9/11: Missing Links

9/11: Missing Links

2008, 9/11  -   293 Comments
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Missing LinksDiscover the definitive truth about 9/11 and learn why even the most popular movies on the subject have failed to address the evidence exhaustively presented in this video.

The facts will make it abundantly clear that the so-called 9/11 “Truth” movement has been infiltrated and is ultimately controlled by the same criminal group who masterminded the attacks.

As they say, ‘if you want to control the dissent you lead the dissent.’ Utilizing evidence from the FBI, CIA, NSA, US Armed Forces Intelligence sectors, Foreign Intelligence organizations, local law enforcement agencies and independent investigators, Missing Links goes where no other 9/11 video has dared to.

Israel's negative impact on America & other countries: 9/11, attack on USS Liberty, theft of state secrets, control of our government's policies re the Middle East and much more.

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2 years ago

we all know by now that jews did it

2 years ago

The only thing I can say positive about this video is that it is nice to find a media platform that doesn't sensor lunatics for what they say. Thank you Top Documentary Films for keeping free speech alive. To anyone who thinks this kind of nonsense should be banned: sell your crazy some place else, the supporters of this video are all stocked up; and the rest of us want freedom of speech even when we do not agree with what is said.

Duke Dikshitz
2 years ago

Everything was going good until Adam Sandler finished off the Pro-Israel propaganda initiative by releasing his Zohan flick? And then quickly followed by some dude overheard a gravely voiced man talk about the 9/11 attacks outside a Jewish cemetery. Then showing a dialogue box addressed to Mr. Ashcroft? I actually have a copy of the "email" as shown below. Mr. Ashcroft, I heard some dudes talking about planes go fly fly into WTC buildings and make big boom. True story. Sincerely, A Guy. This is where I stopped.

4 years ago

Stop the jokes

5 years ago

very interesting

5 years ago

Jews make up 2% of the population yet they control 95& of media, banking, education, government, judicial system etc. If you can't see anything wrong with that equation then something the fook is wrong with you!

6 years ago

In order to understand why agents of Israel were behind the 9/11 attacks, one must better understand the history of Judaism. In particular, the Talmud, the Kabbalah, Sabbati Zevi, Jacob Frank, the Rothschilds and history of Central Banking, Zionism, and the Oded Yinon Plan. Once you understand how much power this group, which has used Judaism as a cover, has because of their control of Central Banks, you can understand how they also control the news media, Hollywood, and governments through lobby groups. So you have this group with so much power with the same agenda and motive, in a position to plan, execute, and cover up an event such as 9/11.

Why would they need such a huge event to further their goal of expanding Israel's borders and power? They are the parasite and the US military and tax payer is the host. They are using the US to Balkanize all of Israel's opposition. 9/11 and the war on terror is the perfect plan to further their agenda and garnish the support of the US.

It is clear that Israel has benefited from 9/11 and the war on terror, which even Netanyahu has affirmed.

This documentary is not the best produced, but it does a thorough job linking Israeli agents to 9/11.

roger lee
6 years ago

Can anyone explain to me the reasoning behind spoiling this video with the annoying thumpity-thump ghetto music in the background. This noise does not even relate in any way to the content of the film. The video relates in no way to American blacks, so why put this noise in here, making it difficult and unpleasant to try to listen to what is being said. It would be more appropriate to play klesmer music, or, how about no noise at all?

6 years ago

@Rodney Thank you. People have had enough of this overpriced band of Hitler wannabes. They'd sell their mothers and daughters on the street for a buck. They have no self-respect (how could you?), no decency, and if left to their own devices, would eventually self-destruct. Paranoia has a way of destroying you from the inside. They are now standing in the light, they're exposed, and the masses are waking up. I wouldn't wanna be in their situation where nearly everyone on the planet hates me. We should throw them out of Israel and build a nice resort for the Palestinian people. God knows they deserve it.

6 years ago

@over the edge 'If' Saudi Arabia was an ally of mine, I sure as heck wouldn't claim them. It's one of the worst counties on the planet, bar-none. Do some research. That's why it disgusts me to see the Clintons and Bush clan kissing their butts for handouts.

