Memory of the Camps

Memory of the Camps

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Memory of the CampsSixty years ago, in the spring of 1945, Allied forces liberating Europe found evidence of atrocities which have tortured the world's conscience ever since. As the troops entered the German concentration camps, they made a systematic film record of what they saw. Work began in the summer of 1945 on the documentary, but the film was left unfinished.

FRONTLINE found it stored in a vault of London's Imperial War Museum and, in 1985, broadcast it for the first time using the title the Imperial War Museum gave it, 'Memory of the Camps.

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  1. We've got thousands of Trump supporters marching in the street with tiki torches screaming "jews will not replace us!" No automation will replace you idiots. Apparently this country hasn't learned a thing a the holocaust!

    1. you sir are a demented sociopath, there was NEVER at any time in history "thousands of trump supporters marching in ANY street with tiki torches screaming "jews will not replace us! " OR any such nonsense even close. you are an id**t to even try to pass off your lies as a reality ,even the most hate filled democrat would not believe such insanity.

      and you are showing what a callous inhumane person you truly are by using the holocaust as your personal tool of hatred to play petty politics with the lives of millions of jews.

  2. I weep. To see human beings, who should have died in their beds at a ripe old age, dragged carelessly to a pit and tossed in like so much garbage, is heart rending. Each deserved to be taken care of by loving family, and laid tenderly in their final resting place. I can see how having those responsible for their deaths being forced to do this ghastly work may have been to teach a lesson, however there is no evidence that anything was learned. It turned out to be solely the last possible indignity against those poor broken bodies.

    It is now 2018 and mass murder, terrorism, and rampant crimes against humanity persist throughout the world. We all need to do our part.

  3. Magda said...."I dont understand all your comments against God. Is He forcing you to do anything?"

    It's not about 'God', Magda, it's about you trying to force your concept of God upon others, as if it were reality. Well, it's not, it's a guess, and you simply believe in one of thousands of gods and goddesses that humans have themselves created.

    Please read some anthropology and mythology and learn of the thousands and thousands of years of pain and suffering humans endured as we evolved from primates, before your latest version of 'god' showed up. You believe in your god because you grew up in one community and not another. You could have grown up with Ganeesh and Shiva if you just happened to live in that country.

    Believe whatever myths you wish but be kind enough to leave them at home.

    And don't forget Mathew 10:34, "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father....... a man's enemies will be the members of his own household."

    Right...... good advice, keep stirring the pot.

    1. LOVE this comment! 👏

  4. Lots of comments to the effect that this must never happen again, yet it is happening all over the world. Talk is cheap. 60-80 million Chinese were murdered and starved to death by the Communist dictatorship (Communist Party of China) AFTER WW2….and still today that same regime is in power, executing anyone who it deems a danger to its hold on power AND the West only wants closer relations with them. Pol Pot killed a third of Cambodia's people in the 1980s and the North Koreans run concentration camps that kill thousands every year, and hundreds of thousands die every few years due to the same kind of communist economic policies that killed millions in China. The world does nothing…except say "never again".

  5. just got to say, didnt anyone feel upset how the SS were just dragging these people. around like they were nothing at all. and throwing them around. made me feel very sick and upset at how people can treat others this way

    1. ✋YES! That infuriated me, as well!!!!

  6. Awesome, how thin the veneer of civilization...... The foremost German killers were the Einsatzgruppen, who in fact were the butcher and the baker and the grocer man from the small home towns all over Germany. The average man....... trained not to think, but to follow.

    Excellent documentary...... We were coming out of our U.S. economic depression of the 30's as Hitler was steadily gaining power. When the U.S. went into the wars, both Europe and the Far East had erected tremendous power structures. We in turn did so, and turned to rationing..... a most gruesome Potlach, where the wealth of the world went up in flames and smoke, the destruction of cities and of the production equipment of the countries. Save the United States, we trumped them all..... now we were on top!

    But where are we now, in 2014, 65 years later? World inflation is forcing us to the edge.... when the paper money is destroyed we'll be back to despair. We've spent today's wealth, and tomorrow's........

    How bizarre.......

  7. This is not propaganda. This is real these are real people who were murdered.How can anyone still say this never happened ? No one deserved to be murdered. Those who defend such atrocities are no different than the Nazi or any one else who causes so much pain and death.

  8. People are dying TODAY and for the past 80-or-so years In Russian Gulags and Chinese 'Political re-education' camps.Far more have been tortured,worked and starved to death In these places than In so-called Nazi 'death camps',even If you believe all the Zionist Bulls**t!

    1. Sooo......people shouldn't make (and watch) documentries about the atrocities of the Holocaust, because more people have died elsewhere in history (like telling someone that is happy that they shouldn't be, because someone else has it better)? If THAT doesn't sound completely ignorant (and a bit anti-semetic), than i don't know WHAT does. I mean, you DO realize that there are documentries about the other stuff you mentioned....don't you?? Although, according to YOUR logic, why talk "Russian gulag" and "Chinese 'Political re-education" victims, when we committed genocide, raped, and tortured the Native Americans (just assuming you are American, forget it if you aren't i guess 🤷‍♀️) religious refugees that had been taken in. You see how idiodic that sounds!? Documentaries can, and SHOULD, be about act like someone forced you to watch This or something. Get over yourself. It's ALL important history that needs to be remembered, ALL lives' have the same worth.

  9. My father lived through this hell and is 90 now. HE will never forget.

    1. God bless your father. He is part of a generation of people that are endangered, but one which is so valuable and can teach us so much from their stories of suffering, survival, hope, and desperation. I pray that the memories of this horrible time do not die with them, but live on through all of us so that we can educate our future generations.

    2. Tough!

  10. I dont understand all your comments against God. Is He forcing you to do anything? Has He got any influence on your deciosions? The concept of Christian God is the God who gave you the free will. He doesnt need an army of human forced to execute His orders (if you choose to love Him do your best and live the best if not then you still have to make your choice how you want to live, what you do etc.)... and so if God cant change your hostile attitude, vicious comments- while I belive that in most of us here, despite all the negative feelings there is the good inside whatever we belive in or not to and I am sure we want to consider ourselves as not able to commit such atrocities... So in what way? How could God made them to stop? if He doesnt overpower you?? If one considers themselves as a free person how could their blame me, you, God for their choices? Put blame on others instead of taking responsibility. Is it better nowadays? what with the "labour" camp in China? others? what now? which army is going to stand up for them? Who? You?

