MH17: Caught in the Crossfire

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The world media caught fire on July 17th, 2014 when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over pro-Russian separatist territory in the Ukraine. All 283 passengers and 15 crew members were killed in the catastrophe, figures that combined to make up both the deadliest air incident in the history of the Ukraine, as well as the deadliest shooting down of a commercial flight worldwide.

The disaster sparked a heated global debate amongst world powers as to who was at fault, declarations that the killers would be brought to justice and the bodies brought home at all costs, and a number of implications that the Russian government was far more on the hook for the deaths than they were accepting responsibility for.

MH17: Caught in the Crossfire deeply probes into issues relating to the incident, both direct and indirect, and takes the audience to the region of the Ukraine where a battle is waging between pro and anti-Russian Ukrainians. The filmmakers also pay heavy attention to the process of excavating the human remains from the crash site, the transporting of them to their rightful resting places, and the abundance of controversy that stemmed from those efforts.

After fully examining the crash and the people that occupy the territory it took place in, the film turns to the ensuing military actions that Vladimir Putin initiated following the incident, and the political controversy that ensued as a result. A great number of pundits and media personnel were quick to spin the actions as having ulterior motives, and many global powers took the bait and condemned them publicly.

The film closes on a story as positive as one could be on the subject matter, following Dutch journalist Rudy Bouma, who was the first Dutch reporter to cover the wreckage from the crash site. Having close personal connections to one of the victims and experiencing the aftermath firsthand, Bouma decided to pick a number of the sunflowers from the vast fields of them the plane crashed into, and take them to Holland to be part of a photography memorial for the victims and their families.

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    D. B.
  1. D. B.

    I hope someday the Russians will find out what kind of man Putin is. Hopefully before it's to late.

  2. Danny
  3. Danny

    very onesided. great footage of people and soldiers but very onesided narration against putin and russia. not critical at all about the new governmennt in kiew and NATO agenda.

  4. Keith Charles
  5. Keith Charles

    Danny, you took the words right out of my mouth. Kiev forces have taken the war to the East, the pro-Russian seperatists are only defending their land and culture. If the Ukraine army had of stopped their advance, the seperatists would have allowed the investigators to examine the crash site and remove the bodies. We know also that it was not a missile that brought the plane down like this film maker said at the begining of this film. The plane, rather, the cockpit, was riddled with 35mm shells!! I think this tragedy has disappeared from our news because it has became evident that Kiev are the guilty ones. Further investigation would prove this. (When all eyes were on this event, Israel bombed the **** out of the Palestinians btw. A case of distraction tactics?)

    And D.B. I suppose one needs to live under Putin to really know what he is like but as far as I can assume, Putin has proved to be intelligent in this conflict. Time and time again the US has tried to provoke him to react so they can send NATO in.

    My opinion of this film? A load of *****!

  6. tony
  7. tony

    That was so CNN, only with Aussie accents. HAHA

  8. Samuel van Tol
  9. Samuel van Tol

    Great anti-Russia propaganda

  10. dmxi
  11. dmxi

    " well as the deadliest shooting down of a commercial flight worldwide."
    well,if you forget the shooting down of an iranian airliner (IR655) in '88!
    always a good hint at what a documentary is actually trying to convey when the facts aren't factual!
    next (attempt!) one,please....

  12. Leslie Payne Simmons-Hale
  13. Leslie Payne Simmons-Hale

    isn't this the big war that was to kill so many so that Biden's son could become a billionaire? I don't believe anything the media tells us anymore. I might believe the weather report.

  14. Thom Prentice
  15. Thom Prentice

    This is a horseshit propaganda film.

    Credible journalists reported just last week that Kiev has been getting secret intelligence on-the-sly from the MH17 investigation INCLUDING evidence of Kiev's own involvement.

    Kiev and the US have YET TO EXPLAIN why a UKRAINIAN FIGHTER JET was trailing the MH17 and why other UKRAINIAN jets were 'escorting' MH17 LET ALONE WHY Kiev air traffic control instructed the pilots to change course to take the aircraft over Kiev-caused, war-torn territory.

    Funny that the CIA Director John Brennan, a confirmed Stalinist/Fascist if there ever WAS one in the government of the US empire, spent considerable time in Kiev prior to the catastrophe of shooting innocent passengers aboard MH17 out of the sky for Western Capitalist US/EU/NATO/IMF/WorldBank/WallStreet/LondonFinancialDistrict purposes.

