Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction

Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction

2011, Drugs  -   496 Comments
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Marijuana: A Second Class AddictionMarijuana: A Second Class Addiction (MASCA) sets out to investigate the popular misconception that marijuana is a non-addictive, non habit forming substance.

Despite the fact that it is illegal, the ever-growing debate over whether marijuana should be legalized always tends to graze over one of the very fundamental questions of such a proposal – can people get addicted to marijuana?

MASCA takes us on an intimate journey through the life of David Goldenkranz, a 22 year old marijuana addict, who finds that the odds are stacked against him in his quest to stay sober.

Society sees it as a recreational pastime, his friends ridicule his attempts to quit, but David finds himself engulfed in a world of misery that despite his greatest efforts, he can’t seem to find a way out of.

Through a series of different view points, including pro-legalization advocates and former marijuana smokers who have entered into recovery, MASCA seeks to provide a comprehensive opinion on an issue that many fail to realize is a mounting epidemic.

Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction, is not a film intended to tackle the decision of whether or not marijuana should be legalized; it is not a film to debate whether marijuana is inherently an addictive substance; it is simply a film that is intended to raise society’s awareness of our own misconceptions by allowing us to take a closer look at something that many of us have either considered a harmless herb or the heathen devil weed.

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Pamela Parker
2 years ago

There are many people who say that they have become addicted after just one use. When you become addicted to this drug the withdrawal symptoms are the same as with other drugs...The symptoms that you will have to deal with will depend on the amount of time you were on the drug and as well as the length of time and how many milligrams you were using per day.

John Hutchison
3 years ago

I learned some things. Might have changed my mind about some things.

Athea Jo
4 years ago

I also smoke marijuana but I haven't get addicted to it. It's just a matter of discipline and self-control.

Kevin Murphy
4 years ago

Through a series of different view points, including pro-legalization advocates and former marijuana smokers some people tends to use marijuana just for medicinal purposes but many people also use marijuana for addiction.

JaCob peopLes
4 years ago

FiRst thing first tHe GReedyAss Government dosent ReaLLy tRust God if they did tHeN tHay Would Not PRise LuCifeR JuiCe & PiLL's and domonize God's BLessinG & CReation Weed tRutH is God CReated Weed & ManKind InVented doPe

Jennifer Smith
4 years ago

Cannabis can be addictively good or bad! Great post!

Brian Stripling
4 years ago

Tobbaco is addictive but sold legally .... Why not marijuana?

5 years ago

Too bad you began experimenting so early at the age of 13! Think that may be a problem, sure it's easy to whine and cry, blaming your personality on addiction. I call this so called documentary B.S, based on one person account doesn't not qualify anyone to label cannabis as addictive comparing it to your tobacco reference coughing black crap out of your lungs. bullshit, unless u smoked a pound a week!

5 years ago

Thank you. I completely feel your pain. I'm struggling with relapsing and im 23 years old. I just have to remember that it always had me lying and putting my values and life on hold. Keep up your sobriety it's EVERYTHING

Wayne Masters
5 years ago

The inventor of 4D political analysis monitor says to be the best you can be, analyze your self. So do I live among the unwashed, Kate, they're pathetic non affordable housing builders as well.

5 years ago

I live in a small mountain town where everyone is high and smokes a ton of weed. I am so disgusted dealing with people who let their appearances go, don't bathe enough, can't remember many things, have brown, dirty teeth, are irrational, and mostly self-absorbed. I am grossed out constantly seeing people put that into their lungs many times a day. I can take it or leave it because I don't want to be addicted like them. Get a vape and don't be a pothead, otherwise the whole thing disgusts me. I live among addicts to a plant. It's like living in a town full of stoner zombies some days. When you see it like this every day, you see a problem of addiction. It's not nearly as bad as some drugs, but excessive use is not ideal either. It sets people back in some ways but they cannot see it as they are high on the weed is only good for your rhetoric as well.