6 years ago

Condemning ALL Jewish people because of some of the excessively cowardly, greedy, murderous, and delusional a*&holes, would be like saying ALL of the American people wanted the atrocities committed in Iraq, and around the world at some time or another, in our name. These are the mentally ill, evil Zionists that truly believe they are God's chosen people, when in fact, the rest of us know that they are the scum of the Earth. It's about money and power, always has been. Unfortunately (for them), secrecy has always played a HUGE part in their spineless acts. They have to operate in the shadows, but now the light is falling on them. Once support for the terrorist state of Israel is withdrawn by their only 'friend' on the planet, the U.S., the problem will be taken care of for us. Again, as usual, at the cost of so many innocent lives. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Just be man enough to not take innocent women and children with you. Cowardly swine.

6 years ago

Israel is the most violent, evil, corrupt country in the world, without a doubt. Those that control the wealth, control the people. They control the U.S. Government, they just need to eliminate the Arabs, and that's in progress. The Jews are despicable. They have absolutely no regard for human life, other than their own. If the eyes of the world weren't on them, I'm sure the Palestinians would have been eliminated long ago.

7 years ago

The second buddy started explaining the "Jewish Criminal Network" I was just like, "Nope, I'm out homie."

8 years ago

This site has zero credibility until it stops piling conspiratorial and racist paranoid delusions together with real documentaries on 9/11 such as those from the BBC and other serious sources.
If you're so keen on providing every lunatic with a stage to voice their "opinions" then I suggest you create a new category and put all of the conspiracy bullcrap in there for the untermensch to enjoy, while decent folks can watch actual documentaries without having to sift for them in this garbage.

Aca Demia Americana Autónoma
10 years ago

Good documentary!

10 years ago

So three minutes into it its clear its an anti jewish film. I bet if we could see who actually funded it or the AE 911 group it leads back to the middle east.

10 years ago

I watched a lot of news right after 911 and the fact that jews that worked in the trade center had a few weeks warning was televised and I wondered why it never came up again. This explains a lot. It is very suprising to me that we have politicians with duel citizenships, that is so suprising where would thier loyalties be? Why is our defense department being run by foreingers with ties to a foreign mafia. I alwayse thought that our government was taken over by the American Mob but it seams it is a foreign mob. It doesn't matter anyway, anyone who still believes our's and all governments are honest trusting people are ignorant and deserve all that we are gettng. All the crap that our forfathers came here to get away from followed us here. GREED AND POWER . From Pearl Harbor, The Killing of JFK and Robrert Kenedy, Martin Luther King and now Blowing up of WTC if you are still blind it is a chosen blindness and your children will pay the price

10 years ago

Hey guys, I'm Mexican so throw me a few insults just to get off of the Jew/Muslim thing! The fact of the matter is (for us old guys) the "Leave it to Beaver" America image was all bulls*** and we have always had, and will continue to have , dirty motherf***ers as leaders here and in other countries also, that are just getting more and more arrogant because they do what they want, nobody has the balls to send them to prison so why should they change? Be cool, The Beaner

10 years ago

Hey guys, I'm Mexican so call me some offensive things just to get off of the Jew/Muslim ****! The fact of the matter is, all of the **** we believed as we were growing up about America being Heaven on Earth was all bull**** and we have had, and continue to have, a bunch of dirty ************* as leaders here, and in other countries also. Even if 1/100 of the stuff that has been coming out is true, we have been played for suckers for many years, and as long as nobody with any juice has the balls to throw these guys in prison it will continue because they have nothing to fear!

10 years ago

I've always known that we only see what we're allowed, but this film is naming a lot of Jews and making them part of something that might not even exist. My elementary school was in classes of about 35 kids. Nearly half were Jews. Does that mean their parents were all part of a conspiracy? Not likely but I knew adults at the time that would have said yes, simply because they were Jews. Mitt Romney's family cottage on Lake Huron in Canada is in a subdivision that at one time had a large banner on its gate that said 'No Jews Allowed'. Right around the time his father bought the place. There was a guard at that gate, presumably in case there were Jews that couldn't read. Does that make him a Jew hater? Probably. Interesting film.

11 years ago

This is probably the definitive "truther" news story. Any good cop will tell you that when a crime occurs, the first suspects are those who benefit. Funny how the 911 comission said that the money aspect was irrelevant.

Curious that about a year ago the SEC destroyed all documents pertaining to the massive short position taken out on American Airline stocks just days before the attack. If it was Moslems who shorted those shares you can bet we would have heard about it.

