Mission Accomplished

Mission AccomplishedSean Langan's documentary Mission Accomplished is comprised primarily of Langan's travels through Iraq a few months after President Bush declared that the end of major combat operations had been reached.

Langan includes footage of firefights and suicide bombers, as well as interviews with those who have taken up arms in an attempt to get the United States out of their country.

Armed with just a camera, Langan witnesses insurgent attacks first-hand, survives a mob frenzy, secures secret meetings with hooded resistance fighters, and obtains chilling footage of a suicide bomber's preparations and attack on a bridge manned by US soldiers.

The result is a stirring account of just how far we are from a true proclamation in Iraq of Mission Accomplished.

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  1. dewflirt

    Sunni and Shia - Sonny and Cher ? Idon't know for sure but I think they done 911 ;)

  2. Guest
  3. Guest

    May be i have to watch the doc to understand what you're saying here, or is it one of your subtile joke?

  4. dewflirt
  5. dewflirt

    Not sure really, it popped into my head and fell from my fingers. Was thinking about what a joke the whole war is, conspiracy theories, disinformation. Makes me so angry, if they would all put the guns down, is any of it really worth this ? Killing people is not a good way to make them do as you want, it just makes lots of dead people. So not really a joke, and not much to do with the doc, more the end of a rambling internal dialogue :)
    Am I subtle ? Maybe vague ;)

  6. Guest
  7. Guest

    I often find your humor to be delicate like a stitch in a complicated patchwork. Subtile is a latinazed subtle.
    I am not surprised you get along so well with the Mr., you always come accross as non confrontational with a funny twist.

  8. Epicurus
  9. Epicurus

    "Killing people is not a good way to make them do as you want, it just makes lots of dead people."

    and dead people dont disagree...mission accomplished.

  10. dewflirt
  11. dewflirt

    Dead isn't compliant. Dead people are no good to anyone and their relatives will not be compliant either. The more dead people you stack up the less the living have to lose and the more likely they are to fight back. If they want compliance they should make them as poor as possible.

  12. dewflirt
  13. dewflirt

    That's funny, down south (where I live now) us midlanders are thought of as rough northerners ;)

  14. magarac
  15. magarac

    It´s pretty easy to understand both sides here.
    One the one hand soldiers being frustrated over having to fight a pointless war that can´t really be won.
    And on the other hand the local people being forced to witness the total destruction of their country in the name of freedom. With no way to react but to turn to the extremists.

  16. Epicurus
  17. Epicurus

    lol i agree i was being facetious.

  18. Petar Vitanovich
  19. Petar Vitanovich

    That's bulls****, Belgrade, Serbia's capitol, had a MacDonald's since 1990, I know cause I went there. That same MacDonald's got bombed on March 24th, 1999. Id**t americans, what can you expect.

  20. dewflirt
  21. dewflirt

    Every time! Either I'm gullible or you are fantastically smart ;)

  22. Epicurus
  23. Epicurus

    well i'd certainly hate to call you gullible ;) lol

    ya if i say anything immoral or inhumane its most likely that im joking.

    pulling a Stephen Colbert. taking the opposites view to absurd conclusions to show how silly it is.

    we all know what i initially said is right wing militaristic thinking.

    but i should mention, i really enjoyed this doc. i think it gave a very interesting view of the conflict from very early in.

  24. Donald Edward Goodman
  25. Donald Edward Goodman

    Every time I put something here the ESTABLISHMENT doesn't "like," it seems to always disappear? People my age don't know FDR was Jewish. They don't know FDR not only started the FBI, CIA, the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel, and he KNEW the Japanese were coming because HE left them no choice. Again an "American President" ALLOWED Americans to be slaughtered all in the name of Halliberton and Lockeed/Martin; Bell Helicopter, and General Electric, ALL OF THEM! I WAS a proud American. People once LOVED Americans . Thanks to the Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Rice and all the rest of these PIGS, everyone hates Americans!
    BTW hey Bill.....suck my tuna fish!