Kathy Miller
5 years ago

How do I order videos on marijuana

5 years ago

Yes marijuana is the 2nd most addiction world widely used following alcohol. A person can enjoy much more benefits following stopping using it. The main part of recovery is restoration of brain function. THC (main ingredient of cannabis) can acts by binding with cannabinoid receptors which present in certain area of your brain. Following exposure, it start to decrease your memory and learning function (Hippocampus) and inability of fine movement activities (Cerebellum). After quitting weed, you will be able to gain sharp memory and skillful activities in daily work.

5 years ago

This film is absurd.

5 years ago

I think this guy gave an honest and candid experience as an addict. It takes awareness and courage to admit to yourself that you are a slave to something which is destroying your life and for this guy it was. Not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic but some people do. They can't stop at one drink....the same is true with pot...for him he became addicted to it. If you have ever been an addict, you know how tough it is to stop your substance of choice or your behavior of choice. Its really really hard and sadly not many people can get sober. I thank this guy for sharing his addiction experience with us and he should be proud for how he is turning his life around. Addiction is a parasite that eventually destroys its host.

5 years ago

Ya know, all you reefer madness idiots should just go drink a liter of everclear.

Just another person
6 years ago

Wow... glad to see that people are sympathetic. Guess the fact that people are entitled to their opinions just does not matter to a younger generation. f**** that... just lemme smoke mah weed, and stop hassling me!' Yeah. Good speech, nice story bro. Too bad that your right to be an id**t doesn't out match my right to point that out.

6 years ago

I used to smoke pot and I never liked it because it is a drug. My brain isn't wired for this type of addiction. My son started smoking pot at age 14. He was an A student. He almost didn't graduate from high school because of pot. He quit sports. He dated trashy girls with parents who were alcoholics or drug addicts. He didn't do other drugs. He is now 27. He is still a pot head. He's proud to be a pot head. He didn't go to college. He's happy driving broke down cars and not making much money because the pot keeps him stabilized in an altered state. It's fake. He's addicted. I love him and support him because he's my son. He thinks he's fine. But I see a drugged, lazy genius who is wasting his talents.

The Green Fairy
7 years ago

Its really sad to read some of the haters gathered here... and dont pick at people's English not everyone is a native.
I also have been smoking weed for my whole adult life. Since the first time I smoked at 13, I fell in love with the substance, it helped me relax, helped me sleep and most of all cope with the daily stress of living in my toxic family environment. Nevertheless, I kept hearing from friends "You smoke too much girl, if you keep smoking like that, you will hit rock bottom". I kept smoking. I finished secondary school, got into high school and there my new friends told me the same "your brain will degenarate, I've seen it happen, you will turn to heroin in no time" - I kept smoking. My surroundings changed from schoolkinds to pot smokers, some of whom dropped out from school others fell victim to alcoholism, one died from heroin abuse... but I 'somehow' graduated from high school with flying colors and got into college. I kept smoking day by day (spent a fortune on it btw. smoked at least a gram per day) and now friends at university commented on my dependency, called me a junky, joked behind my back. But I graduated with my Master's degree, opened my own business, finally moved out... decided to stop smoking... 9 days passed and then the shit started... the pain hit unexpectedly and didn't go away although I started smoking again. 5 years of hospitalisation and painkillers (mostly opioids) passed without diagnosis and I didnt hide my addiction from any of my many doctors. Went even to rehab just to hear that I didn't have a problem with drugs, which was partly true since I had a problem when I didn't do drugs ;) Finally, this year a reumatologist diagonosed me with fibromyalgia - a chronic pain condition with no cure and no known cause - some say childhood trauma.
New studies from Canada show that smoking weed relieves the sympthoms of this terrible condition in 80% of the patients. So it seems that, I have been self-medicating for all those years without knowing it, just taking the substance that made me feel better, helped me function normally, when others labelled me a junky... People 'addicted' to MJ in my personal opinion use it to fight with the stress or trauma they had experienced, they escape from facing horrors/pain of reality - and nobody should blame them for it - they are not week, they just had terrible experiences/illnesses/chronic stress/pain etc. I observe that without weed most of my close friends (most of whom with at least one pathological parent - mostly children of alcoholics) experience symptomps similar to PTSD.
My point is that: if you don't have a problem with smoking weed (you can hold a job and finish school) you only have a problem when you are NOT smoking it (and get worse) you may suffer from one of the many, many chronic conditions which symptoms MJ successfully treats (like my friend with multiple sclerosis - he didn't know he had it before he quit weed and fell down paralysed on the bus on his way to work).
My advice to the hero - get to the root of the problem/ to get off your medicine you need to get closer to health: emotional, physical, spiritual... all aspects of health. I wish you all the best on your way there! We all know we can't smoke forever.
*I dont advocate smoking weed for teenagers though - studies show that MJ use permanently damages the adolescent brain - the hippocampus :(

