Marathon Day: Boston

Marathon Day: Boston

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What really happened in Boston on April 15? Here is a film that will bring you up to speed. Documentary that summarizes the Boston bombing attacks from the perspective of the official story through the eyes of the mainstream media and the questions asked by millions about its credibility, both by alternative media sources and the public!

The film is presented in the form of direct evidence, all media reports are verifiable and presented with direct sources of evidence. These are all available to the public on the Internet, the only source left 'unregulated!' Mainstream vs alternative Internet media is the theme!

What is the truth? Why didn't the mainstream report about the 'Bomb Drill' that was taking place on the day? Why do the witnesses on alternative media contradict the witness reports presented by mainstream.

Why did the mainstream fail to report on the military undercover operatives at the scene of the first explosion? Why was the FBI mentoring the Tsarnaev brothers? Who is really behind this? Who gains from these 'terror attacks' and how have previous attacks reshaped our lives? See the two perspectives and be the judge! Is there a real conspiracy here?

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Kelly Carr
2 years ago

Oh, how the brainwashed cheer on the more deeply brainwashed known as police officers.

stan wasserman
5 years ago

Every single one of these events 9-11, tonkin bay, etc.etc. has so many things wrong with them . The media will show someones new haircut all day long but the aftermath of all these false flags gets jumbled into non existence and Americans patiently wait for the kadashians or some other rediculous "reality show"

7 years ago

You can,t believe anyone anymore,I get sick when I realise all who participate in these deceptions and the innocent that's used.were all open targets,to the sick elite and there deceived and twisted followers,sad they give up the humanity and dignity,I almost can,t wait for the final day of judgment to come.god knows the truly guilty,and can only hope he takes vengence on behalf of the innocent.

Rev. G
8 years ago

Everything is a "false flag" when it comes to Alex Jones. And if you believe this BS...

Richard Neva
8 years ago

False Flag!

9 years ago

The naked man was the guy who was carjacked/kidnapped by the bombers. He was naked because the police made him strip, they did not know at the time what his connection was to the bombers. He has since been cleared of anything and has even done some interviews. He was a 26 year old chinese man. You figure the people that made this documentary would include or investigate that but then again it wouldn't fit into their agenda of misleading people. Wonder what else they left out or exaggerated..

9 years ago

I think this is why Edward Davis has stepped down months after the bombing. Either because he had a hand in covering it up or wouldn't continue to lie about it. i'm unclear I knew him from Lowell Police. he was a POS then

9 years ago

This video loses all credibility the second Alex Jones shows his face.

James Dore
9 years ago

I have not seen this as I have no need to. Any documentary attempting to show "two sides" to the issue is just trying to cause debate and muddle the issue, using Alex Jones doesn't help either. I have seen frame by frame evidence of the "bombing" in well made videos on you tube and photos and news stories from various sources to know that the whole thing was an elaborate staged hoax. there is enough clear and convincing evidence that any two sided documentary, especially involving Alex Jones, is designed just to lend credibility to the official story. We have seen these things before, many corporations often use this strategy, if you cannot prove your side create a debate to keep people arguing about it.

9 years ago

Honestly, I don't even know what to believe anymore. I thought this was just a doc on the crazy bombers, then I saw Alex Jones and it turned into another conspiracy video.

Before watching the video, I gathered the older brother was disillusioned and really hit the skids when he found out he could not box professionally as he was not a citizen. I also thought his brother kind of went along for the ride as some dumb, younger brothers do.

And wasn't it announced that the older brother was a person of interest in a murder a few years prior to the incident?

Now, we hear the FBI has been watching them for a few years. And there's the story about the naked guy.

Ugh! My head hurts. Wake me up when it's over.

9 years ago

36m 20s - What i is wrong with that guys eyes? Almost looks like they change color.. Are the lizard people behind this? I think I just blew the whole case open.

