Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook

2011, Society  -   55 Comments
Ratings: 6.22/10 from 36 users.

Mark Zuckerberg: Inside FacebookIn just seven years, Mark Zuckerberg has gone from his Harvard college dorm to running a business with 800 million users, and a possible value of $100 billion.

His idea to make the world more open and connected has sparked a revolution in communication, and now looks set to have a huge impact on business too.

Emily Maitlis reports on life inside Facebook. Featuring a rare interview with Zuckerberg himself, the film tells the story of Facebook's creation, looks at the accuracy of The Social Network movie, and examines Facebook's plans to use the personal information it has collected to power a new kind of online advertising.

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55 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Esben Cronbach

    Wow, even though I do see some correct things in this comment thread, I must say that a lot of you saying that Facebook is bad, seem really paranoid. I mean, a mother who got her kids Facebook passwords? That's just wrong in so many ways. Give them some privacy for **** sake!

    How can you say that a man like Zuckerberg is bad?
    He developed a network, making people across the globe able to communicate with each other in just seconds. How isn't that amazing? I doubt that any of you have neither the creativity nor the intellectual capacity to even come up with an idea remotely close to what he made.

  2. TheDanishViking

    Come on everybody!!! Lets all delete our facebook accounts 24 december 2013!!

  3. Tarquin Mahoney

    Zuckerballs is a creepy ******- i wouldnt give him the time of day let alone personal detail of any sort.
    thats why im tarquin mahoney- all of it- its mine.

  4. Chaz Ed

    Great! I'm glad I have a FB profile so I can use it to log on here and then delete my FB account!

  5. Robert Small

    facebook pushes three steps forward then takes one back , the same way in which you would taim a lion and turn his free spirit into a crushed slave lol all seems harmless now but words like "profile" and "programming" are used alot in todays culture , and we'v all been thoroughly fattend up , im just wondering where its going ,,, eek , peace add me on fb safe

  6. Kiran Kumar

    unbelievable a single idea worth $15 billion!

  7. bdk101

    This is great! Very inspiring!

  8. drinker69

    Facebook is for children.

  9. Joey Marshall

    43:24 " For that giant duck poo, its worth it" WOW....I mean........WOW!

  10. Guest

    I recommend Hatebook, everybody.
    Look it up, it's good, wholesome fun.

  11. Matt Kukowski

    People have to worry about everything. If you d not like Facebook, do not use it and shut up.

    People need to be more concerned about Congress than facebook.

    1. Earthwinger

      Yeah, lets not derail a thread about Facebook, with talk of......hmm, Facebook! :D

      As for Congress....well, not all of us here are Americans. ;)

      @ KooKooKaChoo - So far, it's still possible to live a normal(ish) life, and not leave too much of a footprint, but as time goes by, no doubt it will get more difficult.

      I've made a point of limiting how much of a paper trail I leave behind. I am very careful about the type of information that I put online, and I don't appear on census records or electoral registers, so even if someone manages to obtain my last name, I'm still very difficult to track. I know this to be the case because a few years ago, I contacted an uncle that I'd not seen since childhood, (I've been estranged from my family for over twenty years) and it turned out that he'd spent the last five years trying unsuccessfully to trace me.

      People give away so much information about themselves these days, without even realising they're doing it, social networking sites, blogs, even things like store loyalty cards, etc. and often it's information that, in the wrong hands, can be used in all sorts of ways. Even something as seemingly innocuous as a smart phone is effectively a tracking device. Hell, you may as well have done with it and volunteer yourself for an implanted chip, as use a device like that.

      Of course, some will say that if you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide, but I would counter that by saying that if little can be attributed to you, then there's precious little that can be inferred or twisted around to use maliciously against you. I really believe that given that we seem to be rushing headlong into a police state here in the UK, these are issues that everyone should be concerned about.

      Information is a very valuable commodity, and IMO, you give it away at your peril. Of course, the detractors will only realise that when it's too late.