  11. Why are people fighting on here like Assholes?.The movie is about the Jews .Its not about YOU.

    1. Yeah, the Jews were the only people who died during the Holocaust.
      No others died, JUST the Jews.

    2. You're joking? Why would you say this?

    3. Obviously you're not familiar with sarcasm !

    4. I am in fact familiar with sarcasm, My mistake.....

  12. I could not finish watching; too shocking

    1. You seem to be one of the VERY few here with a CONSCIENCE judging by these posts

  13. why didnt the allies bomb the camps when they knew about them why ?

  14. Man is actually born "desperately wicked". That includes every one of us. Without Christ our minds are depraved.

    1. Luckily I'm a woman ;)

    2. Right, if you follow the story line of Genesis was it not the "woman" that coerced man and said eat the bl00dy fruit and forever caused the downfall of man and all that stuff Eh?? Bad girl, lol. So only the woman is wicked as always.

    3. Made from the rib of a MAN! We inherited the badness, it was in you boys before it was in us and we just (as woman is want to do) beat you with your own stick. No hard feelings though Blue ;)

    4. Oh, I get it, youses guyses are just wannabes, to bad, no hard feeling though flirt. Har, Har.

    5. Wannabes? More like meant to be! You'd have run around naked and grunting if we hadn't improved you. God made you and dumped you, he made us because he knew we could do the job properly. No, no hard feelings at all ;)

    6. You said she 'coerced' so she physically forced the man? Judo? A gun? Hard to understand this logistically.
      Try to understand 'what goes around, comes around' and stop blaming women. Grow up.

    7. Give me a break, you know what I was talking about. Don't play the innocent card. It's the woman's fault, lol. the women have the power. And all men are only boys grown tall babe.

    8. Nothing wrong with boys growing tall, just saying that a society where men & women are civil towards each a civil society, and not otherwise. this documentary demonstrates. Give the ladies a break too.

    9. Thanks, but I've NOT been born "desperately wicked". Is this the same "Christ" that said he would show up again? Real soon? As in Matt 16:28, "I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his Kingdom."

      Right, 2000 years and we're still waiting.... Meanwhile, back in Reality....

  15. these atrocities were and are still an abasement for humanity as a whole and continue to dictate our actions as such. We say we won't let it happen again, that we have learnt our lesson, but darkness has truly fallen. We currently live among monsters that are not visible to us as the nazi's were.

  16. ps. just had a read of some comments here. where do you religios get off? don't you get it one time.. it was a screaming zealot and his hysterical followers not quite unlike you filled those concentration camps with corpses.

  17. thanks webmaster for making this available. enough said.

  18. I've watched a lot of documentaries on the concentration camps of Germany but this is the first one that mentions all the other nationalities and countries of the people who were imprisoned and killed. The majority were Jews but certainly not by a huge majority.

    1. and your lovely big smelly dripping shiny point is..??

  19. Some here are saying that "only the devil" could devise such an evil enterprise. Unfortunately, it was without a doubt HUMAN BEINGS that devised it, which in my opinion is far worse. How is almost unbearable to think about what people are capable of, and how cold they can become - to stand by and let so many suffer, starve, and die. Or to kill people outright, by the most agonizing means imaginable. Somehow it's unthinkable that there were so many women working at these camps. One likes to think their nurturing spirit would not let them partake, but apparently that is a naive thought. How can it be possible that such evil was lurking in so many, that they would willingly help to destroy 11 MILLION innocent people?

    Be ever vigilant. Remember the phrase "Arbeit Macht Frei" - Work Makes you Free. Think about how our own governments subtly infuse us with this message. Be aware. Never forget. This stuff didn't happen all that long ago, it happened in my parent's lifetime. It's not remote.

    I watched this in 1985 when it was originally aired, tears streaming down my face the whole time. I was only 22, and of course I knew all about the Holocaust, or so I thought. This documentary gives you an altogether new perspective though, and in my case, a life changing one.

  20. If you knew anything about the Bible and had any heart for the Lord you would know that he wept over Jerusalem, as Matthew 3:37 states he longed for them seeing the suffering they would endure because so many evil men want to snuff out the Jewish people, then and now, But they would not the verse says, indicating their refusal to acknowledge Christ as the Messiah they were looking for cuz they wanted a warrior Messiah who would deliver them instantly from their oppressing rulers and did not recognize the humble Messiah, gentle and meek, beckoning mens hearts to turn to him, and who first needed to deliver all men FROM THEIR SINS... Once again they will be persecuted by their enemies in the Middle East only this time the Bible declares that the Messiah will step in to spare them and redeem them as their mighty warrior... I challenge you to investigate the Bible and its inerrent truths and you will be fascinated!! Hope to see you redeemed and standing with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings as He will reveal He indeed rules over His creation!

    1. Man, you're a lunatic....Seek help!

    2. i have a god, you have a god we all scream for a god......
      your god allowed and still is so many atrocities that he doesn't deserve to be called god in fact your god should be sent to hague the tribunal court that deals with genocides and war crimes committed against humanity.

    3. The Roman Empire killed Jesus, not the Jews. In fact many Jews of the time called him King, that is what got him killed. Being a direct decedent of David, gave him the birthright to be considered the leader of the Jews, a direct threat to the Roman dominance of the region. If they hadn't called him King of the Jews, he would not have come down in history as he has. He would have been remembered as only one of the many who could preform and did preform the many miracles and preach the same tenant during his life time.

    4. wrong you could say that we all killed Jesus because he shed his blood for all our sins that means all people who believe

    5. What? Pilate said "this man has committed no crime" and handed Christ over to the Jews,saying "do with him what thou wilt", and they chose to torture and murder him. Get your facts right.

  21. @Mark~
    "And as for the Jews. ... Jewish controlled banking and money system exploited the country mercilessly."

