Marijuana Inc: Inside America's Pot Industry

Marijuana Inc: Inside America's Pot Industry

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Marijuana Inc: Inside America's Pot IndustryWhile it may not be traded on Wall Street any time soon, marijuana has become a booming cash crop.

CNBC goes behind the scenes to explore the inner workings of this secretive industry, focusing on Northern California's Emerald Triangle, now the marijuana capital of the U.S.

In this scenic pocket of America, the pot business, much of it legal under state law, now makes up as much as two-thirds of the local economy. Northern California’s Mendocino County - A picture postcard of the far west and the site of a controversial, profitable and increasingly violent criminal enterprise... the marijuana trade. Officials estimate it accounts for up to two-thirds of the local economy and generates up to $1 billion a year.

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  1. Dan Collins

    This is an interesting topic. I will share this one with my friends and family. Thank you very much for sharing this.

  2. Kevin Murphy

    On this statements i believe that these cannabis is already known entirely legal under state law, now makes up as much as two-thirds of the local economy which probably amazing.

  3. Jennifer Smith

    Great article! America's pot industry is skyrocketing!

  4. Joehartrgave

    Ha, **** me $70 a dozen seeds? Man I live in Amsterdam and the seeds cost 10 euro for 10.

  5. Mandy Reiss

    Leave it to them to mock Kentucky, who proudly showed off their ignorance. Way to go Ky!

  6. oddsrhuge

    Now that there is a "Supreme Court" decision, that modifications to human body parts as well as DNA can be patented....Pot will soon come back into vogue. This time your dealers will be the feds, but it will be "special" patentable pot. Don't drive on it though....THAT would be illegal.


  7. Guest

    The best way to declare "legalization" is if a SmokePot day was decided and agreed world wide (that should be easy with the internet). On that day every person who smoke, who has ever smoked, who intend to smoke ever, who doesn't smoke but drinks...stood with a joint in the mouth and said Enough with this shite and lite up.
    Elbow to elbow we can send a message of control over controllers. Otherwise...risk going to jail, risk having your loved ones going to jail, and agree to have your tax money go towards jails...plain and simple!
    How about 1/1/12?
    That day could be remembered as having brought down a lot of other injustice to the floor.

  8. samir92

    the only way i can see legalization or decriminalization happening, is getting the truthful politicians to power(don't know how thats ever possible without revolution?! ha) and especially education, once people receive unbiased and truthful information about the herb, i'm sure most would tend to see an all together picture, but of course in a lot of people, the illegality of grass is so fixed in their brainwashed mind due to constant propaganda bombardment since the 30's,many ppl think as if its been illegal for its entire history of mayb 3oo years,forgeting that 10,000 years ago was its 1st use as material in china,and5000 years people were already getting munchies! all without one fatality! just in U.S. every year,250,000 die 4rm alcohol,450,000 4rm tabac,600,000 4rm heart disease( caused a lot by procesed chemical FOOD etc),250,000 die 4rm hospital errors(unnecesay surgery etc,)105,000 of which are non-error prescription drugs,and EVEN influenza kills50,000,and you mean to tell me using grass is illegal for our health, just look at that picture!before aspirin came about(same time as prohibition!hmm)weed(in all forms) was the West's most used general medicine , and today we die more just cuz pharma wants money, in lst 30 years, cancer went up 3000% as an example(evidently its more important tofocus on prevention than cure!!), might just be the chemical food,deadly medicinal drugs etc?!! and for the argument of destroying my kids life stuff,apart from the social factors of prohibition,factual knowledge and the ppl themselves,among many other things, MODERATION is key to everything,you can't always eat cheeseburgers every meal for a long time etc(supersize me haha) pop too many asparin you die,same wit booze etc.anyway, Never try to argue with someone agressively(even if they are that stupid), it will lead to a mental blockage of your opinion or fact ,because your stamping on theirs puting it down kinda thing, thats what is 1st picked up analyzed by your brain, and so your statement etc will seem either annoying,uncomfortable or simply not interesting to them, all this of course is to do with your subconscious,i've learned this over maaannny of discussions about maannny things.its only my personal little theory ha. the spliff i just devoured is responsible for this loong ass comment by the way, : ) Peace

  9. Luyang Han

    So old-school thinking. Everyone should watch "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High".

  10. Ando Fiks

    The presenter lady is an i***t. " Is this lady healing sick patients or just giving potheads permission to get stoned ? " . Oh yea, cause its soo dangerous if anyone would smoke it just for fun, cant have that , its from the devil, no fun allowed.

  11. Mac

    This is so ******* dumb just legalize it already, everyone likes smoking weed and will forever, it's not going to change, even if it is 100% illegal in every way people are still going to grow, smoke, sell it so what the hell? Last time I checked heaps of people die from alcohol and other drugs, and marijuana? not one single death, and as to people thinking it's a gateway drug obviously they have never tried it.

  12. sandz

    The arguments against marijuana are absurd: addictive? yes, so are alcohol and nicotine (both more so that marijuana) and so are prescribed meds. Many legal meds have far more dangerous side-effects than marijuana.

  13. PaulGloor

    The best way to combat it is to legalize it to destroy the black market profit value. The war can continue to combat unlicensed growth and distribution in case those DEA agents are afraid they'll be out of a job.

  14. seoulman

    the war on drugs is working hupo50, it makes criminals extremely rich!
    then they ascend into politics in there countries and keep it illegal so they can still still make their Billions!

  15. hupo50

    The war on drugs is absurd, it has completely failed in every country in the world. Hundreds of millions of dollars are expended on enforcing these laws and paying to keep people in jail every year which could be better spent elsewhere. Legalise it, don't demonize it.

    1. samir92

      spot on bro, just to add, they don't just waste taxpayer money but the private prison industry(majority of jails in us anyway) are the ones really profiting from this shit,with many, unsurprising, personal connections to govt and judges, thats why 90% of drug arests are posesion, they leave the big guys, so theres always a supply of normal innocent drug users to throw in jail. smart on their part, the wanks. Peace

  16. Lee Sun

    Legalize Marijuana! It was put on earth for a reason. "Marijuana the forbidden medicine"

  17. davide bryant

    Thank you NBC you might be a Liberal tool but this was a fair look at marijuana i say good job

    1. Epicurus

      fair?!?! what were you watching? the hosts cliche reporter voice and demonizing of something without realizing that it isnt the people or the product that are the problem but the laws were more than enough to see this was terribly bias or at least looked at with a very ignorant eye.

      what about it did you like?