Marijuana: It’s Time for a Conversation

Marijuana: It's Time for a ConversationCaroline Gay Welch passed away peacefully at home on July 17, 2008, after a year-long bout with ovarian cancer.

Her life was distinguished by quiet service to her community, including work for the Fremont Public Association and the Community House Mental Health Center in Seattle, Washington.

Speaking out openly about her medical use of marijuana marked a rare instance of willingness to be publicly recognized for her efforts on behalf of others.

With the help of Caroline’s friends and family, the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington was able to donate 364 copies of the Marijuana: It’s Time for a Conversation DVD to public libraries throughout Washington. Thank you, Caroline, for sharing your story.

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  1. Tyler

    Excellent. This is one of the best documentaries on marijuana I've ever seen. Credible, informational, and to the point. A little short, but it makes its point well. This is a must-see for anyone who still believes that marijuana is a harmful thing.

    "The most dangerous thing about marijuana is to be arrested for it's possession or use."

  2. Graham

    Marijuana is THE gateway drug. Speaking from personal experience it's not right to let a lesser percentage of people suffer the conequences of trying it and becoming addicted/causing them to use other drugs and allow it to become legal. Trust me most drug taking begins from little steps at a time. The sequence is usually tabacco->alcohol->marijuana->"hard drugs". It's really scaring me that so many people are willing to make the drug legal when it royally screwed my life up.

  3. Graham

    Oh damn it all to hell Tyler forget half of what I said you got anything on you this made me want to smoke a dooby so bad...

  4. Mike

    Well graham i my self being one of the many whom have used marijuana before say it is not a gateway drug. And the idea of a gate way drug even existing is idiotic. there is no set line of usage not set in stone order just because marijuana is easy to use and cultivate make it easier to get access. and for all we know you have an addictive personality just Because you screwed up your life dose no t mean others will take responsibility graham. the marijuana didn't tell you to use harder drugs you did be accountable for you actions Graham. if you used to much and where easily talked into other things that's your fault you didn't use moderation or put your self in a safe position. and you logic is correct the we should out law alcohol and tobacco as well.

  5. Tyler

    If a person becomes addicted to any number of drugs, it's not because marijuana made them want to do other drugs. It's most likely because the person already had an addictive or thrill-seeking personality. Marijuana might be one of the first drugs they tried, or got addicted to (another matter of debate; many say that marijuana is only psychologically addictive), but this in no way makes marijuana "the gateway drug." It's just the most accessible of the illicit drugs.
    And yes, if marijuana is illegal then tobacco and alcohol should be too. Or they should all be legal. Either way, the current system has mixed priorities.

  6. Vern

    Graham, for real? They call it the gateway drug because of weak people like you. I've been smoking pot for almost eight years now and I NEVER EVER want to anything besides this. Maybe its because I've personally seen what "hard drugs" do to people compared to "Marijuana" and the ladder of the two is in no way harmful to anyone unless you smoke yourself stupid... Thanks to people like you calling it a "gateway drug" it forever will be known as this even though its only as strong the person who inhales.

  7. Raul

    Great documentary. It is about time that people are standing up against the feds and pharmaceutical companies. Cannabis provides so many products such as medicine, bio fuel, and the highest quality of hemp paper. It is not however a gateway drug nor addictive. I have smoked it before and since it is expensive I don't do it anymore. People that have problems with cannabis either have some sort of psychological problem or don't get laid hahahaha!!

  8. Mary Jane

    Seriously, my gateway drug was alcohol. I choose to smoke pot over drinking for many reasons. For one it makes me creative unlike alcohol which puts you in a haze. I have never passed out smoking. I have never fought with someone when I was smoking. I have a friend who was in extreme northern woods fishing who smoked a joint and a warden came out of no where and fined him 300 dollars. I have an aquaintance who got busted 5 times by the same cop in one week for drunk driving and didnt go to jail. If the Federal government wants to take better care of our country, an arrangement of priorities would make us safer by reallocating the money better to keep us safe from true criminals and offenders of physical crimes.

  9. Graham

    Wow.. I don't think the getting laid factors into it at all. It's just some people with natural dispositions to psychological problems can develop them with cannabis or even alcohol. I've changed my mind and I think weed isn't the big deal everyone's making it out to be, but it's on the same level as alcohol so you have to be careful not to get addicted or you could lose your life. I also do agree pot has far more uses, when i was a pothead I'd always argue that people smoking weed aren't getting into fights and having their inhibitions blurred.

  10. Tyler

    I don't think any doctor will tell you that marijuana addiction can kill you. Alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana--it kills brain cells, damages the liver, and it just plain destroys people's lives. I've never heard of anyone losing their job, home, and family because of a marijuana addiction. Alcohol, tobacco, and hard drugs are another story.
    In any case, I'm glad you've changed your mind, Graham.

  11. eyepopping

    screw you graham.. pardon my french but buddy maryjuana is not a gateway drug!! if there was something that screwed yourlife up buddy it was the stupid tabacco!! not weed.. you went wrong with tabacco!! you moron if you would have started smoking ganja.. you would have been soo mellow and happy to ever want to give it up or to change to something stronger!! no no you started off with a freaken stimulant!! geez and if you want to go smoke a dooby then do so who gives a F*(&!!!

  12. graham


    dude, chill the ***** out and read my last comment. for***** sake. RELAX. and for the record i was never addicted to smoking i only did it to fit in and be cool. I'm only addicted to smoking 1 cigarette to go to bed a day now because in Hong Kong (where I live) we can only really get hash and how we do it here is to mix in tabacco to get it to burn right in joints and bongs. THAT's how I got addicted to tobacco (taking bong rips off that mix is the biggest lung hitter i swear to god.)

  13. graham

    To be honest Tyler here is the only person who's approached this thread with modesty and fair judgement. All I did was try to voice my own opinion (and if you read my 2nd post I actually CHANGE my point of view) and got bashed beyond recognition. You guys are stoners and are this hostile? Do yourselves a favor and represent yourselves a little more openly because I know plenty of people who would bash the living shit out of you for being a pot head. I'm looking forward to my first spliff after taking a long break and to be honest I wish we could all sit down in person, have a session toke up and sort it out like the way real stoners do it. honestly peace.

  14. dankdaisy

    sorry graham but you are kind ignorant and people are upset because marijuana is something they are cultured on(well at least i am) and passionate about and it pisses me off when people like you say things that arent true..all im saying is know what your talking about before you open your mouth...and if marijuana is such a bad gateway drug then y do u say repeatedly u wanna smoke??i know u said u changed your mind but i wonder if you really mean it...stick to one story...

