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Militainment, Inc. - Militarism and Pop Culture

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Militainment, Inc. - Militarism and Pop CultureMilitainment, Inc. offers a fascinating, disturbing, and timely glimpse into the militarization of American popular culture, examining how U.S. news coverage has come to resemble Hollywood film, video games, and "reality television" in its glamorization of war. Mobilizing an astonishing range of media examples - from news anchors' idolatry of military machinery to the impact of government propaganda on war reporting - the film asks: How has war taken its place in the culture as an entertainment spectacle?

And how does presenting war as entertainment affect the ability of citizens to evaluate the necessity and real human costs of military action? The film is broken down into nine sections, each between 10 and 20 minutes in length, allowing for in-depth classroom analysis of individual elements of this wide-ranging phenomenon. (Excerpt from

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  1. commenturion

    is there better image quality availabe somewhere?

  2. N

    america is over, history has repeated itself and our people do nothing. I am ashamed to call myself an american. I am afraid that this domino effect is out of control. All the innocent pray for us. death is our new religion. Its called war...

  3. madhusudan sharma

    but human civilizations' bloodlust is thousands of years old....initially it was colloseum now it is through TV, internet and video games....why blame the media...our forefathers loved it....we love it too...only medium has changed...

  4. EndlessNow

    Choice is really all you have- it's all you are- and if this taken from you because you didn't defend yourself with skepticism and logic, you are nothing. You risk becoming what someone else wants you to be and this is a great shame

  5. anaheata

    great energy, spirit and hard work put into creating the modern weapons could have been put into improving our lifestyle, we are just channeling our resources toward the wrong end. why should Germans be better than us in renewable energies? they are the yesterday's NAZIs but they learned to put aside the militarism, whereas, us, the winners of WWII are still running around for goddamn 8 years chasing we-don't-know-who in Iraq.

  6. Damos Abadon

    Brain-washing. Hypnotism. Propaganda. dumb slaves. Lies. Murder. False flags. Staged operations.

  7. Marcelo Zamorano to deplorable anti-Americanism blah, blah, blah it makes perfect sense to discuss the violence the US has exercised on other people for their oil. It is an American right to be able to feel and express dissent. It is insane that there are accepted lies to justify the most impressive attacks far away on the other side of the globe. This documentary is a counter argument to the s*** that FUXs news network and Co feed to people. There has to be a "liberal voice" otherwise we will be forced to get our news from other more progressive countries' media, e.g.the BBC. Most people that support wars are the ones that do the least of the fighting. Someone here mentioned the attack on Vietnam the "American war", I wonder what did they ever do to us? The same for the 9/11 attack how many Iraqis were part of that attack? Libya---if they had onions instead of oil would their political situation matter? If it is being done for humanitarian reasons let's go straight to Darfur and North Korea instead... Sorry I wonder about all this and sorry I am not supportive of the American system. There is no other country in the world more destructive than this one. It is amazing to me how indifferent and ignorant people people in the US are towards the rest of the world. It is amazing to me how violent people are here. So yes, excellent documentary and thank you!

  8. Nationalist

    Why can liberals in the United States not understand that the conservative movement as manifested in the form of FOX news and conservative talk-radio (i.e. Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Lavin, & Michael Savage) is a reaction against the deplorable popularization of anti-American political rhetoric that dominated mainstream print and cable media after the Vietnam War. A sizable portion of the American public is simply tired of listening to the same psuedo-Marxist arguments (i.e. war is waged solely to acquire natural resources and new markets in order to advance a neo-imperliastic agenda and war is waged as a result of the military industrial complex's profiteering) and disqusted with post-Modern, post-Structuralist political anaylsis that neglect the good that American military intervention has achieved by solely focusing on the alledged ulterior motives behind intervention.

    The only conclusion that I want to draw is that American society is better served with the presence of a major cable news network (i.e. Fox News) that gives a conservative analysis of domestic and international news rather than being dominated by a liberal analysis of news. There are usually always two sides to every argument. Liberals simply do not want to engage in debate either out of a fear that their political and social ideals will not win the day over accepted common sense or out of a will to simply dominate discussion and silence dissent.

  9. Pavlin

    This documentary is as sad as it is great.

  10. Winston Smith

    and Henry Kissinger is a swell kinda guy! because he advocates for many a war, i.e. nature, and is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of innocent third world peoples. Now that's survival of the fittest! right phil atio? Right? yeah dead children bro! cool nature stuff! doesn't it get hot and sweaty with your head so firmly planted in that cavity? dude your back must get totally soar!

  11. Winston Smith

    yeah, cos a bunch of unsubstantiated nonsense so war is rad and nature and stuff! profanity, name calling, hitler, jew, muhammed, make nature war! forgive the deplorable grammer, just trying to speak blow job's, er phil atio's language. seriously though, war does happen, sometimes justified, sometimes not, but it's always ugly and obviously good people always die in war. to write such things off as the due course of nature is simply self serving and cold hearted. and to glorify war in the manner with which modern media does is misleading, and has ultimately led to the misinformation of young peopple all over the world who have died and left countless loved ones devistated! so revel in it phil, what a sad existance you must be enveloped in! oh yeah, hitler and stuff so EVERY WAR is way cool nature like trees that blow away other trees with predator drones!

