Matrix of Evil

2003, Conspiracy  -   44 Comments
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Matrix of EvilSome of the best minds in the country, coming from different sectors of the political spectrum combine in this film to expose an intricate web of deceitful wickness controlling America today. Matrix of Evil contains footage from speeches and conversations with Alex Jones, Congressman Ron Paul, Colonel Craig Roberts, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Frank Morales which cover and include: How the private banks control the military-industrial complex; Expert analyzes of the USA Patriot Act and the latest police state developments; Globalist financial policies pushing America and the world into depression;

How the neoconservative movement controlling the Bush administration is nothing more than a trojan horse for a big government agenda of ivory tower social engineers; The latest revelations concerning cashless society control grid, satellite tracking, cellphone tracking, DARPA surveillance, the end of Posse Comitatus, the federalization of local police and governments and much more; Government-sponsored terrorism, gun control, political assasinations, Sept. 11th cover up.

Most importantly, Matrix of Evil is chock-full of solutions. All of the dynamic people interviewed for this film agreed that there is a massive awakening taking place in America to the criminal activities of the global elite.

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  1. Danny

    Ok, hear we are, please do not comment unless you investigated for your self, and if you believe buildings fall at free fall speed, then you are very , very stupid, like most Americans. The United States Government is the undisputed, most horrific terrorists this world has ever endured. Period.

  2. UBK

    Alex forgot Senator McArthy and his communist witch-hunt that drove thousands of innocent people to suicide and penury. Forced Charlie Chaplin to leave the country. Something that President Eisenhower couldn't stop. It took the army to break McArthy and his two Jewish ( Zionist) aides when they overstepped themselves. Today Eisenhower's speech about the Military Industrial Complex is often quoted by myself and Alex forgetful that Ike only spoke out at a university gathering five minutes before his retirement. As an Englishman who as a child met the young Americans who arrived before D Day I owe your country a great deal. Therefore support 90% of what Alex says. Wish he would mention the above sometime, noting how the WORLD (that's 95 % of the planet's population) has turned full circle since the end of WWII and the establishment of Israel. Pity about the Dimwits who have been brainwashed from birth.

  3. martin chizelwitt

    alex jones in not one of the "best minds" in any country, let alone america. he is just a belicose i*iot who feeds off fear and anxiety. particularly the milleniumist sort. yap away little doggie..

  4. MediaOps

    Jones & Paul sound good to people with no historical context to draw on. But any student of history can easily see all the holes in their paranoid scenarios. I've heard Paul say many times that FDR caused the Great Depression, which is historically false. Unemployment had topped 24% BEFORE FDR became President in 1933, and steadily declined after his economic reforms were enacted; the largest drop in unemployment in history. Despite GOP obstruction.
    Jones tells some equally uninformed whoppers that simply rely on conjecture, preconception & speculation. Neither has any real cred. It all sounds fascinating, but really, the only real conspiracies involve global corporations colluding to fix prices, manipulate markets & exploit the hell out of the public. Unless you want to believe in black helicopters & FEMA concentration camps, in which case, I say, knock your selves out...
    The only reliable way to separate fact from fiction is to use the Scientific Method, which is based on evidence, investigation, testing, demonstration & repetition. If these elaborate, far fetched conspiracy theories can't be openly demonstrated and verified, they're bunk.

  5. GonChalabas

    He's too early. There might BE secret police but there aren't really any here now;at least not in the comfy 1st world (USA #1).

    He wishes he lived in the time, presumably in our future, when the shan really hits the fit, when the secret police can go anywhere they want and a propagrandized totalitarian state is established firmly. That's my problem with Alex Jones, his frequent nazi-keyword quotes and anecdotes seem to pull that future forward in a fear-based professing, yet only bringing closer that negative energetic.
    I wonder how he edits these, like looking in the mirror for days.
    Having said that, i watched the whole thing and the whole thing was prettty pretty good. Content is better than delivery.

