Martial Law 9/11: The Rise of the Police State

2005, 9/11  -   29 Comments
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Martial Law 9/11: The Rise of the Police StateIf you don't know who Alex Jones is, you will never forget him after watching this ground-shaking documentary about the creeping police state in the United States.

Know that the north and south towers of the World Trade Center Complex were not the only two buildings to collapse that day? Did you know a third one collapsed hours after the collapses of the twin towers?

How did this third building collapse if it wasn't hit by an airplane? Loose Change raises such questions and other blatant contradictions about the official 9/11 story fed to us by the government and media. By far one of the most comprehensive documentaries questioning what really happened on 9/11 and who should really be held accountable.

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29 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Wayne Elliott

    Forget all the backchatter. Look at the science. It will tell you 9/11 could only be an inside job. Why? Money and War. Our future is now a mess.

  2. Charlie Chance

    Alex can be a bit over-zealous and scare people off, but he is passionate about what he believes in and has the moxie to stand up for it, I respect that. We are so used to listening to the well orchestrated, hypnotic, mesmerizing, propaganda BS that comes from "on high" and over the airwaves, we react to people with strong values as if THEY are the insane ones! We are being led around like cattle and forget our history lessons as we remain blissfully oblivious of our rabid aggression and war mongering, and loss of our freedoms and our Constitution in the country we love, and I used to respect, under the guise of "protection". Someone recently compared the state of our union to fascist Germany, and sadly there are too many parallels. The scariest for me was the Reichstag fire, the 9/11 equivalent of a method to garner support of the populace and an excuse to wage war, enslave the people, and commit atrocities, under the guise of political "leadership" . You don't have to like Alex, but please at least think about what he is trying to do... he's trying to get the sheeple to wake the flock up before it's too late!

  3. Timmy Poo

    I am armed not to protect myself from criminals, but from the police.

  4. lozsta

    Great doco. Thanks Alex.

  5. noconman

    Alex, you can never win. The tards outnumber you.
    You do make sense, but the common man (50 percent below average intelligence) is far to busy dreaming the american dream. Believing that our government is beyond the corrupt abilities of power and money(one in the same) that has infiltrated every government throughout all of history!
    Calm down Alex, we who are aware, have always been out numbered.
    The Government is just following their manifest destiny doctrine that stole this country many years ago. They just have their sights on the rest of the world now. And with the help of their flag waving supporters that blindly vote them into power, they will succeed in destroying all our freedoms and cutting the common man down to the size of a third world countries.
    You are a true patriot Alex, one who puts your own safety and the well being of your country above the bank owned corporate rulers who own this country.
    When you have an accident or unexpected heart attack and can speak no more, there will be a celebration in the capital.
    But the ones who are aware, do understand your anger, however futile. You have only tried to open the eyes of those who really do not want to see.
    Go back to sleep America, Dream the american dream. You're special, and better than the other 7 billion people on the planet, and God gave us this country. We deserve the rest of the world too!

    1. Dominique Oliva

      People who ARE awake and are negative are worse than those who are still asleep. Its not their fault their poisoned with fluoride and GMOs. Be positive, be heard! Don't just give up.

  6. MYKE77

    God help America. Show me footage of a plane flying into the Pentagon and I will change my view completely. Bush you murderer.

  7. Chaz Ed

    The evidence is to compelling! To many things that transpired! I don't trust our government to do anything good for any of us! They have to convince us, and I'm not putting blind faith in them ever! Make up your own minds!

  8. rastapasta

    i think its interesting that we can show pictures of our selfs and have our personal info with disqus but not between us viewers..

  9. Chad

    its really hard to believe this guy but alot of what he says is true, jones just sounds like a crackpot at times. reminds me of o'reily or that other fat dude on fox, beck i think.

    1. David Foster

      @Chad: "Sportscaster of Doom" :-)

  10. JediTemple


  11. Paul McKernan

    Whilst I do believe that the true story of 9/11 isnt the one we were told around the world. I really hate the way that Alex Jones acts and talks about things. It seems that just to make more money he clings onto any theory, even the craziest ones just so he can profit from it. I think the sceptics would have a much better chance of being believed and taken seriously if this guy didn't jump on the bangwagon every time and overdo it.
    In comparison, Loose Change seems like it was made by someone with a normal human brain and I'm much happier to align my opinion and stand by someone like that because he looked at facts and evidence and didn't just align with every crackpot theory he could get his hands on. rant over :)

    1. Thang Tran

      Sorry, we "skeptics" judge that your alternate theory is also as believable as Alex Jones'.

  12. Gilbert

    Yeah Right Ricardito, that is exactly what the Nazis told the German people and to the jews they were about to get, " Don't panic, you're just being paranoid" This guy is totally right about what happened in Nazy Germany and what is happening today.

  13. Richard Ferreiro

    Oka maybe this guys is saying some truth to that, yet he is exploding and magnifying what he is happening. The problem is, that when you purposely sound "paranoid" you make your enemy or competition will label you as paranoid.

  14. daryl

    If you think this guy is paranoid i suggest you open your eyes. Granted, it is a long documentary, but even so, if you take all the facts he is presenting that is all some pretty strong stuff with evidence to consider.

  15. darryl

    This guy's a crackpot. Like Rush Limbaw on meth.

    1. Donald Edward Goodman

      I've flown to California to see Alex in person. If you "think" he is a "crackpot," then YOU are an *****! With one ball. Not having even half the balls of a man like Alex.

  16. MonadnockJohnny

    If you think AJ is paranoid, how do you explain the thousands of FEMA coffins he showed Jesse Ventura? Or the fact that "Coots and Boots" (the oil spill clean-up gear co.) was bought by HALLIBURTON just several weeks before
    the Gulf Oil spill-it does add up!! And now they are land-grabbing in the gulf for next to nothing. Still think it's
    just paranoid ramblings?

    1. Paul McKernan

      He goes too far, so I wouldn't say he's paranoid, just a moneygrabber

    2. Donald Edward Goodman

      Right on dude. It's good to see, someone, besides Alex, that has the balls to say the truth. I seriously doubt, that an old man like me, won't be one of the first, to be placed in one of those camps, if not shot on the spot. Come get me, I've had enough of these lying thieves 'pretending" to be "good Christians." (Not that I think Christians" aren't evil) I've studied way too much WORLD RELIGION" to buy into THAT fallacy. Constantine USED Christianity, TO GAIN MORE POWER. The same way Obama does. TPTB have only become smarter, whereas the population has become even dumber!

  17. david the bear

    too long a doc, needs to compress his points more to get them across, his points i think are valid but continuing to ambush and antagonise people on film dis credits his hard work if it was more constructed and cut downon rambling it would be better.

  18. Joe Millionaire

    Alex Jones is not a are just blind to the facts.

  19. Michael

    I was wondering what Marihuana meant I noticed it on the molech statue or whatever it symbolizes?

  20. Trevor

    AJ has some serious problems... i think he did an awesome job on informing the people of the clear and present danger around us, but he somehow lost his mind lately...
    That's tragic, since now everybody can point to AJ and say: "See, all those conspiracynuts are plain crazy"
    ... so sad ...

    1. Donald Edward Goodman

      Only a fool would think that way. In fact, that is EXACTLY HOW TPTB want us to think

  21. Drew

    Beth, this country needs patriots. That does not mean just going with the herd and doing what your told. The wool has been puled over your eyes and the truth may be more than you can handle. Live free or die.

  22. Beth

    Alex jones is a paranoid freak, but almost everybody knows that now