Meat the Truth

Meat the Truth

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Meat the TruthFrom the author: Climate Change and Global Warming - yes I know, it's a hoax, it's a scam and designed to keep us in fear and implement a Carbon Tax, as if we aren't already taxed to death.

This video discusses an issue that is almost always overlooked when officials and science discuss climate.
What about the 90 BILLION animals raised for food production. The energy to grow their food, to feed them, to transport them, to slaughter and finally to your local grocer in the form of packaged flesh OR prepared / frozen meals and various by-products.

Let's not forget these billions of beings produce massive amounts of feces and urine and it has to go somewhere. Negative health issues aside, this practice most certainly contributes to wide scale pollution and contamination of our air, water and land. The comparison in this film to cars and C02 emissions is to point out what is not being discussed.

The documentary Meat the Truth is the first major project undertaken by the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation. Meat the Truth is a high-profile documentary, presented by Marianne Thieme (leader of the Party for the Animals), which forms an addendum to earlier films that have been made about climate change.

Although such films have convincingly succeeded in drawing public attention to the issue of global warming, they have repeatedly ignored one of the most important causes of climate change, namely: intensive livestock production. Meat the Truth has drawn attention to this by demonstrating that livestock farming generates more greenhouse gas emissions worldwide than all cars, lorries, trains, boats and planes added together.

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  1. If AGW is a scam then what difference does animal agriculture make?

  2. Great documentary, one of the best on this subject!

  3. To rear cattle you need land lots of it, to graze on. You get many times more meat free, food from that land whilst improving the environment. Win win

  4. Everyone should know this information.. Thank you for the selfless and caring individuals who worked together to create this eye-opening film.

  5. I don't buy this idea the cows are a large reason for carbon emission causing global warming. hundreds of years ago there were thousands of thousands of wild buffalo and deer, elk wild pig and other grass fed animals roaming Canada and north America was the climate changing then ?

  6. I must admit I'm as much a part of the problem if not more than the average person. When I say I love, I mean I absolutely love steakhouses. I love the smell the minute I enter the door. I love beautiful delicious cuts of prime dry age beef that just melt in your mouth and taste like no other. When going out for a special occasion, they are my first choice in dining options. It's just a shame such a good thing has to be so bad. Maybe I'll just strictly stick to chicken, fish and vegetable protein and only consume beef when eating out. I can't see myself cutting out steakhouses all together.

  7. The same
    people that fund this propaganda fly private jets, plan wars that
    involve depleted uranium, build nuclear power plants, inject toxic metal
    particles into the ionosphere called "geo engineering" that poison or
    air supply and also heavily fund organisations like Monsanto, GMO
    crops... like Bill Gates.

    1. Please cite your source.

    2. He dont need no stinking sources. He knows what he knows and thats enough. For climate science to be fraudulent, the most vast, widespread conspiracy in the history of humankind would need to be implemented. Additionally, the presumption is that climate science is somehow a liberal initiative-that all scientists are liberals who are bending real science to fit a narrative. That too would have to be an enormous conspiracy. And amazingly, not one real scientist has come forward with facts to expose the supposed pervasive scientific fraud. They cite nonsense. To believe the climate change deniers you must see massive, mind-bending conspiracy at every turn!

    3. and it takes away the truth about the meat and animal suffering? I think not. Why not fight for some things instead of not fighting for evertyhing? I always like to read how people that sit on their couches find the reason not to do anything by simply stating that there are other things going around as well...

  8. Agriculture (9% of 2012 greenhouse gas emissions) - Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture come from livestock such as cows, agricultural soils, and rice production.

  9. I
    think as human beings we are equipped with the innate ability to filter out
    things that aren’t facts from facts. For the most this documentary is stating
    some truths that are completely understandable. With just a bit of back
    knowledge about pharmaceutical companies, and the banking systems behind them
    we can see the corruption that can happen. In college I just researched some of
    the more common over the counter medications such as Bayer and Tylenol and some
    of these companies have had huge losses in the past due to the settlements that
    had to be paid out to thousands of deaths caused by their formulas. The FDA
    will stand behind any company that funds it capital, and every prescription
    drug contains over 500 negative side effects. The majority of society has
    become asleep, they have forgotten what the balance of life feels like. Since
    the industrial revolution the world has begun a free fall to a life that is no
    longer natural. We are so blinded and conditioned to believe everything we see
    and read we need to start doing our own research. When you watch a movie or
    read a book research the author, what did he study? What is his background? We
    are relying on humans who are biased, to get the "truth" we each must
    uncover the truth for ourselves. This is why we have such developed brains, we
    have this muscle for a reason, and the reason is that we are the only species
    that can uncover the truths by using it. We are eating too much meat as a population.
    Our agricultural abilities are so developed we can get access to many
    vegetarian proteins. Too much animal fat IS bad for the human body, it’s been scientifically
    proven that our body reuses the protein in it over and over again. Meat and the
    way we destructively engage in the mass production and consumption of it is
    destroying the balance of life. We are not doing enough to help the environment
    and putting loads of stress on the world. We are also the country that allows
    our companies to go over sees and mass produce with factories and unfairly pay
    the people of the land. As well as destroy cultures and other countries economic
    structure. We all need to open our eyes and see how corrupt everything around
    us is. Humans can make mistakes, can’t you all see that everything is just a
    rule some humans thought up one day. With technological advances and changes in
    the world sometimes these rules become something destructive, or traits that
    were never thought of long term begin to appear. We can’t continue this way
    forever. We are committing a huge crime to earth by not being balanced, to its
    plants, to its animals (including other humans), to its oceans, and to its eco
    systems. We have to start believing in balance and with that we all hold in
    ourselves the key to the truth.

  10. Animals that... supplanted other animals. Ie. We replaced one methane producer with another methane producer (no net new).

    The net new methane producer we really need to be talking about are the billions of a different variety of animal: Billions of human animals.

  11. Three minutes in and I watching bunko nonsense.What an alarming sight....folks who have no real understanding of scientific methods are clinging to a blha blah blah..what else is on?

    1. Are you a scientist? How do you know this is bunko nonsense? Can you cite a specific assertion that is not true?

    2. The idea at work in a creation of fiction like this film is to obfuscate discussion by interjecting enormous amounts of unscientific, anonymous distractions into the debate, thereby overwhelming anyone who might attempt to counter the lunacy. A common tactic by folks like Alex Jones and his ilk. Climate change is a not a political football. The fate of our environment should be something we all care deeply about. But no. You choose to believe in vast conspiracies where none exist.

    3. Bingo! Congrats. You are clearly not one of them. Expect to be attacked.

  12. "Meat the Truth" conjoined with liars! Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

  13. Americans and British kill more people in one year then whole gas from caw asses! Everyone wil get what they deserve, America first! :D

  14. At around 10.30 David Davis introduces himself, and a brief summary on where he works and what he studies. At the 12.39 to 12.52 David Davis compares the rate of methane gas produced by a dairy cow is equivilent to a big 4X4 vehicle driving 35 kms per day. Later at around the 19.12 the presenter then tells us that in a year a cow will produce the same amount of green house emissions as a car doing 70000 klms per year and then wittingly add that a medium car. Now from my calculations 35 X 365 = 12775 so if I'm correct with maths the presenter is only 57225 klms over in her statement and it was also big 4X4s not medium cars like she state off the cuff.
    Although I agree that global warming and our enviroment are off utmost importance. Misleading people with half truths and dishonesty in presentation can lead to contempt of a extremely important issue that need accurate information so we can tackle the whole problem collectively.

    1. Amazingly, with all your attention paying you failed to quote his correctly even though you stressed the importance of accurate information. He states: "A dairy cow that is producing 8,000-10,000L of milk per year will produce around 500-700L of methane every day.....This is equivalent to the Co2 greenhouse emissions of a big 4x4 vehicle travelling 35mi per day"

      Your maths are incorrect. Pay attention to the units of measure here. 35mi ~= 59 km. So that would be 21535km /year in a gas guzzling 4x4...lets say for this argument this is a 2013 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 4WD; What a gas-guzzling monstrosity that thing is.

      The second quote you got right. 70,000km in a mid-sized car, lets use a 2013 Ford Taurus 2.0 ecoboost (turbo).