    "So while Germany starved during a depression ... Jewish community, at that time were very much seen as 'exploiters of their hosts'."
    Are you really suggesting that the Holocaust was just an understandable punitive reaction to a German subculture of meddlesome Jews that exploited the national banking system? If that is your brief, let us all pause now and reconsider our historical judgment. Perhaps we have been too rough on the that it? I suppose then, that it would be alright to round up all the offending Wall Street investment firms that introduced derivatives and then execute them in "reeducation camps"?
    Surely you must be joking! The Ultra-Zionists of the West Bank are morally wrong but are they really related in some mitigating fashion to the death camps and how?

  22. @Mark~
    This is quite factually accurate re the the Bush family and Germany's National Socialism (which wasn't true socialism by the way). Prescott Bush "worked for and profited from companies closely involved with the very German businesses that financed Hitler's rise to power. It has also been suggested that the money he made from these dealings helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up its political dynasty."

  23. Far too many comments here mentioning god. 'god'?! What an archaic concept. C'mon people. Cop on and wake up! If mankind keeps believing in god and the devil we are all in big trouble.

    1. What or who, do you believe in?

  24. I thought this documentary was something I found incomprehensable. The point of this piece of history should be a reminder of "Lest We Forget" te innocent lives taken whether young old or in the prime of their lives.The brutality that one man can afflict on another is completely sickening. Why? Because of their belif system. It doesn't matter. The people in this war should've never been put through this. God Bless them all.

  25. I hope one day to film documentaries. Even when I was younger and still a teenager, I have always been a history buff. Of course I was learning about more innocent subjects. At a young age my mom was waching something on the Holocaust, she had me watch it as well and explained what had happened. I was so sad but watching some of the things inspired me to continue to show our past(good and bad) and learn from our mistakes.

  26. For those evoking God into the discussion here, you have to ask yourself what was he doing while all this was going on? As soon as the American/English soldiers liberated the camp they set to work in helping these poor people; providing water, food, clothing, medical attention and care. They, like any caring human being in their situation, were in a position to help and did so.

    If he exists, God on the other hand, not only knew that the atrocities were going to take place long before they did,(and went ahead and created a World which he knew would result in it,) he also stood by and did nothing whilst millions of men, women and children were systematically slaughtered in accordance to Hitler's "Final Solution."

    Let's look at this for what it really represents, a disgusting chapter in human history, something that we must never let happen again, something we must learn from. Let's not start quoting chapter and verse from scripture, or trying to explain away or provide comfort by allowing answers or justice through God, it's an insult to the millions who died terrified in the camps, many of whom were no doubt pleading for some divine intervention that never came, right up until they drew their last breath.

    Our soldiers did a much better job at bringing the holocaust to an end and providing care and atention to the needy than God, who, in his infinite power, would have found the task of intervention a trivial baring on his resources, would he not?

    To quote McKown: The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.

    1. I think the internet may be the most effective tool ever devised to spread the gospel of religion's destructive role throughout history. Give it time to reshape the real zeitgeist...

      zeitgeist (?za?t??a?st) — noun ;the spirit, attitude, or general outlook of a specific time or period, esp as it is reflected in literature, philosophy, etc.
      [from German, literally: time spirit; see tide 1 , ghost ]

  27. @ Abraham

    Thanks Abraham, I also thought that your piece was well constructed and informative, and I fully agree with all you say.

    And, er, I am a published author, so it is great to hear your praise. Thankyou :)

    1. Mark and Abraham
      why don't you 2 get a room, my goodness

  28. @ Mark

    Props to you for that wonderfully written piece! After reading a handful of the responses, i was in a rush to weigh in myself. It was not till after, that i read yours. Again, well written.

  29. Truly tragic, almost beyond comprehension.

    What makes this event even more tragic, is when people fail to learn from this. Namely,the Israeli state. Having endured possibly the worst persecution of all times, they are currently in the process of carrying out their own version of it on the Palestinians. Everyone is completely repulsed when they hear of an arab blowing himself up to murder israelis, proclaiming "was the will of Allah" However, when the israeli army completely destroys entire towns (Jenin), killing mostly civilians in their own homes, claiming "God promised this land to us" it is entirely acceptable and somehow just?

    Unfortunately, i feel people will now think me to be anti-semetic. Entirely untrue, im just trying to show the atrocities go both ways. If you were shaken/appalled by this film, if you genuinly care for humanity regardless of race/creed/ owe it to yourself to watch other films on this (excellent) site. "Deir Yassin", "Peace, Propaganda, The Holy Land" are a few, also Noam Chomsky writes some excellent/informitive esssays on the topic.

    Let us never feel an injustice like this (Holocaust), should in any way be condoned. Nor, any suicide bombings.Never again, as i read on a monument at Dachau. But let us also be honest with ourselves, and awaken! These types of atrocities have happened since, and are still happening (East Timor, Palestine, Rwanada, former Yugoslavia). One of the great evils learnt from ww2 seems to be the use of propaganda, which too many countries employ now, to keep pushing their agendas, and keep people ignorant as to what is happening. Keep people cowering in fear, with the proposal that there is "an evil race/nation" out there that hates you for your freedom. Then it becomes heroic, and pure, for your nation to squash out that "terrorism". When, in reality, it is the pursuit of material riches, resources, that has so many innoceants dying worldwide.

    As far as religion, i grew up with a very religious family, but later became dissillutioned with most of them. I dont begrudge anyone their faith. But when one religion uses their scriptures to trump another, citing some divine right (kinda like the "my dad is better than yours" playground banter), they do themselves/ everyone a diservice. Sorry about the religious rant, but seems many others are weighing in, so why not.

    @ Jonathan - well said about the socialism!

  30. @ basically all of the posts here...

    The sick thing is that people, despite the brutal images just witnessed, can somehow pipe on about God. As much as I would like to believe in God, it's hard to find anything holy and "God-like" about the extermination of people.

    Everyone should have faith and hope, no matter what it is for... a God, themselves, freedom, etc. However, religion has been the root of all evil throughout history. Whether it be the corruption of the Catholic church or the neverending war in Israel/Palestine... all of the horrid acts and conflicts centre around religion and race.

    As far as I know, no religions, that have any decent following, base on the idea of cruelty. The fact that people would take religion as a base or excuse for such extreme measures of human atrocity is scary... That countless viewers would then respond with statements about God, is equally as scary.

