MeltUp: The Beginning of a US Currency Crisis

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MeltUp: The Beginning Of A US Currency Crisis And HyperinflationThe documentary proves through facts and statistics how hyperinflation in the U.S. is now inevitable and how Americans could soon see the end of entitlement programs they have become dependent on to live and survive.

Meltup features Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Tom Woods, and others.

NIA believes Meltup is the most important economic documentary ever produced in world history and a must see for you, your friends, and family members.

Also NIA urges to spread the word about the documentary to help those you care about survive the hyper-inflationary crisis that is ahead.

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  1. as long as corporations are "persons"
    you will all keep getting what you deserve

  2. Right out of a right-wing Libertarian "here's what you should think" tank.

  3. Five years later and none of this has happened. I bet that will not stop the zero hedges from spouting off. What a bunch of crap!

  4. After reading many comments I'm not watching

  5. I have been wandering if I should take a loan against my retirement to purchase junk silver. If our currency is going to collapse would it not make sense to borrow from yourself and buy junk silver? Any thoughts?

  6. This guy spends WAY too much time talking about social benefit programs to suit me. He should stick to the massive rip off of the bank bail outs, defense spending, corporate tax dodgers (off-shoring; hedge fund deferments), corrupt procurement practices (Halliburton, et al.), failure to tax Wall Street's transactions, and on and on. He gives defense spending one comment and walks away.

  7. I have definitely seen better programs regarding economics. Interestingly, this show predicted the interest rates in the U.S at over 10% by 2014. (not even close) The truth of the matter is, the U.S wants to keep interest rates down because they can't afford to pay the principal, let alone the interest.
    At the same time, the Canadian dollar has dropped by more than 10% in the last 6 months, with king Harper speaking how it is great for exporters, distracting from his inability to balance 1 budget since he took office 8 years ago, with a 14 billion dollar surplus.
    The awful truth is the global economic pyramid scheme is utterly flawed, with the only regulations being enforced are those that prevent anyone from changing, or improving the monetary, or political system.
    In my home community, the property taxes have continuously risen while the corporate employer has had a 66% cut in less than 7 years. If this trend continues, I can only feel sorry for all the children who will have to pick up the pieces from the intergenerational tyranny that was imposed upon them!

    1. Apparently we've been in a competition globally for what country can devalue their currency the fastest, to try to export their way out of the loss of their consumer base due to devalued and stagnant wages. No consumer base = no economic growth. Duh.

  8. Abolish the department of energy and education? Do those people have any ideas of what these departments do?

  9. No one should take this doc as true facts. There are number of flaws in this doc. Economics isn't the type of topic that you can come of with conclusions so easy, there are thousands of Academics even from the same school of thought that don't agree with each other on some of the fundamental theories. There's a lot things said by the commentator given as the underlying cause of the Economic problems experienced in US economy and some of them ( I thought as being) either a little too far fetched, at best or neo-classical propaganda, at worst. But one thing I can agree on with the commentator is that the US economy is truly in dire straits. There a lot of nice words being thrown around by policymakers and their propaganda machine the media like; 'the US economy is out of recession' or ' US created more jobs during the financial year' which are examples of psychological warfare used to increase consumer confidence. The problem of all policymakers makers around the world (good and bad) is that they are trying to create satisfactory results from a system that is rotten from the inside and they are constantly putting make up on it and then selling it to the people. They've been doing it for so long that they themselves started to believe in the rotten system which they've been putting make up on and selling to the people as being 'in the best interest of their economy.' I think the time has come for us to re-examine the fundamental notions we have succumb to by the people we trust who are from the 18th 19th 20 e.g. Marx, Adam Smith, J.M. Keynes and all other influences. We are in the 21st century, in my personal view time has come for us to move away from the giants of their time who are for me the dwarfs of the 21st century because they're simply inadequate.

  10. What a propaganda movie,I´m shocked. They say that fed is bad and that it should not exist, but they repeat over and over that fed should be more responsible and raise their interest rate. Why do they care so much about fed. 99,9% of all country’s have a central bank that controls the flow of money independently from populist politicians. Fed was created by bankers, so what. Ho started the internet? Ho built the first high way? Shall we stop driving on highways because the first ones was built in Nazi Germany?

    I believe that the inflation will rise as the global markets join more and more. Asia, south America, and Africa’s expansion will create inflation. One day that will be our inflation. We cant move production to cheaper places much longer. At the moment we move further and further to the outs-certs of the market, take the chines products from North Korea, European products from Cuba and so on. The prices of goods will go up and it will help the smallest companies as they actually get paid for their products again. unemployment will sees to exist as every one have their own company. If the bread gets more expensive the farmer will be wary happy, if we eat bread i the future that is.

    1. Gold is the money of kings.
      Silver is the money of gentleman.
      Barter is the money of the poor.
      Debt is the money of slaves.

  11. inflation is a tool governments use to break down their debts. if the value of their currency decreases then a debt incurred when your currency was valued higher has in effect become smaller in value. The problem with this is that inflation hurts consumers almost across the board. especially if inflation occurs at a point when job rates are low. for an educated investor the market can yield returns in any cycle.
    If you really want to learn about economics stop looking at sensationalist nonsense like this and go get a copy of "the intelligent investor" by benjamin graham.

  12. God help America because nothing else can.

  13. I was already questioning its sources based on who they were using for their soundbites (at four and a half minutes in) but then they completely lost all credibility and I stopped watching as soon as the narrator pronounced it I-raq, LOL. Really? I-raq? Illiterate.

  14. NIA is a pump and dump scheming organization. They put up documentaries and get you to go to their website where you give your email address. They then email you to "tips" on penny stocks. The stock prices go up, NIA sells it's shares, and the stock collapses. Peter Schiff has called them out many times and reported them to the SEC but no action has yet been taken.

  15. This is garbage.

  16. Although I'm not an American, I was offended & insulted by the stereotyping of the American people. This so-called documentary claims that most Americans have a lazy, gluttonous, exploit people who work hard mentality. It even underscored their point by showing several overweight working class-looking men stuffing themselves with food. As with all extremist perpectives, they rely upon stereotyping in order to make their point.

    How did they draw such a disparaging conclusion? In my considerable experience with Americans, the vast majority are industrious, hard-working people who deeply value autonomy & effort. The financial system (banks, gov't, crooked lending practices etc.) failed them: not the other way around! This sad piece of far right propaganda is designed to absolve the perpetrators of financial crimes & those who benefited from them of any accountability & instead blame the victims. They won't get away with it.