    And yes, interesting it is that US Vice President Joe Biden's son "co-owns" the major fracking energy corporation in what is left of Ukraine -- and that the Vice President, in Kievm, urged Ukraine to further "develop" its "energy industry".

    Is blowing the MH17 and its human passengers out of the sky to get oil and gas from fracking going in Ukraine and billions in profits going to Wall Street and Little Biden included in the flick? Why does one think not?

  16. deliaruhe
  17. deliaruhe

    After reading all the comments here, I'm not even gonna bother watching the doc. The US has got a whole lotta nefarious reasons to pin this tragedy on Russia. I'm no particular lover of Putin, but he almost certainly isn't responsible for this. I feel especially bad for the families of the victims, as they are never gonna know the truth about how and why their loved ones died.

  18. Wiz
  19. Wiz

    A TOTAL BULL....S*** propaganda and waste of time to watch this one sided reporting, without any actual evidence. The role of the American's in this conflict...... not even mentioned, except in the comments of well educated people below.

    A total distraction and an effort of cover up of the genocide that was/is taking place in Gaza. Guess where the snipers of Maidan SQ were trained ......and why the USA has spent $ billions to prepare the putch in Kiev?

  20. whateverittakes2
  21. whateverittakes2

    Yes, I shut it off at the eight-minute mark. This is meant to distract from the truth, not tell the truth. We see BO insisting on justice on July 20 all the while the US propaganda machine is resurrecting its 9/11 armoire of dirty tricks. Within 24 hours of that plane hitting the ground, everyone was told "Putin Did It!" If anyone recalls 9/11, you had to have known immediately that this was a set-up. And now we know for sure: As soon as the evidence began to point fingers in the opposite direction, the investigation was classified. I'll refrain from expressing how disheartening, how sickening this all is.

  22. Richard Neva
  23. Richard Neva

    I applaud your comments. You and I know the truth about these horrific events that are propped up to wage war. I will never buy anything from this government that rules us!

  24. Richard Neva
  25. Richard Neva

    Good post!

  26. Richard Neva
  27. Richard Neva

    Good post! Make it be known elsewhere!

  28. Richard Neva
  29. Richard Neva

    I know what kind of man he is. Not a murderer like Massad and that is all I have to say!

  30. whateverittakes2
  31. whateverittakes2

    Hey Richard, I wish it were that easy! I sometimes write over the top letters to our President at whitehouse. gov and I did on this issue: I got back a string of lies that made it feel like I was being invited to come dance in a patch of quicksand. You can't argue with these people; they are truly psychopathic. What they do best is lie. There's a special diagnostic label for it.. "Something?" personality disorder": these are the kinds of people who if you say to them it's raining, and you see flashes of lightening and hear the thunder, they will look you straight in the face and say: "The sun is shining. What are you talking about?"

  32. whateverittakes2
  33. whateverittakes2

    Hi, I came back to give a correct diagnostic label: It's called "Borderline Personality Disorder," i.e., people who lie at the drop of a hat and seem to have nothing better to do.

  34. Chris Williams
  35. Chris Williams

    And not a lying piece of treacherous scum like the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his Foreign Minister Julie Bishop who would rather suck up to the US than protect the interests of the Australians who died on the flight!

  36. jackmax
  37. jackmax

    Although I'm not dis-agreeing with you in anyway shape or form, but I would like to add that the MH17 attack and the current ISIS terror situation has come at the right time for this Government as they get a chance to avoid some very big issues with in the internal running of Australia.
    We have a treasurer that lies to the Australian people saying that there is a financial crisis. Then on the 26th June 2014, tells the New Zealand press that there is no financial crisis in Australia at all.
    I could keep going on the state of corruption, mis - management, broken promises and outright lies this current Australian Government has notched up so far in its short history to date.

    If the Australian people are lucky enough to come out the other side of this government, it will take at least ten years to recover from the backward steps this current mob of creationist are trying to implement just in this term so far.
    I would like to think that we have seen the last of the protest vote to rid us of a PM, as some would say last election and we now elect our government on its core values and what it wants to do and how are they going to achieve their goals whilst in office.

  38. meiertje
  39. meiertje

    Im guessing most people who react here didnt and still dont follow the hole conflict. So much standard, i dont like my goverment so bla bla, it must be a cover up.Stick to the facts please, as far as ther are any.......Try being objective(always).

    I didnt even watch it, no use(nobody ever is gonna find out) and totally inreleavent(who did it).

    Pretty funny how much Americans and Russians are a like, they just dont seem to realise it themselves. Happy to be Dutch and using my brain.