11 years ago

Very little knowledge and VERY dangerous

11 years ago

This is a Jews bad , Muslims good (always) video. This truly does prove that a little knowledge is dangerous

11 years ago

The Narrators voice had me expecting him to break into a rap song at any moment and I found that to be somewhat trendy but not very credible. Then, there was the initial "setting up"the main characters or in this case, what the video attempts to do is cast Israel as a self serving country they seem to think is so bad, he even calls it the "Apartheid" state of Israel which tipped me off this was just going to be another "The Joooos did it". After they choose some historic events such as the Lavon affair, the USS Liberty etc,. they assume the main villain of the story has been established but using paralles and guilt by association doesn't cut it for me because they are logical fallacies and not how REAL professionals prove a theory or build a case. This video is nothing but what I consider a comic book understanding of investigative research and inquiry. I am no fan of Israel but I am an even bigger fan of, good, honest and objective investigation into this matter

Thumbs Down for this video's obvious mistakes

11 years ago

Facts of the matter is we have not been told the truth, and one only has to ask who benefited. Let's face some facts, 17 arab highjackers did not benefit. We need to follow the money trail and we were not allowed to do that thank-you GWB. Or look at who got John O'Neil his job at the WTC how convenient for them that he was killed on day one of his new job on Sept 11, 2001. I know there are lots of questions that were not answered. Funny how GWB foreign policy matches the PNAC that was put out 1 yr prior. Do I think Israel was involved in 911, let's put it this way it would not surprise me. Then again you can not even get the government to admit there were bombs in the WTC's buildings even though on the day of attack it was reported by eye witness that there were secondary devices. We need a new investigation that is independent of the government but has the power to view all government policies and documentation with powers to suopena and place officials under oath. Cause no matter what anyone states the fact is what happened on 911 was no less than treason. There is so much information out there that implicates involvement of our government and state sponsored attacks the american citizens would be stupid not to demand a independent investigation. The Iran contra revealed that there is a group out there that has the funding, the military equipment and their own private army. We allowed Clinton to pardon Regan/Bush administration not to be charged with the treason they committed. PNAC was signed by Chaney, Abrams, Jeb Bush, and several in GWB's cabinet. These traitors need to be brought to justice along with everyone involved. It also would not hurt to know what Sybial Edmonds knew and they jagged her. We truly need to demand a new independent investigation of 911, we can accomplish nothing until the American people know the facts.

11 years ago

Hey Jack....psst..Jack...over here man! ..hey bro, keep that stuff on the down low, ok? We don't want that those things getting out..(wink)...you know what I mean Brother Jack? If you want some REAL info I can sell it to ya for $23.85 +tax. OK? This doesn't include shipping and handling....and ah..all purchases are final. OK, lets not contact eachother here again...I'm starting to get nervous!

11 years ago

IF you truly want to find the answers to WHY the US would want the death of 3000 innocent people, allow me to refer all of you to a man by the name of 'Chris Pinto.' IF you will take the time and read the subject matter he has amassed pertaining to the history of this country, you 'may' actually, see the light. It will however require some research on your part.

11 years ago

Yeah, the American government totally planned, executed and covered up 9/11..

But wait a minute, why? If they wanted to attack Iraq, they could have anyway. Since when did America need such a crazy excuse to go to war? They invaded Iraq in 1991 on a far lesser excuse, they invaded Panama on a ridiculous excuse, they invaded Vietnam on a stupid excuse..

Second, if they were that good at planning, executing and covering up 9/11, why didn't they go the full Monty and plant WMD's in Iraq for them to find, rather than make Bush look like the idiot man-child that he is?!

Third, Why were none of the terrorists that allegedly drove the planes Iraqi? I mean if they wanted to attack Iraq and Afghanistan, why claim that a bunch of Saudis did it, helped by a renegade Saudi living in Pakistan?

Fourth, who were in on it? Defence contractors? Pentagon? CIA, FBI, Secret Service, NYPD (how else did they get those bombs in there), the WTC security (many of whom were killed on 9/11), the respective lessees of the WTC's (again how else they got the bombs in there without anyone knowing?), and who on earth did they hire to do the demolitions? An operation of this scale would have required the coordinated efforts of hundreds of people. NEVER in the history of man has controlled demolition been used to demolish such giant buildings. It would have involved planning on a scale unprecedented. You're seriously telling me not ONE of them dares to speak out? Please. No amount of tyranny can scare so many people for so long. Even TIANANMEN SQUARE in CHINA we know happened, no matter how much the Chinese denied it in 1989, before internet had even been invented.