  12. KooKookaChoo

    LOL - that girl at the beginning "4921 friends" - you just walk around knowing that?! ah, that made me laugh - I can remember having something like 130 at one point and then actually looking through them and thinking how I don't know over half them, I don't really care about what they are doing, and I don't really want them knowing personal details about me. I have something like 75 now. I love how the 4921 friends thing was followed by "more than I have in real life" - so true!

    What's silly is that someone told me facebook has been the cause of divorces -- I almost found it hard to believe until I started to think about it.

    All of this monitoring of people's information is really scary - but I wonder how much someone can really live off the grid without losing aspects of your life you find important. I found out recently about those chips in the smart-meters that communicate with other chips in new appliances and tvs, storing your personal data and purchasing/viewing preferences for various reasons. *shudders* I guess you just have limit the amount of gratuitous personal information you yourself put out there -- although it truly seems "they" will find out one way or another


  13. Alan Strife MacDonald

    zuckerberg must be stopped! (not guna bother watching this)

  14. Guest

    Ya, look at us all typing our little comments here...on cyber land...never knew you, never least on facebook some people have physical memories
    I'm on facebook 'cause that's how i connect with my girls and my family in Quebec other than in person. I find it quite funny to see how facebookers have 200-500 friends, as if there was a contest at one time...who's got the most friends they don't know and don't want to know.

  15. adilrye

    Yep, I definitely expected the tone of comments. I find on sites like this, it's just cool to hate what the "rest of us" like, and of course, a big overreaction to something that's really not a big deal. Facebook is just a new way to communicate; living away from home, I'm happy I have it. There are so many friends I may have stopped talking to that I maintain a good relationship with through Facebook. When I see them once in a while, I feel like I still know about their lives, the fact that I live so far away doesn't make a difference. Plus, it allows you to talk to people as much as possible. If you don't want their phone blowing up, FB chat them. Share pictures, links, videos and discuss them. Share pictures of times together. Create events on Facebook; I basically made my plans for New Year's Eve all on Facebook with my friends. Couldn't do it as efficiently with anything else.

    I've become closer with a lot of friends through it, I love Facebook, and probably will for the foreseeable future. I bet when the telephone first came out, people said: "oh, great, now NO ONE will talk in person anymore! Society will collapse!!" Yet again, another overreaction to changing means of communication between people. Facebook doesn't replace human interaction, it helps facilitate it.

    1. Guest

      Adults tend to censor themselves a bit, kids tend to throw it all out there with no regard for the consequences and cry when it all goes wrong which it does, often. They almost seem to think its not real because its just facebook but when your kid is being threatened and bullied it is very real. If you were getting endless dodgy phonecalls you'd worry, even though your older and wiser. Its almost worse because its people you know. All that stuff on fb can be done in a hundred other ways so I cant really see the point. If it wasn't for the people using it, it would be fine! :)

    2. adilrye

      I do censor myself, a lot. Simple common sense (which I agree, some people don't have) can avoid a lot of those problems. I never put anything too personal on Facebook anyway. But it's nice to have it all in one place, you know? It's the one stop for all forms of social interaction and communication, for me at least. That's why I like it.

    3. Earthwinger

      I don't think that it's an "overreaction to changing means of communication between people" at all. Most people have had a good many years to get used to rapid forms of communication since the widespread adoption of computers and mobile devices. Rather, I believe it's more a negative reaction to the hidden dangers that people here have already pointed out.

      While I don't doubt that many people use networking sites in a responsible manner, they're also wide open to abuse. My personal dislike of such sites centre around my concerns about personal data security, and that it seems to me that most people are sleepwalking their way into an even more severe surveillance society, than we already have.

      How much longer before insurance companies start to trawl social networking sites for hints at lifestyle choices whenever someone puts in a claim for something to which they're entitled? If they're not already doing just that? There are so many good reasons not to put your life out there for people to pick over. I'm amazed sometimes at just how naive most people seem to be.

