Mind Control: America's Secret War

Mind Control: America's Secret War

2006, Conspiracy  -   61 Comments
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Mind Control: America's Secret WarIt is one of the ill-kept secrets of America's intelligence agencies--for decades, they have worked virtually non-stop to perfect means of controlling the human mind. But while many have suspected the existence of these projects, the details have long been preserved.

Mind Control blows the lid off years of chilling experiments, drawing on documents reluctantly released through the Freedom of Information Act and interviews with some of the victims, including a woman whose past was literally taken away.

Hear from John Marks, the author of In Search of the Manchurian Candidate, who broke the story of the CIA's abuses by unraveling the mysteries contained in financial records. All the other records pertaining to the experiments were destroyed by the agency in an attempt to prevent the details from ever being known.

After viewing this important program, you'll have reason to wonder about your own thoughts.

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61 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Nicolas

    In a mind control program since 1988, I am now 36 years old. I found out 5 years ago, that's when the torture started. Every victim of this horrendous crime knows what I am talking about. I didn't think I would survive the first year. Naturally I started asking for help and tried to explain as sanely as possible how this technology actually exists, but its hard to talk about something this insane, without sound like an insane person. So they locked me up in the psych ward and got force feed anti psychotics. No I'm completely isolated from friends and family, and the torture is nonstop, every hour of the day and night. People surely didn't react to the word "mind control" back in the 50's as the do today, as far as I can tell. Something happened. I think we're all hypnotised to never believe such nonsense. Well, this is how humans ended humanity. Automated, AI aided, wireless torture of the mind and body. How in the F could this happen? Its taken me about 4 years to process and accept the world I actually live in now. It simple is too big of a bomb to drop on someone who have lived in seemingly normal world for 30-some years. Off course I'm not crazy, actually, I'm rather insightful, sceptic, and rational. I don't think I will live to see my 40's. NOTHING is being done to stop this. No one cares. And they got the information flow covered. The internet is filled with fake websites of very much insane persons talking about mind control, to show the population that this is indeed an illness. Sorry to say, but it seems we are doomed. But of course you think you have free will, and that your thoughts and dreams are yours, and that you can trust your mind. But you won't have a very good life, and you will suffer mentally, depression, anxiety and so on. But you are brain washed to think it is normal in todays culture. It isn't.

    1. Tsunami Outlook

      Hi Nicolas, this is an open minded Nicolas from CA replying to you because I have to. You can be certain if you believe you'll make it pass 40 you will. Also know true believers are always there & watching. We care even if others don't so live long and prosper my brother. Help is given to all that ask for it. PS ready for action active agents

  2. Cesar

    Being a target individual sice 2018.

    1. None

      Many are. ..this is so covered up...Just like satanic ritual abuse by our gov.

  3. Krasimira Krasteva

    It is satellite surveillance and directional sound...

  4. Krasimira Krasteva

    Durectional sound technologies...I am victim since 2013...

  5. Richard (shawn) Goodman

    Happening now. I'm a human radio. I was forced to take the rfid chip on 7-1-12 at 316 east chestnut street Louisville ky. (Ccc jail) I saw the braingate system there as well in the basement next to clinic. I have x ray of chip. I've been tortured electronically for over 3 years. Since 6-6-15. The metro police know about it....its overlooked and called cia training. The v2k I get are the stupidest bunch of idiots in the world. Fake Bullshit front for experiments on people......the main objective? To make you a shooter. Do not let anyone chip you.

  6. robert

    Finn ...? You would never be privvy to this information or intelligence.The people i was under were professors in your profession. Some of us are under gagging orders with the threat of prison looming over us or they use our children as emotional weapons against us.

    1. tommie

      they use many children that who dont know they trying to steal heaven

  7. Finn Bjerke

    This paranoid nonsense, like most conspiracy theories. Very American, Very stupid. Iḿ a psychologist, theses brainwashing techniques does not work, Humans have imperfect memory and a lot of lying is thought to be real. (E. Loftus) This film is bogus, minds can not be comtrolled that way, we do not have multiple personalities, htere is no Dr Jeckyl Mr Hyde going on among normal human beings.
    Stay sane stay away from drugs and dont waste time on films like this, thereś enough problems in the real world.

    1. Victoria

      just because you are a psychologist doesn't make you privvy to ALL truth. You might want to do some research before you call others stupid. There is much to see in this matrix right under your nose if you open your mind to anything is possible. Try stepping out of your comfort zone.
      We are controlled overtly with propaganda. what do you think they might be capable of covertly? Question authority.