  17. Wow, could this be anymore fabricated? The same wealth mongers, CEOs and hedge fund managers begged the government to secure their own heavily invested money with bailouts. As the documentary says, 3.1% of common folk have savings. Most people have less then $10k invested in retirement savings, so who REALLY had the most to lose if the government just let these financial companies fail? I've seen the occupy wall street movement, I must have been asleep during the "please bailout wall street movement". This myth that Joe Public offered up their future and their kids future in favor of securing the wealth of the 1%, is a myth. Now this documentary is a sales pitch for the middle class and poor to take the full burden of the mess while the wealthy remain under taxed, and immune to their own greed. The sad thing is, there's a lot of uneducated people out there that would buy into this. Now that these same financial entities are posting record profits, how about they do the right thing and buy back the toxic assets they dumped on the government?

  18. Minimum wage actually puts less money in the pockets of workers. It creates unemployment. Simple economics and math. It simply hurts the poor and less skilled workers.

    Wonderful Post, you are so correct there are a number of Countries that now wish to buy their oil directly, cut out the middle man and not use US dollars at all, personally l can't see a problem with this, but in our papers in Australia, the US has a huge problem with Countries like China, Russia and other Countries doing this. Iran and other oil producing Countries seem to be happy enough with this arrangement, in regard to this direct purchasing. Yet l hear no mention of this when l look at the American Media or American print. l too was told as we drove down to Key West once whilst l was in America, that if America fails, so does the world, with all due respect, as l said to my cousin, the world will go on, l think there are only three double digit developed Countries, New Zealand, Kosovo and of course America. The rest of the triple digit Countries like Australia will manage quite well, Britain and Europe will survive quite well, so there is nothing to worry about. It has been said for quite a long time now that the Yuen will take over from the US Dollar, Historically, there is nothing that can be done about it, Western Asia has all the oil ( Middle East ), North Asia and Asia is very strong economically wise. Australasia and South East Asia are in a League of their own along with Europe, they may flucuate but never fail, like the American press likes to make out. This Documentary really explains and makes it clear to the American people the mess their Country is in, it also shows the rest of the developed World, that America just can't keep kicking the tin can down the road because there is a time when the road runs out. l read in the Australian Newspaper where the deposit that America put down with China, that China is now using that deposit and turning it all into Gold, all 2 to 3 Trillion dollars of it, because they do not expect America to be able to repay the debt. JFK wanted the printing of money returned to the Treasury, then he was murdered. a country simply cannot keep printing money, otherwise it will end up becoming what is known as a Banana Republic, no one wants to see that happen to any Country. RT is an excellent source of information, l do agree, but l also read all over the world, to get a fair and equable evaluation. Thank you for a terrific post.

  20. Good documentary... if a little too strong on gold and silver.

    A few points from a British perspective (March2012);

    a) All those who laugh and say the u.s.dollar is all powerful ought to realize that last last year the currency trading arm of the London exchange announced that a deal has been struck with China for London to be the European centre of trade in Chinese Yuan AND, that same week as I recall, London announced that THE SOFTWARE TO ALLOW TRADING IN 'NEW CURRENCIES' HAD BEEN TESTED, WORKED AND WAS READY TO BE ACTIVATED IF TRADING BEGINS AT ANY TIME, ABLE TO BE SET UP OVERNIGHT AT ANY TIME READY FOR THE FOLLOWING DAY'S TRADE WITH ONLY A FEW HOURS NOTICE. The London currency traders will be making money from 'whatever' trading the moment it starts. Small news. Almost nobody ran it. They stated that, by contrast, getting the markets ready for the Euro took years... this they did in weeks and tested over a few days.

    News was announced, nobody was interested. Oddly this wasn't picked up in the usa. I play the markets (but not currency... oil stocks!) and looked to see if Bl**mberg (they of the overuse of the word 'probably in headlines!) would run it... nothing! Same for all the other u.s media. Nothing. This surprised me! Big story... zero! Don't believe it? G**gle it!

    b) Exchanging the u.s.dollar as the currency of "choice" (as it is now being described!) for trading in commodities like oil, metals and foodstuffs has been discussed lots recently, especially in Asia. No mention in usa.

    c) Lots of countries, especially poor African ones, would be FAR better off if the dollar was dropped since they MUST trade with the usa, rather than feeding their own people or growing crops or making goods to consume themselves RATHER than ones for export (cocoa/coffee/bananas/etc) to earn dollars they shouldn't need to earn. They're not likely to help the usa put the dollar back in charge if it gets dropped. The usa will have few 'friends' when the dollar finally goes!

    d) The doc is right that the usa's DOW "growth" since 2010 is based on NO actual improvements in trade... look at sales figures for DOW components... they're falling BUT their stated OVERSEAS income (non-dollars) are higher BECAUSE THOSE CURRENCIES CONVERT INTO MORE WEAKER DOLLARS!
    The dumb american financial media don't pick up on this... or choose not to! I find myself shouting at the screen and shaking my head but it must be 'the official line'!

    e) Greece is a nothing! But the u.s. media goes on about "Europe failing... anyday soon! Soon! Yeah those 'uropeens should do this and do that!"
    Erm... excuse me but a AA-rated nation shouldn't be giving advice to AAA-rated ones!
    If anything, Europe is getting stronger (see exchange rate with dollar for more details?!?!?!) as previous weaknesses in the Euro mechanism are being fixed.
    I have heard this Euro-collapsing story for 18 months now and it ain't happening!
    I wonder if it is to distract the americans with 'bad over there' so they don't dwell on 'worse here in usa'? Mmmm? I wonder?

    f) I live in Europe. Growth is still under way. Exports are up. Your picture of us is largely distorted. I live here and never recognize my own country from american news of it. I don't live in a mud hut or eat roadkill! Neither do I see any tents or people sleeping in their cars here in Europe... unlike my cousins in the usa!

    g) People often say... "oh when the usa fails... everyone fails!"
    Really? Why? The Euro, as well as Sterling and Yuan, are not underpinned by the dollar! It is unpinned by the trade of the Euro-zone, etc with the rest of the planet. The usa is not planet Earth. Europe has its own oil and gas! We'll trade it in Euros and the usa will HAVE TO EARN EUROS to pay for it. The usa will also HAVE TO EARN OTHER CURRENCIES or use gold to pay for Saudi Oil. You can do that, right? Why will that be BAD for non-usa?

    Hope this helps point out that this doc is NOT wrong and over in the usa things ARE getting worse... but still no american tent cities are shown on Bl**mberg or C** or F**! Odd, eh? Must be that free press you keep telling us all about... I get more truth from European media and RT than the 'free' american free press!

