Me and the Mosque

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Me and the MosqueUsing animation, archival footage and personal interviews, this full-length documentary portrays the multiple relationships Canadian Muslim women entertain with Islam’s place of worship, the mosque.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. In North America, a large number of converts are women. Many are drawn to the religion because of its emphasis on social justice and spiritual equality between the sexes.

Yet, many mosques force women to pray behind barriers, separate from men, and some do not even permit women to enter the building.

Exploring all sides of the issue, the film examines the space – both physical and social – granted to women in mosques across the country.

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162 Comments / User Reviews

  1. aaisha

    hmm. whats interesting is that you cannot even follow the congregational prayer UNLESS you can SEE the IMAM. So those women cannot even pray there and if they do the prayer is invalid.

  2. aaisha

    BUT I should also note that most of these women in this video are not even dressed properly. Maybe they could focus on themselves before focusing on the barrier. Yes there was no barrier during the time of the Prophet peace be upon him, but the women also covered properly.

  3. Mercenarry ForHire

    I liked it :D

  4. Guest

    come on 2005...i think this trend has been least i hope so!
    I won't watch, just in case i get dissapointed. lol

  5. codename76

    applying moderation to a backwards religion - wow that's progress...

  6. Alex

    No thank you.

  7. Lisa Gagnon

    While I applaud the woman's efforts, you can't change a religion that has the oppression and subjugation of women as one of its foundations into something else!

  8. wald0

    Wait a minute, these women decided to convert to Islam right? I mean why convert to something you disagree with in the first place? It reminds of women that marry men so they can change them. I mean if you simply want to change the way Islamic women are treated you don't have to become Islamic. Most religions during a conversion would have required the persons to swear to uphold their respective religious principles and practices, to swear a deep personal commitment to thier teachings. At least that's how it is when you convert to the Jewish faith, accordiong to a few Jewish friends i have. Even then if the Rabbi doesn't think you are sincere enough, you are not accepted. Anyway, i say thats what they get for signing up to ride the freak show. You don't join groups unless you agree with what they stand for and how they stand for it, joining is in itself an endorsement of whatever you are joining.

  9. a b

    Don't confuse Religion with Culture dear :), there's no oppression or subjugation of women in the essence of Islam, the point that islam is trying to make for women, is that it's better to be judged by your Intellect rather than your Chest, it's as simple as that, i'm a muslim who is very very disappointed in the people that represent my Relegion, as i'm sure this is within all religions now days, the only thing i can tell you is that you make your own research, don't listen to what people say, if the majority is saying the same thing this doesn't make it true, if us as human beings all seek the ultimate truth, there gonna be no need for religion, as we gonna know that all religions preach the same thing, and that is PEACE.

  10. a b

    don't spread wrong information please, in the previous post i was talking how i'm very disappointed in my religion cause of people like you, spreading wrong information, if you can't see the imam if the line is too long your prayer is Invalid ?? where did you get this information from, you can always follow the congregation, think logic, think about what you know of islam and if there can be an unfair rule like that, to whoever is out of sight of the imam cause of crowd or whatever other reason, OOH sorry peeps your prayers cant be accepted cause you can't see the imam, it makes no sense what so ever !!!

  11. George Vojnovic

    No oppression of subjugation of woman in Islam. OK. I will buy that. Especially as I agree with sharia law, that a woman's testimony is worth one half a man's testimony.

  12. Ossama Nahdi

    Where did you get this?? this is so ridiculous..

  13. Malchik

    I think he's being facetious.

  14. Akbar

    fastest growing due to more births not conversions. Islam giving equal rights to women!!! What crap. They dont tell you of a massive backdoor exodus. constant practice of taqiyya and propaganda. Nobody is fooled anymore.

  15. Akbar

    islam's obsession with women. Why???

  16. Khalid Moktadir

    Now guys...what do you think should be done ? have women pray along with men in the same line shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee !!! the mosque would turn into a dating site!! or even imagine a woman prostrating right in front of a man standing a few inches behind her. Do you think that man would still be praising God and asking his mercy !!! that's more like strip tease. Have some common sense guys !! or just some sense !

  17. Earthwinger

    Hmm, common sense would dictate to me that you put an aisle down the middle, and have men on one side, and women on the other, if you really feel that people can't be trusted. :)

  18. Krimson Knwati

    Taqiyya is practiced by the Shiites, who are a minority mostly concentrated in Iran and with centralized authority behind the Ayatollah who is based there. The majority who are Sunnis, except for the Gulf monarchies, are survivalists who suffer equal oppression beneath their governments as both men AND women. The recent uprisings should even the scales

  19. wald0

    Dude, really? I mean if your conviction is no stronger than that why are you even at a mosque? If your unable to stand elbo to elbo with even the most attractive female without turing into some slobbering f00l that can no longer pay attention, you are a very simple person. I work with and went to school with some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, I still made great grades and have a very productive work life. Welll adjusted intelligent adults have no problem being around beautiful women dressed in normal clothes and remaining calm, productive, and able to pay attention. Maybe you guys have issues with this because you start telling your children at a very early age that women are temptresses that can not be trusted and men are incapable of controling themselves around them. See in the normal world we tell our children that women are just like men and have the right to dress as they please, within reason of course, and not be harrassed, objectified, or considered to be promiscuous. We are taught as males that if we can't keep our attention on something because we are consumed by some female in a skirt it is our problem not theirs. You people have one of the lowest opinions of humankind I know of. You assume men are blundering masses of testoterone and women are all loose and promiscuous just dying to ripp us men away from our pursuit of something better, its laughable until you guys stone some poor girl to death because she got raped.

  20. Guest

    In most Islamic countries, gay men and women are ostracized, persecuted and in some cases even murdered.
    Bending down sure seem to be a problem for many.

  21. Kim Bruce

    Taqiyya is practiced by devout Muslims...period. It is recommended in the Qur'an and Hadiths.
    "The Prophet said, 'If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.'" Bukhari:V7B67N427

    "Allah's Apostle said, 'Some eloquent speech is as effective as magic.'" Bukhari:V6B60N662

    "I am the best of plotters. I deceived them with My guile so that I delivered you from them." Ishaq:323

  22. Kim Bruce

    That's funny, Khalid because we pray side-by-side in our Christian churches and we don't have these problems. Did you ever think that perhaps the problems stem from Islamic men being sexually insecure or infantile?

  23. Kim Bruce

    Yes...infantile...not infertile.

  24. walterr44

    The ultimate test of any religion is not what is in their tomes
    but how it influences people in their day to day life.
    One can read the communist manifesto and believe that communism is good Of course it was far from it in practice. The same principle
    applies to religion. Everything can sound good on paper but it's the practice that counts. And in practice all religions fail to varying degrees. If equality is part of Islam and it's largely not practiced by
    moslems in their daily lives then what good is equality being part of Islam? And this is true for all religions. All religions follow some basic codes. Don't murder, don't steal, etc. But is it religion that creates this morality or the way human nature evolved. If there were no religion at all wouldn't we still have these strictures and wouldn't
    these strictures be often violated? We evolved as as social creatures living in groups. Groups can't exist unless there are rules.
    Chimps live in groups and there are rules of decorum in order to
    maintain the group. So rules of socaial behavior came into being
    long before religion or even before humans can talk. Chimps
    care for their young and for each other as well as make war and murder. My point is that while it might seem that religion is
    the foundation of morality, it is merely a personifcation of
    evolved human nature and the particular religion is irrelevant
    most of the time.
    The essence of Islam or any other religion is how it influences the
    culture in day to day life. And religion is not necessarily the prevasive factor.

  25. Kim Bruce

    There is a prime example of taqiyya right there..."there's no oppression or subjugation of women in the essence of Islam".
    Islam is a joke...not a funny one either. It should be banned worldwide. Islam is inherently violent and was created for conquest and subjugation of ppulations during the arab conquests of the Middle East and Europe around 690 -720 AD.
    Muhammad was made up as a guide post for other men to follow to ensure the conquest continued.

  26. Kim Bruce

    Do the women's prayers work? Are they reaching Allah?
    If they did Allah would be stiking many Muslim men dead on the spot.

  27. wald0

    I totally agree with you but, I missed where a b said morality was a product of religion. She said she felt the people that represented her religion did so poorly, that one should do their own research into their respective religious doctrine instead of listening to others. How is this saying that morality is the product of religion? Now she did try to say Islam doesn't teach what the majority of its followers practice. To which you made the correct point, in my opinion, that it doesn't matter what it technically teaches, it only matters what its followers do in its name. I could not agree more with that statement. Some religions don't come right out and say a thing but, they certainly insinuate or imply that this or that action is morally correct or even morally obligatory. Trying to approach this issue by saying lets keep Islam but change the way it is practiced is both niave and obviousely ineffective. The truth is as long as we ligitimize any aveue that can possibly lead to the indulgence of negative human tendencies, people will use that avenue to justify such indulgences. The example of making women cover instead of working on your own inability to control your obviuously dysfunctional sexual appetite is a good example of what I mean.

