Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction

Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction

2011, Drugs  -   496 Comments
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Marijuana: A Second Class AddictionMarijuana: A Second Class Addiction (MASCA) sets out to investigate the popular misconception that marijuana is a non-addictive, non habit forming substance.

Despite the fact that it is illegal, the ever-growing debate over whether marijuana should be legalized always tends to graze over one of the very fundamental questions of such a proposal – can people get addicted to marijuana?

MASCA takes us on an intimate journey through the life of David Goldenkranz, a 22 year old marijuana addict, who finds that the odds are stacked against him in his quest to stay sober.

Society sees it as a recreational pastime, his friends ridicule his attempts to quit, but David finds himself engulfed in a world of misery that despite his greatest efforts, he can’t seem to find a way out of.

Through a series of different view points, including pro-legalization advocates and former marijuana smokers who have entered into recovery, MASCA seeks to provide a comprehensive opinion on an issue that many fail to realize is a mounting epidemic.

Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction, is not a film intended to tackle the decision of whether or not marijuana should be legalized; it is not a film to debate whether marijuana is inherently an addictive substance; it is simply a film that is intended to raise society’s awareness of our own misconceptions by allowing us to take a closer look at something that many of us have either considered a harmless herb or the heathen devil weed.

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  1. There are many people who say that they have become addicted after just one use. When you become addicted to this drug the withdrawal symptoms are the same as with other drugs...The symptoms that you will have to deal with will depend on the amount of time you were on the drug and as well as the length of time and how many milligrams you were using per day.

  2. I learned some things. Might have changed my mind about some things.

  3. I also smoke marijuana but I haven't get addicted to it. It's just a matter of discipline and self-control.

  4. Through a series of different view points, including pro-legalization advocates and former marijuana smokers some people tends to use marijuana just for medicinal purposes but many people also use marijuana for addiction.

    1. Marijuana is NOT ADDICTIVE i been smoking over 40 year's and had to stop many time's NO PROBLEM never had any type of withdrawal.

  5. FiRst thing first tHe GReedyAss Government dosent ReaLLy tRust God if they did tHeN tHay Would Not PRise LuCifeR JuiCe & PiLL's and domonize God's BLessinG & CReation Weed tRutH is God CReated Weed & ManKind InVented doPe

  6. Cannabis can be addictively good or bad! Great post!

  7. Tobbaco is addictive but sold legally .... Why not marijuana?

  8. Too bad you began experimenting so early at the age of 13! Think that may be a problem, sure it's easy to whine and cry, blaming your personality on addiction. I call this so called documentary B.S, based on one person account doesn't not qualify anyone to label cannabis as addictive comparing it to your tobacco reference coughing black crap out of your lungs. bullshit, unless u smoked a pound a week!

  9. Thank you. I completely feel your pain. I'm struggling with relapsing and im 23 years old. I just have to remember that it always had me lying and putting my values and life on hold. Keep up your sobriety it's EVERYTHING

  10. The inventor of 4D political analysis monitor says to be the best you can be, analyze your self. So do I live among the unwashed, Kate, they're pathetic non affordable housing builders as well.

  11. I live in a small mountain town where everyone is high and smokes a ton of weed. I am so disgusted dealing with people who let their appearances go, don't bathe enough, can't remember many things, have brown, dirty teeth, are irrational, and mostly self-absorbed. I am grossed out constantly seeing people put that into their lungs many times a day. I can take it or leave it because I don't want to be addicted like them. Get a vape and don't be a pothead, otherwise the whole thing disgusts me. I live among addicts to a plant. It's like living in a town full of stoner zombies some days. When you see it like this every day, you see a problem of addiction. It's not nearly as bad as some drugs, but excessive use is not ideal either. It sets people back in some ways but they cannot see it as they are high on the weed is only good for your rhetoric as well.

  12. How do I order videos on marijuana

  13. Yes marijuana is the 2nd most addiction world widely used following alcohol. A person can enjoy much more benefits following stopping using it. The main part of recovery is restoration of brain function. THC (main ingredient of cannabis) can acts by binding with cannabinoid receptors which present in certain area of your brain. Following exposure, it start to decrease your memory and learning function (Hippocampus) and inability of fine movement activities (Cerebellum). After quitting weed, you will be able to gain sharp memory and skillful activities in daily work.

  14. This film is absurd.

  15. I think this guy gave an honest and candid experience as an addict. It takes awareness and courage to admit to yourself that you are a slave to something which is destroying your life and for this guy it was. Not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic but some people do. They can't stop at one drink....the same is true with pot...for him he became addicted to it. If you have ever been an addict, you know how tough it is to stop your substance of choice or your behavior of choice. Its really really hard and sadly not many people can get sober. I thank this guy for sharing his addiction experience with us and he should be proud for how he is turning his life around. Addiction is a parasite that eventually destroys its host.

  16. Ya know, all you reefer madness idiots should just go drink a liter of everclear.

  17. Wow... glad to see that people are sympathetic. Guess the fact that people are entitled to their opinions just does not matter to a younger generation. f**** that... just lemme smoke mah weed, and stop hassling me!' Yeah. Good speech, nice story bro. Too bad that your right to be an id**t doesn't out match my right to point that out.

  18. I used to smoke pot and I never liked it because it is a drug. My brain isn't wired for this type of addiction. My son started smoking pot at age 14. He was an A student. He almost didn't graduate from high school because of pot. He quit sports. He dated trashy girls with parents who were alcoholics or drug addicts. He didn't do other drugs. He is now 27. He is still a pot head. He's proud to be a pot head. He didn't go to college. He's happy driving broke down cars and not making much money because the pot keeps him stabilized in an altered state. It's fake. He's addicted. I love him and support him because he's my son. He thinks he's fine. But I see a drugged, lazy genius who is wasting his talents.

  19. Its really sad to read some of the haters gathered here... and dont pick at people's English not everyone is a native.
    I also have been smoking weed for my whole adult life. Since the first time I smoked at 13, I fell in love with the substance, it helped me relax, helped me sleep and most of all cope with the daily stress of living in my toxic family environment. Nevertheless, I kept hearing from friends "You smoke too much girl, if you keep smoking like that, you will hit rock bottom". I kept smoking. I finished secondary school, got into high school and there my new friends told me the same "your brain will degenarate, I've seen it happen, you will turn to heroin in no time" - I kept smoking. My surroundings changed from schoolkinds to pot smokers, some of whom dropped out from school others fell victim to alcoholism, one died from heroin abuse... but I 'somehow' graduated from high school with flying colors and got into college. I kept smoking day by day (spent a fortune on it btw. smoked at least a gram per day) and now friends at university commented on my dependency, called me a junky, joked behind my back. But I graduated with my Master's degree, opened my own business, finally moved out... decided to stop smoking... 9 days passed and then the shit started... the pain hit unexpectedly and didn't go away although I started smoking again. 5 years of hospitalisation and painkillers (mostly opioids) passed without diagnosis and I didnt hide my addiction from any of my many doctors. Went even to rehab just to hear that I didn't have a problem with drugs, which was partly true since I had a problem when I didn't do drugs ;) Finally, this year a reumatologist diagonosed me with fibromyalgia - a chronic pain condition with no cure and no known cause - some say childhood trauma.
    New studies from Canada show that smoking weed relieves the sympthoms of this terrible condition in 80% of the patients. So it seems that, I have been self-medicating for all those years without knowing it, just taking the substance that made me feel better, helped me function normally, when others labelled me a junky... People 'addicted' to MJ in my personal opinion use it to fight with the stress or trauma they had experienced, they escape from facing horrors/pain of reality - and nobody should blame them for it - they are not week, they just had terrible experiences/illnesses/chronic stress/pain etc. I observe that without weed most of my close friends (most of whom with at least one pathological parent - mostly children of alcoholics) experience symptomps similar to PTSD.
    My point is that: if you don't have a problem with smoking weed (you can hold a job and finish school) you only have a problem when you are NOT smoking it (and get worse) you may suffer from one of the many, many chronic conditions which symptoms MJ successfully treats (like my friend with multiple sclerosis - he didn't know he had it before he quit weed and fell down paralysed on the bus on his way to work).
    My advice to the hero - get to the root of the problem/ to get off your medicine you need to get closer to health: emotional, physical, spiritual... all aspects of health. I wish you all the best on your way there! We all know we can't smoke forever.
    *I dont advocate smoking weed for teenagers though - studies show that MJ use permanently damages the adolescent brain - the hippocampus :(

    1. Perhaps it’s the pot use that turned normal adolescent feelings into something more full-blown as it has been proven both in studies and I know from my family, to do.

      Personally I never felt any urge to do drugs of any kind even though I was a victim of childhood abuse and trauma more severe than most. It didn’t end with my childhood either from my family, but I developed healthy coping skills and ways to deal with the stress and abuse. I think an addiction is when the thing you cannot go a productive day without and your life revolves around, is when that thing is also harmful and tbh exercise is not harmful. That is something extremely beneficial and combats stress naturally. Smoking, eating, etc a psychoactive plant to get high and escape your problems is harmful. If you don’t believe that you are the problem and need to get help.

      Recently a 11 month old baby was rushed to the hospital with a very rapid heart beat. They found he had a large amount of THC in his system. He died that night. But weed is so harmless and parents would never smoke in front of their infants right?

      Weed use doesn’t just affect the ones directly smoking it, btw. There have been recent studies proving those who use marijuana are much more prone to violence than those who don’t. I know personally my sister would get high and then forged my checks, stealing over 2,000 and then when I found out, she’d get physically and verbally violent, she almost once killed me by kicking my head and stomach in an unexplained and unexpected fit of rage she didn’t deserve to have. She’s later said the weed made her feel invincible and she felt she was in this alternate reality. Would she have done everything the same if she wasn’t high? I grew up with her and I don’t believe she would. My brother Jacob was forced to do marijuana at 16 by his 35 yr old manager where he worked at papa johns. He was a good kid who played baseball but once he started smoking he became so combative, so mean and judge mental of anything and everything, he wasn’t himself. And he flunked out of school, was charged with truancy. His drug dealers beat him, stole from him and framed him for a robbery they committed at a store. The legal fees my mom had to pay for his lawyer over bogus charges all stemmed from marijuana. He also developed a severe mental illness and living with him was unbearable bc of it. He had his life taken from him by marijuana. I do not condone use of any drug, including most pharmaceuticals, btw. I don’t think he has an addictive personality, I think the marijuana and THC altered his mind and brain chemistry and I believe from everything I’ve read that the properties of it are mentally addicting themselves. Meaning, you don’t have to have the addict gene to become addicted to marijuana, much like nicotine. It just is mentally addicting. Maybe not physically as much, but mentally it’s very bad as I witnessed with Jacob, who struggled to quit for years.

      I do wonder, why marijuana? Of all plants there are, who was the bright bulb (or Neanderthal? In that case they weren’t that bright) to first start smoking this? Why not other plants like... echinacea or oregano? Two amazing plants that have capabilities far better than marijuana/THC/CBD. Different parts of echinacea can help with depression, while another has been beneficial in immune health. Oregano can kill most harmful bacteria it encounters while feeding beneficial ones. Watercress has been shown to kill cancer cells.

      Why has so much money/time etc been poured into marijuana? I think it’s because it is addicting and it does mess with people’s state of mind. It’s very sad to me that as a whole, humans still feel the need to do that and not progress to living life without mind altering substances. Life is weird and interesting enough. I didn’t watch the documentary but I applaud him for his courage to be honest with himself and to get help for his issues.

    2. @Jaime... cannabis is the plant of passivity. It might ruin your motivation by making you somewhat lazy (depends upon the strain that you use) but violent? That's highly inaccurate. The culprit there would likely be alcohol or possibly speed. I've never met a violent pot head. That's an oxymoron, to say the least. It's obviously not good for developing brains... no brain-altering substance is. I'm just astounded by this claim. Also, weed is not physically addictive. It may be emotionally addictive, but those are two very different types of addiction, the former much worse than the latter.

  20. I smoke weed everyday since I'm 15, and I'm now 32. For me it's an addiction because I wanted to quit for the last 10 years and I have not been able to do it. The things about it, is it seems to not affect my life, and when I stop smoking for couples of days, I'm always start it back because I say to myself that my life is the same if I smoke or not. So I think its hard to quit because its harmless. But my life turn around it, and that's the part I don't like. So I know its kind of contradictory but, pot is hard to quit because it doesn't affect your life... and your health... But, I feel like an addict who can function in society, so that's why it's so hard to quit.

  21. I watched this high with a bong and a grinder full of weed on my desk. Now im going to smoke another bowl.

  22. First hand explanation here. An addict is a type of person, you can be addicted to anything. I abuse almost every pleasure I have had in my life, food, sex, drugs, music, anything. The choice they have is what they like the most. For me it was everything besides drugs that weren't cannabis, I did everything repetitively and only if I liked it. Problem with that is it took the pleasure out of life, you have temporary limitations such as age and wealth are bound to change, but before I reached a ripe age to gain some income I was disinterested in life. The worst part is now I want to do something but I have no motivation, I'll then do nothing so I'll smoke pot to feel better, and consequently become more apathetic do nothing rinse and repeat. I haven't finished the dock yet. The message I'm trying to get across here is 2fold, we need better understanding of psych and the drug is never the problem just a tool that makes the problem go away temporarily, the problem only feels like it worsens because the quick fix wastes a lot of time and then there are 2 problems eating away at you. That is why people are addicts.

  23. The thing here is, for me I have a love for weed that cannot be replaced by alcohol or any other drug. Believe me. I've tried a few harder drugs in my 22 years. They just made me depressed or sick. However, I am always going back for the weed. It has never made me sick or ill, plus its so cheap where I live it doesn't affect me financially. Yes, one could say I have a physical addiction to it (due to social anxiety. It helps me open up to other people. I would have never signed up for University if it wasn't for weed because my social anxiety is so crippling that its impossible to get a job, go out in public etc) but its not because I want to smoke everyday while collecting social security benefits. I want to contribute to society. However its difficult when you feel the whole world hates you. Weed has helped me live a productive life, and its medicinal properties are amazing. I have seen first hand what weed can do medically. As my mother has suffered from cancer for the last year and a half. It actually helped her. After chemo she was in so much pain she would just lay in her bed for hours. Popping pills that didn't help her. She recently got her MMJ card and is eating more, enjoying life and getting better. Why is it not legalized for recreational use? Because tobacco, alcohol, prison and pharmaceutical companies want profits. Weed is such a simple plant. It can be grown anywhere, so easily, it threatens profits. It also has amazing used in plastics, paper, textiles and is biodegradable. It disgusts me that the Canadian government has cracked down on illegal marijuana. This is only helping criminals make profits. It should be legalized so it can help pay for education, healthcare and other important under funded programs in Canada through taxes. Tobacco is just as harmful as smoking marijuana, but yet tobacco is legal. Alcohol can kill you if you drink too much, but it is still legal. Its impossible to die from marijuana because we have no THC receptors on our spinal cords. If we did, we could overdose from respiratory distress (like from the consumption of too much alcohol) If the Canadian government regulated the distribution of marijuana and taxed it, things would be so much better. We wouldn't have to support criminal gangs. Plus the tax revenue could be put to such good use. I hope that one day marijuana is legalized so we can develop new forms of energy and other biodegradable products as a replacement to the harmful practices we continue to do. Its a shame that marijuana has such negative press. Its a plant, no man has the right to prevent us from using something that comes from nature. It is our right as humans to use natural substances to cure any need. But yet we are denied this right, The government has no right to dictate what we put in our bodies. Its our life to live, as long as we aren't hurting anyone, what's the problem? Yes, marijuana can be psychologically addictive in some individuals, but why punish those who use it responsibly? Tobacco is 300% more addictive than marijuana and its still legal. It makes no sense. If I want to smoke weed in the privacy of my own home, what's the problem? In all honesty, I rather smoke weed than drink booze. I will never get hungover and I know that if I consume too much, I'll just fall asleep. Unlike booze. Which can kill you. Our world is f--ked man.

  24. Started when I was 15....haven't given it up since...i want to but haven't been able's basically took those 10+ years and put them down the drain...

    so yes some people do have problems with weed....get over it.

    1. I'll admit people have problems with weed, just like people have addictions to sex, or food... even the guys councilor said you can get addicted to behaviours or substances. I think the reason weed addiction doesn't SEEM to hold water is because (correct me if I'm wrong please) there aren't the physical withdrawal symptoms that you see with the harder drugs. It's not the spike and crash, and there isn't a major alteration in body chemistry with weed.

  25. Nicotine is addictive, this thing does not seem to be.

    I used it about 5-8 times at the age of 17, I never craved it, I stopped, haven't used it since. Absolutely no problem.

    1. Try it again. I've used it for fifty years, and stop now and then, run out bo problem. This is all misinformation, deliberate crap for crap heads. Users know there's no addiction, they just prefer to have the benefits of the beautiful restorative herb. These ignorant straights know nothing and continue vomiting this garbage in the mistaken senile belief they will convince 'youngsters' to just say no. I've got news for them, the young are pretty savvy these days, they want to find out the truth for themselves.
      I shan't bother to watch this garbage, from other comments it sounds like Reefer Madness, just a modern version, but still the same nonsense the US used to force this idiocy on the world.

      The biggest crime is against this therapeutic herb, it is the foundation of many cultures, and the racist white man just had to despoil it. That's a crime.
      The move is now back to sense and logic, sites like this, doubtless funded by christian right nutjobs, are preaching to the converted and are totally sidelined.

    2. By your posts you can see how very sharp, together and unaffected you are from weed! You are one person... everyone's experience is different. And such comments as your's shows the effects of your use that you have no clue to... just sayin

  26. Are these people smoking tobacco with their cannabis I wonder?!

  27. I don't know, I would agree with the idea that it becomes habitual, but it is not in itself an addictive chemical. I have had plenty of times I have given it a break and found myself constantly craving it, but that was a craving, like the pack of biscuits I devoured last night, I just could leave them alone hehe. I did get the feeling like the guy was desperate to have addict labeled on him, like it was some kind of war-wound.

  28. thank you for sharing your story. it was very touching.

  29. Cigerettes is the most harmful DRUG an should be treated the same way. Most certainly a video funded by a government grant. TopDocumentaryfilms is great though. I like how some documentaries contradict each other. The purpose is to make the viewer THINK. Everyone has the right to share their own opinions. Please watch 'Claring the Smoke: The science of Cannabis' and the documentry 'Propaganda' and 'The Beautiful Truth'...... I did watch the whole thing & conclusion. The Kid is probably older than 21, and should move out and get a job and live on his own with roommates. ... take evening classes if he wants to continue his education. You will get more out of school if its payed out of your own pocket. Cigerettes contain Nicoteen THAT is addictive, too many people have died becuse they used cigerettes to relieve stress. Yet Cigerettes remain legal. Decriminalize and let the States/Provinces deal with it as a health issue not a criminal issue. There are far more harmful DRUGS that are available over the counter than a beautiful plant that nature intended tobe used for thousands of uses.

  30. 11:33 A man talks about his own wasting of his life and how he didn't know his own children because of his marijuana use. He started smoking at age 10. He is using his personal shortcomings as a scapegoat for his apathy toward his family. 11:10 He is clearly acting. This is not a man who truly cries crocodile tears for his pot use. There is no comparison with pot use and herion, or even alcohol. I'm absolutely sure that it can be a problem, but don't blame those problems solely on an external roadblock.

  31. I'm 21 and I've become dependent on pot since I first started using it everyday 2 years ago. Before that I had tried it on and off recreationally but since I started using it everyday I can't live without it. I need it to be happy and function in this difficult world. I recently tried taking a tolerance break and am 1.5 months sober but I feel like I'm about to relapse. My sober reality is unbearable. The withdrawal symptoms were horrible the first 3-4 weeks. I felt angry,paranoid,anxious and most of all irritable. The insomnia that comes with it sucks too. I haven't slept a good nights sleep since my last toke. I'm going to try to rough it out to the 2nd month mark and after that I will be back in mary janes arms. She needs me and I need her.

    1. My friend, that's called boredom. And this life is harsh, no matter what social class your born into. If your tired of covering that up with the blessed herb, then go find an awesome cliff with a nice deep lake/river below and jump. Rock climb, explore a cave, play some dnd with your friends. What you are running into isn't dependence, it's the same difficulty you get when you quit anything you identify as your pacifier. You just have to replace it.

      Trust me, there are drugs that will make you withdraw. Wanting it and needing it to physically function correctly are very different categories. Don't mix up psychology and chemistry, one is a pseudo-science.

    2. You are a liar and a fraud. This is all made up out of the recesses of an ignorant, mysogenist mindset, there are no withdrawel symptoms you see sonny, been doing it for decades before you were born and there's nothing bad if you run out, life just goes on. Being high is just much better though. You should try it some time. Chill.

  32. I have been a daily smoker for almost 4 consecutive years. I quit several months ago because my mother begged me to. I have done it.. no withdrawal symptoms, no sudden urges. I just continue my life because I know I can live without it for now and wait until I grow up to continue.

  33. Looked like a project he did for his school.

  34. A daily smoker since age 17, at 32 I now realise I have given my life to this drug. I now suffer from chronic depression and breathing problems. If I could do it every now and then, I would, but I find my mood spirals out of control when I start to withdraw, so I start again. Individuals react differently, but I know how it has had a detremental effect on my life and coping mechanisms.

    1. Here's another liar, this place is full of them. Fictitious from start to finish. This one pretending to be 42. I know people in their eighties who've smoked it all their lives, they still party till 4am and have no difficulty listing heavy loads, driving at night, erecting marquees, gardening and giving their grnadchildren a grand day out. Now, you were saying?

  35. i absoloutly love that 90% of the people on this doc site (probably more likely to be critical thinkers) flame the living hell out of this vid make me smile

  36. You can not be more happy sober than you were as a stoner, you seem so confused so angry and have such a wide range of moods. I bet you were so much more relaxed high. you're biggest issue is the idea of sobriety not sobriety itself. the goal should be to control the habit, not cut it out. starting at 13 is also a sign of some deeper issues, wants and needs to detach ones self from what should be the most happy and care free period of there lives is not normal. starting as an adult is much more reasonable and healthy for brain development. all in all addict is not the right word, habit is a much better word, we can start calling people who go to the gym too much addicts or people who drink too much coffee or red bull.

  37. I just wish the person who is responsible for this article or docu was in front of me... so that I can laugh at his s*upidity..... Why are people so negligent... I've been using for at least 15 years now, there have been times i could get hold of some pot for a month to 6 months at a stretch... not once I craved for it like a crackhead.... if it is available, well.. good... otherwise its fine.... noT like the world came to an end for me... it just sickens me to know that there are people who'll believe this bullcrap someone tells them... Cannibis works wonders for small ailments to hard to cure diseases... but it will never be made legal because of the politics... corporations that control politicians.... imagine... pharmaceutical companies are scared of this plants for one reason... if this is legal every one can grow this plant at home... drug companies can't patent the plant or its contents.... its completely herbal... imagine the loss the companies in the medical sector will suffer.... revenue to the govt.... think people THINK!.... you talk about addiction.... Whose fault is it? If someone stabs you will you blame the knife or the person holding it.... Open your mind and think... before saying anything s*upid.... And the misconception about it damaging your brain cells... Then I must have gone into a coma or something... You know What this study was based on... Monkeys that were brutally strapped to a mask and pumped with THC smoke all the time.... basically suffocating the monkeys to death.... they called that a study... they only said the monkeys died... but never revealed the method of the study until recently... Come on when is everyone gonna understand the politics of this issue...medicines prescribed by doctors have side effects... whereas pot does not the only effect it has is a good feeling... Man, i can never stop doin pot... if Something so good is addiction then I am proud to be an addict.... this coming from a 30 year old guy with a 21/2 yr old kid and a successful business...

    1. hes just trying to share his story, how he quit and what he went through. why would you laugh at him? hes 22 and hes trying to do something positive. instead being ignorant.

    2. he is perpetuating these lies and negative stereotypes attached to this wonder drug that has so many beneficial effects in an attempt to keep it from being legalized. he had a problem with his cravings just as others have problems with cravings for ice cream. he does not need to share this with anyone

    3. He isn't villainizing weed, he is villainizing himself! Im an addict, almost sober 4 years, we don't villainize the drug at our meetings/support groups(that's all they are a group of like-minded people trying to help eachother be happy/functional.) if anything we villainize ourselves, because we(our sick souls) threw our potential lives away, when the majority of the world does not do we meet up to help each other with our depression and make sure we are productive. That's it. He even said, "I think weed is a beautiful drug, that should be legalized. I just f*cked it up because I am addict and couldn't use it properly." I totally agree with that. He/we(recovering addicts/addicts) aren't trying to villainize the drug/drink, we are just trying to stop our broken brains/hearts from f*cking up our lives..and we do villainize ourselves/addicts..but we reallly try not too/don't want to, as forgiveness, understanding, humbleness and compassion is essential to our happiness.

    4. Gullible. There are 'people' here seeding it with lies. Think. Better still toke some and then think.

  38. heres how you quit marijuana, quit being a p*ssy. your ruining it for all the responsible people that use it. obviously an "addict" cant afford to wear nice clothes and go to college.

  39. The addictive properties of marijuana shouldn't be a fundamental issue in the debate over legalization. If we chose to ban substances because they are addictive, we would no longer have caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and many more substances that I don't care to name simply for the fact that I don't have time.

    Why is this even an issue?