    1. how's this for a kick? the federal reserve is a private bank, loaning money to the U$ government at face value plus interest. the government is, constitutionally, only allowed to mint 'coins' as money. the trick to get past that, has made a private entity the owner of their entire country.

      some have suggested a return to gold standard, never work while the states doesn't print its own money.

  21. This documentary is a sham.

  22. Jan 6th 2012 Its a pity a date isn't shown when the video was made. If one can go by the first comment then it was made jan 2011, so we are half way to the currency collapse prediction.

  23. Jan 6th 2012 Its a pity a date isn't shown when the video was made. If one can go by the first comment then it was made jan 2011, so we are half way to the currency collapse prediction.

  24. the producers of this "documentary" are gold bugs... this is one of the few NIA docs on youtube that doesnt include an ad for buying "precious metals"...the prices of precious metals are in exactly the same place housing was 5 years ago... artificially inflated by false demand... the investment banks are playing huge volumes of daily volitility trades of pms, thus creating a simulation of constant demand, driving the price to maximize returns.... this in turn pressures the common dope to "jump in on the profits", exactly as happened with the real estate market, the dot com bubble, the junk bond bubble, etc... of course, the hoarding of pms has removed currency from productive use, actual productive investment that can help our economy by creating jobs, increasing the buying power of the public, and driving our economy in the right direction... i call it "beany baby syndrome" after the "microbubble" of the early days of the 21 century caused by folks "investing" in those ridiculous stuffed toys.... tons of pms sit and stagnate in folks possession, "increasing in value" only by the effect of the stagnation driving the value of our currency down, and the artificial valuation caused by the market manipulation by "the big boys"... it is an exact reflection of those "housing values" of 4 years ago, that our entire population saw as "instant riches".... for the common folks, how did that little debacle work out? how could anybody see a different outcome than that for the current "pm bubble"? history bears this observation out, as the original gold craze of the 70s-80s ended exactly as our housing craze did... a few folks made big dough (the early BIG buyers), and the rest? well, they had to eat ramen for a while... yet still, we hear folks call for valuing our currency based on pms... this would open the door for horrific manipulation of our currency, corporations driving spot prices to minimize payouts, and maximize payins... the solution? remove the fed from our currency system, base our currency on value added to raw materials within our borders, and hold our currency volume to the sum of 125% of our national annual earned income, added to 110% of our annual unearned income.... only production will allow us to end this economic disaster, and that will only happen if and when we adjust our economy to reflect that... the various documentaries in the economics section here reflect one huge obvious fact from many different angles.. the last half century of basing our economy on the greed of the corporate world has driven us to disaster, that theoretical mathematicians (economists) actually have no clue as to what we actually need to do, and expecting relief from those political types bought and paid for by wall street is folly of the worst kind...

  25. In my opinion, this documentary seems abit Republican... you have them trying to tell you FREE HEALTH CARE is a bad thing because of money and you have them in the next transition speaking about abolishing departments like ENGERY... are you serious? How about taxing the upper 1%, and or replacing your barrels of oil with GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS and ON TOP ALL OF IT cut spending to these "wars" and if you want to abolish departments start with taking out WALL ST sector.

    1. Goooooooooo Theta!

  26. You can make the arguments that the government should spend or cut, but the fact of the matter is that the government isn't the problem. The problems are the banks and bankers who control the world's money, the Federal Reserve Banks. We cannot run an economy that requires us to pay interest on the very production of our money to private banks. It is mathematically impossible.

    The act of borrowing is the voluntary enslavement of one's self. We are doing it on a level that is unprecedented...therefore the enslavement that has ensued (see 3rd world country's work conditions for reference) is also unprecedented.

    I disagree that gold is a "stable asset". The most stable asset is food and shelter as they actually function as something useful. Gold cannot shelter or feed you. Good luck trading your 100oz of gold for food in a world with extreme food shortages. I know for a fact that if there was a pile of food and pile of gold and I was starving...I would choose the food over any amount of gold. Think about these things before swallowing the concept of gold not being fiat. Try eating gold, or better yet, build a shelter out of gold and you will come to agree with me sooner than you think.

    1. This comment is so revealing...someone actually cutting through the BS and exposing the anus of reality.

      Food and water...the new currency of the millenia.

      How are you all going to pay off those student loans now?

  27. So many people are living in the dark on this issue. I am not saying that the middle class is full of reta*ded people. All I am saying is most Americans wont address an issue until there lifestyle is effected and by then the problem is HUGE and staring at them in the face and so unfixable. So scary!

  28. No it is time for a world haircut. Maybe a war.......About as funny as Clean Coal hahahahahahahah

  29. these people are the saying fire in crowed theatre with one way out the key cut spending cut foreign aide is to friends get of iraq and afg keep the present bums office dems and GOP

  30. America's economic system is going to collapse. We're going to end up having a revolution and becoming communist. Its going to be the only way that Americans are going to be able to survive. Our current economic system is obviously a complete sham and in the process of falling apart.

  31. That's Right If Americans Where Scared Of Starvation, Things Would Be Better!

  32. Worst documentary I've seen so far on this topic. $7.25 MAXimum wage for Federal workers?? Give me a break. Comparing costs of college in China with those in the US is another bad example. They have lower pay for professors and less focus on athletic junk. Why not compare the health care in China with health care in the US? Why not, because it's a pick and choose documentary. Total crap

    1. Let's look at this from another angle. If we only compare our advantages and superiority against our competitors then would we actually think about the attributes that needs to be improved? NO, we will eventually become arrogant self-centred bastards who lives in our own world. We will never think of improvements and will always blame others for our own misfortune (depicted by this video where US called China "currency manipulator").

      This video has its own biased view and it's good to have your own opinion. However, that's not good enough by responding to bias with bias.

      Ironically, this is the childish attitude most westerners posses in all ages. I wonder why our development is on a decline?

  33. Worst documentary I've seen so far on this top. $7.25 MAXimum wage for Federal workers?? Give me a break. Comparing costs of college in China with those in the US is another bad example. They have lower pay for professors and less focus on athletic junk. Why not compare the health care in China with health care in the US? Why not, because it's a pick and choose documentary. Total crap

  34. OK but just eliminating the department of education isn't the answer here. What about military spending....why don't we eliminate some of that before we attack education? According to Wikipedia "For the 2010 fiscal year, the president's base budget of the Department of spending on "overseas contingency operations" brings the sum to $663.8 billion" This video may hold some truth but I think its extreme and slanted...

  35. Being an American Indian I would say "What comes around goes around" my ancestors where welcoming, humble affectionate and hospitable toward these strangers whom became greedy so no look what they have done. Hmm, it true in the bible God states in Romans 12:19 "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord. Maybe this is what the Lord is doing for my ancestors I really don't know but what I do know what is happening here is not very pretty and not of God. The lord is good and faithful.