    @ those misinformed about the US's "social reformation"

    Why are Americans so afraid of socialism? It's like if you mention social anything and people automatically think you're Lenin's right hand man.

    As an American living in Europe, I can assure you, the US is far from modern in its acceptance of change... social welfare, above all, would be an enormous step in the right direction. How it is still overwhelmingly rejected is beyond me.

  31. Thank you Mark, you made my day! I think I could teach this subject in College (LOL) I have delved into it every way possible. I actually bought "The last Ten days" yesterday.
    Got to go, have a good day! ( I enjoyed hearing you expound upon this tragedy as well)

  32. @ Mark

    That piece you just wrote there should be in Time Magazine, it was absolutely brilliant! The average individual might not realize how much courage it takes to write what you just wrote. I have many times tried to explain to people, that the Jews were viewed by many as "exploiters of their hosts" and as a result, have been labeled everything under the sun from racist to anti-semitic.

    As a member of the human race, I surely do not condone the extermination of 6 million people. However, this issue isn't as cut and dry as people may think. As stated by Mark above, the proof is out there. The Jews did control much of the european banking and monetary system, and did exploit the people and their nations mercilessly. The people got fed up of this system of oppression and decided to fight back by persecuting Jews. Albeit, to an atrociously, disgusting brutal extreme, but the Jewish absolutely played an active role in creating and escalating these circumstances.

    And people..... Christianity, along with all other religions and theistic belief systems are frauds! They serve to detach the human race from the natural world, and likewise, each other. It supports blind submission to authority, it reduces human responsibility to the effect that "God" controls everything, and in turn horrible acts can be justified in the name of the "Lord" and the "Divine Pursuit". And most importantly, it empowers those who know the truth but use the myth to manipulate and control societies. The religious myth is the most powerful device ever created and serves as the psychological soil upon which other myths can flourish.

    Think about it religion has actually managed to convince people that there's an invisible man in the sky who watches everything you do every minute of every day! Wake up people, there is no Santa Claus!

  33. What a treat to once again hear the voice of one of my childhood favorite t.v. shows, Alfred Hitchcock presents!
    To see how clearly he acesses the situation, with his dry, satirical wit, is captiviating to say the least!There is unseen Holocaust footage in here as well.Truly a work of art! You will dig this one!

  34. Listen, here is the thing about Jews:

    They are delicious!

    Listen! I love all peoples and genders equally...

    Humans are simply delicious!

    Listen! I am going scrounging in a graveyard for christian meat...

    SO, you can write what you want...

  35. Elbelle: Right on. Let's not forget that PEOPLE did this.

    Religions only serve to set people up against each other. It's time people started thinking for themselves instead of trusting in age old books to do the thinking for them.

  36. This is the true face of man. You may find that concept uncomfortable or even insulting, but it is the truth! Don't hide behind your religions propaganda, or political persuasion, because that doesn't fit.

    This film shows scenes that are horrific beyond description. But it's not unique or new! Let us not forget the 20 million Russian souls who died in the Gulags. Or the thousands illegally imprisoned and tortured at Guantanamo Bay.

    Remember the millions of Africans enslaved by America and Europe, and worked to death.
    Or the systematic genocide of native American Indians. The difference here is that the horror is there for us all to see, and comprehend, and mourn. But all the events mentioned above were not. But were hidden to save us from disgrace.

    What struck me, watching this movie, was the utter sadness of most of the poor souls who died there. No-one cried when they died. No-one noticed that they were gone. They will not be remembered, or even missed. They were just nothing. Like animals in our present-day factory farms. At least the people we saw were documented on film. For every one of those, countless thousands of victims lives weren't even that.

    I have studied the Nazi concentration camp system for many years, and visited many of the sites across Europe. Even after all these years I cannot understand what drove men and women to act in such a heinous way. These camps were basically death factories.

    It is a misconception that these camps were gas chamber production lines (although that was certainly true in the last few months of the war). People were worked to death mostly. Hard labour and insufficient food inevitably had the same result, and there was a constant feed of 'fresh people' to replace them.

    This film depicts vividly a warning from history. For the scenes you have viewed are continuing in this world as you read this:

    Remember the ten million souls from Polpots' Cambodia. (1960's - 1970's)
    Don't forget the fifteen million victims of China's Peoples Revolution. (1950's)
    Or the half million genocide victims from the former Yugoslavia. (1990's)
    Nor the estimated one and a half million victims of massacres in Zimbabwe (today)

    And as for the Jews. I think it is time for reaction to Shoah to step back and ask 'why?' There was a reason for the German people despising Jews so much, this wasn't spawned from nowhere my mere propaganda. In Germany - pre National Socialism, the Jewish controlled banking and money system exploited the country mercilessly.

    So while Germany starved during a depression that saw a loaf of bread, or a potato, cost a wheel-barrow full of money, the Jewish community flourished. So while it may seem very controversial, and even semi-illegal to say such things today. The Jewish community, at that time were very much seen as 'exploiters of their hosts'.

    This was not confined to Germany. In Poland, and Russia, when the Germans invaded both countries, the native inhabitants there, were more than happy to collaborate with the Nazis to rid themselves of the Jews. This is very well documented. And also. There is no other religion in the world that has a 'special' word set aside for hatred of that religion !

    And as for you Americans posting here, spouting about the evils of socialism. I very much suggest you research what part the Bush family (yes - your two recent presidents) had in funding the Nazi regime ... and correct me if I'm wrong, but they are ... Republican, and devout Christians !

  37. Didn't kill thme all thats why we have problems today.

  38. ummmm, no, I'm pretty sure I'm MUCH better than those filthy nazis.

  39. Will, what you're saying makes you no better than those Nazis.

  40. Everyone of those filthy germans should have been shot once in the stomach, thrown into the mass graves and buried alive with those whom they murdered.

    1. you mean the way jews are dealing with palestinians these days?

  41. What a shock for all those soldiers who discovered those camps, Unprepared (as if someone could be "prepared" to see hell), they filmed so everybody could see what did happened. Some countries already knew about those massacre and, unfortunately did nothing to stop it.

    Many prisoners managed to keep their faith in G_d. How did they managed to do so? To me, when all of this happened, G-D was most probably looking somewhere else.