  6. Donald Edward Goodman

    "SHARE INFORMATION?" Oh, you KNOW this ass is getting PAID! The CIA, the FBI, the IRS, and the "Federal Reserve BANKING CARTEL; ALL "invented" by a President (FDR) that changed his last name, so "we the people" wouldn't KNOW....that HE supports Israel. BECAUSE HE TOO is Jewish! It isn't "the Jewish people." It is THE JEWISH leaders! That's HOW "Israel" came-into-being RIGHT AFTER WWII.....And Iran is next! Libya came as a surprise to me. The pipeline they are STEALING these countries over, (Afghanistan is for controlling the HEROIN trade) doesn't even go through Libya. No doubt they "have plans" for Libya too.
    Once you are able to break the spell we've been under by politicians and TV, and REMOVE the wool from your eyes, you'll SEE. Alex and even David Ickie aint the one's that are NUTS. It IS the WEALTHY!! What did Jesus supposedly say? "It is easier for a Camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a RICH-MAN to enter the Kingdom of Heaven!" Lord help us all, I hope he was right. It sure don't look that way!

    1. Leslie

      Is it not the Zionists rather then the Jews?

  7. Mayuka

    What I don't understand is that they say people in the presidency and so on are puppets, is it because leaders are not voted for but they are chosen ahead of time? What does that mean for Ron Paul if he wins the run? Can he really go up against a system that possibly had it in mind for him to win so that their agenda could be sped up? & if it didn't, but he won by votes, will he be another Kennedy?

    1. Guest

      If he wins by landslide that will be hard to cover up, in that case it will be hard to keep him alive. I have no doubt, he is well aware the risk involved. I'm not sure he is really in it to win, I think at this point, he plans to see the election through, but I think his main goal originally was to get the message he spreads in his campaign out to the people. If people would stop sending the message he can't win (even the supporters who are losing hope) I think he has a very good chance. Spread support for those who support him, if you spread doubt, it is infectious and you will make it happen.

    2. Donald Edward Goodman

      THEY won't "allow" Ron Paul to win. As you said, the Presidents are "chosen" way ahead of time. So many living in America are either too busy trying to feed THEIR kids, and reading an OUTDATED LYING book with a black cover on it; that they just DON'T "SEE" what's going on right in front of them. So go ahead Bible-thumpers, start eating the pages and see how long you can live on "God's word!"
      Once Americans get "out-of-hand," THEY will put some female in the Presidency seat. That's why they put, and will AGAIN; Obama in when they did! IT'S ALL AN ILLUSION....

  8. oddsrhuge

    i agree that Alex makes his points in a "punchy way" he has been accused of being financed by the rich. Regardless of all the rhetoric. In my world he showed me where to look in actual government and media files for the truth, so if the Rothschild's finance him, they are trying to self-destruct. In the recent GOP debates...if Americans are still unaware of this idiocy....Herman Cain still, doesn't know or can't name a single middle eastern country. Perry, if not a mor*n, is unaware of any real government policy. Ron Paul, who wins many polls, is still totally ignored by the media. Come on everyone, it's easy to see. They have made us dependent on the system. A lot of the infrastructures are still in place. But how about, instead of burning fuel in large quantities in internal combustion engines we vaporize the fuel into the chamber? It would basically mean that even using that terribly rare commodity...that we could get 100- 200 miles per gallon? With that other terrible consequence of more burn less pollution.

    But again...i am just a crazy person.

  9. oddsrhuge

    Sheesh....lets remove debt as a basis for economy?

    Is this not what all this is about?

    1. Jordan Stevens

      Yeah, basically. debt=slavery.

  10. Luis

    Patriot ACT: call it terrorism, generating an image of an outsider from another country committing crimes due to their hatred of America. In reality it is True Americans trying to reveal injustice that is carried out by individuals who are out to seek their own interest at the cost of anyone and anything. NWO will be the rise of the truth in which the People will defend their survival against Governments and secret societies in power.

  11. oddsrhuge

    @ sisterelena, I kinda of know what you're saying here. I watched a lot of AJ videos, well obiviously, cause they're everywhere. However, whether or not, he is a plant, some of his information is based upon actual government documents. So take it or leave it...he has shown me that not all that I used to believe is real.