  28. aaisha

    It is true. Hmm or I wouldn't have "spread wrong information" Sorry if your philosophical position is different from the facts my dear. I DID CHOSE to be Muslim and do not BLIND FOLLOW anything without facts. I also don't add my own philosophy either. I do have proof to go along with my information. Please let me know if it would be of use to you.I can provide it if you want. wa alykum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa baarakatu.

  29. Jack1952

    Your post demonstrates exactly what is wrong with the male Muslim mind. Women are not placed on earth to lead men astray and their bodies are not an object of filth or shame and an insult to Allah. If your devotion to God cannot withstand the mere presence of the female person, no matter how close or her state of dress, then one has to wonder about the sincerity of that devotion.

    Praise God and ask for his mercy, huh. Do you first praise so the begging for mercy is a little more palatable to God? You have to give before you get? Sounds a little selfish to me. It seems that your reason to be a Muslim is only to gain personal favour. If everything is all about you no wonder you see women as objects to be used for personal pleasure and not as fellow creatures of God. Maybe you should be segregated from the women instead of the other way around. Women would breathe a little easier knowing that they are not being ogled by some self indulgent weirdo.

  30. aaisha

    I don't mean to be rude or disrespectful to you. I can understand your viewpoint as it makes sense to a non Muslim looking in. But, the truth is in Islam we do not make new rules. One of the main aspects of Islam is to continue on as the Prophet peace be upon him did. He prayed with the men and the women stood behind them. There was no barrier as the women in the video state but to allow women to pray on one side and men on the other would not be following the way of the Prophet which would make it not a part of Islam. So it isn't about people being trusted. It is about the way it has always been. Not the barrier of course.

  31. Pysmythe

    (religious) Men are so scared of, in awe of, intimidated by, and distracted by the power and beauty of women that they have felt compelled for thousands of years now to stroke their fragile egos by persecuting them and discriminating against them, and then pawning off any responsibility for it to the commandments of a deity, cowards that they are. I suspect that, deep down, (religious) men fear that women are the superior sex, and that this is truly an unpardonable sin to them. Even the outright acknowledgement that they themselves "cannot be trusted around them" supports that contention!

    Poor Woman... to be stuck on a planet with such (religious) people.

  32. aaisha

    I have read your comments and also visited the sites you are copying and pasting your "knowledge" from. It seems you are one of those people who like to cause hate and spread misinformation. I do not like confrontation and am fine if you continue on believing your falsehoods and trying to spread them. It is ones own responsibly to learn the truth about Islam. If you think you have found it I will not try to change your mind. I will not lower myself to argue with someone who is clearly effected by falsified information and full of hate. Sorry. Please don't be mad at me.

  33. Trueorvalid

    Once a small girl at my school approached me and told me that my "mommy" was looking for me. I was surprised since I had not realized my mommy was in town. The little girl eventually guided me toward my wife who was looking for me. I smiled since I immediately understood that the relationship of men and women in her little world was primarily understood through the lens of mommy's and daddy's as opposed to husbands and wives.

    Through her innocent utterance I was able to deduce three possibile scenarios.
    1)She had not yet been taught about marriage
    2)She was taught yet she still lacked understanding.
    3)She was taught, and understood yet refused to acknowledge the concept.

    For any one experienced in child psychology and development, it is quite obvious that the first two are the most likely situations.

    Adult misunderstanding about other ways of life reveal a great deal about what that adults' way if life represents also. In this forum (in the documentary even) it is oft mentioned that the veil in Islam has to do with sex, sexuality, and male domination of as opposed to say: spirituality, piety, or liberation. It is also almost universally agreed that the concept of segregation is synonymous with subjugation or master slave relationships. This misnomer is oft repeated in European world, particularly in North America.

    For anyone familiar with North American history it is obvious that this mischaracterization in Islam speaks more towards the North American legacy of sexism and racism which still exists centuries after the suffrage and abolition movement.

  34. dewflirt

    If only they were ostriches instead, nobody bending over to tempt and everybody with their heads in the sand so no eyes to be tempted ;)

  35. Dean Edgington

    yeah, i agree with earthwinger, you don't have to have men and women in such close proximity, you offer a false dichotomy which is invalid.

    There are solutions that won't cause problems. Divide up the room with a curtain so they can't see each other but still be allowed full access to their place of worship regardless of gender.

    It's discriminations, sexist, highly offensive and repressive to do otherwise. How's that for common sense?

  36. dewflirt

    There is a huge Muslim community where I live, lots of women covered top to toe. Maybe my man is odd (very possible) but he finds the covering with only the eyes showing, VERY attractive ;)

  37. Pysmythe

    Those sly devils!
    (I admit I can find it a little attractive, myself. Those big, dark eyes, and the obvious mystery.)

  38. PavolvsBitch

    Out of one frying pan ... straight into another of a different colour. The Vatican created Catholicism, then, for the purposes of recruiting mercaneries to sack Jerusalem, Arabs were given a religion and messiah all their very own. The Vatican then created the offshoot (faux opposition) of Protestism. All stem from paganism and all equally subjugate 52% of the most important members of the cult: wombman. Looking into the history of slavery (which all religions advocate as the Judaic roots run through each - the Jews were the original and continuing slave traders, white, black etc), have discovered how Islam has been used as a military force, as has the other cults. Arab pyrates used to kidnap and enslave Christians but that's not to ignore what the faux christian crusading warriors and filthy Jesuits have done to all peoples and continue to do so.

    The fastest growing religion is recruiting from within prisons as far back as Malcolm X!

    Wombmen are 'the spoils' of war and Islam is a warrior cult and all warrior cults are homosexual. Appalling that both Jews and Muslims practice circumcision (child mutilation) as a matter of course and this is one of the roots of all evil which follows.

    I'm neutral having escaped the Catholic Cult but I did get caught up for a while in the New Age Religion, which has helped in understanding that all religions are in fact political control, mind control and especially sexual control. Controlling the life force of humanity has enabled the psychopathic elites to come this far in their global agenda, nearing completion.

    What I'd like to know, however, is why? Why, if Muslims have 'faith' do they have to prey 5 times a day? As with all other religions, the mindless ritualistic repetition of worship within the energy capturing domes of mosques (same with churches and Sin-magogs) submitting will and energy to the High Priests who live despicable lives abusing children?

    Insanity. Unless and until, man honours the simplicity of perfection (or god given nature) and lusts for power over wombmen and other men, they shall be doomed to perpetual enslavement.

  39. Shashishekar

    Its a mad mad world.

  40. John

    No. What he finds attractive is the fact that their 'mouths' are covered. lol. Smile. I always tell my friends I'm looking for a woman who is just like Hello Kitty (She has no mouth.) Joke!

  41. dewflirt

    Or maybe he thinks that underneath there are naughty knickers ;)

  42. Guest

    I thought you only understood women, now i see you understand men too. lol

  43. Guest

    I say they take turn, if a woman comes in first in the morning, women in front and the men in the back have to wear a bag with two holes over their head.

  44. Guest

    For having met many women in Muslim countries, i can tell you they very much like to wear sexy clothes. They spend a lot of money on lingerie.

  45. dewflirt

    Beautiful makeup too, and lots of perfume and gold. All sorts of secrets under the veil, lovely :)

  46. Guest

    And many dye only their bangs.

  47. dewflirt

    Lucky men to have so much hidden in their store rooms, and what do we have? Only to wonder what hides beneath a kilt! No big surprises there ;)

  48. dewflirt

    No holes, just a cactus inside the bag to poke them in the eye when temptation strikes :)

  49. wald0

    Yes we are all aware of America’s horrible past; I don’t defend any of it and never have. Nor do I hold Christianity to be any better, maybe a bit less proactive but no better. You can excuse my criticism and all the others as well if you like, just think we are from the wicked corrupted west and so we see what isn’t there- it’s laughable. Your country, unless you are from Sweden or one of the other few exceptions, also has a horrible past. Almost every civilization on earth has practiced slavery at some point, and has also subjugated women. The tradition of slavery was in fact born in the Middle Eastern region, the cradle of civilization. So following your logic we should all see it equally, as almost every social setting in history has practiced both slavery and oppression of women at some point. This practice of excusing clear violations of civil rights by saying they are part of your culture and we can’t understand them makes me sick. I don’t need to know anything about your culture or past to know that certain practices do not promote a functioning peaceful society, that certain practices are detrimental to human flourishing. Look at countries controlled by Islamic ideology and you see no progress, excessive poverty, no modern infrastructure, internal strife and conflict, etc. The world has become very small and interconnected and if I hope to have a peaceful productive society then I have to make sure that everyone around the globe has a peaceful productive society. This is the only way we will ever create global functionality without the constant threat of war and strife. Step one to accomplishing that goal is do away with all this political, religious, and cultural ideology and create an environment of scientific openness and discovery in its place.