    Marie C

  42. It is a real shame that the only time religion and race does not matter is when we are dead.

  43. I worked for the UK subsidiary of a German Company for 19 years until they stabbed me in the back in 2003. 3 years later I had a total nervous breakdown, but am better now. I work for 2 animal charities. Believe me I know how this evil was possible, even for the average German. My dad won the MC killing the vermin, which is how I view them. They know nothing of honour or integrity. "The entire German race should be in its knees for eternity begging the rest of the world for forgiveness". A German on its knees begging for forgiveness is one thing, an arrogant ignorant and aggressive and one is something else. I only ever met the latter. They were numbered in their hundreds

  44. I am astonished that people can leave comments regarding this documentary and then go on to talk about "gods mercy" in those comments after watching the same film.... Where was "god" in those camps???? What merciful, loving God could allow this to happen??????? I cannot see nor comprehend any God in this film.....

  45. thanks for your comments Juanita you really brought a few ideas to the forefront of my mind, you said
    'are you kidding me? The Nazis (let’s not label all Germans the same) killed the Jews while most of the world looked the other way.'
    World gov'ts still have not learned from past attrocities like the holocaust because state sponsored genocide/war/mass murder still goes on to this day (Rwanda et all) and as much as they build temples to their fake compassion for humanity the opposite is almost inevitably true the only 'compassion' exibited is of the monetary flavour. in retrospect we all oppose human suffering but in the moment financial and political gain ONLY motivates action.

    you also said
    'The world conscience was seared then and still is today when we see atrocities against defenseless humans. Shame on us for our silence.'
    it's safe to say that your average person loudly opposes wars, genocides- injustice, but our leaders are 'silent' in their response, or loud in condemnation and vacant in action.

    Thanks for that insight

  46. I agree with Lousie,Religion as been the cause of more wars than anything else in the world,all the religious people in the world fight for thier "God" and commit acts of extreme violence. At the moment we have tension rising in the UK because of some islamic fanatics. Yet again the peaceful and all loving gods could yet bring about more violence.
    Dont deny that Christians didnt know about the holocaust,this will forever be a stain on the human race,a time in history of immense shame to all people of the world.
    More atheists equals more peace!!

  47. Hitler was a Christian
    Most of the people who knew about it (not just in Germany) were Christians
    Stop hiding behind your god and just admit that this could so easily happen again and most of you people would be joining right in there, in in one way or another.
    Only then can we face up to what we're capable of and deal with it.
    If only there were more atheists in the world this stuff would not keep recurring in one form or another. I so wish for that day. Sadly though, there are so many gullible people, so easily persuaded to hatred of somebody - anybody, I fear it will never be ....

  48. My heart is numb and as no feeling.

    I have seen much film footage from the death camps and although i am only 52 i feel guilty about what happened,NEVER AGAIN!!
    Oh and for the record i am English.

  49. This is beyond words how could other human beings do this to one another , and do it so systematically. People who deny this have blood on there hands as far as i am concerned

    Fukc party political broadcasts they should show this video before anyone even considers voting for the BNP

  50. Thank you Juanita. Nicely said..

  51. Syly1212 - are you kidding me? The Nazis (let's not label all Germans the same) killed the Jews while most of the world looked the other way. The world conscience was seared then and still is today when we see atrocities against defenseless humans. Shame on us for our silence.

    And J - it is precisely because of our belief in God and that man is created in Him image (life is precious) that we are shocked by seeing such brutal images. And believe it or not, most believers are dealing nicely with the reality we will die one day. Eternal life doesn't mean we'll never die physically, it means our soul lives on. And to that point, everyone has a soul that lives forever - location is your choice. For now evil exists in the world, but the evil actions of mankind doesn't negate the existence or goodness of God.

  52. QUOTE: "Sixty years ago, in the spring of 1945, Allied forces liberating Europe found evidence of atrocities which have tortured the world’s conscience ever since."

    Why in the world does it "torture the world's conscience?" Germany killed the Jews, not the rest of the world!

    I saw this video somewhere else under a different title. Not worth watching again.

  53. It is astonishing to me how many people will rant on about god , or their god, or all the rest of the crap when they have just seen such horrendous real life footage of terrible atrocities done by man, against man.

    Can the bible bashers of the world who are so unwilling to deal with the reality that YES YOU ARE GOING TO DIE ONE DAY and are constantly looking to appease themselves with bullshit lines like "eternal life" please stop using the term god when talking about the holocaust. Man did it to man, god had nothing to do with it.

    And as for henry, are you serious???? If you believe in god and think he is so just and that it is karma what happened to the Jews, then you give me reassurance that god is non-existent.

    Why would anyone use an innocent baby or children to bring wrath upon a people, especially the (so called) all forgiving all seeing Jesus. We should never forget what happened to these people. It is amazing how Hitler got away with this, but i guess that is what happens when people blindly follow an ideal without questioning its validity.

  54. This was such a harrowing documentary to watch, but to say the devil had a hand in it is to take some of the blame away from those who were responsible. this was not the devils doing--human beings are to blame. People. Men and women. Before the war, before Hitler, some of these guilty individuals were no doubt living what they considered to be ordinary, average lives. But power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Do not take the blame from those who committed such heinous crimes. Do not shift the focus from them to some religious deity. 'the devil made me do it' is up there with 'i was just following orders.' To accept these excuses is to accept the idea that someone (or something) else was responsible, and it's an insult to the millions who were butchered. it's in our nature to destroy eachother--just look at what's happening in the world today. and more often than not, the guilty parties are eager and willing to defend themselves by saying it was out of their control. if you kill someone... YOU kill someone. not the devil.

