Maybe Buenos Aires?

2006, Society  -   7 Comments

Maybe Buenos Aires?A universal story that touches upon many of the themes that cross the modern world we live in: dislocation of people, destruction of their dreams overnight by crises they are not responsible for and their efforts to survive.

Luis Caro emigrated to Madrid in 2002, where he had to survive without his family, playing music in the underground. A year and a half later, again in Argentina, he remembered and compared this experience with the exile that he suffered with his family during the last dictatorship (1976-83). With his particular sense of humor he takes stock of the last 25 years.

The Argentine crisis is couched within the framework of a global crisis of democratic governability that has two important dimensions: the crisis of participation and the crisis of governmental responsibility. We are travelling across a country stunned by the economic crisis, undergoing a great deal of social changes since the popular strikes of December 2001.

Together with the well known philosopher of Argentina, Tomas Abraham, the courageous and enduring Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, the self-employed workers of Zanon, the biggest occupied factory in the country, and many other anonymous citizens, we observe the expectations they have for Argentina.

Like many of people, the history of Luis Caro reflects the hesitation and the loss of faith in the country, which resulted in a great exodus mainly to Europe, and above all to Spain, as their ancestors did when they arrived in Argentina.

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7 Comments / User Reviews

  1. AlekNovy

    A lot of statements, no arguments.

    The documentary also sounded very whiny "woe is me", "let's blame all our problems on dem rich gringos".

    I'm not american myself and live in a country much poorer than the whiners in the documentary, but I'm sick and tired of poor countries blaming rich countries for all their woes.

  2. MIchael22541

    My best wishes para La Argentina.

  3. dlm

    This is sadly the trend in many countries today, including the Western nations (in this case northern)that are implicated in this doc. More and more the greedy take while preaching the beauty and fairness inherent within the capitalist dogma of governance. The peoples of these nations are waking up to the destruction caused by the super rich and power hungry men and women who continually corrupt our governments. Governments giving corporate bailouts and elected officials linked to the very corporations and banks that failed in their corrupt practices, at the expense and lives of the taxpayer. The super rich Corporate masters of this world are in need of a consumer rebellion. Hit them where it hurts, in their pocket books. And remove their right to sit on any government position and never be allowed to donate or lobby to any government official.

  4. Williob

    I watched 10 minutes and was a bit let down by the documentary. All the people seem to be blaming the country's economic woes on the US/British conspiracy.

    Reminds me of how the germans blamed their problems on the jews during the depression.

  5. Aram

    The government/s failed to fulfill promises of people of the country. From displacement of people to long standing political crises, the country has never witnessed a positive change that brought positive impact on the society.

    I had watched the documentary only to my utter disappointment. What must have been great ended pathetic.

  6. Javo

    Great subject, could have been a great documentary. Unfortunately, this documentary fails to send any kind of message accross or even try to explain what happened. Poor.

    Que documental mas malo.


  7. Ale

    Extremeley depressive document. They really showed the very worst of the country. I could not watch it until the end.
    Political class in Argentina should be wiped out and replaced with new honest people with fresh ideas. All the social upheavals of the recent past have not really produced any good, since the same unscrupulous politicians are still in power and they keep stealing from the country and also getting the best in corrupt deals with the economic giants of the world. Internal corruption in a country is great news for all those other countries that get the upper hand in capitalism...
    Fortunately for Argentines, Argentina is much more than Bs As and the unusual characters portrayed in this film.