    4. Guest

      Ditto ! more reasons to not join :/

    5. adilrye

      You make some good points, I have to admit. I guess in my experience, since nothing of any negative nature has happened to me as a result of social networking, I see the positives outweighing the negatives. But society and law would have to evolve to deal with digital security and personal data better, I agree. But I think the trend to having people involve more of their lives online is going to continue, we just need to adapt to it.

    6. tomregit

      I'm not on facebook, but I certainly won't denigrate the millions of people who are. I'm merely curious about where you get the information that the invention and use of the telephone caused a significant number of people to think face to face conversation would stop and lead to the downfall of society. You're not just making it up as you go..........are you?

    7. adilrye

      .... really? that's not the main point of my comment in the first place, secondly, I said "I bet" indicating that this was a thought of mine, and it was never meant to base my argument around. More of a joke. Man...
      From personal experience, and this has a lot to do with cultural nostalgia, when new ways of communication emerge, people tend to wonder about the state of human interaction. In fact, watch some documentaries or news reports around it, it's an actual concern, albeit misguided one, imo, in our society.

    8. tomregit

      OK, I get it ...a joke. Man...don't quit your day job. ;o)

    9. Tarquin Mahoney

      Thats because your an id**t- facebook is very nice indeed for you but the CIA love it just as much no doubt.

  16. knowledgeizpower

    What I find funny is that people flock to these social networks in droves its like fashion that repeats itself every couple of years. Myspace facebook twitter its all the same just a different name in my opinion. I remember when I started college blackplanet was the IT social network for all the college kids...I don't have a facebook account. When I finally went ahead and started a myspace account by pressure from friends saying You need a Myspace everyone has a Myspace it wasn't even the IT social network because everybody had flocked to FaceBook hell who barely goes to myspace anymore. Facebook will be replaced with some other IT social network just with a different Name. Same game different face different ceo's from the mark zuckerbergs to the bill gates there is no difference its all about the paper chase........Peace

    1. Guest

      And what's with this Farmville thing? I have a friend who was doing that. It was apparent to me (though not to her) that it would take less time and effort to have a real garden.

      You know the kind I'm talking about Knowledge. One of those big, fat, sun-drenched Tennessee gardens.

    2. knowledgeizpower

      I am not familiar with the farmville thing myself Lak lol. But I don't think there is anything wrong with growing your own garden though its better to produce your own Natural food. Now recently here in nashville they passed a bill called the chicken bill where if you live in the city limits you are allowed to have up to 6 chickens in your yard like pets or if you want to produce eggs.. Its an old bill that they brought back. I don't know if you were around here in Tennessee when they use to allow that long ago i think you are older in age than I am, but I do remember my grandparents telling me such growing up.

      I thought that was odd that they are reintroducing that bill again in this day and the information for yourself to find out what I mention to be factual. BUt AnyWay Lak How are we talking about FArms and Chickens On this Doc LoL....Let me find something to view......Peace

  17. Achems_Razor

    Facebook, and all others that are similar, skype, tv with cams, pc with cams etc: are part of what is called "the cloud" all the info that is posted on facebook and such, live on these servers. Which are a collection of multiple, tangible "clouds" remotely accessed server farms that store info, host software, and handle data proccessing.

    Amazon, Microsoft and dozens of other companies offer cloud services that allow anyone with a credit card and email addy to rent pay-as-you-use bandwidth and processing power, and operate virtual machines that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

    All that stored data-everything from personal info to credit-card numbers, as well as business intellectual property-makes for a huge target. And with its easy access to massive computing power and significant gaps in security, the cloud is very hackable. For cybercriminals, the combination of conditions couldn't be more perfect.

    1. His Forever

      That's pretty scary. If I didn't enjoy Facebook as much as I do, I'd delete my account. I don't like the face recognition softwhere, however. They're tracking us, I'm sure.

