The Mexican Mormon War

The Mexican Mormon WarThe Mexican drug cartels are at war... with Mormons. VICE founder Shane Smith went down to Ciudad Juárez, near the US border, to investigate this bizarre story.

We learn how the "Mormon Manson" turned his family into assassins, leading to the murder of 40 people, all in the name of blood atonement. The cartel boss "El Rikin" gets revenge against a local Mormon community leader.

The Mormons illegally arm themselves and implement counter-terrorism techniques the US military used in Iraq and Afghanistan. VICE team is stalked by the cartel after going on patrol with the police and drinking with the Mormons.

We also learn what Mitt Romney's Mexican cousins think about his strict immigration policies. VICE talks to Mitt Romney's Mexican relatives about the time a family member was kidnapped and held for ransom by the cartel.

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  1. Robert Macfarlane

    I'm offended by the inconsiderate comments made by ignorant people who think its funny to make fun of someone elses' religion or lifestyle. I doubt if any of you were invited to offer your insights and opinions. Many years ago, my Great Grandfather and two of his wife traveled to Juarez from Southern Utah. For three adults to travel through the desert, in a wagon pulled by a couple of mules must really make someone question the value of their faith. They welcomed the journey with all its hardships. Because when they get to their destination, they would be amongst their fellow Mormon brothers and sisters. I have often wondered about life on the trail. Their energy and determination was boundless. And they did it all to get away from a--holes who find it funny to laugh at their beliefs and underwear.

  2. Haroon Kafaraqgatri Jahed

    It's interesting this isn't on imdb. Surprise. Baby mongering Mor(m)ons are environmental terrorists, so I'm not surprised by this. Good film. I used to live near Navoo, IL, where they lynched Joseph Smith. I used to like to hang out on the spot and party.

  3. Beth Milakovic

    Thisis a great example of what is wrong with our modern media. Here is a gentleman who did not do his research. The "mormon war" was not enacted by Mormons.
    The people in this documentary are Reorganized Mormons or fundamentalist mormons. Mormons all over the world are living in your average city, getting married (once!) and following all the laws of the land.
    If these people moved to Mexico to continue polygamy I'm sure they were excommunicated from the Mormon church.

  4. Realistic Teen™

    Why is everyone talking about Romney

  5. Jeanmarie Todd

    "... let alone Mormons, who aren't allowed to own guns." Sadly, this statement isn't true. Many Mormons (I am a former one) are very, very into guns and most will defend the Second Amendment.

    1. Heidi Ebah

      Yep, it's true.

    2. Suji Jones

      He's not saying Mormons cannot own guns, He's saying that in MEXICO, no citizen is allowed to own a gun.....

  6. James Tod

    Not to many people can watch the full movie . Because it has to much killing.

  7. Ilse Desiree Bauer

    In continuation to my prior Comment; Take a look at the Zodiac Murderer sketch; It is Obama... but it a conspiracy; and the Zodiac Notes/ letter, claiming the September 11th Bombing since then. He states... It will be a while; or long time before you will hear about it... And Guantanamo; were more then one, such as what they refer to as the Federal Prisons where they held Americans imprisoned for years; either they escaped, or died tortured there, as they still do to my children, and family members. The said Mexican people as well as those here etc.. need to stop their crap; with their false history... As when the said Pope arrived, and people did not want him to enter, and the mass massacres which they committed and forced his way in; Mexico, etc!!!!

  8. Lisa Gagnon

    Well, this gives me more respect for Romney's family.

  9. Escada Es

    Oh why didn't you say this was a bash Romney video up front?? I would vote for Sponge Bob Square Pants over Obama!! And I even like Romeny and Ryan so neener!!
    The fact that this guy lies his way into the good graces of the Mexican Mormons to try and scrape whatever dirt he could on a branch of the Romney family that Mitt Romney obviously has no relationship with shows you what kind documentary this is ....and what kind of person put it together.
    Typical Obamite kool-aid kids... HEIL OBAMA

    1. Miguel

      Escada, Romney 47 percent video shows how much he cares for us as a whole. Obama is a ruthless murderer and should be impeached and thrown in Guantanamo the prison that never closed. This election is a distraction from real issues that effects us and so many other nations.