And finally fifth, if American government agencies had no problems killing three thousand citizens to start a war that killed another few thousands, why not just kill the id*ots who came up with ridiculous 9/11 movies to complete their plan anyway? You're telling me a nation that can execute 9/11 with such precision, spy on every email, every phone call and every website can't shut down a few sites made by a few conspiracy nuts? Come on.

Common sense is alas, not as common as once thought.

11 years ago

Well said Kamakaze and you didn't revert to name calling and insulting people like jacksonboot did, comments are genuinley fully read and taken more seriously when you treat the people you are speaking to with a little respect. If people who treat others with courtsey and some respect while having a discussion are as jacksonboot says "absolute idots (sic) with no redeeming value whatsoever" what in the end does that say about him?

"So this is where all the worms who buy into the "truther" cr*p about conspiracies."

Complete sentences are easier to follow jackson. I could go on but kamakaze covered as much as was needed and I have a feeling that when these comments are read to jackson (lol unlike kamakaze I couldn't stop myself from throwing in one gratuitess insult) that they will go in one ear and out the other, or at best be taken as more cr*p from some id**t.

I was given some valuable advice many years ago that had I heeded it sooner would have made me a smarter person.

"You learn more from listening than from talking."

Advice I shall now shut up and follow.

11 years ago

Seemingly good points, but any documentary that references Fox News as a legitimate source for anything is worth questioning. The soundtrack featuring little john and T.I instrumentals is hilarious. The "Evil Jew" thing got tiresome... i stopped watching. Bad execution. Ya alllllmost had me...

11 years ago

Jews have been blamed for ridiculous crimes and scapegoated by Christians and Muslims for two thousand years, why would anyone be surprised that they get blamed for 9/11, too? Time to find a new boogeyman because this one is getting rather old. BTW, if you are going to blame Israel for the USS Liberty don't forget to blame President Johnson who gave the order to send her to the bottom.

11 years ago

After watching this documentary, I can confirm that much of the inmformation reported has already been exposed on many other documentaries, except now it is all contained on just one. The only problem I have with this one is the prevelant use of the term "jew" as opposed to Israeli. While this may upset some who watch it, this does not impact the credibility of the information itself. The gentlemen below my blog states only neo nazi's and skinheads will find value in this program, but I would suggest it is worth watching, and let the viewer decide for themselves. Besides, every documentary has bias, and like all inofrmation should be assessed via critical thinking and skepticism. The more the subject matter is researched, the easier it becomes to determine true reality. In other words, don't shoot the messenger, and don't confuse style with intent. Live long and prosper everyone!

11 years ago

I am a 9/11 truther, but this is a documentary put out with the premise of disclosing truths, but which is nothing more then a cover letter for a far more sinister subject, prejudice, particular prejudice against the jews. If you look into the websites shown at the end of the "documentary" you will find that they espouse such wonderful themes as Hitler was a god fearing christian, and Mein Kampf revisited.... stay away from this as you will be disappointed, unless of course you're a neo nazi or skinhead.

11 years ago

This Doc follows the money, which is what you need to do to figure s*** out sometimes. I believe this is the closest thing to the truth so far out there.

12 years ago

People are quick to dismiss this but it's actually good information on the subject of Israeli espionage and possible involvement in 9/11. The narrator does throw around the word "Jew" in a questionable way no doubt, but the info speaks for itself.

It amazes me that this stuff was covered up so well from the highest levels and all investigations halted. Pretty interesting.

12 years ago

i cant watch this propaganda, its reminds me of north korea too much..

anyways just wanted to tell those who say..

oohwell i guess will never know what happend..well ive got news.. the rest of the world know what hapend.. your selected and their allais faked a attack, as they have done many times before in other wars.. the attack offcourse as always is to have a reson to kill and terrorise other countrys, your just som bullies with guns.. think about it why would anyone wanna attack usa, first look at history, the countrys with alots of nature resourses is the ones keep getting attacked by how ever. u aint got no resourse to steal.. U are the greatest nation in the world, well in what way? your a young country with nothing going for ya soo the only thing u can do is to rob and steal.. yall have a weight problem when afrika is starving..