    2. jim garver

      Im a pyschologist blah blah blah. Dude these guys were the most well renowned pyschologists. the arrogance in your statement is cringey . All the mkultra stuff is declassified. Stop being a bonehead, bud

    3. Janice

      If your a Psychologist you must live in a bubble. UKUltra and Monarch is VERY REAL!

    4. Joann

      So ur saying u know what the CIA is up to cuz ur a psychologist? That's absolutely ridiculous and not even logical.

  8. Seth Mayberry

    I'm looking for help with an issue I have. You see everyone around me can hear my thoughts. This is not them reading body language, they get full audio from my head. No one will talk to me about it, which suggests much secrecy. I am looking for other people in my situation. If you suspect this is happening to you, get a hold of me and I will teach you how to confirm it.

    1. Mary Frazier

      give me solid info I have been under this for ten years with voices 24/7

  9. ELISA N.

    They have tested the MK-ULTRA Mind Control on INNOCENT BRAZILIANS- they have been doing that since the past 60 years or more-
    Now they are SELLING, ENSLAVING, USING for SEX AND KILLING the ones they have used for their experiments.
    They are selling the entire humanity less 10% inside the Linkedin accounts -

    1. Samuel Santos Campos

      Hello, I am Brazilian. Why you say that?

  10. David DeHerrera

    I know it's happening to me I live in Farmington NM. It's slavery they put you to sleep when they want. they wake you when they want by screaming in your head or shocking you with something it makes my foot hurt pretty bad. I get tortured all the time by steven tyler of aero smith Sam Elliott and Ray Ramono I'm not a lawyer but this is my patriotc duty. I've written every major newspaper even the catholic church does what they want. They don't want you to do something they just fill your mind with people it's possession, piracythey steal ideas from my mind all the time and then I see them in the stores..

    1. Nuggets

      I have been mostly secular for nearly half a century...
      In 1957, while a freshman at Stephen J. Wright Jr.'s Fisk, my beautiful gifted aunt became a failed LSD experiment. Her future was taken, sometimes an electroshock zombie, the remaining times a dysfunctional child. My entire family has been derailed in one way or another over the decades, but I tell you, this video is a balm for the Targeted Individual.

  11. ELISA N.

    The CIA never stopped working on the MK-ULTRA Mind Control Project, the problem is that they have been using innocent people's minds for their evil experiments- They are using the MK-ULTRA Mind Control to enslave people by stealing THEIR MINDS and using them for whatever they select them for including crimes and sex slavery .

    My name is Elisa N. I am one of their very first victims, they have stolen from me almost 50 years of MY LIFE to use me for their own advantages and experiments.

    MK-ULTRA is SLAVERY OF THE MIND- SLAVERY IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. I hope one day someone will bring justice to ALL the victims of this most inhumane crime ever committed in this planet, I am just one of the victims.

    1. Jimmy

      Me too but don't worry they're end of the Mkultra mind controls

    2. Amitabh

      Hello Elisa! To keep it precise, what can allow defending from their actual, perpetual and acute brain-body control efforts deploying all their signal generated gimmicks?

      A decade long, Sonic contact driven, neuro-visual and whole brain manipulation victim here from India.

      Do respond. TC and stay observing.

  12. AI

    What do you think miniatyriced brainimplants and human like artificial intelligence will do?

    1. John Allman

      Artificial intelligence's role is obviously to enable the automation of interrogation and behavioural influence applications that for the time being have to be labour-intensive.

      However, I cannot think of any applications miniaturised brain implants would enable, better than the documented receiverless remote harassment technologies already available, which enables some pretty horrid applications, such as V2K.

      One can miniaturise integrated circuits until quantum effects start to introduce unpredicability - i.e. down to well below micrometres diameter. But one cannot miniaturise to the same extent the antennae needed to interface them with the perp industry.

      Nor can one miniaturise peripheral appliances that inflict the ESB (electrical stimulation of the brain, as demonstrated by Delgado, with a bull as his experimental subject) needed to interface the micro or nano circuits with the human central nervous system.

    2. Jj

      Really, sorry satanic ritual abuse is alive & well all in our gov. & so is mkultra. The medical profession is involved. ..who do u think electrocutes depression patients? The word "conspiracy" was developed by the CIA to cover up the truth...And the truth is the medical profession is evil. Many lives are destroyed by so called medical "professionals" and they are all aware of crimes against humanity. I minored in psychology I know what that field is about. Believe in Christ the ultimate healer...human medicine only for profit & power.

  13. breggetta

    MKULTRA is still being used. The government NEVER STOPPED using it.