      Lets take a moment and compare the two car's EPA listed fuel efficiency ratings:
      Suburban: 19.6L / 100km combined hwy and city
      Taurus 2.0 turbo: 7.9L / 100km combined hwy and city

      The Suburban is roughly 2.5x more fuel hungry than the Taurus. Therefore we should take the Km traveled in the Suburban and multiply it by 2.5 which will even the scale from a fuel consumption standpoint. We are obviously making the assumption that the emissions levels per liter burned is identical in both cars, though unlikely.

      Suburban = 21535km x fuel factor of 2.5 = 53,838km

      Taurus = 70,000km

      Without knowing all the details of what they used to come up with those figures we cannot make a determination if the claim is accurate or not. For the purpose of this discussion we've assumed that one of or both of these vehicular comparisons is actually accurate. However, it doesn't seem THAT far off considering we also don't know exactly which vehicles they used in the comparison. Perhaps they used a Prius as their 'mid-size' car which would likely put the 4x4's yearly KM's way above 70,000 after you take the fuel factor multiplier into account.

    2. G'day Mate,

      Well done on finding finding my mistake and as you stated if we are looking at your remark "Pay attention to the units of measure here. 35mi ~= 59 km." As one mile = 1.6 km, 35 miles is 56 km, making your calculations also incorrect would you not agree?

      Another point that i should have mentioned with my thoughts of this production is the title is Meat the Truth, from that the title is meat consumption/productions based doco. That being the case one question for you.

      When was the last time you ate a steak from a dairy cow?

      I can say here in Australia, once their life as a milk producer has finished they become pet food not fit for human consumption.

      I still stand by my point I was trying to relay is
      "Although I agree that global warming and our enviroment are off utmost importance. Misleading people with half truths and dishonesty in
      presentation can lead to contempt of a extremely important issue that need accurate information so we can tackle the whole problem collectively." Would you not agree?

      [Edit] Welcome to TDF.

    3. Sorry but here in Australia our ex dairy cows are slaughtered and shipped to America for burger meat ect :(

    4. I would like to see your evidence for that, as I can back my claim with what happens to ex dairy cows quite easily all you have to do is call Auld's knackery in Stanhope victoria Australia to see where they get the majority of their cattle from. You could also inquire at Ray borda's pet food supply their head office is in South Australia and there are others that will back my claim that the majority of ex milkers go on to become pet food as the farmers get a better live wieght price per head than they do from other markets

    5. I became aware of this whilst I was training greyhounds and inquired where the meat came from as the last thing that i needed was meat that had been contaminated with drugs of any description as we had to present our dogs to the race track drug free and if caught your licence would be either cancelled or suspended which efficted your lively hood.

  15. I wonder, its proved that there is a global warming, the question is how big effect it has on the climate, no question about that. So wheres the proof that this done to make people live in fear, no proof at all that this is the case. And a funny thing, are you people really taxed to death, not really, bussines owners grab most of the money today, not the employees.
    Everybody is allowed to have an oppinion, but i find most of this stupid, why take the chance on ruening the climate, there way more proof that we have a human made problem then the opposite.

    Give me a proof that this is a hoax!

    1. He's not saying it's a hoax completely, he's saying they are using it to hide the true root of the problem, or one of them anyways. The hoax is that the environment is being ruined by vehicle pollution and somehow paying taxes will solve it, the truth is that industry is the real culprit and the tax will inevitably benefit THEM in the long run due to the fact that it will be US that bails them out when they tank.

      Food for thought.

  16. Yes, we should learn from the Dutch. Founders of capitalism, slavery and the corporation!

    1. Right, and they still have a monarchy and one that has been linked to Nazism. They are probably the ones who came up with the word "sex worker" to give some feminist dignity to women who end up in prostitution. I should mention their flagship city is famous for drugs and prostitution not to mention slave trading.

  17. You need only to watch Food.Inc and read the books Fast Food Nation and Omnivore's Dilemma (and for sure the books of Joel Salatin - I still have these books to look forward to reading) to see how sustainable farming is adding to the solution and not the problem. If farmers, who would like to run their farms like Polyface f.i., would be subsidised as heavily as the companies controlling CAFO's, chicken-growers and GM-corn and GM-Soybeans; a lot of the problems with greenhousegasses from livestock (and water pollution from the manure) would be all but eliminated. Let's not even begin to talk about the animal-abuse going on. Enough to make you hopping mad.

  18. While I agree that factory farming is an environmental disaster, the fact that this film completely ignored sustainable farming is doing the same thing that they were calling out the Inconvenient truth for doing (ie. leaving out the impact of CAFOS) Sustainable farming is good for the environment and focuses on reusing all forms of waste. Vegetarianism is not the only solution to factory farming. Yes, we should cut back on our meat consumption but we don't have to stop. Humans were made to eat meat. Eat local, Eat from sustainable farms.

    1. Made for fulfill psychologically parents.
      I known various vegans raised with no sencient by product.
      Eco Village in Brazil, for example, goes on.

    2. Oh, Mandy...Humans were 'made' to eat meat sounds like animals were 'made' to be killed to satisfy human palates, as well as black people were made to be slaves for the white and women were made for men...WAKE UP, EVOLVE, LEARN...

    3. That's not what she was saying at all. Nice way to twist her words.

    4. But she's still wrong. We were indeed "evolved" to eat an omnivorous diet, including meat.

    5. I'm not sure if humans were made to eat meat or not, but it would be impossible in many environments for humans to get most nutrients without eating meat. In the days of the cave man, there were not tropical gardens all over the place. Spices were limited to india, as are many fruits we consider to be normal. It is probably more possible now than ever to live without meat

    6. humans were not made to eat meat, if you look at animals that eat meat for example lions and sharks you will notice, hopefully, that their teeth are hunters teeth. we however have flat teeth meant to chew on grains instead of ripping apart our food. Also our intestines are apr. 7 meters long and those of an omnivore are noticeable shorter. Leave a piece of meat outside unprotected on your kitchen counter on a hot day for 3 days (which is the amount of time our body needs to process meat) and see what happens to it. Now imagine that piece of meat in you body where the temperature is much hotter than outside and imagine what is happening to that meat. Omnivorse have this same problem but because of their shorter intestines don't need the full 3 days to digest meat.

    7. you are right about humans not being made..... after that not so much. Humans are omnivores. I eat steak & potatoes.

    8. Humans are NOT made to eat meat. That's just ignorance. We are taught to eat meat.

      Do this experiment at home... Take a preschool kid, give him/her an apple and a bunny. The kid will ALWAYS eat the apple and play with the bunny. Meat eating is a LEARNED behavior from the adults.

      There are scores of research done by creditable doctors who advise against eating meat and dairy ( the best one " The China Study").

      Don't be a pawn to the meat and dairy industries. Do the logical thing and FOLLOW THE MONEY. You'll see why we are constantly bombarded with their ads, and they do it with the US Gov't's backing.

      Eat plant based foods.... look and feel better, put meat/dairy/pharmaceutical corporations out of business,save the environment, and become a better human being.

    9. Taught to eat meat, NOT 'made'/created to eat meat?
      That is as ridiculous as your 'child-ish' evidence with the bunny and the apple.
      Give a child a choice between ice cream and vegetables, and they'll choose the ice cream. Does that mean they're 'made to eat ice cream only'? That's just dumb what you said.
      How then do they 'teach' our gut to digest a food it's not designed to do? Our teeth indicate we're an omnivore, not a vegetarian
      We have EVOLVED to eat most things, meat included. However, I would agree that the average western diet contains more meat more often then we've evolved to eat it.
      One could become a vegan as yourself, or you could go the traditional
      way and just join a church. Either way by the looks, you'll acquire the
      belief you're 'a better human being' then others are.
      Deluded reasoning and vanity as you displayed in your 'elbow twisting' effort to pat yourself on the back about your 'awe inspiring strength and physique' doesn't prove anything in the way of a vegan diet being superior to one containing meat.

    10. You wrote "Give a child a choice between ice cream and vegetables, and they'll choose the ice cream." You are joking , right? Comparing veggie with Ice cream with its butter fat and Sugar, which is addictive? I was referring more to the pure human nature, that untainted child is not capable of killing a sentient being, that is learned growing up.