9 years ago

I smoke weed everyday since I'm 15, and I'm now 32. For me it's an addiction because I wanted to quit for the last 10 years and I have not been able to do it. The things about it, is it seems to not affect my life, and when I stop smoking for couples of days, I'm always start it back because I say to myself that my life is the same if I smoke or not. So I think its hard to quit because its harmless. But my life turn around it, and that's the part I don't like. So I know its kind of contradictory but, pot is hard to quit because it doesn't affect your life... and your health... But, I feel like an addict who can function in society, so that's why it's so hard to quit.

9 years ago

I watched this high with a bong and a grinder full of weed on my desk. Now im going to smoke another bowl.

Steve Magic
9 years ago

First hand explanation here. An addict is a type of person, you can be addicted to anything. I abuse almost every pleasure I have had in my life, food, sex, drugs, music, anything. The choice they have is what they like the most. For me it was everything besides drugs that weren't cannabis, I did everything repetitively and only if I liked it. Problem with that is it took the pleasure out of life, you have temporary limitations such as age and wealth are bound to change, but before I reached a ripe age to gain some income I was disinterested in life. The worst part is now I want to do something but I have no motivation, I'll then do nothing so I'll smoke pot to feel better, and consequently become more apathetic do nothing rinse and repeat. I haven't finished the dock yet. The message I'm trying to get across here is 2fold, we need better understanding of psych and the drug is never the problem just a tool that makes the problem go away temporarily, the problem only feels like it worsens because the quick fix wastes a lot of time and then there are 2 problems eating away at you. That is why people are addicts.