9 years ago

Something very similar has happened up here in Canada with an acquaintance of mine. He and his girlfriend were arrested on terrorist conspiracy charges outside Vancouver. I knew him when he lived here in Victoria, he was a lanky punk type dude who was a bit strange but always seemed quite friendly to me just not "mainstream," Supposedly, since moving to Vancouver area he and his girlfriend got involved in the Muslim religion and was arrested with bombs that RCMP claim were never a danger to the public. Nothing has been in the news since the arrest but his lawyer pointed out that it almost seems that his client may have been caught in what is called a "Mr.Big" scheme where someone is lead on into something they otherwise wouldn't have by government agents. How else could the RCMP be so assured that they never presented a threat to the public? How could they be so sure that the bombs were impotent if they weren't directly involved? Frankly, I'm surprised the cops would even say that as it leaves even an average joe to ask themselves that question. Scary to see this kind of cancer spreading north.

9 years ago

A few things: Ok, so if the naked guy wasn't tamerlan, who was he? I'm sure he has an interesting story to tell. why has no one found him and asked him what they did and asked? Second: once the FBI told us to stop looking at other suspects, have we found ANY other footage that indicates the tsarnaevs? Third: we know for a fact that kraft international was there, we have the fbi's video of these two at the scene, yet the backpack with the grey stripe does not match either backpack in the video, and DOES match the tall goofy guy in the blue sweatshirt, why has there been no follow up with this? Fourth: there was no other video and only one other picture of Joker Tsarnaev, that's all they have of these guys at the scene?

There is a lot more to this story, but this was a pretty shallow laying it all out. No mention was made that the mother had been deported for her own stuff, no mentions was made of Tamerlan's involvement in a previous murder... there are some real questions here, and this was little more than a rehash of easy to find footage.


9 years ago

Why I'm still watching this? I don't know. I don't like Alex Jones. He's so egotistical, I can't help but feel he runs his mouth just to hear it, and doesn't care what comes out of it.

The kid with shredded clothes running from an explosion is not suspicious. Not to me anyways. Obviously he was really close for his clothes to shred. I'd be running too if I could collect myself in that moment.

The naked guy just seems like some schmuck at the wrong place and time. Yeah they made him strip to assess if he had anything on him. For example, a bomb. I can't say I'd expect someone to pat him down, all things considered. But the thing that really caught my attention here is the cops demeanor when the suspect is placed in the car. The cop's body language tells me the naked dude isn't a threat.

I know people praise the internet for it's activeness during the incident, but I can't help but feel it acted just as hysterical as the media. Albeit not in the same way. I was really worried, for a moment, that someone was going to get in to some trouble because they had their picture plastered all over reddit and twitter. This is why the FBI directed folks to a specific set of pictures and cautioned everyone to ignore the rest.

Lets be honest, we're not a society above pitch forks and torches. We are very reactive before the facts, and the responses to this incident only reinforced that.

9 years ago

Its not about Alex, its about the perspectives offered in this fantastic film, mainstream media vs alternative Internet media, that really opens up a bigger picture to the truth!

9 years ago

Alex Jones knows exactly what he's doing. No-one ever went broke underestimating the public.

Paul Feenstra
10 years ago

Interesting documentary until Alex Jones, all credibility lost.

10 years ago

you do have to put terrorism into perspective, how many die from terror each year compared to the amount of money spent plus new legislation compared to say gun deaths in america....something just doesnt fit, something else must be going on.

10 years ago

I hear the guy is being charged with the use of a Weapon of Mass Destruction...aaaahhhh, so if convicted...that must infer that Sadam did have em all along. Redefine a definition, rewrite history. Genius.