      And wrote "Our teeth indicate we're an omnivore, not a vegetarian ". So, out of between 24 to 32 teeth in humans,why are there only 4 canines and rest are incisors and molars? A design flaw?

      And wrote "We have EVOLVED to eat most things, meat included." Listen, you can plastics and crayons, or just anything. Sure you can eat meat and dairy, but look at all the health problems they create, like cancer, heart disease, and obesity.

      Many respected doctors are coming out now to say that meat and dairy are the cause of so much of our health problems. Many of them are shunned by their peers because they are hurting the pockets of medical industries.

      The most complete and comprehensive study ever done is "THE CHINA STUDY". I'm sure many have read it. Or watch "Forks over knives". Those two WILL change the way you look at what you eat.

      Maybe I write a little too passionate about these issues, but I feel that too many misinformations have been put into our heads by these industries with the backing of USDA, all for their greed. Just follow the money trail and the information they put out, and you'll see who's trying to feed us misinformation.

      Tired, gotta sleep. Peace to you.

    11. I think most of the health problems you are relating are either caused or exacerbated by, amongst a plethora of other lifestyle factors, heavily processed supermarket garbage meat or dairy or McDonalds type 'burgers'. I have a cynical hunch that addictive additives are used in these processes. The thing is, humans are omnivores as we do have canines, and just like nearly all of the other great apes, we occasionally kill other animals to eat them. Human intensive industry is the root cause of the problems you blame on meat consumption, and that is not exclusively about food production at all.

      Myself I am happy to go without meat most of the time, but for an occasional family meal say once a week a nice roast chicken from the farm down the road or maybe some freshly caught river trout, is something I will not give up, especially while I can go and catch or grow these creatures myself. You are saying that this is unhealthy? exactly how?

      Dairy is just too useful a foodstuff - and it doesn't have to come from cattle. Sheeps or goats milk and cheese is much healthier and the taste is simply what you are used to, just don't be fussy. Hard cheese keeps unprotected for over a week, and in warm climates or otherwise this is not something any vegetable can do.

      If you're hungry enough you will eat any food available. It is an advantageous evolutionary development to merge into omnivores rather than be limited to either carnivore or herbivore, enabling you to survive when there is an absence of either.

      Do you think Inuit Eskimos should stop eating meat? because they will starve if they do.

    12. I answered your question in my reply to docoman. Read it. It will even answer your question about the eskimos. Do you know they have the highest osteoporosis rate in the world. Meat eating= acidic blood=leaching of calcium phosphate from bones= osteoporosis.

      Read the study!! And remember, today's doctors are not looking out for you, they're looking out for themselves.

    13. Yes I am aware of their high rate of osteoporosis, so I ask you would you choose death by starvation over life with increased chance of disease? You haven't answered my first question, how is eating a chicken or some fish occasionally unhealthy? I asked you, not a 'study' I would like to know 'how' in your understanding and your words.

      Meat is a good source of various vitamins and minerals that are very difficult or impossible to acquire for a significant proportion of human beings on this planet in any other way. Now you can go on however you like about the harmful effects of eating meat, but do you apply the same principle to everything you eat? name me one food that does not have the capacity to do harm if over consumed. Brazil nuts contain radium, tomatoes contain arsenic etc. etc. Wheat is responsible for a huge amount of dietary problems.

      I will say that anyone who does eat meat should, at some point in their lives get some hunting training, an air rifle, and go catch a rabbit to eat. Killing as quickly and cleanly as possible, (1 shot behind the eyes) then gutting and skinning, cooking and eating. It is an educative experience most who eat meat will never do. It teaches you that it is a challenge, rabbits are sensitive wild creatures, they hear, see and smell you coming. It is a painstaking process to get within the 20 yards or so for a clean air rifle shot. 99% of the time they get away. It is fair and balanced, and does not impact the population of very fast breeding creatures.

      Regards, Sam.

    14. I agree, its an education on proper firearms use and it teaches an appreciation of what and where the meat we eat comes from. (I 'cheat', used a .22) Especially if you're somewhere similar to where I've lived in the past and the rabbit populations needed to be controlled anyway. Rabbit is a good clean, lean meat too.
      Meat was also a large part of the Australian Aborigines diet in the past, I'm confident that they would have struggled to survive long term without it being on the menu.

    15. OK, Doco And Sam. I repeat, read the whole study. If you haven't read the WHOLE study, don't pretend to know what it's about. Reading a summary from Wiki and saying that I 'm misrepresenting the facts? Read the whole thing and we can have a discussion. But I just know you're not going to read it, because you already have your minds made up in certain conventional beliefs.
      Once upon a time, we thought the earth was flat. A bad analogy but What I'm trying to say is, let go of conventional beliefs for once and at least investigate the unconventional, and you might see the truth. But like I said, I have a feeling that you won't read the study and go back to believing what you believed all your life.
      Please don't bother me until you HAVE read it. And believe it or not, I really care about the humanity and its well being.

    16. Sam didn't mention the wiki stuff on the China Study, I did.
      Reading an outline of a book can give you 'the outline' of the book, I don't and haven't claimed to know everything about it, but I do know it was a 20 year study of different groups of rural Chinese people, looking at their diet, and incidence and rates of diseases. Which is what you are referring to.

      I can also see what they said about a proper Vegan diet is lacking in B12 and thus requires supplements, and their 8 principles of food and health, one of which is supplements are not the answer.
      I don't have to read the whole book to see what you're advocating is not exactly what they say is ideal. IF a complete diet requires no supplements, and a Vegan diet does, it logically follows that a Vegan diet does not qualify as a complete diet.
      On some points I agree with you, except that NO animal products or meat in the diet is what we were 'designed' to eat. That's wrong, it seems even your quoted source agrees. If you think they don't, please point me to the relevant chapter where they say a Vegan diet is the ideal. Where do they say that in the book?
      You are making the assertion that humans are not designed to eat meat, the burden of proof lies with you Ryan, not me mate.

    17. If you are passionate about 'misinformations being put in our heads', you should stop trying to say we're not supposed to have any meat in our diets based on physiological reasons, but rather acknowledge that it's largely psychological motives that drive that hypothesis and lifestyle choice.

      A gym junkie that eats meat can have just as 'awe inspiring' strength and physique as a vegan one.

      I've had reason to discuss digestion and diet with numerous doctors, surgeons and dietitians over the last few years. Meat is harder to digest then many other foods, but not one of those professionals said we're not supposed to eat any meat. In fact, they all included it in moderation, in a balanced diet. For a normal gut, not one of them said 'ease of digestion' is the most important criteria for a potential food.

      Likening plastics and crayons to meat as a food is absurd.

      Which 'respected doctors' are saying "meat and dairy are the cause of so much of our health problems"? I've not met one that says a vegan diet is the ideal diet.

      Which also posed the question for me, how can a doctor be both 'respected' (implying they're respected in their profession) and shunned by their peers?

    18. So why don't you read The China Study and get back to me. It will answer all your questions you just asked.
      Your claim, "how can a doctor be both 'respected' (implying they're respected in their profession) and shunned by their peers?" Damn man, why don't you read what I wrote first. Today's medical industry keeps people just sick enough to sell their pills and surgeries. An honest doctor is shunned by their peers because he is a threat to their livelihood. Like I said, follow the MONEY trail and see who makes billions each year from peoples' sickness. Healthy people are worth ZERO to the medical industries.

      Today's doctors are just pawns to the Pharmaceuticals companies. Until you've read the above study, don't bother me. Like I said it answers all your questions. It's the largest and most comprehensive study ever done on effects of human diet. Unless you are afraid it will smash your conventional outdated beliefs.

    19. As this is a public forum, I'll bother you when I please on here, regardless of your orders. I'm not one of your mid-life crisis denying muscle headed gym junkies that are in supposed awe of your strength and physique, I am not awed by you in any way.