  12. phil atio

    O yes the old anti jew card, anyone who does not support Western propagandist version of the past is automatically a jew hater. Hitler had Jew ancestry that is a fact. If I am a Nazi and you are an old imperialist colonialists you are a bigger murderer, genocider, rapists, and hatemonger than me. Because the nazis did not kill 1/4 of the people that the colonialist in africa and america did. Of course the typical colonialist like yourself does not count natives and blacks as people becuase your racists. Hitler invaded his neighbours so Churchill was justified in attacking him, yet Chruchill and his criminal brethern invaded dozens of countries and anyone who invaded them or resisted them was automaticaly wrong.

    Hitler did not invade Britain until Britain DECLARED WAR because Hitler was trying to do a pre-emptive strike to cripple the british from invading germany which ultimately failed.

    Youa re saying churchill would be foolish to allow hitler to walk in to britain and I argue hitler would be equally foolish to allow britain to take over germany.

    '“England and France and the allies all declared war on Hitler because Germany was rising to power.” err yes by invading countries and killing innocent people'
    Yes because when Britain took over half of africa, canada, usa, australia, carribean, china, india and asia minor, they never killed an innocent soul, nope the trasnatlantic genocidal slave trade which according to dr. khalid muhammad saw the death of 600 million africans at the hands of european slave traders who were mostly british and french followed by spain and portugal did not kill any innocent people. aboriginal and aborignes genocide, never happened all these people just let the british have their land, sure, Hitler built the concentration models based off o the british concnetration camps for native americans.

    "Hitler was not the aggressor of WW2?…. are you living on Mars? Hitler had already invaded France you i@#$%, what the hell were we supposed to do? Lie back and start sewing swastikas into our pants? Your comments belong on a toilet stall door"
    Hitler invaded france after they declared war on him and put french troops on the german border for attack.

  13. Ramus


    Im guessing your a Nazi. Hitler invaded its neighbors and was intent on conquering the whole of Europe. Are you suggesting Churchill should have sat on his a@#$ and said "Ok Hitler you can have our country" Get real. "Hitler had Jewish ancestry..." So what? Are you next going to deny the Holocaust. Your remark about the Germans being under attack by the British is stupid and wrong. "England and France and the allies all declared war on Hitler because Germany was rising to power." err yes by invading countries and killing innocent people. "Hitler was not the aggressor of WW2".... are you living on Mars? Hitler had already invaded France you i@#$%, what the hell were we supposed to do? Lie back and start sewing swastikas into our pants? Your comments belong on a toilet stall door.

  14. Phil Atio

    "its hilarious how people claim war is unnecessary. im pretty sure it took a war to defeat nazism…"
    You mean how churchill decalred war on Hitler. Do you realize that the reason the German people supported hitler so heavily is because they felt they were under attack by the british? Do you know that more people were killed in the dresden airbombings in germany than in hiroshima and nagasaki combined.

    I call the characterization of Hitler the greatest lie in western history. Yes he kileld jews, but he was not the aggressor of ww2. England and france and the allies all declared war on hitler because germany was rising to power. fdr wanted to bomb germany so he lets the tojos blow up pearl harbour. The japs bomb pearl harbour so america declares war on germany and sends millions of americans o go occupy a country that had nothing to do with it. That makes about as much sense as when a bunch of saudi back wahabbi muslims bombed the wtc 9/11 and we invade afghanistan then iraq.

    Hitler had jew ancestry, 150,000 jews worked for hitler, there is a list of jewish friends of hitler and these wars that do not involve america are not necessary. America should stop spending money on bombing people and start spending money on its poor people

  15. BS

    War is necessary? Do you characterize the attack on September 11 as war as well? I guess in your book, that was absolutely necessary as well. The smaller plant trying to get longer to block you to

  16. Philip

    Modern Warfare 2, Halo and the rest. Love 'em, but remember that that's as fun as war can ever get. Get on the ground in a real war, and things just don't seem fun anymore.

  17. TC

    Great documentary, but 202:52 to repeat the same cr*p over and over again?

    Ok I got it the first time - most of us were played like fish. Hate to say that but I figured that out when Dubya kept trying to sell me that Iraq was responsible for 9/11, and contrary to what this documentary claims, many others tuned out on Bush as well

    You only have to say it once, not 100 times. This whole thing could have been done in 45 minutes.

  18. abfallmensch

    thanks to the maker of that well done documentry!

  19. MAN

    I think lol@comments is out his/her mind saying such thing about war, humanity and nature. I am sure such person would love to spend couple of weeks holiday in Iraq or Gaza to test own competitive styles on ground!!!! Silly minds just cannot be sillier.