  36. A brilliant documentary. Very clear and straight to the point. Unfortunately, many people still can't get a message as simple as this one.

  37. Taxes pay for civilization. Look at the countries with the highest standard of living and you will find they all gladly pay their taxes for infrastructure, healthcare and education. In all of these areas the US ranks at the bottom of all industrialized countries. The US needs drastically cut military spending, stop suckling at the breast of fossil fuels and kill the suicidal Bush tax cuts.

  38. Corporate tax pays for military spending. Has anybody else checked out Heidi Klum's beauty secrets and fashion tips for women? She is totally hot!

  39. if you disagree with a documentary's presentation, at least offer a refutation to a thing or two in the film. Just calling it "lies" doesn't help anyone.

  40. Quite the distortion of history and present events.

    If dude really is advocating the American labour rights that have been achieved are the issue he is both advocating an even more blatant robber barons approach then we have, and also saying that the U.S. should become like China.
    Cause simply put its using Chinese law application to circumvent pesky American laws.

    That isn't to say that American law isn't screwed up beyond belief, it means that the free market only works for the super rich.

    IF nobody wants to be a cleaner it doesn't pay better you hire illegal immigrants, if its industry you outsource, if the natives in that country revolt, or even their standard of life improves raising their currency value and thus their cost, you simply relocate and leave them with nothing accept a piece of land in your name.

    Very bad documentary.

  41. I love the insights and discussions on this board but to be clear true libertarians would also support defunding the Military Industrial Complex - which is mentioned in this video

  42. this guy knows less about global events then my 2 yr old nephew....
    He talks about the integrity of the American worker-- yet his lazy, sloppy, bias and indiscriminate research leads to a waste of my time and he expects to get paid???


    I guess these are the sorts of documentaries you get when Post secondary education is that expensive!

    What a complete and utter moron.

  43. thank god someone actually who knows something about the fields of economics and politics makes an accurate documentary on the Libertarian prespective of the "crisis". and whatever moron's posted, "libertarians dont ever talk about cutting military spending" are f$@!ing retarded. clearly you dont know the policies of people like Ron Paul, so go back to voting for pawns George Soros fianaced some concerts for... cough* cough* Obama. the MTV President, look how great he's doing. he hired the same policy maker, beauracrats George Bush had. Thats why "dumb" americans need to stop voting Rep/Dem and realize that our system is one party away from becoming a socialist/fascist country. we need to stand up and vote for people who support implementing the constitution, the reason why my parent's came from communist Yugoslavia, and why all around the world people want to be americans is because of what our forefathers wrote down in the constitution, thats the real american dream. instead what has happened to immigrants when they come here, is a realization that americas system is worse if not just as bad as the one they were running from. GO RON PAUL 2012, so we can all burn a joint truly legally lol

  44. This movie, like the NIA, is a mixture of truth and magical fiction. This only rails against "social spending". Maybe paying 50 cents of every tax dollar for war spending is a problem too? I know many Libertarians are eager to end the "social spending" of the government, but how can these guys be so blind as to ignore the biggest drain on the economy? If you guys scale back social spending, why won't they scale back war spending as well? Why is war spending such a sacred cow? Wouldn't our soldiers be better served by being home?

  45. Talk about a bunch of right wing opinions pretending to be facts. WOW! Lie early and often. Notice all the gold bugs and right wing commentators.

  46. How can multiple lay-offs create more jobs? And I don't think jobs are sent overseas because Americans are lazy. Could have been a good documentary, but narrator has a bizarre point of view.

  47. @Sarah
    The US Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787, and by that time, pennsylvania, delaware and even New York state still where major slave owning states. These are not the southern states. And Jefferson and Washington were salve owner.
    But anyway i wasn't into USA bashing. No country has a perfect record on the subject of mistreating minority. We are based upon Greek democracy who were slave owner as well.
    It is just as a reminder.
    Because all these pro-constitution peoples think that the american revolution was without flaws. But the american revolution is one of the most successful one that's for sure.
    But don't ask a black family or an indian about the success of the american revolution.
    But let's go back to the film ""The meltdown" and other crack pot assumption like these.
    I think that these peoples think we are still living in the 19th century emerging capitalism. A time when someone with a good business idea could really make it an enriched is fellow citizen who were all very poor and longing for a better live off his doomed unproductive farm.
    In those time, creative economy and small government was a great way to function. But our economy and our world are much more complex today. I have to say that i like some of the idea of the libertarian. And maybe they have the best solution for making sure we continue evolving without falling into fascism.
    But don't ask me to go back and working in shoe factory's at 5$/hour, with no pension, no medicare and no help when meanwhile these rich businessman walk around with no sense of any responsibility for their fellow citizen.
    If they believe in human ingenuity , let them build and exploit there enterprise on there own.
    You will see how capable they are these "sound money business genius" without any man labour to go around.
    And if you think the government abuses you and you prefer no government, no aid and no taxes. Just wait and see when the FREE LIBERTARIAN PEOPLE come along.
    If the government dosen't give a oop about you, the newly free rich people wont even give a poop about you.

  48. "Your constitution was written when it was slaves who was doing all the HARD work." Actually, the slave states were mainly only in the south, while other states had banned slavery.

  49. The U.S. has not had a truly free-market in a long while, not since 1913 at any rate. Today we're more like corporatism... with corrupt corporations being subsidized by the equally corrupt government. Capitalism won't solve everyone's problems, but socialism certainly won't either. What free markets do is provide the most amount of prosperity to the most people, and instead of relying on a corrupt and power-hungry government to redistribute wealth to "help the poor", rely on charities and churches and organizations and the like. I understand the good intentions behind people who support big government, redistribution of wealth, and a centrally planned economy, but people need to take a good, hard look at history.

    These good intentions do not achieve their stated ends, they just ensure that even more people live in poverty and come to rely more and more on a corrupt and self-interested government. Yes, get rid of the board of education. Get your education out of the hands of the inefficient, corrupt, and amoral government and put it in the hands of parents and communities.

    Our society of big government and entitlement programs provides a disincentive for people to save and work hard, and encourages immorality. All empires fail. It's not a question of if, but when. What we have is an empire, and that empire is funded by inflation and the Federal Reserve. One way or another it's going to come to an end. When it does we will have a choice. Will we choose freedom? Or tyranny and despotism in the name of "safety", so the government can take care of us and give us everything you need? Yeah right. "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have."