    2. Achems_Razor

      Charles, yes they are and will be tracking everybody even more so, in BC Canada right now BC Hydro is trying to put in smart meters to track every appliance that people use and how long in use, pretty soon they will know what everybody eats, Hydro at a cost of billions is trying to instigate these programs, did I mention the havoc that this electro-smog will cause?

    3. tomregit

      @ Achems
      I hadn't thought of until I read your comment but, will the introduction of smart meters threaten the grow op industry in BC? I no longer enjoy the herb, however I don't want to see the 90% of my friends who do impacted by this.

    4. Achems_Razor

      That I do not know, I do not imbibe myself, but it may affect the illegal growing but not the legal, medical marijuana.

    5. Epicurus

      it certainly impacted the growing here in Ontario. but there are ways around it.

    6. norlavine

      If they do that here in Australia I will be arrested for illegal use of a frypan instead of a toaster to make - toast. I hope the little smart meter chips also taste good when fried.x

    7. Achems_Razor


      Don't know how good the little smart meter chips taste, but would not want to ingest them, since the body is also run on electricity they/Hydro might start charging you for being alive.

      Hope I did not start a precedent with Hydro. lol

    8. norlavine

      Better hurry up and patent that thought! Remember what 'they' did to Tesla lol

  18. Earthwinger

    There's a great comedy sketch about Facebook on Youtube. Just search for Facebook CIA Project. :)

    The worrying thing is, I suspect there's probably some truth in it.

    I've never used face ache or sites like it, and I never will. Why people would want to broadcast the minutiae of their lives to everyone and their dog, is quite frankly beyond me.

  19. Guest

    Cant stand facebook, its been the cause of so much strife (bullying etc) in my house that I ended up banning it for a while. Had to give in a little because in that crazy world of teenagers its almost a social disability if your not on it. Now, because I'm a wicked and controlling mother I do random checks to see whats going on, I have their passwords!

    1. Guest

      When I was a teenager we would post our messages on the bathroom wall at school.

    2. Guest

      Haha, you should start a new facebook and call it that. Maybe toilet door for us Brits though :)

    3. His Forever

      Good for you! A parent should always have the passwords foreverything their kids do. I know our niece has a nasty evil-looking boyfriend because of Facebook and her mother doesn't! If you lie about something (like having a nasty evil-looking boyfriend) then don't post his pics on Facebook. LOL

    4. Guest

      Take it from me, ANY boy your teenage daughter hangs out with is a bad boy, even if he was nice before! :)

  20. Simple Simon says

    this monsters face is everywhere, he has no talent he is a CIA front, has as much talent as my cat, i wont watch this.

  21. Guest

    What I've learned from this Documentary is that Facebook will continue to get weirder and weirder. Meaning, it will eventually somehow die and finally meet it's end. What Psychologist B.J Frogg said is very True, Facebook really is weakening the strongest relationships. People are also sharing the most silliest things, Facebook is almost normalizing such stupidity.

  22. AR. Harris Raja

    Inside Facecrap: It stinks

  23. Mário Silvério

    Thats a boat you dont catch me on. I had people living right next to me, that have sent me a message from facebook, it would take them less energy to just knock in the door.

    1. Heather

      As I have watched "social networking" & texting rise, if I look around, I am more isolated than ever before; at a time of the largest population the Earth has ever known..? It makes my brain hurt to think about it.

    2. Mário Silvério

      I feel the same too and i miss a lot looking at others eyes.

    3. Heather

      Yes, I miss actually talking to people. I don't think I have had a real conversation with a live person in over a year. Rediculous.

  24. Peter Crofts

    Gotta go pinch a loaf...oops thought I was on Facebook

  25. Peter Crofts

    The man is a social r*tard.

  26. Jack Lord

    Facebook sucks

    1. Cliff Thomas

      In comparison too what? Myspace?

    2. TheDanishViking

      1) Facebook sucks because it brings out the worst in people.
      2) Facebook uses Myspace as an excuse to maintain control over peoples connections.
      3) Facebook sucks.