The Missing Cryptoqueen: Dead or Alive?

The Missing Cryptoqueen: Dead or Alive?

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In an intriguing blend of cyber-fraud and organized crime, a BBC World Service documentary unveils the complex story of Ruja Ignatova. Known as "Missing Cryptoqueen," she rose to infamy after defrauding investors out of $4.5 billion with her fake cryptocurrency venture, OneCoin. Now, investigative teams delve into Ignatova's intricate web that spans across continents, revealing connections to a Bulgarian organized crime boss and allegations of an assassination plot.

Ignatova disappeared after the fraudulent scheme came to light, leaving behind investors clamoring for justice. The documentary features exclusive access granted by a US special agent who is relentlessly pursuing her trail. Their journey uncovers not only the secrets of the elusive Cryptoqueen but also paints a vivid picture of Bulgaria's shady underbelly where organized crime and corruption seem to thrive.

In their quest for truth, BBC journalists encounter threats from shadowy figures, underscoring how far some are willing to go to keep secrets buried. At the heart of this narrative is a brave Bulgarian journalist determined not only to expose Ignatova's alleged assassination but also to shed light on her enigmatic connection with a powerful organized crime boss who once vowed to protect her.

As viewers are taken through an intense pursuit, the story raises crucial questions: Did Ignatova escape justice by running away or was she fatally targeted by those she thought were on her side? The documentary takes a deep dive into this enigmatic tale that intertwines greed, power plays, and deceit.

This compelling documentary goes beyond the shocking story of "Missing Cryptoqueen" to reveal a world where crime syndicates play puppeteers behind seemingly legitimate businesses. The investigation into Ruja Ignatova's fate brings to light an unsettling truth: in this game, no one is immune from the shadows that lurk just beyond our screens and behind closed doors.

Directed by: Storm Theunissen

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