  14. ELISA N. ( Susie )

    On Aug 23, 2013 at 6:30 pm I received a text message in my phone it was showing that come from "Luis Rueda" The email text said ..... Sent from yahoo Mail on Android. I like to know who sent me this evil message?...I know that the evil Illuminati had the email as well the telephone that belongs to Luis Rueda under his control therefore I suspect the one that wrote this it was NOT Luis Rueda himself. Mr. John Brennan what's going on inside your CIA organization???

    ***Whoever sent me the ugly message is a very evil person that is obviously AGAINST humanity. Whoever sent me the ugly message is wrong by saying that the NAZI/CIA have removed my gene of total goodness....because I AM a good person but looks like evil had me under his command and control my entire life hoping I became like him ...but his mind control didn't worked on me ...because I HAVE GOD IN MY SOUL. Whoever sent me the ugly message is wrong by stating that the ideas I have about ALL the criminal organizations it was put inside my head. I witness the CRIMES being committed by this evil insane people right in front my eyes ..INSIDE MY COMPUTER...using MY accounts. Whoever sent me this message IS A CRIMINAL....that IS COMMITTING CRIMES AGAINST NO ONLY ME BUT ALSO THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.

    1. unknown soldier of truth

      All the records have not been destroyed. I've read personal journals of this and co-authored 13 chapters for a book. I know exactly where the personal journals of one of the top men in this project is, and if you did, you could read them as well. The movie "The Good Shepard" has a scene in it where a man hands a guy a vial (LSD) and they slip it to the scientist name Olson, who jumps out the window and kills himself. His family may have gotten their restitution by now but as of 2009 or so, they had not.

      Look up project "Paperclip" and you'll find where we got the scientists to help the US in their quest to control minds.

    2. ELISA N.

      Yes thank you for your comment , I understand that the United States protected the NAZI scientists after WW2 giving them all that was needed to develop the MK-ULTRA technology and also creating the Project Paperclip and Project Bluebird, where they Implanted Mind Control Microchips in one specific RACE of beings and USED THEIR minds to test and develop that evil technology - well I AM one of their first victims, they have robbed be of MY MIND for almost 50 years of my life by enslaving me for the wrong things. yes that IS what the CIA did to me. I search for JUSTICE but I can not do that by myself , I need help to expose this inhumane crime to bring some light and closure to ALL the victims of this monsters.

  15. ELISA N. ( Susie )

    No problem ...the TRUTH will come out in lower case or upper case ....it doesn't matter how we write...I have being faced with people that are being pied by the Illuminati to do just that- erase my comments...the TRUTH.
    ***The ones committing this crimes against Americans are the Intelligence Contractors that have being ordered by the evil Illuminati men that IS the one controlling the agency. Ask Luis Rueda ( EX CIA Chief of Iraq Operations) he is one of them.
    The plan IS to enslave every men...women and child in the United States and the rest of the world...it has already happened to many countries ...just everything is done in a way that people don't even realize the crimes of Mind Control they are under. RFID- MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY that started with the MKULTRA and the PAPERCLIP Project...done by the NAZI/CIA that founded and protected thousands of NAZI scientist after WW2... I don't believe they were only scientists and I don't believe they were humans also. THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE- upper case or lower case.

  16. Nikita Kade

    Well, folks, if you're looking for a real conspiracy, here it is. This horrid abuse of power actually took place, and it took place here in America and Canada--not in Hitler's Germany or Stalin's Russia. The notion that our own government could authorize what amounts to torture and medical malpractice of the worst possible sort is sickening. But its echoes resound in the crisis we are facing today: a massive financial crisis which some believe to be the inside work of corporations, banks, and their political lackeys, who knew ahead of time that they could only benefit from the creation of an artificial disaster, resulting in the middle class's displacement and the billion-dollar bailouts that would come to the perpetrators despite their malfeasance.

    Here is real ugliness and true consipiracy; and notice how different it looks from the 9/11 and Kennedy assassination cults: people talk, and they write things down. Even when some overseer believes they've destroyed all the evidence...they haven't. And so you find what amounts to PROOF: documents, counter-documents, redacted reports, unearthed files with the names of real people on them, and the real people themselves, who have often filed cases in courts of law against their abusers. These are verifiable conspiracies; they are atrocious, and if those who are interested in conspiracy theory care to turn their attentions in this direction instead of chasing chimeras, we may stand a chance of reversing such abuses. If not--if we fail to act by uniting and demanding change and transparency--we will only get what we deserve.

  17. W.F. DePriest

    Hmmm not to rub your nose in it but I live in the Philippines and the video works perfect for me ......most of the History Channel Videos are on you tube or you might try going to the History channel website.