    1. If education were in the hands of parents and communities we would have half the nation believing in creationism and all the progress we've made to acclimate our youth to the ideas of science would go out the window. What you want is what HAS been the case in history - no social safety net, church-run towns, and no central bank. Also, our country doesn't run on inflation, look at the numbers it's that simple. It would, however, be way worse without the fed.

      The whole capitalism vs. socialism debate is centered around the question of how does an economy most efficiently run. Some economists claim that complete free market capitalism is the most efficient, while others claim that a free market with moderate government intervention yields the highest net benefit. No one in their right mind argues that a centrally-planned economy could work today, (although with better IT it certainly is possible in the future).

      Anyways, the differences in opinions amongst economists may only be the result of a pre-conceived notion of the definition of net benefit. For free marketers that means average gdp, and for interventionists it means median gdp. That's why I support a system similar to what we already have instilled. Actually more taxation on the wealthiest and more reform, specifically in the financial industry, would put us in the right direction in my opinion.

      Numbers and economic theories aside, I just don't like seeing people struggle to make ends meet. It's not the way people should live. And churches and other religious organizations won't do the trick; in the middle ages there were still poor people. Entitlement programs are precisely what we need, we just need to be more careful in the future about how we draw them up.

  50. @francois
    I could not agree with more!
    As I posted on the documentary 'The Bloody History of Communism' in the History section:
    ‘Capitalism’ in actually, in essence, Corporatism,...

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power."
    ~ Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (29 July 1883 – 28 April 1945)

  51. Maybe you prefers working at Mc Donald till the end of time hey! Good luck USA.

  52. What a bunch of looser this anarcho-liberal/free market/gold standard a**hole. A company closed because of a 50¢ wage increase??? Well they deserve to closed if they can't pay a decent salary to their employees.

    In America, there is people who think that it's better to work for 100$ a week then to be on social security. But you never blame the company owners who takes in 10 000$ a week, while his employees, who does ALL of the dirty job, can't even buy a chocolate bar on the way home. Good sound money CAPITALISMO you say hey! Well F**k You! Your constitution was written when it was slaves who was doing all the HARD work.

    It is very easy for people to say : «may the best men win». But their is one equation that Ron Paul never talk about. It's that it is economically impossible for everybody to Win. So what to you do, let the looser live in surfdome or die like rat. F**K these rich b@#$%^|&*. I live in a socialist state, and we have BIG GOVERNMENT!!!, and the corruption is between the state, the mafia and the labour union, not between the state, the Bank's and the Corporation's like in the USA. And we can pay for education-Medicare-housing without running the debt to the sealing.

    And you know why??? Because we have hundred of thousand of government employees who creates a strong middle class that stimulate our economy, because they buy food-houses etc, etc. You cannot have a good economy if people are poor. And you cannot have a decent society if only a few peoples have the money. Maybe we have less VERY RICH crooks in my country, but their is a hell of a lot more middle class peoples. So why are so afraid of big government. Tell me!!

    1. Because big government proponents sometimes lack in orthography.

  53. Sadly, a few years ago we would not buy from America as our dollar was worth HALF yours. To buy something from the US would cost me TWICE as much. As of today, Your dollar to me is worth LESS THAN HALF of OURS.

    Trouble is, now I can buy something from the US for HALF what I would pay for it here but THERE'S NOT A LOT TO BUY FROM THE U.S. you've got no PRODUCT. We now get it from China, which is even LESS THAN HALF PRICE. They make EVERYTHING you could ever want. At a godawful price to their poor workers.

    Now no one will buy from Australia because our dollar is so strong (yeah, they did the cash injection thing here too), our produce is so expensive to you.... all the idiots whinging above about tiny details that are irrelevant..

    the fact is...

    for the first time EVER in my 42 years, the US dollar is F****ED. And you've run out of options to ever make it what it was. Sadly, time to stop spending. Stop the stupid wars and sack your stupid government. AND don't worry, we're next too... this isn't an exercise in US-bashing.

    Good luck to us all.
    Start planting your food and buy some good tents.

    1. Dead right. Way too many of you though -foodwise-, and way too many guns and way too much religion -welcoming an apocalypse. Get out of the cities and when you get out don't get shot by the locals. Good luck to you.

  54. Socialism, Capitalism, or insert favorite "ism" here <---. Who cares? All I know is if I spend all the money I have and then run up massive amounts of debt on credit cards I'm screwed! No matter what "ism" we have at said time. News flash the same thing happens to a government. I know, it is hard to understand, we all sucked at word problems. No, I'm wrong, it's common sense. Don't argue with me I won't reply and more importantly you will be wrong. Pathetic I even have to say that. Case closed, now I'm going to go cure cancer. Good-bye.

  55. @Alias

    Going through the trouble of refuting the documentary point by point is time consuming, so most people will not bother. I won't bother either. Who really listens to anyone on the internet? Most people enter a discussion with their own points of views, and leave said discussion with the exact same points of views. It feels futile.

    But, I wanted to add in my own 2 cents. I'm one of the commentators that dismiss this documentary has Libertarian propaganda, but also someone who agrees with the documentary (and with you), that: hyper-inflation is a suicidal, short-term economic policy, that the US is bankrupt, that fractional reserve banking is unsustainable, the Fed is corrupt and unaccountable... We're on the same page here. And yet, I don't think: attacking the minimum wage law, attacking worker benefits, attacking any kind of industry regulation, attacking any government department regardless of what it does (get rid of the department of education? what?), looking to chinese workers as models for us to emulate... All of this is absurd. This documentary is fantastic at pointing out what the problems are. It's terrible at bringing solutions forth. The solutions it brings will HARM average Americans and BENEFIT wealthy Americans and big business in general.

  56. @Fernando Marquez

    I was intrigued by your statistic: "seven most affluent nations with better standards of living do not have minimum wage, but live better than most of those that do" That seemed odd to me, so I decided to check it out.

    Results: Out of 197 surveyed countries, 179 have a legislated minimum wage law, 18 do not. From the 18 that do not, 7 of them are modern countries with great quality of life and standard of living. Out of the 7 that fit this category, only two have no minimum wage whatsoever. They are:


    The other 6 all have minimum wages that are negotiated by their labour unions, which are often sector-wide and command widespread influence (nothing like US labour unions). They are:


    So, when it comes down to it, Liechenstein and Singapore are the only countries that fit your criteria. Every other wealthy nation that has a decent standard of living has a minimum wage law. Liechenstein is a playground for the rich - they do not care. Singapore is a tightly run society that has no freedom of expression, so people cannot ask for it.