      I had a brief look at your recommended book 'The China Study' through wiki.
      It seems either you are misrepresenting their findings by advocating a vegan diet, or they contradict themselves. Short odds it's you. ;)

      From wiki;
      "They also recommend adequate amounts of sunshine to maintain sufficient levels of vitamin D, and supplements of vitamin B12 in case of complete avoidance of animal products."
      But then in their 8 principles of food and health, number 2 is; "Vitamin supplements are not a panacea for good health."
      So either they don't recommend a VEGAN diet as you say they do, which as they say requires B12 supplements, or if they do they contradict one of their own rules, and recommend a diet requiring continual supplements.
      Contrary to your wish, it doesn't 'smash' my 'belief' on food, it just confirms my suspicions from reading your posts that you are either lying or are a twit. A third possibility appeared after reading the symptoms your professed diet can cause.

      As your source says, a Vegan diet is lacking in B12.

      A deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency anemia. A mild deficiency may cause only mild, if any, symptoms. But as the anemia worsens it may cause symptoms such as:
      -weakness, tiredness or light-headedness
      -rapid heartbeat and breathing
      -pale skin
      -sore tongue
      -easy bruising or bleeding, including bleeding gums
      -stomach upset and weight loss
      -diarrhea or constipation
      If the deficiency is not corrected, it can damage the nerve cells. If this happens, vitamin B12 deficiency effects may include:
      -tingling or numbness in fingers and toes
      -difficulty walking
      -mood changes or depression
      -memory loss, disorientation, and dementia
      B12 deficiency in infants, if not detected and treated, can lead to severe and permanent damage to the nervous system. New mothers who follow a vegetarian diet should have their babies' B12 levels checked by a doctor.

      Here's a couple thoughts for ya muscle man. Imagine how awe inspiring at the gym you'd be if you had a complete diet. Stop advocating BAD HEALTH ADVICE against your supposed source, that can cause problems to any twit foolish enough to believe your ignorant claims. Go take some B12 and hope that your symptomatic mental problems are not permanent and can be somewhat alleviated by supplementing your incomplete diet along with an acceptance that you are getting old, get used to it.

    20. I
      think as human beings we are equipped with the innate ability to filter out
      things that aren’t facts from facts. For the most part what Ryan is saying is
      completely understandable. With just a bit of back knowledge about the
      pharmaceutical companies, and the banking systems behind them we can see the
      corruption that can happen. In college I just researched some of the more
      common over the counter medications such as Bayer and Tylenol and some of these
      companies have had huge losses in the past due to the settlements that had to
      be paid out to thousands of deaths caused by their formulas. The FDA will stand
      behind any company that funds it capital, and every prescription drug contains
      over 500 negative side effects. The majority of society has become asleep, they
      have forgotten what the balance of life feels like. Since the industrial
      revolution the world has begun a free fall to a life that is no longer natural.
      We are so blinded and conditioned to believe everything we see and read we need
      to start doing our own research. When you watch a movie or read a book research
      the author, what did he study? What is his background? We are relying on humans
      who are biased, to get the "truth" we each must uncover the truth for
      ourselves. This is why we have such devolved brains, we have this muscle for a
      reason, and the reason is that we are the only species that can uncover the
      truths by using it. We are eating too much meat as a population. Are agricultural
      abilities are so developed we can get access to many vegetarian proteins. Too
      much animal fat IS bad for the human body, it’s been scientifically proven that
      our body reuses the protein in its body. Meat and the way we destructively
      engage in the mass production and consumption of it is destroying the balance
      of life. We are not doing enough to help the environment and putting loads of
      stress on the world. We are also the country that allows our companies to go
      over sees and mass produce with factories and unfairly pay the people of the
      land. As well as destroy cultures and other countries economic structure. We
      all need to open our eyes and see how corrupt everything around us is. Humans
      can make mistakes, can’t you all see that everything is just a rule some humans
      thought up one day. With technological advances and changes in the world
      sometimes these rules become something destructive or traits that were never
      thought of long term begin to appear. We can’t continue this way forever. We
      have to start believing in balance and that we all hold in ourselves the key to
      the truth.

    21. If our ancestors hadn't switched from eating raw foods to cooked foods, and from plant-based to omnivorous diets including proteins from animals and fish/shellfish, our brains would not have evolved to the point where we could argue with one another about such things...just sayin'.

      As others have pointed out, the problem isn't eating meat, per se, it's the quantity and source of the meat that's in question. And while preschool kids might not automatically kill a bunny to eat it, if they were really hungry I bet they would. Especially if you gave them broccoli instead of an apple.

    22. Kate, please do yourself and your family a favor by watching " Forks Over Knives", a documentary based on the findings from The China Study. It's gotten great reviews and changed many peoples' views about conventional beliefs of eating.

      Just google: "Forks Over Knives, free". You will find few sites where you can watch it for free.

    23. I have also heard that meat is the reason our brains grew, but why then hasn't any other meat eater had the same effects? I know you will say the extra energy is used, but really, all of them?? I haven't seen proof, and am unsure whether that is really the case. It is much more likely that we NEEDED to become smarter, and that caused our brains to grow, as such is the way evolution works.

    24. ''Humans are not made to eat meat.'' Have you read any thing about Australian Aborigine and studied their nomadic living you could argue that without meat and all edible things were eaten, including goanna,, turtles and the kangaroo I could continue with how you are wrong.
      "The China Study" presents one case study of a the Chinese way of life through there diet. For anyone to make such a claim like you have the burden of proof is up to you. As I have given you one example where your hypothesis is flawed.
      I've read this complete conversation and I would say that the other posters have been correct with their opinions as I am with mine.

    25. Another post without reading the book. Another one who's mind is already made up without looking at both sides. People do not want to investigate in fear that it will change their habits. Go on then, stick to your old habits.

    26. I looked at the whole convo, and I have to say, Ryan lost.

    27. A question regarding the "eat local movement."

      What happens when a natural disaster rips through your region and destroys crops. Where do you get your food from then? You couldn't really get it from elsewhere since, ya know, they only have enough to feed their own population. And you could ask the government for help, but since we made them stop subsidizing factory farms, we don't have a food surplus to provide to disaster victims. So, what exactly is there to be done?

  19. I have seen a number of videos on this topic and never have I see one that addressed why the cows might be putting out so much gas. They seem to just accept it as a fact of nature. I grew up in the midwest. I was occasionally around cows and their poop was never green as in seen in this video. Could part of the problem be that the cows are getting all these shots and garbage added to their feed - like powered meat? Cows are vegetarians - not meat eaters. Sad to say but if you really want people to stop eating meat then you will have to show them the garbage they are eating. Meat today has a lot more visible fat & grissle in it today than decades ago - and the taste is often not as full and robust as back then. The recommended amount is 6oz per day - most people, especially Americans, eat way more than that at each setting. Most restaurants don't even have a cut that small on their steak list.

    I am not against cutting back - have already done so - but the numbers dont work for me. If cows are 18% of the problem how can you say that is the worse of the problem when there is still another 82% coming from other sources.

    And, if we all stopped eating cows then they would have to stop the cows from breeding or the problem would still exist.

  20. I thought it was a thought-provoking video, but I absolutely hated a few parts...just brutal and childish to watch. My question is: if gases released from the cattle is so bad for the environment, then why is it that the country side has much cleaner air than the city? Obviously there's many more trees and plants in the country to clean the air, but if you were to go by the logic shown in the video, then cities would have the cleanest air and that's far from true. Clearly the more densely populated the (industrialized) city and areas is, the worse the pollution.

    It's not cows, it's a combination of cars, heating and air conditioning, restaurants that deep fry oil and use grills, incinerators, etc. This is such vegan/peta type hysteria or propaganda...their gross-out tactics and giving decent farmers a bad name. In my area (Ottawa, Canada), the farmers grow the food they themselves feed their children and they take pride in raising cattle that have plenty of land and space to graze-on.

    The narrator should have focused more on the ENTIRE cost to the planet to create the meat we consume, rather than dance around that topic and only touch upon it for a few minutes. Talk about the logistics and how much fuel they burn in the air/sea to ship the meat. Give us statistics on electrical usage from farms, show us more raw-data, like how specific meat preservatives or hormone injections cause cancers or disease. She's just using the current global warming hysteria to fuel the peta agenda. We should stop killing animals because we are killing ourselves is the message.