  40. This is dumb as hell. If I knew someone who was addicted to cannabis, I would tell them to keep smoking.

  41. This was awesome. I can seriously relate to this whole movie. I had already come to terms with the fact that I was addicted to marijuana, but th question is, Do I really need to stop? It doesn't really seriously effect my life, you know? Which is why I really liked that guy talking about the parachute thing, It really is just that. A slow parachute ride down. You don't even know your on the ride, til you hit the ground. Thats what is making me think that I need to do something about it. The question is, what do I do about it? I've tried quitting. My 'last hit ever' has happend like umpteen times. And I just can't bring myself to actually quit because I know how I am when I can't find a bag, and it isn't pretty. I just sit and think about weed, how i could get weed, maybe theres a nug under the couch somewhere, or maybe I missed as spot on my pipe. You know and when ALL those options are done, the Panic sinks in.My boyfriend actually recommended this for me, and said you know why don't you get help for this like go to Rehab? And when I hear the words Rehab, I think kind of like, I don't want to go to rehab for weed. Where I'll probably be sitting next to a guy,whos lost his WHOLE LIFE to fu*king meth. Or an alcholoic who beats his wife, or killed a family in a car crash, and then I'm gonna be there for weed. Yes, "Hi, I'm kajsa, I'm here because I can't control my marijuana addiction", I don't feel like I would be taken that seriously by my fellow piers. Or maybe the would take me seriously, but would I take myself seriously? LIke I really never thought before that Marijuana is a place for Rehab. So hearing this guy talk about that same shit was a breath of fresh air. And like totally relating to what he was feeling is kind of making me think I should look into it. It scares the s*it out of me though. But basically I just wanted to say this movie is awseome and definetly gave me some things to think about, and Thanks for making it!

    1. To accept you have an addiction is only the first step of recovery, the road to any recovery to any illness, both mental and physical always has extremely hard hurdles to leap and may not be the walk in the park you where hoping for. With a defeatised attitude you will never truely win.

    2. Some one obviously put you up to this, M*ron... maybe there is a Nug under your couch?? You sound like a Crack head... Ive smoked for 10 years and Ive never had to search for it thinking I may have dropped some... You keep it in a container and when you want some you open the container and then close it back up, its not rocket science.... Weed Is not Crack... I swear you people are fuc*ing it up for the responsible people who like to Smoke and enjoy themselves after a long day.

      Grow up

  42. Dude, you need to calm down. I would say pop and soda are more of a addiction in our world today then pot, and even then pop is way worse for you. You are also a little overdramatic man. I am a casual pot smoker and can go for months at a time without having "dreams". Just live your life, quit whining and stop throwing around the word addict!

  43. What a load of waffle.

  44. I very much enjoyed this documentary. Why do people assume that just because they aren't addicted, no one can be? Gambling addiction, sex addiction, those are real too and no substance is involved. I would never be this brave, to make a documentary like this, but I liked it quite a bit.

  45. what a joke. people with problems utilize substances. only imbeciles evern consider there to be any debate over cannabis. it is safe, far safer than alcohol or asprin 1000 times out of a thousand. get a grip

  46. This is an excellent video. I wish mor people could identify the struggle of getting free of anything that is addictive. AND anything can be addictive. This video absolutely hits the struggle. For those who wish to deny I recomend you come back in 3, 6 and 9 months and see if you still feel the same as you try to beat your own addictions.

  47. Thank you for this documentary. My friend has been using pot daily for over 20 years. He is addicted, just as any one who uses any drug habitually. He has quit jobs and relationships to stay connected to his first love; pot. Many people can use pot without becoming addicted. It is the minority, like my friend, that worries me.

    1. You are wrong... jobs and relationships come and go reguardless of the fact you smoke weed.

      I run high volume restaurant and guess what... I smoke

      Some are more responsible than others.

      the people I fire may have a problem with functioning on weed, but I know for a fact more relationships and Jobs end or MANY more reasons that weed.

      Stop siding with the documentary is Fake. This was made to influence ignorant simpleminded people that may have just started smoking.

      I laughed so hard at the Reefer Madness Clips... HELLO that move was fake too.... WAKE UP

  48. I totally relate to David's experience. I smoked for 10 years before putting t down. Those who say he "takes himself seriously" or are "pathetic" are not seeing what I am seeing-----a seemingly sweet, humble guy who struggled with something and wanted support that he ultimately found. Just because someone is a "scientist" does not mean you have any credibility when it comes to substantiating the subjective acuity of David's experience of his own struggle. As was stated early in the documentary and can be substantiated by common sense----any behavior or thing that gives pleasure or activates reward pathways can become addictive. It is not about the intrinsic properties of THC. Arguments to that effect miss the point entirely. Good documentary.

    1. If His Girl Friend and family cant expect him for what he is.... than what kind of people are they?? what makes them any better for not smoking?? They all get Cancer and Die... But he outlives them all because he did smoke for so long.... then what?? whos the smart one now??

      Ignorant Clowns

  49. I smoked for years and gave it up, and to be honest I think this lad is a complete p****, getting his parents to pay 7 grand for rehab he and had the cheek to guilt trip them towards the end as if it was their fault. It's easy to use the term addiction to excuse the fact that you've been lazy sitting around smoking for the last few years. Get off the tit and grow a pair of balls. btw crying scene was pathetic.

    1. A question to all the complete self-righteous arrogant knobs that believe they know everything about addiction ! - How painful is it to walk with your thick heads stuck that far up your crackshafts ?

  50. don't leave me high, don't leave me dry

  51. nobody wants to listen to a crybaby. jesus, they could have used someone who is strong willed and confident, not a chump who makes this decision seem so extreme.

    1. i actually wrote that about ten seconds before he ACTUALLY started crying. oh my goodness.

    2. i mean, it's like any other substance. there are those who can carry on with day to day life, and those who constantly have the need to be high and just be high. and then within those constrains there are those who can fulfill those wants and needs and be productive and those who just waste away like a user of any other drug (i.e. bob marley: timeless musician/influence/etc. and "burnouts": those that just spend all there time/money on smoking and never actually buy any records they look at in the store because they spent it all on smoking)

    3. macho takes out the Captain Troll of the month award !
      To win Troll of the year award, all you need to do now is actually start making some sense.
      No - actually, do everyone a favour and just shutup !

    4. Made perfect sense to me...

      I*iots that started smoking when they were 12 and had no future to begin with due to bad parenting, Shoudnt smoke.

      People that run a successful business and have earned the right to sit back and smoke some good s*it... dont hold it against us.

      The moral should be... Wait until your brain is fully developed before you enjoy Smoking Weed for the 1st time, and you will be ok!

      Crybabies talking about weed as an addiction.
      SHAME ON YOU... there are really people out there with serious drug addictions....

      Weed should not even be an issue.

    5. the part with the parents is crucial. without them even getting over the top emotional it hits so hard. they seem like such average and understandable parents but you can really connect with how they were affected

    6. this was a good documentary overall

  52. For myself addiction is, and this is purely my own definition from my own experiences with drug use, addiction is when our bodies starts to have a need for the substance that we are taking in, now with Marijuana it's not like that.

    With Marijuana it's more about a psychological dependence, for me it was purely to calm my nerves, getting rid of the nerves feelings in public and or other situations, so the problem wasn't Marijuana it was my inability to deal with normal day to day situation and look to Marijuana as the only solution to see me through those situations.

    So the people who suffer from the dependence often, and this i belief are mostly people who start smoking at a younger age, have other psychological issues, and a lot had to do with not having a strong footing in life it self and having a sense of confidence of who you are, other than a stoner.

    Well i could go on but i hope this makes sense, i must say that i am against any use of Marijuana and or other drugs that numb our senses where we aren't in control, and yes marijuana does that to maybe not in the same way as Alcohol but it is commonly known that when under the influence of Marijuana we tend to be a lot less productive.

    1. It's funny how all the legal drugs are the ones that make you more productive. eg, I can't seem to pay attention while filing monotonous papers, now I'm on Aderol or Prevasent or whatever and I can be productive alllllllll day.

  53. Is this a serious documentary? From the way this kid takes himself so seriously I have a real tough time distinguishing between sincerity and satire.

    Did anyone else have a hard time taking this seriously after he literally recorded a shot of him sitting infront of a camera crying? Keep in mind upon reviewing this footage, the guy intentionally left all that footage in thinking "Aw man this is super dramatic let me leave this in and add sad music in the background that'll be super deep."

    1. Its fake, just watch the fictional thanksgiving scene, for two or three seconds you will see the same fat bearded actor that failed to defend not smoking, sitting at the head of the family table. I am surprised no one noticed this before me.

  54. Haha, funny.

  55. This guy doesn't know the difference between addiction and habit. They can seem like the same thing but are not.

  56. If you are the kind of person that has an addictive personality, you can get addicted to anything. You want to smoke it, thats why you still are, and when you quit you will find something else to be addicted to. It is an emotional and/or mental issue, you should find a good therapist to help you.

  57. Thank you for having the courage to make this film. Marijuana addiction is perhaps one of the least accepted addictions in large part because so many of its users/fans are in the so-called "enlightened" crowd and many of them get very defensive when people point out a flaw with their drug of choice. I always get a kick out of people who say: "well, I've been smoking it everyday since I was 13 and I'm not addicted to it." Really? Try stopping for a week or two and tell us how that works for you.

    Folks the stereotypical addict who can't hold a job, never has any money, and is ruining his or her life doesn't apply to all addictions. You're addicted to something when you want to stop doing it and you can't. You can be a sex addict, a gambling addict, a yogurt addict, and yes, a pot addict.

    I recently celebrated 20 years of sobriety and clean time, thanks to the kind, generous, and understanding people who give of themselves through 12 step programs. I drank, but pot was always my drug of choice by far. I quit many, many times, including giving away my weed and all my pot pipes, bongs, etc., but before long (days, sometimes weeks) I was back smoking it.

    One of the hardest things about treating marijuana addiction is the double standard with which its use/abuse is viewed. I was a daily pot smoker, and would start my day every morning with "wake and bake" by doing a few hits when I got up. If I had to start my day with a few shots of whiskey, or a couple lines of coke, few people would suggest that I don't have a problem. But because pot is so widely seen (and misunderstood) as benign, natural, organic, fun, etc. the denial around pot addiction is very hard to break through. Add to that states like Oregon and California where so-called medical marijuana is allowed, and you have an even deeper level of denial as people smoke their "medicine" on a daily basis and slip even further into denial.

    If you're reading this and you think that you, or someone you know might have a problem with pot, you are not alone! Search on the web for some local Marijuana Anonymous meetings, and go check out a meeting or two. It's free, and you might find some useful information and insights there about pot addiction.

    1. If you see your child everyday for 10 years and then she goes away for a week, how will you feel?
      Does the unease mean you're addicted to him/her?

      PS - If you have issues with smoking pot and would like some help to stop I would advice AGAINST 12 steps. Do yourself a HUGE favour and search for alternatives, and after you've check them out then check out 12 steps. 1 meeting will be enough to make you never go back.

    2. Excellent post, understanding is needed, and if you don't understand marijuana addiction, you definitely should not JUDGE others who are suffering. And if you do judge, I hope it gives a fantastic feeling of superiority that you obviously crave.

  58. This poor young man was medicating his anxiety from being a neglected child of alcoholic parents with marijuana. He found comfort in a new "family" in a recovery program. If he thinks that he has to have an addiction to "fit in" to his new family, he might grow faster in the Adult Children of Alcoholics Program or Al-Anon. Someday he will realize that there doesn't have to be anything wrong with him to get love and attention from others.

  59. Cannabis is not physically addictive. That's a scientific fact, there's no way around that for those who wish to demonize the substance. Thus, the basis for your argument must be that cannabis is a psychologically addictive substance. When you phrase it the way it really is, however, the point becomes more and more bluntly moot. If you have problems with cutting off the use of Cannabis as a recreational substance, IT'S BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO QUIT!

    If to be psychologically addicted to a substance is a true addiction, then where can you logically draw the line? I've been using marijuana on a daily basis over the last five years. I started using Cannabis at 18, and I will be 23 in less than a month. Could I put the pipe down if I wanted? Sure. Do I want to? **** no. Does that mean I am psychologically addicted to Cannabis? Under these terms, one can be addicted, literally, to EVERYTHING. Money, Food, Sleep, etc. None of these things inherently urge the user to continue to use, they aren't true addictions.

    I have a unique perspective on addiction, as I also smoke cigarettes in addition to pot. I am actually addicted to a substance which causes me physical discomfort when the use is discontinued, and I damn well know the difference between addiction and PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS. Your inability to quit using a substance that is not physically addictive is a personal problem, not an addiction.

    Sources of misinformation such as the documentary in question are undeniably responsible for the persistence of the societal demonization of substances that are not harmful. In any society that is truly free, the individual should have the ultimate right to choose what goes into their body, and consequently the control over one's own mind. This is not a free society, and it has not been for quite some time. We are not a society based on logic, reason, or moral integrity. We are a society of self-obsessive sociopaths who make irrational decisions based merely on popularity. The medical science behind the health effects of Cannabis is sound, and is there to anyone who opens their eyes wide enough to catch a glimpse. Unfortunately, the greater majority of retards blindly follow their leaders and conveniently ignore science that does not suit their predisposed beliefs.

    Anyone who thinks this documentary makes any kind of valid point is ****** in the head and should never reproduce for the greater good of an intellectual humanity.

  60. i can not find away out of pot myself. i fear the cannabis hang over so much that when i get up of a morning the first thing i do is have a bucket then sit there for an hour odd then roll a joint and then feel normal enough to start my day. i have tried to stop a few times but when i do. i feel angry depressed and can't function. i lose self control and fall out with every 1 i know then feel that down and worthless i end up back on it. i have been arrested twice 3rd time i will end up in court and 4th or even 5th time i could end up in jail but as i said to the officer. i know this addiction is going to kill me a horrible painful death and that isn't enough to stop me so what chance as jail got. i don't drink i don't do other drugs what so ever. if anything my trouble with pot has sort of put me off the drugs ladder i mean if this is the least addictive and this is life taking why would i want to get any deeper....

    1. absolutely agreed bro ! i too have the same experience. but thr is only one way, sit straight and give urself power breathe for 2 hrs. just close ur eyes and see your breathe, come on, we can together do it bro. With u in your convincing fight and just u r the better than anyone else , so this problem was pasted for us. With breathing....LET IT HAPPEN !! VISHAL

  61. i dont even need to waste my time watching this to know its c*ap! Anything and everything can be abused habitually. this guys "thing" could have just as easily been diet coke. You just cant hold cannabis responsible for one a**bags actions!

  62. Not everyone gets addicted to weed - but the 15 - 20% who do - its the same as alcohol, cocaine etc - the substance rules your life. It is like an allergy - An addicts body responds abnormally to a substance from most other people and allows the substance to take over the mind.

    Addictions are diseases of automaticity – automatisms – developments in the central nervous system that cannot be eliminated but can be rendered dormant. -Richard Sandor in Thinking Simply about Addiction (2009) - in other words an addict cannot be "cured" - he or she has to be abstinent for ever. (remain quit forever).

    People who can smoke casually are not addicted - just like social drinkers (even some heavy drinkers) are not alcoholic. Abusing weed occasionally is not addiction. It is very hard for non-addicts to understand addictions. Most doctors etc. do not have a clue. It has nothing to do with will power as the substance has total control over your will.

  63. I smoked pot through my teenage years, quit when I got pregnant with my first son and never took it up again. I do occasionally have a puff, it's rare (and only if my fridge is full) and it alway is a one shot deal, so anecdotally, I say it is not addictive. But I'm going to add things that make my case more compelling. I am addicted to nicotine. I quite smoking cigarettes for four years and they were the worst four years of my life. I reasoned that I'd rather die of cancer 20 years before I might if I didn't smoke than live every day in misery and depression and perhaps one day, decide to jump off a bridge. My parents were both addicts, to nicotine and alcohol and three of my siblings are also alcoholics now. I am not an alcoholic because I guard myself against excessive use of alcohol, I know very well that I could become one, believing that the propensity for addiction is genetic. During my teenage years I also toyed with cocaine. I walked away from it too, but not nearly as easily and if I see cocaine use on TV, if I smell someone smoking crack - I DO crave it, it's controllable, I get over it within a day or two, but I do not have the same reaction to the smell of pot. People can smoke it around me and I don't crave it. Insomuch as things are inherently addictive, pot is not. Insomuch as anything can become an addiction to someone who has a strong propensity for addiction, sure -but so is television, or building sandcastles, or anything else one might consume or participate in. Pot is not chemically addictive inherently. The person in this doc has psychological problems if he has become addicted to pot, it's about him, not about the substance. Things like nicotine and cocaine - they are inherently addictive substances - where your average person is at risk of addiction if they use them regularly.

  64. I've smoked a mountain of pot and I've never had a problem stopping for any amount of time. I've quit for a year and smoked one time after and quit for several months more. I smoke, because I enjoy it. Not because I crave it. I stop so I look good on paper, so grow to some balls dude.

  65. i have been smoking more than this little guy over here but i am not saying i am stoping but my body dont need it when i dont want it i have been without weed 9 months and after i went on vacation and i smoked for two week not just one or two per day but let say 10 per day and after vacation i went back to my work and i am not consuming it because it doesnt fit with my life style

  66. lol his dad doesnt even think he is a "marijuana addict".

  67. you`ve been doing this since you were 13.. lol of course you are addicted. this sense everything can be addictive. hence, there is no coherent argument in the whole video that can convince me that cannbais is addictive.
    Cannabis is a substance you can use for our own benefit.... you think about it because our life was a lot better when you were smoking.

    A lot of weak people out there. Stop scaring people... make a documentary about how addictive is coffe ..that s a second class addiction.

  68. I know it's different for everybody but I quit after 19 years of daily use it was easy. And you are 22!?! SUCK IT UP BUDDY! Not like it's a heroin addiction.. LOL Mr. Melodramatic

  69. this guy has a problem bigger with the fact that he can not stop, rather about marijuana. i guess he would feel the same probabbly with any other substance even with sugar... to present a single guy point of view on this subject is fine but don t try to convince people bullshit :)

  70. Stopped watching when he started crying.

  71. My question for this guy would be if he regularly used tobacco to roll his joints. This I would invite him to ponder whether what he actually had was a nicotine addiction.

  72. For the 24/7 constant commenters weed-lovers>

    It seems to me that you guys support the Legalize movement for the wrong reasons. You make it WAY too easy for politicians to discredit everything you say because quite frankly.. you dont make any concrete argument -not in political terms or even psychiatric, physiological strict terms, but in the very every day sociological debate in every discussion you failed numerous times to convince that pot is not so harmful as is say Ecstasy (but somehow when it comes to give credit that there are many other illegal substances that also are not harmful and deserve to discuss for legalizing.. you just say nothing).. (psilocybin, ephedrine, etc)

    You use fake spirituality and Conspiracy theories for serious arguments. And that makes things worst. Of course, conspiracy theories are not wrong. Pot and Opium iS the BASE of our economy. (if pot gets to be legal, no one will buy Prozac) And If pot gets to be legal, so will heroine. And to be honest, heroin is much more useful for cancer patients. All this peace love dope nonsense is part of the very own propaganda that you CLAIM to be against. And it is a meme. Religion is bad, NewAge and Oneness is obscurum per obscurius. All those movements will never accomplish anything because they give no value to our true nature, the individual, the very own Identity, the self.

    Spirituality has NOTHiNG to do with substances and mood enhancement. You guys play for the WRONG team all those years and quite frankly you havent yet accomplish anything at all. The debate is not just if we re gonna Legalize it. Its way more complicated than that. I am sorry for being so direct. And for all those who said this kid is a p*ssy, seriously, you left a comment just to say that? I think you re the p''' dude. And you know it. Peace out and cheers.

    1. " And If pot gets to be legal, so will heroine."
      Nice job, smart guy. Way to take a **** all over the opposition and then make yourself look like a ****. Who says heroin would have to be legalized if Cannabis were legalized? Caffeine is a perfectly legal drug, and I still can't buy smack from a pharmacy. You're a deluded in your arguments because you don't consider the facts that don't support your argument. Heroin was completely legal here in the United States at one point in time, and was not nearly the epidemic it has become in contemporary society. Not to mention the effects that the War on Drugs has had on the price and supply of the substance. In 1960, prior to Nixon's declaration of war on substance abuse, heroin was roughly $30 per bag and 5% pure. In contemporary times, heroin is $5 a bag and is 85-90% pure. If the goal of the drug war is to decrease abuse by cutting supply and gouging prices, do you think that we have been at all successful in our mission?

      "And to be honest, heroin is much more useful for cancer patients."

      Really? So what kind of remarkable anti-tumor effects does Heroin have, again? Since when has heroin increased appetite? I can only assume your point is that heroin, being a barbiturate, will decrease pain and suffering. You obviously have no REAL empathy for cancer patients, as the overwhelmingly nullifying effects of heroin simply incapacitate the patient as opposed to giving them the opportunity of QUALITY LIFE that marijuana offers them.

      Judging by the context of your post, I can only assume that you are a pretentious teenager with no real experience or knowledge of drugs, attempting to impress strangers with your hack-job eloquence and third-grade understanding of illicit substances. You should take your own advice and research the things you speak of, and perhaps next time you will speak tongue-in-cheek under the realization that the less you say, the better off you are. You have made no real political point in your mindless and misinformed rant. You made no scientific points, used absolutely no data, and don't have any understanding at all of the medical effects of the substances you have brought up. You have accomplished less here than the "24/7 constant commenters weed-lovers>" you so adamantly despise. I certainly hope that you are proud of yourself. :)

    2. Not sure where you got your info but in the 1960's Heroin was $3.00 a bag. They were called trey bags meaning they cost $3.00 each. You could buy one, or you could buy a bundle of 10 for $30.00. I'm not sure of the purity and I didn't care as long as it did the job, which it always did.

      They were little flat envelopes of what looked like wax paper. The drug was put on the wax paper and the paper was folded several times to hold the heroin inside. A bundle of 10 bags had a rubber band wrapped around it and was called a.... Bundle.

      You could stop at a street corner in the part of Atlantic city that is now gone, and someone would come up to you and ask what you were looking for. You say a bundle and if they could help you, they would.

      You give then $30.00 and wait a few minutes and they come back with the bundle. They hand it to you and usually say, "Hey man can you help me out with my wake up". A wake up is what they shoot as soon as they wake up, what ever time of day it is. Of course you gave them a bag for helping you out.

      I miss those days. Not because of the drugs but because of the fact that people were helping each other out. I never saw any violence, even in the shooting galleries. The people just wanted to get high and if they could get high by helping you, that was enough for them.

      Today there is a high probability of getting shot just going into a neighborhood like that.

      Regarding addiction: I never became addicted to heroin. I also smoked crack for a while back in the 1980's. I never became addicted to that either. I was addicted to cigarettes from the age of 15. They are much more addictive than heroin.

      The Doctor told me I had early emphysema. After having worked in a hospital and seeing what emphysema can do I quit that day. I have been smoke free for 30 years or so.

      Addiction is in the genes, much like alcohol.

      Please don't let yourself be led around like sheep. Think for yourself, make your own decisions.

      I guess you could say I'm a Libertarian. Do what ever you want, just so it doesn't harm anyone else.

    3. I agree with most of what you are saying but that cigarettes/nicotine is more addictive than Heroin is bullshit. If you, lets say, do 0.2g of Heroin a day for 7 days you will feel withdrawals. If you never touched a cigarette before and you smoke for 7 days you don't feel shiet.

    4. Opiates are legal and BIG business in the US and Canada. So technically, Heroin is legal.

    5. Hey Staths, i kind of felt sorry for you being so devastingly being humilliated by that guy's response, ouch!

  73. as long as pot is illegal, people who enjoy using it are going to try and stop using at certain points in there life, they find this very hard because they know its harmless and no more addictive than tea or coffee.

  74. everything that is enjoyable is habit forming. this documenatry was clearly created by a kindergarden class.

  75. The substance is not the issue, the user is.

  76. Many people think that marijuana is just a drug,well it's not just an ordinary drug for many people rely on it to alleviate the symptoms of their illness.There are various medical uses for marijuana.Since it's not legal "How To Get Medical Marijuana" is always a problem for them

  77. I don't understand why legalizing it would be based on whether or not it is addictive.... lets say I agree it is addictive; well so is sugar, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol (alcohol being much more addictive as it is both physical and mentally addictive). These are all legal... why not legalize and regulate? The taxes alone could help save failing state governments and it would decrease the power of organized crime, and make a simple medicine more readily available - win, win, win!

    1. Bravo Julie!

  78. I think that some people can handle it and some cant.. As I read in a earlyer post, some people can handle it straight up trough their 60' and/or 70' while other break at their first encounter. Ive smoked since i was 13 years old, passed school with a C, never lost a job or missed a rent.. An addict would put the drug first - Thats why I dont think that marijuana is more dangereous then having a beer. A beer a day or a glass of wine does no harm so why should a joint?

  79. Hahahaha!! Getting dreams about Marijuana!! And what was with pieces of his lungs being coughed up!! Guys put this on some movie theatre! Documentries are supposed to be real!! Fake ass kid!! Grow up!!

  80. I'm pretty sure this is a mockumentary

  81. Gay documentary. It is really not that hard to quit dude...
    Stay high

  82. I think, like anything, the key is moderation. I've known heavy marijuana smokers who do seem to get quite addicted, which in turn seems to do something to their brain - course, that could come from doing other drugs if that's the case, I dont know. Anyway, also have seen people in their 60's now who have casually smoked it since their teen years and they're fine.