    Here are the other countries with no legislated minimum wage laws:


  57. A lot of the facts on government spendings, the national debt, unfunded liabilities, are correct and important to discuss. The solutions this documentary brings forth to tackle these issues are ridiculous. Abolish the department of energy, abolish the department of education, attack minimum wage laws, attack maternity leave benefits, fire most federal workers, etc...

    This is what this documentary boils down to: the recent financial catastrophe is due to government mismanagement. We want as little government as possible, as little taxation as possible, as little regulation as possible... Yeah... no regulation. That sounds like the ticket. I hope financial firms have our best interests at heart... right? This documentary is a Libertarian's wet dream. It's complete nonsense.

  58. While some evidence on statistics have not been presented, there are valid elements in this presentation. It is interesting to know that about the seven most affluent nations with better standards of living, do not have a minimum wage, but live better than most of those which have it.

    The international labor organization ILO has many documents on labor. One of them emphazises, after analyzing with workers, employers and governments, that the most effective way to increase standard of living is through productivity as it also normally reduces costs including the cost of living. We are being led to think and make decisions on short term satisfaction even if in the long term it will harm us. Unfortunately, it is easier to follow this path than to try deeper analysis of issues for more sound solutions that in many countries is being avoided.

  59. Reading other comments, it seems a lot of people could smell the c@#$ in the air with this documentary. It seems like it's to be a well intentioned, expose on economic crimes in the world. But it's not. I consider it advertising disguised as a documentary. It had some good points but blamed the wrong culprit.. (Fractional Reseverve Banking). It's too bad too. it's hard enough to open peoples eyes a bit....Was it just me or did the narrator sound like the guy narrating Zeitgeist? I am quite pleased though that most aren't drawn in and accept the solutions as presented in the video. I've got a solution to the economic crunch though. Govt. backed money, not borrowed from banks, seize all big corporate investments and accounts, limit executive salaries of all kinds to $100,000. And start a huge media campaign for everybody to wake the heck up, and quit being so materialistic, self concerned, and greedy.... (and maybe EveryBody has got to take a bus. I drive, But I'll bus for 5 hrs a day if I have to)...Then we don't have corporations bending us over a barrel, or paying interest on pretend money, and no gluttony allowed... And Presto! we can get on with taking care of feeding, and housing, and enabling everybody, and taking care of the planet and stuff.

  60. hold on. I think I'm missing something here.

    1) How can you go 'high quality' and 'all american' when you all know that this is going to raise the overall cost? Plus how can you be so sure that the products produced in US is going to be in superb quality? And if the umemployment rates are so high how on earth would people afford all these high quality products?

    2) Instead of lecturing people about how bad the government is, why not criticize the credit based economy? Surely its inevitable for credit based economy to result in debts (Buy now pay later)

  61. Before you go on about how incorrect the information in this document is - or how it's utter propaganda; present your own information! It simply does no good to refute any claim without presentable facts that are citable and debatable on your behalf. I believe much of this documentary to be true based on my own private research of hyper-inflation, fractional reserves and general economic policy...

    Sputtering “This whole ‘documentary?’ is bogus right-libertarian ****. Bla-Bla-Bla
    The numbers are way off base and some of them are just plain made up.” -isn't exactly supporting statements. Which numbers are 'way off?' Which of them are 'made up?' It might help if you clearly state those inside your argument.

    Last time I checked, all of this information was available to the public anyway... People just need to accept that hyper-inflation devalues purchasing power, Your living on borrowed time, Owebama sucks and economic collapse is most certainly inevitable... Something needs to be done about the FED! ...and the Chinese won't continue supporting the dollar for ever...

  62. Really good doc, those of you that don't think so need to gtfo.

  63. This is one load of freaking b@##$%&* and no one should take this seriously. Private companies aren't taking jobs elsewhere because of they can't afford to pay an extra 50 cents to its employees but because they don't want to. And the argument about the Chinese is so WRONG!

  64. Amazing how ignorant people remain despite being schooled on economic FACTS! I imagine all those that made negative comments on this documentary are the same ones that think Bin Laden is alive and the planes brought down the towers. It is clear that those who have done their own research coupled with a healthy dose of common sense can easily confirm the value this documentary provides. Every major news outlet in the U.S. today is a virtual organ of propaganda dependent on the advertising revenue of their corporate slave-masters. This documentary brilliantly paints the big picture by elucidating the essential aspects of economic theory and at the same time reveals the Wall Street 'criminal enterprises' that now manipulate and steal the hard earned wealth of American taxpayers!

  65. @mrr Being the grammar nazi that you are, do you think it is really necessary to point out grammatical errors in a person's post? Is that the way you refute their statements when you disagree? Pointing out spelling errors and grammatical errors is the most pitiful way to respond to an argument. Did you not understand the point he was making? Yes, you did. You just felt it was necessary to make him look like he was not educated because he didn't take the time to proofread his ever important post on topdocumentaryfilms. That said, do you know what a run-on sentence is?

  66. Please learn to face reality, and not just comment without basis... to avoid another huge storm... change your lifestyle by starting to bite the bitter pill... God bless you.

  67. This is a good documentary, however it seems to ignore what I perceive to be the root problem.. The systemic inflation caused by our banking system. Even in 1960("good old days" according to the doco im guessing) the ratio of debt to the dollar was $1 debt to 90cents of actual money.
    Our fincancial system runs on growth and inherent inflation to pay back ever rising debt. The more we make the more we owe. This has to be rectified.

  68. People buy cheap to sustain their standard of living. the empire is beginning to collapse... the cycle will start again

  69. Simply....Don't watch

  70. Why don't you stop the wars and pay the national debt with this money.......

    whoops, that's all that's left - arms manufacturer and terror exporter.

    The point made about social security is c*** - collect the money back from the bankers and you will be better off, these guys should be in jail...doing Gods work

  71. Not a shred of economic knowledge in all these comments, yet so many are critical of reality. The problem we have is not capitalism or socialism. The problems we face have to do with who controls whichever system we fall into.

    Libertarians want no special privilege for business to minimize social risk, and socialists want negative privilege for business to compensate for that social risk. The problem is we have chosen to allow so much socialized risk, and don't actually counter it with any degree of disincentive to balance. We have the worst of both worlds. Big business gets do do what they want, and when they screw up, we pay for it. This makes way too much room for corruption and people taking advantage of this system. We either need to put the risk on corporations, or end socialized risk.

  72. @Xue

    Build your thoughts and mind, choose your allegiances and fight for your views. The greatest challenge of democracy is the indifference or ignorance of the public, but the strength is people like yourself... There is plenty of communities of like minded to found.