  50. wald0

    OMG that was funny, I am Irish. I am from America but of Irish decent i should say. No the kilts don't leave a lot to the imagination do they. And who wants to imagine after looking at those massive stumps of hairy leg. Large Scottish men are like walls of stone, tough lads indeed. Something in that cold Scottish mist gets inside em, makes bones like iron. I would never insult a Scottish man's kilt without a very well planned escape route handy.

  51. Akbar

    The women seem pathetic, unempowered, desperate, weak and hopeless.
    They know the men are right in their interpretation of the Qur'an.
    The Quran/Hadith says men can beat their wives.
    They can divorce their wives by saying the word divorce three times.
    Women have half the intelligence as men.
    A man can have as many as four wives at one time not counting female slaves.
    A women's share in inheritance is half that of a man.
    A women's witness is court is half
    The age for marriage is 7 years.

    The convert/revert at the start said that Islam raised the women to great heights. Poor thing she isnt taught what the Qur'an says. either she knows it but is practicing taqiyya.

  52. Plonkette

    Muslim comes from christian comes from judaism comes from egyption. I find it funny when they fight over whos right. Women were considered property in the bible.

  53. aaisha

    lololol too funny

  54. AUWR

    I'll never understand why people would knowingly subjugate themselves to ignorance and lies. It's pathetic.

  55. AUWR

    "The Golden age for women was the time of the Prophet.": Alright, the prophet Mohammed married a six year old girl and raped her when she was 9. This is ridiculous.

  56. dewflirt

    It's the Irn Bru, made from girders! :)

  57. Elvira Haxhiaga

    Akbar...I pity your existence!...I hope your children and your wife one day will be free from your primitive, dissrespecting and awful attitude!

  58. hosseinb

    I'm read some comment. I'm a muslim but I never faced whit this cases and comments.Islam in any time have a infinite and suitable structure. I never see 7 old muslim's Girls married. all of Islam structure is right but we should understand these. in the other religion also Superstitions and distorted views exist.
    we must study about all sight of one opinion and don't listen to Mysterious person. all of God's religions is holy but this religion evolution in previous time and Islam is the final and complete of these. Refuge in God

  59. Javed060

    The problem is very large majority of Muslims all over the world discuss and act according to the letters of the message and ignore the spirit behind the message. I would rather live life according to the spirit.

  60. richard wilmot

    Mohammed married his wife when she was 7 years old and put his 50+ year old penis in her child vagina 2 years later... what did he use to enlarge it?

  61. John Cury

    Thank you, one of the best posts if not the best. I see allot of hateful stuff here both ways. The bottom line is just because i have dirty thoughts someone should not be put in another room or behind a curtain.

    As you said, they all sound good on paper but in practice far from it. And the worst part is most people whether they are Christian, Muslim or Jews have not read the entire thing, when you read the Old Testament you will be sickened by the retarded practices. No person with moral values will follow any religion blindly.

  62. deskplant

    Then you would be classified as a 'non-conforming' Muslim by the vast majority of Islamists. And you would be held in the same esteem as an Infidel.

  63. deskplant

    Then you must be very naive about the Islamic world. Sadly children are married at this age or only slightly older. You have 10 year olds in Yemen dying in the street in childbirth, 8 year olds filing for divorce and in Egypt (which I'm sure you know is post Mubarak Revolution) they are trying to lower the marriage age to 9 years old from age 18. This is everywhere. Little girls are forced into sex by greedy husbands (who may be in their 40s) and become pregnant too early (which can lead to death for girl or child). They lose all educational options and social care from family/friends. It is impossible for a child to become a wife without serious psychological harm. If you are a Muslim man, I would encourage you to understand the actual status of women within your cultural world and work towards helping them achieve a better future because they have protection from child marriage.

  64. deskplant

    Muslims do focus their prayer energy. They pray to Mecca in whatever direction that is from where they are. This is no different from being in a church (the sacred end is always East facing). Christians do not pray to 'idols' - they use them like prayer aids to focus the mind, in the same way prayer beads are used, or listening to holy books being read. To associate them as 'idols' is a misunderstanding. They are not idols in a worshipful sense, even if they are too popular for my own personal taste. The prayer is always for God.

  65. deskplant

    Just to note. A splinter group of early Christians created Catholicism which in turn created the Vatican. Henry VIII officiated Protestantism (following from other European splinter sects like Lutheranism). He did this to break from the Vatican and remove Papal control. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all stem not from Paganism but from Abrahamic doctrines in the Torah, OT and/or NT. Pagan dates were used for celebrations to over write local pagan cultures and help destroy them. But the doctrines are not pagan. The Crusades are a back lash to Islamic crusading (which got Islam huge swathes of land and millions dead between about 650 - 800). The crusades started some 100 years or so later picking up about the years 1000, 1100. Circumcision is not practiced by Jews on women but Islam does this to both men and women. Prayer is a false god to many. They think that doing it makes them 'holy'. It does not. The objective is to lower brain wave vibration into a meditative state which in fact helps brain function and mental/emotional health considerably. Praying in a way that does not do this provides no benefit at all. And by the way, I'm a Catholic Cult escapee too. And I've come to the exact same conclusions about religion as you! Bravo PavlovsBitch!

  66. deskplant

    Muslims make new rules all the time. Except you call them Fatwas and it depends on whether you're Shia or Sunni as to how you follow these Fatwas. The rules are laws given by Clerics. For example, in Malaysia a new fatwa has been issued banning women from wearing high heels because it makes their bottoms sway or the fatwa stating that women are not allowed to chop cucumbers - a man must do it - to stop any kind of sexual arousal! How can you say 'the truth is in Islam we do not make new rules' when they are made all the time all over the world?

  67. deskplant

    In Egypt more than 80% of Muslim women have experienced sexual aggressiveness (including unreported rape, molestation and brutality) from Muslim men according to female crisis centers and international monitoring. This rises to 98% for foreign women. Muslim men don't respect women behind closed doors or in the street. In fact in Pakistan more than 75% of women who've been raped are in prison for fornication, their attackers walking around without care, or they kill them. Bravo, I liked your post very much.

  68. deskplant

    (Sura 5:6) - women pollute men - men do not pollute women
    (Sura 52:20) - heaven is masculine with women waiting on the man and offering him sex as he pleases. There is no determination that a woman gets there on her own merit in the Quran although she can be sent to hell easily.
    She inherits half of that of a man (Sura 4:11)
    She cannot witness herself without other witnesses backing her up (Sura 2:282)
    Women are not whole people and the Quran calls them 'the wombs' (Sura 4:1)
    Men own children. Women don't have any say (65:1)

    Women in Islam wear the coverings because in the desert the slaves and Muslim girls looked the same. To stop men bothering the Muslims their dress was changed. It meant slave girls could be raped without inflicting any irritating conscience issues. This is the reason for Sura 33:59 etc

    We can see from this that in fact women are not respected as having any form of intellect. They are solely based on their sexual value: Sura 2:223, Sura 7:81, 27:55 and 29:29 etc etc etc etc

  69. Xmen442002

    Where are your fact quotes coming from?
    Yes, it may be true that some Muslim men do this to women but you are not taking into account a cultural factor when stating these things.

    There is corruption in Islam for sure, just as all religions. The best portrait of corruption is none other than "Saudi" Arabia.

    But, keep in mind who controls around 92% of all the so-called "free press" in the western world. What is seen of Islam is what they wish for you to see.

    Islam in the US will change. It has to. There is no other choice. Women here will have advantages they have not had in other countries. The true American Muslims are aware of this problem and they know it can not be allowed here.

    Saying so, cultural practices(not to the extremes) have found there way over here, and they do not just pertain to women.

    Islam is in its' infancy here in the US and it will be different here. It will be as God says and not some cleric ruling.

  70. Xmen442002

    Spoken like a true student of the school of Robert Spencer. Learn what taqiyya really means and learn "why" the Muslims are permittted to use it and the only time they are allowed to use it.

    You repeat what you hear or have learned from others protectiong cathoilicism or Judaism.

    There is a reason why it is second largest and fastest growing religion in the world. In the next decade, Muslims will outnumber Christians.

  71. Jayarathne Abeydeera

    In near future Muslim women will not allow to chop brinjals or eggplants, carrots, okra & many kinds of vegetables. Instead of them Allah will create vegetables with different shapes & Muslim women can refrain from the sexual arouses when they chop vegetables. Allah knows everything & merciful.

  72. fhade

    Everyone is covered properly in our god given skin we are born in.

  73. richard wilmot

    "In near future Muslim women will not allow to chop brinjals or eggplants, carrots, okra & many kinds of vegetables. Instead of them Allah will create vegetables with different shapes & Muslim women can refrain from the sexual arouses when they chop vegetables"

    Natural Urban Harvest

    Catchy... eh... makes one think... what could be harvested naturally in an urban environment? Answer: Semen.