Americans is guilty for being stupid and ignorant.. what ever politic party u choose its all the same for the rest of the world.. U have money but then again not really.. your money aint nutthing more then fake crap the rest of the world has to sign up for.. I dont know anybody in all of europ that like america as a country when it comes to this matter..

before we used to say -stop acting like a jew when ever somebody was greedy,, now we just say stop acting like an american..
You will always be the lowest creature on the planet as long as you subbmit to the kapitalism and the few big fish of the cooperative america thats been slaughting the rest of the worl just to secure economic power and slavery.

The afro-americans, come on dudes WTF? first they inslave your ancesters and then you help them inslave the rest of the world? why arent u attacking those who killed your pplz? why your in bed with your forfathers enemy? the devil in suit.. i wunder what they would say if they saw you on knees licking the as of the master, without even getting beaten up.. its a joke right.. i hope yall got some secret plan otherwise yall some weak ass bi^¨es..

I always catch my self thinking.. they got cripz and bloodz and this and that.. lots of guns.. but they too stupid to point the trigger at the right person, insted of killing the enemy they kill their brother.. it makes no sens.. unless u braindwashed that is.. still think the hope is in the meny ghetto soldiers.. they just aint got the right leader.. they are too American all about steal money to serve for own purposes..

sorry for spelling errors.. ;)

12 years ago

Wow! You actually managed to sit thru the whole thing?

12 years ago

You guys might just be the stupidest batch of human beings I have come across. And I say this after having watched the entire documentary.

This was the most rediculous racist thing I've seen in a very long time, and the only thing sadder is that many of you agree with it.

12 years ago


12 years ago

If we are honest with ourselves, there is a funny relationship between the USA and Israeli government. I am aware that if anyone ever mentions Israel you will be called a Nazi, or Jew hater. But, of course you can demonize the Muslims or Palestinians until the cows come home... might even get you a show on FOX News. Ironic, but so true. Interesting how self censorship works...anyhooo

We do know that 911 was an inside job. A stand down/false flag operation. From the evidence, it seems to also involve a few external elements: I would not put anything past Mossad; Pakistan ISI also seems to have been involved; PNAC seems to be involved in planning stage; CIA assets seem to have been used; NORAD seems to have had stand down orders. Elements inside the Pentagon where involved. Dick Cheney was involved without a doubt. All very blatant with the mountain of evidence.

Every Intelligence Agency on the planet knows 911 was a false flag operation.

12 years ago

The Bush administration, and therefore, the "new" administration, continue the chant that Muslims are some evil heathenistic society that hates America's "Freedom". Do all our belief systems over-rule another belief? In America, Christians can do NO WRONG in society, (according to the media, yet again)...well, we all know this is NOT the case.

This really is the same rhetoric that was used during the cold war, when Communism was "coming to git us" ..."In the form of a mushroom cloud." Now due to declassified documents and a little reading, we can all find out just how absurd that whole 50's-60's"fear" generation was, but it sure kept us "sheep" in line.

This is a political strategy, that has been used very effectively in the conquest of many countries, nations and peoples throughout history. (Unfortunately, in the years since WWII, America, has been the leader in conquest.) It is being used yet again. If you truly believe in your country you believe that ALL enemies to the constitution are bad. The constitution protects individuals...not the system.

That so many Americans can deny or become apologists for a system that, (and I want to be clear here) consistently, shows it's hipocracy, and down-right blatent lies and dis-regard for anyone or anything,I find quite disheartening.

America was built upon an idea that people could rule themselves with some very basic human rights. Frankly, common decency and respect for others, would be great in my mind. I wish that could be true, cause I LOVE the idea and the concept. Then you look at the roots of power, and realize that the same history is repeating.

Unless we stop getting distracted by divisions based upon any difference between ourselves, then the very idea of democracy is impossible.

12 years ago

I have been watching this documentary for over an hour now but I am not yet finished. However, the high level of facts and researchable evidence presented is pretty good. There are many solid points. On the other hand, there is also a lot rhetoric and conjecture typical to "adopt my opinion" based documentaries. It is plainly obvious that the producer of this film (or writer/director/all of the above) hates Jews. The words, [insert name here] "a JEW," ring constantly from the lips of the narrator. This leads to a very opinionated feel and also causes the watcher to feel a lack of confidence in the overall delivery of information based upon the fact the dialogue is delivered with such harsh bias.