    @Peter Schiff haters

    Check your personal biases, the people you follow are rarely 100pct correct. Politics is a war of propaganda. Schiff did cry wolf, he tried. Worship people who dare setting personal gains aside to fight for a cause.

  73. The feeling one get, when looking at government and knowing there's no real representation is beyond terrible.

    Capitalisms most holy purpose and power is to increase the living standard held by both workers and employers. This has not happened. Its a global paradigm as retarded as communism, and something has to happen THIS generation.

    Limit imports to drag businesses back to the states, and them tax on their profits instead of taking it in the ass by lobbyist in Washington.

    If there's a god, pray for him to send the earth a honest man with ethics into politics, banking and big business.

  74. Sell Alaska and Hawaii to China and Japan.

  75. Steve,

    By all means, please enlighten us.

  76. This documentary is a big steaming pile of false assertions and over simplification. It's propaganda pure and simple. Anyone who thinks i'm wrong should go and do some fact checking for themselves.

  77. Indeed, America will not end and the world will not "end" it will just... peter out...

    All Empires end but they still linger. Greece, Rome, The Great Dutch Empire, Portugal, Spain, and in our own life times, Great Britian.

    Still around but not the power they once were. Your children and your children's children will be standing in line for the world's resources as opposed to when America was always at the front, taking it all...

    (Maybe that's for the best... for decades we were less than 5% of the world's population but we consumed 90% of the world's resources... shameful, actually...)

    I love my country and I do not want this to happen, but, all things end and all things change... that is life.

  78. If Americans dont wake up and start trimming the fat off their public sector workers and politicians at all levels, North America would fulfill its destiny as the new found "third world of the new millenia"!

    Good Luck suckers!

  79. Buy local. Buy Canadian products.

  80. Granted I am not the most well-informed, I figured I'd pitch in and give my two cents. Please, feel free to comment. I am young, and want to be prepared for my future. If a 16 year old is worried, you all should at least be concerned. Any words given will be taken with consideration and an open mind.

    Way to go, Randy. I'm glad someone sees eye to eye with me. If it's our civic duty to protect our country we need to be more careful about what we spend on, and be more independent from the flawed system blackev pointed out. From age 6 I was able to make scrambled eggs in the microwave and I loved it. Why? Because I was independent and didn't have to wait for my mom to wake up. Remember that good feeling you had as a young kid, when you'd cheerily and insitently say "No! I wanna do it MYSELF" and you did? I say seize that self-satisfied feeling to this day and don't live dependent on a false god like government, hidden, out of reach and SUPPOSEDLY all-powerful and all knowing.

    That independent spirit has carried with me, along with an entreprenurial drive. When I get older, I want to make myself independent of that system as much as possible. So, while I am young and my parents are still willing to take care of me, I am taking advantage of their hospitality by spending the money they give me on only books or an occaisional package of sunflower seeds. The only money I spend on music or videogames is money I MAKE. But the books are the most important part, because I am slowly amassing the knowledge to plant, irrigate, harvest, and preserve my own food, take care of my own livestock, purify my own water, build my own home, press my own bullets, clean my own weapons, craft my furniture and generate my own electricity if the need even ARISES to use it. The only time I want to even interact with the government is the buying and selling of property and if I need medical care I shall seek it. Other than that, I strive to be free of such a grip.

    It blows me away that people feel so helpless when all they need for independence is a little knowledge, hard work and ingenuity. People of my generation look at me like a foreigner because that is the future I want, but I say they're all a bunch of consumers who have no clue the true cost of all the daily transactions they partake in. Out of my whole school there are only 2 like-minded people I've encountered, sadly one of them is a teacher. It makes me feel alienated from my generation, but at this point I do not care. Don't look into the future with uncertainty. Know that nothing is certain, but yourself. I don't know what else to write at this point but good luck to you all.

    (By the way, I don't believe in that end of the world b.s. and THAT is why I want to be self-sufficient, so don't put me in the category of the "doomsayer nutjobs.")

  81. This is c***. I mean, the conclusions are c***. People need to get over the big bad wolf of socialism and embrace human rights. Cut-throat capitalism doest work.

  82. silkop

    IF the holders of the futures contract DECIDES to take physical delivery then the potential is there. From reading more of the posts here I see how selective listening and personal biases have shaped opinions on the topic.

    The numbers presented are projected and comparisons made from historical data that is PUBLISHED. The debt in 2009 is correct. The debt they project for 2010 is not correct???? The reality that Medicare and Medicaid and that the baby boom generation is going ka put on the spending front are not real? The fact that the US govt having to raise interest rates on bonds to 5% to attract foreign funds to keep it all going is not real? ANd this interest rate will cost 1.5 trillion anually in interest payments on the bonds is not real.

    Quite a lot of ignorant and biased comments on the subject here but that is how you get to where you are. No one understands they are going down a road to nowhere. Dot Com bubble, Housing bubble and now an inflation bubble. The previous two bubbles would have been denied by the same posters of comments here I am sure. So give it a couple years and as the Zsen Master says....We'll See. :)

  83. Yes, there is another crash coming. This one will be worse. There will be no government money left for bailouts, so foreign powers will have to bail us out, (moreso than they already have), and that will be the end of our (USA) empire.

    I've always said, our end will come from the signing of documents without a shot fired. No invasions, no warships or nuclear weapons... just treaties and bank statements.

    However! We can only blame OURSELVES! Not politicians, not banks, not mega-conglomerates, but we the people!

    (I have no debt except my mortgage, which was a huge mistake, because I had a house almost paid off before I designed and built this fiasco! But, no revolving debt, at least!)

    You all wanted STUFF! You all wanted to get the new gadgets so you kept using loans and credit cards and you kept making the banks more powerful! You gave all of your power away for an "iPad" or a video game or something your kids wanted... RIGHT NOW!

    If you were patient and saved, only buying these things with cash, you would be free of bank slavery and still have the gadgets you want. And politicians would listen to you instead of lobbyists.

    You can save for what you want. If do NOT you ask a bank for "permission" to buy something, so that you can have it RIGHT NOW! then you have no interest to pay and you actually OWN things that no one can ever take away...

    But, don't blame anyone but yourself if you are in debt. You played right into their hands. I have no sympathy for a victim of a con-artist. It's your responsibilty to wary and watchful, knowledgable and well informed.

    And that is, indeed, what banks and mega-conglomerates and TV and the Internet, etc... are-- con-artists.

  84. Peter Schiff Jim Rogers and Marc Faber are credible and called the market drop and financial crisis. Schiff in particular was laughed off of CNBC.