  18. awful_truth

    Another documentary in a list of many as to why people should believe nothing they hear, and only half of what they see when it comes to governments. (capitalist, communist, it doesn't matter - same crap/different pile) A good reminder to everyone why critical thinking is so important, and why it isn't drummed into everyone throughout the formative years of education!

  19. StormyMoonWind

    ~~~<@ I too have not seen anything but a black screen. I agree there is something very dark in our government and they don't want us to see it.

    1. Jj

      Yes, it's called human trafficking by our gov. World wide business. ..they dont care about the public but, expect us to vote 4 them???

  20. geoh777

    I've tried to view the video with two browsers, firefox and IE, and I get the same thing: black. I think they don't want people seeing this with the mass shootings going on as of late.

  21. mrsgracia628

    Has anyone recently been able to see the video Mind Control? I am unable to play this documentary it is completely black, all the other documentaries I have no problem playing. Any suggestions? Is there a possibility the video is no longer available?

  22. ProudinUS

    Kind of a disturbing doc. I wonder how many doctors were practicing LSD,and shock theropy back in the 1950s. H*ll, they even drugged one of their own...and killed him! It was pretty f***ed up. Electro shock thearopy must of s*cked! The Gov deffinatly wanted him to keep experimenting 0n people.

    I can just imagine in a sick- messed up way, a woman going to see Dr. Cameron for a psyche evaluation after she witnessed her husband being run over by a bus the week before.
    Dr Cameron: "So how are you feeling today Mrs.Jones? I

    Mrs. Jones: "Well , Dr.Cameron, I just watched my husband get killed last week . I'm feeling depressed and unhap"..ZAP!........ZAP!..zap zap...zap.ZAP!

    Dr. Cameron: "Ah Huh, I see..I see. Have you experienced any symptoms of...........wanting to harm someone?

    Mrs. Jones: " NO, of course not! I've just been an emotional wreck after my hubby was killed. I'm feeling lonely and afra"......ZAP!ZAP!.....ZAP!...zap zap zap zap zap!

    Dr. Cameron: "ok, I see, I see. Now, I want you to go to that happy spot and think happy thoughts,ok?

    Mrs. Smith: " Okay, but would you PLEASE quit zapping me with that shock thingy? 'I'm sitting in my living room and sipping on some hot tea and reading a book. It's a scary book called 'Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyd".........ZAAAPPP!

  23. Chris Clyne

    Sex with prostitutes while on LSD....why bitch?

    1. oklima

      Why not? It's great fun!

  24. Marie Fletcher

    criminal and evil the fact that i believe that it does not belong to mankind to direct our own steps look what we as intellegent speieces have done to our selves the blind leading the blind for power and greed which is shortlived we are not powerless to reason with our own consience to know what is right or wrong knowledge is definatley the key and ignorance is not bliss it makes people powerless to be victims although at times i seem powerless to change what is wrong in society its important to keep searching for hidden truths as if we are searching for hidden treasure for the empowerment to make good choices to find inner peace in this troubled world love conquers all frm lady fletch 1978 operation peace and unity control lol

  25. dontgetitgetit

    you don't have to be drugged to be mind controlled.....they use media and the people around you to shape your thoughts and in turn shape those people. the rfid chip broadcasts your thoughts everywhere and that's where people can control you. Everyone is subject to some form of hypnosis but this does exist. It's so dangerous because you're no longer a person and CAN become a robot......loss of growth as a person. i don't get why some people voluntarily volunteer themselves because this is high tech slavery. They can use you to do their bidding, they can use others around you to do their bidding....freedom in the constitution is traded for diabolic purposes.

  26. Emily Stites

    Not sure what to think of the doc, I felt it was kind of empty, it didn't really provide a lot of information and evidence, which leaves me questioning a lot of what I saw.

    1. Sandi Hartman

      emily, do a google search. there is a lot of documentation on all of this. sorry to say but it's absolutely true.......very sad.

  27. Emily Stites


  28. wpsmithjr

    "What's wrong with us" is explained in the video. Our minds are under their control. The real powers that be... the large multinational corporations and the banksters... have taken control of our society via propaganda and dumbing down, to the point that they literally control what we think.

    Just think about all the wars we've had... most people just wanna live their lives and provide for their families. They don't want to bomb other people on the other side of the globe for no apparent reason. But the political elite, controlled by the moneyed interests, don't have a problem spending our children's inheritance arming the globe... instead of feeding the people of the globe.

    And, if you're in the U.S., you have it so good, and the death is so far away... after all the propaganda... you just figure the leaders know what's best for you... so you let them do it.

    Sad state of affairs.

    A well educated public, if they were told the truth by the media, wouldn't ever stand for it.