    2. James Tod

      This is part blood of Romney people . Not Obama . His people is in Africa Not Mexico . Your on the wrong side of the world buddy . what go's on over sea's has nothing to do with the USA .

  10. KennethS

    As of today,another Border Patrol agent killed,another wounded.Probably with more "Fast and Furious" provided guns.You watch...the Obama regime will come out to blame law-abiding American gun owners and the Second Amendment for this.Eric Holder should be arrested and charged as being an international terrorist!Obama and Hilary should be charged with comitting crimes against humanity.But it will never happen because the majority of the sheeple are happy as long as they have a new cell phone,a wide screen TV,and facebook.Too stupid to live...too selfish to die.

    1. robertallen1

      Yes, I read about this today and after initial disgust, my first thought was yours. It's despicable how Obama falsely tried to place the blame for fast and furious on the previous regime, but it's nice how this deception was immediately caught. It's also despicable how Obama tried to cover up the nuts and bolts of the whole thing by invoking executive privilege, but it's nice that this manoeuvre got the exposure that it did. Did you know that although Brian Terry laid down his life for this country, Obama never even contacted his family--and this is the man who's running for president--of course, the other guy is no better.

      However, please take my comments as non-political statements. I don't like any of these people.

    2. KennethS

      Hell,Obama doesn't even contact the families of fallen soldiers,nor as far as I know the family of the slain ambassador or the Navy Seals that were killed there.BUT...he has time to shmooze with rock stars and Hollyweed-types.I'm old enough to remember Nazi-ism.I don't like the way things are going now,so yes,my statements can be taken as political.Good luck to you...God bless,and Semper Fi.

    3. robertallen1

      Heavens, you must be in your 80's.

      What I meant by non-political is that I don't side with one party or the other and the sooner we get rid of political parties and religion, the better.

    4. KennethS

      Nope,in my 70s-I was 1 yr. old when the Japanese attacked and bombed our city.After the War and my parents returned to the USA,we lived in a neighborhood of mostly refugee families.I got to know a lot of families that were victims of the Nazis.Even today,one of my good friends was forced into the Hitler youth (he's in his mid-80s).In the 1960s I witnessed the rise of Rockwell's American Nazi Party,did time in the 'Nam,later in other places for a grand total of 28 years.I believe that I can spot evil when it rears its ugly head.Like or not,I fear that a man has to be political,or he'll get steam-rollered.But I agree with your position,I surely do.

    5. robertallen1

      I remember George Lincoln Rockwell, especially when he got assassinated. My dad was a WWII veteran who volunteered. The Korean War and everything that followed changed his opinion entirely, as I'm sure it did a lot of WWII vets. In other words, in WWII, it was clear what we were fighting for (and we were definitely attacked by the government of a foreign power, not just some isolated radicals), but everything after that--especially the hiring of former Nazi scientists and spies--talk about evil and talk about stupidity, Klaus Fuchs style. Do you think we would have bombed Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya if the Communist Russian government were still in power? Also, how many of our troops would be in Afghanistan and other countries where we have no business if the Communist Russian government were still in power? In other words, there has to be a balance of power (although with the development of certain types of weapons, this may change) and the nearest thing we have is our creditor, China.

    6. robertallen1


      I forgot to add that we are fighting the "war" on drugs the same way we fought the Korean and Viet Nam "wars" and note the successes in all three.

  11. Eric Barlow

    Obama and Holders Fast and Furious Gun operation accounts for the majority of illegal guns in mexico not other central american countries.

  12. Roy

    There is a few major errors in the doc. The biggest is the gun statistics. 90% is not smuggled in from the US, it's only <10%. The guns are coming from other Central American countries where they legally get them from the US for their military. Many are from the Mexico military itself. Guns are legal products in the US.

    During prohibition in the US, Canada was never chastised for supplying booze to the smugglers.

