Mike Tyson: Beyond the Glory

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Mike Tyson - Beyond the GloryWho is this famous boxer who one the title in the WBC, WBA and IBF? Mike Tyson was once the most famous and successful boxer in the world.

Mike was the youngest man ever to win a world heavyweight title at just 20 years old. But his life was not always easy.

Mike Tyson - Beyond the Glory shows the becoming of the fighting machine Mike Tyson until the downfall of his career and personal life.

In 1992, Tyson was convicted of raping Desiree Washington, for which he served three years in prison.

Tyson declared bankruptcy in 2003, despite receiving over US$30 million for several of his fights and $300 million during his career. Mike Tyson retired from competitive boxing in 2005 after two consecutive knockout losses to Danny Williams and Kevin McBride.

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  1. zo

    This was a very good documentary on Mike.A lot of people look at the man like hes mentally insane but you also have to realize all te things hes had to go thru as a kid grownin up.All i got to say is its alot easier to point fingers at someone like this if your life is a fairytale everyday.

  2. matt
  3. matt

    I agree, zo, anyone who hates Tyson should see that vid. It would make them understand why the man is so unstable. He is not dumb, to the contrary, I think he is intelligent, but very unstable emotionally..

  4. spartus
  5. spartus

    Hes racist punk.

  6. Matt
  7. Matt

    Zo & Matt. I agree with you. I will admit before watching this I had my prejudges thoughts, but after watching that, I now see that he's the opposite to what I thought of him. Excellent documetary to watch

  8. Aussie1980
  9. Aussie1980

    this is time invested wisely

    well made
    great insight
    great angle
    a tale that all can learn from

    This is my first post, i'm online daily for new post as i have watched 90% of the libary. out of thanks to the champ that runs this sight i have decided to post on the docos in hope others can enjoy what i have in the past with honest feed back.

    tyson is an a finely tuned wrecking ball from a work ethic 99.9% of people couldn't establish because the chanlrngls one must face in the gym like mike did would break. but even a world champ that has been labeled an animal suffered real pain like so many others from lack of education, a stable home and no make role model. he had no one to trust. no man is an island complete by one self. Iron mike needed a hug and a friend more than anything else. Society made hime what he is, and now we point and stare.

    please watch and share you take

  10. Aussie1980
  11. Aussie1980

    edited- feel free to bust out a red pen for the poor sentences. the moral of the message ain't buried to deep for any pen red possessing pen pushed to decipher

    this doco is time invested wisely

    well made
    great insight
    great angle
    a tale that all can learn from

    This is my first post, i'm online daily for new post as i have watched 90% of the libary. out of thanks to the champ that runs this site i have decided to post on the docos i've enjoyed in hope others can enjoy what i have in the past with honest feed back.

    tyson is an a finely tuned wrecking ball from a work ethic that 99.9% of people couldn't maintain because the challenges one must face in the gym like mike did would break most. but even a world champ, that has been labeled an animal and has suffered real pain like so many others who have encounted lack of education, a stable home and no male role model coupled with no one to can trust. He proves no man is an island complete by one self. Iron mike needed a hug and a friend more than anything else. Society made him what he is, and now we point and stare.

    please watch and share you take

  12. Mark
  13. Mark

    Aussie...Let me comment on YOUR comment(s).

    How weak an excuse to say, "SOCIETY MADE HIM".

    Where is personal responsibility? Do you own up to where you're at in life? Allllllllllllllllllllll of us are responsible for our actions my friend. Don't take such a lame position.

    The reason so many people cry, "It's not my fault", is so they don't have to own up to judgement. When I make excuse for that, I then try to write off God.

    Now...before you go off on me, understand that I believe Tyson WAS the greatest fighter of all times, so I'm not trying to take anything away from him as far as his skills went, and I CERtainly won't take away his personal responsibility though either.


  14. Tania
  15. Tania

    Amazing what he acomplished in his life time even as an adult he still rose above huge obstacles.
    someone that has influenced thousands of lives.
    Sometimes being accountable for the wrong done e.g violation of women saying you done it shows more strength than been a world champion ......

  16. topher
  17. topher

    mark, you are no diff, as soon as you are self sufficent let me know, then i will take it back. you are a product of the environment around you! or should i say, not everyone has all the different avenues to consider- of course i will correct myself cuz, theres ALWAYS the military!!!