As a spiritual servant of GOD myself, I realize that love conquers all. Though I lean towards Christianity, and the New Testament, I still find much great counsel in the Torah, Aramaic Scriptures, and Qu'ran. There is also a lot of great information for the human spirit in Sabian, Buddhist, Kabbalist, Zoroastrian, Hermetical, Apocryphal, and Krishna teachings as well. I believe that for so long as we center our spiritual sight on GOD, our respect on HIS Earth, and universal love towards all HIS creations, primarily one another, we will achieve the "Christ-like" love we are commanded to seek after in all these spiritual tomes.

One cannot blame ALL JEWS, for the evil in the world, nor can one blame ALL MUSLIMS. When you get into "all inclusive" thinking, you are behaving primitively and solely in ignorance. Basically, you have people that want to live, and people that want to rule. Those that want to live will seek life while those that seek power will do whatever they can to attain their desires.

Our problem in life these days is that some have begun a new era of mental and spiritual elevation to rationalize beyond the primitive mindset that has governed mankind for tens of thousands of years. While the remainder still has a mind existing in the dark ages and refuses to catch up with the spiritually elevated. They envy and despise those who have learned to reason and rationalize their existence. In turn not knowing how to stop this fearful new age, they would prefer to reign chaos, confusion, or otherwise destroy this movement towards true world peace because they cannot control or capitalize on it.

To maintain the old ways of "progress," they must stop true progress.

Therefore they will do all they can to turn the spiritually enlightened against one another. Looking at this series of posts, they are doing an amazing job also. They feed you anti-muslim, anti-semetic, anti-christ, anti-black, anti-[whatever, insert race, religion, cultural movement name here], propaganda through many facets of popular media creating a cult-of-personality which makes you feel the need to choose sides in a false war with non-existent boundaries.

Never underestimate the power of faith, good or bad, if you believe it is there, it is...

Don't you really think it is time everyone put these differences aside and realize we are all children of this Earth and therefore MUST learn to coexist peacefully once and for all?

9-11 is a fraud, I think we all realize that in our hearts. Who did it is pretty much irrelevant. The fact we allowed them to do it, and blindly turned away because it was to inconvenient to stand up and speak against it is the real problem. The problem exists within each one of us. Will we allow it to happen again? Only time will tell.

Call the perpetrators what you will: the enemy is evil; ignorant, arrogant, bigot, megalomaniac, narcissistic, sociopathic leaders we refer to as the elitists. Be it members of governement or corporate chairpersons, any corrupt individual falling into this role are the ones responsible for these things, not any nation, race, religion, etc. specifically.


I have finally (painstakingly) survived through this overly monotonous monotone monlogue. In conclusion: The video, though probably better served as an audio book or (here is an idea) an actual book, was quite interesting to say the least.

If you can get past the constant reinterations of "Silverstein, a Jew...," and "Wolfowitz, a Jew...," the base information presented shows trends that do certainly point to things beyond the realm of circumstance. After viewing this I would say that I would definitely agree in some form of Israeli diplomatic involvements and would not suggest to simply discredit the whole of the information presented.

However, one must keep in mind that the people listed are a merely 30-40 individuals and a dozen or more private organizations and/or contracting corporations that certainly DO NOT represent the (at present) 13.3 million Jewish individuals worldwide. You cannot crucify them all for the actions of a handful. That is simply ignorance again.

I think replacing "a Jew" with "a Zionist extremist radical," is about as appropriate here as replacing "a Muslim," or "a Shi'ite," in most news reports with the words "Islamic terrorist radical." These people, on both ends of the paradigm, are no different than Christian Inquisitors during the Crusades or Witch Trials. They are all left/right wing extremist religious radicals that basically have lost their right minds and suddenly feel the need to fight wars for their God. Which, in my opinion, shows a complete lack of confidence in the power of one's diety. (Which probably means you should try a new religion or take up a hobby instead of bombing innocent people)

I do agree that all of the people mentioned herein and many others should be brought up on charges related to this incident and tried in an international court for various degrees of treason to many nations and peoples and recieve due process of law. To each one found guilty with proper evidence, death by firing squad dump them into a mass grave and make a momument as a message to generations to come.

"Here lies the bodies of the scum that defiled their own humanity."

The video isn't rely that bad, has a lot of great information for the curious person with a lot of time to invest into researching the validity of it all. I wouldn't simply write it off, but it does certainly have a lot of anti-semitic and racial undertones.