  83. this isnt a guy with a marijuana addiction. this is a guy with depression problems. if he went to a doctor they would prescribe him some sort of antidepressant... most likely something much worse and more addictive than weed. this is a movie of a whining kid. the movie completely skips portion of his life when he smoked. the only thing they say about the time when he was smoking is that it "affected everthing" as his mother says. no explanation. it doesnt appear that he is homeless/in debt/a college dropout... etc.

    and as for the guy that smoked for 28 years... its hard to quit anything after 28 years of doing it. REAL addicts that use heroin and crack get addicted after one use

    1. there we go. I'm glad i dint scroll down to see the comments filled with people agreeing with this documentary .

  84. i wonder how much the DEA payed to have this done.
    if you worried about mexican growers in your state parks, i have an idea for you:
    and im not saying this is a throw your hands up were quitting aspect to the war on drugs.
    honestly, for the last 80 years (since the marijuana tax act of 1937) we have been fighting a war on a simple plant. if you want a beat a plant, surely you have to be smarter then a damn plant. Now let me throw an idea at you, legalize, and put about a %10 tax on it. at $150 an ounce (which is pretty low, here in the bay area reallly only dealers get $150 ounces, usually people are paying $200 +) the gov of whatever state automatically recieves $15. now i know that doesnt seem like much, but ive talked to club owners out here in the bay area, and most of them claim to be moving 5+ POUNDS a day, which equals out to about 140 ounces a day, at ONE LOCATION. that $15 a dollar doesnt seem so small now does it? What happens then is you straight take away the tijuana drug lords cash crop, marijuana. and for those that are legit smokers, we know the difference between good bud and the shit that comes up from the border, and i tell you what, 9 out of 10 smokers want home grown cali (AMERICAN) weed. so when you take away the flow of money to the gangs/mexican drug cartels, and bring all that money into the american economy, youll see a large DECREASE in crime and in whatever states debt, and task forces such as the ones talked about here, DEA and NATO can now focus on the cartels in mexico, and they can focus on the drugs that are actually poisoning america, such as Methamphetamine, Herion, and abuse of perscription drugs.

    Excuse my spelling but honestly, take a step back, and dont think partys, politics, morals, previous beliefs, reliogion, and ask yourself,
    is a plant really that harmful?
    is the money our gov spends (est at $700 bil a year) on fighting a war with this plant in stead of fighting real drugs like meth crack and H really worth it?
    Is the money (est at $1-4 Bil a year) to be made for the state worth a few people getting high?
    Even if you dont smoke, do you really feel like you have the right to control whether someone consumes a substance or not?
    Would the billions of dollars in extra resources between the DEAs weed budget, fighting a losing drug war in mexico, processing every person arrested for possesion of marijuana (about 1 in 40 in fed penitentiaries), the $30000 a year we spend taking care of each of these inmates, and the extra money spent "sealing the border" when just as much marijuana comes from BC, Canada, be better used tracking and arresting meth, heroin and ex labs/dealers/suppliers.

    i know you may not agree with me, hell i doubt Current would, but im just asking you to take a step back, out of your own little bubble, and take an honest, economic scientific, and UNPOLITICAL look at weed.

    Think about it,
    Nik Elliot.

  85. This guy clearly has far worse problems than a Marijuana addiction, which is not even possible to begin with. Marijuana is a substance, no different from caffeine, spitting seeds, or eating a favorite food. It's called self-control and everyone is born with some degree of it, some more than others. I'm sick of Marijuana being incriminated by individuals who fail to portray any sense of the subject matter. This "drug" is one of a kind and when used in the proper context by responsible adults (not this adolescent) we can begin to see all the good Marijuana can generate to a society in need of much help these days. So for all of you adults that can handle yourselves, roll one up, light it and enjoy. PceNLove

  86. The monopoly money game those rich corrupt devils are doing is the most WORSE addiction in the world as it harms cities and states! But you don't hear any of you men talking about the worst addiction. And you sex addicts don't want to admit to that too. Sickening wicked men. Just sickening.

  87. obviously obviously obviously cannabis is a gift! if the people who claim it was ruining their lives hadnt ever heard of it, they would still be having crappy lives and blaming something else. religion(intellectually and morally irresponsible) greed (government) are the true problems-without religion and actually having a responsibility towards true leaders (education-real education-not fake education) we could avoid this crazy and fake frame of reference. the true sadness is that we can all sit back and watch the war on drugs ruin our world(literally) and yeah its not just the war on drugs its the madness behind it -but in the case of cannabis the ulterior motives of crooks and idiots(government) are responsible for the kind of mentality that singles out incidents and tries to portray it as a banner or warning- sure most people may not be into it, some even have problems around it but there are more factors involved with this conversation than people who have many problems including addiction issues. hey if you are religious and offended then please dont be-its just that if one can be so blind to reason in one aspect then how can you be trusted? dont be offended just please try critical thinking and if it works and you can see the scam, then you will be able to see other things around you in a different way. I wouldnt encourage people to take up cannabis-its a personal choice- but i would encourage people to be intellectually and morally honest with themselves and the issues around them. peacelove!

  88. This documentary is not very inquisitive, despite how it claims to be. Yes, cannabis CAN be an addictive substance, but just about anything can be. It's all dependant on how one uses it. If you use ANYTHING as an escape from reality/one's own personal circumstances, it can become habit forming. This can be said about anything, most notably consumerism and status. People get addicted to eating as much people get addicted to starving themselves.

    On the second side, you have people who use cannabis for it's myriad of health purposes, and I, the occasional pot-smoker (maybe once or twice a month) find that it brings me insight into not only my own circumstances, but observe the world around me in a very profound way.

    My last point proves my case even further. In India, I have seen documentaries about opium bars still being popular there. While, of course, opium can be a very addictive substance (and one can assume that there could be some people who frequent these bars for this reason), many of the people who go to the bars, smoke the opium as an small treat for themselves every once in a while, seldom ever becoming addicted (like how most people drink alcohol here, just not in any 'party' context.) This film just seems like propaganda to me, or at least a film put forth with someone with little experience/knowledge of psychoactive substances like cannabis.

  89. stupid movie. It just doesnt tell the facts..
    they show a guy who has really low thinking of himself..
    american propaganda..

  90. This is an interesting look at what addiction CAN be. Pot is a habit forming substance for SOME people. Granted using anything as an "escape" will form a habit - for example, I lift weights to relieve some of the tension in my life and as such I've made it a fairly regular habit. Pot DOES NOT however make you physically sick due to a lack of the chemical within your body, and it doesn't come with the high cost to health and physical well-being as does other substances. People addicted to heroin, crack-cocaine, and methamphetamine, will continue to seek the drug by whatever means necessary to get the drugs (prostitution, hustling, robbery). I would be willing to be if this guys parent's stopped giving him money, he wouldn't continue to seek out the substance as he was only habituated to the substance. He's not going to go "suck d*ck" for marijuana, ever, no matter how much he wants pot. As a habituated user, hes still in control. People addicted to other drugs are OUT OF CONTROL, they can only get the substance and nothing else. Secondly, addiction is a life-long battle - once you've gotten so used to a substance that you use it to relieve stress regularly you have ingrained a pattern of behavior in your head thats hard to break. This guy's "addiction" is chump change next to opiate addiction and crack cocaine addiction.

    1. Listen up, people....

      Kenny Lowe just dropped some science on your azz.
      Well-put, Kenny Lowe. Enjoyed your post.

  91. it is addictive i am a musician busker i have a pattern to go out every day make money get weed and go home and veg i have done nothing with my life or my talents i just think of weed my voice is ruff now cause of it and its destroyed my life an addiction is doing something that you want to stop but cant

    1. What a little wimp you are! You are not even a man! Get real! Grow a pair and stop making money off your tax-less products.

    2. Re-read your comment one hundred times (really) and then do something about it. Pot has no control on your power, it has control on your imagination while stoned. Use your power to imagine something new.
      You can. Busking may be your worst addiction at the moment.

  92. Why is he trying to pin this on his mum? "I'd offer you a hit and I was like wow, You don't seem to care anymore." Get your **** done and smoke in the evening. And everyone should enjoy sobriety and intoxication alike. Both have bonuses.

  93. Frankly, I think this kid just went therapy because he got caught or something and then had a "rebirth" from AA or NA alike. As a person who has unfortunately been there, more for anxiety and depression rather than drugs I was struck by how infectious AA and NA is. Its almost like propaganda in a way because it really isn't a group that has much freedom. You are always living in fear of your substance and your problem rather then thinking through things. Not to knock on them but there are always people in gray areas. Certain drugs you can't go back to you but, for marijuana being labeled an addict is semi-ridiculous. Its a rather benign substance compared to alcohol and tobacco in terms of deaths and disease. This kid has been brainwashed and lacks confidence, simple as that. I'm not a psychologist but I've learned through being treated. Just go for a run kid, get a job, get off your ***, get a girlfriend, get some good food (probably not), volunteer, etc. If you sit around all day the mind is the Devil's Playground, this kid is a m*ron and should have never made this documentary. I mean good for him that he wanted to make it but, be a little more strong-willed and you'll be good. lolzz

  94. Ya I'm not sure I even have to watch this one to know it's probably crap. It's not addictive period, anyone who claims they are addicted are weak. It's all in your head. Try getting hooked on Meth and then try and stop, that's addiction.

  95. being an ex smoker i have to say this "mock"umentary is such crap.. he seem so disingenious like he enjoys labeling himself an addict.. 'when did i become an addict' 'its so hard being and addict'.. he is so full of himself that it makes his arguement and dilemna so void.. stupid video.. he seems like a spoiled brat who's latest tantrum is over weed.. get over yourself .. smh

  96. i don't believe marijuana is addictive. however, i do believe that this guy believes he's addicted to it...i'd also be willing to bet the ranch that he has ADHD -- as not being able to shut off one's thoughts is a top complaint of virtually everyone with ADHD...i should know -- i have it, too.

  97. I've become addicted to three different legal drugs, but I've yet to find an illegal one that is all that addictive. Anyone who knows anything about science OR has personally tried pot, would never even consider the possibility of it being addictive. The concept is absolutely ludicrous.

  98. This is such garbage.

    Why did they use so many of the same scenes from The Union?

  99. the guy even admits it in the video, 'I dont know what to do....every time i turn on this camera i feel like im acting".

  100. ummmmm sounds made up

  101. Marijuana consumption does not causer schizophrenia! Both of me completely disagree!

  102. lol addicted to weed...WUT so many ppl smoked so much weed and i always join in if i can,am 32 now i have not smoked in like 2years cause noone i know has any...and to be somewhat real..weed kinda sucks.I think it should be legal cause its a bore drug,unlike beer and going out drinking and getting drunk..ppl get addicted to being HIGH no matter the drug we all love to be high as a kite

  103. Utterly depressing!

  104. blah! So boring! It´s so clear this dude is making a victim of himself! Its the utter bore as he whines in endless monolgues to the camera. Huge pile of crap!

  105. Life is addictive ... marijuana is not! "Former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders characterized marijuana succinctly on CNN recently, while declaring her support for legalization: “Marijuana is not addictive, not physically addictive anyway.” "

  106. I've been to 4 times and weed is not addicting. If you' ve ever gone through opiate withdrawls or alchohol withdrawls, you know what I'm talkin about. I smoked for about 15 years. If I stopped the only thing that woukd happen is less sleeep and decreased stoney food. Anyonme who goes to rehab for herb is wasting our tax money and is just plain a p*ssy. I can't imagine what the other stuff would do. This guy is a d-bag

  107. Damn he was jonesin' hard. David should NEVER try heroin.

  108. I haven't watched the video. Carl Sagan was one of the greatest proponents of science. Knowing you are going to say he founded scientology makes your movie unwatchable. Never mind that you have to have a pretty weak Will if you can't say no to a joint. I've been smoking the herb for 25 years and don't think of it any different than a couple of glasses of wine or beer at a party. I was a chronic when I was younger, but then I grew up. You should also.

    1. Strange thing is that you do not know that the movie would say something unless you watched it.
      Nothing in this entire documentary even eludes to mention Carl Sagan, it was actually a conversation between me and someone else on the forums.
      Don't jump to a conclusion so fast.

  109. this dude is over-acting

  110. I think there's more than the weed addiction going on here. He has an incredibly strong inner critic. Life would be tough even if weed never entered the picture. It was tough watching himself beat himself up through this whole thing.

    Be kind to yourself man...... it's ok.

  111. I'm really wondering....are these commenters talking trash about marijuana fishing for more info or are they big dealers who want it to stay illegal just to avoid taxes? I need marijuana for nerves and my glaucoma but they don't give a crap about anyone's health clearly. I used to smoke it alot when young but when I moved to a state with little and raised kids I went without except for once for TEN YEARS! These cold-blooded commenters need to kick the 'lust-for-power' addiction they clearly have because it could cause horrible things to happen to them someday, somewhere and maybe the end of their life in some kind of bizarre incidents.....

  112. so far, those disputing with me are arguing with what they think i said, or what they want to argue about, rather than what i actually said. maybe its the drugs talking.

    stay off pot -completely- for 6 months, just to prove to yourself that it is not addictive, you can take it or leave it, etc., then get back to me on the actual assertion.

    SOME people can use pot very occasionally, with little ill effect. some can't. that's all. but most important of all, if you are one of those that can't, find out, accept it, don't listen to anyone else's self-serving b*llsh*t, and get clean. find out, if you are an addict, what clean means.

    then get on with youse life. love and peace.

  113. Okay I understand some people can have a problem with Marijuana, even have it cause problems in their life (like this bleeding-heart-p*ssy in the video) but does anyone here truly think it should still be illegal?!
    If you have a problem with it, don't smoke it. Nobody is forcing you to. It's measure of addictivness depends on your personal definition of addiction, but just because something is addictive does that means it should be illegal? Alcohol withdrawal can kill. It's bad for your lungs? Well there are several medical studies that show no reduced lung function in MJ only smokers, and in fact, they have slightly BETTER lung function. It doesn't affect long term brain function either, Carl Sagan smoked all the flipping time. So did every single music artist you've probably ever listened to. To those who think it causes a huge amount of social problems, I lived the first 17 years of my life without seeing weed. I've never heard of someone say "some guy was so stoned he hit my truck while driving!" Has it happened somewhere? Yes. Does it happen enough to be considered causational? No. Same with a variety of social problems, marijuana simply isn't related enough to cause problems. If you say people need it then they're lying. They most likely have other social or psychological problems, which MJ can exacerbate, but it does not cause them.

    To those who say they cannot quit smoking, or to those people who smoke and never leave their houses, and to nearly every social problem you seemingly generalize every single pot smoker as having, have you ever considered these people may be that way WITHOUT marijuana? Some people are lazy. Some people are stupid. Some people can't manage money. Just because someone smokes doesn't mean that marijuana caused these things.

    Some people are simply weak people with no drive, turns out they can smoke weed too, doesn't make the rest of us the same as them.

    If you wanna keep arguing that it is bad for you and that we shouldn't do it, then you say we're in denial, couldn't we say the same thing about you?

    1. Hehehehe, I like your analysis, but you shouldn't have thrown that crazy fre*k Carl Sagan in it. All i can say to that is...look at those fools that follow his Church of Scientology (T.Cruise the mental m*ron, J.Travolta who's getting fatter by the movie...). Now Sagan really smoked his brain cells up. Other than that, very good comment.
      I live a very active lifestyle, have worked for the last 14 years for the same company, raise 2 kids, have a house, 4 cars, 2 dogs, walk every weekend for 15 miles, pick up the trash on the road I live on, have been doing Tae Kwon Do for 19 years...and smoke weed. Let me hear from you non-smokers what you do with your life, that makes you so much better than weed smokers. Bet ya' you can't come up with a single thing you're doing that a weed smokers couldn't do. BTW...I'm also very healthy. No illness or Doctor visits in nearly 20 years! Some people smoke weed to enjoy the blessing that God has given to humanity. The only reason weed isn't legal is the fact, that our dear corrupt government is bringing the **** into this country by the kilograms, and if it was legal, they couldn't make all the moolah they are making now on us weed smokers. Taxes on weed wouldn't be as high as selling it on the black market for the corrupt government. Why are weed dealers in prison? Because they are competition for the government. 'Nuff said...all you non-smokers bore me with your ridiculous arguments that you cannot back up.

    2. L. Ron Hubbard established the ridiculous church of scientology.

      Carl Sagan was a scientist, not a scientologist.

    3. It wasn't Carol Sagan who founded Scientology. It was L. Ron Hubbard.

  114. It is all in his mind, he needs a crutch like a fat chick needs sugar!

    Marijuana isnt considered addictive because there is nothing in marijuana that causes it to be addictive, buying new shoes can be an addiction, taking panadol can be an addiction if you get headaches.
    Dont think you are addicted, dont think you need it, use the strength of the human mind and be realistic. Fruitloop.

  115. any mood-altering substance can be addictive. this is simply a fact. the proof is in the pudding.

    and marijuana is not a light drug anymore. its a powerful sedative & hypnotic.

    people that are high cannot be fully engaged in parenting, driving, doing anything that requires the full, normal complement of human capability.

    some people are in denial. see below.

    1. Same thing could be said about any sleeping pill you can buy at walmart. Should we make those illegal?
      What about alcohol? I've seen people wreck cars, beat the crap out of their wife, and set an awful example for their kids due to alcohol.

    2. With your theory any prescription drug and many over the counter drugs are far, far worse. Mood-altering, every anti depressant (all of which are addictive and dangerous), SSRIs, every other drug prescribed by the mental health industry AND all of those drugs are physically addictive with withdrawal symptoms including seizures and death, cannabis does not even come close. Then there are all the Opioids for pain, again withdrawal symptoms including seizures and death, cannabis does not even come close.
      People that are high on legal, accepted, paid for through "health" insurance and promoted drugs cannot be fully engaged in parenting, driving, doing anything that requires the full, normal complement of human capability. That would be at least 50% of the population.
      You are in denial, take a moment to look up "Benadryl" and what that does, it is over the counter and kids can buy 200 for $20.
      Want some more pudding?

  116. He's not an addict, he's a p*ssy *** attention whore who made a cry baby documentary, and publicly wallowed in a river of self pity. What a joke. Marijuana is addictive in the same way that caffeine is addictive. It is habit forming. His withdrawal symptoms were likely made up. It is literally impossible to become physically dependent on marijuana and experience the type of withdrawal he described. He was likely regurgitating information he heard about physical withdrawal, from drugs (other drugs), that he picked up from real formal addicts. I can vouch (being a former opiate addict) that what he described was mild opiate withdrawal. He is emotionally as advanced as a middle school boy who THINKS he has gone though something traumatic, and has spent a a lot of time convincing himself of that. (Nearly 11 months...Ha) In fact he is just acting dramatic. He lacks perspective. I litterally want to beat him senseless, but I cant because I think someone already did, and I know it is wrong to hit r-tards. What a dip**** and a butt-p*ssy.

  117. At around the 20 minute mark he says this: "I like weed, I think it's a great substance. And I think that anybody should be able to use it recreationally. Unfortunately, there are just some of us who have abused that privilege and may already have been addicts to begin with. And quite frankly I think I'm one of those people."

    Dude, PLEASE tell me you are ******* kidding. You made a whole documentary bashing weed and labeling it as addictive when you just said the answer you've been looking for in those couple sentences. YOU are the problem, not weed. You're just a pathetic person man, end of story. If this was a documentary based on a substance that is ultimately known to have addictive properties due to changing brain chemistry, then you would have my condolences. Anything and everything can be made addictive, I can't believe most people can't figure that one out for themselves, good riddance.

  118. its smells
    "Reefer Madness" of the 2000's

  119. This fellow totally adopted the game structure (rules, roles, rituals, goals, language and values) of the addiction recovery industry. His maudlin and simplistic attitude cannot be blamed on weed - he seemed to be clinically depressed without it.

    There is a distinction in psychology between physical and psychological dependence/addiction with tolerance and withdrawal being the hallmarks of the physical variety.

    After having smoked cannabis between one and two grams daily for over a year I stopped "cold turkey" and experienced restlessness, loss of appetite, night-sweats and difficulty sleeping for about three or four days (physical withdrawal). For the past five years now for one week before each solstice and equinox I take a week off from cannabis, alcohol, caffeine and eat smoothies and salads only and get no withdrawal just boredom (thank god for documentaries). I am no longer physically dependent - no withdrawal.

    I also approach marijuana as a medicine the same way i was prescribed prozac for depression (no longer using), i try to limit it to one gram a day, use a vaporizer as much as possible and for the love of god TAKE BREAKS -

    Just like humans aren't like the other animals, cannabis isn't like the other plants however humans still have cells and organs and cannabis can still be the focus of addiction -

  120. I had an opiate addiction that if I tried to stop the withdrawls would have killed me! I smoke weed everyday caught a cold last week and decided to not smoke for the last few days with no WD!I was still snorting heroin when I had a cold before...I had to! thats an addiction!

  121. Marijuana is not, and I repeat, not for everyone. This guy should focus on his real issues, and he should stay away from the weed. No weed for you!
    I recently had to stop for a while for tolerance reasons and to save up money. I plan to smoke this summer.... so far, I don't have a problem staying away from it, even if people are smoking in front of me, I just never got addicted to it like this guy has. No withdrawals, no tremors, no dreams about smoking, no sweat. It was a bit psychologically addictive, but I got over that in a week. And I been smoking for years.

    Reminds me of the guy who can't handle his drink. But a lot of people can. So to those who can handle a little herb, or a lot, smoke up. We must make this plant legal!

    Ps. This guy is such a p*ssy.

  122. Depression can be addictive as well.

  123. This guy needs therapy! Weed 'aint his problem, he is!!

  124. jeez this guy has no backbone. this is a habit not an addiction. even if he did smoke i bet he could do another 11months easy... when he started crying because he couldnt smoke weed i couldnt take this doc seriously... and on the part when he relapsed he bought $60 worth of weed??? really??? thats a lot of weed to get high off of for a WHILE. he could have spent $5 and got high as **** after not smoking for a year because his tolerance would have been SHOT. but no he has to buy a couple weeks worth of weed and be stoned out of his mind....ludicrous...

  125. I have seen people who are addicted to marijuanna and they have to have it at the same time every single day of their lives. When something interferes with their use...they get volatile and angry. If this is NOT addiction, I do not know what is?! If something has this adverse reaction on you it is harmful and hurts people around you. How about the parents who cannot really afford it (single parents) and buy marijuanna instead of getting their kid a new outfit or a toy????!!!! Denial is a big river which many people on this blog seem to be sinking in...swim and wake up out of your comatosed marijuanna states! This man had the balls to tell his story and tell the TRUTH. Ulike many people on this page who are not only lying to themselves but to their families, their friends and even to the public. No wonder there is so mucah apathy in america...everyone is on pot or whatever other substance that takes their minds away!

    1. You've never taken those bad trip anti-depressant drugs? Or skizo drugs, bi-polar? 'Cause I'm wondering. Most mental people who have to take those kinds of drugs can never stop. Marijuana is the safest and neutral peaceful states in place of wild crazy anger. Are you saying you would rather have an angry person kill you in a fit of crazy anger instead of just smoke a joint to resist and avoid it? I ask because you look like you're deliberately trying to make people angry. And I see you do not believe in GOD either. Because if you did you would know that marijuana is an herb which GOD called one of the 'meats' that he gave to US, His people. How dare you blaspheme my GOD!

    2. Fool , you take a hit and think your amongst gandi and plato in wisdom redric and insite into human psychology preciption drugs are indeed hit and miss and sometimes deadly, but the canibis on the street is many fold more potient it is like taking a hard drug and for the most part it is grown by cartels in places like oregon and northern california in state forest that they claime and keep via deadly violence. I respect yor faith how ever you are using it to act holyer than thou to a preson that was stating a subjective opinion ad did not make ANY comment about relgion what so ever and how you cast people with mental health disorders in a negativie almost subhuman light shows the folly of your charater most people have mental health problems to some degree espicaly many religous fundamentalist such as the notion that they deserve eternal salvation souly because they are part of the so callded "Right Faith" ad that they are created in the image of an all powerfull diety is what was referd to as meiglomania or more simply put having a god complex.If you whant to talk religon lets take a closer look at the three major world faiths they are all rooted in ancient mesopotamia, back then there were many gods for different things that eefected life in thier view and for favour they needed sacrifce generaly of live stock wich would become very costly to poor farmers and nomads who depened on thier live stock. Un suprisingly one groupe of such people combinde many of the ancient gods in to one figure theese people are now known as hebreews, that religon was the foundation for Christianity, Judisism, and islam and the all continue to change morph all the time reisablishing them selves. For enstance Cristanity has consumed many other faiths ideas. To get an idea look at the profit Zoroaster and you will see his identity fused with that of jesus by the early church. SO don lecure people about god as if YOU are the athority in that subject. As for the kid in the video are his probles souly his adicction to weed hell no many people use the drugs they are on as a crutch but that dosen't mean canibis on the street is safe it can do many things incuding inducing pcycotic symptomes , don't give me crap about weed being a good treatment for mental health when it isn't. If it could be regulated with a safer product that what is offerd illagaly I'm fine with that just recognise that it will most likely afecct the user instead of justifing your own addiction with idiotic banter and agresssion.