    Just my thought.

  12. sisterelena

    I don't trust Alex Jones. What you see is not what you get. He appears insincere and I don't trust him. Call it women's intuition, but mine rarely fails. He just doesn't ring true.

    I suspect that he is a plant.

    1. Richard

      he is very excitable, and passionate. He believes in what he is doing. So do i.

    2. Rocky Racoon

      The problem with Jones is that he feeds into the notion that the government can't be trusted to do anything like public health or social security. You have to ask what is the political upshot of all of this. Jones blames the government and the private banks but how can you nationalize the banks if the government is no good. See tthe conumdrum. To bad Marx has been so disparaged and the socialism doesn't work narative has been so ingrained into people's heads and accepted on faith, like socialism leads to totalitarianism and you have to share your tooth brush or something. When really all is, a rationally planned, democratically administered government by the direct producers. So....take it from there-use your imagination-watch Zeitgiest. the Oracle of Omaha Warrent Buffet stated that "there is a class war going on and his side is winning." What are you going to do about it? Think the state will not protect the private interests like the Wall Steet profiteers if you try something? They start the fight and won't give up power or transform the social order, make revolution inevitable. That is what Marxists understand. Otherwise you end up with a fascist state like we are getting more and more to resemble everyday. The "corpratocracy" seems to me a polite world for fascist.

    3. Bilal Bruce Morpeth

      I just like what he says, thats all.

    4. Jesse

      @sisterelena I think you shouldn't just go on your intuition but you should go and look up some of the things he is talking about. I wouldn't call myself a activist but i'm 26 years old and i have seen things just get worse and worse, so my concern is what does the future really hold.

    5. Jakob Isindahowz

      I think that he is a bit of a sensationalist but perhaps he is choosing this because it is effective in increasing to number of people who will listen. It is what most media use to achieve a large audience. This tactic, however , I think causes people like yourself to distrust him. Myself, I find that what he says and not how he says it to be very enlightening. I do trust him because he knows the subjects he speaks of and many sources to back up his opinions on each subject. I do disagree with some of his political points of view, being Canadian, I like our health care system and I see many very much ideal societies created in many European countries like in Scandinavia, which is probably way too big government for Alex. Its a different game in the US because of its huge economy and wealth that a very small group holds and uses to control government to a degree that is not seen in many other countries. I hope the American population opens its eyes and realizes just how screwed up the system is. Frankly, I think it is so far gone I don't see how it can be fixed w/o a complete revolution.

    6. Gil Romdy

      Yeah, he uses the honey trap method, it's what is the method of Operation Mockingbird. You leave truth, he speaks some truth, you leave a chunk of it it gets eaten and then more is sought then you get people to fall into a den of your disinformation. I believe he's a part of the alternative media sources that are heavily being funded by this program that had already taken over the newspapers and radio and TV.

    7. martin chizelwitt

      that's right he is a 'plant'..i.e. where i come from, that is the colloquial expression for someone who is as thick as sh*t. he has at least figured out how to tap into the fathomless fear and global anxiety and plays the part to the hilt. but he has no idealogies or original thought of his own. he is as stupid as david icke, david shayler etc. he is a chubby little fear monger. and he needs to be slapped. he is not an intellectual, he is a 'shock jock' dj ffs... as bad as any unthinking fanatic or reactionary

  13. forthetimebeing

    Whatever else me may be, Alex Jones is a moron and a scam artist, stoking and feeding on apocalyptic fears left and right, with nothing to say.

    We need him and his films like the proverbial hole in the head.

    It is hard to believe anyone can take his self-aggrandizing mish mash seriously.

    There are other films critical of American led globalism and corporatocracy that deserve to be heard, and this beaut just gives them all a bad name. I could readily believe he were a government disinformation agent, certainly he is a megalomaniac, and no one's Paul Revere.

    1. Richard

      I take it you believe that 911 was caused by men who had box cutters, lead by a man who lives in a cave and is able to have NORAD stand down? Open your eyes...