  15. Devin

    Hey graham Im in HK too!! your right though hash is so cheap here its stupid economically to use bud but I hit it straight out of a hash pipe I got from a shop near Hung Hom no need for splifing.

    As for the documentary, kinda Oprah feeling but very effective at summarizing the details which lead to the illegalization of cannabis. To me the way in which cannabis was made illegal is cause for concern for all Americans who honestly believe they're free.

  16. graham

    Haha nice Devin! Yeah getting green here is really annoying I used to just run down to kowloon park in tst and pick up a bullet from the pakis. hash pipe.. that sounds cool would get rid of the hassle of having to make a mixture. Damn it would be far out to get together and have a session randomly meeting on this site!

  17. mazzy

    I wonder if people in Amsterdam are arguing over whether weed is a gateway drug or not. Do they regularly discuss weed mythology? Are pot smokers known as 'stoners'? Do cops in Amsterdam steal weed from the cars/people they pull over? According to the demographics where I live, almost EVERYONE my age is lighting up...and we demand quality. I know two people who do not smoke. Two. It's sort of funny I guess, I'm surrounded by pot EVERYDAY, but never really discuss it. It's just normalcy ;)

  18. Devin W

    At Mazzy.

    sigh... sounds heavenly.

    But I agree normalcy would dissolve any negative stigmas surrounding cannabis which are unfounded.

  19. raised eyebrow

    ummm, yeah. *inhales deeply*

  20. Elizabeth

    I have done weed maybe 4 times. I'm 17 and i find the way my parents taught me marijuana to be is backwards. This drug, to me, isn't bad at all. My father is an alcoholic, I would much rather him like smoking weed. I don't understand why people think that there future will be ruined if they try or even do this drug more than 6 times. I know successful people that are retired in there 50's that have smoked marijuana and still do. As for gateway drugs...Some people (a lot of teens) do other drugs because they are naturally curious to see what other drugs will do for them and I can see this being called a gateway drug. But in most ways it isn't because you don't HAVE to try a new drug, my boyfriend and all of his friends have smoked for 5-6 years and they have never tried any other drugs because they simply don't want to. They know what coke/heroin/meth/ecstasy and other drugs can do so they don't even see a point in trying.

  21. Rayola

    Whats with all of this talk of weed being a gateway drug? That idea is just a crock of shit man. You just have to put things in perspective. Its like people who ride bikes. Like weed, a majority of people have rode a bike during their life. Just because everyone has rode a bike doesn't mean to say that they are going to go out and buy a motorcycle later in life. But since riding a bike is so common chances are that the people that end up buying a motorcycle have ridden a bike at some point in their life. It doesn't mean they started to ride a motorcycle because of the simple fact that they rode a bike earlier in life. And as far as weed ruining your life...IT DOES. Its the law for weed that ruins your life. LEGALIZE IT!

  22. ChuckW

    I agree with Rayola. In and of itself, it's no gateway. It's not like any other illegal drug. You can't compare it to the others. For me, as a kid, the very idea that it was included with the other drugs as a group of "bad drugs" was the only "gateway" thing about it. When I tried pot the first time I remember thinking about all the evils they taught us in school. It was nothing like that. What a crock of BS they fed us. So if they lied about pot they must be lying about the others too. There's your gateway. Lucky for me I knew better.

  23. Charles B.

    Rayola and Chuck W: If you do not think that Marijuana is a "gateway drug" let me ask you a personal question. After smoking pot, what else have you tired later? If both of you can say "None!" then I will be a little more open to your opinions. If not, then I think you're just proving the point that Marijuana IS a gateway drug for many.

    Mazzy: It's not "normal" to smoke pot. Sorry about your neighborhood. Nonetheless, my stoner friend in Eugene does seem to mellow out when he's smoking it rather than run around paranoid and angry. If someone is just doing weed, then it's just barely tolerable if they keep it there, but I wouldn't want my dentist smoking it right before she worked on my teeth! LOL ;-) He's unemployed by the way--the stoner, not my dentist.

    Elizabeth: You're only 17; keep off the pot, and check back with your pot-smoking friends in 15 years and see how life turns out for everyone who keeps smoking.

  24. Charles B.

    This is a poorly made documentary. Very one-sided. Talks not a word about the lazy slack-jawed unemployable users (many, but not all) that I have known personally, or any of the dangers social or otherwise caused from it's use; how many people are killed by people under the influence of pot and they drive stoned? "The most dangerous thing about Marijuana is to be arrested for it's use." No way! It's having your kid ran over by a stoner or having your house broken into for petty cash so they can buy their pot.

    If you're dying of cancer; maybe. If you're a 15 year old kid; no way! You want to make a "Bible" from hemp paper or clothes from Hemp; ok. You want to smoke at the reststop before you drive your semi truck big rig across the state, forget that!

    The biggest deciding factor for me was watching that the ACLU (once again) supports legalization of something evil. Can't pray in school, but oh yeah, let's smoke pot! Very sad. :-(

  25. josken

    @ charles:
    I have smoked pot since i was 16 and am now 21. I never tried anything else but alcohol.
    About the gateway theory: Most (if not all ) xtc,cocain,... users probably started out with alcohol and then tried other drugs. So you could say alcohol is a gateway drug. Would you now want alcohol to be illegal?

    About your dentist: would you want him to drink alcohol before he worked on your teeth? I think not, but does that mean it should be illegal?

    About your unemployed stoner friend: It is kind of ridiculous saying that everyone who smokes pot is the unemployed stereotype. I'm still in school i study chemistry. I have lots of friends who do well at school/job and smoke (lot's of) pot. And i can fairly say that for every unemployed person you know who smokes pot there are 5 more who are unemployed drunks.
    What i do think is that because alcohol is legal and marijuana is not that a stoner will be more likely to not get a job or loose it in the event that people know he uses.

    And last but not least: i just can not believe that what you say about being stoned and driving is true. I can't even believe you believe it. If i just open the paper of this weekend i can probably give you 3 examples of some guy who crashed his car because he got drunk. I can't however show you a example of a pot related crash. I'm not saying this does not happen.

    If these are the reasons you think marijuana should be illegal, maybe you should think about joining the anti-alcohol movement instead of the anti-marijuana.

    I believe that if we would legalize marijuana many would benefit. Money that now goes in to organized crime would now go to the state (because of taxes). The product you buy would be certified so you know you get quality (like we have now with alcohol). We could research it for medical value (what is impossible now because it is illegal). And it has so many other uses besides smoking. The more i read about it the more i wonder why we have to give reasons for it to be legal instead of them giving us reasons for it to be illegal.