    I don't care that animals suffer on farms, that angle is not going to work on me or most people I know. You might think I'm cruel or brutal to think in such terms, but if cows or chickens weren't grown the way they are, we'd still have to kill them one way or another. Just because it's a more-industrialized process, doesn't mean it's any more cruel than nature is. Lions will eat its prey alive, Eagles will throw goats off cliffs, Sharks, well you know... Animals are our food source, just as we are a food source to the shark or lion.

    To think that humans aren't predatory animals is to deny common sense. We have teeth that are designed for tearing, our bodies will easily break-down meat and extract its nutrients, meat is a widely available source of protein, b12, omega3 an iron.

    If you were in the wild you wouldn't be able to just go for a walk and grab a sufficient amount of beans/veggies to feed a family. I don't know what world these vegans are living in...

    This video points-out the problems of eating meat but doesn't offer any practical and logical-solutions or alternatives to eating meat. In my area I can get fresh: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, mushrooms, onions, potatoes and green beans...I'd have to eat canned-veggies to supplement meat-protein, and that's not a great-idea. And what if you're allergic to peanuts, beans and soy? That's very common. You rarely hear of anyone being allergic to meats like fish, cow, chicken, pork, turkey. Although I don't think that dairy is very good for the body.

  21. how about overpopulation being the issue?

  22. There is something else to consider concerning the consumption of so much meat, as well. The increases in human global/local conflict based on an increase in human AGGRESSION, may also have its roots in this perverted diet. Have you ever noticed a calmness, an ability to think critically, in societies which consume less meat of the varieties which are mass produced, and less meat proportionally overall?

    1. and I would write a deeper, more complex, script into the future that might hinge on China's new found increase in "meat addiction." Think of how stable and long lasting Chinese culture has been. China has, compared to other countries, had an extremely limited history of imperialism and no aspirations of global dominance--- until perhaps NOW? Remember, China is as inexperienced with mega meat consumption and it likely effects of increased aggressive tendencies in its population, as the North American Natives were to alcohol.

      Now take these relatively well known facts, that human aggression increases as meat form a larger proportion of our protein intake, and apply it to a nation which has an expanding population of 1.5 billion, nuclear weapons and a new perception of it's own power, perhaps even destiny....

      OK, OK, I haven't had good psychedelic trips lately so I am at a loss to describe the complexity which is the normal matrix of reality. But if we all put our creative mind to it and observe these evolving situations closely, I'm sure that the picture will become clear. That's how nature works. We are nature interacting with itself. Let's find out how it works and do a better job in our role.

      Too bad this medium is used mostly by idiots or worse. This conundrum is also part of the complexity of nature. How do I know this? Isn't it self evident to you too?

    2. So eating meat makes you aggressive? Doves eat insects. Elephants eat planst--whom would you like to fight with?

    3. That's a matter of size and capability in two very different species as opposed to one single species who consists of some of whom eat plants only and others eat animal products. Comparing the two is ridiculous.
      By your same logic, tigers eat meat and koalas eat plants. Whom would you like to fight with?

  23. "Climate Change and Global Warming – yes I know, it’s a hoax, it’s a scam and designed to keep us in fear and implement a Carbon Tax, as if we aren’t already taxed to death."

    This video was made in 2008, so I understand why he wrote this but it's absolutely wrong. There is undeniable evidence for man-made climate change.

  24. My dad used to be a meat cutter before joining the fire department and he told me that the workers in a slaughter house who were the 1st in the diss-assembly line would have to be rotated out every 4 - 5 days beacuase they would start to loose their minds from being ankle deep in blood and guts 8-10 hours a days. How many farmers have you heard of that go nuts from pulling carrots out of the ground for 4-5 straight days? Hmm. .

    Humans beings are'nt even designed to eat flesh and consume animal secretions. Dont believe me? Does your dog have a jaw that moves side to side? No he/she does not. Know carnivores do. Only herbivores jaws work like that. If we're designed to eat meat, . Why dont humans have fangs, claws, or physical strength-speed & power?

    Carnivores all have very short digestional tracts. Humans and all herbivores have very long tracks. Carnivores have extremly large stomachs in comparison to their gut area. Humans and all herbivores have small stomachs. We're grazers, not gorgers. Read the book, "The China Study" for the most extensive study ever conducted on the human diet for all the scientific proof.

  25. Yeah, I think there should be some focus on an improvement of the animal farming industry. Just becoming vegan seems kind of passive. Baby animals would still be castrated without painkillers, chickens would still be debeaked, and drugging and crowding would still happen. We have a right to eat healthy animals. The animals have a right not to be tortured. That's what I think.

    1. How is being a vegan passive? Would you say that to Tony Gonzales of the Kansas City Cheifs if he was in front of you? He's 6' 5" & 255 lbs of ripped muscle.Gonzales is a vegan. Mac Danzig of the UFC is a vegan, as well as the Shaolin Temple warrior monks, the ancient greek gladiators, the Spartan warriors were strick vegans, and the Romans were vegetarians in their prime. The whole eating meat & drinking animal secretions to get strong thing is a giant myth.

      The exellent book, "The China Study" by Dr.Collin Cambell proves it in graphic detail by revealing the science behind the largest, most complete study of the human diet ever conducted.

    2. vegan is powerful. vegan is discipline. vegan is strong.

    3. Right on. I am a vegan, and when I go to the gym people are awed at my strength and physique. People who says that you become weak eating plant foods don't know how and what to eat properly, and after a half hearted attempt, give up and say that it doesn't work. Like everything else, you have to re-learn your habits if you want to improve.

      In my case , it took me 2 weeks for my body to adjust to the vegan eating style. It felt like my body was trying to get rid of all the junk in the system. Then afterwards, I felt so much healthier and energetic. I'm 49 years old and guys in their 20's can't keep up with me at the gym.

  26. Methane hmmmm its a fuel, I know lets use that gas to power cars, create energy for the farms, Oh their already doing that why was that not mentioned?

  27. does this film contain any graphic footage of animals being slaughtered?

    1. there are animal castrations and beak removal but i don't think any animals were slaughtered.

  28. Great documentary, but if 18% of greenhouse gases come from livestock and 12% comes from cars/trucks/planes. There where is the other 70% coming from? I'd like to see evidence of these numbers. But the purpose of this video is to get people to become vegetarian, at least vegetarian for one day of the week.

    Ultimately what needs to happen is that people need to stop having so many children. This is a topic not discussed in the documentary, but think if there are fewer people then there is less demand for meat, cars, and EVERYTHING else. Not sure why this is a taboo topic when it is actually the root of our issues now and will be a bigger issue as the world population grows.

    1. The other 70% comes from agriculture, industry, forest fires, and also other minor sources.

  29. Ok i get it Al Gore missed out livestock - but he did SOMETHING, jeese look at the people who don't give a **** at all.

  30. i'm sorry this animation is winding me up

  31. This documentary was presented really well, in my opinion. The format was somewhat informal, but engaging. I hope more people view this and similar documentaries in the future, as the information is relevant not only to our environment, but our livestock handling practices and health. Reducing or eliminating meat and dairy in our diets provides only benefits.

  32. Permaculture is the natural answer to corporate farming practices. We will have to relearn ag 101 as fossil fuels become scarce and soil degradation adds to diminishing food supplies. Animals are an integral part of the permaculture approach. My family are weekday vegetarians and it is so easy to do its ridiculous... and way way cheaper.

    1. Interesting. I would like to know more, in what way are animals intergral to permaculture? I applaud your weekday vegetarianism and would love to see more people taking this idea up.

  33. Just one more cog in a machine whose complexity is beyond most people's comprehension. See commentary for details.

  34. While there is no doubt that de-forestation is impacting the biosphere's ability to self regulate, all this other nonsense regarding green house gases is a joke. The poles on Mars are melting and I feel safe in saying that we are not to blame for that. Since the sun has by far the greatest impact on all the planets, look to changes in this source for explanations, not wanna be experts who talk about things (meterology) they no little about because the science is in it's infancy, and there are to many variables to even comprehend the implications. Beef and pork production are the greatest cause for climate change???? Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees!