    2. Rocky Racoon

      Read my post

    3. Perry

      Yes, so much more likely that 9/11 was an inside job and that they've paid off hundreds of thousands of people to keep quiet about it and not a single one refused the deal or came out later to blow the whistle.

  14. ars

    wow i cant believe that this is really happening, yesterday i watched the lies that fox news sends to the public, thank god for living in europe, our news reporters here has a duty do broadcast nothing but the truth. its horrible to see this happen in america, how is this possible? something has to be done, we the people should not accept these greedy and corrupt men to be the leaders for they are no better than the gansgters we put in prison or the terrorists we hunt down.

  15. Rob C.

    Thank God for brave souls like Alex Jones, we need more people like Alex to blow the whistle on these corrupt money, power mongers! HUMANITY WILL DEFEAT YOU!!! Praise the Lord.

  16. nobody you know

    although i agree with you heavily that if people do nothing, they damn near deserve it.

  17. nobody you know

    Inediblehulk, 1st off, great name.

    but youre not enlightening anyone or motivating people. youre actually doing the opposite. i dont know mr jones. but i know that something needs to be said and done. and hes saying and doing a lot compared to you. or me. on his shows and videos he doesnt "warn." he tells you what has happened. already. i dont know if hes a disinfo agent or you are, but at least hes trying. meanwhile i never heard of you. and you havent even said a thing.

    so go hang out with your cia friends, drink some cia mixdrinks, and go out and spend your cia paycheck at your cia ski resort, hopefully your cia wife isnt cheating on you haha. burned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Inediblehulk


    Maybe enlightening and motivating someone, maybe wasting a few minutes. I'm not all that concerned about the "warnings" of Jones' flicks, myself.

  19. Mystico09

    Interesting stuff... little too much ego for my liking though!

  20. BoB


    so what are yóu doing?...

  21. Inediblehulk

    For a people so apparently concerned with the rape of America and the enslavement of its people, you Alex Jones fans sure seem to spend a lot of time frittering away on the net, repeating things you "learned" in long-winded, capitalized rants and watching all these 2+ hour prop pieces. If things were really quite as bad as you'd like the world to think, wouldn't you better off, I dunno...doing something about it?

    Maybe you deserve to be enslaved, with that attitude.

  22. Moe

    Alex may be a little excited but has every reason to be. After checking the claims he makes on HR bills and other things. I have to say there are things in place to keep the fear level high. So why do we give up any of our rights for them to make us safe. I don't feel any safer when they pass laws to protect us, or so they say, than I do with grandma's sling shot. Try to find something you have to do or gave up since they made the laws to keep us safe.

  23. go2mark

    in the last days many will be deceived. because of our own foolish pride we continue to make our condition worse. We cannot blame this on GOD, GOD has only said what would happen if we choose to worship ourselves and believe we have some kind of intellectual greatness (pride). The religious,scientific and political powers will lead us down a path of destruction in the name of peace and prosperity. The beast of revelation is the world government which seeks to enslave us and the woman who rides the beast (rev 18) is the false Christianity who is the whore of babylon who has married the corporate controlled media which is only interested in making more money and controlling the minds of the deceived.The message is very clear, many will be deceived and will worship the image of the beast (media). the subduction is very subliminal and will not be easy to detect. just as the bible predicted.
    religion is soon to be abolished only to be replaced by a new world religion which worships the earth and all the lusts of the flesh. the beast of revelation is the world govt which will control all buying and selling by means of an electronic id. (global currency) this will be implemented through the world banking and health care systems now being implemented. in rev 17-18 "the woman who rides the beast" (THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.) is the new world religion which rides on the back of the beast.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      Ferhekan makes more sense than you do. See him talk about 9/11 on grit tv

  24. pat lynn

    I have just finished a comprehensive investigation of Alex Jones and the accusation he is a CIA disinfo agent.I can say unequivocally he is not.Shame on those who have parroted the lies about this good man.To you who still knock him ask yourself "Do you have any PROOF that Jones is employed by the Gov't?"I ask each one of you and you usually spew a bunch of ad hominem attacks.Think of what you have done if you are wrong.