    3. Wow....what an arrogant devil you are to seem to not know the difference between right and wrong. You rise above GOD with that kind of talk and you're courting a curse on yourself. Which is also religious intolerance so get OUT of America if you hate me which is also hate for our Constitution, if you really do hate me, you hate the one who sent me: GOD! But you're a being without any human feelings at all, aren't you.

    4. Your angry because can't reply with a coherent argument, your frustated because you can't prove me wrong I dont have a problem with any relgion I was merely stating fact, I personaly think cristianity has been very positive on western culture the values jesus spoke were of virtue. But now you have personaly insulted me you are the one that is arrgoant, I was born in this country I know the frist amendment quite well and I in no way infrenged opon it . No I do not hate you , you simply have a different view than I. I will ignore your stange insults, prehaps I could have been more diplomatic and for that I apologize however do not insult my patirotism I have lived at the will of this great land and treason is unthinkable. You have such missed placed anger such passion do not waset it on some a--hole you cannot see It could make you great if you learned to use it in the right way. I'm almost inclined to think you have taken this so personaly for a reason do you know me from some were? If a man deserves the hand of god he will do so on his own accord swiff and sure .Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, "Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord."
      Romans 12:19.

    5. Have you ever read the bible or did you just read the scripture you found? My body belongs to no man and neither does yours. Got a scripture for that?

    6. I did not say any thing about your body belonging to any body, you seek out conflict were there is only conflict in your own delusional mind. Your just butt hurt that I used a counter argument that your harassment of a person undeserving such treatment, was more sound than the shaky faith you have in your faith which causes you to attempt to attack others so you feel secure, which is why it took you nearly a month to make a reply. One that was childish, vain, vile, and worst of all idiotic don't blog if you are not willing to be called on for your hostility even if it is justified . Many of the nicest people I've known are of the religious but you are just a would be bully trying to make your self feel better, just the school yard punk whose only bad ass until some other kid cleans their clock. Yeah I have read the bible don't know it by heart but I seem to know much more a bout the real history about it than you do. This is the last time I'm going to bother with you so I'll drop the the sophisticated format I've used so some one of your meager intelligence can understand. Your freak'n nuts do you listen to any of the **** that comes out of your mouth or do you just wing it, thinking it all through is hard huh? And here's my reply to your half witted challenge,
      " Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death" Proverbs 26:18 and yes I am making an implication with that passage. If any other blogger comes across this go back to the original post of Naia McCoy and this bickering between me an Noojoke Seriously will make more sense as to why this has gone of the canibis topic.

    7. As anyone who regularly smokes knows, the more potent the herb, the less smoke one needs. Therefore....drum roll please....less chance of irritation. Consequently, thc actually inhibits cancer cells and DECREASES a cigarette smoker's chance of lung cancer. Where did this info come from?

      A federally funded study by the FDA, if I remember correctly...

      Anyway. learn to spell. Your post might as well been written in crayon.

    8. What ever brother, dog me if you like. I'm not saying pot is bad no I think it should be legalized. My problem was with a blogger who was ruthlessly attacking people under unfounded means which struck a nerve in me. "Anyway" is not a sentence learn proper grammar, sorry just poking fun I find your posts well done and enjoyable please do more. p.s. It should be noted that most studies point to the conclusion that cannabis is psychologically addictive and not physically addictive.

    9. As someone who has been involved in the addiction field for decades, you are be mistaken. "When something interferes with their use...they get volatile and angry. If this is NOT addiction, I do not know what is?!". Correct, you do not know what addiction is. People who have the types of reaction you cite have underlying issues that the cannabis was treating, when they stop their underlying issues re-emerge.

      "No wonder there is so mucah apathy in america...everyone is on pot or whatever other substance that takes their minds away!"

      With this statement I assume you include the 46% of Americans use at least one prescription drug daily (134 million). 31 million (10% of the population) of Americans on antidepressants, the 116 million of Americans on Prescription pain killers (37% of the population), keep in mind that many American take more than one prescription, so there is over lap.

      What pill did you take today, if you say "none" than good for you. What about any tobacco, caffeine, or anything with alcohol in it? Again, if you say none, good for you, but I have one question, when did the Amish start posting on the Internet?

    10. And you seem to be addicted to your raves. Get off the stress wagon, you dumb, illiterate thing. Smoke a joint and calm down. You are one of the people who surely would benefit from a hourly joint. If you don't like it when your friends smoke pot...stay the heck away from them. But then again, you would probably end up very, very lonely. You have mental issues. Go see a psychiatrist, get some serious help. Do something with your addiction to aggression.

    11. *Ynnis Glytyr:

      Quit running down all the posters with your ad hominem attacks that you reply to, if you cannot offer constructive arguments, than do not bother replying.

      I thought tokers (you) were supposed to be mellow and happy?

    12. (quote)
      This man had the balls to tell his story and tell the TRUTH.

      I think he has emotional problems that he needs to deal with first,one step at a time.He is blaming marijuna but i suspect a deeper problem that he has not faced confronted or recognised.
      This guy has no willpower/strength to quit,rely it is that simple if just marijuana.
      I think if he sorted his emotional issues,stopping smoking marijuana would be alot easier.

  126. The writer must have a mental problem, millions of users can take it or leave it at will, unlike tobacco or alcohol.

    1. The writer was honest and straight forward with his addiction. That is NOT a mental problem. I think the issues of mental health are with the people who are in denial.

  127. fair play dude , chin up keep crackin on . i aint smoked in 9 weeks killin me !!!

  128. the old guys were kinda cool, but yea... i wanted to watch a cool movie about marijuana.... not some dude crying because he can't quit......

  129. i smoked marijuana for 13 years over half an once per day i awoke one morning and stopped i did not feel any with withdrawal but i wanted to stop.I don't think this guy is ready to stop but will do in the future if he can be bothered lol.

  130. I can't speak for everyone but I can personally say that marijuana is addictive for me. I've been smoking for about 4 years now at least once a day and definitely get withdrawls when I'm out (even for one night). Now these withdrawls aren't heroin withdrawls or anything. They are actually quite similar to the withdrawls you would get from being on an anti-depresent or anti-anxiety medication and then going off. You get insomnia, anxious, nervous, moody, and your emotions can go high to low quite easily. This lasts between 2-3 weeks with the first week obviously the most intense and then gradually getting easier.

    Keep in mind that I am an everyday user, specifically at night to help me sleep and relax. I also suffer from anxiety so the marijuana helps calm my nerves and emotions.

    I'm still thinking of quiting soon, or if I can become a once in a while user that would be great. Although with my own place that I can smoke in at any time, the temptation may be too great to just smoke once in a while haha

  131. This is just embarrassing, it's habit forming sure but then again so is chocolate. I had to stop watching this after he started crying. Just plain sad. The movie half baked puts it best... "Marijuana is not a drug! I suck did for coke, have you ever sucked did for marijuana?" Just truly weigh your pros and cons list before making a poor documentary. Smoking weed is a great past time or even a hobby.. not a addiction.

    1. Someone's honesty is an issue for you? If you are comparing chocolate to marijuanna my dear is you that are a embarassing. #1 most people cannot even afford to buy it but they do anyway becasue they ARE addicted! DENIAL!

  132. i smoked weed for a good 6 years. I stopped cold turkey but i still smoke once in a while as a type of reward. I definitely think breaking the habit is the main point here. But this happens with anything that do do for a long period of time. Although I don't smoke much any more I am still a big supporter of the legalization of pot

  133. 1. Marihuana, opiates, alcohol and cocaine all cause dopamine release in the brain - causing euphoria - and are thus all potentially addictive.

    1. Habit forming, not addictive, addiction requires physical withdrawal, which marijuana doesn't produce. You go and tell any heroin addict who almost died in their sleep that marijuana is addictive and see what they say.

    2. It looked like that guy was having some physical withdrawals...didn't you watc the movie?

    3. Physical withdrawal symptoms:
      Racing heart
      Muscle tension
      Tightness in the chest
      Difficulty breathing
      Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

      Emotional withdrawal symptoms:
      Poor concentration
      Social isolation

      I would say he only has emotional withdrawal symptoms. This is more true of habit forming drugs.

    4. so does candy and watching tv, dopamine is what makes you feel nice. you dont need drugs for your brain to release dopamine...

  134. While the individual in this film obviously has an intensely addictive personality, and pro ball would struggle giving up any of his habits(chemical or otherwise). It might surprise many of you to find out that marijuana is in fact addictive. This is not to equate it to anything horrible such as nicotine, opiates or alcohol. But heavy users will feel slight symptoms of anxiety,sleeplessness, and lack of appetite after stoping use. Marijuana gets it reputation for being non addictive simply because in comparison to other drugs its withdrawal symptoms are relatively non existent. In fact on the spectrum from most addictive to least addictive marijuana sits just below caffeine and sugar.
    Moral of the story is that contrary to popular belief, marijuana is addictive. But less so than even a cup of coffee or a candy bar.
    Understanding Marijuana by Mitch Earleywine PHD

    1. Less so than a cup of coffee or a candy bar...bull shitey! I know someone who is addicted and that man has to have it...I am sure there are a million others just like him. Not only is the crap addictive but what does inhaling those burning ahses/smoke do to your lung? Also, how can anyone compare it to chocolate /coffee...cost #1, and blah, blah, blah...we can go on and on. Some people on here need o get out of the DENIAL RIVER.

    2. You're just a silly hack that doesn't have a clue what he/she ist talking about. Coffee is addictive - or why do you think people get a headache when they don't have their usual coffee? Candies are addictive - or why do you think people get a sugar craving? Those burning joints do less to your lungs than the stale, used up air you exhale when you open your mouth and babble your crap. There is a difference between an addiction and a habit. Addictions are physical, habits are emotional. Your dumb friend probably is feeding his habit, but surely not an addiction.

    3. Well you can call bull*** if you want, but in the end it boils down to the fact that your argument is based on anecdotes and conjecture, while mine based on what I learned from taking a class on psychoactive substances and their addictive potential.

      I gave a reasonable argument about the reality surrounding MArijuana and you come at me with with "bull shitey… DENIAL RIVER"

      I never said that Marijuana smoke was good for your lungs, as inhaling any type of burned plant matter is not a good idea. Surprisingly however Marijuana can be used to treat asthma if it is vaporized of eaten. also you need to look at the relative harm compared to something like cigarettes.(A truly terrible and addictive substance) The fact is that Marijuana users on average consume MUCH less marijuana gram for gram than your average cigarette smoker.

      And yes we could go on an on forever as you clearly have no regard for the actual truth; that is Caffiene is more addictive than Cannibus.
      Who's in denial now?

  135. Huh. Interesting. I am almost 54 yrs. old. My screen name is: smackme420, my e-mail address contains the numbers 420. I smoked weed in High School like it was making love to the woman/man of your ultimate fantasy. I LOVED Marijuana....and still do. I must admit, I use it for completely different reasons now, namely-Medical. After the life I lead and take full responsibility for, It's no wonder I am not dead because I was a Heroin addict and Alcoholic also. I have been off the Heroin and EVERY other hard street drug available for over 11 yrs. right after getting out of prison for the second time. Yeah, I am one of those people who if blessed, get a second, third, even the 100th chance. I am basically happy, joyous and kinda free (I still have to take pain meds. for my neck and back issues.) So, life goes on for me. Dave, the "Addict" in this film, described exactly the MENTAL madness I went through when getting off the Smack. So, he feels the same way getting off weed. I understand that and although I fully believe ANYONE can get addicted to ANYTHING, if whatever your issue is,is causing any discomfort what-so-ever in your life, then maybe take an honest look at what this issue is and change it! Life is too short for regrets and too precious to loose. Take charge, get serious and DO SOMETHING!

  136. This documentary has nothing to do with marijuana. It's directly related to the speaker's compulsive behaviour, nothing else. Marijuana is not addictive. But rather, any substance that changes a person's mental state to feel better can become a compulsive addiction.

  137. I wont even waste my time listening to this wuz. Y ou got to have character if you want to quit, I did but wish I didnt.

  138. before this guy got addicted to marijuanna he dedicated his life to stupidy :
    1. geting started at 13 ?
    2.smoking daily ? why ?
    3.smoking till he was speating dark stuff ? wtf is wrong with u einstein?

    it's obvious u have a weak will and low respect for your body ,the plant and the lesson u could learn from every trip

  139. There is a difference between habit forming and addictive. This is an important distinction, pot is not addictive, but can be habit forming.

  140. this has to be the biggest crock of sh!t I've ever heard and I'm only 4 mins in, shutting it off now, wow! how could this be in the recomended box?? boooo

  141. This guy is kind of pathetic. He clearly has confidence/personal issues and tries to hide them with a "pot addiction". Instead of trying to not smoke, figure out why you NEEDED to smoke to begin with. He even admits in the video that he needs to smoke to escape and not think about anything. Escape what? Not think about what? He has supressed feelings that he still hasn't dealt with and he's too much of a little bitch to deal with them. So instead of actually thinking that "Hey maybe it isn't the weed..." he makes this dumb documentary because he's so in denial. I'm sorry but if someone went through such lengths to make this documentary that weed destroyed his life then I think he's too lost for any more help. It's like this whole documentary was made to make me feel sorry for you. Oh and nice interview with the parents. Make them feel like shit for your immature problems. Man up, conquer your problems... weed is the least physically addictive drug you can take. Your cravings are entirely psychological. Join a gym, go to school, live your life. If you were actually happy and satisfied with your life you wouldn't think about weed.

  142. how many deaths are caused by MJ? Zero
    Alcohol ? Thousands.
    agression? with MJ? Please ive heard better myths from the bible.

    Though im not saying everyone is the same, but c'mon there are far worse drugs than this, Tobacco for one.

    Ive smoked tobacco since i was 13 years old, i am now 20.
    when i 16 i had my first joint.. and to be honest i never even liked it.
    Thought it was horrible, horrible stuff, yet 2 years ago i picked some up for " shits and gigs" ( just for fun ) i used to smoke 40 fags a day, constantly stressing hardly any sleep.
    After smoking weed for 3 months i smoked 10 fags a day had 1 maybe 2 joints a day and 2 is pushing it, i have never spend more than £10 a week on it, thats less than i spent on tobacco.
    now ? i dont smoke weed, i dont smoke fags havent for the past 8 months and its amazing.
    i still have the joint once in the blue moon, im not here to spend time writing this and lie.. but i smoke it with responsibility, something people dont really do.

    Anyway to top it off something my science teacher used to say to me from his days " Alcohol was made by man, Marijuana was made by the gods "

    1. You can die from smoking marijuana since it limits your inhibitions and perception of depth/length, etc. It's the effects that can cause death via accident. Plus it can triple your chances of a heart attack when you smoke it.

      And it is an addictive substance. My partner is addicted to it.

    2. Yeah right, and my field mouse is addicted to running in circles in her little wheely thing. If I take her out, I hope she isn't dropping dead or has withdrawal symptoms. Maybe your partner smokes to handle the bullshit you give him every day.

  143. There is NOTHING wrong with marijuana! There is a problem with over indulging. Just because someone abuses a substance for whatever reason and has a hell of a time stopping it, doesn't mean that its dangerous. This Doc could have just as well been about a sex addict or someone who loves spicy food way too much. I hate docs that attack something because it rubbed them wrong, Moderation folks, its the key to health!

  144. Mate i only watched the intro i couldnt bear to watch any further but please know i am with u i have been a marajuana addict for almost 18 years i am 20 days clean this time after entering a 12 step program with cocanne annonamus, they help any addict of any mind altering substance no matter what u r addicted to u can join them. i am so hopelessly powerless over this drug. I really want to watch the rest but i cant as i feelin cravings already just seeing the intro and the smoke in the pipe. Im sure i pretty much would know exactly what ur talking about. i have a sponser at CA, i women who has beaten alcohol addiction who is guiding me through the program, i call her every day to let her know how im going and if im still clean. Im the only weed head at the meetings. If i make it 30 days i get a key ring and i am really holding out for that i really want that keyring to say i made it 30 days, which sound rediculus but thats how much of a hold the weed has over me that to make 30 days will be a miracle. After that who knows. I want a future, i really want a future not just a zombie nothingness. Hope i can bring my self to watch this soon, Best of luck mate, Laura

  145. i'm enjoying reading your comments here and after a couple of comments, feel no desire in seeing this documentary. perhaps...but not sure...
    in the time when i partied a lot, almost every single day during a year and so, i was surrounded by friends who smoked grass, cokes, mdma, etc...many of them aren't addicted. it's recreational and add fun to the party scenes. i did try mdma a few times but only twice because i was curious and on both times, despite my body felt the change, mentally i was still very aware. after having seen many friends who take substances, grass almost regularly...i must admit that addiction to grass or even cokes, just like alcohol are a matter of mental state. some people may have a longing for something they can't fathom or achieve that they become dependent in order to escape. there are times when hanging out i like to drink many glasses of alcohol and there are times i just don't feel like having them....
    for now, i'm almost persuaded that this addiction is about one's state of mind. once you feel like something completes your life and without it, life becomes's a sign of an addiction. the dependence can be sex, men, women, r' now...the government should make a law of all those things??!! and usually, with drugs, those who become drug addicts never stay forever with marijuana. they'll move on to something more potent...among those, prescription drugs...lolll

  146. This guy is really stupid.

  147. Anything that offers the mind pleasure can be addictive! Anything!

  148. What a great actor! and if this is real this is no different from a food addiction. As in anyone can be addicted to anything if they have an addictive personality or inherited the "addiction gene". Because people are addicted to food should we outlaw food??? lmao!!! If we gave this guy a shot of patron he'd be addicted to alcohol that night he is lucky he only has a pot addiction. I personally know someone who claims he is addicted to marijuana AND an alcoholic yet this dumb ass is completely normal and he doesn't go through withdrawals when he quits weed. The other person I know that smoked pot to the point you can call an addict was also an ex-heroine addict so people also displace their addictions from a harder drug like alcohol and heroine to pot. It's equivalent to seeing those druggies in rehab smoking up packs of newports. They displaced their addiction!!

  149. Your recent post disappeared before I posted, but here is my reply.

    @ Alec Mowat

    You didn't answer the main question I asked, the point of my post to you.

    I agree with much of what you say, especially your summery . Drugs, whether legal or otherwise, pose many risks. Any drug has a potential to create more problems, addiction being one.

    You say, "I don't think Pain Killers are a medicine. They are drugs."
    Ok, so your definition of a medicine is different to most people, and most dictionaries and doctors it seems. Google it and read any definition.

    I think some of what you say in your first two paragraphs really get to the heart of my question to you.
    "Unfortunately, I cannot relate to anything you have said. That perspective on drug use does not apply to my life, and I have never promoted it."
    "I haven't been to the doctor in a decade. I very rarely take any type of over the counter medication. I don't have any long term medical conditions....I have no interest in using prescription drugs and I am rather vocal about that"

    Lucky you. May your luck and good management with your health continue for you. However, not all of us have been that fortunate. It would be nice if you could walk around in my body for a few days, I guarantee that you would be able to relate better to what I've said.
    I didn't say M J didn't have any negative side effects, I said it was more moderate negative effects for me then anything else I have tried that helped. Yes, help, or treat, or alleviate... you are wrong when you say "marijuana does not treat any condition or heal the body in any way when used as a drug." I don't need to quote someone else, I've personally experienced evidence to the contrary. (a considered opinion I arrived at, whilst a non-user and without any craving/addiction issues tainting my evaluation) I suggest you watch the documentary here on TDF, 'Medical Cannabis'. You'll see a number of MD's on there stating there are medicinal uses for it. The link you provided as your 'evidence' even states that there are potential medical uses.
    Obviously it comes down to your definition of what a medicine is. Unlike what you suggest, the definition of a medicine isn't only something that extends life. If you're suffering, a drug that helps alleviate some of that suffering is a medicine.

    So, the question I would like you to answer is;
    regardless of what you do or do not believe, what gives you the right to tell someone else what they can and can't do or take for their own health, as long as it doesn't directly affect you?
    How do your beliefs translate into the right to make the choice for others?

    Which is what the law here does, promoted by the attitude, as you say, you are rather vocal about. Silly, weak minded people like the one that made this 'documentary' only give ammunition to people pushing their own agenda and ideas on what they think other people should be allowed to do.

    1. I am not telling anyone what they can or cannot do. I never said that we should round up pot smokers and have them executed.

      I did say marijuana addiction is real, and there is financial reasons why profiting groups would want to eliminate that perspective.

      I am showing that you that there does exist a possibility to be addicted to marijuana, and that heavy marijuana has a negative impact on people's lives.

      I am also saying that it's financially beneficial to defend marijuana use, but since I don't benefit from it's use, I have no problem speaking out against it.

      "Medicine is the science and art of healing. It encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness in human beings."

      Drugs don't really restore, nor do they heal. They just alleviate. It's just another example of how they sell you a perspective and how many people believe it to maintain an addiction or substance-based culture.

    2. We agree on some points.
      In my experience, the addiction to pot is mostly psychological. I found it quite easy to break, 2 weeks is all it has ever taken me to break any cravings or impulses to have it. I concede that this is my experience, and this may not be the case for some.
      You are lucky that you haven't had to live with a chronic medical condition that you cannot find a cure for. I'm not that lucky. When you are faced with an ongoing health issue, that you cannot cure, your only option is to manage it as best you can, or give up and die.

      Sometimes, the only treatment for a medical condition is to alleviate symptoms.
      That is not a perspective that was 'sold' to me, that was a harsh realization I had to come to terms with. I haven't been tricked, neither am I being dishonest with myself to maintain an addiction. Before I had to live it, I didn't understand it. I understand why you cannot relate to that point of view, it is beyond your experience or understanding. I was once blissfully unaware myself. I very much wish I still was.
      I agree that MJ can have a negative impact on someones life. But I am also telling you, that even though you personally haven't experienced it and therefore cannot see it, it can have positive effects if used properly. It can help alleviate some conditions that have no known cure, and do it with more moderate side affects then other, legally accepted medications. I don't flippantly take medications. Drugs are always my last option. You are very lucky that you are not forced to make that choice.

      You said, "I am also saying that it's financially beneficial to defend marijuana use, but since I don't benefit from it's use, I have no problem speaking out against it."

      My motivations are not financial, or addiction driven. When people such as yourself, that do not gain any benefit, 'speak out against it', saying that there is no good at all, regardless of what you think you understand about it, you are hurting some people. If you don't want to use it, don't. The fact that you don't benefit from it doesn't give you the right to make that choice for me, or to 'speak out against' my right to choose for myself. Which is exactly what you are doing when you 'speak out against it.'

  150. ?? where did Alec Mowat's most recent (about 10 hrs ago )post go? I was ready to post a reply. ??

  151. I'm addicted to Pot, Oxygen, H2O, and YouTube. What can ya do?

  152. i smoke a fair bit of weed. almost everyday. however supply is out stripped by demand and there are 'droughts' when none can be purchased. sometimes for weeks at a time. when this happens, for me and my friends who smoke, life continues. no body breaks down. we don't suffer withdrawals. we got on with getting on.
    another friend of mine who drinks heavily can't survive a day without alchohol. he needs to drink everyday. i should point out i live in scotland. most deaths in young adults in central scotland are alchohol related. most knife crime in the city of glasgow is usually perpetrated by youths drunk on super strength, cheap and readily available alchohol. the ctiy centre of glasgow, like most other major cities in the uk, is like a war zone on friday nights. a trip to a&e over the weekend is fraught with danger. but hospital staff have to put up with the carnage and abuse. but this is ok and weed needs to be criminalised?
    eastern european gangs and triads have swooped on the city and are flooding it with cheap, inferior weed and the ensuing gang violence over control of the trade is helping to perpetuate the myth that weed is evil.
    as i mentioned earlier i can go weeks without a smoke and neither be up nor down about it. my alchoholic friend shakes like a shitting dog until he recieves his daily fix of cider made from onions?
    and as for the argument that weed is bad for you...of course it is. but apart from mung beans and going to bed early what isn't?
    legalize it. inform and educate. then let adults make their own mind up. like we're allowed to do with the most destructive drug of them all.

  153. whats all the fuzz about? if one wants to get high, he gets high, as much as he wants, and whats that stupid question: when will you stop? can you even stop? lol why stop? take some time off it and smoke again, if you feel liek you smoke too much, just skip for a while do stuff you need to do. and smoke some more :) no problem.

  154. I do respect the case presented, but serious scientific studies provided prof that cannabis addicts who go through withdraw have no physical symptoms, this points to other possible underlying issues with the person depicted in the documentary.

    One thing I have learned about drugs is that some of them are not for everyone and all of them are not for children, both cases in this video started using it when they were a little over 11 years old, this is for sure one of the factors that cause them to have the issues described.

    Again, I respect the case presented but from what you described, the best course of action for you is to find something else that gives you pleasure, that's what seams to be missing in your routine.

    Best of luck to the author.

  155. When I finished watching this documentary, it was exactly 4:20, what a coincidence

  156. As a scientist I find it odd that I am asked here to provide citations for the information that I have provided – mainly because I find so many errors in peer-reviewed publications – I hardly rely on any publication for information myself. A publication is in no way an answer or endpoint. A publication is simply a point among many in the quest for more knowledge.
    Furthermore, the information that I have provided is so basic – I am stunned that I am even asked for a “source” – it is basic physiology – basic cellular processes – we don’t need to fund a whole study to discover that smoke causes premature cell death in sensitive alveoli tissue – and any basic cellular physiology textbook covers the DNA replication process with the associated base-repair processes along with the fact that these processes wear down over time. Likewise, I am shocked that others have screamed for a source that “proves” that marihuana is bad for the heart. Anybody who has smoked the herb should know better. You can feel your heart rate accelerate yourself – you don’t need a whole study to reveal that to you.