  35. Climate change is real. The climate is getting warmer. The temperature has ALWAYS been relational to CO2 levels in the atmosphere and we are releasing massive amounts into the atmosphere.
    Also, if we don't raise meat we'll have to raise beans to synthesize protein. So we'll need fertilizer. Which requires POWER and chemicals, both of which produce CO2 to generate. It's a little bit better from a CO2 standpoint to be a vegetarian, but humans do alot better nutritionally with meat usually. I used to be a vegetarian but I needed to stop so I could continue my track training.
    Anyone who tells you climate change is not real is a liar and a fool. Closing our eyes isn't going to save lives. Wake up.

    1. no im sorry but you don't know the hell your talking about humans make only1.5% co2 in our atmosphere co2 is certantly a major green house just like water vapor the largest green house gas listen the earth is defiantly getting hotter and we do need to stop polluting the earth ,but the Idea that in the span of 200 years since the begging of the industrial revolution that we humans have shifted the earth's climate this isn't the first time that climate change had been brought up in the past century the fact is that man-made globalwarming is an unproven science, but on a good note it dose help inspire a better earth even if it is bs.

  36. this is boring.. out.

  37. the first scientist, the specialist on the dairy farm, looks like a fat Tom Green. funny to see him hanging out with a cow...

  38. i like to watch this doc while eating a really rare, bloody steak... ummmm... delicious!

  39. The animals we eat will be the only ones left in the end, stop eating cow, then cows will go extinct. >_<

    1. Actually you are wrong. Because of factory farming chicken and cow and pig races have disappeared form the face of earth. They only use a few races while the old farmers used to bread far more species. And more that that, the ones they use for factory farming are weaker and die younger and live mainly because antibiotics are used regularly. But hey, I used to think the same.

  40. Lady, I know more than your holy-than-thou mind could muster. I know that even with a vegan diet we still produce pollutions into the air and cause so much harm to the planet. Where do you think the plant based foods you eat come from? Most fruits aren't native to your Euro-trash nation that's for sure. It still takes thousands upon millions of green house gases to produce and transport veggies and fruits to your stupid high estate neighborhood. >_>

    Seriously. Going vegan isn't going to change *beep*! You're only replacing one form of pollution with another... one form of slavery with another. You'll drain water from hidden water wells to water the produce and still need fossil fuels to run the trucks to feed you and your arrogant vegan buddies. Yea. I think I'd stick to eating my BK Chefs' choice burger. The energy to make that is the same as the kiwi fruits I ate last week (gases were used to transport kiwis from other countries via planes). There is also the labor force... err, slave force... whose going to produce all those fruits and veggies for your rich spoil sorry butt? Yea that's right migrant labor children from Chile... dumb b!tch. I think there isn't any simple solution to this problem.

    Also since when climate change is a bad thing? The Earth has always changed for millions upon billions of years. Who the *beep* are we to think we are the controllers of this world and are capable of truly destroying it. Goes to show how arrogant and idiotic our species has become. To think that we could really destroy something that had been adapting, evolving and surviving for over 4 billion years. The audacity. We would die out WAY before the planet and all of its species. ...and to tell you the truth good riddance. Our species is an embarrassment to this planet.

    To the individual who posted this video, thank you so much for posting this. Videos like this one makes me feel better about eating my huge, juicy burger. :)

    1. It's true, if we all went vegan we wouldn't stop damaging the environment altogether but we'd be trading a huge problem for a much smaller one...

      Raising animals for food requires massive amounts of land, food, energy, and water. It is grossly inefficient because while animals eat large quantities of grain, soybeans, oats, and corn, they only produce comparatively small amounts of meat, dairy products, or eggs in return. This is why more than 70 percent of the grain and cereals that we grow in this country are fed to farmed animals. It takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat, and even fish on fish farms must be fed up to 5 pounds of wild-caught fish to produce 1 pound of farmed fish flesh.More than 260 million acres of U.S. forest have been cleared to create cropland to grow grain to feed farmed animals, and according to scientists at the Smithsonian Institution, the equivalent of seven football fields of land is bulldozed worldwide every minute to create more room for farmed animals.

      It's much much more efficient to just feed the plant based foods straight to the humans.

    2. It's great that not once in your argument did you mention the animals.

      You're just one of millions of people who kid themselves into thinking they're doing the right thing by paying people to kill animals for them so they can eat them. When humans are faced with guilt they do 2 things: 1) admit the guilt and change their behaviour 2) Shoot the messenger, ridicule the accusation, and continue behaving the same way. Which person do you want to be?

  41. them buffalo are looking awful tasty right now.

  42. Maybe you don't understand how postmodern capitalism works. It feeds of your insecurities and worries. Its not that the world is not really f***** and its a hoax to make us pay more but rather the world is f***** and we worry but luckily we have all these green products to help us out. Postmodernism fights against and continues modernism in absurd ways. It's not the world ,its us. We gotta chill out stop consuming, stop waisting, work harder become better people. Like the old days.

    1. Once people are accustomed with a certain amount of consumption, they usually have trouble going back. It's similar to how someone addicted to something experiences withdrawal. Speaking of which, I'm feeling a strong withdrawal quitting cigarettes. It's all about willpower.

      I think people will always consume as much as they can afford. That's the way of life. If you already have all your basic necessities, why not strive for more? That's always going to be the innate question in every human being's head.

    2. Assuming that all human beings are, and morover are innately, endlessly avaricious is false. People have a natural sense of justice. However, that sense of justice can be distorted in various ways. The most common of which is indoctrination by media and in school.

      The prevailing ideology (in the 'rich' countries and of the ruling class) attempts to convince people that greed is natural and even desirable. This is an opinion - also a tool to gain power, if people all feel righteously greed then they will be more likely to sympathise with the interests of the rich - not an innate human characteristic.

    3. I challenge you to show me someone who is willing to give away their money to the "greater good" of society rather than feed their child. It's a form of arbitrary greed. But by feeding their children and raising them properly, they inadvertently do more good to society than if they squandered all those resources in charities that would just give a man a fish rather than teach him how to fish.

    4. Well, addiction doesn't really work like that ... you don't get withdrawal from *not* having cigarettes, you get withdrawal from *having* cigarettes. That's why people become chain smokers and why the habit tends to get worse and harder to quit the longer it goes on. I tried to quit many times but it wasn't until I understood that I was in constant withdrawal while I was smoking, that I managed to do so succesfully. Then it was easy, it was actually easier not to have a cig than to have one.

      Consumerism is much the same and it's not true that people consume as much as they can afford - that's a relatively new development and it's only part of Western culture. Chinese families are saving lots of money even though they make less. It used to be the same in the West, decades ago. People saved their money and if they wanted something - they waited for Christmas. Now it's Christmas all the time and Christmas itself is just an excuse to go even more bonkers than usual.

      It's true that people strive for more once their basic necessities are met, but more what? It doesn't necessarily mean spending all your money on products you don't really need, that is just one thing among many that people can strive for. They can also strive to create security for themselves or their children and family by saving or investing. And people do. Depending on what the culture promotes, there isn't even necessarily that much willpower involved. It was easy for weak-willed people, just after ww2, to do this, because they were habituated to make the best of what they had and the culture promoted that. Of course today it takes a great deal of willpower because the culture promotes consumerism and attacks frugality.

    5. How did the idea of greed come about? Did it just come from a non-human entity, or was it a human being that developed it? Also, the definition of "greed" could be distorted to include someone who wants to collect kites. People would be more inclined to save money if economists like Keynes wouldn't be so revered. The mainstream economists are telling us that saving isn't worth it. The income tax is a system in place that discourages savings. Etc. If it's about saving money, I'd say we're going in the right direction if we listen to economists like Milton Friedman, who is adamantly opposed to the garbage that progressive governments have implemented.

    6. Fact and reality contradict your imagination here: people DID save more during Keynes' heyday, and it is now, at the tail end of 30 years of Friedmanism, that savings are practically nonexistant.

    7. Perhaps people did what Keynes said not to do, then. Indeed, their savings accounts were fuller. I understand that. But you're using improper causality. Keynes was a major proponent of spending. He said that savings is what caused recessions. That's an extremely well-known fact. I'd be interested in knowing where Friedmanism was implemented. All I've been hearing about is Keynesian economics in mainstream schools of thought. You need only look at Paul Krugman's articles and the actions of progressive governments to affirm this. Friedman, on the other hand, touted Hong Kong as a pristine example of what his idea of a great economy was. The booming country has much higher savings rates than the United States today.