  55. I can hardly wrap my mind around it, some don't want to know much less believe. G-d told us what was, will be and there is nothing new under the sun. Genesis 8:22 tells us Al Gore a liar, the seasons would never change. so many lies especially about the Jews. People should pick up free at the library any or all Holocaust books. and remember it was six million Jews and about the same ammount of Christians and many other religions and finally Hitler even killed his soldiers that helped him. the bible lets us know antichrist will come and a world wide Holocaust will make Hitler look like a boy scout. some think the last pillar is catholic but the book of Daniel is no longer sealed, It will be Islamic as G-d also says HE would send jihad like locust for those in disobedience. Those who don't know jihad is here and 100 thousand being brought in yearly is blind. I used to call both Rep and Dems one big bird..but it one big monster..and the right foot is showing boldly. nothing changes under either, just more freedoms lost, America is crumbling as people just follow the herd, don't do their homework. go to your search engine, The Council of foreign relations, and you will see the members of the one world gov. destroying our country on purpose. bush just handed the reigns to Obama. do you all think gov did not know he was born in Kenya.all are blood relatives ,,,even Obama , brown, clintons, chennys they have to be thru the mother.going way back. The tea party is good, just so long as rep can't high jake it, evil is on both sides of the isle everything they do is against our Constitution ,,we are a Republic. look up Republic in the distionary. then look up Democracy. A republic is where we vote and they serve us. the democracy is where we vote and they do as they please. How many really think the fall of AIG, Fredie mc, fannie may and banks and auto's etc failed in a month..all at once?? we voted the UN out, why are they here? war is money, death and destructin. watered down history won't work. look up true history and go to the gov web and check out who voted for what, who substained to make a vote go a certian way. Even Brown is a liar. voted for the healthcare. is a pawn. everytime you see anyone step down. follow the money..we are to hold them accountable..wake up..If we take back our country and fire these freaks and put them in prison, kick out the UN, and drill, which they lie on that too. they have been drilling but want us to be hooked on saudi oil. we have more than saudi in just one state and much oil in seven. there is NO global warming and the only thing that causes weather is to shoot TNT into the moon and space etc. PICK right do your homework and we can bring back many jobs, kill the programs that link us to the UN or global garbage, set up our farms, turn the water loose, cut the tax, IRS is unconstitional, gov don't need it, they pocket it. We can be out of debt, rich and prosperous, pay back China take our ports and roads back, build our milatary, bring home out troops, put them on the borders and the next threat.hit them hard. and stand with Israel...genesis 12:3..G-d bless..

  56. I'm closing this chapter now. I had relatives die in the camps, in the name of Christianity...(I don't want to surrender my age, let's just say I'm experienced) but that doesn't mean that it was Christians that did it. A lot of horrible things were done in the name of Jesus to my people and to others, but I can seperate the real people of faith from the pretenders. It was also the Righteous Gentiles that risked their lives to save Jews, that acted in the name of their Messiah, when Meshiach comes they will be rewarded for what they did in His name, so will those who did evil, the books will be balanced. In the mean time all of us should look to do what is just and right in whatever Name compells us.I can call myself an eagle but that doesn't mean I can fly. All it means is that I'm deluded or I'm lying. How would you like it if someone took your family name and then went around doing bad things so that everyone else cursed you and your kindred? That must be how true Christians feel.
    Keep watch and never let it happen again to anyone anywhere for any reason in any name.

  57. @henry,
    Yeah right these people brought it all on themseves! Good rationalization. I guess that you can sleep well tonight knowing that justice has been done.

  58. HESUS,, the troubling thing is that a civilized country was turned to this by demogoguery. You critisize every Christian and feel it is needful to single out two others, therefore I single you out as a hater and I suspect that given the chance, you would do to Christians what was done to those in the camps. What was done was done through blind hate, just like yours. I'll bet that you think your opinions are the only right ones too. Try thinking for yourself instead of parrotting what the 'cool kids' say and do, then you'll actually have some intellectual property of your own. Anyone can ape someone else's opinions, that's just intellectually lazy, look at the Nazis, most of them just followed what was popular at the time. Don't be one of the sheeple! Again, think for yourself instead of conforming, then you'll be a real radical and not just another cliche spouting joke. Besides, hating Christians is getting really passe,you know? like,how tiring. You know so little about what you condemn, yet you think to critisize and condemn others. It is the Judeo-Christian foundations of society that inform us that the camps were evil, you needn't be a Christian to have been influenced by its teachings, whether or not you accept them is your God given right, enforced and codified by... hold on to your pointy head...Christian men and women throughout the history of the West.Your philosophy of finding scapegoats, your anger and frustration, will never be a positive influence on anyone or any society. NEVER AGAIN... I hope you wise up, or maybe grow up into the caring and open minded person that I'm sure you think you are.

  59. Oh dear God help us to NEVER forget such horrific and heinous actions of such godless people! It so grieves my heart, that human flesh and blood could have accepted it was ok to slaughter millions upon millions of “innocent people.”

    This documentary shows the ultimate selfishness of humanity, is to take the life of another simply because one isn’t in agreement with your ideals and how leaders of the world should never forget how absolute power can become absolutely corrupt, if not held in check. However, the greatest prize of all is to die for the sake of our Heavenly Father!!!

  60. wow. to think people actually say this never happened makes me sad. im overwhelmed by this footage. its just so sad. how could anyone in that time, or even now, go along with such inhumane actions? you can blame hitler, the ss and the camp owners but the whole country knew. yet no one thought to end it. i just dont understand what the germans were thinking. i hope our government learned from this. i pray we never make this nightmare, genacide mistake ever again. and that goes for Every Country. God Bless!!!

  61. @Juanita and Terry,

    first, let me say i use alot of words to express myself and make sure it is clear where i come from...i do go off on tangents a bit...but that is me. and yeah i am trying to convince myself...cause to be honest i have no idea what is out there...i know there is **something** out there, but what or who it is i dont know and am still trying to figure it out.

    as for my post not being on topic...i was refering to all the other posts getting on to the religion topic with how they were portraying and rationalizing their response to this. i was SHOCKED and APPAULED at the conditions that this video showed, and honestly i think it needs to be shown in every high/secondary school in the world so that those of the next generation knows the history and therefore are not doomed to repeat it.

    there were a couple moments tho that gave me made me smile and go "HELL YEAH!" and the other i was dumbfounded but remembered the time. the first was making the SS men and women preform burial duties....that was GREAT! i loved that! what a perfect punishment....

    the other moment was when they were talking about disinfecting the victims w/ "sprinkling them with DDT" i nearly spit my drink all over my computer....then i had to stop and think "this is back when DDT was widely used and thought not to be harmful"

    i will appologize tho for my eairler post if it did upset anyone and that it was not on topic....i do try to be...but sometimes i pick up on things that are in the responses themselves and i want to address that...

    next time i will be more careful to stay on topic.