  26. Donald Edward Goodman
  27. Donald Edward Goodman

    If it was YOU little kid, you would not be saying the **** you're saying. Obviously you weren't disciplined as a child. Because you still need an asswhoopin'! "dewflirt? What kind of sissy-a** name is that? Just think, you too can be in the same "position" as my best-friend here, on his way TO THE GROUND! I hate these punka** kids with Mommie's computer. Always talking sh*t when they've never been out of the same town they were born in. Some day, the Bush-GANG's actions, as well as Obama and whomever comes after his next term; (oh yea, didn't they tell you?) Obama WILL-BE "President" again. You mark my word these murderous kids will be kicking in OUR doors! For the ILLUSION of "choice" or "Change." That NEVER CAME, or EVER WILL.....Sorry I got off track there. That happens when you've CROSSED THE LINE! And "we the people" have crossed the line, because we've failed to stop these WAR-MONGERS! Adolf lives in the White House!

  28. over the edge
  29. over the edge

    @Donald Edward Goodman
    a few quick thoughts
    1. up the medication
    2. went through your comment history. wow you like all the conspiracies?
    3.dewflirt isn't a "buddy" she is a lady so treat her as such
    4. what does your other post have to do with the doc in question?
    5. maybe your posts disappear because you swearing ,off topic, provide no evidence for claims and are crazy. just a thought

  30. Achems_Razor
  31. Achems_Razor

    @Donald Edward Goodman:

    To funny, your reply to @dewflirt: As the saying goes, "hell hath no fury as a woman scorned" so good luck to you, but please do keep it civil, any over the knee stuff does not cut it here on TDF!

    Another thing I should of mentioned, think and get your facts straight before you speak!

  32. dewflirt
  33. dewflirt

    Gosh, I lay bleeding at the alter of your mighty intellect. F**k me? How will you achieve that, boy? Seems you did for yourself already by dropping your pants and beating your brains out on your keyboard. Manners maketh man, in this respect you are still a suckling child. Don't speak with your mouth full.

  34. dewflirt
  35. dewflirt

    Maybe we should call you Epicolbert ;) it was a good doc, did I see bbc at the start? They don't always get things right but every now and then they hit the mark. Glad they keep trying, maybe my licence fee is worth it after all ;)

  36. dewflirt
  37. dewflirt

    @ over the edge, the Mighty Achem and zatarra, true gentlemen (mostly ;)

  38. docoman
  39. docoman

    An interesting watch. Sean is both brave and a little bit nuts. That mob that turned angry at him was close to going medieval on his ass.
    I lived in Egypt for awhile. I was told if you ever run someone over and kill them, you had better not stop, as there is a high chance it could turn nasty. And that was pre 9/11. We had a car accident one time, there was almost nobody in view when it happened. Within seconds our cars were surrounded by people. Lucky, no one was hurt, and our car was still drivable. We got out of there. I have no doubt if someone was hurt it could have been very different very quickly.

  40. batvette
  41. batvette

    Whoever is behind this doc seems oblivious to the fact that at the time Bush announced mission accomplished, the left at home and abroad was calling for a complete pullout of Iraq to give them back their sovereignty, with Saddam still on the loose and Al Qaeda having fled from Afghanistan and scattered about the region.
    At the same time one Joe Wilson was allowed to go public with a complete lie that he personally debunked the Niger Yellowcake story and knew Cheney had been told, which not only was complete bull but the White House barely tried to deny it at all.
    So it's clear to me we weren't about to leave Iraq with Saddam on the loose and have France, Russia and China just walk in and consummate their oil deals with the remnants of the Ba'athist gov't.
    We let the insurgency happen, it must have been that way, I remember this line:
    "We're only here for the good of the Iraqi people, and only as long as they want us here". It was an open invitation for Al Qaeda to come and defeat America and have their own homeland, pure genius on that front because a terrorist is just an angry muslim until he makes a bomb and sets it off. You can't stop that, why not lead him to a blast chamber and control the damage?
    Anyway further evidence can be found in the fact that the Baghdad highway, merely 5 miles long, could not be kept free of IED's and was the most dangerous stretch of highway in the world, right where the press could see it and report it to the world. Yet we have drones with FLIR that could have the whole 5 miles covered and could spot a squirrel with a firecracker from a mile up? Gimme a break. We wanted to project an image of chaos, so Al Qaeda would believe they had a chance of winning, and those who demanded our early exit would not bristle at our "occupation".
    So in the end we walk into a country, remove its dictator, deny two rivals and a fair weather friend (France, Russia, China) their nearly complete drilling deals to the largest high pressure light sweet crude fields in the world, derail the near loss of US Dollar hegemony over world petroleum sales, kill between 5-10,000 foreign fighters many of whom were Al Qaeda..... and America gets to tell the rest of the world don't blame us we were all duped by George W. Bush, a man with 2 years tenure in federal government and a double digit IQ.
    We're victims too. (just like Bin Laden at Tora Bora, if you think it was an accident he got away, think again)
    LOL. Any of you think you were lied to, well you needed to be lied to.
    This whole thing ultimately demands that you accept that behind figureheads like Bush and Obama, those running the gov't may actually not be so stupid at all and may know what they are doing. Sorry if self loathing has become so fashionable that is difficult, but hey- me=realpolitik.