    Looking forward to your answer

  26. josken

    ps. I just finished reading all of the comments. I'm sorry if i come on a little strong. It is just that the way things are it is so ridiculous it pisses me off. I get told everyday by someone i know that weed is bad, for example my parents who both drink. It's usually they who drink the most that have the pot stereotypes ready to go every time the issue comes up. And they are also the people who don't really want to discuss things but just tell you you are wrong. Because it is illegal.
    I just want people to be logic about things. I was raised as a scientist and i like a good discussion, especially about pot. Because i have yet to find the first person who can show me evidence that alcohol is better than marijuana, that marijuana can kill people and that legalization is not by far the best option.

    So all you who are against,
    Bring it on!


  27. Squeegee

    Well thanks alot I've nothing to say (until your debate kicks off, at least:)! Great post but I doubt you'll have any takers, because anyone who spouts that same old tired shit like Charlie B is obviously ignorant to weed and its use.

    For all other doubters, be sure to watch (also on Vlatko's kick ass site) "Run From The Cure" and "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High".

    I mean we know it was only made illegal as it was in direct competition with the cotton industry and today its big pharma. Profit over health is a common theme in western societies, and you can't tax something that, like a weed.

    One good thing(the only one) about The Lisbon Treaty is that it will only take 1million signatures to propose a law!

    Euro Toker's Unite!

  28. Phil

    Charles B you are grossly uninformed about marijuana. I have never heard... i mean EVER heard of a pot related car accident. I'm not implying there has never been one, BUT not serious enough to make news headlines. Also, you are portraying unrealistic case scenarios where a dentist would smoke up before seeing a patient.... give certified professionals more credit Charlie... i smoke weed & i smoke responsibly, i don't let marijuana come in between my family and job... if i where you Charlie, i wouldn't worry about your son or daughter(if you have one) being run over by a stoned driver. i would certainly worry more about a drunk drivers turning your child into roadkill.

  29. Achems Razor

    I am not condoning pot, but, it is a natural product of the earth, not man made. I do not smoke it myself, but I do know a lot of upstanding and professional people that do, people that have great families, great values. And they all seem pretty sane to me.

    I also know a lot of people that are alcoholics, prescription pill poppers, they do not seem sane to me.

    I do not believe it is a gateway drug. There are many medical benefits derived from pot. It helps to alleviate many medical syndromes, instead of taking high priced medical alternatives, which half the time do not work anyway. I have been in the medical field so I know of what I speak.

    It seems incongruous to me if you get caught with pot. you no doubt are looking at jail time, not so with alcohol, which to me seems more dangerous.

  30. Charles B.

    I worked in a restaurant where everyone including the owner and manager smoked pot during thier shifts (exept me of course). My brothers all smoked pot except the youngest and me of course; one is a business man and the other is a career criminal. I'm not completely ingnorant about pot, but I'm not foolish enough to think that it's not an "evil" and should be leagalized. Money from texes from such a drug is not something that would benefit a society as a whole.

    As far as alcohol is concerned, I have drank some this year at social gatherings, but I agree that alcohol is very dnagerous and I wish people wouldn't drink at all either.

    And all of you spouting trash about its medical use and the such, how many of you have clothes made from Hemp? Maybe a few. Paper? Even fewer. You want to use it as a drug, not as a commercial product. If any of you would be willing to wear it, write on it, and use it medically for cancer pain, but not smoke it for pleasure, then you just let me know.

    If someone is terminally ill and they feel like they need it for pain, or glauccoma, then it can't be any worse than morphine, but 99% of us don't need it for any practical purpose and just want to smoke it as a drug, and that's not right. That's my whole point.

    The medical uses are ok if absolutely needed, but it's so easily abused by those that shouldn't be using it, like teenage kids.

  31. Achems Razor

    Charles B.

    You wish people would not drink alcohol? And yet you do. You do not think alcohol is evil? I hope you are not a hipocrit. what do you think alcohol is, if not a drug? Did you ever hear about Mothers against MAD? I have never heard about Mothers against Pot in that regard have you? Alcohol kills, Pot does not!

    Tobacco kills much more people than Pot!
    Again, I do not condone Pot or any other type of drugs.
    But Charles, please get your priorities straight so you at least make sense.

  32. Achems Razor


    "MADD" means Mothers against drunk drivers.

  33. Charles B.

    Alcohol, at this point in time isn't against the law to drink, but I don't think it's a sin to drink some alcohol as it's mentioned in the Bible (I suspect even Jesus had some alcoholic wine and not just grape juice) and Paul suggests that Timothy take some wine for his stomach problems (most likely alcoholic), but the Bible does have a prohibition against "being drunk" and is against such in many places. I could be wrong and all those Biblical references to wine are to grape juice, but I think "wine" really meant "wine" just like it plainly says.

    My convictions and actions are very much in line with each other. I'm not officially ordained, but if I were, I wouldn't drink even socially as it's against the policies of my home church (but not against the bylaws of the one I'm attending at the moment).

    I adjust to my setting as far as alcohol is concerned, but I've never been drunk; tipsy once for passover, but still conginizent of all my actions.

    As far as I know pot is not legal to use except in Amsterdam, nor can I find any pot-puffing disciples, etc. in the Bible.

    The last time I was there in Amsterdam I was on a missions trip, so I opted out of that option to have a joint, but Mr. Razor, the next time we're both in Amsterdam and I'm not on official church-sponsored business, I'll think about it as long as I don't violate my conscience in doing so. I'll do the "Bill Cinton" and not inhale! Or not. :-)

    Just a funny story:

    I wouldn't want to do anything I wouldn't want my son to see me do, so I drink very rarely. Asia is just so alcohol based it's nearly unavoidable. I had my best friend (who also is a mostly non-drinker) cater my baby's 1st birthday for my co-teachers at a local restaurant, and low and behold, when we're all on our hour lunch break when all the teachers still have classes in the afternoon, out came the soju! Even our principal was there, but I didn't notice if he drank but most did. I can hardly picture the same event with everyone smoking a joint for my kid's 1st birthday party! LOL! "Peace and be mellow my little princess!" ;-)

  34. mazzy

    Okay lets say you need to catch a ride. Would you rather choose:

    a)a person high on Heroin
    b)a person drunk on Alcohol
    c)a person high on Meth
    d)a person high on Crack
    e)a person high on Mushrooms
    f)a person high on Oxycontin
    g)a person high on Weed
    h)a person high on PCP
    i)a person high on Nutmeg...j/k
    j)a person high on Cocaine
    k)a person high on Acid
    l)a person high on Morphine
    m)a person high on Ecstacy
    n)a person high on Ketamine
    o)a person high on Mescaline
    p)a person high on GHB
    q)a person high on Hash
    r)a person high on Hydrocodone
    s)a person high on Rohypnol
    t)a person high on Methadone with a side of Clonazepam
    u)a person high on Inhalants/Duster
    v)a person high on Opium
    w)a person high on DXM
    x)a person high on Salvia Divinorum ultimately provide you with transportation. Answer honestly please for this little experiment. Also, if you had to pick one to be a roommate, which drug would you prefer them on?

