The Marvels of Madagascar

The Marvels of MadagascarDiscover the unique cultures, places, landscapes and critters that make Madagascar one of the most marvelous places on earth!

Aussie Adventurer and Award-winning Newsman, Greg Graingers passion for exciting destinations has led him to film activities as diverse as sky burials in Tibet to Shark riding in Tahiti.

His films are fast-paced and exciting, offering viewers a dynamic experience that will keep them on the edge of their seats!

Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, one and a half times the size of California, is home to amazing animals found nowhere else on the planet.

In fact, thanks to millions of years of isolation from the rest of the world, around three-fourths of its species are endemic - occurring naturally only in Madagascar. The most widely known of these are lemurs.

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  1. Ambinintsoa

    I`m from Madagascar and I agree with Professor and others that Joe`s comment is lamentable. I admit that there is not enought information about my country so I appreciate the will of the producer to make this documentary available online. Therefore, as I`m a producer executive, also,I`ll be soon graduate in International Communication at Communication University of China,I`ll make specific documentaries about my splendid Island as more than possible. I know that it is not easy to achieve but it`s my duty, my expectation is making Madagascar well known by foreign people. Anyway,we are thankfull for this wonderful documentary.

    1. antiloops

      don't take me wrong but if I was you I would leave your paradise far away from people.

      Just saying !!

  2. sknb

    Beautiful Doc. Cheered me up on a rough night.

  3. Franko Alemann

    just WOW!

  4. Professor

    Joe, you seem to be mad and burning very much. I think the reason you are posting such hideous comments on NATURE is, you must have been turn down or caught as a poacher. I know people like you, who claim you wanted to see just "nature" are not saying what their real intentions are. Do not hide behind "nature" you scum rat! You just can not stand the people whom were featured in their native country. Rather than being happy and grateful to all of the people who shot this wonderful documentary for the entire world to see, and put it on the net to be viewed for free. I have a feeling you are/were an intruder who was returned back from this country because no one shall let you in to their country. One might ask why? Why would anyone with in their right mind let such low, bigot, and with nasty attitude in to their country. Man, you are very rude, obnoxious, and extremely indiscipline idiot! If you just can not stand it, then keep your nasty and ill mannered comments to your unhappy self.

  5. bunglon

    Joe, you cannot expect everyone to be as flawless as yourself, keep in mind that many nationalities use the internet and not all have english as their first language.... It is people like you that makes the internet annoying.... Comment the documentary instead of slagging everyone off for having opinions the opose yours

  6. bunglon

    Joe, you cannot expect that everyone posting here are fluent/good in english - it is people like you that makes the internet really annoying - say what you need to say about the documentary and leave others have their opinion

  7. Daniel Brown

    Joe, you are a jackass.

  8. Joe Johnson

    I personally don't care to see the narrator's dominating influence. Where did these people get the idea that I wanted to see their stupid face every five seconds? It detracts form the whole idea of having a nature program. There should be no people in nature programs. Period. The film should focus exclusively on the indigenous wildlife and not on lemurs taking handouts from the local citizens in order to make it seem that the country is more wild than it actually is. And everybody in the world who hasn't been living in a cave for the past ten years is already aware of the history of the devastation caused by the Madagascan people on their own environment and overpopulation. The deforestation on Madagascar is legendary. I noticed the narrator had to have a "guide" or "keeper" to keep an eye on him so he makes the opinion reflect their government's point of view. The government of Madagascar will not give a permit to a foreign outfit unless it reflects their viewpoint.

    RATING: 2 out of 10. Don't bother.

    Achems Razor: You have no taste and must love reality TV shows and are addicted to video games. They may have already atrophied your brain. You might want to get an EEG as well to see if you have any brain damage. Or maybe you need a new pair of glasses? Good to see you took some time off from your video game to make a lame posting.

    Imightberiding: You said this: "as of late lemurs have pretty much taken over the planet." HUH

    Opinionated: Right on buddy.

    abannedroach: Don't waste our time with your juvenile comments. They are a waste of valuable bandwidth. May-be you should get back to your meds or vampire movies or your bedroom now or make your bed before mommy and daddy get home and give you a spanking. People like you make the internet really annoying. You should also learn to use the English language properly and stop using the lower case i because you are too lazy to press the "shift" key. You have too much time on your hands.

    Achems Razor: Why did you like it so much. Please inform us. Learn to use a capital letter after a period or you will never get past elementary school.

    eric: Why was it so great? Please enlighten me.

    Omega Man: Learn how to spell.

    mike: Learn to use a browser. Also learn how to write properly.

    capricious: You must be posting on the wrong page or watched something completely different from what I watched.

    juice: Now that was the best posting here! Besides mine of course. But you still have to use an upper case I in the English language.

    1. Albert Phuck

      What an utter cock you sound Johnson. There are few acceptable excuses for such an idiotic tirade, but if you were recently raped by a gang of prepubescent schoolchildren then perhaps your derangement is understandable.

      And it's a shame, because you started with some valid whining about this truly shitty documentary. If only you didn't hate the world so much, your infantile and spiteful mind might actually be of some use.

      But unfortunately for you (and the rest of us), you are a complete twat.

    2. Achems_Razor

      Johnson, with a Johnson!

      Ah! another brain surgeon! Coming on a reputable site, with your execrable quotidian comments, trying to besmirch the good people on TDF forums.

      "Whats a matta" kid? bored? got nothing else to do, or did they just throw you off Youtube. Or maybe you were "not" raped by a gang of prepubescent schoolchildren as Albert suggests, even though you were waving your little ass around hoping for such!

  9. abannedroach

    i like to move it move it....

  10. Imightberiding

    A pleasing, safe if not touristy travel type adventure of a splendid corner of the globe. I was hoping for a little more depth in the cultural aspect to the doc. The people & their customs were of more interest to me as of late lemurs have pretty much taken over the planet.

  11. Opinionated

    More about Lemurs. Nothing I haven't seen before. Scale of 1 - 10, I give it a 4. Not a documentary that I'd watch again.

  12. Achems Razor

    Great doc. enjoyed it!

  13. eric

    Works for me as of feb.15/2011

    Great documentary by the way!

  14. Omega Man

    Dancing lemurs you dik heds! Enjoy em now cuz like everything else they will all be gone.

  15. mike

    will not play.just black screen?

  16. capricious

    This documentary is fantastic! I hate to leave it to just 4 words, but anything more would be a lie! :)

    Vlatko I also love the new little additions to the site. They're noticed and welcomed! :)

  17. juice

    i havent watched this ..... but i will....

    i just wanted to be the first one to post :(