    I am also stunned that so many people think marihuana addiction is a joke.

    Marihuana, cocaine, opiates and alcohol all cause a release of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens - this is the feeling of euphoria that creates the possibility for addiction - addiction rates for marihuana in the US are about 0.4% - this translates into about 2.2 to 3 million Americans who are chemically dependent on marihuana(Dackis and O'Brien, 2005; published in Nature -neuroscience section).

    Mukamal (of Harvard) et al, (2008) [in American Heart Journal] noted that marihuana use was associated with a three-fold higher mortality rate among patients with heart problems - this we would expect since we already know that marihuana causes undue stress on the heart. But does marihuana cause heart troubles in those WITHOUT heart problems? Yes! Marihuana's cardiovascular effects are not associated with serious health problems for MOST young, healthy users, although occasional myocardial infarction, stroke, and other adverse cardiovascular events are reported. That's according to a study by RT Jones that was published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in 2002. A publication in the International Journal of Cardiology reported in 2006 entitled "Marijuana as a trigger of cardiovascular events: speculation or scientific certainty?" that: "Marijuana is the most widely used illicit substance in the United States. Cardiovascular complications in association with marijuana use have been reported during the past three decades." They provide supportive evidence for marijuana as a trigger of adverse cardiovascular events, including tachyarrhythmias, acute coronary syndrome, vascular complications, and even congenital heart defects thereby showing that adverse heart complications from marijuana use by healthy adults and those prone to heart disease is a certainty.

    There are also therapeutic uses for marihuana – these are very limited. Now, if it were up to me – this is where I would request “sources” – and not on the bad stuff that we already know. For instance, it has been demonstrated that marihuana has neuroprotective effects when recovering from alcohol withdrawal. In laymen’s terms – the process of alcohol withdrawal itself plows through (kills) thousands – maybe millions – of brain cells – but marihuana has been shown to exert a protective barrier around cells that would otherwise be slaughtered. I’ll leave it up to those who are really interested to hunt down the source for that.

    MY point is to keep it balanced – keep it real. Marihuana is very addictive for some people. These people deserve the benefits of treatment just as much as the person puking brains on heroin withdrawal. It’s unfortunate our society doesn’t really see it that way. That’s why this doc is so important. It’s real. Don’t deny it.

    If you cannot humble yourself to see the pros and cons of marihuana – and the fact that it can be addictive – then you likely have or will have a substance problem. I can help. I used to be that cocky kid in denial. Now I have a life. You can too!

    1. Have you ever contemplated that it might be the **** those CIA and FBI drug pusher put into marihuana, that may cause heart problems? I grow my own weed and I can "smoke" the difference between my home grown pure natural weed and that **** you get on the street corner. It's a difference of night and day.

  157. Here's a hint, people of the internet: those that are "addicted" to cannabis, are actually individuals who lie on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder most of the time they never know or learn this.

    The more aware and sensitive you are, the more painstaking it becomes to be alive [knowing the universe], and seeing others not knowing a thing.

    Something about the structure of social stratification drives these extremely sensitive people to "abuse" "drugs", and plants.

    Some of these extremely sensitive people are empaths, capable of ESP and don't see any plant as a drug, rather see spirit within the plant which merges with the spirit of self.

    There's a lot here going on folks, and the "root cause" of what many perceive as addiction starts with Autism, consciousness, extrasensitivities and states of awareness.

    This isn't, and should not be for that matter about "just that next hit", rather about what that "next hit", implies for the spirit-soul.

    1. HI where did u get this info please kyle?

  158. Second opinion is always welcome.I was a consumer of marijuana for twenty years.Marijuana and my experience-always gave me question after question comes the answer and each answer expand consciousness.I do not see anything bad in this.Now I smoke very rarely because there are too many questions to which I am not able to answer it I'm in a kind of depression or just want to be a be crazy for some time.Many of my good decisions have been taken using marijuana.Certainly is easier to see how we are limited.But marijuana works differently on different personalities and what is a good amount for the different person,like a good amount of everything else in life.
    Certainly I do not know anyone who is violent because marijuana, or wants something bad to the other-and this is a lot.

    1. Well, I don't think you required a drug to enable you to be introspective. It may have reduced anxiety and/or prejudices you picked up along the way but I don't think you enter any special plane of consciousness. This resulted in your ability to find clarity of thought amongst the cacophony of life. Your equilibrium is out of phase when centers of the brain have been compromised by canabanoids. It is said that the more you practice something the better you will become - for better or for worse. This is an important concept that many overlook.

  159. Well I just don't know. I never thought you could be addicted to the herb. I think it is to be discovered that only a small minority of all smokers ever become addictive and also that those who did suffer the indignity started smoking before puberty. Now I, on the other hand, cannot stop drinking my diet cola............I quit beer and smoking cigs, but not the cola mon.........

  160. wow! this guy is so weak! marijuana is not addictive it's takes a person who has an addictive personality to become addicted. One doctor said that most of his patients say that they can quit anytime and he replies then why have they not quit?.... what a dumb question. It is because they were not ready to quit. I would like to see the statistics on how many people struggled and tried seek treatment for marijuana dependency.

  161. Good god, someone get this guy a joint, and hobby... Of course your gonna jones dude, an IDLE MIND IS THE DEVILS PLAYGROUND.. the stress of worrying about it isn't any better than quitting, so have go get a quick buzz, you'll wonder why you even smoked. It'll suck, or you'll like it, who cares.. Then the next day, go immerse yourself in a hobby, that keeps you interested... learn guitar, woodworking, join a soccer club, Just follow your heart. You got money to do this since your not buying the "s--t" anymore!

  162. I find the comments very interesting. You really get a good sense of the varying levels of understanding about the psycho-toxic effects on the body, the strong connection with the mood altering properties of the herb and a complementary drop in rationality, and the striking disconnect between habituation and behavior. In retrospect, humans are better served to develop their intellect and emotional intelligence without the mind altering chemicals found in drugs, alcohol, and tobaccos. With all things considered, it is best not to participate in chemicalizing your body. Beware of how the subtleties of persuasion and perception work on your decision-making processes in your mind. Be very, very mindful that for some, the world they see is not always aligned with their rational logic centres; this is a skill that takes practice. For many, this is especially important when interacting in peer groups and social circles where they are highly susceptible to influence because of their immaturity. Be Strong and just make a decision to not participate. We have enough of our own happy chemicals to meet this requirement to be happy.

  163. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Isn't this proof?

  164. I cannot believe how ignorant and weak minded this guy is. All this 'doc' consists of is this m*ron whining like a 10 year old because he 'cant' stop smoking weed for his girlfriend.
    Its funny how the opposition to cannabis never has factual evidence to back up their claims. Its always personal opinion or some misconstrued stats. If one does further research, almost all of their arguments are proved wrong scientifically. It pisses me off how id**ts like this can buy a camera, throw boatloads of money into production, and claim they are making an informative documentary.
    Too much money and too little brains.

  165. Had to turn this off. It is factually devoid. Someone needs to change this guys diaper, and tell him to grow the F#%k up.

  166. This is a joke.

  167. Marijuana is mildly psychologically addictive and only slightly physically addictive. It's much easier to give up than most things, including caffeine and sugar.

    When I decided to quit, I had small, manageable cravings for a couple of weeks. Trouble sleeping, sweating and strange dreams for about a month. After that... no problems.

    When I tried quitting tobacco I wanted to kill people.

    Big difference.

  168. Nothing but a tool being a tool. He really sounds like a douchebag. I'm not addicted to mj(probably because it's impossible and only the weak minded think so), but I do miss the euphoria. OMG and then he fake cries....done

  169. it seems to me this video is like saying every man is addicted to wanking you like cake you eat cake some people eat a lot of cake is it a reason to ban everyone from eating cake i would like to no how much the tobacco industries paid him for this documentary the reason a lot of people get treatment for weed addiction is so they don't have to go to prison yes i can stop smoking weed anytime i want to in fact i have stopped for about 2 weeks now because i want to take a brake using words like addict mind set make me laugh it is all-right to smoke weed not all the time though and that's some bad acting in this

  170. Some things just feel good, but are not addictive. With REAL addiction, the withdrawal can KILL YOU. All you empty, shallow people who are "addicted" to food, sex, marijuana, Cabbage Patch Dolls or whatever - get a life! You are trivializing life-threatening problems. Do or do not, but stop being such a sniveling pathetic loser.

  171. This year has caused me to give up giving up. Kind of annoyed with myself because I don't like feeling fuggy headed. On the other hand I no longer have my shoulders up by my ears and I've stopped grinding my teeth. Damn it! Oh well.

    1. Not me. Damn the torpedos - full speed ahead.

  172. When a person had smoke for that long or as much, they will not get stone anymore!

    1. I find that patently false.

  173. methinks he was self-medicating from the sufferings of being a kill-joy jerk "oh it didn't work on my neurotic self so it must be bad for you too"

  174. garbage doc..

  175. It is never a good idea of putting a too much pressure on,one will always be more disappointed if failed.Key is,as usually,in balance.To find some perverted pleasure in beneficial activities could help a lot.

  176. Kind of hellish? What!?!! This guy lives in a bubble. He has no clue about suffering so if he were to actually suffer because of a lack of pot, then GOOD that would be great. He is not suffering if he were he wouldn't want to use pot. I suspect he is trying to hide some other personal failures by blaming pot. This loser needs to correct his own personal failures and quit blaming his failure on marijuana. BTW I started smoking MJ when I was 14 and quit when I was about 28. It has been 22 years since I last smoked. I have no desire to take a toke, sorry but this guy is a complete joke.

    He complains about the committments he has made to his "girlfriend". Wow! Does he get away that? If he does his girlfriend gotta slap this boy down. And I do mean BOY. This is about as low as you can go without actually being a slimey worm, and drugs had nothing to do with it. This is more narcissistic than drug induced. The epitome of supremely self centered egoism, someone who is always looking for someone or something else to blame for his own lame-ass personality flaws.

    1. and if you did, he would still be a joke.

  177. i live in holland, i know many people who stopped smoking mj and i have never seen a person reacting like this after het stopped smoking.
    P H O N E Y

  178. Go to Photobucket and enter Lakhotason in search box. It will come up "no Match" but right below it says Do you mean member Lak. Click. Takes you to my photos. Click slide show.

    Sorry Vlatko.

    I shoot in RAW but no site call handle that. I found 60 or so photos in JPEG and that's all I could post out of thousands and thousands.

    1. My favorites; 1,2,4,27,37,39,43,49,53,54 but what i like most is imagining where you were when you took them. 43 is a good indication on that.
      I am leaving for my portefolio/people/page4/#8...called Eagle's nest, the landscape at this time of the year is marvellous in the morning from the tower room, the whole valley engulfed in clouds while one is above with the sun (if i am lucky)

    2. #1 was taken yesterday afternoon . Only had my short lens. The valley below is where I live.

    3. Yeah. None of the pictures are really that good. They're the pictures that were one frame off from the ones I kept in RAW.

    4. I'll swap your view from the door for the view from my window, we can see the back of a cricket score board :( Is luke the killer dog yours, he's delicious. He, the flowers and the clear water are my favourites, though all are beautiful. The cloud is just as lovely in black and white :)

    5. Yep,Luke and me are backpacking buddies. He's retired now. That water was about 8 feet deep.

      One thing I do before I leave on a trip is check my other backpacks for something I may have left in them. Guess what I found. A bid fat bud stashed in a side pocket. Now there's the topic. Guess you know where I stand on weed addiction.

    6. That water looks about three inches deep, is it snow water? You live in such a beautiful place. Everything looks so crisp and fresh like an ironed sheet.

    7. Added more pics. They will answer all your questions. I wrote notes .

  179. He should vaporize.

  180. This guy is not only a 2nd class addict, he's a self centered 1st class id**t.

    1. 2 right and all m8t what a *****

  181. Forget weed....Try quitting cigarettes!

  182. This is a joke right? Classic propaganda designed to distort THE TRUTH, which is Marijuana is a safe, effective, PLANT. Yes, it's a god damn plant people. Anyone who says they are addicted, or can be addicted to marijuana is full of ****. I've gone months at a time without smoking - with ZERO "Cravings" and ZERO withdrawal symptoms - explain that.

  183. I feel like the guy's problem isn't weed, it's the fact that he is a gigantic ***** and has no idea how to man up.

  184. what does anyone know about drugs, what does anyone know about addiction? you can preach all day about how society views marijuana,coffee,fast cars,sex,religion, just about anything fits the profile for a substance. The answer is in the users, the person, the self. If i burn your house down the fire doesnt get locked up, i do. Its not the drugs its you. If you wanna get rid of substances you have to get rid of pain. Well, pain isn't prejudice.

  185. I think, because of the way marijuana addiction presents itself, it's difficult too see it. It's not presented the same way as alcohol or cocaine addiction, the cravings are easier to satisfy. Marijuana is also easier to get, and has less noticeable side effects. As a drug, it is certainly a mild drug, and takes longer to build up an addiction.

    Personally; I believe the whole marijuana culture is part of the addiction. People who don't smoke or believe in the health benefits of weed, live just as long as the people who do. People who make weed a life style are just expressing an addiction in the plant. They make the addiction acceptable by bringing others into the same problem. Even based on the comments here with how many people 'worship' the plant and it's none-existent medical benefits, you can see how addiction manifests itself.

    I don't have the time, nor the energy, to go out with a mission to abolish weed use. It's futile and, realistically, impossible. The amount of talking points and interest I see in Marijuana use on these comments kinda shows how addiction leads to obsession.

    People who are addicted to a substance will always defend their substance. It's easier to blame the people who are looking into your bubble, than it is to take down the bubble and rejoin the people around you.

    1. @ Alec Mowat

      I'm not currently a user, but have been before. So I'm not speaking from a 'belief' as you said you are, but from my own personal experience. There is a huge difference between using for recreation, or medicinally.

      You said, "People who don't smoke or believe in the health benefits of weed, live just as long as the people who do."
      And, "Even based on the comments here with how many people 'worship' the plant and it's none-existent medical benefits...."

      Not all medicines extend life. Painkillers for example, don't extend, but do improve the quality of someones life. Therefore, your first quote above is actually pretty silly and not a relevant argument regarding medicinal use. Have you ever taken Paracetamol? If so, was it to extend your life, or to improve it?
      So, to then go on and state that the medical benefits are non-existent is very close-minded, and I can tell you from my own experience, completely incorrect.

      I did not start smoking MJ regularly for recreation, but as an attempt to find a medicine that helps with my medical condition. It was not my first option, I tried modern, western medicine. I also explored some more traditional, natural approaches. For myself, with my particular condition, marijuana had a better affect, with more moderate side effects then the others I tried.
      I decided that I would 'grow' my own medicine, rather then have to find and associate with 'scumbag' dealers, and to save money. (I grew only for myself, I NEVER sold any, NEVER encouraged anyone else to start smoking, I used it as medicine, for myself.) Unfortunately for me, the ignorant attitude towards the medicinal properties of MJ where I live has influenced the law. Even more unfortunate for me, I happen to have a neighbour that has the same uninformed attitude that you displayed in your post. I was raided by the police, treated like and technically turned into a criminal.

      So now, to stay within the law, I'm back to the 'accepted' medicines. Four different pills, that do less to alleviate my symptoms then MJ, but have more undesirable side effects.
      I'm not defending the plant out of an addiction, I personally found the mild psychological addiction quite easy to break. (I smoked for many years, plenty of time as you say to become addicted) I don't 'worship' the plant as you would suggest, but I have had first hand experience of its very real medicinal properties.
      I would ask you, what right does anyone have to tell someone they can't use a substance because they don't BELIEVE there are any medicinal qualities?
      There is a 'bubble' that you speak of, not an 'addiction' bubble, but an 'ignorance' bubble surrounding marijuana as a medicine.

      You may not have the time or energy to go out with a mission to abolish weed use, but many do. People that truly use it as a medicine rather then recreation suffer because of that attitude, regardless of what you may or may not believe.

  186. just to set the record straight marijuana is not addicting. No one has proof for marijuana being addicting. If they say they do its a lie. Saying marijuana is addicting is like saying the air we inhale is addicting. No one in this world has any proof for marijuana being addicting not even the USA and they never will.Thats a fact that will never change.

  187. Lets not be prejudice against a plant that was here before mankind. NOT one good reason for this to be illegal. Over weight people are dying from food, should we make food illegal ? This plant can provide food,clothing,shelter,fuel,and much more. This plant can save the world. Since 1937, about half the forest in the world have been cut down to make paper. If hemp had not been outlawed, most of the worlds forest would still be standing, oxygenating the planet. So to the people with their college degrees i would like to ask. Can your college degree save the earth? No your college degree cannot save mother earth. But its a fact that MARIJUANA can save this planet. If you don't believe me read a book called The Emperor Wears No Clothes. And please don't get me wrong its good to have a college degree.

    1. Herion and Cocaine come from plants too. So the plant argument is lacking.

    2. and do you know how much processing you have to do to get heroin or coke m*ron...weed you pick it and smoke it

  188. my mother was a marijuana addict for many years until she overdosed on marijuana cigarettes. i watched my mother die from lethal THC levels in her blood, trust me, that is no fun. for her it started with liquor and cocaine and only on weekends, sure its fine for a while, but eventually all those roads lead to marijuana addiction. im glad my mother is in a better place now, because when she was alive all she did was sell her body for the next "doob"
    just say no

    1. @jbriggs_87

      You are a liar. I am sorry your mom died (if that is true).
      Saying she died from lethal levels of THC is A BOLD FACED LIE!!!!!
      Nobody in the history of the world has died from a lethal amount of THC in the system NOT 1 RECORDED CASE!

      You are a b**tard for lying like this, do you even know what is the lethal dosage? Its about 1500 POUNDS for a healthy person....1500POUNDS and your saying she smoked all that in a few hours? Give me a break, you liar!

    2. hahahaha it was obviously a joke. im stoned right now.

    3. So am I. Guess you have to be stoned to get the joke.

    4. bad boy! LOL...

    5. You've mentioned the Kootenays umpteen times. Finally looked it up. I wanna go I wanna go.

    6. The best youth hostel is The White House (in Nelson that is), great kitchen for people to for what is here to do....a lot any seasons. Would love to meet you if you ever put it together.

    7. Who's to say?

    8. Ahahaha this MUST be a joke right?

    9. @jbriggs, you're story is false. No one has ever died of mj overdose. "She started with alcohol and cocaine and that led straight to mj addiction"... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Alcohol and cocaine are MUCH worse for you... and much more addictive... than marijuana. Also, I very seriously doubt she was doing cocaine but she was selling her body to get mj. Your comment is so laughable it makes me sad.

    10. u missed the comment after where i said it was a joke :)

  189. A terrible "documentary" that is poorly made with an unlikeable protaganist and no scientific evidence. It's essentially a 45 minute blog by an overaged teenager with histrionic personality disorder.

  190. what kind of a dummy could conclude that weed can be addictive ? i have personally been 3 years off it and now i have started again...and its not harmful to you so why bitch about it ? how many people have died from it ? 0 how many people have died from tobacco 400000 + i have heard of cigarette addicts but never have i heard of a marijuana addict..honestly if pot ruined your life it because you are a loser and were gona be a loser anyway..

  191. As soon as you here "My name is... and I'm a .... You know you're going to get 12 Step dogma. Not facts.

  192. I read a good book on smoking cessasation that has many good points related to illusion and brainwashing of addictions. It's not written by an MD but someone who struggled with smoking 100 cigs a day. He says physical addiction is real but goes on to point out the strong insane pyschological addiction that's left over once the chemical and real physical withdrawal is over.

    The Easy Way to Quit Allen Carr.. very good read if you want to quit smoking cigarettes, but after it was done I found it had several other applications, not even sure the author intended it to be this way.

  193. I'm addicted to this websyte.

  194. Anything can be addictive, people get addicted to the shopping channel. should that be illegal?

  195. could marijuana be addictive? well i don't know if its the drug that's addictive or the stoner state of mind. as a tobacco addict i know from experience you have to work hard at your addiction. its about making time for it. if you're going to be stoned thats a lot of time you need to put by, plus you're on a different time scale anyway when you're stoned and out of sync with people who arent. lessons from this. well i would be disinclined to start a project with a stoner. what is addiction, something you have to have? i don't know what it feels like to be addicted to anything other than tobacco and i would imagine that addictions while perhap all being members of the same family are very different from one another so i cant transfer my experience of tobacco addiction to other addictions. i don't know how addictive marijuana is, and i don't know what the difference between an obsessive and an addict is. i imagine that the remorse of the stoner is about the time wasted and the things not achieved. it occurs to me that marijuana is a cult category addiction. it has a paraphenalia and a belief system that that identifies the person. probably heroin is like this too, cocaine too and tobacco with all those back door smokers. the point about stoners is that you get stoned with boredom listening to them extol the virtues of the cult. not a great buzz.

  196. "everytime I turn on this camera, I feel like I'm acting..."
    no ****!?

  197. possible cannabis requirement, read the power of now

  198. Addictions are an issue concerning health. The drug laws do not help to control the availability of substances, rather, they contribute to an increase of them because of the lucrative incentive and minimal risk involved in supplying them. Humans are capable of becoming addicted to many things all of which seem to be detrimental to our well-being. Driving, watching TV, sweets, trans fats, tobacco, alcohol ect are all destructive habits. The problem is exactly like being black was in the fifties and sixties. Those using a so called "illegal" substance are defined as bad by propaganda because of their choice, denigrated, made to fell like there is something wrong with them, while people addicted to tobacco which kills four hundred and fifty thousand Americans per year and alcohol which causes much family violence and deadly crime, are accepted as leaders of business, role models. Four generations of demonizing marijuana and other users as criminals rather than tackling the root causes of addiction has led to total idiocy as we see here reflected in the comments and the video. We believe the lies we are told about ourselves and the result is unmitigated guilty. This guy thinks that t is marijuana that is his problem. What about people like Carl Sagan, Willie Nelson, George Carlin, Kari Mullis, Francis Crick and the many others who used substances and still were able to make their mark in the world and give humanity some wonderful insights and gifts. Your life is in your hands and what you make of it, whether it is contributing to science or a life long conflict with yourself perception is your problem and has nothing to do with drugs. It is about how society has been conditioned to percieve you and you have bought into that paradigm wholeheatedly. Google "Dr. Peter Ferentzy, PhD Crackhead speaks on Ending Drug Prohibition and Emancipating the Addict – the Last Frontier in a Struggle for Enlightenment in Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES)" I have been toking for almost half a century and have had no problem conforming to a court order not to smoke it. I don't think about it at all.

    In any type of addiction the trick is to DO SOMETHING ELSE RATHE THAN STRUGGLE WITH THE THOUGHT OF USING. For instance has this guy tried to knuckle down and excel in scholastic endeavors... no. He keeps on going around the same dysfunctional past friends constantly putting his battle up front in his mind. He has not made any new strides in a different positive direction. He is still at home with his parents mentally, with his using friends, grovelling in a self inflicted conundrum. These counselors mostly reinforce society's disapproval and make it harder for him to move on by supporting his negative opinion about himself.

  199. I can't help thinking that this guy, either is a m*ron, or almost deserves an oscar

  200. Some of these comments are a little disturbing. I feel led to clear some things up.

    @ Imightberiding - you have created a fictional character - hardly matches the person in the film.

    @ Wald0 - in reply to keith D wilson: is that a funding issue or an addiction issue? in reply to djsl1nce: marihuana is classified as a hallucinogen incorrectly - it is not a true hallucinogen - a true hallucinogen acts on serotonin receptors - but unlike serotonin - the hallucinogens cause a different protein receptor to bind at the serotonin receptor - this protein is thought to cause hallucinations - and it characterizes the true hallucinogens. Marihuana acts on serotonin receptors as well - but the "hallucinogen" binding protein is not involved. However, the simple fact that it acts on neurotransmitters at all allows it to be classified with opiates - and so this fact hurts your argument rather than support it - since, any substance that acts on neurotransmitter receptors certainly can be "addictive" in the same sense that opiates are addictive - the neurotransmitter stops functioning properly at the synapse. So you have unwittingly created an argument in favor of marihuana addiction.

    Now to get to the bottom of this issue -

    DSM and Chemical Dependency Professionals (at the Ph.D level - not the 2-yr degree "i work as a counselor" level) define dependency based on the inclusion of several factors - 1. withdrawal 2. increased tolerance and 3. medical complications - these are good factors to use because they can be described using SCIENCE - ie laboratory experiements - so they can be studied by scientists seeking funding - ie they can be "proven".

    There is a fourth factor that does not lend itself to funding (ie supporting one's career) - but that has perhaps the largest impact on the addict - negative impacts on ambitions, dreams, and efficiency.

    It doesn't surprise me that England is so nonchalant about marihuana - a long time ago England sent drugs to China and managed to reduce the efficiency of the Chinese civilization so much that England was able to temporarily acquire things in East Asia.