  18. mike pearse
  19. mike pearse

    well iron mike you could not have said that any better " YOU" bleed in that ring you put your life on the line and man did you do that! and NO one and i mean no one can ever take that away from you ,mike you will always be my greatest heavyweight champ and millions of others !x shame don king is still breathing as well the crook !

  20. Kryystal
  21. Kryystal

    this guy is a great guy he has inspired me to do alot of things with my career in life and even though a am girl he still inspires me. he is a great person !

  22. Sondra
  23. Sondra

    "Abused over a hundred girls while in school"! This guy's a monster who should never have been around decent kids.

  24. rich miller
  25. rich miller

    I cannot believe the comments above... Tyson is bully of the first order and has no heart as a boxer. He is a sexist thug. We all have the ability to choose in this life and he wasted his opportunities. As a boy i worshiped him, as a man (and father) he turns my stomach.

  26. rich miller
  27. rich miller

    Sorry forgot to say, great documentary.

  28. Mumtaz Hamid
  29. Mumtaz Hamid

    Wonderful Docomentry it helps a lot to understand this great lengend.Mike I love you, admire you and respect you a lot, Allha bless you.
    Mumtaz Hamid
    Karachi Paksitan

  30. berserker
  31. berserker

    it is the culture of modernity...the one that destroyed every indigenous culture on earth.....the same one that keeps producing war, insanity, greed, starvation, racism....weaponry and...poverty....the blame of our so called upbringing(where we learn our life skills) goes to the hierarchies of dominion....dominion and their governments, their religions and now their planetary god ..the corporations.....we have ALL been at the foot of these power hungry short sighted human beings.....and now the absence of the indigenous and the god of truth..nature....is showing us how off track we are....mike is simply a product of this maddening culture...wake up

  32. jason harbron
  33. jason harbron

    such a shame he lost gus and jim jacobs and fell into the clutches of don king and got surrounded by yes men and his life went all down hill from there.as for desire washinton wtf did she think she was going to his room for at 3 in the morning,to eat dinner.real shame he could have been rememberd as the greatest heavy weight of all time instead of the madness his life became

  34. ProudinUS
  35. ProudinUS

    This was a dam good doc. I can remember Tyson back in his glory days and he was by far the best fighter of all times.Its to bad the media got to his head and wasn't able to consentrate soly on his boxing. Thanks Mike for a briliant career.

  36. Dennis
  37. Dennis

    some of you say that people that hate tyson should watch this docu to understand what he went through. I just watched it and i hate him even more. Its one of the most digusting creatures i have seen in my life. i hope he gets raped up the arse.

  38. biillieheart
  39. biillieheart

    The has to be the worst long drawn out documentary I have ever watched. Over KILL. Way to much drama for the drama queen fighter.

  40. Broken Silence
  41. Broken Silence

    Mike Tyson !

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  42. Lord Bob Fates
  43. Lord Bob Fates

    Under Cus D'Amato's tutelage, he truly was something to behold. After Cus' death, it was all downhill.

  44. Daksh Mahajan
  45. Daksh Mahajan


  46. kimberley86
  47. kimberley86

    Wow, that documentary was really good, but did nothing to make me want to stick up for his a-hole. He's got all the resources in the world to get help, turn himself around and be a really great guy, and yet he continues to be angry, homophobic and misogynist. Using the fact that few people in the world are physically capable of standing up to you in order to be a bully is not impressive, it's cowardly. What a jerk.

  48. angraaay
  49. angraaay

    ...sometimes when your stuck in your horrible past mentally, it ruins your present, possibly your future. Anger is hard to get rid of, especially when you feel alone in the darkness. Just a theory

  50. who_me_yeah_you
  51. who_me_yeah_you

    Errrm, Yes absolutely.

  52. tiger_milan
  53. tiger_milan

    I agree

  54. tiger_milan
  55. tiger_milan

    I agree

  56. Dukilein
  57. Dukilein

    God does not help people. People help other people. Thats a fact.

  58. Guest
  59. Guest

    allah-u-akbar !!!

  60. avd420
  61. avd420

    I don't believe in god but I thought what you had to say transcends that. Don't be so quick to be drawn into a p!ssing match by the ignorant comment from Dukilien. You seem smarter than that type of behaviour. I don't need to believe what you believe to agree with you that love is the most powerful and creative of emotions :) My advice would be to just ignore anyone who knitpicks at the god aspect of your statement. If they can't see the beauty in what you're saying because they think "god" cancells it out than that is their problem, don'tmake it yours as well.

