The Mobile Love Industry

The Mobile Love Industry

2015, Sexuality  -   17 Comments
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Modern technologies and social media platforms have unquestionably redefined a great many aspects of our everyday rituals, customs and behaviors. Nowhere is this more apparent than in matters of human connection and love. The Mobile Love Industry, a provocative new documentary short from VICE, explores this phenomenon as it relates to the mobile app.

The old traditions of boy meets girl have given way to a brave new frontier of online dating. The conquest of intimacy, or at least a reasonable facsimile of, is more immediate than ever before. In fact, it could be as close as the application installed on your smart phone.

Dating applications like Tinder have enjoyed unprecedented success in recent years, but do they spell an end to good old fashioned romance? Flesh and blood encounters have been replaced with reams of data and personality profiling. Proponents of these blossoming technologies insist that it provides companionship seekers with greater freedom than ever before. In their view, users can locate more compatible partners than would otherwise be possible, and have their pick from a massive pool of candidates without the barriers of social awkwardness or geography.

On the flip side, according to the skeptics, this abundance of choice is paradoxically limiting: when you have so many options at your fingertips, you might be less prone to settle down and invest as fully as you should in the potential future love of your life.

The tone of The Modern Love Industry is largely vivid, youthful and energetic, but the darker undertones of its subject matter are inescapable. The sexual revolution brought forth from online dating and hook-up technology can often serve as a breeding ground for sexual addicts, hackers and cyber stalkers. These dangers are particularly pronounced as the technologies become bolder and more risqué, as they have in the controversial London-based application 3nder.

Do these concerns just represent an irrational fear of technology, or is the mobile dating phenomenon actually inflicting detrimental effects on the culture of human connection? It may be too early to tell. In the meantime, The Mobile Love Industry provides substantial food for thought.

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2 years ago

Women use dating APPS to boost their ego's and not much else.They want to know how attractive they are. They don't seem to be serious about meeting the right person.This program would have been better if it had been a man and a woman doing the dating APP thing, not just a pretty woman.

3 years ago

Hi u look good
5 years ago

it looks like she loves tindering around, please vice put more of these video I have enjoyed a lot!

The Cynic
5 years ago

This documentary kind of foxtrotted it's way through the obvious conclusion - dating apps provide a safe haven to explore sex, unbridled, unbiased and with the confidence of not being judged. It's not too surprising that she had a few tongue in cheek moments when talking to people about their use of the apps themselves, even she was a bit standoffish, you walk outside that circle and you're back to being judged and pigeonholed again.
Also i would say that the whole online dating world is probably more of a benefit to women than men. Women seem to get the raw deal when it comes to ''doing what you please'', whereas men seem to get away with a lot of things, women tend to be a categorisation for what they do, which isn't fair really. And that Tinder graph of how men and women work - men are easy and predictive, women are more selective and maybe a bit fussy. So this is a place where you can have your time and take your time, guilt free and not being judged for what you do or don't do.

6 years ago

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6 years ago

It's more about pre-selection than anything else.

john smith
6 years ago

EVERYTHING you upload on Tinda can NEVER be deleted completely.Be warned, it will come back to bite you.

7 years ago

I feel like Tinder works exactly the same in both ways. If you are a hot girl you will get a lot of matches from guys (average or hot), the same goes for guys. I actually heard from different guy friends that they only swipe right to match with girls who matched them back, and then they choose who they like and text them first. So to say that girls only choose hot guys and have a high standards is a little hypocritical.
In real life looks do play an important role as well because when you meet a guy/girl for the first time you decide if you like how they look. The reality is that a lot of the times when I (as a female) meet a guy in the bar or club, they only interested in one night stands and usually don't want to spend time knowing each other better. So, although I do like guys that are good looking, I don't actually interact with them ever. In fact, most of my friends are pretty average looking, but they dress up and look for themselves, and have awesome personalities so that is why we are friends, not because they are "hot".
I think that personality is definitely important for a lot of people if they looking for a longer relationship than just for a night. I might match with a hot guy on tinder, but unless we actually have a good conversation there is just no way I'm going to meet up with him. So for guys who complaint about online dating: it is either you have high standards and you go for girls who way out of your league, or you just not that handsome (look and personality wise) and even in real life you wouldn't have much success.

I agree with Alex Terrible Voice
7 years ago

Whether or not Red Pill is "passing up average girls" doesn't really matter because the whole point is that girls are now passing up average guys. Regardless of how he behaves, Red Pill will not get very many matches unless he makes himself more sexy. The problem is the hookup culture.

Yes women are sexually liberated, but think about what really matters now in the world of dating for both men and women. Compatibility and personality are now second priority after looks for everyone. In reality no one is liberated because looks can only be temporarily and superficially changed, while personality stays constant. This makes us become slaves to our own beautification.