    Thus - East Asia does not have a nonchalant view of marihuana. To the contrary - East Asia has the strictest prison sentences in the world. Why? Because East Asia does not have as much money and power as England. So in East Asia when you get a young kid addicted to marihuana - you destroy that family's hope of building a future for the next several generations - In England, if a kid gives up productivity for drugs - it hardly matters since many families have already established high positions in society - so in England the kid addicted to drugs can be brushed to the side and hid under the rug - the family will stay in power. In East Asia if the son becomes addicted to drugs - the next several generations may be affected - that may even spell the end of that family's existence - the name may die with the addict. In England the name lives on despite the addict. So England thinks "no big deal if the son is a little less productive and likes to smoke and drink - he will still be able to function in society" - yes, but in East Asia the consequences to the family line are much, much more severe - if that's the only son - the daughters will not escape the sweat shops making Gap for England malls.

    So while England is ahead at this time - if they continue their nonchalant attitude about marihuana - and East Asia maintains their strict perceptions - eventually England will fall to East Asia - we already see this happening in terms of increasing financial growth - where East Asia dominates the world with the highest rates of economic growth.

    I - as a scientist - could go into detail on the destructive physiological effects of marihuana beginning with causing cell death which requires cells to be replaced - unnecessary replacement of cells causes the DNA replication mechanisms to break down - ie speeds aging and increases the chances of mutations developing in the DNA replication process - ie cancer. This is just the tip of the iceburg. Yet, I find that when I cite the physiology - most people just respond with some isolated (as in non-replicated) study that says something good about marihuana. I don't lean on isolated studies for inspiration - I go by the undisputed and well-known physiology of cell replication, mutagenesis and the known effects of raising internal body temperature (ie being "high") on sensitive tissue such as alveoli cells in addition to the well documented effects on heart rate. I have found studies that noted that marihuana use increased rates of heart attack by 400%. These studies are now illegal to do - they are simply too dangerous - that speaks volumes more to me than an isolated study that finds one very small good thing about marihuana - I would never cling to something that is so minimally supported in the scientific community.

    Back to the "addiction" issue - why was the person in the movie still living on campus? Because the drug was interfering with his ability to maintain high standards of living - he lost his motivation and his drive. This will cost him his whole life - he will make less money - he will not be able to afford children - nobody will want to marry him - and this will likely cause circumstantial depression and anxiety.

    Addiction - the best definition - is to continue using a substance or food or anything to the detriment of one's well-being.

    I am sorry that most people think that "addiction" is puking your brains out on the toilet and being bed-ridden. While it is true that our society lacks money to treat addiction - and therefore we seem to only give money to the worst cases - it is not true that you have to be physically sick to be addicted. You simply have to maintain use despite negative consequences. We don't devote money to treating these people - yet - but one day we will realize the importance of treating these people - as we start calculated the effects on the following generations and the decrease in functioning of society as a whole. This will become more critical as economic growth decreases in England and US while it skyrockets in East Asia.

    If you would like help dealing with an addiction - I am here to help. I understand the full spectrum - the biology, physiology, mental obsession and daily frustrations. I can help people overcome addiction. I want to help. If you would like help - let me know.

    1. i like ur idea for the definition of addicton
      but waht about people who already developed an addiction with tolerance? for example, stopping alcohol consumption for a severe alcoholic can actually lead to death. I tried to think of a better definition that took this and the whole tolerance ting in, but I couldnt. if you got one let me know. but i think youve got the idea

    2. No offense but, you are one of those people that knows just enough about the issue at hand to sound like you know what you are talking about when you really don’t. In light of your attempt to belittle my education and experience with your “two year degree” remark I will waste no further time drawing from my own education, which happens to be a four year degree by the way, and experience. Instead I will give scientific references for every point I make going forward.

      First, marijuana and opiates are already classified in the same general and broad group of drugs called psychoactive substances. Any substance that affects the central nervous system and alters neurotransmitter amounts and availability or affects receptor activity is classified as such, and this includes all hallucinogens. So far it would seem you are correct in everything accept reclassifying marijuana, after all it is already in the same class as opiates in this regard but, let’s keep digging. Psychoactive drugs are then broken into four main categories (1) sedatives and hypnotics, (2) stimulants, (3) opiates, and (4) hallucinogens and psychedelics. Now we get to where your argument falls flat. Opiates are any drug that works on the OPIATE receptors. Does marijuana work on opiate receptors, no it doesn’t. So how does THC affect us? THC affects cannabinoid receptors. These receptors control memory, thought, concentration, time and depth, and coordinated movement. THC can also interfere with production, transmission, and re-uptake of several neurotransmitters. This means that it could make you not produce enough serotonin or not be able to utilize what you do produce. However, it has NEVER been found to shut down any of the systems in the long term. In other words, when you come off your buzz all will return to normal. So, it clearly cannot be categorized in the same group as opiates, accept in the broadest sense possible. It has never been proven to have anything other than immediate effects on anything but short term memory.
      Now to address the moral failings of your comment. You must start paying attention to the weight of your words sir. When you make such a nonsensical remark as pot should be classified with opiates it could have serious detrimental effects. Here is the line of reasoning that could lead to those detrimental effects- Someone reads your comment and mistakenly thinks you know what you are talking about. Then they think, “Hey, I smoke weed and when I had to quit for awhile I never had any withdrawal, wasn’t consumed with the urge to use, etc. So, if opiates and pot are the same kind of drug maybe I’ll try them to. After all they told me pot would addict me and make me do crazy things, which it never did, so I am sure all this negative stuff about opiates is just more propaganda”. Now before you scoff at such a possibility know this, that is almost exactly the line of reasoning that led to my first use of opiates. Please watch what you say, please.
      Sources: The American medical association (AMA), biological online reference, the New England Journal of Medicine
      About my education and qualifications: I have no college degree of any kind in medicine or concerning addiction. I apprenticed under a licensed therapist for four years, took the state exam and got my own license. I do have a four year degree in chemistry, a two year degree in theology (I know), and a two year degree in western civics. I also have over fifteen years of direct experience with both opiates and marijuana as an x-addict and, four years of experience as a counselor.

    3. Wald0,

      I am sorry - I didn't mean you on the 2 year comment - I was referring to the counselors that I have experience with - but now I can see how you thought that I did and I am truly sorry!

      You were right that I was just classifying opiates with marihuana in the simplest of terms - just that they both act on neurotransmitters.

      I only meant to write that marihuana is not a true hallucinogen - true hallucinogens have a special receptor protein at the serotonin synapse that is now thought to cause hallucinogenic action - the true hallucinogens are psilocyn, lsd (or what poses as lsd on the streets today - real lsd is no longer manufactured) and mescaline. There are many associated analogs to these substances that also act on the serotonin receptors - they are all true hallucinogens - marihuana is not a true hallucinogen. I am aware that marihuana acts on the endocannabinoid system.

      My point was that any substance that acts on any neurotransmitter poses the possibility for withdrawal as altered neurotransmitter actions must be normalized after use of the drug. That is the extent of similarities between opiates and marihuana as you correctly noted in your reply. I'm just not sure why you interpreted my post as meaning anything more than that.


      I didn't imply that marihuana is not addictive - rather I implied that it is addictive - and very dangerous.

      The drug is responsible for the degradation of entire families in East Asia - a place where if the only son reduces his efficiency by using drugs - he will not rise his family above poverty later and his sisters will continue to work at sweat shops - along with his daughters.

      The consequences for drug use are much more severe in the less developed nations of East Asia - it can spell the death of the entire family name.

      Nations that are already established with wealth and power do not understand this. They think it's a simple plant - like roses or something.

      The truth on pot is that it can have more sinister effects that are difficult to tease out in research, scientific studies and autopsies.

      Marihuana increases the likelihood of DNA repair mechanism failures - this can increase the likelihood of developing many types of cancers - although it is not possible to tease out the effects of marihuana in this regard in an autopsy.

      Also , marihuana causes heart difficulties - this is well documented. When a person dies later from a heart attack - it is not easy to tease out the role of marihuana in that death - especially if the person does not have thc in their system at the time of death. Yet marihuana has long-term effects on the heart.

      Instead of screaming for sources - do something better - BOYCOTT ESLEVIER - have you checked the price of current research publications lately? That's a crime!

    4. I get eslevier (proquest & ebsco host for that matter) for free! Just go to school and the possibilities are endless (although I wish my school offered ovid).

      ” Instead of screaming for sources”
      No. Stop there. Sources are everything. If you don’t have a source or physical evidence to back your claims you could be speaking complete gibberish. (Which I presume you are).

      “ I implied that it is addictive - and very dangerous.”
      Prove it. Show a source or this comment holds no validity.

      “The consequences for drug use are much more severe in the less developed nations of East Asia - it can spell the death of the entire family name.”
      Source please. If this is true I am curious to understand why.

      “The truth on pot is that it can have more sinister effects that are difficult to tease out in research, scientific studies and autopsies.”
      Please elaborate more on this claim WITH sources. And, are you suggesting that science cannot truly value the deleterious effects of marijuana on the body and mind? Because that is NOT true.

      “Marihuana increases the likelihood of DNA repair mechanism failures… although it is not possible to tease out the effects of marihuana in this regard in an autopsy”
      You need a source for this. If by an autopsy or scientific research we can’t find that marijuana increases the likelihood of DNA repair mechanism failures, than how do you know this is true? We know that smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco can cause cancers; it’s not a big leap to say marijuana can contribute to cancer formation, although there is scant (or if any) evidence that has linked marijuana to lung cancer.

      “marihuana causes heart difficulties - this is well documented”
      Really? What documentation have you read? Because I have read none. Marijuana may cause tachycardia and only individuals with preexisting heart conditions that this MAY cause a complication. Although exercise and anxiety causes tachycardia too so… The insertion that marijuana can cause a heart attack, especially in a healthy person is a complete bogus claim. It’s simply not true.

      "Yet marihuana has long-term effects on the heart”
      Show me ONE long term study that comes to this conclusion.

      BTW it is marijuana with a “j” and not marihuana with an “h”. This misspelling annoys me when coming from somebody who claims to know so much about it effects on the body.


    5. I don't know the scientific basis for for addiction, but in my personal experience smoking pot (50+ years) I now find that it is indeed addictive. Everythink I did revolved around getting stoned, get upset..get stoned, etc. I got to the point where I was smoking morning to night and my life went down the tubes. I was a staunch supporter of legalization and now have done a 180 on this issue and no longer support it on any level. And I am finding it hard to quit like this young man. Sorry, it is addictive and not the benign substance we stoners want to portray it as.

    6. @Roger Drinkall You say that 'East Asia does not have a nonchalant view of marihuana'. That depends where you are, and how much influence US propaganda and diplomatic pressure has had on the local laws and attitudes. While technically it may be illegal just as it is almost the world over, in practice local attitudes to cannabis vary widely.

      Indeed on a trip to Asia a little while back the most relaxed place I found was Yunnan province, China. With Burma just over the border to the Southwest, they have one of the world's most massive problems with the importing of heroin, but cannabis grows both wild and as a ornamental plant, and no one bats an eyelid. I have photographs of it growing in the middle of Kunming, the provincial capital, as well as pics of a friend of mine smoking a joint on a Chinese bus. And I had a 4 meter tree growing outside my room window in the historic town of Dali.

      You mightn't appreciate the massive difference between opium/heroin and cannabis, but the Chinese sure do. The horrors of the 19th century and its Opium Wars are seared into the cultural memory of the China, but they have no bearing on a completely different plant that they have been living with for thousands of years. For a scientist, your reasoning is appalling.

    7. Did you climb to the old stone covered mountain walk above Dali where the seven pools are? What a beautiful long walk near the clouds.
      OH My, what a day!

    8. I enjoyed the story you posted the link to
      ty Az.
      P.S I know you posted it for KooKoo, I had to have a 'sticky'. :)

    9. Put some photos online.

    10. In those days i only used film camera (was in south China 2001-2002), in fact i switched (i should say added) a sh*tty digital camera in 2003 or 2004. A camera that is long due to be replaced. I have not converted those piles and piles of negatives into digital images. I am sure i am not the only one.
      Although the new technology has been great (mostly) for many reasons, it is still trying to equal the quality obtained with a pro transparency film qualtity.
      edt: the only images i transfered to digital are those of Africa, very costly at the time as i did not have the equipment myself.
      Again i am off topic...sorry!

    11. Where do I find yours Az? :)

    12. click on my name in will take you there and then follow what my comment says.
      good day Darling!

    13. Beautiful, favourites are the tiny house in the wing mirror, graffiti bike and the hand waiting for Arthurs sword. Such talented people here and such different styles. Keep adding please :)

    14. Thanks...there are many more photos on other pages, see the top of portefolio page and then the sub pages in all categories.
      The photo concerned in my comment below was taken in the town of Grand Forks,BC sort of the capital of Marijuana growing because of the Mayor (google Brian Taylor to find out more) of the town who publicized medical marijuana right from his back yard. He is part of a potdoc called "CannaBiz: The Secret Economy of Marijuana" on TDF. There are many many growers all over the Kootenays.
      (so we stay on topic)

    15. Yeah I went for a good walk up the mountain, but I didn't hear anything about these seven pools you speak of.

    16. You can Google, perhaps you missed the pools but you may have walked the 10 kl. (or so) stone path that passed by it. I googled the path, i see they have changed it with fences and all...i guess they are about liability like the rest of the world now.

    17. Someone needs to put a fence around a certain trap door.

    18. 100 want to take down the leader, but only 1 wants to lead.

    19. What the Hell is that supposed to mean?

  201. Alright, I'll be perfectly honest.
    I do think that Marijuana carries the POTENTIAL for addiction just like alcohol, opiates, the Internet, video-games, food and sex all do. Its all about Use vs Abuse to me. I use da ganj and I use it responsibly. Its a lot easier to stay on top of a habit if you don't make a big deal out of it. Don't smoke around kids, don't drive while your baked like a cake, don't go to work stoned as a boulder and don't always strive to be high as a kite.

    There's nothing wrong smoking a bowl every now and again.
    Just maintain some self-control and remember; its just a plant, you have to decide to set it on fire.

  202. When losers smoke weed they become bigger losers.

    When losers drink alcohol they become bigger losers.

    When intelligent, respectful and thoughtful people smoke weed they become more creative, less linear and emphatic.

    etcetera etcetera etcetera.

  203. Whats next ? Quit feeling sorry for yourself and do something with your life... maybe smoke a joint once in a while with your buddies.

    How often did this guy smoke up ? That has to have some role in his whining !

  204. I needed to add another point tho - If you begin smoking week at 13 you are bound to have developmental problems because your brain is still developing. If you smoke weed on a regular basis during this time you will develope around THC in your brain and your brain will wire it'self accordingly - now remove the THC and other chemicals assosiated with weed and you will have a problem. The fact of the matter is - it will take years to re-wire and more than likely you will feel like you need some meds but I'll tell ya from personal experience if this is you just keep smoking because those other meds will kill ya or you will kill yourself - don't touch that crap. just sit back and enjoy life and konw in your heart that there is nothing wrong with you smoking your weed.

  205. take 5 eq tests in a row free online while sober average the score then smoke a bowl or jibb then repeat the process watch your intelligence decrease before your very eyes

    1. there is a time for everything - who cares if your intelligence decreases - do you need intelligence to have a badass time watching Lord of The Rings? no! so I don't see your point - marijuana is used like all drugs to increase your mood and for an attempt to live the good life at least while you are high. You don't smoke it right before work or before going into a meeting or something ( but I do know people that do this just fine every day - I just simply don't) . And no there is no permanent drop in intelligence - EVER!

    2. Have 5 Christmas with a full family of people drinking a lot and then score the conversations and arguments. Have one Christmas with a full family of people smoking a bowl and score the amount of laughters and good conversations. Have a Chirstmas with a full family of people not drinking, not smoking and just praying...and you'll be bored stiff!

    3. Az.. why do we need psychoactive drugs to not be bored? Do we really need them to open the doors to enlightenment, intelligence or creative thought?

      Isnt that a cheat with consequences?

    4. In all parties that last overnight you will have people who smoke cigarettes, drink coffee (at least in the morning), eat chocolat (for desert). You'll have people who eat food that is too fatty, too sweet, too salty, too much and all of those have a psychological and physical effect.
      Pot is an herb the same way that cinnamon is a bark. Google side effects of cinnamon and then google benefits of cinnamon, cinnamon has been proven to have mainly benefits. Now google Cinnamon Challenge banned from school.
      I don't know. I say if you like your Christmas parties or other celebrations pure, you may not want to invite your family especially if it is large. It would be easier to invite your pure friends because you will have chosen them, where your family come the way they are and no one should have the right to tell them they can use cinnamon but not weed, unless it's your house and you don't like the smell.

  206. People are so funny in life - they point the finger at things that is much easier to point the finger at than the real truth. Discipline is very hard to get and people blame the lack of it on a plethora of things. Weed is actually easier to quit that most drugs including sugar and caffeine. 2-3 days is all you need to quit most substances but sugar and caffeine can take months to kick the addiction. The truth is that everything can be addictive and it's not necessarily the thing thats addictive more than it being that you are an addict. you can be an addict and not ever have touched any real hard core drug. and I'm not saying marijuana is a hardcore drug.

  207. 18:18 "I say they have to smoke for 28 years first and then comeback and tell me that after 28 years of smoking." LOL That's why people with brains don't do in the first place.

  208. it is addictive. marijuana should be banned forever. it has no purpose on earth whatsoever along with alcohol.

    1. ya DUDE! and cigarettes, and coffee and chocolat and ice cream and candies and soda pop and and and and...having too much fun.
      Let's be serious here and ban ban ban ban.

    2. @John Krisfalusci
      State your argument, if you dont, your reasoning is empty and makes you look like a complete ignorant fool!

  209. LOL!! Definitely a Nancy boy, whining and crying. Most men think women are crazy regardless. Men have never understood women and they never will. Most are just polite and mannerly and doesn't spew such trash in women's faces! Be a man and stop the whining!

  210. Being an addict is an anomaly, sometimes inherited. Not everyone who smokes pot will become or is an addict, anymore than someone who drinks is or will become an alcoholic. People with addictive personalities,who carry the gene, can and do become addicted to nearly everything, they switch their addictions, one for another, even if they have stopped using or doing something that they prefer, such as pot, or porn, or exercise. Addiction has a lot more to do with the person, that it does the substance.

  211. What a whiny little B**ch! Just suck it up and QUIT! This is not addiction at all, this is someone with an incredibly weak mind and no sense of personal responsibility. Its NOT physically addicting, so its just a matter of WANTING to quit!

    1. "Ahw, i wanted to smoke weed, yeah right, i HAD to smoke weed'.

      Really? Who was putting a gun to your head? Scumbag! Does this man even realize what TRUE addiction is? TRUE physical withdrawal?

      What a sorry excuse for a man! Looking to weed to blame for his personal incompetence, makes me puke!

  212. OMG I'm Done with this movie, the crackpot at 16:20 ruined it when he claimed that marijuana is a "VERY VERY VERY slow death" aka just like LIFE. No significant increases in death have been shown amongst marijuana users from any group, be it aids patients or otherwise. No recorded deaths in several thousands of years of recorded history of cannabis use. If you die when you get stoned, its because you are a m*ron, not because of cannabis... Ugh, I'm done... :(

  213. Hey you guys. My name is Annet and I'm a marijuana addict. And I love every freaking minute of it. They will pry my last joint out of my cold dead hands.And while I smoke as much marijuana as I can get my hands on, I take great care of my 2 kids, keep a clean house, cook great meals, generously love on my honey, volunteer in my community, help my friends, and am generally a nice girl. I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion. Including weak, idiotic, ignorant mommas boys. While at first this documentary both amused and outraged me, I soon realized it was just plain sad. Just because everyone is allowed to have an opinion doesn't mean everyone's opinion is valid, or even has ANY microscopic amount of informed lucidity. The title says it all- referring to what he does as "second class". He looks down on himself and blames the weed for it. Just because you are second-class, don't go blaming it on the marijuana. And as for all these "addicts"- Go get a hobby, or a girlfriend, or anything that might bring some happiness into your dull, empty lives. Then maybe you wont "NEED" (*snickers as she contemplates that thought*) to be stoned to feel good about yourselves. Maybe you will be able to get up and look yourself in the mirror and NOT go running for the closest pipe because you cant stand what you see. There is no tangible thing in this world that can make me feel "second-class". My perception of myself is formed by the actions I take being judged against the standards I hold. I KNOW I am a good person. Marijuana doesn't change that. In anyone. In fact, I know a few people who would probably be a lot more patient and kind if they were stoned. Sadly, because of weak, ignorant people like you Mr.Wannabe Filmmaker, they do not partake, believing that the picture you and those like you paint of marijuana use has some, any, objective basis in the real world. You remember the real world, right Mr. Filmmaker ? Never mind, that was a stupid question. Obviously you dont live in the real world, so how could you recognize little paltry things, like facts. Fact 1- After a recorded 2500 years of use, there is not now, nor will there ever be any evidence that marijuana is addictive. Just in case we slipped back into your bizarre dimension, lets take a moment to examine what that means. Just because you want a substance does not mean you are addicted to it. Addiction is a chronic habit of degenerative actions that hurt yourself and those around you. Now, just in case im not on the same level as you ( just in case, my ass ) can you please explain to me how marijuana use has harmed you ? Things like your intellect (*snickers again*) and your personality were formed long before you started smoking weed. So, its not responsible for those defects. Before you pick up a camera again, thinking that you actually have a perspective that deserves to be shared, go over this little checklist and hopefully that will prevent anyone from having to spend another moment trying to make sense of your convoluted, biased and misinformed thought process-
    #1- Does this idea have ANY basis whatsoever in reality ? For a definition of reality, take whatever you would normally think and then run as quickly as possible in the opposite direction. If this idea does not have ANY basis in reality, then sack it.
    #2- Is this an original idea of yours ? If so, then refer to rule 1's guidelines.
    #3-Can the time you are spending doing this be better spent in ANY way ? i.e.- Watching paint dry, a pot boil, or practicing your auto-erotic asphyxiation ? If so then please get back to those important tasks and leave the thinking to those of us that are equipped to do so.

    At this point Mr.Filmmaker, you may be asking yourself "Geez, Why are all you critics being sooo mean ? That's not fair. I'm just trying to tell others my story" to which I will respond thus-
    " No one cares about your story. No one cares about you. The only reason I even took the time out of my busy life to write this diatribe is that I'm sitting in my bathroom, getting stoned, and so I can either try to give you some enlightenment or watch a fly slowly crawl up my bathroom mirror. Since trying to enlighten you is about as worthy as admiring the flies dexterity, it was a toss up. However, since the fly seemed to have his bearings straighter than yours, I decided to take a chance on possibly (against all good judgement) making you see the error of your ways. In order to know which of your thoughts are erroneous and which aren't, please rewind your film, start at the beginning and realize that every minute of it is completely worthless BS. Please, for the sake of the documentary watching community, do not attempt again to pass off any of your impressions as having the slightest merit or even the illusion of it. George Lucas himself would not be able to conjure enough special effects to detract from your films audacious levels of idiocy.

    1. HUmmm? Why so defensive?

  214. I realise I have left several comments or responses about this "Doc". I will leave you all with this; only cause I think it's too funny not to reference to this film.
    I would love to take credit for this joke but it is the immortal Drake Sather that I honor with this retelling of his timeless classic:
    "So, I've been feeling kinda s#!tty lately & I would go to the doctor but I know what he's gonna say; "Quit doing heroin!" ya! ya! I know! "Also, I've been thinking about quitting smoking lately but I know what's gonna happen, I;m just gonna go back to C@#k sucking again, after all it's the old habits that are hardest to break!"
    OK come on people, don't be offended or take some self righteous high road against me. These are the immortal words of a very funny comedian who has since left us but had some fairly straight forward attitudes towards human nature. I couldn't help but remember these two jokes as I watched this self indulgent, pay attention to me excuse for a "Doc". Good night every body!

  215. Its not addicting, its like having SEX, its habit forming, and could perhaps be unhealthy IF over-done. But get medical or grow your own! That way you know you aren't poisoning yourself or supporting narco-terrorism in Mexico. Trying to quit marijuana doesn't give you withdrawals, it just makes life suck when you realize how enhancing it is for the evening especially after a HARD DAYS WORK! Sure beats the hell out of alcohol, no hangover, no risk of death/overdose etc.

  216. Wait.. Why would you want to quit something as wonderful as Mary? It's not even a drug, its a life-enhancement product if used properly. The cannabinoids hit the brain's receptors for endocannabinoids like a key fits a lock. That's why he feels such mental anguish torturing himself, suckering up to some cult & crazy woman. You will NEVER QUIT for other people, you can only quit something if YOU WANT TO QUIT IT. There is NO SUCH THING AS MARIJUANA "ADDICTION" if so where are the physical withdrawals?