  42. Guest
  43. Guest

    When i read his comment (i started at the bottom) i couldn't wait to read your reply. NO dissapointment here, Your are a smart brain on legs (fingers) Lady!...and of all the people here ...you make me laugh every time...no matter how serious the subject is.
    Keep on writing!

  44. panthera f
  45. panthera f

    Humanity = FAIL. :-(

  46. Epicurus
  47. Epicurus

    what are you rambling about?

    dewflirt didnt say ANYTHING that ought to illicit this type of reaction.

    you need to get yourself some help.

  48. misterwong
  49. misterwong

    This was a fascinating doc.You have a concise retrospct.Despite the talking figureheads,the interests that run (and own)the gov't assuredly know what they are doing..but in whose interest?Yours?The People they purport to have sworn to protect?Halliburton was a swindle.The people paid and Cheney and his pals laugh at our slavish faith in old crooks in suits.Rumsfeld is a souless beast,but he loses no sleep over being a shill for the shell game.Bush.Would-Be-Saviour of America.War President.The Decider.The whole con makes me vomit.You needed to be lied to because your involvement in this Nation(of,by,for the People,blahblahblah)is obsolete.Unnessecary.So just believe what you're told and be good Americans.Buy,Buy,Buy,Spend,spend,spend and most importantly,DIE OWING

  50. misterwong
  51. misterwong

    Mission Accomplished!Now George,Donald and Dick can put on shorts and aloha shirts and walk down the streets of Bagdhad and Fallujah like the Heroes they are.Be proud.We have become the liberators.We have become Death.We are leaving now.sorry bout the mess

  52. KsDevil
  53. KsDevil

    Hmm, this looks familiar. anyway... You can't learn from history unless history is correct. A great deal of information was sanitized for civilian consumption and misinformation was rampant on all sides of the discussion. This ducumentary offers some of the pieces, but historians will need much more to insure the real facts make it to the future. What a sad day it will be when we ask "what was it all for?" and we hear the real answer.

  54. drinker69
  55. drinker69

    Mission Accomplished. Iran, get ready.

  56. Guest
  57. Guest

    Let's say for fun...in 30yrs China gets it in it's head that Canada needs revamping and control, it's government needs a sweep and it's people a tackle or two all in the name of pure water.
    They land all over the place with tanks and army boys, set up barricades and begin a major combat operation.
    What am i saying...that's not possible, plus we would never allow it, big brother next door either, Right?

  58. Jo McKay
  59. Jo McKay

    devastating, disappointing,and that is why so important. There is no winner, no peace, no freedom, from this - and from most wars..., thank you and well done bbc

  60. harry nutzack
  61. harry nutzack

    the "iraqi liberation" was a state sponsored organized theft on many levels.. contracts for the hooked up oil men long friendly to the bush dynasty, a huge corporate windfall for "vlad" cheney's corporate brethren, a feeding frenzy at the trough of excess "oil for food" funds by the myriad "contractors" who mostly were front companies for the clandestine alphabet soup boys, a training ground and recruiting station for christian reconstructionists, evangelical "crusaders", and even the ghetto street gangs. so yes, "mission accomplished" by and large. just another in the long line of examples of the truly evil intent of my country (the usa). my apologies to the cradle of civilization, and the populace of the planet as a whole. honestly, you should deeply consider wiping us off the face of the earth for your own safety, and that of future generations.

  62. Nathan Daniel
  63. Nathan Daniel

    You are obviously an intelligent person; your reasoning is sound and well articulated. You do a disservice to yourself by using the screen name "harry nutzack."