9 years ago

The thing here is, for me I have a love for weed that cannot be replaced by alcohol or any other drug. Believe me. I've tried a few harder drugs in my 22 years. They just made me depressed or sick. However, I am always going back for the weed. It has never made me sick or ill, plus its so cheap where I live it doesn't affect me financially. Yes, one could say I have a physical addiction to it (due to social anxiety. It helps me open up to other people. I would have never signed up for University if it wasn't for weed because my social anxiety is so crippling that its impossible to get a job, go out in public etc) but its not because I want to smoke everyday while collecting social security benefits. I want to contribute to society. However its difficult when you feel the whole world hates you. Weed has helped me live a productive life, and its medicinal properties are amazing. I have seen first hand what weed can do medically. As my mother has suffered from cancer for the last year and a half. It actually helped her. After chemo she was in so much pain she would just lay in her bed for hours. Popping pills that didn't help her. She recently got her MMJ card and is eating more, enjoying life and getting better. Why is it not legalized for recreational use? Because tobacco, alcohol, prison and pharmaceutical companies want profits. Weed is such a simple plant. It can be grown anywhere, so easily, it threatens profits. It also has amazing used in plastics, paper, textiles and is biodegradable. It disgusts me that the Canadian government has cracked down on illegal marijuana. This is only helping criminals make profits. It should be legalized so it can help pay for education, healthcare and other important under funded programs in Canada through taxes. Tobacco is just as harmful as smoking marijuana, but yet tobacco is legal. Alcohol can kill you if you drink too much, but it is still legal. Its impossible to die from marijuana because we have no THC receptors on our spinal cords. If we did, we could overdose from respiratory distress (like from the consumption of too much alcohol) If the Canadian government regulated the distribution of marijuana and taxed it, things would be so much better. We wouldn't have to support criminal gangs. Plus the tax revenue could be put to such good use. I hope that one day marijuana is legalized so we can develop new forms of energy and other biodegradable products as a replacement to the harmful practices we continue to do. Its a shame that marijuana has such negative press. Its a plant, no man has the right to prevent us from using something that comes from nature. It is our right as humans to use natural substances to cure any need. But yet we are denied this right, The government has no right to dictate what we put in our bodies. Its our life to live, as long as we aren't hurting anyone, what's the problem? Yes, marijuana can be psychologically addictive in some individuals, but why punish those who use it responsibly? Tobacco is 300% more addictive than marijuana and its still legal. It makes no sense. If I want to smoke weed in the privacy of my own home, what's the problem? In all honesty, I rather smoke weed than drink booze. I will never get hungover and I know that if I consume too much, I'll just fall asleep. Unlike booze. Which can kill you. Our world is f--ked man.

10 years ago

Started when I was 15....haven't given it up since...i want to but haven't been able's basically took those 10+ years and put them down the drain...

so yes some people do have problems with weed....get over it.

10 years ago

Nicotine is addictive, this thing does not seem to be.

I used it about 5-8 times at the age of 17, I never craved it, I stopped, haven't used it since. Absolutely no problem.

10 years ago

Are these people smoking tobacco with their cannabis I wonder?!

10 years ago

I don't know, I would agree with the idea that it becomes habitual, but it is not in itself an addictive chemical. I have had plenty of times I have given it a break and found myself constantly craving it, but that was a craving, like the pack of biscuits I devoured last night, I just could leave them alone hehe. I did get the feeling like the guy was desperate to have addict labeled on him, like it was some kind of war-wound.

10 years ago

thank you for sharing your story. it was very touching.

Sam Vekemans
10 years ago

Cigerettes is the most harmful DRUG an should be treated the same way. Most certainly a video funded by a government grant. TopDocumentaryfilms is great though. I like how some documentaries contradict each other. The purpose is to make the viewer THINK. Everyone has the right to share their own opinions. Please watch 'Claring the Smoke: The science of Cannabis' and the documentry 'Propaganda' and 'The Beautiful Truth'...... I did watch the whole thing & conclusion. The Kid is probably older than 21, and should move out and get a job and live on his own with roommates. ... take evening classes if he wants to continue his education. You will get more out of school if its payed out of your own pocket. Cigerettes contain Nicoteen THAT is addictive, too many people have died becuse they used cigerettes to relieve stress. Yet Cigerettes remain legal. Decriminalize and let the States/Provinces deal with it as a health issue not a criminal issue. There are far more harmful DRUGS that are available over the counter than a beautiful plant that nature intended tobe used for thousands of uses.

10 years ago

11:33 A man talks about his own wasting of his life and how he didn't know his own children because of his marijuana use. He started smoking at age 10. He is using his personal shortcomings as a scapegoat for his apathy toward his family. 11:10 He is clearly acting. This is not a man who truly cries crocodile tears for his pot use. There is no comparison with pot use and herion, or even alcohol. I'm absolutely sure that it can be a problem, but don't blame those problems solely on an external roadblock.