  13. joseph campbell

    The main point that must be rationalized is if you take religion out of the whole concept of the war on drugs,,then what do you have left?,,moral and ethical freedoms are underrated,,they build our social and facts will show that humans have attempted to alter their realities since the dawn of man!,,who shall choose how this is done?,,the enemies this war on drugs is creating will only affect the working class,it will enrich the rest,,at any cost.,,when will attorneys show evidence of traumatic events at very young ages increase susceptibilities of everyone,exp;if i were charged and arrested for 1st degree rape when i were a teenager and still a virgin,,and have had 8 surgeries may increase mine?,,but,i''m alone like a dog in the dark,,as i suspect was and is their primary objective anyway?

    1. Hammer2Fall

      War on Drugs! Religion is a mind altering and behavioural controlling Drug and can be extremely dangerous too. For centuries people have been overtly (and covertly) persecuted, excommunicated, tortured and even killed, for challenging the Supplier(s) and for refusing to consume and remain addicted to their particular brand of Religious drug.

      Perhaps there is an analogy to be drawn here based on the brutal actions of the Drug Cartels in Mexico, Ervil Morrell LeBaron along with the historical and dark behaviour of different religions, over the centuries.

      By the way, it only takes one hungry wolf to slaughter 10+ sheep. So strength in numbers can sometimes actually be a weak point.

  14. KsDevil

    A perspected from a conservative insider told to an investigative reporter. A tie in with Mitt Romney that suggests Mitt tries to distance himself from his Mexican ties in order to prevent having his relatives targeted by the local drug lords....more than they already may be.
    Even the Mexican Mormons claim they want to avoid guns, they seem to have rationalized a reason along with public drunkeness and making a less the joyful sound unto the lord.
    But no one who has experienced self proclaimed religious people should be surprised about that.

  15. Hammer2Fall

    Did I miss something? Are they still practising polygamy in Mexico? Is smoking and drinking alcohol, now acceptable to Mormons? Where were the women, except for those miserable slaves, at the very end?

    Ervil Morrell LeBaron, what a nasty evil Prophet. His commandment to kill rivals/opponents/church members, led to around 25 murders. The Cartels have a long way to go!

    Apparently some of his family members and other ex-members of his group still remain in hiding, in fear of retribution from LeBaron's remaining followers. This was not mentioned in the documentary. Perhaps the Cartels are being unnecessarily blamed every time, as they are in the vicinity. To avoid tarnishing Romney's Church as well, it is far easier blaming Drugs, than Blood Atonement Bringham Young, Mormons!

    Lastly, do any documentaries present the notes/writings left with murdered people/victims in this supposed drug war in Mexico? These messages are targetting a specific audience and it would be useful to know what details are being transmitted with these dead bodies, instead of making the usual assumptions about such situations. Is this action unique to Mexico or adopted from another country in South America?

    1. Ilse Desiree Bauer

      My point exactly, who are the victims of the said Cartels? apparently not the Federal Government Agents, at the most part; So who are the victims to the said Cartels, and under whose orders are they truly under; You did not know that the Cartel has to do with religion~ Look up the history of the Cartels~ Religious Orders; Nazi Federations...

  16. Erick Ouellette

    This is interesting, all that energy for killing, and the way they do the murdering is like they like it. What's so bad about being a farmer or any other industry worker and actually earning a living and being part of the community. Heck, I have more respect for the guy shining shoes then these scumbags, this guy is working and taking care of his family. It's the guy selling drugs who is killing others and turning their corpses into art to mind **** everyone else. Then they pray for safe passage to the United states? Is it the guys doing the killings the ones doing the praying? Or are they being forced into trafficking. There are allot of problems here.

    1. Erick Ouellette

      just as a last thought, these drug cartels seem to have elements of pure evil in it. It's not about survival, it's about doing anything and everything to be rich and powerful and staying in that position. But I guess that's the folks at the very top of the pyramid. So what about the mules and lower level traffickers, the ones with nothing else to lose except their lives. Well, maybe your not as bad as they are but then again, better to shine shoes than traffic drugs.

    2. jefferson Blake Davis

      There are no shoes to shine down there. Except the cartels..

    3. ElinnV

      it's very sad and complex, people from Central America trying to cross into the US illegally are kidnapped by the zetas and sometimes forced to work for them, normal Mexican citizens are often also forced to cooperate with the cartels...these are not the monsters cutting heads off but the mules carrying drugs across the border, the store owner letting them use his house as "safe house", the taxi driver keeping them informed about the police whereabouts, thousands of small business owners financing the cartels by paying "derecho de piso" (extortion), etc.