I feel sections like the part about "Don't Mess With the Zohan," starring "Adam Sandler, a Jew..." being some form of Israeli counter-inteligence cloaking operation to make people accept Israeli's as good guys... simply could have gone without.

It is like the people that give these great presentations about 9/11 truth loaded with undisputable facts then follow up with tales of an ancient race of lizard-like aliens that have been overseeing human development for tens of thousands of years and have assumed every position of royalty and power in the world, and when we don't look they shed their skin... LOL!

(though gazing into the eyes of Bernanke and Paulson long enough would make anyone consider this theory)

luna dora
12 years ago

i dont agree to punish just the jewish as stated in the video but still there is some facts we can think it contains some conspiracies...lot of facts about the attacked make sense in terms of the the way WTC collapses and also most of the the higher power in US is being hold by so called jewish...i think zionism would make sense since they kill innocent palestinians merciless...and its true Israel is the biggest ally of USA...just wisely thinks about that...every documentary films were made from their own view and we as the observer need to watch and compare it with others and ponder a while bout it...

12 years ago

I don't think we'll ever know the truth.

Doug Everett
12 years ago

ROFLMAO, what a waste of eight minutes.

12 years ago

I would be very careful and very sceptical about the kind of racial hatred running throughout this kind of 'documentary'. We only have to look at history to see where the persecution of jews has been used to control the public, the type of propaganda used in Nazi Germany to commit heinous crimes. It's a strategy to keep the public in fear and under control. At the end of the day, the only ones we can keep accountable to us are our government. Are they really working for our interests or those of the powerful and corrupt global corporations?

9/11 was an excuse for increasing control over the population by taking away our democratic rights. They had planned well in advance for dissent and protest but are moving us very quickly towards dismantling our democratic rights to those, hence the need to fight for those rights while we still have some left.

12 years ago

So this is where all the worms who buy into the "truther" crap about conspiracies. Anyone with even half a brain could figure out that it would be virtually impossible for anyone - Israel, US, etc - to pull something like the 9/11 attacks off without any hitch in the plans, without anyone breaking their silence after 10 years . . . and actually convince bin laden to go along with the hoax and then make a video of him in Afganistan gloating about toppling the towers.
Only half a brain is required to understand how impossible it would be to do what you numbskulls believe. And for what reason would anyone go to all that trouble? If the US wanted to attack Iraq and Afganistan, who was going to stop them? And, for alll you Jew haters who have posted here - how would you explain how the Israelis could pull it off. Huh? do you know anything about logistics and how hard it is to keep secrets?

I for one find all of you who entertain such lunacy to be absolute idots with no redeeming value whatsoever. To suggest your own government would purposely kill 3000 of its own citizens is beyond reprehensible.

but I guess someone has to watch and believe fairy tale docs made by pure vultures.

May you all get what you deserve.

12 years ago

Im Canadian, I take everything like this with a grain of salt.
However, I would not put it past the Government of Israel to commit crimes as heinous as the rest of the world Governments, I know they like using Canadian passports and posing as Canadians while Assonating people and our Government just sweeps it under the carpet as fast as they can.

Israel does have the most to gain from 9-11, but like everything, we will never know the truth.

12 years ago

there is too much hate in the world.
jewish believe they are god's chosen people. as do muslims. christians want you to be saved like them. jehovahs witnesses say they are chosen. nazis also said this. with everyone trying to one-up eachother it is no wonder we earthlings get no where! while elites make money off everyones blood. even on a freaking comment thread everyone is hating. can we jus chill out for a second and give out hugs?

12 years ago

this is not a documentary... It has clear advocation for antisemitics. socalled facts gathered from unreliable sources, such as 4000 jews warned prior to 911 has been taken from a newspaper article in lubnään. the word jew emphasized in a highly suspect way... I advise consulting wikipedia on this. (I mean the cospirasy of 4000 warned)
it has allso real and good important information about grimes conducted by Israel, but that is drowned under biggetry it contains.
consider this; when there are a lot off people, there are bound to be a number of Onanites among them. these Onanites do not constitute the whole nation, be it Israel, USofA or Finland. middle-east; what a brain####.., but this "doc" does not help in understanding it at all... I am a critic of Israel, but this BS makes me -.-
apologies for blausible errors in grammar; english is not my native tongue