10 years ago

I'm 21 and I've become dependent on pot since I first started using it everyday 2 years ago. Before that I had tried it on and off recreationally but since I started using it everyday I can't live without it. I need it to be happy and function in this difficult world. I recently tried taking a tolerance break and am 1.5 months sober but I feel like I'm about to relapse. My sober reality is unbearable. The withdrawal symptoms were horrible the first 3-4 weeks. I felt angry,paranoid,anxious and most of all irritable. The insomnia that comes with it sucks too. I haven't slept a good nights sleep since my last toke. I'm going to try to rough it out to the 2nd month mark and after that I will be back in mary janes arms. She needs me and I need her.

artem gordon
10 years ago

I have been a daily smoker for almost 4 consecutive years. I quit several months ago because my mother begged me to. I have done it.. no withdrawal symptoms, no sudden urges. I just continue my life because I know I can live without it for now and wait until I grow up to continue.

10 years ago

Looked like a project he did for his school.

Kate Crunch
10 years ago

A daily smoker since age 17, at 32 I now realise I have given my life to this drug. I now suffer from chronic depression and breathing problems. If I could do it every now and then, I would, but I find my mood spirals out of control when I start to withdraw, so I start again. Individuals react differently, but I know how it has had a detremental effect on my life and coping mechanisms.

10 years ago

i absoloutly love that 90% of the people on this doc site (probably more likely to be critical thinkers) flame the living hell out of this vid make me smile

10 years ago

You can not be more happy sober than you were as a stoner, you seem so confused so angry and have such a wide range of moods. I bet you were so much more relaxed high. you're biggest issue is the idea of sobriety not sobriety itself. the goal should be to control the habit, not cut it out. starting at 13 is also a sign of some deeper issues, wants and needs to detach ones self from what should be the most happy and care free period of there lives is not normal. starting as an adult is much more reasonable and healthy for brain development. all in all addict is not the right word, habit is a much better word, we can start calling people who go to the gym too much addicts or people who drink too much coffee or red bull.

10 years ago

I just wish the person who is responsible for this article or docu was in front of me... so that I can laugh at his s*upidity..... Why are people so negligent... I've been using for at least 15 years now, there have been times i could get hold of some pot for a month to 6 months at a stretch... not once I craved for it like a crackhead.... if it is available, well.. good... otherwise its fine.... noT like the world came to an end for me... it just sickens me to know that there are people who'll believe this bullcrap someone tells them... Cannibis works wonders for small ailments to hard to cure diseases... but it will never be made legal because of the politics... corporations that control politicians.... imagine... pharmaceutical companies are scared of this plants for one reason... if this is legal every one can grow this plant at home... drug companies can't patent the plant or its contents.... its completely herbal... imagine the loss the companies in the medical sector will suffer.... revenue to the govt.... think people THINK!.... you talk about addiction.... Whose fault is it? If someone stabs you will you blame the knife or the person holding it.... Open your mind and think... before saying anything s*upid.... And the misconception about it damaging your brain cells... Then I must have gone into a coma or something... You know What this study was based on... Monkeys that were brutally strapped to a mask and pumped with THC smoke all the time.... basically suffocating the monkeys to death.... they called that a study... they only said the monkeys died... but never revealed the method of the study until recently... Come on when is everyone gonna understand the politics of this issue...medicines prescribed by doctors have side effects... whereas pot does not the only effect it has is a good feeling... Man, i can never stop doin pot... if Something so good is addiction then I am proud to be an addict.... this coming from a 30 year old guy with a 21/2 yr old kid and a successful business...

10 years ago

heres how you quit marijuana, quit being a p*ssy. your ruining it for all the responsible people that use it. obviously an "addict" cant afford to wear nice clothes and go to college.

10 years ago

The addictive properties of marijuana shouldn't be a fundamental issue in the debate over legalization. If we chose to ban substances because they are addictive, we would no longer have caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and many more substances that I don't care to name simply for the fact that I don't have time.

Why is this even an issue?

10 years ago

This is dumb as hell. If I knew someone who was addicted to cannabis, I would tell them to keep smoking.