    There are a number of new sperm banks opening up so lesbians can have babies. But few have thought of the potentialities of using human semen in baking and making bread.

    Non-profit: Donate your semen to the food bank!
    For-Profit: $ell your semen to a bakery near you!

    Semen in... bread out... eat bread... make more semen...

    Now if you do not believe this is an absolutely fantastic-- and GREEN-- idea (actually milky white)... BUT TOTALLY NATURAL.. then you might be a carnivore.

    But wait Doc, U may say: what about growing natural erotic vegetables to make even more semen! What about all those highly erotic tubers, melons and squash.

    Bread & Vegetables! What could be more vegan! Accept perhaps raising gerbils!

    Next Post: Gerbil Dating Protocols

  74. acierman

    You come to Canada for a better life,you come to Canada for freedom,you come to Canada for a safe haven ,you come to Canada for Equality ,yet you refuse to change your way of life. Why do you even come to Canada if you dont want to change...we have opened our doors to you ,yet you do nothing but bitch and complain about your Muslim life...why do you just leave it ... or just go back to your Country ..unless you where born in Canada ...then you should know better .

  75. George Vojnovic

    How quickly these ideas degenerate. From natural, wholesome milking of semen to factory farmed semen!

  76. George Vojnovic

    And these are bad things?

  77. George Vojnovic

    I hope they don't make a fatwa that makes it halal for a man to be penetrated by a strap on dildo.

  78. Sagar Muppandam

    This is not about the place where you live and no matter it is USA/Canada/India/Russia?etc., it is about how women feel, when they are separated in their own community.

  79. jbriggs_87

    someone should tell her allah isnt real, save her all this trouble

  80. richard wilmot

    The question still remains: do Muslim women become aroused when CHOPPING certain tubers?

  81. George Vojnovic

    It is my sincere hope that these beautiful souls make their way to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc. Time to export this moderate Islam we all love.
    I just hope they buy travel insurance and stay in touch with the Canadian Embassy.

  82. Sharon Hutchinson

    Only the filthy minds of some men can see sexual organs in vegetables. It seems that Muslim men cannot control their sexual drive or even thoughts. So they project this inability to think and behave in an adult manner onto women and then create ludicrous rules and regulations so men won't be tempted. In REAL civilization, it's called an "obsession".

    Why do people still feel the need to believe in these way outdated myths? We left the Bronze Age a long time ago.

    "Religion poisons everything" - even vegetables. This has reached the height of absurdity.

  83. Javed060

    Why women are hellbent upon going to mosque to perform namaaz when they have been asked to perform at their homes. They have been promised same benefits as men have been,without taking trouble of going to mosque.

  84. dewflirt

    Come off it, the world is full of rude vegetables. I see them all the time, it's not just a man thing either ;)

  85. dewflirt

    God knows, why do they even want to leave the house? With Internet shopping and a few blankets they could actually spend their whole lives in the kitchen. If I was a man I'd probably just brick me in and leave a hatch big enough for the necessary stuff ;)

  86. Orbala

    Uhhh ... it's not the same thing in the west as it is in most Muslim countries. In the west, the mosque isn't JUST a mosque, or a place for prayers: it's a community center, a place where Muslims gather, socialize, hold meetings, discuss important things that the Muslim community is facing, make important decisions -- and these decisions affect women as much as they affect men. You tell women they don't need to go to the mosque TODAY and in the west and you're basically telling them they're not full members and participants of their society.

  87. Orbala

    What a dumb response. Who's complaining about their "Muslim life," oh savior of us poor Muslim women and the granter of "equality" to us poor Muslims and the opener of doors to "equality" in your country of "equality"? Someone's got a lot of readings to catch up on :) And do us all a favor and please watch the doc at your convenience. That way, at least there'll be one less angry, frustrated, and ignorant person we'll have to worry about educating ... muchoz thankz.

  88. George Vojnovic

    Any creature that can have multiple orgasms without a refractory period must, for the sake of civilized
    society, be not controlled, but guided.

  89. George Vojnovic

    If they do, let us hope they do it with reverence.

  90. Michaël Vienneau

    I don't know about you, but that sounds awfully sexist and unjust to me.

  91. mosque

    why is it that women in this doc is so anxious to go the the moques without curtain or partition? they should look back to the place they came from.

  92. ?€€$h?? ?µ??

    girl with little knowledge...
    has no proper research about "women and masjid".
    shame on this girl.. blaming ur religion without reading authentic books of hadees..

  93. ?€€$h?? ?µ??

    I think this girl must read the era of hazrat omar r.a..
    orders by hazrat omar and their reasons...

  94. madscirat

    Isn't a woman converting to Islam and being shocked that Islam treats women unfairly a bit like a person going out into a rainstorm and being shocked he got wet. I mean really people, let's try it again, minus all the feigned surprise.

  95. Rich Stine

    @George Vojnovic:
    " not controlled, but guided." Guided, by whom? Men? Men, who clearly cannot control ourselves enough that we project our inadequacies in the control department, onto women? Has it ever occurred to men who really believe women so need their 'guidance', that the reason some women are capable of having multiple orgasms, is that the Creator knew women would better control themselves? The biggest difference between the sexes isn't the gender difference. It is the willful ignorance, unholy rebellion and defiant refusal to use the god-given ability to put-away childish impulses & curiosities, and grow up and be a real man. A real leader. Maybe it's just that our penises our located in such a place that we cannot help but think of them, all of the time. They are in the way. Perhaps if we removed them, Everyone would be better off. The only children born would be the result of pure science.

    Sex, a gift, has been exploited, recreationalized to the point of rediculousness and obscenity. It is used as a weapon. Used as punishment. Only adults, and mostly grown 'men' do this.

    So we have to ask ourselves, as human beings, what the hell is wrong with us?

    I enjoy sex. But I am seriously rethinking its importance in my life. It just doesn't seem worth it. I'd rather be celibate and sane.

  96. Rich Stine

    I'm shocked by the selective ignorance. Good analogy, madscirat.

  97. Sogand Zakerhaghighi

    This piece was very well done, it opened up my eyes to the segregation that is present in Muslim communities other than my own. I identify myself as a Shia Muslim and I'd like to point out that although this was very informative, it was generalizing in some aspects as well. First of all, I don't think any of the scholars interviewed were of the Shia sect, nor were any of the people of the Shia sect. This being said, since after the Sunni sect, the Shias are the largest sect, I think they should be incorporated when a documentary is being made to represent Muslims as a whole. Also, I'd like to describe the condition in my Mosque. We have a Women's council as well as a Man's council and women have executive positions as do the men. For all inquiries, the community members can talk to the men's chairman as well as the lady's. Also, our Sheikh (priest) is readily accessible through email, phone access, or in-person. We do have a separate room for sisters and one for brothers but when we have community events such as fund-raisers and picnics, we pray together. Many sisters take off their Hijabs when they are in their rooms so many feel more comfortable that way. Also, we are only separated by a wall so we can hear the men and they can hear us. Also, the women's council leaders are at every function as well as the men's so there is accountability for everyones' voice. We have a screen that projects the men and the Sheikh(s) when they are lecturing. We are allowed to interact both inside and outside of the Mosque. There is cultural influence and tradition being applied to Mosques as well. Our Mosque has people of many nationalities such as Indians, Pakistanis, Iraqis, Lebanese, Afghans, Iranians and Canadians. Each person has a voice. When we have youth programs, boys and girls sit and pray together, these are ages post-puberty. So the segregation of men and women that is stated in this film, is not all-inclusive to all Mosques. Additionally, in my University, we have a prayer room where women and men pray together, we attend lectures together, and conferences as well. Women and men are equally active in the MSA (Muslim Student's Association). The MSA is consisted of Shias and Sunnis. My location is Canada. Over-all though, I'm glad this piece was created and I hope to see a future when men and women interact as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) did with his first wife, Bibi Khadija (peace be upon her). She was a business woman, a mother, a wife, and a leader. :)

  98. David Foster

    "Has it ever occurred to men who really believe women so need their 'guidance', that the reason some women are capable of having multiple orgasms, is that the Creator knew women would better control themselves?"


  99. Anna Maria D'Amico

    Well, I feel sorry for these veiled women... And I'm also sorry for those naked... Isn't it possible to leave in freedom with a good religious common sense?
    I read the Coran about 30 years ago and honestly I cannot remember written anywhere in it that women must cover themselves. Is it that Muslim men are scared of their women and invented all this?

  100. zahara_10

    @Anna Maria D'Amico “...and not display their beauty except what is apparent, and they should place their khumur over their bosoms...” Chapter 24 verse 30

    Muslim men didn't "invent this", it's written in the quran. The term khumur is plural for khimar, which is a veil that covers the head. And thank you for feeling sorry for us, but there is really no need. Wearing my head covering is freedom. Just because people don't understand it doesn't mean it's incorrect. I love wearing it for so many reasons, if muslim women have no problems with it, why is every one trying to fuss about it?