  64. Nathan Daniel
  65. Nathan Daniel

    "God willing, we will kick them out of here with our own shoes, god willing."

    This is a horrible, unjust war. But all of these fanatically religious Muslims are just as barbaric and stupid as the Jews. People who are religious are stupid. Sorry if any religious morons are offended, but it's the truth.

    Imam sent to prison for "inciting a riot?" i.e., speaking his mind. Freedom?

  66. David Ewer
  67. David Ewer

    Great documentary - a real experience. Blood, guts and Freedom Radio...

  68. borsuk88
  69. borsuk88

    Watch the documentary again ,this time carefully.People of what used to be a secular state, turned to religion to find comfort and HOPE. The only one they could find in these circumstances.I`ts the occupiers who are directly responsible for bringing this side of their faith to the surface. And it gave them the power to sacrifice their life fighting the cause they believe in. How many atheists would be willing to do that? (I`m not a muslim and not in favour of this religion either)

    As for you, Nathan, people who don`t believe in something, will believe anything, my hyper-intelligent friend.

  70. David Ford
  71. David Ford

    Actually no... We don't "believe" in things for a reason.
    ? ?[bih-leev] verb, be·lieved, be·liev·ing.
    verb (used without object)

    to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.

    To just believe something is not a logical way of going through life. I don't "believe" in things and I don't "know" things. Everything is always changing... The world and my understanding of the world are not a static thing. Constantly evolving and changing to the new information coming in.

    Believing is for cavemen and we should have moved on a long time ago.

  72. borsuk88
  73. borsuk88

    How camn You be so sure that religious people are id**ts and m*rons since You don`t know things and don`t believe anything either? Maybe one day in Your constantly changing world some information will surface saying that they are actually highly intelligent and nice people? Your statements seem to be made without a shadow of a doubt, like someone who KNOWS. Maybe I don`t understand the complexity of Your perception of things. Seems a bit chaotic to me, with nothing stable to relate to. But, everyone is different. As a person who believes in religion I`ll restrain myself from calling You names as You did in my case. Good luck in Your world with constantly changing rules depending on new information emerging.
    P.S.Thanks for dictionary definition of words I don`t fully understand. English is not my first language so there is always room for improvement. But, hold on - are You sure that`s how it is? Do you KNOW it? What if there are some new information on the subject and this word means something else? Panta rhei I guess

  74. Muhd Taufiq
  75. Muhd Taufiq

    hope 9/11 happen again... bush just spark more Iraqi... good luck American. I believe there's only 2 type of people good or bad.

  76. winguy
  77. winguy

    America has turned that country into a real **** hole

  78. rufusclyde
  79. rufusclyde

    spinning batvette says that realpolitik is accepting the idea that the people need to be lied to. Straussian Noble Lies to help the poor dumb people. batvette says that the US Imperial forces had the capacity to completely eliminate IED's on the Baghdad highway, but instead chose to allow people to be blown up in order to trick the el Kaydah's into travelling to Iraq so that they could be killed. The fact that a few thousand US servicemen bit the dust, along with tens of thousands of Iraqis, who happened to have seats in the arena? C'est la vie. batvette's alternative history includes The Left (who dat?) demanding a pull-out after the conqeust of the Baathists. This differs slightly from the history on this planet, wherein millions of people took to the streets in February 2003 to convey their disapproval of the invasion before it took place. The Imperial host did not walk into Iraq in 2003. They arrived in the form of cruise missiles and bombs. Later they drove in in Bradleys, Strykers and Abrams and M35 trucks.
    batvette says that US dollar hegemony is good for the people. Apparently, without it, a massive adavanced society like the US would have even more than 40 million people on food stamps. Looping congnitive infiltrator batvette teaches us all another lesson that just happens to coincide with the Imperial agenda.

  80. A MFM
  81. A MFM

    As Ghandi said, "Violence begets violence." Someone else said, War is good business. Another person said: What if they gave a war and nobody came! Refuse! Refuse! Refuse!

  82. RobGR
  83. RobGR

    Excellent documentary. Sean Langan is both brave but also very naive in some of those intense situations.

  84. Gerry S
  85. Gerry S

    This is Northern Ireland all over again

  86. matt
  87. matt

    oh man that female lieutenant was GORGEOUS. i must meet her

  88. Millsy77
  89. Millsy77

    love your honesty Harry- great comment

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