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As man's imprint upon the Earth continues to grow, we've become more and more alienated from the wonders of the natural world. Yet Mother Nature possesses the ability to enhance our lives, cure our ills, and imbue our existence with a sense of balance and meaning. That's the main theme set forth by Manna, an impassioned documentary inspired by the psilocybin mushroom and its arsenal of consciousness-expanding powers.

Rich in psychedelic compounds, psilocybin mushrooms have inspired much fascination throughout history. Mayan artifacts reveal early evidence of their allure, they've been used in a variety of shaman rituals, and a flurry of prominent scientists, artists and cultural researchers have also come to their defense over the years.

The film describes its altering effects in vivid detail. After an initial period of disorientation, the user feels as though they have entered a new dimension. Once there, they can fully experience the energy of their natural environment, and recognize the complexities of its design.

Tales of the mushroom only serve as the film's jumping off point, however. Its true objective lies in highlighting the importance of achieving harmony with nature. By taking a step back and studying the inner workings of a functioning ecosystem, where every element serves its purpose by supporting another, perhaps humankind itself can learn to co-exist in greater harmony. The film travels around the globe - from the clear blue waters of the Philippines to the awe-inspiring rainforests of Australia - to illustrate these lessons.

The call to reinvest in the glories of nature has never been more urgent, especially in this world of ever-increasing infrastructure, environmentally unsound practices, and catastrophic levels of pollution. The continued dominance of "civilization" makes it more challenging for us to establish these crucial connections, just as society's fears oppress the self-discovery that may be possible with psilocybin mushrooms. Do the feats of modern industry truly represent progress, or are they only working to remove us from our full potential?

Shot in 2003 on a Hi-8 camera, the visual qualities of the film may be modest, but its thematic content is ambitious and noble. Provocative and inspiring, Manna shares a potent ecological message.

Directed by: Simon G. Powell

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  1. ecoHIGH

    A beautiful testament to mother nature...

  2. silverace08

    Top notch film! Thankyou for this dope, cohesive work to help open our minds- Everything you explained resonated so much and was real well expressed- also, lovely footage to along with the insights -appreciate all your efforts to make this :)

  3. said

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  4. captain shroomer

    i hear its also able to make you laugh for almost 35 minutes into SW-TFA until kylo ren comes on and totally bums out the trip...

    and it can make you very afraid of midgets. like irrationally scared of, but get this, one time i was scared to step of the sidewalk into the street cause it seemed like a mile, but i was also scared of a midgets proportions, totally weird.

    i tried some of that microdosing for anti-depressive effects.. well, either 1) the dosage that qualifies as micro is much less than what i was using or that 2) you just cant take mushrooms and not want to snicklefritz chucklenutz ole cookiepuss the entire time im on them.

    i think they should allow everyone a "rumspringa" for something like an acid trip or mushrooms or something cause that sh*t is just too fun to not do at least 5 or 6 tims in your life, you wont loose your sh*t over it, its not gonna kill ya, its alright and its organic, right?

    all hail BRC and spore prints from friends.

  5. Evita

    Great film! Thank you
    There are studies on psilocybin going on. This compound is able to alleviate depression and anxiety in people and to put them on the road of meaningful life.