  35. Charles B.


    To all: I do agree that alcohol is misused much more than any other "drug" (except maybe tobacco and caffine) and I don't like that alcohol is abused either. If truth be told, I prefer hanging around a stoner much better than a drunk: mellow verses obnoxious! Nonetheless, I still don't think it should be legalized any time soon.

    Josken: I highly suspect your life would be even better (and your grades) and in the long run, nearly every thing you do would benefit if you lay off the pot. If nothing else, I hear that pot shrinks your balls (or lessens sperm count at the very least) so I wouldn't advise it forever.

    But, you are right, I can't think of any pot-induced road accidents, personally, but they do have a DUII limit for pot too, so I'm sure it does impair driving ability. Drunks on the other hand are making the headlines all the time, for all the wrong reasons, unfortunately.

  36. Charles B.

    Mazzy: Cool! Aren't you the clever girl? (I also left a note for you on Heroin Nation) that I'm hoping you can answer about Meth verses Heroin overdose dangers.

    Anyway . . . . .

    What the crap is "nutmeg" j/k? That's something I regularly put in my pumpkin pies! (Yes, I can bake, thank you very much! :-)) Please tell me people aren't sniffing that stuff! I highly suspected Grandma's pies were "laced!" Ha!

    Anyway, back to the question, if I HAVE to catch a taxi and the drive HAS to be high on something, I suppose weed is the best as all the others (especially the ones I don't know what they are) sound extra scary. As a roommate, they would be mellow but messy, which I suppose is much better than psychotic, paranoid, and dangerous!

    May I please request a Taxi driver "High on Jesus"? Much better. Thanks.

  37. josken

    about the clothes/paper i just want to say that i don't think there is a great supply. If i could go in a store and buy hemp paper i would do so just for the principle of it i think.

    Please don't get me wrong when i say that weed has a medical value. I don't say that because i just want to use legal pot. I say that because there are really a lot of people who could benefit of medical marijuana, and many more perhaps if we could do more research on pot. But it is not possible now because it is illegal. And that is kind of hypocritical in my opinion. Think of all the people with ms,... who have pain/loss of appetite/... on a daily bases and have to use painkillers like mentos. It just makes me furious that they have to suffer because some corporate giant could make some more money. instead of just be able to put some plants in their garden and smoke up in the morning to get trough the rest of the day.

    Not to offend your religion; but i can also pretty clearly see the parallels between Christianity and pharmaceutics. You have a few guys at the top trying to control the rest either trough money or fear of god. And if the guy who they preach exists really does exist, I'm pretty sure he will favor me, the "good" (pot smoking :p) atheist over a corrupt priest. I'm not saying religion is bad/god does not exist etc, I'm just saying if he is so great, no petty human should be able to speak in his name...

    About nutmeg: About 2 years ago i had a lab in school about the isolation of myristicin out of nutmeg. It is this substance that is a drug. It is a Monoamine oxidase inhibitor like i think extacy/mdma. We isolated this in school, meaning i was making drugs at school... Go figure... :)

  38. Charles B.

    You mean to tell me "nutmeg" really does have a drug in it?!? I thought for sure it was some drug that they just called "nutmeg". I will never think of my pumpkin pies again quite the same way, well maybe. :-)

    Nonetheless: Good news for pot smokers. I just read today that a town in Colorado deciminalized small amounts of pot for personal use. LOL! Now if you want to smoke a joint or two, just move there. How they get it (and if it's legal to buy it and grow it) is not known by me at the moment.

  39. josken

    Probably same as in Holland (which is pretty lame as well). You can have pot, just not sell it/buy it/ or grow it in big amounts. You can have 5 plants i think, without lamps, cause then it is illegal. And you can buy it in a shop i guess, but the shop can't have more that 500g of pot at one time (could be less) so that is 100 customers a day. Believe you me, when i go to a shop i am in there for about 5 minutes, with 2 or 3 other guys. So that is 15-20 g of pot we buy. So a shop can either choose to be legal and loose profit due to a lack of pot. Or to be illegal. Imo it's mostly the 2nd :).

  40. Rip

    Charels B didn't even watch the entire 30 minutes because they specifically state that they are not advocating the use of pot by teenagers, but rather just as alcohol is dispenced. Charles B you have blinders on, smoke a joint and take an unbiased look at the entire picture....and don't forget, as in anything, there are always some bad apples. Better watch out for those pot addicts (lol) who can't handle 'withrawls' from pot and must steal at any means. Now thats just fiction, gotta go twist one. peace.

  41. josken

    Rip, You shouldn't be so offensive to people with other convictions as you. Especially not Charles because he has the guts (unlike many many others) to join the pot discussion as a (partially) opposer. I do not know about your life, but in my life many people just say that every rational argument i give them is nullified by the fact that it is illegal. This is ofcourse Begging the question (i hope this is the right way to say what i mean :p) and makes sure we will never be able to change anything.

    For man made a ridiculous law that says this is illegal, so people teach their children that it is bad (with the argument that it is illegal) so they want to keep it illegal.

    The status quo is enforced...

  42. Charles B.

    Thank you, Josken. If pot was totally legal, I know I still wouldn't use it just like I don't smoke cigarettes. But deep down in my heart, I don't consider it as bad as other vises like heavy drinking or sexual addictions/crime, hard drugs, etc. But, it's not the best path to take and does cause troubles.

    Ok! One very funny TRUE story! When I was a kid growing up in Colorado, Like 6 or 7, my older brothers and all their friends smoked pot (home grown). We lived way outside of town. I asked one of our neighbors if I could weed their flower beds for pocket change. They agreed. But, being the very diligent young lad I have always been, I notice a bunch of little "weeds" growing along side the house too, so I "weeded" them as well. I got paid and it was only later that I found out that they were steaming mad at me for pulling up all their baby pot plants along side the house! I really "de-weeded" the whole opperation!

    I never not another "weeding" job again ever from any of my neighbors LOL :-) I should have grown up to be part of the D.E.A. but I just wasn't focused enough when I was college aged.


    "The war on drugs is the war on me..." and on you. "Think for yourself"

  44. dread

    Good home grown Herbs(cannabis) are -Food for the brain........
    Herb is not addictive nor its a gateway for addictive substance's.

    have been Smoking Herbs(strictly herbs) for Over 17years & still strong.
    Strange everybody believes i am less than 25yers of age where as i will be 50' next year. Could it be that herb is the cure against aging??????????