    8. I didn't say Keynes caused greater savings ... but we can certainly tell from the results that Milton has definitely failed to increase savings.

      Keynes went out of style in the 70s, due to stagflation and supply shock resulting from the energy crisis. Common knowledge.

      Friedman's policies have been the guiding hand of economic and monetary policy ever since. Keynes gets talked about frequently since the collapse a few years ago, which signalled the failure of Friedmanism, but hasn't been influential on policy nearly 40 years. It's not clear that a return to Keynes would work in the current environment. The whole Keynes/Friedman debate is, at the present date, a historical argument.

    9. Three words changed the landscape of commerce/governmental economics over the last 35 years Public-Private-Partnership;
      Public pays-Private Profits -Partnership contracts enforced

    10. It turns out I've been rather ignorant about Friedman's policies. He was quite the proponent for centralization in the control of currency. I, on the other hand, believe that a decentralized approach is more lucrative and incentivizes innovation in this aspect, something that the US dollar lacks due to its home state monopoly.

      But what this all boils down to is: Is it wrong to have a savings account? Let's put aside the people behind philosophies as, by my own erroneous judgment, I have directed the conversation towards a very time-wasting argument. It would be more lucrative to discuss the concept of savings. Is this good or bad for human beings, and for society as a whole? I'd say that most savings are made for the purchase of goods at a later time, so they add something to the economy by taking away something for a limited period of time. Our current inflationary practices in monetary policy discourage this even further, as the money you save today will be less valuable tomorrow.

    11. Inflation is inevitable, you can slow it down but you can't stop it.

      Savings are good - in moderation. There are upsides and downsides to the economy with savings, but they're also necessary - as a buffer for individuals, as means of support for the elderly, and as investment in children. Savings are best when they are held by individuals (of all classes) for these purposes.

      As far as economists and their theories I don't think they're as useful as they seem to be. There's more to it than policy. Culture, I think, plays a huge role in the economy which is underestimated by economists. Our current culture promotes endless consumption and entitlement - you can clearly see the problem in most malls where you are likely, on any given day, to see a child throw a tantrum over some toy or other product. The culture has brainwashed the child into thinking he won't be happy without it, and yet the parent can't afford it. This is our problem in a nutshell. That behaviour continues beyond childhood. People sacrifice their well-being and their security - and that of their family and ultimately their society - for useless things, because of the consumerist culture.

      In less cynical times this was not the case. Useful and sensible values could be promoted without being laughed at as naieve. That, was the key to our former success. Keynes and the policies he shaped guided economic policy during this era but I don't think it would have made much difference if an opposing school of thought did. Economic policies give us an illusion of control but really they're just an expression of the culture. We like to have a sense of control, and we like simple solutions we can understand, and that's what economics provides. But I think the reality is much different.

    12. I can agree with that. Touche. I concede :)

      I love debates where everybody wins!

    13. So well said. Took the words right out of my mind. Thanks, by the way.

    14. I resist backward thinking. Howabout we get an energy source that doesn't release CO2. Doesn't that sound better than dying at 40 because of your teeth and always being cold?

  43. My guess is the fist size pill to help reduce the wind goes inside the port hole and the lid as he called it which appeared to have a window is put back on so you can keep an eye on things .
    Future factory farming has been covered in a book and it looks like there working on making it come about .It is so grotesque .

    It is all explained in the Bhagavad Gita (as it is)that if you Kill an animal ,if you prepare the meat for profit or just profit from meat or eat meat, the blame is equal .
    The suffering inflicted to the animals is returned to the people in equal measures and the responsible people take inumerous lower births which will most likely include a cow with a lid and a cow with the rest of the grotesque future plans upon her.
    Krishna is the well wisher of the cows and all the living entities .
    Chant the holy names of the Lord.


  44. "Why not invent a machine that produces dairy or meat?"

    Good idea! And while you're at it, I'd like one that produces beer and LSD!

  45. Don't eat for 1 day a week is even better.

  46. Global warming, ozone holes, pollution, deforestation, resource depletion, factory farming and any other global evil you can think of are all seen as current problems. People are very concerned about these problems, but they are not problems -- they are symptoms. The problem really is overpopulation and we need to get that under control and, ideally, reduce it to about half of what it is right now. If we can't do that then everything else we try will only delay the inevitable. Our population doubles about every 50 years so if we reduce pollution, resource utilization, energy consumption, etc. per person to 1/2 of what it is today (which probably isn't doable) over the next 50 years the net effect on the planet will be zero.

  47. According to this documentary, those men who murdered vast herds of American bison that numbered in the millions should be hailed as heroes. Just think of all the methane those things were producing and the vegetation they were stripping from the land. Thank God for Buffalo Bill and other like him!

    1. I think the correct word is "hunted" not "murdered"

    2. Let me rephrase what you said:

      'I think the correct euphemism is 'hunted' not 'murdered''

  48. The solution is simple. Move all animal farms to Mars. Mars needs the methane and carbon much more than Earth. No need to stop eating meat.
    The Meatrix part was fun, but the cow scat scene was a bit too much. Them Dutch are an interestng society.
    BTW, fixated environmental activists are as bad as fixated religious acrtivists. I want to scrape them off of me when they are close.

  49. Great documentary! I've read since that the UN estimates were way-off the mark and in truth, it's nowhere near 18% of greenhouse emissions coming from flatulent animals bred for meat - it's way, way higher - more like 52% Just imagine the ramifications of that - especially for the future!

  50. I would agree with her point but how she did it is quite ugly. She just tried to make a very negative impression without really explaining the details, the why and the how. Also vegetarian is just hypocrisy of the rich western society. The expert in the doc actually never says that animal protein should be completely eliminated from the diet, but just reduce by half.

  51. BTW the reason why diseases are accumulating in the western world is manly cased by the huge amount of carbohydrates we eat together whit al the poisonous products we use.

  52. The most important part of this discussion is that meat itself doesn't cause global warming its factory farming. To be a vegetarian is in many ways as bad as factory farming. The problem is the industrialization of food. The only right thing to eat is locally grown food. And whit locally grown food I men food that are supposed to live/grow where you live. Cows are one of the most sustainable foods you can eat if you live in a part of the world where they are supposed to live. But some people(vegetarians) think that forcing farmers in India to commit suicide is a god way to save the world.

    1. Farmers in India are committing suicide because Monsanto's genetically modified foods are infecting their crops and putting them out of business. Those modified foods take a lot of money to produce and they're spreading like wildfire. Mexico's corn is going bye-bye as well.

    2. Pardon my ignorance, but what is the connection between Indian farmers killing themselves and people not eating meat or eating less of it? I am assuming, given that the cow itself is sacred to many Indians, that cows are not farmed in India in any significant quantity? May I ask you to quantify your point that "...a vegetarian is in many ways as bad as factory farming", please? Thank you.

    3. What about using 10 times more resources to produce meat than vegetarian food?

    4. 'But vegetarians think that forcing farmers in India to commit suicide is a good way to save the world' - What a ridiculous statement - not worth a response.

      'To be a vegetarian is in many ways as bad as factory farming' - Almost equally ridiculous, but I will respond. 1) You provided no evidence for this assertion. 2) Vegetarianism involves no torture or murder of animals. 3) Did you miss the discussion of methane production by animals, viz. that a cow is equivalent to a petrol-guzzler?

  53. This movie is crap, global warming is a natural progress, has happened manymany times in the earth history, puny humans are irrelevant

    1. Thank you.

    2. humanity...but a mere blink of the earths eye in comparison to its age. I concur.

    3. global warming is a natural process, yes. But the rate at which it is currently occurring is not. Human actions through industrialisation and overproduction have accelerated the rate of carbon emissions into the atmosphere (more than what our natural carbon filters can remove) and hence the effects of climate change is happening much earlier than it should- say, centuries earlier. And clearly the human population is not coping as many are still starving and the effects of climate change only aim the heighten this inequality.