10 years ago

There is a pretty well researched report by Shawn Key that you can access at whatnewhell com. I have no affiliation with him or the site. I just found it looking around one day and I think it is fairly well researched without an injection of opinion. The report does raise some interesting questions but the paper itself attempts to show how unprofessional broadcast journalism proves detrimental in times of crisis such as the Boston bombings. I have seen questions regarding the naked man and who he was. While I do not know who he was it turns out the naked man seen from a helicopter was actually being arrested a block away from the tsarnaev brothers. Instead of verifying the shot the reporter ran with the "naked man" shot as one of the brothers and as such the public understandably began asking questions. On a different note I honestly don't understand why people must resort to ridicule and personal attacks ever... Some people on this site claim that this documentary is more propaganda and then go into a tirade about how people are for believing the movie they just watched. Or how people are for believing what Alex Jones says on his radio show. The fact is that Alex Jones has very credible guests on his show and his info is usually spot on. As far as Alex himself goes I can only tolerate him in small doses. I don't really need someone to constantly "connect the dots" for me. By doing that he essentially is as newsworthy as Bill Maher-and I enjoy his show as well I just don't think their presentation does anything more than entertain. Everyone tries to rationalize things in a way that makes them more comfortable with a tragic event. So I don't think that someone who painstakingly attempts to prove prior knowledge of an event deserves any more ridicule than the media professionals who present the tragedy to begin with. If anything questions and alternate hypothesis should demonstrate the lack of trust in government and I for one always think that is a healthy way of exercising democratic rights-"Question authority" The thing is everyone just wants the truth and they want to feel comfortable with the answers. I would hope that is why anyone watches a documentary to begin with- to facilitate thought about an interesting subject. Nothing is ever as black and white as it is presented and each one of us experiences life differently- not wrong or right. I think most people on this site care about the "truth" and promoting it-whatever it may be so just relax and if someone has a question calmly answer. Otherwise free speech is chilled. Anyways enough of my ranting I shall retire into anonymity and watch my comment viciously attacked.

lex lexich
10 years ago

total fatalities from terrorism WORLDWIDE IN LAST 15 years is waaaay smaller than number of traffic fatalities IN ONE YEAR in USA alone, now you compare the money and media space used in both cases...

Julie Miller
10 years ago

Anyone? Is that the Old North Church @ 40:54 in the video? FYI~
One If by land, Two if by sea
The enduring fame of the Old North began on the evening of April 18, 1775, when the church sexton, Robert Newman, climbed the steeple and held high two lanterns as a signal from Paul Revere that the British were marching to Lexington and Concord by sea and not by land. This fateful event ignited the American Revolution.

10 years ago

It's clear they had prior knowledge but to call it a false flag op just turns off the majority of people that should know about the facts that occurred. The gov won't admit it now because they didn't stop these two brothers, who they were so confident they'd catch that they allowed the race to happen and lots of were injured.

10 years ago

Propaganda, anyone?.. anyone? That event was such an insanely sloppy false flag that anybody with a working pair of eyes can see through it, no wonder the government and media are trying so hard to repeat their lies and bullsh*it story over and over in the hopes they morph into "the truth"..

mark farley
10 years ago

question for the editors of this site. why are you censoring out scientific finding from Stanford ??

lex lexich
10 years ago

were there even casualties?

lex lexich
10 years ago


10 years ago

Did any of you ever hear the story of the little boy that cried wolf?

Seriously, if EVERTHING is a conspiracy, then the word loses all of it's impact.

10 years ago

I watched CNN here in the Netherlands, live, when it was said that Tamerlan Tsaernaev was the naked man getting in the car. His aunt identified him as being Tamerlan. Before that is was said that the man lying on the ground was Tamerlan. But when viewing a close up picture it clearly was not. Was he just someone posing as Tamerlan. As reporters are kept away from proximity of the scene, who would know. There is a picture of Dzjokhar Tamerlan stepping out of the boat, unwounded, no blood on the step of the boat. Afterwards there is blood on the step and all of a sudden Dzjohkar is very wounded in his face. I do not like Alex Jones either, found these things elsewhere. Sniffing dogs seem normal to me, nowadays, as are men on rooftops. Same here in the Netherlands before the crowning of the new king. A german expert group was called in with sniffing dogs. Something felt off from the first moment. Tamerlan has a grey backpack, Dzjokhar mostly white. And with so many control by camera's etc. why are there no clear pictures of them both planting the bombs or fleeing the scene. On Facebook Dzjokhar denied all involvement. I guess we will never know. But everyone knows how martial law was applied in the search of Dzhjokhar. And that in itself is worrying. How ordinary citizens are being shouted out of their own houses, having to hold their arms/hands above their heads. The government ordering/owning guillotines, FEMA coffins, the government ordering exorbitant amounts of bullets. Police etc. looking more and more military. Drones everywhere, also above the boston marathon. Mental screening of toddlers, schoolchildren, mandatory vaccinations and GMO food, chemtrails. Why are we as citizens in democratic societies, not respectfully explained all of this. And at the same time of the boston bombings, US drones bombed a village to pieces in Jemen. How come we do not define that as terrorist acts? How come we as adults still swallow the illusion of democracy, our right to vote, when obviously we have no input, no say in what governments decide.

