Modern Ireland

Modern Ireland

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Modern Ireland is an observational documentary series in which we follow three people in one day, from morning till night.

The series gives an insight into today's Ireland with behind the scenes looks at the VIP Style Awards, a Body Building Competition featuring female body builders, three First Holy Communions, the European Winners Dog Show in the RDS, and a look at Modern Ireland's quest for the Body Beautiful in our make over show.

In the first programme, Supersized Shes, we follow two female body builders on the day of Ireland's biggest Body Building competition. The second programme focuses on Ireland's celebrity culture on the day of the VIP Style Awards.

In the third installment in the series, we meet three of the 60,000 children who made their First Communion in 2009. With almost 80 million euro spent on the festivities throughout the country, three families show us how they chose to celebrate their child's special day. In Gone to the Dogs we go behind the scenes at the European Winners Dog Show. We see all the tension that goes into this seminal event in the dog lovers calendar.

In the last episode in the series we spend one day following three very different characters with one thing in common – self-improvement – they want it, or they're helping others achieve it.

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4 years ago

This is for airheads. Nothing to learn here. Better watch reruns of Father Ted.

10 years ago

Documentaries that manage to be even shallower and even more superficial and air headed than their subjects!

Useful Eater
Useful Eater
10 years ago

For a more realistic view of Ireland watch the Hardy Bucks.

This show is mostly about the nouveau riche spawned by the financial bubble commonly referred to as the Celtic tiger.

2 year old show already showing its age as Ireland loses more and more to the proper rich people :P