  62. I agree.
    Please keep comments in respect to "THE MEMORY OF THE CAMPS..."
    This is a post to comment on the suffering and deaths in Hitler's warcamps and how viewing such dark and demoralizing treatment of humanity, has affected us.

  63. Whoa - a whole lot of words to say you don't believe the Scriptures as being the authoritative Word of God and that you don't believe Jehovah God, Yahweh, is the one true God. Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself. And why rant about this on this forum - the topic is the atrocity of the gas chambers. This film documents man's inhumane treatment of others, proving man's depravity and utter NEED of an Absolute God, I might add.

  64. i see something very un-nerving in some of these posts. and it deals with religion...mainly the christianity. the US was founded on religious FREEDOM...but if you are anything other than christian you are persecuted....and then told that its the CHRISTIANS that are persecuted....i dont see how.

    i have heard everyday of my life growing up how GOD and prayer was taken out of the out. and it wasnt. kids are still allowed to pray...but by no means is it to be FORCED upon every child. i remember in kindegarten and first grade that we were read bible stories in the morning and MADE to pray before going to lunch. i distinctly remember a child telling my teacher that she was not allowed to say the prayer we were saying because it was not her religion...and that teacher REFUSED to let that child eat lunch!!!

    i have NO problem with people praying in long as its not PUBLIC school there will be people from ALL religions in the country...therefor there should be NO SINGLE TYPE of prayer that HAS to be said.

    i grew up in a Pilgrim Association Freewill Bapitst paternal grandfather was a pastor (and the best ever...if i ever had a question on why the church had a belief he didnt rant and rave, he showed me the line of scripture that they took to heart....) my grandmother (his wife) was a sunday school teacher (tho not quite as "inlightened" as poppaw was when it came to answering questions) so its not like i grew up a "godless heathen"

    i grew and grow ever more disgusted with ALL ORGANIZED religions the more and more i see the news. there is a movie out there called "Dogma" that has ALOT of great things in it. like Jesus being upset about thing things being carried out in HIS lynchings and murders and WARS and TORTURE (um...inqusition come to mind?) and that God does not care what you have faith in...just as long as you HAVE FAITH!

    i do have faith, and yes i believe there is a God, or there could be a couple of them, or many of them or just one...WE DONT KNOW THAT....((and before you tell me, look in the bible...the bible that we all hold so dear is NOT THE WORD OF GOD is the WORD OF MAN! the bible that we all have as christians was VOTED ON by the councel of nicia....those bishops decided what books would go in the new testement and would also decide if the old testement (the Jewish bible....or the Tora) would be with it....there were HUNDREDS of Gospels...but only a few made the cut? oh and revelations almost didnt make it cause they thought it gave god a "Bad image"!))

    but, i whole heartedly believe that you can believe whatever you want to believe...just dont try to force your beliefes on me, and i will do you the same turn. i believe as long as i am good to others, live a good life, do unto others as i would have them do unto me, follow karma's 3-fold rule, and have faith in something higher than me, then my afterlife is dont believe dont have to...that is what FREEDOM OF RELIGION means.....

  65. A sobering reminder, indeed.

    Such merciless cruelties makes me think of what I know is happening right now in many slaughterhouses. Pazifist Leo Tolstoy identified a connection between violence to other creatures and the suffering undergone by humans: „As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.”

    How is that? Certainly we see victims and victimizers in this film. But their is more to it than what we see at the surface. Somalia and Darfur, Rwanda, Cambodia, two World Wars, and so on. All that happens, has happened, and will happen in the future, is the enactment of the law of Karma - in the form of wars, cataclysms, epidemics, diseases, accidents, legal tribulations, and so on.

    The leaders of the world may hope for a world government united by an enlightened ideology that will put an end to all wars and suffering. Such an ideology would have to include the understanding of the law of Karma to be successful. But nowadays, the majority of people unfortunately is unaware and going against these universal laws.

    Nature is not an order supplier. Nature is an order executer. When millions of defenseless animals and millions of human embryos are slaughtered, the killers and their accomplices have to bear karmic reactions. Nature arranges for this to occur.

    When time is ripe and the reactions for misdeeds are due, some humans become the tools to carry out those reactions. At such times, their normal ability to make proper choices becomes disabled, and they helplessly respond to the dictates of some particular circumstance. Bereft of their spiritual or intellectual acumen, their lower instincts triggered by greed, anxiety, fear, and hate, they operate solely on carnal impulses, pouncing on each other like beasts, torturing, raping, and killing, often in a manner worse than a beast would. In this way, they are instruments to act out the law of Karma, enforcing the reactions of past misdeeds on others. And as the sow they too will ripe, it is only a matter of time.

    However, this is not to say that one's Karma cannot be changed or that we have no free choices. I definitely do not believe that such immense trials as seen in the documentary are merely bad luck and that the victims are "victims only."

    For my own life, I take it that what is happenings is due to invisible destiny in relation to my past deeds. I'm therefore ready to also at present take responsibility for my actions. That means, I'm aware that I greatly influence my fate by what I do and therefore try to carefully act in harmony with the laws that govern the mechanism of the Universe.

    With climatic changes due to global warming before us and the global stockpile of nuclear weapons behind - them becoming ever larger and more deadly - humanity seems to again glide into a holocaust. It is only a question of time before we are faced with perhaps worse disaster than ever seen in the past. The stringent law of Karma makes this clear. Unless we give up our selfish mentality - and instead learn individually and collectively to act in devotion for the good of the whole - destiny strikes harshly, for some now and others later.

    As seen countless times, international petty diplomacy is not bringing about tangible solutions to end wars and cruelty. What the world needs is saintly leadership, leaders who have knowledge of the laws of this Universe, and who understand how to perform actions that do not bring about material reactions but undo them. Until we learn this, we will go on hearing shattering reports about disasters of every kind and keep on wondering how these things are taking place despite our struggle for happiness.

    Thank you for reading this comment.