    Thanks for my tribe and my parents for teaching me to continue with an ancient tradition of Using herbs...


    "Legalize FREE-dom" Smoked since I was 12. I'm 25 now. Half my life, and no long-term side affects, nor am I "insane/homicidal" In fact, my suicidal tendencies have decreased dramatically ever since I started self-medicating. Fight for what you believe in. To give up on your beliefs is to give up on life. NEVER stop fighting.

  46. jack jones

    People are dome who believe smoking marajuana is harmful. its only not illegal because people who vote against it in government are all piss heads. no1 has ever died in the history of smoking canibus or ever caught cancer. open your eyes. the governement brain wash you.

  47. Miike

    Great documentary, but everyone should check out "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High" it's crazy how bad this has turned.

  48. Anamericantroop

    well Graham it sounds like you abused the drug. I feel that any drug the is abused could affect a persons life differently than the next person positively or negatively. There are millions of people that benefit from marijuana and if you had a problem you should of seek help and rehab not go to jail for 5 years or so and ultimately ruin your life. In matter of fact i really don't care if you did ANY drug like crack or herione, but if you effect sociaty and get caught you instead of going to jail you go to a rehab center and LEARNED EDUCATE about the drug you are taken that ruin your life Graham. ITS a non violate crime people let help these people please not ruin there potential lives. OUT of 10 people that smoke marijuana 2 abuse it and it effect the 8 that need it? Come one now people WAKE UP!

  49. Kiet

    I dunno if you seen The Union yet Graham, in there at one part they say something about being on the road to failure, your on the same path even if you smoke it or not. So in your since the gateway drug theory only exists because people like you who have no self control fail. And most of the time its propaganda that makes the minority the majority and everyone believes it.

  50. informed

    Cannibus is a medicinal herb changing it's name and calling it a drug is part of the propoganda campaign that generates a fortune in revenues for the prison system.

  51. gemini

    I have seen people withdrawl from weed. It's not like heroin or other types of drugs, where a person feels they are going to die. I would say it's like quitting cigarettes or coffee. People get grumpy, a bit stressed, and pessimistic.

  52. Mayy

    Lmao I love some of these peoples comments. Weed is not a gateway drug. Weed f***** up Grahams life because he was just a d******. I've smoked and I've never tried any "hard drugs" nor do I wish to. Weed is perfectly safe, safer than both alcohol and cigarettes. It may even promote brain cell growth, can that be said for alcohol or cigarettes? No. Don't knock it before you try it, and if you tried it and you did hard drugs, that's solely your stupidity for doing hard drugs.

  53. 420

    Marijuana has been the "drug" that the public has been exposed to. Endless propaganda came out in movies, commercials, magazine ads... So with all drug focus on marijuana it is no mystery as to why their are so many arrested with marijuana possession being the only offense. Cocaine, methanphetamine, and others are not ADVERTISED as much therefore have a smaller market to appeal to.

    My favorite being the one with the people driving through the drivethru get their food and speed off hitting a little girl riding her bike in front. Now first of all yes many people I know get high and go get fast food none of them have hit a single person most actually drive slower and more carefully because they are paranoid. I'm not condoning smoking and driving by the way either. Secondly in the commercial they have a little girl that absolutely can not be more than 3-5 riding by herself on a bike with training wheels in front of a busy ass drivethru right off a busy street. Now that's what caught our attention "Why the hell is a little kid riding in front of a drivethru by herself" . I was maybe 15-17 when this came out and we laughed at every commercial like this none of them were taken seriously. They all had so blatantly lied it was ridiculous. Another one this girls dog starts talking to her saying he doesn't like when she smokes weed. I tend to think my dog would have way different concerns had he started talking to me. Such as can you buy me different food mine tastes like ass you know or something a dog would really care about.

    In my opinion marijuana is called a gateway drug because of how easy it is to get and how much free advertising it gets.

  54. One Love.

    Charles B. I am distraught to see how misinformed you are in regards to marijuana considering how much you claim to have been around it. Somehow you've managed to deem a dried flower(created by God - for those who believe in God) that has non-violent effects on humans an "evil". For the record, marijuana consumption does not "shrink your balls" - it actually has been proven to increase sperm count(refer to Super High Me - documentary on the effects of marijuana; my guess is, that this is due to the fact one's pleasure is increased while high along with one's overall sense of well-being, which has an effect on how "excited" one can get).

    Smoking though, when it exceeds moderation, can be detrimental to your health and take away nutrients your body needs to produce sperm; but there are plenty of alternative methods to getting the active compound, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), into your system(vaporizing, teas, THC is fat soluble so it can be made into oils which are put into brownies and what not, there are topical sprays, lip balms, etc.) Also, when just about ANYTHING exceeds moderation, it can be turned into something that is detrimental to your health.

    I'd also like to point out(you can look it up) - Marijuana is not a toxin, there is no known case of a human overdosing on marijuana. You would actually suffocate from lack of oxygen before you could possibly overdose from the substance- THC actually regulates neurotransmitters through..wait for it..our brain's cannabinoid receptors. So our brain contains receptors that uniquely react with the active ingredient in marijuana. If God didn't want us to be high..could you please fill me in on the logic then that 1)the plant exists and 2) our brain contains receptors that uniquely respond to THC, but it is somehow inherently "wrong"?

    Biblically, the only way you can justify claiming that smoking pot is wrong, is simply that it is illegal. But looking at history and even this documentary can help set your focus to the fact that the most dangerous thing about marijuana is simply that it is illegal; and it being illegal does nothing but violate basic human rights-and its reason for being illegal has no empirical or scientific support whatsoever. If legalized the stigma of it being a criminal act would go out the window and therefore would have no Biblical justification as to saying it is "wrong".

    From here, you can look at the laws Jesus disobeyed in his time because they were ridiculous. In the gospels Jesus is said to have disobeyed plenty of the "sabbath" laws that were in place at the time..depends on whether or not you want to call civil disobedience a "crime" or "sin". For that matter, lets say Rosa Parks is a criminal and deserved to go to jail for not following the law for her to be forced to sit in the back of a bus due to her skin color..And yes, I am sympathetic to the fact that there are people out there who "abuse" the uses marijuana has.

    But for the type of people who are dependent on such substances: if its not marijuana, its something else whether it be alcohol, cigarettes, sex, attention, video games, sports, careers, etc. In different circumstances, all these things can be considered okay to do, but they can also be abused and if abused can have harmful effects on ones well being. Does this mean we discourage the use altogether and support criminalizing all these things as well with marijuana? If used responsibly, like anything else, there is no harm in the consumption of marijuana.