    Also printing money and giving it to the banks allowed them to put that money on their books as assets. They could not lend money and make more bad loans but they could invest in things like the stock market and keep it on the books as an asset that is increasing in value. Thus their profits in the billions in the last 3 quarters.

    It was a huge debt bubble and they just printed money in the hopes that people could take on more debt???

    Another crash is a coming and this documentary will be proven out. It is unsustainable to print money and build an economy of debt. Greece, Iceland, and soon to be Spain and Portugal show it. the US will only take a while longer because of the currency.

  85. Well its a matter of time when this bubble burst and i am wondering that it could be 2012 where all the world is expecting something weird. I just want to say one thing about american citizen that you still living in enslavement but the strange thing is that you dont know however i have all the sympathy for american hard working ppl as they are betrayed by their political leaders, and they made horrible dicissions in which americans have to interest at all(IRAQ WAR, VIETNAM), They just want their lives peaceful and without trouble but i am afraid american might have pleasures of money and material luxuries but they are finding themselves utterly unhappy with their lives as it lacks peace of mind.

  86. Who cares, it works for decades so why should it crash. USA is too big to fall....isnt it?

  87. The economics of Mesis and Rothbard, while being very good at highlighting the shortcomings of keynesian economics, is not an alternative. The poor and working-class shouldn't have to survive on subsistence levels of income, just because the upper middle-classes don't like taxes. It's quite obvious that the present crisis was caused by the greed of the top income earners, while the majority of people would be quite happy with a sustainable income giving nothing more than a comfortable standard of living. This right-wing documentary belongs in the 1800's.

  88. There is definiately a far right wing slant to this doc. I have no doubt that massive coming inflation, in America is, real. The smoking gun..... going after Medicare etc. and avoiding the Pentagon $$$, which is about 50% of the budget today. If that does not expose you as a right wing extremist, I don't know what does.

  89. Why is it that all documentaries on US debt must be made by loonies?

  90. Some good common sense here.What should happen is that all these bankers should have their assets seized,and be put on trial.What they did in 2008 was criminal behavior of the highest order.

  91. mrr...I agree with your first paragraph...and it should be 'the American educational system fails at *its* job, not *it's*. It's is only a contraction for 'it is', so read your sentence aloud...the system fail at it is Its (no apostrophe) is possessive, and is the correct word to insert. So I'm on your side...but practice what you preach!

  92. this is so full of shit. Yes...I agree on some facts presented, but this document uses the same piece of information to misrepresent both sides of the coin.

  93. @ekim,

    I have heard this argument before (i think it was in doc called spare change) I do not study economics but if I got a loan of $1 from someone and had to pay 1% interest then the problem can be solved by paying back the dollar, then providing a service to earn back the dollar and then pay the 1% interest, simple!, it appears that you assume the fed does not spend its profits.

    regarding the doc, it seems to be a bit of a scare mongering type promoting the purchase of gold and silver, (the doc is probable funded by those who want the price of the metals to rise) in saying this there is still some truth in the doc but I would take it with a large grain of salt.

  94. why strive to be bether than china ?

  95. This whole 'documentary?' is bogus right-libertarian crap.
    The numbers are way off base and some of them are just plain made up.

  96. in the "research" i have done, it seems as though the economy is designed to fail considering that money is created out of thin air and automatically incurs a debt, which makes no sense because it is impossible to pay a debt like that. example i have seen - federal reserve makes 1 dollar, trades that dollar to the us banks or government, but that dollar comes with a 1 percent tax. so you have to pay back that dollar plus that 1 percent tax, but how can you pay the tax if you only have a dollar? so it is designed to fail. we would do much better without a monetary system. we could make better products that last longer, and available to everyone.

  97. We'll all be going down the pan pretty soon.

  98. Joe! shut the fuk up. "would not watch!", what type of advice is that if you felt the overview to be correct, which is to say people could benefit from the information. And to say that without suggesting an alternative documentary.

    "Good info but, it's not a Spielberg production so ignore it". Joe, you're simple.

  99. Meltup is worth watching if you can ignore the constant comparisons and numbers that are thrown at you almost from the very start, but i guess that is the point of this film, I do however wish that Ron Paul would be taken more seriously, he talks a lot of sense.

  100. @Adrian: arent u a propaganda person yourself? look at this information, it is the simple truth, selling nothing but the need for the collective to be aware that there is a major crisis looming. It is fascinating to me that we trust 'intelligent' people to make sure our way of life and the world becomes a better place over time, yet it seems that all they are doing is to somehow make sure there is a major financial unrest that 'seems' caused by their own frivolous spending population.

  101. Very good docu - brings all the current info into one place. Watch it now!

    America.... there's a storm coming.

  102. could HAVE done a better job..not could OF. i know it sounds as though it is correct when spoken out loud, but it is incorrect whether spoken, or written. a high school student would not have done a better job of constructing that sentence though; america's department of education fails at it's job, no matter how much money is spent. that said, while i do agree that this is very general information, it is better for that: if you can access the ears/eyes of a populace long enough to have them consider a perspective, then you create the ability for them to rethink how the world operates.

    it must also be considered that some of the information presented as fact is far from that, and is instead, an opinion that is divisive by nature. but again, i state, it is essential to reconsider the world as we see it, and doing that requires being exposed to alternative views, and that is definitely what this is. rethinking the paradigm is necessary and empowering. it is the very fountain from which questions spring, and thus, self-education. and that is one thing we all need to do: visit that fountain and drink deeply, while we still can.

    adrian, i agree with that portion of your assessment. to blame the economic woes on those whose economic status is most marginalized is absurd. the idea of fat, lazy americans being the source of all problems, is also outlandish. and the assertion that taxation is NOT a potential means to avert possible hyperinflation is another fallacy: they just focus on the taxation of the individual, and make that claim.

    the reality is that corporations are not taxed appropriately, and that corporate welfare is a largest form of subsidy from all levels of government: not private social safety net outlay. while these things are true, it does not devalue the larger message here, and it is an essential message: hyperinflation is a real, imminent and inherently dangerous, possibility.

    truth within lies. and lies in truth. how we sift through this, what we do with information is that which defines us, and our capacity to navigate the times ahead...

  103. er... less public and more private

  104. This is a propaganda piece. Peter Schiff is an idiot, he complains that wages in the federal government have gone up while private company wages have gone down... then preaches that he wants public, and more private jobs. This shows that private sector wages remain stagnant while the prices in everything increases. Then the film maker suggests removing the minimum wage.... Is he retarded? The minimum wage is too low. Obviously the film maker wants to have the people in even more poverty... what a loser... Right wing sleezebag

  105. his overview is correct. However, it seems to me a high school student could of done a better job on the facts. Would not watch!