Mission to Titan

2011 ,    »  -   7 Comments
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Short documentary about Titan, including panoramic images of the planet, the mission to send the probe there and why it holds the secret to life on Earth.

Adam Hart-Davies introduces one of the most ambitious space exploration missions ever launched and professor John Zarnecki shows the first ever panoramic images of Titan.

Scientists watch the probe's historic journey to Titan with bated breath and explain why Titan holds the key to life on earth. They also explain the instruments on board the probe, including one that recorded sound on Titan.

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  1. MalOdour

    I take my hat off to these people who can set all this up it is just mind boggling..and when you compare lairyers with engineers etc you can see who are to be admired.

  2. MillermanHH
  3. MillermanHH

    Hi Glen! What Is 'Lairyers'? I'm not trying to be funny It's just that I'm not sure what you mean. Thanks!

  4. Glen
  5. Glen

    Lawyers world wide..

  6. Marcus
  7. Marcus

    Totally agree Glen. The ability of men to create is astounding. In awe.

  8. chase caruso
  9. chase caruso

    u are right man they did a good thing

  10. Daddymac
  11. Daddymac

    cassini is 90s technology, think windows 3.1 or 95. pentium 1, plc5 or slc504 robotics and computers have made leaps and bounds since then. yes this is awesome for its time

  12. Richard Neva
  13. Richard Neva

    I don't believe a word of this film. America faked the moon shot and that soured me on any space efforts, All BS!

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