    I am a believer in that a staggering majority of people could benefit from it -Also, I am somebody who supports using hemp as a resource for all its uses....And a further note, I don't think little of you in any way for thinking the way you do; written online messages can seem to come off differently than spoken I hope I was respectful in getting my point across and I understand that while growing up, we're all indoctrinated into ideas that some of us don't question or take a second glance at which upsets me - Therefore influencing this post; anyway, I wish you the best and that you benefit from this message. "The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates.

  55. Brad

    Cannabis is not a gateway toward hard drugs any more than milk is a gateway toward alcohol. I am a frequent but casual cannabis user and am perfectly happy with this harmless substance and its mild effects. I, and everyone I have spoken with, have not had any need to try anything else. You can't believe everything you hear. Some people have addictive personalities and are not very smart, therefore they may experiment with the so-called "hard drugs." It is not the cannabis that makes you try anything more; it is all about the individual.

  56. onthefence

    I can write the most fantastic creative indepth research reports when I am stoned...only thing is I can't be bothered!

  57. Luke Wilson

    Marijuana needs to be banned! How can people smoke this stuff??? Jeebus!!! You drug addicts!! The only reason they think its sooo awesome is cos they think they are being cool and anti-establishment whilst they are busy puffing away and getting high and acting like crazy lunatics....

  58. onthefence you sound do you mean?

  59. Brad

    Hahaha. Luke Wilson. You need to learn. What you don't understand is that everything you have been told about marijuana is false. People who use it or have used it know with absolute certainty that it is not harmful or addictive.

    Lack of real education is your problem. Open your mind.

  60. young


    It is banned. Because of it's great effects on the mind and body. I smoke it, but haven't in 4 days, that doesn't sound like the behavior of a drug addict to me, also I am not feeling any symptoms of withdrawal. I am cool whether or not I smoke it, I know many who smoke it I would not consider cool, I know many who smoke it that do not consider themselves cool. Most who work in and are in support of the "establishment" have tried and continue to use marijuana. The effects of marijuana prevent you from "acting like a crazy lunatic", most notably, the burn out.

  61. young

    Each sentence in my last post is a response to Luke's questions and is in chronological order(Just so there's no confusion).

    Oh and in regards to marijuana never being the cause of a car accident, well I can think of one instance.

    A friend of mine had 1 pound of pot in his car, a police car tried to pull him over, he did not comply and a high speed pursuit ensued. Resulting in him totaling his car. :P

  62. Kowpucky

    The drug itself isn't a gateway drug - if there is any gateway (which I do believe there is a bit ) Is because of the classification as a class 1 hard drug. You feed kids the info that it is as bad as heroin,coke,crack and in their teens when they do start smoking they think "you lying basrards" well mabye the other ones aren't as bad either.....I Know I did. 35 now and mostly stick with booze and pot......mostly ....ps3 has no happy face

  63. sadf

    exactly right... if you find that one thing you were told is a fact is in fact not, that is where you lose credibility and people toss out the entire argument. putting heroin etc. and marijuana in the same category is such a dangerous disservice to American health and well being that IT should be considered the true crime. that in its self is the issue I believe that should be addressed...

  64. aaron

    that the local station by my house. weird i never saw this before. WASHINGTON VOTERS I-1068 VOTE YES!!!!!

  65. Abolitionist

    The gateway theory is a lie!!! It is proof that prohibitionists will lie to keep their racist ways.

  66. Abolitionist

    For being marihuana prohibitionist (we know Marihuana prohibition is equal to racism).

  67. Abolitionist

    Prohibitionists talk about weed and associate it with the harms of the dangerous drugs that are out there. I always look for that sign when watching Weed Prohibition debates.

  68. Abolitionist

    According to the prohibitionists the main reason weed is illegal is the fact that Cocaine & Heroin is dangerous. How can something like that make any sense?

  69. Rebelliuss

    i've smoked weed for nearly 20 years, i don't drink, i don't smoke cigarettes, and i don't do any other drugs... this is definitely not a gateway drug, and while i have had times in my life where i smoked alot, now i'm down to once a week, so there goes the physical addiction myth.. thats my 2 cents..;o)

  70. Rebelliuss

    p.s.. the war on Drugs has killed more people than drugs themselves ever will..

  71. Noorelitei

    It's the government's mindset. It's the majority's mindset. I smoke cigarettes and marijuana. Cigarettes gave me a lot of sicknesses while marijuana didn't.. Also, i might add that cigarette (and alcohol) are the gateway drugs.

  72. 30stones

    @Tyler: Cannabis is not addictive.

  73. 30stones

    @Charles: Do some research, no scientist will tell you cannabis is a gateway drug. Do not call cannabis marijuana. Marijuana is the name chosen by William Randolph Hearst to convince racist American's that a plant they knew as cannabis was an evil plant.

  74. Brittany

    Marijuana has been the anti-gateway drug for me. I started at age 13 or so drinking cough syrup. It progressed to sleeping pills and pain pills, and even on one occasion meth. I quit everything for a while, then at the age of 16 I began smoking marijuana. Since then I have no desire to ever go back to the drugs I used. I have no desire to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. I graduated in the top ten of my class and I'm starting my own business, all while using marijuana. This is safer than alcohol and most prescriptions out there. It's kept illegal because it's profitable. And as we all know, politicians are not interested in the people. They are interested in how stuffed their pockets are.

  75. khadijah

    This isn't a documentary, it's an Infomercial. The people sound rehearsed in what they say, and people in the audience are shown smiling at the incredulous claims against pot.

    This video really doesn't have anything to do with Caroline Gay Welch as the entire description portrays. She is given a whole 55 seconds to speak.

    Medical marijuana, where my brother lives, is freely prescribed in Colorado, but it really does need to be better regulated because 75% of the patients are between 18 and 25.

    I did try marijuana when I was having chemo Feb. - May 2010(I'm in remission!). It's not legal here, but my oncologist and his nurse had no problem discussing it with me. They just wouldn't tell me where to get some. No problem. LOL!

    I found two tablets of prescribed 7.5-500 Vicodin every four hours for severe chemo-caused bone pain worked better and without the "artificial world" that marijuana creates. I found the prescription anti-nausea pills worked as well.

  76. 30stons

    Khadijah: I doubt your liver agrees. Congratulations on your remission.

  77. 30stones

    75% sounds high, but it is perfectly explainable. The older generation (1920's -1940's) were raised to believe that a pill or a shot were the way to cure/treat any ailment.