  217. A completely self indulgent immature display of wanting. Junior needs love from mommy & daddy so he labels himself an addict to get a reaction from his emotionally paralyzed parents. I almost stopped watching several times throughout this pathetic display of spoiled brat wanting more attention than he was getting. The point where I almost gave up on this ridiculous excuse for a doc was when his drunken mommy made a comment about: "when we gave you an allowance..." Grow up Jimmy! Uh, I mean David. We all wanted more love & attention growing up. The only difference is we didn't tell our parents we were drug addicts just to get their attention & make a movie & whine about it. Again, grow the "F" up! & get a shave for Pete's sake. Until you can grow a proper beard, shave it junior! Holy Cow! I'm sorry to all you regular visitors to this site. I am just so completely beside myself about this pathetic wasted film, time, energy, whatever else you can add. This spoiled "little" fat rich kid needs to wake up, grow up & then be completely embarrassed by this whiny, self indulgent, I want more attention excuse for a legitimate film. After all, who out there in internet land knew WTF they were doing or talking about when they were still in their early 20's. Come on now, I'm asking this question of the grown ups who know what I'm talking about, not you self indulgent Face Book, look at me, I am special, give me more love children who believe every thing revolves around you just like this sorry little fellow who made this ridiculous film. It's OK every one, I've started to breathe again. I'll be OK, I just need to calm down a little. It is people like the dude who made this "Doc" that are the reason I never had any children of my own. Sad but true!
    This sad, spoiled kid needs to worry more about his Big Mac intake than his marijuana smoking. Hell, the guy gives up smoking & then has dreams about getting high every night & complains about it? That's like thinking masturbating is the work of the devil & giving it up & then finally having wonderfully euphoric dreams of beautiful naked women making love to you in your sleep. What man on this planet would want to give up those dreams? Please mommy & daddy, give your son more love & attention. Oh ya, & tell him to get a shave!

    1. LMAO! If only this doc was a tenth as entertaining as that comment! Nice one. I had the same thought about the dream complaint. I've given up all my drug use but I can't say I'm troubled by dreams of using. And I'm not sure if your speaking from experience there but I from my experience mastery over ones hand procures the dreams you speak of. Gifts from the night.

    2. Sweet dreams my friend! ;)

  218. I'm not gonna watch this. It's so silly, no wasted time on my part. Must be someone making money with it as a tool or a product, makes little difference. That's why they want to keep it illegal-FOR THE MONEY. And forbidden fruit is sweet....especially to the pushers and mean immoral people in Offices supposedly working FOR the public.

  219. Awkward silence, then altogether ...Hi Steve...;)
    I forgot to click on the reply button to DJSL1nce. This was intended for him with warm affection. Cheers all!

  220. What a disgrace. He bought $60 worth of weed, and only smoked $3 worth... Who in their right mind does that?!

    I find it surprising that such a thing as marijuana anonymous even exists. People are addicted to Facebook, should we expect Facebook anonymous to start popping up around the country? The only reason I would attend one of their meetings, is to enjoy a slice of that fine looking cake whilst I had the munchies.

    If you think you have a problem with cannabis, smoke less or don't smoke it at all. The whole purpose of this documentary seems to be to demonize cannabis, it would've been a more interesting watch if we heard more arguments from people pro-cannabis.

    It amazes me that alcohol remains legal while cannabis is not, when cannabis is by far the lesser of two evils. In the UK an astonishing amount of resources goes into policing the streets from drunken idiots who don't know their limits. Can the same be said for cannabis users? I believe that as long as our actions don't effect others, we should be able to live our lives however we please. Unfortunately people still feel the need to dictate how we live our lives, even when our actions don't effect them or anyone else. Although fortunately, I live in the UK, where the worst that can happen if you're caught with a bit of weed is to have it confiscated, and maybe a heated debate between you and the spoil sport confiscating it. Unlike in the US where you can serve jail time!! Jail... for a victimless crime, my heart goes out to all the American tokers.

  221. According to DSM-IV, Alcohol DEpendence is mainly differentiated from Alcohol Abuse by symptoms of withdrawal. Having two or more (out of 8 possible) symptoms indicate withdrawal. DSM IV has no listed indicators of cannabis withdrawal. However, documented and reported cannabis withdrawal symptoms that meet the Alcohol criteria include: sweating (usually night sweats), insomnia, visual or auditory hallucinations, nausea and anxiety. Other common withdrawal symptoms for cannabis include nightmares, depression, loss of appetite (Yeah, I know. Go figure), dizziness and tremors, minor eye problems, and mood swings.
    As for my own personal experience, I have an addictive response to marijuana that I don't have to alcohol. I can have one drink and not crave more. However, If I take one hit, I cannot stop until--isolated, alone, and suicidally depressed, I get rid of everything, hole up and sweat it out until I can make it to a meeting. My personal experience is one that I've heard dozens of times from other marijuana addicts.
    In addition, new studies are due to be published beginning in April documenting side effects, withdrawal symptoms, and traits that make people prone to marijuana addiction.
    I'm writing my comment in fairly straight forward form just to avoid all the personal attacks. (Feel free to attack me if you like. I'm just not interested attacking anyone personally anyone on this topic.). The fact is that there is a case to be made for Marijuana Addiction. People like myself have a very strong physical, mental, and emotional response to marijuana that "normal" people just don't have.
    My name is Steve and I'm a marijuana addict. Thanks for the documentary, thanks for letting me share, and I'll keep coming back.

    1. Now that was informative and honest. Not like the documentary.

    2. O.k. a few rare people have a bad reaction to marijuana, I can buy that. It seems really odd to me as if you understand the processes behind addiction the substance you use has to interact with body chemistry in certain ways to be physically addictive. Opiates for example mimic your bodies natural endorphins to the point that if you continue to use them long enough your brain will sense to many endorphins in your system and shut down the natural production of them. It will also at the same time develope more receptors for endorphins in order to utilize the amount in your system. This means when you stop taking the drug your body has no endorphins and you experience the effects of this as withdrawal. Because endorphins have a hand in everything from pain relief to mood elevation, and much in between like regulation of digestion, sleep patterns, and sinuses, you feel absolutly awful and do not have any motivation. Eventually though the system will wake up, for lack of a better term, and you will return to normal. Well, this isn't always the case, if it was shut down long enough it may never wake up. Your body will adjust though, regardless, so you do return somewhat close to normal.

      The active agent in M.J. is of course THC, which is psychoactive much like LSD. In fact pot is classified as a hallucinogen just as LSD or mushrooms are. So i don't understand how it could physically addict anyone, our bodies just are not that different. I am not saying your experience is false or anything, I take your word for it. But could you please explain how pot has this effect on you? If you have this issue and have been treated for it the doctor must have explained why or how pot makes this happen to you, that's standard AMA protocol for treating addiction to any substance.

    3. Sorry wald0, I'm not DJSL1nce. I have however read many of your comments over the past year or two & have almost always either agreed with what you had to say or at least enjoyed your input on the topic. I won't go into detail other than I have a fair amount of experience in/on this subject myself as I know you do from your previous comments.
      I just wanted to say; I have only personally know one man who was/claimed to be addicted to marijuana. He was a good friend & co-worker for several years. In retrospect, looking back on the situation now I would be less than honest to say that I supported him at the time because I believed he was a good person who had fallen on a hard situation. The reality as I see it now several years later is that unfortunately he was really just kinda an a$$hole who was easily provoked & had a hard time interacting with people on a social level. He was a good friend as I said & I genuinely liked him. I also learned many invaluable lessons in my profession from him over the years that we worked together. It was just as I said earlier, unfortunate about his basic personality.
      I think this is often if not always the reason for people who have trouble with something as happy & mild as a toke now & then. In all honesty, this man I am speaking of would more likely than not, never be my friend in the real world outside of work. Again, I am stressing personality over addiction when it comes to marijuana. Just look no further than the little whiner in the "Doc" we are all commenting on.

    4. Hey, I just got on the site and my computer's dying because I left the charger at work. So, a quick reply. Just to let you know my perspective on Heroin, from everything I've heard the addiction and the withdrawal far exceed all other drugs (except for, perhaps, crack? I admit I don't know much about it)--other drugs just don't compare, so I'm with ya on that one. I'm still amazed when it's said that nicotine is more addictive than heroin. Maybe the cravings are as strong, but I can't imagine a cigarette addict quivering on the floor like a pile of jello.
      There is ongoing research on several drugs, including marijuana concerning the cessation-of-endorphins response that you connected to Heroin use. Heroin is way more powerful, of course, but the theory is that the drug of choice produces the endorphins and in response, the body "decides" that it doesn't need to make them anymore.
      Getting back to my drug of choice, research shows that Marijuana can have a depressant effect on some long term users, but it's not classified as a depressant. Marijuana is also stored in the fat cells, and so it takes longer to leave the system than, say, alcohol. THC can stay in the body as long as 6 months, and up to a year.
      Okay, I've got 4% power left on my computer, so I'm out. Being a new user, I dig this site. Have a good night to you and all of the other fiending documentary addicts out there.

  222. Marijuana is known in india as Bhang/charas/hashish and it is first documented in Atharvaveda in 1500-2000 B.C.

    The Vedas give detailed description of the entire plant and its medicinal and spritual uses,But it salso wanrs abt the potential addiction.

    Even today despite the Ban, it is very freely available in most of the Shiva Temples in Himalayan region.Many Hindu saints use it for meditation.

  223. As someone who has once given up a fairly serious coffee addiction, I can relate to how this guy is feeling

  224. As an ex-addict and drug counselor I can attest to the fact that calling marijuana use an addiction is ludicrous. I smoked everyday for years and years but, when my life no longer permitted such indulgences I stopped with no physical withdrawal what so ever. Did I have the urge to smoke, yes. But that is a far cry from physical withdrawal. After all if you do anything everyday then stop you will have the urge to do so again tomorrow, it becomes a pattern of behavior. You could call this mental dependence, but not addiction. I also did heroin and took pills every day for years and when I stopped doing that, I found out what real addiction really is. The sickness is unbelievable; I had to be hospitalized due to dehydration from throwing up, intense sweating, and horrible diarrhea. Cramps seized my body and twisted me like I was on the rack. This went on for about five days, then the depression and extreme urge to use lasted for about a year, may have lasted longer but they put me on a medication called suboxone to stop them. This was a big mistake as I became quickly addicted to the suboxone then and eventually had to get off of it. Once again I went through sickness, not as severe but still really bad, for about five days. Then the depression and all came back, again not as severe as before but still bad. Don’t kid yourself pot smokers, just because they lied about the effects of marijuana use doesn’t mean they lied about everything. Opiates and amphetamines are extremely addictive, and real addiction is an unexplainable h3ll.

  225. marijuana is a intoxicating substance that hijacks portions of the brain when under the influence therefore mental addiction will occur, however you not going to be lying on the floor in urine and vomit like heroine (maybe empty potatoe chip bags!) real enjoyment comes from a sober lifestyle and meditation self advancement being creative and fulfilling goals

    1. So you feel. But others see differently. Marijuana can cause one to be more creative since you're more spontaneous. But there is so much weed it's deeper than that. You can get indica or sativa, or a hybrid. In those there are innumerable strains. Each with different effects. Some could make you dependent, some could make you meditate, some could make you get up and go, and some could make you write a novel. Some just make you want to eat and pass out.

      Point is, don't be so close-minded, especially if you 'meditate'.

  226. Who funded this weak a$$ Propaganda Video???!!!!!!

    1. Well my top suspect is the doctor. He's the one making all the money.

  227. I have been smoking since I was 14 now i'm 42 if I don't have it I don't care it does not bother me I don't need it therefore I am not addicted to it, if you want to give up give up lots of things alter your mind that are legal but condoned, I have a job a house there is no such thing as addiction only weakness even if it's food, alcohol or so called harder drugs, addiction is an excuse used by weak people to explain their weakness different drugs effect everyone differently and poison to one is panacea to another you cannot and governments should not regulate by generalisation as not everyone one is the same period. There is nothing I cannot do on weed that I could do whilst not on weed it is you not the drug that is the issue

  228. How big of a tool is this guy??????? He quit smoking weed for a year and still didn't do sh!t with his life. This guy smokes weed like crack wrapped in a blanket wtf. He obviously had mental issue that far surpass his "weed addiction".HAHAHA

  229. I have been smoking marijuana for nearly the last 5 years of my life. I am 22. And I can only attest to one thing -I am addicted to marijuana out of habitual-ism. Like cigarette smoking, or coffee drinking, marijuana smoking became something I did because habits compelled me to it. In other words, I preferred to sit at my computer, do homework, play video games, watch documentaries, read news, etc - while being stoned! So long as I am doing these things I will want to forever smoke weed. However, if you break from habit and do something new, you'll not think twice about smoking.

    Quitting is simple, just go out and get addicted to something positive. All you have to do is try a bunch of things. What's there to lose?

  230. Although this guy is a huge douche, in many ways he is right. Heavy grass smokers tend to pass up the more important aspects of there life to stay getting high. If this is not controlled your life can pass you by and you achieve nothing. Another way of putting it is weed makes the boring not so boring and that can lead to some dire consequences.
    compared to other chemical substances weed is very mild, but one must never underestimate the effects it has on the mind, moderation is the key. I'm 26 now and have been smoking everyday for 10 years and every time i get bored i feel i have to smoke, that is what marijuana addiction is there nothing physical about it.
    I also noticed when i try stopping i was also having all these weird dreams i never had while smoking, to be perfectly honest i don't recall dreaming at all when i smoke.
    Stay active, keep busy, don't allow yourself to get bored and quitting is not so hard. i'm 3 months off weed now and the weird dreams have finally stopped, but the boredom is just a hole that marijuana has left in my life and can easily be filled.

  231. Grow a pair and suck it up if you're gonna quit, otherwise quit whining! Looks to me you could get addicted to anything. Been on Morphine for 5 yrs, you have no idea what withdrawals are. Your issue is not pot, it's your personality. You will get addicted to anything you try and like. Be careful.

    1. Word. Wasn't there a great scene in the movie 'Half Baked' where Bob Saget's character asks Dave Chapelle's if he has,"Ever sucked a d*ck for pot?".

      No, the answer was NO.

  232. This is not a documentary, but it is propaganda. For example, for the morbidly obese, obese, and overweight, food is a second class addiction.
    That the writers narrate through a weak winey young man who gives testimony of withdrawal like a junkie is a joke.
    If you go to a doctor and complain of symptoms the narrator describes in his narration he will prescribe psychotrophic drugs~ for life~ courtesy of big pharma and your hard earned dollars. That is the narrators destiny.
    Physician; heal thyself!

  233. Bullshit.
    First of all, marijuana addiction IS a state of mind. There's no going around it : no physical addiction. Period. It doesn't mean addiction isn't a real disease. But it's a mental disorder (and actually, given the people around me, and myself, I wonder if "disorder" is the right word... lots of people thrive on addiction : it can be work, practicing music, videogames... pretty sure everyone here can relate)
    I kinda think addiction is actually the way our minds work.

    I also totally agree with Divittorio. What is his real motive to stop smoking ?
    I mean, really, I know a lot of people who smoke 1 to 4 joints a day, who were good students, who now make good money with a high qualified job, and who have a perfectly sane social life. Heck, I'm even one of them.
    Why would these guy stop smoking ? Yet some of them do, to prove themselves they can. And they can hold up as much as they want, without ever whining about it.

    I won't say that this guy is a crybaby. But he definitly has to learn how to stop blaming this "crap". Hell he should even stop blaming HIMSELF. He's not strenghtening his will, au contraire.

    It's a matter of will. And two things have to be said :
    - If you can't master your will, you should definitly not get into any unproductive pleasurable activities. Because you'll enslave yourself.
    - If you can't master your will, you're bound to fail in much more than resisting addictive tendencies.

    And for those who think that if it's so easy stopping marijuana, maybe we should try it, I haven't touched a spliff for at least six months. And I barely even think of it : I have more important things in mind.

    1. Well said! It has it place, for instance, if I had to watch this again, I'd prefer to be ultra bent. I'd say this was my least favourite so far.
      I've found its not impossible to get into some very stoned like states of mind through meditation, though it does take a little dedication.
      This lad should steer clear of experimentation in general, I doubt he'd handle crystal or opiates very well. They test ones will.

  234. If he likes smoking, why would he stop?

  235. He is not an addict, in my opinion, he is obsessive-compulsive.

  236. David.
    You are doing great ... youre 22.
    Stop feeling miserable and being stuck to the past ... move on ... get another addiction, exercise. in LA there's a Krav Maga center (Google it) ... that's a challenge and you get addicted in the best possible way ... you will see what I mean :)
    Low self esteem, that's the real issue there. Get an hair cut, shave every day and F------ exercise hard Man ... walk anywhere like your S--- doesnt stink.
    Two Months and you will be just fine.
    I promise you.

    1. Marijuana is mood altering. It changed who I was.. I smoked for years and I had changed. I was not who I was.. Then a point came when I started thinking... All I could think was when I would get to smoke the next joint...

      That's the time I realised this is enough.. I quit.. The key to quitting for me was keeping myself engaged in stuff that I forgot was fun.. I love this reply.. I bought a cycle and cycles 25 Kms everyday.. I stped in the green meadows with my books and started classifying the names of the plants I saw.. I stated reading again.. Cooking.. No more munchies and burgers..

      Eventually I got a girlfriend who did not smoke.. And eventually I totally forgot what it felt like when I smoked. Though even as. Write this a lot of splendid memories come back.. But I learnt to associate the bad memories to it. Like being so stoned at my friends wedding that I didn't feel or even be me for his biggest day.. Lost in my own world.. Half interested.. Thinking these people are all fools. And don't know how to have fun..

      It's been many years since I quit.. I am happy and I now know that it's more fun when our are sober..l

      All the best dude.. U can kick it by keeping yourself busy with stuff hat really makes you happy. Go si on swing.. Exercise.. Cycle.. Swim.. Get a sober girl.. Whatever.. And stop thinking about marijuana..

  237. I think a lot of negativity coming at this video is from people saying its anti-legalization (it's not) or its telling people they should quit smoking (it's not). I think its just a good illustration about how anything mood altering can be seriously habit forming, and that our picture of what addiction is is skewed. In my work I have met lots of addicts, people addicted to everything from alcohol to cocaine to marijuana to gambling. I don't think marijuana should be illegal, but we shouldn't pretend that there are zero risks for people with addictive personalities.

    1. Also, addiction is very all encompassing, but it needs to be specific. I would think someone who is OCD might develop a drug habit as part of their disorder.

  238. Haven't smoked a puff since last September, this sure brings back a lot of good memories.

    1. I like this site, alot, and I increasingly find myself reading some/most/all of the comments on any individual doc, before viewing, (or sometimes afterwards) as a matter of course. I have never left my own comment until now. I dont mean to criticise but I'm frankly getting really fed up with the often uninsightful and just plain pointless contibutions of yours left on sooo many of the docs. (This isn't your personal blog) Please provide opinions or critiques of the specific doc, (I don't have to agree with them btw, thats the beauty of this set up, they don't even need to be partcularly eloquent) or just say nothing, thanks in advance x

    2. That's a good start, you are being as you suggest, on topic.
      Is that kiss for my right or left cheek?

    3. I'm not going to enter into a discussion with you here, for the reasons I outlined, (nobody cares and it would be selfish, folks come here for an insight into the doc, not this nonsense. Youre correct that this particular comment and my one previous to it have nothing to do with the doc above or it's related themes but I really felt compelled to mention somewhere to you that you are the only down side of this whole site with your constant comments and "witticisms".) Give someone else a chance, where do you get the idea that anyone cares so much about what you personally think about so many of these docs. The kiss was to try and convey no hard feelings, just genuinely getting tired with seeing your name plastered everywhere. I include the administrators in this...the site would be greatly improved with less tit for tat platitudes, and 'in jokes' from people who seem to think they have some sort of ownership right as a regular "commenter" x

    4. I don't tink you should tell people not to comment here, thats the right of the moderators only, and only then if the person is breaking site rules. Azilda is generally polite to people and has much of value to add to the mix. And befor you start talking about how I must like Azilda, look around we often disagree. We have even come close to being down right ugly with each other, but we usually take a breath and realize we do not dislike one another we just disagree.

      Being a regular commentor does not in any way imply we think we own anything, and no matter how much we post you can still post as well- so how are we taking anything from you? I thought that was exactly what this forum was for, stating our personal opinion of the docs presented.That said, Vlatko is good enough to let us debate the issues in the docs as well as long as it remains civil and productive.

    5. I can understand what he feels. It's like changing schools in the middle of the year and walking into a classroom not knowing anyone. Ever had that feeling?

    6. Yes, i changed schools several times as a teen, once in the middle of the school year. But i fail to see the similarity. Any way, it's between him and Azilda I suppose. None of my business.

    7. Odd you say it's none of your business. You certainly thought it was your business when you jumped in to the dogfight.

      Not taking sides here, just trying to find common ground.

    8. Dude, really- you are going to try and make something out of this? Odd you are still trying to keep it going if you ask me. Get over it man, it didn't even involve you. I made a comment and then realized it was none of my business, is that o.k. with you? If not maybe I should just start forwarding all comments to you first, then you can make sure they are just as you like befor I post. The guy I was speaking to seems fine with it, seems to understand I simply mistook his intentions. AGHHH< you know what- never mind. I am not starting this tonight- have a nice day.

    9. Comment FAQ:

      6. Can I carry on personal chats in the comments?
      No – this becomes very tedious for other readers. Please stay on the topic.

      10. Can I discuss other topics in comments?
      No – you must stick to the topic – when comments go so far off the topic they cause people to lose interest and they add nothing to the documentary. Of primary importance is the fact that the comments are meant to enhance readers time on the site – not cause them to get bored with idle chit-chat.


    10. I should have just posted that the first time, apologies. Didnt mean to cause any 'infighting' x

    11. What i find funny, is that this is your fifth comment in this thread, fifth comment ever, and still you haven't said ONE word about the doc. I am often the one to welcome new comers. So welcome on board and please give the exemple of what you preach.
      My avatar is very bright, even when you scroll fast you can see it passing by. So my suggestion is that you skip all my comments until you feel better about them and if you never do, it's ok, there are thousand more people you can read here. Don't worry i know by experience, you'll have others to b*tch about before long.

    12. @RaulDuke7:

      Azilda is right, practise what you preach, it seems you are trolling, trolls are not allowed. If you do not want to discuss the doc. then say nothing.

    13. Finished?

    14. I cannot take issue with a single word you have said, every bit of it I agree with. I truly was not suggesting that Azilda not comment (I love that so many people do, and that anyone can, and that the opinions expressed are often so diverse), and I did not intend it as a personal attack in any way. I just (personally) find the site to be a bit flooded with the same person's comments. I would previously always read the comments without taking any notice of the particular names or monikers attached, but I increasingly found that when I came across a pointless one ( and I dont mean one contrary to my own opinion), I mean a pointless one, it would have the same name attached. Alot of these comments (in only my opinion) are best left for personal messages, msn, etc, and offer nothing to the debate(s). Live and let live I guess, I guess its the price you pay for all he good and insightful comments you find here xx

    15. No, actually I should not have said a word. I posted something similar once and got chewed out by the site owner, so i was trying to help you avoid that. But really it is none of my business, you should post as you like and i should let the moderators take care of it if as they like.

      Let's start again- welcome to TDF, good to have another voice on board. In my opinion this is the best doc site i have ever found, and I have been on many of them. Looking forward to your future comments as you seem to be someone that doesn't say anything unless you have something worth saying. At least that is what i can gather from your comments about pointless gibber gabber. That is a position I can respect, even if the gibber gabber doesn't really bother me personally.

      P.S. Love the monicker Gonzo

  239. I'm really not sure what the point is with this video. I can't say as I feel any stronger desire to stop smoking pot after watching it. I think this guy David's problem is not so much to do with pot but rather to do with him. He obviously has issues, he needs some sort of professional help. He appears to have no goals or direction in life and just lives from one M.A meeting to the next. He lacks humour and is quite boring to watch. If the video had gone much longer I would have been pushing the delete button.The main problems for any MJ smoker are it's illegality, have to deal with black-market criminals to buy it and dealing with stigma from narrow-minded, brain-washed fools who lump MJ in with heroin and cocaine. Personally: It's my body and as such I decide what goes into it.

  240. kids in africa smoke plastic garbage wich washes up on the shores to get high be gratefull you have weed .....this guy is a cry baby !!!

  241. I have witnessed people, who were friends from kindergarten, lie, steal, cheat, break-in, and physically fight with each other over chemical drugs. I had a boyfriend who stole $400 from me to pay his coke dealers (now he is a crack-head)

    ... I have never seen anyone rob a store or hold someone up for weed.

    Is it addictive -- well, I think part of an addiction involves not being able to give something up, even though it is somehow causing damage -- so if that applies to someone and weed, then perhaps they are addicted -- but I would argue it is more of mental addiction then physical.

    1. My friend is in and out of rehab so much they may as well have turnstiles. And its because of alcohol and painkillers. The only thing he does right is smoke weed.

  242. Who funded this? The DEA? Maybe the alcohol and tobacco companies.

  243. Skin up have a smoke,mellow out and open up your mind,there is nothing wrong with a drug which brings social togetherness/social bonding....

    1. Thanks Willie Nelson

  244. This guy doesnt look healthy... he should focus on his addictions to other things in his life like bad food and a sedentary lifestyle (like most of us are addicted to) rather than blaming a plant for his problems.

  245. everything in moderation... you can get addicted to anything and that's nothing new!

  246. This lad shouldnt be smoking weed or even passed a joint as should a lot of people on this planet. Some people can smoke and some cannot simples.

  247. masturbation is also addictive...

  248. smoke weed every day ;)))

  249. What's addicting is growing it, trimming it or helping others doing that. It's the most friendly plant to play with.

  250. Stopped Smoking Marijuana 15 years now... Started at 16 stopped at 26. I'm now 41. I still dream of Marijuana but much less frequently and there have been times lately where I have been able to say no to it in the dream.

    Marijuana allowed me to stuff all my feelings down so I didn't have to deal with them. Finally I smoked so much that the buried feelings turned into acute paranoia.