If we really wanted online liberation for all men and all women the providers would be something more like eharmony or because profiles there are at least more focused on personality and compatibility more than looks. But unfortunately women have stooped to the level of men and all are now slaves to sex. Successful long term relationships are diminishing and certain communities have exploded with STDs and I blame foolish behavior incited by Tinder

7 years ago

The Red Pill strikes me as a guy that passes up 'average' girls because they're not hot, then turns around and complains about being lonely cause the hot girls that he thinks owe him a relationship end up ignoring him.
He wants to be judged on his personality but won't give women the same chance.

and IMHO whining about feminism and blaming it for not getting dates is a huge turn off.

7 years ago

I like tinder, it gets to the point. I also think it's liberating for women, who can explore and experiment beyond the usual way of meeting guys, be it bars or social circles. As an older guy, in shape and tall, good looking, I'll admit I may have some kind of advantage. But being more of a intellectual and liberal type, a lot of women don't get me and immediately dismiss my non-conformity as being a loser. What I've found is younger women love me, they enjoy my life experience and my POV, and they love sex. So, we all win. To the guy's complaining about women getting an unfair advantage, I'm sure you are referring to the most attractive and more desirable. If you are hot "player" type, you will only want to be with hot girls. So, don't give up, just don't expect a 10 if you're a 4.

7 years ago

I could not stand the girl's voice in this video. Could not even get started on listening to it, her voice was just like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. ugh! so bland and monotone and spoke much too fast.

7 years ago

Ann and Sarah, unfortunately you both wrong. Red Pill is correct. Average guy doesn't know how to stand out, he never been taught how, hence the player rips most of the benefit streamlining his hook up online.
Also more natural good looking guys (tall, in shape) will win out every time, except that trait plays minimal role in long term relationship. Hence, girl more likely to pick players on ongoing basis, and then complain that she cant find good guys.
Sarah, you mention those traits that has been around since the time of modern dating, you not listing anything new and some how saying that now it changes how normal guy behaves. It goes back to success in relationship for women doesnt equates a lot of pick up, it equates in stable relationship.
Average "slob" which by the way, is not most guys, Red Pill is talking about normal guy. Who does have good hygene, who does know how to dress ok, which always was enough because men and women judge each other on different values. Women evaluated on looks, guys on provider traits and masculine traits, taking care of yourself is vanity trait, aka feminine. Guys traits is stability and reliability, has nothing to do with looks. Except with mobile apps, they are judge on traits that has nothing to do with LTR...

By the way Ann and Sarah, this is not a good news for women, it actually bad news. Because once she is out of her 20s and into her 30s, her expectations are sky high and she wants family.... except most guys are not 6 feet blue eyed giants (or what ever her type of top 20%). They are you Joe accountant slightly our of shape and balding, average height.... can she lower her standards? not likely. So its more tinder or j swipe or bumble or what ever, except in 30s. that 20% guys dont want 30 something any more, they still want 20 something....
Its actually worse, then that, according to Datonomics (look it up) there are 3 college educated men for every 4 college educated women. The college graduation gap is 40/60 women (since of course girl wants guy who went to college) . Conclusion, not only is there no blue eyed giants, there is not even enough average college Joes to go around.

Red pill great summary, kuddos. You are spot on.

As for me, someone who spend in dating consulting field many years, reality is bad for women who are older. And bad for younger guys. Once guys hit mid 30s+, he gets way more choices as women wants family asap. While woman doesn't understand whats happening, why does guys only want to hook up....

norman van rooy
7 years ago

All this is is an advertisement for TINDER.

7 years ago

Hey, Red Pill -- Yes, it benefits us ladies in some ways. Finally! We ladies are constantly judged on our looks, constantly, if you haven't noticed. As a result, we worry about our weight, use make up, work out, etc. while guys ride off their personalities (men never choose women solely based on personalities, never). Now, your average shlub, who doesn't take care of himself -- chubby, looks weathered/old, poorly dressed, clearly poor hygiene, etc -- gets rejected immediately, as he should. You want more matches? Get off the couch, take care of yourself, put an effort in. Just as ladies have been doing since the beginning of time.

7 years ago

So make yourself stand out. I don't go for the classically good looking guy. I'm looking at what he wrote that shows me who he is. That he's intelligent. Evolved. Funny. Has values. Don't have a dopey picture with a hat on. Your kids. Others in the picture. I want to see YOU. Get in shape if you're not. Have a genuine smile on your face.

The Red Pill
7 years ago

What this documentary doesn't mention (not surprising from a liberal propaganda piece like Vice) is that online dating/Tinder disproportionately benefits women. It is the culmination of feminism and hypergamy - hypergamy meaning that 80% of girls are chasing the top 20% of guys. This was previously limited by physical proximity in real life but now an average looking girl can browse through the thousands of messages/matches she gets from the comfort of her computer or Iphone and choose the hottest guy, who will be more than happy to oblige her. the average GUY however gets almost nothing... and if he does get a date, every time she pulls out her phone its like 200 new competitors appear in the room.