  40. Chris Williams
  41. Chris Williams

    Dear jackmax - I'm glad to be on the same side of the argument as you! However, my concern at this point is not so much that these pricks are sending us down the road to economic ruin but that they are co-conspirators (even if they are too 'stoopid' to realize it) in bringing on the war which will destroy all economies and not a few billion bodies besides. Cheers (while we still can) CW

  42. Sem
  43. Sem

    So far, I feel the discussion has been very off topic, as is this film. This documentary is titled: MH17: Caught in the Cross.

    FACT: So far the cause of the crash of MH17 is still not officially announced. This is because of not being able to investigate the grounds.

    FACT: There is a (civil) war going on around the crash site

    FACT: There is evidence of missiles being shot, possibly causing the crash.

    FACT: This is a human tragedy for the crash victims and their families, as well as it is a human tragedy for people living in the region.

    I think it is okay to look at all the possible cause. as long as you can't rule out a cause, you still have to investigate it.

    So, for the sake of an open discussion, suppose in time there will be evidence that this plane was shot down by pro Russian rebels with a missile provided by Russia, was Putin also responsible for this tragedy? Is the seller of a gun co-responsible for the murder committed by the buyer?

    If you watch this film, you will find that the maker is trying to show all perspectives around the crash of MH17. A lot is off topic, but to understand the situation, a lot is useful information.

    The biggest tragedy is, the lack of respect for the crash victims, that had nothing to do with what is happening in the Ukrain. The bodies were put in a train you would normally transport meat in. Sadly, I also must confess I missed a little respect for the victims in the discussion from a lot of you people. This is not political, so please don't make it political.

    It probably will take a very long time to know what caused the crash, and maybe it will never be known.

    Whatever happened there, if there is someone who pulled a trigger, this has to become a criminal investigation. If this was an accident, this will hopefully prevent another plane from crashing in the same way. Until we know for sure, let's stop all speculations and wait until the evidence shows us the truth.

    Thank you for reading, I appreciate it.

  44. Peter
  45. Peter

    Its an unfortunate reality that civilians get killed in warzones.

    But there is just no motive to shoot this plane down deliberately. On its face it appears to be an accident arising from flying through a
    dangerous warzone.

    The real focus and investigation to my mind, should be on Malaysia Airlines, the aviation authority and other Airlines flying this deadly
    route. Putting corporate profits ahead of passenger safety. Now there's a motive I can believe, GREED!

    It beggars belief, that anyone would think its safe to fly directly through a warzone? A warzone where 3 fighter planes had been shot down in the same area within days of this tragic event. It was like streaking across a rifle range.

    Who is in charge of risk management? Why did they think flying a bit higher would be safe? Did they not know the range of a surface to air missile?
    Of course they did, its their job to know and its a no brainer. You don't need to be an expert to see the obvious danger.

    These are the real crimminals. Far too often big companies choose to run the gauntlet with peoples lives to make more money. Sadly, no one has even raised this issue, so it appears they are going to get away with it too...

  46. jackmax
  47. jackmax

    G'day Chris

    Ideally we will only have to put up with this incompetent bunch of murdoch muppets for one term.
    The damage this current pack of pricks have already inflicted on our great land is going to take a generation to repair.

  48. Wouter
  49. Wouter

    Why is it irrelevant who is to blaim? Seriously? Your objectivity is based on mainstream media and newspapers? Why do you use your brain differently than the people who commented so far? I don't get your entire post.

  50. FollowTheFacts
  51. FollowTheFacts of the worst "documentaries" I have ever seen...what a disgrace...and no "flowers" to the dutch from me...I used to think the dutch may just be the people that might initiate an "advancement" in societal evolution...not a chance...
    I am an EU citizen living in Los immersed in US propaganda...but to witness Europeans in prominent positions act with such utter lack of self-respect and almost religious deference toward US-orchestrated and criminal just sickening...
    That Americans can't "see the light" because of too much sunshine, is one thing...that Europeans swallow everything and anything originating from the imperial almost too much to bear...
    This IS what skillful American propaganda looks like....
    I gave it three stars...was that too much...?