      Not all the low level cartel "helpers" are forced into it, but it is a very common practice specially in areas controlled by the zetas and, to a lesser extent, by la familia michoacana.

  17. Pythus

    this guy needs to get some of his facts straight before he mumbles something foolish. did he say mormons aren't allowed to own guns? what would possess him to say something like that I know many mormons with guns. try living in utah for a while mormons love their guns.

    then he says ALL mexican local police are corrupt? i had to shut it off hes such a dumbass.

    how can i believe anything in this documentary when he obviously doesn't check his facts.. even against common sense

    the way he hosts the show he reminds me of a larry the cable guy who actually thinks hes smart. like why the hell would u think u can just pick up the giant assault rifle that is evidence

    and by the way pal its not "retrospect" if what you are thinking about is your current circumstances.

  18. KennethS

    This guy didn't do his homework.I live in Mexico.The 90% figure that he gives of guns coming from the US is bogus and discredited.That was a figure set up by Hillary and Holder in order to implement the new gun laws they had in mind.Operation "Fast and Furioud" was implemented to "prove" that a majority of the cartels' arms come from the US.I am personaly aquainted with high-ranking police,government,and military.The truth is that Mexico has a massive desertion problem within their military,some 90 plus thousand in the last five years.When a soldado beats feet,he almost always takes his weapon with him.That's 90,000 full-auto guns.A type of gun not sold in the US without a special license,but Hillary would like you to believe is widely available.The Mexican Army uses a license built H&K G-3 in 7.62X51 NATO calibre.The Mexican Marines use the US M-16 in 5.56X45 NATO calibre.The police are arming now with a license built H&K G-36 in 5.56X45 NATO calibre.When the soldado goes "over the hill" ,he usually (a)tries to join a cartel because he has a gun.If he is refused,he will then (b)sell the gun to the cartel.This will net him several thousand US bucks.This is where the guns come from.Last year Chavez of Venezuela bought 100,000 new AK-103s to replace his old AK-47s.The difference? 103s had plastic stocks-47s had wood.What did he do with the old AK-47s?Sold them to the cartels.The plastic explosives come from the Russian Mafia,the grenades from the Israelis and South Korea,RPGs and other ordnance from Nicaragua,Panama,El Salvador,Cuba,Bolivia,etc.Tell this guy that made this video to check his facts instead of parroting the Democrat/liberal/UN line of BS.I'm really disappointed in you guys.Your credibility has really slipped with this one.Adiós niños.

  19. Mercenarry ForHire

    I want magic underwear O.O

    I'll take Fire Resistance plz.

    1. dewflirt

      It's magic, it can be anything you like :)

  20. David Ewer

    Great reporting with a good mix of information and irony that's illuminates a serious subject.

    1. KennethS

      Ya think ?!? Boy,are you gullible.Did you ever try to check facts for yourself instead of gulping the grape kool-aid?

  21. slpsa

    There is no eloquent way to word this. I giggled my ganads off the whole time. I am not always a VICE fan, but this one was funny. On another note, Mitt Romney scares my pants off. Wow. And people want this robot psychopath to run the US of A? Is that a bad joke? I think Barry is the least of the problem of this is the alternative. I mean, this guy makes Bush look like a genius, and that is an accomplishment.

    1. robertallen1

      The problem is that both candidates are equally despicable. We have no choice.

    2. KsDevil

      You always have a choice. Gary Johnson, check him out.

    3. KennethS

      ...And you would rather have Adolph Hitler?

  22. Bryan Heathcote

    To be clear, the Lebarons are not Mormon.

    1. dewflirt

      Oh well, let's judge them anyway! ;)

  23. Tanzanos Eleytheros

    Narc barons need hanging, drawing, and quartering

    1. Nwttp

      The oppressive U.S government needs hanging, drawing, and quartering

  24. dmxi

    'mutt romney & the mormons'....great title!so,the president to elect has mexican wonder he has racial issues,may it be denial or the urge to be superior,at least counceling is needed.bush reloaded 0.2