    Rock on Brotha! m/

  62. Dukilein
  63. Dukilein

    It is a normal moral reaction. I f i see somone in need of help i try to provide that. I dont believe in god and i get along fine and help others. And when it omes to superior knowledge, you dont have it either, nobody has of common people. But you can simply use your own brain, in your story god gave it to you. Use it.

  64. knowledgeizpower
  65. knowledgeizpower

    Letting anger linger inside will literally eat you from your insides out if you allow it. The man has some serious problems from childhood. I can't feel sorry for him though, he has reaped all the success, people have used him just as much as he has used others himself, reap what you sow. good doc interesting should be listed under psychology instead of biography

  66. ILoveIronMike
  67. ILoveIronMike

    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". I think anyone who is outright judgmental of this man for his iniquities is going to choke on their own words. I think people need to be careful about judging others...at all...let alone so quickly and shamelessly. Who does anyone think they are to be able to judge any other man or woman who ever lived? No one is perfect, we all need the Savior Jesus Christ, and He is the One who is Judge who descended beneath all things and overcame all things so that He can know how to succor us according to our infirmities, comfort, love with a perfect love we can't comprehend, carry us when we don't even realize it, and ultimately save us if we come unto Him. But back to my point, religious or not religious, I feel the same that no one should judge. For our iniquities, each and every one of us should be held accountable and receive due punishment according to upright and honest law. Sins should be abhorred by all, but we must separate sin from sinner. As well as focus and what's most important...that we get back up after we fall and repent...correct out mistakes and strive to be a better person. And what it looks like to me is that Mike has been sinned against more than sinned, and has always come back to try to be better...he has never quit...I see such a huge loving and pure heart in this man and incredible unheard of resilience in the face of his trials, which have happened to become a show for the world to see--a true nightmare for any one of us if that were the case...let's see you condemn this man after your life story is displayed for every pair of eyes on the planet. Please try to take a look at what the man has faced and after how low he has fallen...where he is and who he is today and tell me that's not a miracle. I love, admire, root for, and am inspired by my brother Iron Mike. Thank you Mike Tyson for all the hours and blood and sweat you've put in to show the most exciting sports action I've ever seen. Thank you for overcoming all that you have and getting back on your feet every single day. It helps me to do the same. Thank you for all the resilience, love, and courage I've seen and heard you show in and out of the ring. And thank you also for your beautiful "displays of damage" in the ring ;). I believe in you and I love you my brother. One love.


    Ps. The clips of you with the birds are my favorite parts of this doc. I can see it helps you find peace, in something so simple and so beautiful.

  68. Tony Malefo
  69. Tony Malefo

    Tyson needs to sit down and take stock of his life. He has achieved what 99.99999999999999% of people with his background will never achieve. If i was him i wasnt gonna sweat it. He is complaining about this and that. That s*** is in the past. He needs to think about what kind of legacy he want to leave for his children. The best thing he can leave for his children is to make sure they have a better life than his. He can form an organisation that take care of the rights orphans in his position. I believe it will really put thing in perspective for him

  70. pamela2012
  71. pamela2012

    I think surviving his "tough" ghetto life in itself was an accomplishment. Something inside of him appears to me as sincere and noble. I love Mike. My heart is with him; I'm a woman and I want nothing from him; simply his future happiness. One's life has many stages. I look forward to Tyson's next chapter. GO Mike...

  72. pammmmmm
  73. pammmmmm

    No matter what , Mike Tyson is the BEST boxer alive , there will never be another one like him ! Never !

  74. Lisa Hutzberger
  75. Lisa Hutzberger

    Ah, this person needs to get beyond himself. Way too much me and more me going on. This documentary is nothing but poor public masturbation!!! Pity me, stroke stroke stroke ..... Ah, what a comeback Mike!!! To the producer, why all the bleeps and no bleeps for the word nigger? Surly nigger is more offensive and than the words bleep bleep bleep to your obvious discerning sentivities? Pity pity pity....more pity to the next viewer that has to match this rubbish!!! Anyway, try growing up Mike! See life from living with people rather than them living for you. You might find that more rewarding?

  76. Dylano
  77. Dylano

    have much respect for tyson after seeing this

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