    Have a nice day :)

  101. Ahemmed kabeer Naha

    what is this ,how dare she is making problems in Islam,may be she have some contract with somebody to insult Islam ,stop this and follow the Qur'an and Hades .what is the problem behind a briar ,actually you pointing the holy KA'BA .Thats enough in a Masjid .ok shut up your mouth and follow Qur'an and Hades,BLOODY FEMINIST,LAENATHULLAHY ALAIH

  102. Kateye70

    Hate much?

  103. Kateye70

    From what I've read, the veils were originally a fashion statement by Mohammed's wives, not a religious statement at all. In fact, they were so diaphanous they concealed nothing. Expensive, too.

    Not saying the women were 'exposing' themselves, just that the covering veils were very thin and fine. Makes sense in a climate where dust blows freely.

    Naturally, other women tried to copy Mohammed's wives, who were wealthy and could afford to set fashion trends (like Princess Diana did). The less expensive the cloth, though, the less see-through they were.

    You should see some of the textiles the Egyptians were weaving millenia earlier, they were amazingly gossamer. (I saw an exhibit once. Truly remarkable workmanship!)

    The necessity for women to wear non-see-though veils became incorporated into their religious culture only much later, after their men lost impulse control. (That's my take on it, anyway!)

  104. Epicurus

    wow....and you wonder why people think muslims are just stone age fanatics?

  105. Irfan Majid

    A thought-provoking documentary especially recommended for Muslim women that live in the East and continue to face segregation and gender discrimination with the worst part being that they don't only accept this as how things are but how they actually should be. And, they even justify such practices...!

  106. Madeeha_777

    Well every religion has its conditions and Islam is the religion most closer to when their is segregation between males and females in mosque there is a reason behind that. When muslim men and women do not have the problem I just cant get why others are so concerned for us. Dear all, your please do your social work where you are invited to do so. First understand Islam and then comment on its rules.

  107. Younas Talha

    its not gender discimination.segregation between males and females in mosque there is a reason behind that.When muslim men and women do not have the problem I just cant get why others are so concerned for us. Dear all, your please do your social work where you are invited to do so. First understand Islam and then comment on its rules.