10 years ago

Ah, clearly, the Glenn Beck journalism form--ask questions that imply, challenge with coincidences, assume nefarious motives. What a pile of!!!!!!

10 years ago

I still want to know what happened to the naked guy if it's not the older brother "terrorist". And if not, WHO is he? Any information on him?

Alec Mowat
10 years ago

A handful of pictures of "contractors" (which are probably undercover police, normal)
A story from an upset mother that starts with "My sons are innocent, they are not religious extremists" and ends with "The FBI was following my son and knew all the websites he was visiting, they were afraid of him and asked me about him numerous times."

I see the problem here. Alex Jones still listens to the news and believes it. Then he sources out of date news before the facts are even clear.

CNN was going ape over the Tornado last week, claiming 50 people were dead. I posted they are hyping this up, and someone commented that it was possibly 200 people dead! Next day; they cut the number to 24, 3 more than the original number.

People need to stop watching 24 hour news and pick up the paper in the morning, when the facts are straight, like they used too.

10 years ago

Hey Alex, you're full of s*it.

But you already knew that.

10 years ago

Oh For F**KS sake!! Pure, grade A, all-natural, homemade American BULLS*IT once again!!! sigh... r.i.p. G.Carlin

10 years ago

I made it through 10 minutes, about the time I felt acid reflux.

10 years ago

researched directed edited animated & produced by Amel Tresnjic
(in two weeks)
operation Paul Revere contest
Great Job Brave Archer Films
free Jahar framed setup patsy

10 years ago

It never ceases to amaze me how the delivery system is always out shadowing the payload. If the message has any truth, who cares who's bringing it? The fact that loud mouths like Alex Jones bring attention to shadowy behavior doesn't mean everything he covers is BS. I could say the same about Rush Limbaugh. Another irritating loud mouth who rarely discerns fact from fiction, consistently. And then there's Sean Hannity, one more opinionated jerk who also clouds the story with personal commentary; so choose your loudmouth, please.
Every one of you who refuse to believe that those in power couldn't possibly have any desire to control or manipulate consensus of thought must have forgotten the laws of history and all the documented proof of past deceit by our elected paragons of virtue and their crone friends who bought their places in government.
It's interesting to note that the first attack on the Twin Towers was a false flag sponsored by our boys in black, the FBI. The Bombing in Madrid: anti-terrorist drills happening simultaneously, Underground bombings in London; terrorist drills happening simultaneously, 9/11: terrorist drills running simultaneously, Oklahoma City: bomb squads all over the city...anyone noticing a pattern here? But we're all idiots. The odds of chance batting almost a thousand on that and you think suspicion about the lies our government have shoved down our throats, i.e., The Lusitania, which got us all riled up for WWI, the free pass to the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, and the Gulf of Tonkin convolution. Sorry, better get my straight jacket on, I'm starting to question authority.

10 years ago

Unmitigated bullsh-t from start to finish, all in the name of pulling in another easy buck for Alex "Douchebag" Jones, out of the gullible masses who just live for this sort of fare since the cancellation of the X-files... (and the cancellation of the Times Square bomber...and the cancellation of the bomb over Detroit... All a part of The Plot, somehow, I'm sure, etc.)

Why no word from the boys' uncle, who didn't automatically think there was a conspiracy, and who also didn't have too much good to say about that side of the family? I guess he's just prejudiced, huh? Already got his mind made up about it? Why such emphasis given to eyewitness testimony, all of a sudden, the most notoriously unreliable piece of any kind of police work? It's almost certainly going to conflict with whatever the "official version" ends up being, and I'm betting THAT'S why. How convenient for the tin-foil hat crowd: With that, they've always got "dissent" they don't even have to cook up themselves that's ready to shove down your gullet quicker than minute-rice.