10 years ago

This was awesome. I can seriously relate to this whole movie. I had already come to terms with the fact that I was addicted to marijuana, but th question is, Do I really need to stop? It doesn't really seriously effect my life, you know? Which is why I really liked that guy talking about the parachute thing, It really is just that. A slow parachute ride down. You don't even know your on the ride, til you hit the ground. Thats what is making me think that I need to do something about it. The question is, what do I do about it? I've tried quitting. My 'last hit ever' has happend like umpteen times. And I just can't bring myself to actually quit because I know how I am when I can't find a bag, and it isn't pretty. I just sit and think about weed, how i could get weed, maybe theres a nug under the couch somewhere, or maybe I missed as spot on my pipe. You know and when ALL those options are done, the Panic sinks in.My boyfriend actually recommended this for me, and said you know why don't you get help for this like go to Rehab? And when I hear the words Rehab, I think kind of like, I don't want to go to rehab for weed. Where I'll probably be sitting next to a guy,whos lost his WHOLE LIFE to fu*king meth. Or an alcholoic who beats his wife, or killed a family in a car crash, and then I'm gonna be there for weed. Yes, "Hi, I'm kajsa, I'm here because I can't control my marijuana addiction", I don't feel like I would be taken that seriously by my fellow piers. Or maybe the would take me seriously, but would I take myself seriously? LIke I really never thought before that Marijuana is a place for Rehab. So hearing this guy talk about that same shit was a breath of fresh air. And like totally relating to what he was feeling is kind of making me think I should look into it. It scares the s*it out of me though. But basically I just wanted to say this movie is awseome and definetly gave me some things to think about, and Thanks for making it!

Joe Mac
10 years ago

Dude, you need to calm down. I would say pop and soda are more of a addiction in our world today then pot, and even then pop is way worse for you. You are also a little overdramatic man. I am a casual pot smoker and can go for months at a time without having "dreams". Just live your life, quit whining and stop throwing around the word addict!

seamus watson
10 years ago

What a load of waffle.

10 years ago

I very much enjoyed this documentary. Why do people assume that just because they aren't addicted, no one can be? Gambling addiction, sex addiction, those are real too and no substance is involved. I would never be this brave, to make a documentary like this, but I liked it quite a bit.

10 years ago

what a joke. people with problems utilize substances. only imbeciles evern consider there to be any debate over cannabis. it is safe, far safer than alcohol or asprin 1000 times out of a thousand. get a grip

10 years ago

This is an excellent video. I wish mor people could identify the struggle of getting free of anything that is addictive. AND anything can be addictive. This video absolutely hits the struggle. For those who wish to deny I recomend you come back in 3, 6 and 9 months and see if you still feel the same as you try to beat your own addictions.

10 years ago

Thank you for this documentary. My friend has been using pot daily for over 20 years. He is addicted, just as any one who uses any drug habitually. He has quit jobs and relationships to stay connected to his first love; pot. Many people can use pot without becoming addicted. It is the minority, like my friend, that worries me.

10 years ago

I totally relate to David's experience. I smoked for 10 years before putting t down. Those who say he "takes himself seriously" or are "pathetic" are not seeing what I am seeing-----a seemingly sweet, humble guy who struggled with something and wanted support that he ultimately found. Just because someone is a "scientist" does not mean you have any credibility when it comes to substantiating the subjective acuity of David's experience of his own struggle. As was stated early in the documentary and can be substantiated by common sense----any behavior or thing that gives pleasure or activates reward pathways can become addictive. It is not about the intrinsic properties of THC. Arguments to that effect miss the point entirely. Good documentary.

10 years ago

I smoked for years and gave it up, and to be honest I think this lad is a complete p****, getting his parents to pay 7 grand for rehab he and had the cheek to guilt trip them towards the end as if it was their fault. It's easy to use the term addiction to excuse the fact that you've been lazy sitting around smoking for the last few years. Get off the tit and grow a pair of balls. btw crying scene was pathetic.

10 years ago

don't leave me high, don't leave me dry