  108. Younas Talha

    As Islam is a universal religion, its call is directed to human beings generally. "O ye people" is the standard call addressed to everyone who understands it. No distinction whatsoever is made between the sexes. "So their Lord accepted their prayers (saying), I will not suffer the work of any worker among you to be lost, whether male or female, he (or she) being a believer, these will enter the Garden and they will not be dealt with unjustly." (Al-Nisa: 124). There are countless Qur'anic verses stressing the essential fact that human society is built upon the idea of the male and female pair and that both are equal partners on their own merits in their own fields. Where any distinction is made, it is a natural and not an imposed one, as, for example, the rule relieving a woman of certain religious duties during menstruation, thus lessening her distress.
    The Mosque is for both Men and Women:
    The general Islamic attitude is therefore that, if a mosque is essential for Muslims, it is essential for both partners, male and female. The Muslim community which attended the prayer at the mosque during the lifetime of the Prophet (PBUH) included both males and females. It is authentically reported that the Prophet (PBUH) said, "On many occasions I start the prayer with the intention of prolonging it and then shorten it on hearing the cry of a baby for fear of keeping his mother away from attending him." The Prophet's (PBUH) Mosque had a number of doors. One day, the Prophet said, "If we could only leave this door for the ladies!" Ibn Omar, who was always very scrupulous in following the way of the Prophet (PBUH), was reported as not using this door from then on, leaving it for the purpose mentioned by the Prophet (PBUH).
    Bearing in mind these incidents, together with the general Islamic attitude, it is obvious that free mixing between males and females is not encouraged in Islam. Islam stresses simplicity and decency in dressing, walking and talking and indeed in every aspect of life. Colorful or fancy kinds of dress, perfume or sexually attractive things or modes of talking are not welcome in public places where people gather, such as markets, offices or institutional buildings. How much more must this apply to the mosque! In the light of all this, Muslim jurists differ as to the desirability of Muslim women attending the Jummah (Friday) prayer at the mosque.
    Al-Mughni, the standard Hanbali Fiqh, gives his views on the matter of the congregational prayer. After discussing the acceptability of the woman as imam for other women, he says the following: "It is allowed that they-women-attend the congregational prayers with men. For women used to pray with the Messenger of Allah (PBUH)." Aishah said, "Women used to offer their prayers with the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and then they dismiss, while wrapping their heads in their scarf, without being recognized because of darkness." And the Prophet (PBUH) said, "Do not stop the female servants of Allah from attending the Mosques of Allah but let them go there without applying perfumes." But prayer in her own house is best for her according to Abdullah ibn Omar, who reported that the Messenger of Allah said, "Do not prevent your women from (going to) the Mosques, though their houses are best for them." (Abu Dawud).
    The best scholarly treatment of this subject is given in the voluminous book, Al-Muhalla by Ibn Hazam, who was called the "literalist" for his dependence upon the texts. He is described in his book of biography as "The great Imam, the traditionalist, the Faqeeh, the juror, the strong-in-argument, the renewer of the fifth Islamic century, the pride of Andalusia." In volume 3, problem or question number 321, he deals extensively with the question of women's attendance at mosques, covering all points of view and mentioning the weaknesses and strengths of each.
    Modest Dress:
    I will follow his method, with exception of listing the chain of narrators which he, as a traditionalist, insists upon. He says, "It is not lawful for the guardian of the woman-father, husband, brother or whatever he may be-or the master of a slave girl to stop her from attending the congregation at the mosque once he knows that she wants to pray. And it is not lawful for them-women-to go to the Mosque while using perfume or in attractive clothes. If a woman does so, he is to stop her. Their prayer in the jamaat (congregation) is better than individual prayers. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "Do not stop the female servant of Allah from (going to) the Mosques of Allah." Ibn Omar said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah say, "Do not prevent your women from (going to) the Mosques if they seek your permission to do so." His son Bilal said, "Surely we will stop them." He turned to his son, abusing him in a way I have never heard him doing so and said, "I tell you the saying of the Prophet (PBUH) and you say you will stop them."
    Imam Muslim reported from Ibn Omar that the Messenger of Allah said, "Do not prevent women from going to) the mosques at night." Abu Hurayrah said that the Messenger of Allah said, "Do not stop the male servants of Allah from (going to) the mosques of Allah but let them go in modest dress." Zaynab, the wife of Abdullah ibn Mas'ud said, "The Messenger of Allah said to us, 'If any one of you attends the Mosque, let her not touch perfume'." Jabir ibn Abdullah said that the Messenger of Allah said, "The best lines for men are the front ones and the worst are the back ones. The worst lines for females are the front ones and the best are the back ones. O ye Muslim women, if the male prostrate themselves, lower your gaze so as not to see their private parts." Omar ibn al-Khattab used to stop the males using the door reserved for females.
    From these traditions of the Prophet (PBUH) and the attitudes of the companions, it is clear that, during his period, the golden era in Islamic history, it was natural for all the members of Muslim community to participate fully in every aspect of Islamic life, so long as it was a decent and constructive participation. This is clearly shown in many of the biographies of the female companions of the Prophet (PBUH). In their book, The Stories of Sahaba, of the Tablighi Jamaat, the author writes, “Ladies in the Khaibar Campaign; shoulder to shoulder with their men-folk, the ladies of those times, imbued with the same spirit of sacrifice, were striving heart and soul in the Path of Allah; and no service in this connection was too much for them." Ummu Zyad says, "In the Khaibar Campaign, I, along with five other women, reached the battlefield. The Prophet (PBUH), having learned this, sent for us. He said, with anger, "Who permitted you to come here? Who brought you to this place?" We said, "O Prophet of Allah, we know how to knit and we have medicines with us. We shall help the soldiers by supplying them with arrows, by attending them when they are sick and by preparing food for them. The Prophet (PBUH) permitted us to stay." (Page 164). This is just one example of how this first generation of Muslims allowed male and female to work hand in hand to build the newly formed Islamic society with the knowledge and encouragement of the Prophet (PBUH).
    Origin of Idea Discouraging Women Attending the Mosque:
    Then how did the idea of discouraging Muslim women from attending the mosque come about? We continue with Imam ibn Hazam, who tells us who were the advocates of the idea, what their arguments were and the refutation of such arguments.
    He says, "Abu Hanifah and Malik said, 'Their prayers in their houses are better for them'." Abu Hanifah even disliked their going to the mosque for congregational prayer, the jummah prayer and the two feasts. He conceded for the elderly women the specific permission, to attend the night, Isha, prayer and the dawn, Fojr, prayer. It is also reported of him that he did not dislike their going out for the two feasts.
    Imam Malik said, "We do not stop them going to the mosque" and he allowed elderly respectable women to attend the feasts prayer and the prayer for rain. He said, too, that the young could go to the mosque from time to time. As for the elderly, although they could go to the mosque, they should not go very often. (Vol.3, page 178).
    The authority upon which these jurists depend consists of three main traditions showing why it is preferable for women to offer their prayer at home rather than in the mosque. There is also another tradition prohibiting attendance at the mosque if the woman applies perfume. Ibn Hazan accepts the last point as he stated at the beginning when he said, "It is not allowed for them to go out while using perfume or dressed in fancy kinds of dress or bright colors."
    This is in accordance with the traditions related by Abu Hurayrah, "Any woman who touches perfume should not attend our Isha prayer." And Zaynab, wife of Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud, said: "If any one of you wishes to attend the mosque with us, she should not touch perfume." (See Naylul-Awtar, Vol.3, pages 148-9).
    But Ibn Hazam rejects very strongly the authenticity of two traditions while arguing against the third one, related to A'ishah. In discussing these with him, we shall point out whether his criticisms are fair or otherwise in the light of the comments in the text itself or through the criticism in Naulul-Awtar.
    Main Traditions:
    The three main traditions in favor of women praying at home are as follows. Ibn Hazam says, "Those who disliked women going to the mosque depend on the saying of A'ishah, "If the Messenger of Allah had seen what the women innovated after him, he would have stopped them attending the mosques." The second is a tradition of Umm Humaid that the Prophet (PBUH) said, "Surely your prayer in your house is better than your prayer with me." And the third is the tradition of Abu Hurayrah, who said that the Prophet (PBUH) said, "For the woman to offer her prayer in her chamber is of greater merit than to offer it in her courtyard, in her courtyard than in the mosque of her people, in the mosque of her people than in the congregational mosque and in the congregational mosque than going out for prayer in Eid day." (Pages 179-80).
    The above are the three main traditions mentioned by Ibn Hazam in favor of women praying at home. But if we look at Sahih Muslim Chap.167, Vol. 1, pages 240-241, we find that, of the three, only that of A'ishah is mentioned. The other two fail to satisfy Muslim's conditions of Sahih. Ibn Hazm will take up this point when he criticizes the authenticity of both of them.
    No Islamic Basis to Discourage Women Attending the Mosque:
    But let us first listen to what he had to say about A'ishah's judgement in this connection. It makes very interesting reading as it shows great insight on his part. He lived in Spain at a time when Islamic culture was flourishing and when that part of what used to be the Islamic world was making great strides in all aspects of scholarship. His literalistic attitude did not obstruct his rational enlightened attitude in considering the attendance of women at the mosque. He says, "What A'ishah (RA) says is of no authority for a number of considerations."
    "First: The Prophet (PBUH) did not see what they innovated, so he did not stop them. Anyone stopping them is himself innovating and as such it is wrong to stop them. The error is that it is an argument from a hypothetical case." We do not know any argument more silly than that of those who argue that if such-and-such happened, then such-and-such would follow. That is to make a fact out of something that did not happen.
    "Second: Allah Most High certainly knew what the women would innovate. Anyone who denies that is a disbeliever. He did not at all reveal to His Prophet (PBUH) that he should stop them from what they would innovate. Neither did He reveal to him, "Tell the people that if women make innovations, prevent them from going to the mosques." Since Allah Most High did not do so, then clinging to such arguments is wrong and in bad taste." (Vol.3, page181).
    Shamsul-Haqq answered, "It is really surprising for such eminent scholars to start building up probabilities and claiming this or that as special cases without sound proof for such probabilities. If everyone did this, we could all claim that such-and-such a rule is confined to such-and-such persons. We would end up in a very difficult situation. As for their saying that it is allowed for the predecessors but not for their successors, this is a claim without proof, for all the Muslim ummah is equal in matters of lawful (halal) and unlawful (haram) things, except those who were exempted by the Prophet (PBUH).
    It was this same point which was not clearly appreciated by A. Siddiqi in his translation of Sahih Muslim when he handled this issue in Vol.1, Chap.167. Imam Muslim quoted the same hadith allowing women to go to the mosque in a decent manner. In his commentary on these hadith, (he quoted other hadith) and said, “Apparently there seems to be some contradiction between these groups of hadith, but the exposition given by the scholars of hadith, especially by Shah Wali Ullah of Delhi, resolves it altogether. The actual fact is that the women who had the good fortune to live during the lifetime of Muhammad (PBUH) had a deep longing to say their prayer under his Imamah as it was an enviable privilege for them.
    They, therefore, sought permission to join prayer in the mosque. Moreover, the moral atmosphere of that blessed period was quite congenial to the coming out of women from their houses and there was not even the slightest chance of indecency towards them. Under such conditions the Holy Prophet (PBUH) did not like to put any curb on their desire to join prayer in the mosque before daybreak and during night. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) could well visualize that moral conditions would change; therefore women were advised to say their prayers in their houses when there would be deterioration in the moral standards of the people in general."
    He fell into the same intellectual trap of taking the changing times as a reason for changing to religious point of view. The imam Ibn Hazm answered his argument. Let us go on with his arguments. "Third: We do not Know what women innovated or did not innovate at the time of the Prophet (PBUH). There is nothing worse than adultery. This happened during the time of the Messenger of Allah and he ordered the lashing and stoning of those who committed this thing. But he did not stop women on that account from going to the mosque. The prohibition of adultery is equally enjoined on males and females, without differentiating. What, then, could make its existence a reason to stop women from going to the mosque but not men? This is the type of reasoning that is not acceptable to Allah and His Messenger (PBUH).
    Fourth: Those who innovated were some of the women while no doubt there were others who did not. It is quite wrong to prevent good coming to those who did not innovate for the sake of those who did, except when there is a clear text either in the Qur'an or the Sunnah saying so, in which case we listen and obey. Allah Most High says, "And no soul earns (evil) but against itself. Nor does a bearer for burdens bear the burden of another." (Al-An'am: 164).
    Fifth: If the innovation is the cause of stopping them from going to the mosque, it would be more appropriate to stop them from going to the market places or from visiting, but they did not stop them from those things.
    Sixth: It is one of the great sins to abrogate a law -the Shariah-after the death of the Prophet (PBUH), without himself having abrogated it. It is even pure disbelief.
    Seventh: There is no authority in the saying of anyone after the Prophet's (PBUH) saying. As for the other two traditions, he relied upon suspecting the authenticity of one of the narrators in each hadith. In the first one, he says that Abdul-Hameed Ibn Al-Munthir is not known. This point is not accepted, as this tradition is one of many others on the same point-that the prayer at home is preferable to the one at the mosque. The same is said about Abdullah ibn Raja'Al-Ghudani the narrator of the tradition quoted earlier starting, "For the woman to offer her prayer in her chamber is better than to offer it in her apartment…." The criticism that these two narrators are not known, therefore, does not affect the authenticity of the traditions. The valid point here is that the other traditions ordering Muslims husbands and fathers to give the permission to women to go to the mosque are more numerous, more authentic and more reliable than the opposing one. If we add to that the fact that Muslim women used to offer their prayers in the mosques in the time of the Prophet (PBUH) and the general agreement of all jurors that he never stopped them from doing so at any time in his life, we can feel quite rightly that the tradition practiced by the early Muslim community was for Muslim women to attend the mosque.
    The presence of Muslim women in the mosque, the arrangement of the prayer times and the chapters written about these facts are to be found in every religious book. In his book, "Quamul-Layl" Al-Marwazi writes, "An-Nakhaie said, "I used to call the Adhan and Iqamah and no one would be present to offer the prayer with me except an elderly woman.” (95)
    Abu Malik Al-Ashuri said to his people, "Shall I show you the prayer of the Messenger of Allah? Then he put them in lines, men first, then the young children, then the women." (101)
    The Prophet (PBUH) used to stay in his place in the mosque for a little while after the prayer. The Companions who reported it said that this was to give the women a chance to leave first.Omar ibn Al-Khattab, seeing a male and female making their ablutions from the same basin, separated them. Then he called the attendant and said, "Did I not order you to prepare a basin for the use of the women?" We all remember the incident when Omar was preaching and advised people not to give a higher marriage gift for women or to ask for it. A Muslim woman in the mosque said to him in front of the whole gathering, "This is not for you." He said, "Why?" She replied, "Because Allah Most High said, 'And you have given one of them-as mahr (marriage gift) -a whole treasure' (Al-Nisa: 20) without putting a limit to the amount: how can you limit the mahr?" He answered, "All people are more judicious than you Omar! The woman is right and the man is wrong."
    In the light of such reasoning, it would appear that the attitude of one who insists upon the barring of women from the mosque is the attitude of a wholly ignorant and backward person, one who is limited in his perspective because of the lack of education, insight and understanding. He is clinging to a tradition of three to four hundred years of decadence and stagnation in Muslim ignorant, blind, retrogressive way of life, which has no sanction in Islam.
    No Differentiation:
    But such a line of thought is not productive. After all, as Muslims we reason in the light of preserved traditions; the Qur'an and the Sunnah, not in the light of ever-changing situations. The facts of the Qur’an are that its message is a universal message without any differentiation between male and female regarding piety, observance of religious duty and religious obligations.
    We have quoted enough traditions of the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions and other authorities to show clearly that women attended the mosque to the last minute of the life of Allah's Messenger without restriction or hindrance. The attitude of the vast majority of the Muslim jurors is not against women's attendance at the mosque. What the Qur'an and Sunnah enjoin upon women is a matter of conformity with the Islamic point of view. Women, as a matter of course, are bearers and rearers of children and suffer much physical distress. They nurse the sick and the elderly.