  52. David
  53. David

    Shot down by 30mm cannon fire from an Su25. Aircraft fly as directed by Air Traffic Control, you don't just jump in and fly where you feel like. For the first time the 299th escadrille of the air force of Ukraine, Su-25 planes with tail numbers 06,07,08 and 38, which, contrary to the announcement of the General Headquarters of Ukraine, had really been in the air space of this country on July 17, 2014, were mentioned in the documentary. The Malaysian Boeing, according to our information, was shot on by destroyer Su-25 with the tail number 08, piloted by lieutenant-colonel Dmytro Yakatsust, who since July 18 and till present has been in United Arab Emirates. The Malaysian Boeing was led by switchboard operator Anna Petrenko, who in the morning of July18 had unexpectedly gone on leave, from which she still has not returned. Other numerous facts, including miraculously obtained interview of the first deputy of the current Minister of Defense of Ukraine, in which he admits that it was Ukrainian air force that downed MH17, are presented in the documentary made by Andrey Karaulov.

  54. Nightfly
  55. Nightfly

    You do understand that a Su-25 will not reach the altitude MH-17 was flying at? And, even if it did it would have to be without a full payload. On top of that, did you know that at those altitudes the Su-25 is quite a bit slower than a Boeing-777? Now you obviously know what you are talking about, so knowing these things you should be able to deduct that it is absolutely impossible for the pilot of a Su-25 to shoot down MH-17 in those conditions, with it's bloody cannons.

  56. martin burger
  57. martin burger

    As for the supposed find of the BUK missile fragment this out of context data has the same feel to it that the pristine hi-jacker passport that supposedly floated to the ground out of the mushroom cloud of 911.

    More to the point the,” The US Dog that did not bark”.

    The US government (a permanent member of the UN Security Council) refuses to publish their High-Res satellite photos and other Intel files they obviously possess, instead referring to discredited social media sources to convict Putin in the court of public opinion.

    The next is the fact that Kiev refuses to release the air traffic controller tapes. Previous flight tracks were significantly further to the south out of the conflict zone where it was brought down (with the flight track records mysteriously altered to support the suggestion it was the normal route). Releasing the ATC tapes would quickly clear this contentious collusion aspect up (ATC tapes are usually released in the first few weeks of a real investigation, and not releasing them after all this time is telling).

    Next the witness who passed a lie detector test outing the pilot’s name that shot the MH17 down (Capt Voloshyn) returns to the airfield without his air to air ordinances, visibly upset saying “it was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

    The most telling aspects of the MH17 shoot-down is the 30 mm bullet holes in the fuselage (the bullsh*t BUK theory absolutely does not hold with this obvious fact). The Dutch and interestingly even the Malaysians both steadfastly refuse to release the autopsy report of the bullet ridden pilot.

    Finally the secret non disclosure agreement providing Kiev with an out not permitting the facts to come out from the official investigation. The blood of 298 victims is on the hands in Kiev.

    All of the above is nothing short of scandalous disrespect for the 298 dead souls of MH17; the UN, professional crash investigators and these complicit journalists need to start doing their jobs. Forensic data and not opinion.

  58. skinner15
  59. skinner15

    The SU-25 flies at Mach 1.1 and can easily reach the altitude of the Boeing. Spitfire's and ME109's were doing so in the 40's.

    Just google SU-25 being flown at altitude, there are dozens of clips showing SU-25's flying at those altitudes, bloody ridiculous that you would believe a modernish combat aircraft could not outperform a WW2 era aircraft.

    The autopsy of the pilots will offer conclusive evidence of cannon fire, the definitive circular entry and exit holes along the cockpit area, clearly visible on all TV footage, is certainly not compatible with a missile blast, especially as a BUK missile comes over its target as a top down blast.

    The Wiki entry for the SU-25 bears no comparison to the manufacturers data of capabilities, and no amount of lies or mistruths can stop an independent flight trial of an SU-25 at the altitude that MH-17 was flying at.
    The US/Ukraine will not dare accept such a test, just like they will not release autopsy or full crash reports into this disaster.

  60. Hona
  61. Hona

    Looks like the handy work of the evil Indian killing American tyrant.

  62. huge
  63. huge

    I don't know what Sem and Peter are smoking, but i know their supplier. Both offer that the real story is the poor passengers, that the real culprit is Malaysia Airlines, and that there is no political or financial or geo-strategic motive for shooting down Mh17. ([WTF??]) appears that most viewers have their heads screwed on tight, and see through the lies. Mh17 was used as a pawn in a chess game, although the perpetrators did not count on such an informed, critical thinking public seeing right through their ridiculous story and their 'youtube evidence' that was nothing short of flacid & bordering on impotent disinformation. Well done general public, you are reviving my faith that the objective public still exists.

  64. somename
  65. somename

    LOL, I just clicked it for the comments. Its so funny to read them now after BUK has been proven and accepted by Russia.

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