Wow, their mother didn't think they had anything to do with it, I'm shocked. Well, you know what? My mom's little angel got severely plastered one time about 25 years ago and plowed through a country field in the middle of the night in his badass 5-speed, chasing freaked out cows all over the place and mowing down $600 worth of fence like he was Colin McRae himself, and at first she didn't want to believe it, either...

It's suspicious that there are military personnel at an event like the Boston Marathon? What about the military who were actually running in the event, or those who were there who weren't in uniform? I'm sure a whole helluva lot can be construed out of that... Just give the ball to Alex, he's got more spin skills than a Harlem Globetrotter tweaked out on half a bottle of Adderall.

Just the same old cr@p from this half-wit... He wants every one of you to be AFRAID, because the GOVERNMENT wants you to be AFRAID... Use even a modicum of common-sense and research skills, and you'll see a big red nose on this clown thereafter, every time he shows his face.

10 years ago

I'm sorry...I was under the impression this documentary was made for the people who fell victim to this horrific act of terrorism...I could barely get through it. It is repetitive, sheds no new light on the issues (then again, I did not think that was the point of the documentary) and loses ground rapidly. I too should have stopped watching when I saw infowars...This documentary, is premature & all over the place. Don't bother...really.

10 years ago

Ah... infowars. Guess I can skip this one.

10 years ago

Good grief, the dust has yet to settle :/

10 years ago

You want a conspiracy? Not one hotdog vendor was injured at both bombing locations! Hmmmmmmm coincidence? I don't think so!!!!

Hotdog vendors = terrorist!!!

10 years ago

Wow didnt know there was a bomb 'drill' going on before the race, from my experience almost every time a government is involved in an attack against its own people, their is always some type of drill going on before hand, and the drill is usually very similar to event that takes place, i.e. 9/11, 1993 WTC bombing, London train bombings....coincidence ??? i dont f'n think so.

Alec Mowat
10 years ago

I get it. The hypothesis is that it was a planned, inside attack. The evidence is null, so let's just tie all the lose ends onto the hypothesis and claim it's a fact. I'll watch it. The British train one was pretty good.

10 years ago

One more documentary asking answers for discrepancies filed under conspiracy.

10 years ago

07:00 Obama says: "Anytimes bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror".

Obviously not a free flowing speech, he seem to hesitate when he reads the phrase above. One could think his conscience is being ticked....surely not something he would have written.
Obama may not have real blood on his hands, because presidents don't fight with their bare hands, they send others, but his mind seem to be facing some sort of invisible mirror.
now on to the rest....

10 years ago

This isn't an anti American post I like the US quite a lot, but you guys have car crashes every day that have more fatalities than this event. So if it's the terrorism factor maybe a thought could be spared by the Boston residents for all the millions upon millions of dollars NORAID received on behalf of the IRA from Boston and New York.

10 years ago

wath a joke !!! anyone that trust the mainstreem media , and the Osama Corrupted Dictatorship is d.u.d.=dumb unto death.....confusion+corruption=destruction. The beginning of the end of America going into captivity. I'm awaken and know who rules this world and who is the god of this dumped world. My life is in God ,My creator and thats a fact ! Kill my body i dont care! But my soul and spirit no one else but Yeshua !!Time is so short ,REPENT !!

10 years ago

I have a bunch of questions for Mr. Jones.

Why bring out bomb sniffing dogs when you're staging a terrorist attack? You know there is a bomb there

Why only one witness to the announcement telling people to be calm before the explosion?

Why warn people at all? People wear back packs all the time.

Why the big surprise when the FBI agent in charge of the investigation refuses to answer the question about a false flag operation? What person in their right mind would answer such a question?

Why would Navy Seals be in uniform during a covert operation?

Why the surprise when the mother and father feel that their sons are innocent? "Johnny is a good boy." is a common response when their child is accused of wrongdoing.

People on the roofs watching the race is suspicious? I climbed on to the roof of a building to get a better view of a building burning to the ground. Does this make me the arsonist? Or part of the plot?

10 years ago

Okay, 30 min in and it just seems like everybody was really confused that day...