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Momenta is an environmental conservation film that serves as a call to action, aiming to motivate communities in the Pacific Northwest to fight against the coal export industry. The filmmakers and interview subjects ask the audience to rethink fossil fuels and the inevitable long-term damage they will cause to the global environment.

As coal profits in Montana and Wyoming's Powder River Basin decline, companies are looking to export their product to Asia via the communities of the Pacific Northwest. This area offers a gateway to transport coal to Asia to be burned as fuel, and there are proposals to open more ports to enable a greater output. These plans would double the number of mile-and-a-half long trains that cross the region each day, likely spreading toxic coal dust in their wake.

Experts explain that coal is accountable for less than 30% of the world's energy supply, yet over 40% of the world's energy emissions. The film cites data showing the greenhouse gasses from exporting and burning the remaining coal in the Powder River Basin would be massive compared to those of the Keystone XL pipeline, and would push CO2 emissions well beyond the tipping point of global devastation.

The filmmakers curate feedback from a variety of people, from scientists and policymakers to professional outdoorsmen and women who caution against the risks of both transporting coal and burning it once it reaches its destination. A professional snowboarder testifies to the changes he's already seen in the mountains, but climate change is just one of the threats noted here.

If the proposed transportation plans were to be approved there would be hundreds of trains running per day, which in turn would halt traffic in the adjacent communities, adding an increase in car exhaust to the atmosphere as well as taxing the aging infrastructure in many small towns. The potential for train derailments and water contamination are also highlighted. Wind energy is touted as a preferred alternative, as windmills are often on private land and allow citizens and businesses alike to continue going about their lives with minimal disruption.

Momenta utilizes beautiful cinematography to capture the lush and vibrant landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, making the anti-coal argument even more compelling by showing the purity of nature that we all risk losing.

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    Michael Bloomberg
  1. Michael Bloomberg

    "You are the world, lets make it a better place... for you and for me and the ... "
    I'm teary eyed :')

  2. AssHat900
  3. AssHat900

    Solar will be cheaper than all other types of power soon. Every else is wasted effort.

  4. HotDikingz
  5. HotDikingz

    AssHat900 - Watch the documentary on Thorium on this website. It shows the ineffectiveness of solar/wind power compared to the nuclear approach using Thorium.

  6. akos
  7. akos

    Tshirts, denim, underwear, knobs on the suit .. "made in china". they are protesting against something of which direct result they are wearing every day.

  8. Bob
  9. Bob

    You science deniers still don't get it. Temperatures have been falling for over 15 years. Hope you enjoy paying BIG $$$$$ for unreliable power that's going to leave you freezing in the dark. By the way. Since you don't like oil and coal, quit buying EVERYTHING that is produced from the industries. We may still think you're stupid, but at least we won't be able to call you hypocrites, you hypocrites.


    These people are so damn dumb they squeak when they walk. They act as if coal was discovered last year.. They whine about the poverty line..Tourism is the worst paying job in America.

  12. laura todd
  13. laura todd

    Greenies lose their credibility when they talk about global warming. They are right that we should find alternative energy because people on the planet will outlast current energy sources. Why not use alternative energy? But then they go on and on about global warming which is not even an issue.

  14. Spencer T
  15. Spencer T

    Great film! I live in the Pacific Northwest and glad someone brought this to my attention. I'm going to look into further. And to the above commenter, Laura Todd, 'global warming is not even an issue' - You should come out to the Pacific Northwest this summer and see the amount of fires we've had. It's clearly an issue.

  16. Haut
  17. Haut

    Burn more coal we need it, the planet is "COOLING" Help prevent Iceage. Thankyou :)

  18. Bob
  19. Bob


    Here's how fire cycles work.

    Two summers ago, there was rain everywhere, so much so that there were tons and tons of extra hay and grass, and bumper grain crops. Now. Farmers harvested the grain. Ranchers bailed the hay. And cows grazed off all the extra grass on the ranches.


    In the wild, the herbivore populations did not increase anywhere enough to graze off all the extra grass.

    When all that extra grass dies off in the fall, it doesn't green up and regrow next year it just stays there and mats down so, the next summer new shoots of grass come up, but ALL that old stuff just gets drier and drier and drier, and pretty soon you have thousands of square miles of what's basically dry gasoline just waiting for a lightening strike, or careless cigarette. When you have that much of a fuel source, only Mother Nature, or a water barrier, is going to stop the fire.

    It has NOTHING to do with "Global Warming" and everything to do with natural cycles.

  20. DustUp
  21. DustUp

    Reduced snow pack IS happening but not due to "CO2". It is due to govt approved GeoEngineering (chemtrails) weather modification, that YOU are paying for, which pollutes EVERYTHING. If you don't believe it is happening, you haven't done your homework:

    Is where you can read the govt docs that ushered it in. Watch the videos, see photos of the jets set up to do it.

    What's more, the enviros won't touch the chemtrail issue at all. I know some of them speaking in this film. It seems they prefer to take advantage of the effects of chemtrails and blame it on their pet projects like CO2. Which is absurd.

    Now I would prefer ALL fossil fuel stay in the ground, including the dumb Thorium too. Why is it dumb? Same problem as with any power plant. It is in the hand of people who can jack your rates.

    Almost anyone can make ethanol. Brazilians get 6-8 times energy out as input. Could we do better? Maybe. How much energy input into any fossil fuel extraction operation? Any farmer can make ethanol on sub premium land. THAT is energy independence, local jobs. No need for power plants with power lines or oil pipelines or natural gas pipelines. That is why the big boys put out false studies about ethanol, they cannot control it nor manipulate price of it because as soon as the price became higher, any other farmer could jump in, causing the price to stabilize if not reverse, rapidly.

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