    I felt at that point Marijuana was now fueling my psychosis. So I quit and slowly began to deal with my buried feelings of hurt anger and rage and shame.

    It has taken 15 years and I still have far to go and much to learn about myself but I do know that I am in a much better place today since i have decided to stop taking Marijuana.

    Still... I also feel Marijuana, like many other medicinal plants, was put on Earth as a healing herb and if treated with respect I feel she can actually aid in a person's wellness as well as help us get to the root of some of these deeper darker issues in the human psyche.

    Unfortunately most of us including myself have decided to abuse her and in turn her effects become most destructive.

    They native ancestors have always known this and are very sad that these beautiful medicines that are able to do so much good are being so abused.

    I feel until we as a society can mature and treat these medicines with dignity and reverence we surely have no business using them.

    Best wishes to you David.

    1. "treat these medicines with dignity and reverence" -- that reminds me of a quote:

      There's a time and place for everything, and it's called college

    2. And speaking of that, do you (everyone) agree?

      for those who started early, do you think starting later would have changed anything? Or have you no regrets?

      This is a serious question, I am not implying anything, I am generally curious. :)

    3. I know this doesn't have to do with this particular doc but i must show you this because you love animals and the sciences related. I don't know where to find you as you are not in the list of top commenters who are a click away in recent comments. I knew you were here.

      Google: six legged giant find secret hideaway
      There is even a little video where you can see them hatch provided by the Melbourne zoo.


    4. @Az, very cool story! thanks for sharing!!

  251. I think the problem is hes miserable... not marijuana

  252. SWIM gets f--ked up on all sorts all the time. I'm off to the pool for a swim.

  253. rofl i cant believe someone made this full of it. there is no physical addiction to mariuana who are you trying to kid

  254. very interesting that so many people confess their usage here.does anybody know the term 'SWIM' here? i came across an american site for drug users where profiling their habbits & procedures of use are incriminated & can be used against much to freedom of rights!!
    p.s.:''SWIM'' is: Someone Who Isn't start a topic or conversation,by the way !

  255. I do feel for this fellow but I think he is looking for something to blame his actions on. It provably wouldn't matter what this guy involves himself with. He will not have balance with it until he learns to take responsibility for himself. Whether it is drinking, pot, or even exercising. Some people take day to day things out of context. Anything can be abused. I almost would guess that this could be staged. Because in this day and age who goes to
    smoke pot in dark allyways. Just doesn't seem like reality. Maybe if he were doing crack or herowine. I can't say 100%. Just a guess

  256. the guy is unhappy with his life , he needs to change himself... also look at the "addicts" he presents , all healthy and not insane..did they smoke too much pot ? sure , but did he have hallucinations or near death from quitting ? no! , i get cranky when i quit coffee too... but addiction can happen to everybody! why one has to constantly revise ones a poster here already made very clear in a 1.2.3 :)

    1. Tobias Frisendahl Petersen, LMAO! Coffee is addictive. If you quit you will get headaches, painful headaches. I've done that before, but pathetically I keep drinking it... I will quit ...someday, yeah someday

      Yeah, someday when I am lying in front of Starbucks in a puddle of my own putrid juices trying to score a cup of Mocha Latte with a double shot of espresso.

    2. Don't forget to sew a few bucks into your cuff, just in case is all I'm sayin'

  257. dasd

    1. i have smoked everyday for the past 13 years, this past summer i stopped from april until august with no withdrawals.

      the only thing i missed was the taste. but i had no urge to smoke.

      one of the problems is that people smoke when they are bored and suddenly are no longer bored. if you can find a coping mechanism for boredom you might become attached. if you decide to stop and you become bored that might annoy you. but its nothing like an addiction to cocaine which i have gone through.

    2. asdasd

    3. when you find yourself bored and thinking about smoking, watch a documentary! lol

      or try to occupy yourself outside in areas that you cant smoke so you just dont have the chance. those feelings would go away after a week.

    4. adkdkkdas

    5. Roberts Cerbulis, tobacco is addictive. That may be the problem. Get rid of the tobacco then you will probably forget about the MJ. And as a 14 year old I was a heavy POT head, and the tappered off to very casual then to not using at all. I've had no problems.

  258. Here's why this guy thinks he's an addict. He's got a doctor that has charged him $4200 in fees and $650 a month for a "sober room" far.

    Marijuana addiction my a$$. You've got a doctor who's addicted to money and as long as mommy and daddy, the drunks as they are, keep paying for this sh*t ( and give your 22 year old ass an allowance to boot) every body's happy. The doctor gets the money, mommy and daddy buy you off, and you get all the attention you want and need from your Marijuana Anonymous(I can't even type that without laughing my ass off).

    1. Great comment.....laughing my ass off with you

    2. lakhotason, AMEN Brother... I suspect this dude is little candy a$$ rich kid.

    3. Of course he is a little snot nose rich kid. Look where he lives. Seattle and California. But he does have that homing instinct for mommy and daddy.

      "Momma's gonna make everything okay" -Pink Floyd

    4. lakhotason, You are correct sir! Like a pigeon he knows the way home. But hey, Seattle has some really dark places... there was that doc from the 1986 about homeless kids called "Streetwise" shame it's not on Top Docs. I had friends like ...

  259. It's like he reshot the rehab scenes from half baked but edited out all the funny parts.

    Rehab patient: You in here 'cuz of marijuana?! Man, this is some BULL****!
    Bob Saget/Cocaine addict: Marijuana is not a drug. I used to suck d*ck for coke.
    Rehab patient: I seen him [do it]!
    Bob Saget/Cocaine addict: Now that's an addiction, man. You ever suck some d*ck for marijuana?
    Thurgood: No, I can't say I have.
    Bob Saget/Cocaine addict: I didn't think so.
    Rehab patient: Boo this man!

    1. @KookooKaChoo...i see you smile there! LOL

    2. You caught me! :D

  260. I think this is a eye opening documentary. Sure, it's a bit rough and amateurish, but I don't doubt for a second that what this guy is going through isn't real. People ruin their lives with all kins of stupid repetitive behaviors that they just can't stop, knowing full well where they are headed. If everyone where to make light of ones addiction, what ever that might be, making you feel like quitting isn't a real accomplishment, then what reason would you have making the effort to quit?

    That being said, to kick any addiction you have to man the fu*k up! Get it done!

  261. Marijuana should be legalized period. Also, it should only be referred to as grass from now on and if you get caught in public not calling it grass you get a fine. Taco bell needs to reduce the price of the 'build your own box' deal too. Because when I'm on the grass I buy a couple of those babies. There are so many things that need changing in this world today.

    1. Dude, there is more truth in this comment than anything i have read today. See you at the Bell baby, lmao.....

    2. green should be acceptable.

    3. I just finished watching the whole thing...
      Wow... This guy is either a very industrious troll or a self-deluded jackass.

  262. Wonderful! best documentary of the year! a documentary made by a TOTAL DOUCHEBAG! never seen one so big in my life really, I'm glad this is caught on tape and stored here. so every time I want to laugh I'll come back here, click play and laugh for 45 minutes. just look at the places he went to smoke, the ugliest places ever! and he cries in front of the camera coz he wants 2 be normal agen XD and yes, marijuana is the bomb :D and yes, you ARE INSANE DUDE! i'm gonna roll one just for this guy right here right now!

    1. Your exactly the type of loser that would expouse this

    2. your exactly the kind of noob with a dramatically unpopular opinion on the matter

    3. Yeah, even his Dad kept a safe distance.

  263. This moron was addicted to himself as a lazy, boring nobody. Sucks to be him. Cannabis should be legal for every reason in the world. But oil barons don't want it because we can make fuel from it. The cops and private prisons are getting mega-wealthy from the "war" on drugs. The cancer industry does not want anyone to know about the cure. Cotton growers do not want it as hemp fibers are by far better than cotton. Timber-men do not want to stop cutting down trees. Monsanto doesn't want this because cannabis needs no chemicals. Shall I go on?

  264. Marijuana is just as psychologically addictive as any other substance. It's not physically addictive in the way that heroine or nicotine are, but that doesn't mean that it isn't habit forming.

  265. Weed is good for you, when people have nausea they can smoke a join or they can take a liver toxic drug. When cancer patients can't eat, they can smoke a joint or take a liver toxic drug. When I wake up and have drank for to much the night before, I can smoke a joint and feel better or take a liver toxic drug. wake up people.

    1. Wow. I dona think 'waking up' means what you think it means.

  266. smoke 6-8 joints every day for 2 years, 1 year of which i was unemployed. And though i admit i was addicted, it still doesnt ruin your life. You can still function quite optimal being addicted, I know I could. All it did was drain my money, and when my savings were drained i stopped. Had 2 shitty weeks where i couldnt stop thinking, now its a month ago and its totally fine. It all turned out fine once i admitted to myself that i was addicted, which I guess can we hard with weed, since you can function quite well, so you dont consider yourself an addict.

    Hardest part was really not being bored. Cause once youre addicted, all the regular stuff you do to entertain yourself in a day isnt the same without weed. I even stopped doing 80% of the things I normally liked doing, from one week to another, cause it got so uninteresting

    Best thing you can do to be a happy smoker, is limiting it to weekends and always smoke with other people.

    Well i guess I didnt completely stop, cause I just do the above now. Smoking weed alone or in weekdays never occurs to me after I had that terrible realization that weekend.

  267. I smoked pot from age 20 to 60 when I felt I was smoking too much
    and decided to stop. That's what happened. I stopped, period. Because I liked to smoke with a bit of tobacco, my mild "withdrawal" lasted a few days and I think the craving was for the bit of legal drug. I still enjoy pot in baking occasionally.

  268. This guy is such a jack***, and a cry baby. I have smoked weed for 14 years, and this is one of the most ridiculous, misleading propaganda pieces ever. I might as well be watching refer madness. I know what it's like to quite, and I know what it's like to not be able to smoke. Yeah I thought of it, of coarse I thought of how awesome it is to chill with your friends, talk, and share idea's. It's a lifestyle, and this guy is having conflicts on leaving that lifestyle behind for someone else who wants him to change. He doesn't seem like he's totally ready to change. I know plenty of people that just stop smoking, because that's where the life has lead them. But they didn't make a ****** documentary about it, and **** it up for the rest of us. A lot of the issues with smoking this guy had, and his girlfriend probably had, is the way the government treats it. How the **** can you not be paranoid, when you're trying hide from getting caught all the time, and always feeling like you're doing something wrong. I don't smoke because I feel like I'm getting away with something, I smoke because I enjoy it, and it's my personal choice. It was also his to make, and his to make to quit. But coming from personal experience, and my entire life of education about this. I think this guy is full of ****, and it's not the weed so much, but his personality, his girlfriend, and the ****** laws against it.

    "RON PAUL 2012"

  269. Bullshit addiction. Man the **** up.

  270. This guys just a big crybaby. He's blaming all of his problems on pot. Pots not doing it to you buddy YOUR the problem and can't own up to it. Be a man and stop crying about your problems and fix em. Lace up

  271. it's all a question of mindset & like everything in life there is a niche, that has to be filled .i understand his need to share but not everybody has to participate on his doing so !maybe someone should tell him that smack helps, to get over it........?now i'm off to 'smack' some spliffs & ragga-my- muffin !

  272. you're so boring mate, you should start doing heroin and shut up!

  273. lol welcome to the Reefer Madness of 2012.


  274. I am so offended by simply the description of this doco that I wont even bother to waste my internet on it. If this ****head is anything like people I know that have a marijuana problem, he has been spinning his weed with cigarettes and thus, creating an addiction through the chemicals associated with that.

  275. I thought this would be an enlightening look into the mind of someone who found that marijuana was negatively affecting their lives. The unfortunate aspect is that he provided almost NO concrete reasons why he stopped other than "I was an addict". It's along the lines of the same circular reasoning of "I don't smoke because I don't need it." I did get a few snippets from his parents such as not having any money, having his grades slip, and the bud affecting his values. My take on the whole idea of marijuana addiction (or any addiction for that matter) is that it needs to be put into perspective and examined from a utilitarian point of view: that is, how is this negatively affecting my life?

    1) Are my mind and body suffering from it? I haven't found any concrete, reliable research in the area that points to physical ailments or limitations that come from smoking other than momentary short-term memory loss and coughing heavily after taking a hit. Until I feel that my body or mind are limited or changed negatively, OR am confronted with concrete evidence to the contrary, no to this one.

    2) Is it affecting my relationships? In my case, my girlfriend hates that I smoke, so won't tolerate hanging out with me if I'm high (unless she agrees to it, which happens once in while). So I only smoke probably once a week when I'm hanging out with friends. I don't distance or seclude myself from friends because of it, so no.

    3) Is it affecting my goals? I happen to be in college and am also a musician who writes music with a band. I write all the music when I'm sober, and I never get high during the week when classes are happening or when I'm doing work for said classes. Again, bud is not negatively affecting any of my goals. If anything, it gives me more musical ideas sometimes and provokes deep, introspective thought a lot of the time for me, so no again.

    The guy in this video is a sap and can't even articulate why smoking was bad for HIM, let alone for others. If all you can muster up the strength or will to do is smoke and play video games, THEN it's a problem because it affects (3). If you smoking results in you being a recluse and not interacting with people, it's affecting (2). If you feel sluggish and lazy all the time while justifying your unproductive behavior to yourself while accomplishing NOTHING, it affects (1). If you can live your life responsibly and smoke, you shouldn't be seen as an addict, and I feel that this video attempts to lump ALL people who like to smoke as being defined by that fact. You can accomplish much in your life and smoke to your heart's content, the limiting factors all reside in the mind, the bud (or any substance that makes one feel good) only helps to trigger them.

  276. What an id**t. If you eat ice cream every day of your life from the time you're 13 until you're well into adulthood, of COURSE it's going to be hard to stop. Does that mean ice cream MUST BE ADDICTIVE? Of course not!!

    Humans are creatures of habit, and our behaviors are patterns that we ourselves program with. Such a pathetic failure in just general, basic common sense here.

  277. people get addicted to eating drywall. seriously. state of mind. if you're constantly smoking it to escape reality then pot isn't your're creating the dependency.

  278. oh and one of my girlfriends smoked it for a couple years and when she tried quitting she went partially crazy....

    so ya weed is just all good..

    smoke it up...

    1. Hm... Well there are many different reasons 'one of your girlfriends' may have gone 'partially' crazy. ...Really don't even know what that means...

    2. I don't know your girlfriend, and this may be an ignorant statement, but she was crazy to begin with, and the weed just hid the symptoms. Take some responsiblilty.

  279. I've been addicted to the **** for half my to anyone that discounts this Doc should go **** themselves....

    wake up weed is just as bad as anything else...

    1. @MrEddd, You are a weak-minded excuse for a man. Wake up, there is NO scientific reasoning for your silly little argument.

      Keep telling yourself that weed is addictive, thats nice and easy, that way you will NEVER have to face the truth, being the fact that you are weak-willed and pathetic.

  280. This documentary comes over as though he's trying to blame something for his choices, how he reflects on making stupid decisions and losing so much time as though weed can be blamed for it all. Conscious choices were made, again and again. I think it's really sad they had to look for someone who abused the substance for 28 ******* years before they figured out what they were doing with their lives. Seriously, it takes you that long to realize? ****, I'm perplexed. Marijuana is habituating but not destructive in the addictive sense. How about a documentary on the millions of people who live healthy, sane lives whilst moderately to frequently smoking marijuana?

  281. im just now starting to see im but i will say this with ou 31 i was adicted to heroin since i was 15 until 29 and now i cant sleep i cant do nothing without marijuana our haxixe of course its no problem if you live in holand our california becouse you have a lot of acess to it but in my case and im Portuguese you pau 10 euros for 4 joints like today wen i have no money im not the same i cant have fun with my family i cant sleep etc so in my opinion and believe im an exeprt on drougs not just becouse i used them but becouse i've workd in comunity four adicts all my best frineds died etc,believe me guys marijuana haxixe etc etc its an adiction not like heroin of course but has is own way to f--k your life your mind you social life etc etc

    1. Mr. Rodrigues, although I applaud you on your mostly successful attempt at English (sadly I am fluent only in English) I can't help but point out that your problem(s) stem from your heroin addiction & nothing more other than perhaps the general lottery of life & the locale & station to which each of us is born. I certainly can not comment on your history, upbringing nor your experiences in life. I suspect you have faced your own demons as is told by your self admission of heroin addiction.
      You have stated yourself that since quitting heroin after many years of use, you have struggled just to reach a sense of normality each day. As you said, the only thing that makes you feel even somewhat close to normal is marijuana. Perhaps you should be looking to this good green herb of our planet as a helping friend rather than demonize it.
      It is unfortunate that you have suffered & continue to each day but I'm sure you would agree in the big picture you are far better off without heroin in your life. If the pain is too much, I know I don't have to tell you to seek help. If marijuana is part of that help then so be it. Give thanks for any thing that can help. Seems to me it is more of a salvation & path to a relatively normal existence than not.
      I truly empathize with your struggle, but isn't just about anything better than that dragon my friend?
      Also, hats off to you on your ability/talent to converse & write in more than your first language. Wish I could do the same. :)

  282. This is the worst film about this topic I have ever seen. I have seen people i know people who were smoking every day and they did stop without crying about it.I know this is addictive (so is alcohol and tobacco which are legal) this substance make you feel in certain way and abusing it will have to end in addiction no question about it. But delegalisation of it will not change society, delegalise tobacco which kills more people than weed will ever do.

  283. Cant believe what a loser this guy is - seriously what a chump

  284. If you have experience either with being on the horns of addiction, or with recovery, you wouldn't denigrate his experience or the courage it takes to share it so vulnerably. Addicted to cheeseburgers? Yes there are food addicts too, and it also is a serious addiction that you wouldn't make fun of if you experienced it or had a love one ruin their lives in the grips of it. Try to have a little respect for pain that you don't understand. You might note that he isn't for prohibition of the substance. The film was about his own addiction and struggle, and has nothing to do with the personal liberty/political discussion.

    1. I have been addicted to heroin and opiates of all kind. I work as a drug counselor now, in my spare time- this doc. is b.s. buddy, sorry. You know what we tell people that come to us saying they are addicted to pot? We tell them that we know going to jail sux but we can't occupy a slot in the recovery program, which is for real addiction, with someone that simply has a mental dependence. If they are not trying to avoid jail we basically tell them to go to the detox center down the road and volunteer to hold these peoples hair back as they puke their shoes up, clean up the sh1t and p1ss they are laying in because they can't even get up to go to the bathroom, then go home and grow the h3ll up!! And befor you start condemning us for doing so mabe you should know we do so under the recommedation of the AMA. Don't fall for every sobb story you hear man.

    2. The title is misleading. Marijuana: One Man's Struggle against Himself

    3. I will pay my respects people who suffer real pain and loss.

    4. Such addictions are only excuses for weak minds. Instead of going to rehab these kids should go see a psychiatrist(of course omitting really chemically depend addicts). If people weren't so cruel there wouldn't be so many broken people. Given the right environment and nurture most people will thrive and be successful, however the world we live in is set up to make monsters.
      I know that in the household I grew up in obtaining and partaking in any illegal substance at the age of 13 would be next to impossible; As it should be. Kids will be kids, but a good parent will make sure that there is no way of that happening. Parents. This kids seem to real winners. Look at how he turned out. A question: Why do you think he made this documentary? I'm pretty sure all the money his parents spent on rehab had nothing to do with it. Was it guilt? Shame? Did he feel pressured into doing it? No, he totally did it because he likes looking like a dueshebag.

  285. This guy is the world's biggest BITCH! Nuff said.

  286. i suffer much more from the way others judge me and treat me when im high than all the forgetting, feeling tired and insatiable need to brush my teeth.

    moderation much? this is not a destructive substance like crack or speed, it's much like beer and tea, yeh i said it, tea.

    1. i smooke since i was 13 im 31 if you want to know one thing our two about my life its all based in smooking joints talk to me its the guys experience not your trie to learn something with others

  287. Can't say I watched this, after reading the intro, I decided I'd seen enough.

    To the Author, David. You're a twit. Firstly, find out what the definition of what a drug is, then re-think your ideas.
    Secondly, a weak psychological addiction should be fairly easy to overcome unless you have minimal will-power and little or no understanding on what you're trying to do, or you have some deeper problem you're ascribing to the M J. Seems from what you wrote in the intro you possibly qualify in all respects. Or were you just really stoned when you wrote that nonsense?

    Judging by the intro, not worth the time to watch.

  288. Man can get addicted to anything, that doesn't mean the things he uses are inherently addictive. Weed is one of these.The fact that the filmmaker was hooked on weed says a lot more about him than it does about the plant.

  289. We live under the control of a neurotic, compulsive, paranoid, nihilistic and deeply psychopathic 'Society' with the result that we have become OCD'd. Everything is seen in terms of either a positive or negative addiction according to the behavioural trends being implanted and maintained for the benefit of said 'society'.

    The 'war on drugs' is as schizophrenic as their wars on anything, anyone, anytime, anyplace programming. The relentless promotion of narcotics and the way these are used to excuse to mask other, darker truths about the pharmacratocracy is perhaps the biggest danger of of all.

    What's ridiculous is that ppl are now so zoned out on meds and media manipulation that they allow the judicial 'force' to continue in the charade of arrests, busts, fines, imprisonment whilst promoting dangerous and serious drug usage via the same Society's pop culture trash forcefed to children as the 'it' thing to do.

    I'm not even going to bother watching this.

  290. I do know it can be addictive but that is not a reason to keep it illegal; otherwise so should alcohol and tobacco and a lot of other things. Being aware that this can be a problem for some is OK (and believe me, it can be, even though they are nice quiet addicts.... so long as they get it on a daily basis).

    1. Alcohol is a poison that kills. If I am not mistakenly, tobacco kills as well... but you can ask your doctor. If you need MJ on a daily basis there is probably something else causing problems in your life.

  291. This guy is probably addicted to cheeseburgers too. This is the dumbest film on this otherwise great site so far. I bet this guy was forced to make this film after getting pinched by the cops.

  292. This is bull****.

  293. Stupid propaganda to keep the things the way they are; f--ked up. You can get addicted to anything, addicttion is not in the herb, it's in people, a state of mindlessness. In the case of marijuana this crap suits one thing; business interests. Medicine, cloths, etc. that could be natural, unpatented and cheap.

    1. isnt propaganda becouse i feel exactly like him and i have nothing to do with the movie,its his opinion his expirience if you guys cant respect that and just like to see docs talking about you like to listen you are just not adults and people with culture

    2. I sure hope English is at least a second language for you.

    3. It's not propaganda. I have been addicted to marijuana for years. It was a massive effort to quit, harder than it was for me to stop cigarettes. Not everyone is the same. Some people I know are still smoking it every day, and cannot stop; it has completely taken over their lives.

    4. The way to quit is to progressively smoke less and less, and less strong weed, also. Grow your own mild stuff and wean off of it. Or just buck up and stop buying it. You can quit anything except air, food and water if you have to. After awhile, being straight is a novelty. Pot everyday is constant brain fog. Not pleasant.

    5. Completely taken over their lives ?! LMAO How, if I may ask, has it done that ? First of all why the hell would anyone want to quit smoking pot ? Its one of the few things out there that not only makes you feel good, but is actually good for you. Just because you like being stoned doesn't mean "its completely taken over your life". I am 29 years old, I have 2 children, a mortgage, a college degree and a husband. I LOVE being stoned. Like 24/7. Yet I still manage to take care of my children, clean my house, cook meals, and do all the everyday things that one does in order to live comfortably. And I do it stoned. Now that doesn't mean its taken over. I can be without pot. It might suck, but there are no ill effects from not having any. Your friends that cry about it taking over their lives are weak, ignorant people who are sooooo disgusted with themselves and their lives, that they feel they need to be stoned to deal with it. It is not marijuana's fault that they live such useless empty lives that the only way to feel good about themselves is to be stoned. Advise them to seek a hobby, or at least more interesting friends.

    6. wow, I stopped pot with no problem whatsoever. But I also stopped smoking cigarettes(1 pack a day) and cigars with no problem. Though I miss cigarettes sometimes. Alcohol is a problem, though I have stopped. However I don't crave pot... I miss it only when I smell other people doing it but even then there is no strong temptation. Just a knowing smile. ;)

    7. This fella is a bit whiney though. When I stopped I just got on with things and tried to make up for lost time instead of making cry-baby films.

    8. Yes, we really need to distinguish between 'dependency' and 'addiction'.

      People can build up a dependency to anything, pulling out your own hair, tearing your fingernails down to the cuticle, exercise, sugar, adrenaline. And yes, dependencies can be extremely dangerous and disruptive but the difference is the cause of the dependency isn't in the target, it is in the subject.

      Heroin, Nicotine, Caffeine are addictive. Addictions usually also have a dependency relationship underlying the addiction itself.

      Everyone with a dependency (or addiction) deserves to be treated with respect and dignity - they have a mental health issue that needs to be treated.

      These things are difficult to address because of the profound physiological AND psychological components, but things like Ibogaine can be helpful in breaking an opiate-family drug addiction (and it can potentially help with the related dependency). But the underlying causes (usually abuse or trauma but sometimes just they are just physiological) of the dependency must be addressed or the self-harming coping behaviors usually return.

  294. I've been smoking up to one and a half grams over the past year and a half, and when I go visit my girlfriend in italy i spend more than two weeks with out smoking and I feel completely fine. Of course I think of having one every other day, and I can get it, but I just don't need to.