  66. ....let us seek your face with singing praise and thanksgiving, forgive those for they no not what they do. Give me the strength and the courage to face the unknowns that lie ahead of us. Good and and faithful servants enter into the kingdom that has been prepared for you. Write the laws on the tables of your hearts and may praises be found on your lips when our hour of distress arrives. May the reprobate and unrighteous be judge accordingly to their actions. Not my will, your will, and your will alone be manifest from everlasting to everlasting through Yeshua HaMachiach AMEN

  67. Like hitlers all other forms of christianity are false.
    @ Terry and Miranda
    The devil only hides inside faith. The most dangerous people are the ones who thing their truth is the only one and superior to others. Just like you. AMEN!

  68. Terry Said....

    "Only the devil himself could have orchestrated such horrific and vile evil against mankind, to those made in the image of God. May we live our lives in such a way, as to vindicate those who have died so mercilessly and fight for what is right and good and true before God."

    AMEN! Through God's enabling power may their lives and deaths not have been in vain!

  69. I wept as I watched this record of atrocity against humanity.
    Only the devil himself could have orchestrated such horrific and vile evil against mankind, to those made in the image of God. May we live our lives in such a way, as to vindicate those who have died so mercilessly and fight for what is right and good and true before God.

    1. keep weeping the jews are coming, just ask the turkish flotilla commander or any palestinian but be quick because not too many are left.

  70. It is wise to study Germany after world war one up to the start of world war two. What is striking to me is how they caught themselves up into eugenics, darwinism, and a false form of christianity where they believed they were following God, but in fact when you study what they read and what the party leaders fed them, they thought they were superhumans or gods. They believed the lie that the serpent told to Eve.
    Hitler was worshipped as the messiah. They believed in becoming Obermenschen. The listened to Nietsche. They had a lot of cult mind control going on like the Rev. Jim Jones before they all killed themselves down in South America.

    Even today there is a large following inside America that follows false theology called Dominionsim, Joel's Army, Kingdom Now. These followers sincerly believe what they have been taught even with a passion, yet their leaders failed to show them that their ideas are no where in the Bible or worse they cherry pick scripture out of context to reinforce the delusion.
    These false teachings say: you can have supernatural powers, that it is the churchs job to subdue the world before Jesus Christ comes back. Just like the germans they have made the mistake of thinking they are God. When you research the roots of these ideas you find that the leaders believed many things from the occult.

    Look into theologies called: Manifest Sons of God, Latter Day Rain. People such as William Branham, John G Lake, EW Kenyon. Look into their critics because often times people are not honest about what they really believe or practice.

    These theologies are invading the modern church by many false teachers and prophets.

    Jesus said to beware of false prophets, false christs, false teachers and He said they would be able to do lying signs and wonders that could even decieve the elect.

    We should carefully examine the theological beliefs of our government leaders in the U.S. and the churches they belong to to see what they believe.

  71. Juanita,

    You said "Give ear to our cry, O Lord, forgive us our apathy. Raise up an army and equip us to speak and work for those who cannot speak for themselves."


  72. Mitzi and Geri,

    My emotional response (ie: outrage and disgust!) was at the actual "seeing" of these atrocities on film. Also, the fact that this is (sadly) only the tip of the iceberg is certainly not lost on me!

    YES Mitzi (I'm in full agreement with you!), I'm Australian however I keep a DAILY watch on two very important countries ( both of course now VERY relevant to this documentary, one in particular being extremely close and dear to my heart)..Israel (being the land dearest to my heart),and the other country in question being the USA.
    I have observed the rise of Socialism in the US , particularly since the change of leadership there, and see almost daily yet another move away from her original Godly foundations towards ...well, maybe that's just too large a topic for here?!

    As a Messianic believer too I see the President of the USA as being used by GOD as the means for delivering His righteous judgement upon a country who has turned her back on God's Laws, and a country who's leadership have now turned their backs on GOD'S own people and have the AUDACITY to attempt to carve up the Land of Israel GOD PROMISED to HIS PEOPLE the JEWS and give it to others! (B'resheet/Genesis 12:1-3)
    Yes, sadly I agree too regarding the parallels between pre war Germany (you said post war, did you mean pre war?)and what is occurring in the US (plus a number of other countries, and those whom we know will surely follow suit - doesn't the Word of God warn us?!).

    We cannot forget!!
    Even though some choose to forget and some deny this ever occurred, rest assured the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob neither sleeps nor slumbers, HE has never forgotten, and will never forget!!
    The blood of each and every one of His people cries out from the filthy ground where they fell and from the pits where they were mercilessly cast.

    1. i hear of some v effective anti psychotic medicines become available the last couple of years since this post

    2. Do you recommend the one you take?

  73. Mitzi speaks well for me. I felt almost that I had written what I was reading......"Lest we forget...L-rd, G-d of Hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget, Lest we forget,,," Kipling

    I agree, after studying the social phenomenon of the Holocaust for 38 years, coming to a very strange place indeed, that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    There were many steps taken building up to the final thrust to exterminate Europe's Jews, the ultimate plan, the world's Jews, which would have taken more of my family, and I woudn't be here to write as I am now.

    So, posthoumusly [for them] we now speak. The outrage that we feel at such carnage, makes it difficult for us to find the words we feel coming from our emotions. But we will speak. WE WILL SPEAK. AND WE WILL NOT FORGET NOR LET THE WORLD FORGET OR LIE ABOUT OR COVER UP WHAT HAPPENED THERE.

  74. As a Messanic believer and in my studies of the Holocaust this film is only the tip of the iceburg as to the autrocties that happened .We are looking at socialism rise in our own country America if anyone takes the time to study post war Germany you will see how it all began.The most dangerous man they say is the silent man and he sits in denial of whats in his face ..its too hard to see.Remember... "Lest We Forget" ! The word God is considered a hate crime in our own country ..he who has ears to hear let him hear he who has eyes to see let him see ...

  75. I agree with Miranda - harrowing, shocking, evil.
    What an incredibly sad reminder of what man, left to his own devices, is capable of. May God have mercy, and may He rescue those who are enduring atrocities even today (perhaps not like this, but atrocities nonetheless.)
    Give ear to our cry, O Lord, forgive us our apathy. Raise up an army and equip us to speak and work for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  76. This documentary is's beyond comprehension that you are actually seeing what you are's's's mankind at it very worst..shameful!
    God forgive them and may this never never be repeated. God, also forgive those who try to deny this occurred! I feel ill..........

  77. wow. Thats all i got.