    War is evil and lol@comments is his brother. Life is not about competing, life is about love, co-operation and joint work. Those plants that you claim are competing for sunlight is a pitty claim, sun is larger than you think, humanity will vanish and sun will not, those plants are meants to grow to the height they are (darwin is the most unrealiable theorists of all times). All of the wars that we have heard of or witnessed are illegal by the terms of UN but unfortunately greed make humen make falsified facts and claim in order to engage with such evil activity. Most government don't care about their people, their plots are to increase their bank balances. Try to go out of their way, they will minse you. there is a lot to say but later..........

  20. yo

    there is a better synced version on youtube, just recently added

  21. OJ

    I love militarism. This douche-bag makes it out to be something bad.

  22. Learner

    A very clear and excellently structured presentation to reveal how technology have been to dehumanize the whole concept of war, belittling the devastation and suffering of, what some may have not realized, other human beings. The highlights on how the use of the video games-like screens on bombers, the use of poetic words during news reporting, songs and entertainment shows to dehumanize the real faces of war have been enlightening, yet saddening.

  23. Researcher

    Very well presented, well thought of. The in depth analysis from all possible angles is excellent. One of the best presented on this topic. The flow, the division into segments and analysis is really worthy of praise.

  24. World Witness

    War is always for the benefit of the handlers that control the leaders at the expense of the ignorant, naive, poor, mentally lacking or morally defiant.

    War is a scam.

    "War Is a Racket" by U.S. Marine Major General Smedley Darlington Butler stated it then after wwI and it holds true day as then and always.

  25. allan

    @lol@comments & @Hardy

    You are both right. It's a great ideal that human's would somehow collectively come to the agreement that war is unnecessary, but it is much easier said then done. War is necessary in some cases as @lol commented, but the advocation for unjust war should not be considered necessary. War should be a last resort. I think most people realize this but then backlash harshley when we see war used to impose ones will.

  26. Hardy

    @ lol@comments: I sure hope you are one of few, or humanity is certainly doomed.

    We must recognize the uselessness of wars if we want to survive. If not, humanity will surely destroy itself. And yes, that would truly be evolution: The extinction of species not able to survive. In our case, due to our endless stupidity.

  27. lol@comments

    its hilarious how people claim war is unnecessary. im pretty sure it took a war to defeat nazism...

    war is the source of evolution. war is older than humanity. ever wonder why plants grow towards the sun? because sunlight is a limited resource; the taller plants block the shorter ones, and thus prosper.

    nature is what it is. one big conflict. stop hating on nature and start competing.

    1. smokestakz

      There is a massive difference between two packs of wolves fighting over a piece of territory and destroying countries for profit. also, (judging from your post i assume you didn't pass 9th grade biology) plants don't have brains; i.e. emotions, love/hate, a thought process, right/wrong or a set of morals, they just exist. Two flowers right next to each other are not at "war" over sunlight you idiot, one is just healthier than the other...War is NOT NEEDED for people to evolve as a species, in fact all it does is inhibit growth. All the time spent fighting and dieing, all the people lost that could have been teachers, scientists or otherwise leading a respectable moral life instead choose to kill rather than save. You can compete against one another without fighting...It's people like you who just write war off as "nature" that are halting societies growth...A very deterministic view that encourages these bad things to happen and accepts them as part of the norm...Killing people over a natural resource may be a scenario that has been played out through the centuries time after time but it is NOT what we should accept as the proper or only way of solving problems....I could write 3 more paragraphs but i'm pretty sure you are too damn ignorant or thick to accept the fact that wars are evil and not the make of a moral society or government.

  28. chocolatestarfish

    fantastic doc. it really covers the methods of modern propaganda in great detail.
    it leaves you flabbergasted how the media, the government, the industry (teddy bears and m-16s?!?), artists and sports leagues act in concert to sell us the war...or just "to sell".

    the pointed and coherent presentation make it no exaggeration to say that's one of the best war documentaries ever! FUTK

  29. eyepopping

    yea this doc sure does explain on those sudden urges i had to join a military branch.. but to put it as the late & great George Carlin once said "..war, and the military is nothing but a bunch of guys on a field waving their pricks{its nothing but macho bullshit}" RIP Mr. Carlin

  30. Anon E. Mouse

    Great documentary. Just a shame it's out of sync. Could anyone re-upload it?

  31. aycee3

    great is so sad that war has been morphed into entertainment and the public blindly follows buzzwords like "support our troops". Just sad

  32. Lisa O

    This documentary is very good and touches upon a lot of different issues in the media from the actual news coverage to the use of country music in promoting war, the use of action figures, and video games.
    It really disgusts me, but it is important to know how the public is manipulated into thinking war is good or necessary or patriotic, instead of seeing it for what it really is. It is the unecessary destruction of human life on a massive scale.
    If you like this, watch Enemy Image. It compares current coverage to Vietnam coverage. ...I can't get over the use of video games, though I know this is one of the ways young boys are brainwashed into thinking war is fun and cool. I have been wanting to do research on it for a Phd and make a documentary. Anyone want to make a documentary?

  33. Der Oberst

    Great Documentary, the best I've seen on this topic.


    Der Oberst