    1. Sandi Hartman

      ......unfortunately rather than an education we get propaganda. when there is no media to educate the people they have to take the responsibility upon themselves--first they have to know that there is truth which doesn't at all coincide with what they are being told or have been taught. eg. howard zinn's--a people's history--they have even re-written u.s. history and what percentage of the population do you suppose takes the time to find the facts?? they're too damn busy watching the provided distraction.....and trying to make enough money to fit into the culture we've been told we want to be part of.

  29. TheTruthIsOutThere

    Um, the History Channel doing an expose? Really? Ok i watched it and then was DISAPPOINTED. There is so much they didn't put in this doc. Like how Presidents used Mind Control victims for their own sexual advantage and to pass secrets along without being detected. Google Cathy O'Brien or Susan Ford. They both wrote books about their personal experiences.

  30. Goodie9000

    @ inediblehulk and Healer:

    You are both smart to hold a cynical view on this docu..this docu is nothing but the same whole old white washed sh8 we get on a daily basis (virtually all American media outlet)...they only told half the truth.

    check out the this docu: "CODE NAMED: ARTICHOKE"
    this docu drills down on why the CIA guy had to be drugged
    and then pushed off from an hotel balcony...you will be shocked the people who also authorized the killing at the time (Rumsfeld and Chenney; "the evil twins)

    Thank You again Vtlatko for bringing this site about!

  31. toddy


  32. Hmmm...

    i hate the american government. theyre the worst!!!

  33. Kenneth M. Wilbourne Jr

    It's amazing how fear motivates people to do evil thinking its good to do evil to attempt to bolster their safety. What's really the crux of all this? Too few have the wisdom to know that good cannot come from evil. Good, a positive, comes from other positives such as love, faith, trust. The problem with worldy wisdom is it does not know that one cannot love themself or others properly without the love for God and love of God in them. One day, every eye in the world will see Jesus coming. Jesus will right this world that is full of corruption and evil. We live in the same world that killed God (Jesus incarnate). So, how smart is the world? The world is not very smart. Jesus, as you promised.....you said you'd come quickly. Then, Jesus will destroy the Anti-Christ and all of Satan's followers.... the Santanic minds that rule the world. Amen.

  34. Bebop

    gotta love the fbi warning at the beginning

  35. Bytor69


    Think about it, wipping someones mind admitted by the CIA? Why at the very least are not some of these people in jail for life for these atrocities? Sick. Why is the CIA still in operation? Where have our morals gone? Why do we stand for this? Whats wrong with us??

    Makes me wonder what kind of stuff they did to me when I was in the Army from 87-91. I remember the shots also... They were big and circular and had about 10 needles in each. Wonder how many I really needed? Wonder what was in there?

    The more I learn about governments and there histories throughout time, the more I think our version of government needs drastic revision. This doc is just another sad example of how they (the govt)routinely rape the people they are supposidly taking care of. Again, just sick.

    Good doc btw :)

  36. Healer

    Mind control, huh. Why didn't they use it to the victims of Conspiracy of Silence? Maybe CIA had their attention elsewhere and thus they utilized more traditional methods against those victims. I just thought it would had been easier to just wipe their memories, but I guess that would had raised more suspicions than claiming they were in just for the possible money.

    I don't know if this document revealed mind control. It did show a supposed-to-be victim, told the event chain and showed the most important files they had so far uncovered. That makes it worth it to not dismiss their point in the first hand, at least.

  37. Inediblehulk

    Not sure how I feel about watching a History Channel "exposé" about mind control. Meh. I'll play along for a bit.

  38. Leonid B Basin

    Very good doc

    1. Walteip (^*×*^)

      It is a beautiful thing. The thought that some one could have the damage removed from past wolves that eat at a young or old mind is to better and new mind. Yes in the weak or closed mind this could be damaging. But that is what trials are for, if it can work and some one whom you love could have better their past by looking to the future with better plains, and a free souls from witch the hells some one cast them to before their young minds could know what he'll was. Wouldn't you want that mind free. Free to love with all they have free to think with no fear of self harm or sour of self worth. I for do . I am a child of a broke home.witch broke me mind. A child whos home was based on the core of hell . And I held the devil's hand just to free the burn so so long. I am now free and found the love a have want my life and I look forward to see what my future has for me. Mind you i still still like it hot. Lol. If this works for others the way it has my self. Then it can be a tool to help do well at work , at life, at love and for the ones who just can't sit down and start telling some one where life end, but his helped me start living. I am 38 and lost life at age 2. 37 years i was lost. Today is my new birthday. I start living , loving and acting in the right manner NOW.

  39. Doug

    Classic american conspiracy.

  40. Alex

    this is so great shutter island stuff!