  78. Bob

    The supposed harm caused from Marijuana is all based off of opinions not facts. Furthermore, the drug is entirely offset by it's vast benefits. Your kid being run over by a stoned guy in a car? What is this, a 1989 above the influence commercial? Give me a break. Those anti-drug movements payed for by the government, a.k.a. you & me, are completely biased & inconclusive. It has been proven time & time again, but alas, everyone refuses to accept that the drug you were force fed into fearing has been harmless all along. This is just denial by the general public. I cannot believe that after over half a century of study & proven research that people are still convinced that Marijuana is an "evil" or "gateway" substance.

    Gateway is just another word for mental weakness. You cannot blame another drug for the use of a another. It's called taking responsibility. People need to remember that when using any drug. It's your choice.

    Of course the concern of drug use in children is paramount, but it is important to understand the reality that, as hard as we may try, kids ARE going to experiment with drugs. No as a child, wouldn't you want your parents to be honest with you about the facts of the drug? And wouldn't you be worried about how use or possession of such a harmless drug can lead to the unwarranted penalties?

    Is is harmful? No. Is illegal? Yes. Should it be? No.

    Let's not forget hemp. I'm sure I don't have to go into the details of the immense benefits of hemp alternatives for paper & clothing.

    Billions spent every year for keeping a harmless drug off the streets, opposed to using for more useful things? That's a no-brainer. I just think it's humorous that everyone is so surprised at the irresponsible & unnecessary spending of our government. Ask why.

  79. Old Soul

    Reading all above comments proves how people try to justify their dependency on A substance. Most of you guys do not have the ability to work out your mental obstacles logically or try to defeat your barriers based on your own effort or strength. To me that is ADDICTION = lack of strength.
    Just promise yourselves not to introduce anybody to it. Go and harm yourselves but leave other Parents innocent children alone.
    What are we going to legalise next??? Cocaine???
    To me whatever makes you lose control of your actions or affects your natural existence should be banned. Be it Marijuana or beer or ..... spend that money to travel widening your horizon.
    Heaven bless you all.

  80. Candela

    ..It's amazing that knowledge can make the difference between life and death. Smoking Marijuana has been proven to alleviate pain, but not eradicate the disease itself. But since 1964 it has been proven that the THC in Cannabis flower when taken internally eradicates cancers and heals the blood stream. Since Rick Simpson's run from the cure testimonial about the medicinal value of hemp oil made from marijuana, I know of at least 100 people that had serious illnesses that produce their own medicine and are totally restored now.

    Those that have this natural knowledge already have their medicine growing in their homes, and those that don't do not have their understanding enlightened as yet. By 2011 the wise will have some hemp oil for themselves and for their family and friends who might become ill.

  81. J

    Seriously, this watches like an infomercial. Why not have a debate with both sides of the argument instead of a whitewash? I don't see any problem with the arguments for medical use of marijuana, I just think a programme would be more balanced if it's not completely staged. Is this the best we can do? It's like having a programme about cigarettes and their harmful use chaired by Philip Morris with the camel and Marlboro man as panel guests...

  82. corey

    @CharlesB.Im an honoroll student at high school.
    I work out almost everyday.And i smoke weed :0.
    Ive seen your coments all over the sight and i just had to talk to you. I think christianitys a crock and so are you.
    the fact that you try to tell people not to use pot and you drink is ******.you are a facist piece of ****an should be banned from the site.sorry for bieng angry but i just smoked a joint an burnt a cross(reefer madness)

  83. Caldo

    Marijuana was found on king Solomon's grave, he was the wisest man in his days... Marijuana increase my wisdom, understanding and my knowledge. just leave the trees and the plants pleeeeease we need it for our healing, our meditation and inspiration...

  84. 30stones

    @Old Soul: What are you saying? You need to educate yourself and broaden your own horizon. People should be allowed to ingest any substance they want. If your really worried about your kids you will tell them the truth about cannabis, and the "truth" about god. One of those can be tested and proven the other is just fantasy.

    P.S. Please check definition of fantasy.

  85. Niko

    Charles B.
    Wow, by that logic any drug that i have done first or anyone else is a gateway drug. Did you just tune out the entire video son?

  86. Justice

    @ Niko:

    Charles is just a nut who feels the need to come on every single thread and spread his poisonous evangelical nonsense. He's also a narcissist, which has been pointed out by others in this forum. Notice the constant use of "I" statements, and his exaggerated sense of self importance.

    Like geez Charles if you're such a Christian, why are you watching docs about Marijuana? And don't tell me it's o.k either because according to the doctrine of your faith, it's not o.k, for the same reason it isn't o.k to tell ghost stories or go trick or treating....It isn't "godly".

    Typical though, of a Christian who admittedly has never smoked pot, to think he has a valid opinion about the subject.

  87. Heather

    I would realy like that the comment section be about reviews and not debates or wars.

    This is a good documentary and it presents facts, but the talk show atmosphere seems staged. Other than that, it is worth watching.

  88. Rens

    Hey Graham,
    Marijuana is not the thing that ruined you. It's yoursellf because u clearly have problems that u let marijuana take over your life. Just enjoy it now and then.
    Peace out

  89. retek

    One Love.

    This was by far the best comment on this topic I have ever read. Thank you for making my day ;)

  90. johnnybe

    So milk led to cordial,cordial led to lemonade,lemonade led to power drinks,power drinks led to tobacco,tobacco led to alcohol,alcohol led to marijuana,marijuana led to mushies,mushies led to acid(LSD))LSD led to heroin,heroin led to amphetamines, and amphetamines led you to the doctor. You should take full responsibility for where you led yourself,or allowed anything to lead you anywhere, and if the substances mess you up then you need to stop taking them,and go and see a counselor before the drug pushing mental health people get hold of you, otherwise lets all blame the milk and have a pill and forget averything. JB