    4. you are a very overly opinionated person. yes i do agree that the planet warms and cools, no shittin anyone there, but like many others have and will tell u, the harm we re doing is insane and happening at an insane rate. at no other point in history have this many planet scale catastrophies unfolded in succession. u cant honestly believe that this supermarket way of life is even close to sustainable. come on bud, i have to think that your a smarter individual than that.

  54. Awesome one Vlatko.

  55. Nobody mentions the fact that "bugs" fart. About 5 to 10% of worlds methane is from bugs.

    1. Great point - never considered it and it's inherently funny

  56. The problem is not so much that we eat farmed animals, it is that farm animals have to be raised out of normal conditions to feed the demand of cities and agglomerations, it create a need to push the production of animals to a limit that is beyond normal for fast and bigger results. If we all lived farming, gardening, hunting, eating meat would not create the problem it creates.
    I agree with @Alexander, it takes much more land and water and vegetables to produce 1 kg of meat than to produce the same amount of calories directly from vegetables, grains, cereal.

    1. I whole heartedly agree. I am much more inclined towards the 100 mile diet than any other drastic alternative or politically motivated solution. I enjoy all foods. Especially fresh local organically grown or raised. Lots of vegetables & moderate consumption of fresh seafood, meat & dairy (absolutely love good cheese, grainy breads & good wine) that has not been processed or transported from a region outside of my immediate locale. I do admit a fondness for tropical fruit & some seafood not fashionably correct. Rice is something else I enjoy & unfortunately is not produced locally, very few grains are actually. Unfortunately it is an impossible ideal for everyone to live from the fruits & labours of local organic farming with the growing urban population. I happen to live on southern Vancouver Island where there is an abundance of farmers markets & locally produced food to choose from. It is extremely difficult to adhere to a local diet but certainly not unrealistic to moderate one's meat consumption. It ultimately makes for a healthier diet & lifestyle all around.

  57. Collect the shit and farts and burn it for electricity. NATURAL GAS. Now, how WOULD you collect the cow shit gases? THIS is the SECRET to figuring out this problem.

    1. possibly tha most genius solution ive heard, i mean, we can turn anything into anything else.. if u pay.

  58. OR we could stop having kids for a few years.

  59. The way i see it is when you can raise your own animals for the meat and when you can take that animals life just because you are hungry you will have the respect necessary to eat its flesh....but in America we call these animals our pets, and Americans don't eat animals that we have raised personally (humans are animals), at least i never have.

    And just for a thought; i don't believe in "in doors pet." I feel like its more of a human evolution thing, and we are dragging along any and all plants and animals that will follow. Humans have domesticated themselves, next step is to domesticate the planet.

  60. I always make the case that meat consumption is saving the planet.

    Modern agriculture itself is unsustainable. I'd rather have 7billion idiots transition to a sustainable system than 70billion idiots (from the supposed increased food supply by not consuming meat). Meat consumption is the solution, not the problem ;-).

    Another attempt at animal rights/liberation groups trying to X out the meat.

    1. Damn, you are an i(iot.
      Nothing you wrote makes any sense.

    2. You'd have to be a bigger id*ot to post to a 12 month old post.
      Have you got a comment of substance to post or are you so full of your own ego filled importance that you aren't intellegent enough to know when your being a fool.

    3. So there's a rule saying I can't reply to an old post? What ego? I called him an i*iot for using that same word to state an i*iotic scenario.

  61. Exactly where do they expect to produce the increased demand of vegetables if everyone gave up meat all together?

    And then they are complaining about the enormous amount of manure being produced. While it is true that there is a lot of manure it is also true that most of it is used to fertilize different crops which leads to better of growth and yield. Better growth and yield leads in turn to a larger consumption of CO2 by the plants.

    And while they are at it, just plug up those damn volcanos.
    Leaking methane all the time and i cant even eat them...

    1. Volcanoes do produce way more CO2 and greenhouse gases than all the worlds livestock. I know that humans are damaging and polluting the earth at an unprecedented rate, but I think the climate change is mostly natural. If one looks at the geological records, it is obvious that the earth has gone through many cataclysmic climate changes in the past, caused by volcanoes, meteorites, magnetic pole shifts, and changing solar activity. Periods of warmer temperatures and ice ages come and go. Lets focus on reforming our economy so that we don't need to be constantly extracting resources from the environment just to use them once and bury them in a landfill.

    2. The demand of vegetables DECREASES if you stop the meat production because it takes much more land and water and vegetables (yes these animals actualy eat something other than used car oil and pulverised bones) to produce 1 kg of meat than to produce the same amount of calories directly from vegetables

    3. I have been working on a factory farm for three years. And believe it or not i do know what dairy cows eat.
      And where i live one of the things that grows best is
      grass(the stuff cattle eat) and that would be a poor substitute for beef.

    4. wow I would like to know the name of the factory farm where you work if your cows are grazing on grass all day....

    5. I think the point about eating vegetables rather than meat - as it relates to land use - is this: 10 times less land is needed to grow the vegetables (and crops etc) for direct human consumption, than is needed to feed the animals we eat. There would be much more land available for food production than is either available now or is needed. As for the manure being used to fertilise, yes it is better than anything Monsanto et al would come up with, without a single doubt, but it is a matter of quantities - the amount that finds its way in waterways etc has further ramifications.

    6. I made the mistake of combining the point of this documentary withe the one called freedom fuels which was on TDF just some day before this one.
      And if you see both of them then you might understand why i am a bit skeptic about the whole idea of using crops for both food and fuel.
      Add then the decreasing area available for agricultural production.
      And the 140 million new mouths to feed every year.

      Why not invent a machine that produces dairy or meat?
      That would be better for the environment and people could eat whatever they like.

    7. There is a group of scientists working in Japan to create meat-like protein source from human excrement. Sustainable meat, ha ha.

  62. I haven't watched but it looks like another hoax. We have had livestock on this planet for thousands of years. Don't we need greenhouse gas as part of the eco-system, we need CO2. I'm sure there are technologies to take care and manage the problem if the globalists would let us have them. They are probably at least 50 years ahead of the general population.

    1. yes and we tortured them and fed them with their remnants and slaughter them and put them in 1x1 cages... don't you see that we'll never start respecting each other before we start respect other beings, we'll all end up just like these animals... mark my words

    2. Yes,we have had livestock on this planet for thousands of years...we have been breeding them forcing an unatural (and extream) increase in population, force feeding them food unnatural to thier diets, and slaughtering them on a mass scale for far less time.

  63. So what about the entire population of humans on the planet... we fart, we defecate and urinate. How much methane do we produce ?
    Factory farming is undoubtedly a terrible act and should be stopped, but by no means should global warming be used as leverage against eating meat. What about the industrial process of producing vegetable foods for us humans, what cost of life and health does that cause ?

    The cause of all this is our own ignorance and laziness regardless of what we eat. How many of you could be bothered to grow your own food, hunt or raise your own meat ?

    Found on Wiki
    Flatulence is often blamed as a significant source of greenhouse gases, owing to the erroneous belief that the methane released by livestock is in the flatus. While livestock account for around 20% of global methane emissions, 90–95% of that is released by exhaling or burping. Only 1–2% of global methane emissions come from livestock flatus.

  64. The ECONOMY is the problem. It is the source of all our war and the hastening of environmental pollution and decay .. I am not sure that we can really change things until we realize the problem with our monetary system.

    1. Agreed, a system where supply comes before demand is creating these factory farms and wasteful production systems.

    2. So we assume what is good enough and hope it works out for the best? Yeah, someone already tried that and it didn't work. Also, I'm pretty sure the former USSR wasn't an environmental role model either...look at the desecration of large tracts of Eastern European and Central Asian land because of that system.

    3. No, we can use supply and demand, with out all the waste. If we used a Resource Based Economy, instead of capitalism, we would accurately meet demand because demand would be a reflection of actual needs and wants, instead of just wallet size. As long as we supply based on wallet size, many will go with out(like the tens of thousands of children that die from starvation every day), while many will take way too much. We like to acquire bigger and better to reflect our status and show our wealth because that makes us feel(and be)successful in the monetary system.

    4. things are changed by example and by changing consciousness, noone will come and save us... so yes, we can really change things