  25. Jumanji

    its funny, i used to think conspiracy theory's were ridiculous and talked about by nut jobs. but with the evidence stacked clearly on one side of the conspiracy theorists i have to change my outlook. but whats even worse is..... its not funny at all its actually really depressing:(

  26. Lavender

    Mr. Larson: Talk about "Wishful thinking"! Oh, how I wish you were right! Oh, how I KNOW you SHOULD be! Your *extremely* lucid, well-written analysis of what the results of the Fed's profligacy SHOULD be are heartwarming and hopeful . . . but, alas, it is not to be.

    For you see, sir, all of this profligate behavior is by design: the plan being the ultimate destruction of the U.S.; the enslavement of her citizens & annihilation of their liberties; and the reduction of our beloved country to that of a third world dictatorship. A dictatorship, by the way, with a tyrannical micro-control of the populace of which the world's worst despots never dared dream. And once they pull it off here, they'll export it everywhere else. It'll be our last export. God bless & help the rest of the world . . .

    As renowned futurist, Gerald Celente, predicts, the US will become the world's first "undeveloped" nation (as opposed to "underdeveloped"). That is, the first nation to REVERSE from first world status to third world. In fact, the entire world will be poverty stricken, with only a very few people at the top with unimaginable wealth.

    That's the agenda, and it's right on track and on schedule (I presume).

    If you think I'm wrong (at best) or a nut (at worst), please consider this: I saw -- and I can NOT for the life of me remember what the name of the documentary is, and I've been wracking my brain for months. Internet searches have been to no avail. Maybe someone out there will have better luck -- anyway, I saw a documentary where an "elitist" bought a ticket from the Russians to go up to the Space Station. At the time, he had not yet gone. What he had to say was unforgettable, jaw-dropping, horrifying, and HIGHLY illuminating as to who these people are and how they think.

    Now, before I tell anyone reading this what he said -- think about why YOU'D want to go up there. Isn't it usually something like, "I want to see the beauty of space!" Or, "I want to see our beautiful, blue planet from a vantage point I'll never have again!" Or even, "What an adventure and opportunity of a life time!" Am I right?

    Well, the reason HE wanted to go up was, "So I can look out the porthole, gaze at the earth, and say to myself, 'Yeah! THAT'S in my portfolio!'" (Not an *exact* quote, but d4mn close. No meaning is lost, I guarantee).

    And THAT, folks, is WHO and WHAT we're dealing with. And THAT'S why I say to you, Mr. Larson, that you're the one who's thinking wishfully. And it pains me to say that, it truly does.

    For, if any nation, any peoples, could pull off this last-ditch Hail Mary play, it's Americans. We're optimistic, (mostly) brave, ingenious, inventive, determined, and creative. And that's just for starters. If any peoples could recreate themselves, their government, their culture and society, it's us. But THEY'D have to get the h3ll out of our way. And that's the LAST thing they're going to do. What do you think all those draconian measures congress is passing, limiting our activities in all spheres of life, are about? Hmmm? That's right -- it's to enslave, demoralize, and defeat us.

    Our only recourse is to fight. Good luck with that, then, considering their weapons and resources compared to ours. Well, at least we've got numbers. And THEY'RE willing to sacrifice every last one of 'em.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      The security state is firmly ensconed in American society and many people are disorientated politiically. Jones adds to this disorientation as he does not have the proper theoretical tools to is the class struggle. If the aristocrates have their is exactly as you stated. Check out Frontline and their special about the security state that has built up in America. There are dam near a million people on the payroll operating on American soil monitoring every word we say. And Obama has done nothing to stop it. He really is part of the problem with his concensus politics. You can tell he is uncomfortable on the campaign trail with his comprimise bs and how we have to sacrifice. I do believe the guy was groomed by the CIA, his first job out of university was with them after all...they didn't tell you that before!

  27. brian

    Welcome to the divided states of the republic of china. Grandpa was America really a free super power?