  91. toddy

    Now I know why I like Rick Steves travel program on PBS. Thankfuly it was conducted by the people that were from the other side( those who demonized it) at one time in their lives. I will come out and say that i have been partaking of the gift from God( or who ever I really don't know and my belief or my not believeing in God is questionable) for about 23 years and have found it to be the most beneficial substance besides phsychocative mushrooms. Both have taught me to be more tolerant and receptive of those different. Not to mention the medical usage. I have cured the Migraine attacks that I use to have when I was 12-17. The last one was the first time I smoked cannabis at 17. I have found I tend to be more attentative or should I say focused when I indulge. It really helps me with my bouts of insomia. If you had experienced what it's like to sleep only 3 or 4 hours a night for 3-4 weeks at a time when none(cannabis) is available to got to sleeping a full 8 hours after a joint before bed. You'll understand where I'm coming from. I won't trust any of the man made products they use for the treatment of insomia especialy after seeing the disclaimers of side affects you see on the prescription ads on the tube( I.E. may cause sudden DEATH). And if you don't have insurance you'll pay an arm and leg for said medicines. I truly belive that the reason that people feel that cannabis is hard to believe that it's medicine is you can grow it( no money for the pharma's) and by smoking you can self titirate the dosge. Smoke till you feel good? Isn't that what medicine is supposed to do?
    · To those who feel that God gave doctors or scientist the knowledge to come up with the various medicines, He also gave us the average person the knowledge that if something works especialy a natural product, we would be quite irresponsible not to use it.
    . It also helps with the discomfort in my knees better than any aspirin would ever and longer still. A memeber of my family use to be very angry , almost violent in nature and after smoking they tended to forget what got them mad or had them realize that it was unimportant to be mad. They would want to hug the person instead of hitting them( putting it lightly). Yes their are side affects, like wanting to grin, eat good food( I'm a chef so no junk food for me when I have the munchies), sleeping a restful sleep, laughing( especialy when laughter is not in ones nature for i tend to be serious) just plain old joy in life when there are so many down turns in life.
    @Charles B. I likewise was brought up in a very religous household( my father is a Pastor). If the Bible is so against intoxicating beverages or such as you tend to say, then the story of Jesus turning water to wine what gives( if he was against it he would have to say i can't do that because it goes against my beliefs). At first my parents reaction was very negative to the fact I liked to smoke cannabis and would say that God says it's wrong. They're in the 70's and 80's age bracket just so you know. Over the years they have seen how it has helped me and the other family member and feels that perhaps that the laws concerning it are very wrong. They have realized that God gave it to us to use no matter what ever the use whether it be cloth and such or smokables or consumables.
    Just one last thing Who do you trust God or Man?

  92. jojooooz

    ya'll just need to have a few hits, pass it to the left & chill out, no need to be serious all the time yo ! MJ helps to make most things x100+ better =)... well it does for ppl like me anyway... & i can still live without it for long periods of time.

    Cigarettes on the other hand... this is probably 4-5th time i've called it "quits" the fact that they sell it in almost every corner & almost every second person you see walking passed is having one... doesn't help at all

    it's funny though, when you think about it:

    SMOKING CIGARETTES - kills xxxxxxx number of ppl every year, everyone knows it causes so many diseases, yet it's legal to sell & use...

    SMOKING MARIJUANA - no records of killing anyone from it's use, also used as medicine... but illegal ?

    For something to take so many ppls lives as well as money & be legally sold, the other - recreational & medicinal, but yet being tagged illegal...
    It just clearly tells us all that something's not right in governments.

    that's my 2 cents =)

  93. kirastianity

    I still think the best way for people to solve ALL of their problems is to kill themselves. People should just up and die instead of using drugs.
    I think it's about time we have a Suicide epidemic. I totally support that.

  94. Nakor420

    You think if Hitler smoked weed, he'd of ordered the murder of millions of innocent people? OF COURSE NOT. This is because this plant was givin to us by god to calm the demons of our nature, and to deliver us from the pain of this mortal life. Or if you don't believe in god, you can just as easily see how us and pot are both of this earth, and should not be seperated by making nature illegal. ALSO, any substance prohibition go's flatly against the constitution. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock...ALL of our brilliant founding fathers would be appauled at the way our government restricts our civil liberties these days. It's not an argument of being "for drugs" or "against drugs", it's about being for the constitution and freedom, or against them.

  95. Angelica Guerrero

    Great documentary. Thank goodness for this website!

  96. Angelica Guerrero

    These preposterous Marijuana laws repulse me.

  97. humanatee

    interestingly enough (you may already know this), hitler actually used, guess what? AMPHETAMINES! they were also distributed to nazi troops during the war. explains a lot, eh?

  98. Nakor420

    Yeah, his doctor injected him with meth-amphetamine every day. No wonder he could stand on stage an rant for 6 hours straight,lol. Yeah, our troops got lucky strikes and the nazis got crank. wtf?! lol The bliztkrieg should have been called the speed-krieg.

  99. s. r.

    charles b ur lame

  100. futurehopenow

    I am not scared of "touching" this issue at all. My boyfriend gets together with his friend, smokes MJ and acts like a different person that I don't want to be around! For medical use, under medical supervision, I'm all for it, but if you don't have a medical problem then what's the point of using a drug that alters your personality? I'm the one that has to "suffer" with a boyfriend that turns into someone else when he smokes that stuff!

  101. Will Cardinal

    He's the same person with or without, just like alcohol! He's just more restrained when not smoking! If he stops smoking, he will still be that person, with no outlet!!!

  102. Will Cardinal

    This is so old as to be antique! We've been through this bs for 50+ yrs., now! Its still just a plant, a very unique plant. If', a very large IF, you are a believer in 'god', you might want to consider a position of not 2nd guessing 'god's' motives! IF not, its still nobody's business to punish people for how they recreate, with the exception of alcohol & driving, beating on others, creating a public nuisance, violating others rights, etc! Notice the offensive/anti-social behaviour not connected to pot smoking! There are no deaths, no violations connected! So, live and let live, but in the present for 'god's' sake!

  103. MoolaMails

    The title says it all, it is time we start to discuss this subject with open eyes, Marijuana is a non toxic medicine and I give applause to people who make these types of movies.

  104. Zoidberg 1201

    It's very easy ( and laughable) to blame the weed.

    There's a much simpler explanation.

  105. tgem7

    You can make the same case for alcohol. Every body I knew and know now. Acts like a different person once they start drinking which I don't want to be around. So, if you don't have a medical condition what's the point of using a drug (yes alcohol is a drug) that alters your personality? I'm the one who suffered through an belligerent father who drank himself to death. A 2nd wife who's more belligerent than most men. This hypocrisy has to stop with the favoritism on alcohol. As long as society has to put up with the hypocrisy of legal alcohol. Then we must be fair to the other aphrodisiacs. Bottom line, it's a preference in which I'd rather hang around a stoner than a drunk any day.

  106. Marv Giner

    As a pot smoker of 7 years Im sick of the recent outbreak in glorifiying weed as if its the latest miracle .. it wont cure your illnesses and it WILL decrease your ability to communicate while your high. Smoke too much and it can rob your ambition and motivation. You will stop enjoying the things you used to love, you will lose your creativity and your thought process will normally involve weed somewhere along the line. And the best part is until you get to that point you think it hasnt affected you at all. Though there are many benefits to people you use it responsibly, there are those who should not have a chance to destroy their lives with this powerful plant. Smoke if you can handle it and enjoy changing your state of mind not because youv read its some magical cure or cause you think its cool cause that is your train ride to sh*tville.

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