  109. Achems_Razor

    @Younas Talha:

    Way to much to read, you are better off to put on a link, 2 links maximum.

  110. A

    Islam is an Arabic religion and Mohammed is an Arabic prophet only, al Naby al Araby.

  111. LordOfLuck

    You only really need to know one thing about Islam. It hasn't meet its burden of proof, as have no religion so far. And therefor all its traditions and doctrines are, how to put this, not only meaningless, but every time somebody dies because of this religion its a waste. Anytime somebody prays its a waste of time. Building mosques are a waste of resources. This can of course be applied to all religions that failed to meet its burden of proof. Such as all religions has.

  112. southab403

    Beautifully relevent comments. Succinctly put and well thought out about the social roots of present sociatial behaviour.

  113. southab403

    Where do you get your data? I thought Muslism arose as an off branch before Catholisism was firmly formed, when Christianity was still quite young. I'd be interested in learning more about the history of where modern religion arose, if you have some resources you'd care to share.

  114. southab403

    I really hope that yet another religion doesn't take root in the States. The Fundamentalists are already too much over the top in ignoring scientific truths and proven factual evidence to have much faith in the guiding of a society based on religious morality alone. We need scientifically minded atheists to be voted in, to run the nuts and bolts of planning the future of the continent, if not the world.

  115. southab403

    This carnivore thinks your idea is pretty gross. BUT other cultures think drinking cow milk is pretty gross, naw.... no comparison.

  116. southab403

    It said they sould place their Khumor over their bosoms, not their head! Bare breasts aren't encouraged. Where did covering everything but the eyes come from?

  117. southab403

    Closest to nature? What other creature on this earth segregates the sexes from each other?

  118. Xmen442002

    In reality, atheists are running the world.

    Just because someone professes to be a Christian, Muslim or Jew, title, does not mean they portray this from their heart, which is what really matters in religion.

    I would not like atheist to rule the world. If they have no hope of living on after death and they just live for today, there is nothing at stake for them for actions taken here and now.

    Religion, like it or not, provides a moral compass if followed correctly.

  119. PavolvsBitch

    if you type 'who created islam' into search engine, see where it takes you, it really is that simple. Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be answered, knock and the door will open'. Most people don't ask and can't bear to look upon what is behind the door. But thanks for asking!

  120. PavolvsBitch

    Well, abandon all hope because Michael Aquino of Temple of Set was made the head of Satinic Religion of the Military some years ago and this is the New Age Religion which will be imposed upon all. In fact, it was the foundation of Christianity as a religion from 317 AD, Islam as a religion from 500+ AD and all stems from Judaism which is based on the foulest darkest JeWitchKraft in antiquity. All 'religions' are based on this filth. It is now coming of age, to be revealed in the New Age, as long promised.

  121. PavolvsBitch

    If Muslims had real faith, they would not have to reinforce it 5 times a day through the ritual of prayer (incantations to demons) same applies to Jews or Christians. All religions are political control mechanisms, binding the free soul and pure mind of people born into this prison system of abuse. Nature shows so clearly the 'mind of GOD' and the further we are taken from nature, the closer we are to scientific destruction. Nature is God's living universal library and 'bibles' are just books written by the profane to deny the profound.

  122. PavolvsBitch

    Atheism is a religion which by it's very foundation depends on other religions to define it's position. It is a religion of no religion but is in as deep a denial as all religions. No-one needs it. Any of it.

  123. PavolvsBitch

    Catholicism claimed to be the 'universal religion' and from that, the branches of so-called 'protestism' developed but all religions can be traced back in modern era to the nest of vipers called VAT.I.CAN.

  124. PavolvsBitch

    the Hindi sects are closer to nature, allowing rats to swarm over the food they then eat, etc. This is the closest to the New Age New World Order Religion shortly to be imposed.

  125. Philosopheyez

    That couldn't be further from the truth. Look up the definition of religion and you will see that Atheism (the lack of a belief in god/religion) doesn't meet the criteria. Religion stifles society. It is ancient and needs to be left behind for humanity to reach it's potential. I can't believe how many people are still religious when it is so obvious that it is all myth used for manipulation.

  126. rich

    What makes me laugh is the line that says women are drawn to Islam for spiritual equality? What a joke. Islam is the religion that treats women the worst by far. They are subservient, they are stoned for minor "crimes", and are blamed when they are raped.
    They outrage over a stupid amateur video proves that many Muslims want any excuse to be violent. They will say it is because of a movie but for some reason all non-muslims are to blame.
    Pathetic, backwards, dark-age mentality.

  127. sponduluxe

    That's why it says 'spiritual equality', because they certainly don't get any equality in a material sense.

  128. ksm_mmd

    Muslim's, damned bunch of destructive fools. Christians, ditto.

  129. AddNewComment1

    and out comes the good christian judging others with a kind word. I am not Muslim and also do not agree with the discrimination of women but I do not think insults that are unfounded and unwarranted will ever contribute to progress. I'm able to understand that at the time this rule was applied people were different. I am pretty sure Christians have also had to make some changes to their religion throughout their history. Maybe those are the examples that should be pointed out to let Islamic women know that change is possible.

  130. AddNewComment1

    there are plenty of Muslim women in documentaries and news programs that speak out about the discrimination. Because so many are afraid to speak publicly, it makes you wonder how many are just too afraid to voice their opinions. This is why we do our "social work", for the women who fear for their lives and cannot speak out without incident.

  131. San

    in Islam, women is treated fairly and there is no gender discrimination against women. women is second to man because man should make better judgment and not emotionally effected like women. it is only that many man now is irresponsible, under-achieved and cant be trusted, that it seem like women has been discriminates. please refer tafseer Al-Quran for surah Maryam. Allah never discriminates women, it's just the muslim man who sometimes portrays the wrong impression.

  132. SuperRobertLewis

    San, you're contradicting yourself. You say there's no gender discrimination in Islam, but affirm that women are "second to men" and not to be trusted in their judgment. All religions were created by men to subjugate women and defend their properties (including women) and their clans. Educate yourself. Study history. Rise above dogmatism.

  133. Sheik1950

    I have only one ONE to say FAIK FAIK FAIK RELIGION
    When this women eyes gonna be open ???
    and change their religon?

  134. Sheik1950

    i really pray that their eyes will be open and change their religion
    once a Red Indian Chefe said WITH OUT WOMEN WE HAVE NO TRIBE
    Red Indians are nature people

  135. Sheik1950

    Sharon you are 100% right , this religion from the caves is so obsessive .. even the guy they called prophet was a pedophile

  136. Ishq bai

    the people who called prophet was a pedophile must think that how jesus was born?? can we call jesus a son of bitch?? think.. think.. and shut the the f*** UP!!

  137. Mohamed

    Do you think what is shown in that YouTube link is Islamic? How do you differentiate an Islamic practice from a non-Islamic one (in an Islamic country)? Are you knowledgeable enough to point out the difference between these practices?

  138. Mohamed

    Change to what?

  139. Necrophagi

    Islam is a religion of peace.

  140. jackmax

    If in fact Islam is a religion of peace, how could any non muslim accept the aim and objective of jihad is to drive terror in the hearts of the Infidels? Is also correct that Allah said "prepare them to the best of your ability with power, and with horses of war. To drive terror in to the hearts of my enemies, Allah's enemies, and your enemies. And other enemies which you don,t know, only Allah knows them"

    Would you agree if that statement was made from a non believer it would be deemed violent or at least non peaceful?

    I'm of the opinion all religions have their extremes but to say any religion is a religion of peace to me appears wrong. When one studies religion as a whole rather than each religious sect, I have found that no religion is a religion of peace, irrelevant of what people have told me. I have read enough of all Abrahanic writtings to see that peace is secondary to the power religions are trying to either maintain or expand.

  141. Hasan Nizami

    we need to be more practiced muslims !

