the USA . If the Japanese give the USA movie makers the rights to make money from making the movies here in the USA . Japan can take over America with out having a war If this happen . Why because China and England all ready own there part of United states By law . They each own one state a peace . all ready paid for . But most Americans don't know that .

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