  142. Jazmin Estevez Carlucci


  143. Kanal Abu Warda

    Any Muslim woman who fully understands her religion must surely understand that the reason why women are separate in mosques is for exactly the same reason that Muslim men and women should not congregate together in any other situation. As Muslims we strongly believe that mixing if sexes is wrong and often leads to problems. Non Muslims do not understand this because it is so normal for them to sit together etc. I was previously without any religious beliefs and behaved as majority of British people. When I was married to a British bloke and he had been drinking, he used to leer over other women and often compliment my friends on their figures and clothes etc, I used to feel stupid and angry at him and do embarrassed by his behaviour. However his younger brother was not like that and appeared to have far more maturity and respect for his wife. Just making comparisons between them made me feel sorry for myself and wish I didn't have an embarrassing husband. This is just one example how mixing in groups causes problems, jealousy, anger etc. a Muslim woman who has self respect and dignity would not be hankering after the need to be mixing with men.

  144. linds Briggs

    I thank you for your reasoned commentary,as a new revert to Islam and a female,I am always dismayed by the distortions of the faith. Many will have to answer for their lack of understanding be it through willfulness or lack of fair judgement by reading and studying the literal and hidden meanings contained in the Quran. May Allah Bless You.

  145. Genkai Yokomura

    im an atheist. this was painful for me to watch. this is a great documentary. well done, thoughtful, brave

  146. alyssa

    This was painful for me to watch too !

  147. alyssa

    It seems as if Muslims are obsessed with sex. Cover her up because you might think of sex, put her in the back room because you might think of sex, keep her at home so she wont go out and have sex, no mixing because someone might trip and fall on her and start having sex... IN FRONT OF EVERYONE !
    Also, I kept hearing women say "I became an Muslim because of women's rights and spiritual equality". They keep making these statements, but I don't hear or see a single thing supports this statement.

  148. Genkai

    Im glad you decided to continue and still check it out. I watch and read a lot of stuff thats so hateful and ignorant, yet the learning must continue.

  149. Imaani

    If you want to find out if Islam is a religion of hate than you can search and find it immediately on google. If you want to find out if Islam is a religion of peace or not, than have the guts to read ONLY the whole Quran by yourself than you will have the answers on all your questions. If you are not interested in reading or studying this scripture, than please be wise and don't try to debate or spread the lies about something you have totally 0,0 knowledge of. It's all about your intentions, you decide.

  150. ghulam rassol

    woman go in mosques and pray, but this is not essention for them, they are free from bajamat prayer.

  151. AmatuAlrahman

    SubhanAllah,i dont understan what have this sister agens curtain,she want we pray with outh curtain like the profhet Muhammed salla allahu alayhi wa sallam.i want to ask her just one question Whay she have pants?did profets wifes havet pants?or sahabias wifes?why she dont take exempel the clothes from profhets wifes und sahaba???i want to tell her fear Allah, und dont make fitan,you know werry well todays muslims,are not like that time with takwa true beliver, und the prove is YOU first,i mean the sister in the film,the mosque is to concetrat to make ibadah to Allah not to go und think gardin have or not?do u know have one hadith from Aischa r.a Profet s.a.v wife efter the profet s.a.v died she said if the profet was alive und se how the women go to mosque He will forbid the women to go to mosque,serch that hadith.she shold be huppy und fear Allah becose she will be ask for what she do,not make fithn.SubhanAllah

  152. ukulunga

    Reading the Koran does not tell you much if Islam is a religion of peace or hate. I have read the Koran in English and then I get criticism that I did not get the true meaning unless I read it in Arabic. This is the same BS that the Catholic church used in the past to control the masses when the bible was written and preached only in Latin which were read, spoken and understood by the highly educated. Islam is just the latest example. Please all should read the Koran in the language you speak. Its filled with words and ideas found in Christianity and Judaism which is not surprising given that Islam came about 500 years after Christianity and thousands of years after Judaism. By literary standard its like the biggest plagiarism found to day. Judging by the words of Koran its mostly copied from other sources such as the Torah and the teaching of Jesus. However, Judging by the people who believe in this literary plagiarism their actions speaks volume of hate and intolerance of other religion. Look at the terrorists these days and you tell me if Islam is the religion of hate. People kill with more enthusiasm in the name of Allah then for money, sex, and power. The power of brainwash has no end. However, according to the Koran, Jesus is coming back with the 13th Caliph so then I will await for Jesus to return. Either I burn in hell or you will.

  153. ukulunga

    Mixing the sex does cure the same Muslim who drinks alcohol, watch porn, steal, and then goes to the mosque for his daily prayers from living a holy life. Right. I have seen Muslim men and women in action... nothing to suggest that Islam is the word of GOD but more of the same lip service given by other religion.

  154. ukulunga

    sadly, r u knowledgeable enough either to differentiate the difference? Is any self proclaimed Imam has enough knowledge of anything to differentiate the practice? Its like the blind leading the blind and stupid.

  155. ukulunga

    Hey as long the Koran say so then its right. No question. believe or die. the Islamic motto.

  156. JJ

    The saddest part of this is that as far as I can tell it's true. Islam *is* the fastest growing religion. That scares me. Because if the trend doesn't stop, and it doesn't look like it will any time soon; the world will be Islam. And then we will be back in the days of fools and superstition instead of knowledge and science. We're heading backwards, not forwards.

  157. Babar Asghar

    I dont know what is ur main grudge, is it against people practicing Islam or Islam itself.
    Every where in world people make laws and rules to follow them. We even have rules or procedure to eat a certain dish or drink some beverage etc. Its not necessary people do exactly as instructed as human beings have free will. Islam also has some laws and rules how to live life and its choice of the person whether he follows those rules n laws perfectly or choose few of those n ignore the others.
    What is wrong if Islam gives protection to women, if some woman is not okay with this it is her personal will or wish. You want to offer prayers to your lord then there is some way to do it. Performing ablution is also a pre-requisite and dress is also one of that thing. Keep in mind concept of Pardah (veil) from Mehram and Na-Mehram and its relation to prayers. If you have certain confusion about the correct laws please read about it in the books of Hadeeth. Dont ask any self proclaimed expert of religion. Islam is not that complex that we need an expert to teach us how to perform prayers.
    or if you have any grudge why Islam is like this then that is separate issue, this is very same reason why people became atheist as they were not comfortable with some book and unseen God dictating them how to live their life.
    People judge a religion and the book n the God Himself, they never try to understand or even think for a moment may be perhaps those people following that religion or the people they see or know might be doing it wrongly.
    Im sure no God of old testament allows Jews to kill innocent children n unarmed civilians in Gaza and no God of Muhammad and Quran has allowed muslims to kill american soldiers or innocents in some casino, bar, mosques, church etc by doing suicide bombing. All these people r using religion wrongly and committing a sin.

    Rest i pray Allah give us all wisdom and knowledge and understanding of His religion.

  158. Babar Asghar

    again ur judging Islam by the actions of few who dont follow islam properly.
    should i judge jews by the actions of netanyahu or should i judge all christians by that christian pilot who crashed a plane or killed children in a school?
    im feeling ashamed why we lack such common sense.
    Islam tell u how to live ur life, now its a choice of that muslim how many laws n rules he obeys n which he doesnt. There is no reason to blame Islam itself if he is not following his religion properly.

  159. A

    I read some comments as there're too many,people rejecting islam and its beliefs u can keep that to ur self we are happy with it and thanks god ur opinion changes nothing as u surely know islam is the fastest growing religion whether u like it or not

  160. Yves

    @aaisha you make statement "and do not BLIND FOLLOW anything without facts" and yet your beliefs are with Islam....... ok hilarious....... I've got news for you; your beliefs and Islam are both out of this world insane and a big 1400 year old lie written down by got even the apostle was dead for 200 years. No historical evidence is ever found for Mohammed and Islam, even the vegetation described in the so called sacred book (I wipe my ass clean with) points out to a whole different place in time and on earth as to Mecca or Medina being sacred places as to allah could not even describe these properly in his sacred Quran...... lol. No evidence what so ever is found for your religion to be a genuine religion let alone have the perfect way of life on a silver plate for us to grap hold on...... Only evidence found ever points out it's all nonsense. In old transcripts in Cairo, Paris, Medina and Tehran historians found that is has been changed, changed and changed, over and over again this disgusting piece of man made up bull crap!

  161. Virginia

    Amazed that convert said no other religion elevated women so much. Hmmm. According to Koran & Hadith, women only gain paradise by pleasing their husbands; many men in paradise, but few women; to prosecute rape, woman needs several eyewitnesses; men are free to beat their wives, can divorce by saying I divorce you 3 times, but woman wanting divorce must go to sharia court; woman's testimony is equal to half of a man's; captured infidel women become sex slaves, etc, etc. How are these supposedly intelligent women so deluded? Perhaps these were advances for women in 7th C Arab culture, but they are oppression today. And Islam does not brook change, as the commentator above points out. Some analysts of Islam also say that Mohammed had trouble controlling his lust, due to temporal lobe epilepsy, hence the obsession with sex.

  162. Virginia

    To Younas Talha: Kuffar, like me, are concerned with Islam only because of all the trouble it is causing in the world today. See San Bernadino, Baghdad, Bangladesh, Paris, Nice, Brussels, etc. etc.

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