Money and Life

Money and Life

2013, Economics  -   147 Comments
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Money and Life is a passionate and inspirational essay-style documentary that asks a provocative question: can we see the economic crisis not as a disaster, but as a tremendous opportunity?

This cinematic odyssey connects the dots on our current economic pains and offers a new story of money based on an emerging paradigm of planetary well-being that understands all of life as profoundly interconnected.

This cinematic odyssey takes us on a journey, from the origins of money to connecting the systemic dots on the current global financial crisis and how we got here.

Most importantly, Money and Life says that we owe it to ourselves to understand the fundamentals of this technology called money in order to be effective participants in the economic transformation that is happening around us, a shift more rapid and as profound as the Industrial Revolution.

Directed by: Katie Teague

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  1. What if we kept the monetary system, but instead of using paper notes or gold, we used something that had an expiry date just like such as that with food? That way yield would project wealth instead of total amount, and instead of hording it could be shared without losing the benefits of the current systems "winners and losers"? Sure, the idea would need some tweaking to become more equitable and fair, but it would progress from the systems "too big to fail" problems by helping out the little guy come the time of expiry. After all, would it not be better to share out your chocolate coins with others in a gesture of good will, than let them all spoil after their expiry date and have to throw them all away?

  2. Useful up until 55 mins, unless everybody collectively comes together to solve this issue, we will consume until there's nothing left.

  3. Very Cute, but all of the participants forgot something, the billions made, were used to buy soil, resources, raw commodities, so, with this economy something had to give.

  4. Wrong information.
    The assertion that there is no money in existence for the interest, and we have to borrow more to pay for the interest, is wrong.
    It's wrong because, banks spend money into the market which creates money for the market to pay the interest. If banks never spend their interest earnings.. then, there would be problems.. but banks pay wages for employees.. and stuff..
    So the passage about above issue is simply wrong.

    1. Bankers and other 1 percenters buy very little in the way of consumer goods. They buy "assets" -- money-making-money schemes that parasitically pull money out of the economy rather than putting it back in. $21-$32 trillion are now in off-shore tax havens, mostly emanating from Wall Street. That money doesn't even come back in the form of taxes. Financialization takes from the people who would spend on home-grown products and gives it to those who don't spend it but stash it in money-making-money schemes that increasingly draw purchasing power out of the economy. So explains Robert Reich in his new documentary, very compellingly.

  5. An excellent documentary that is informative, and accurate. The problem is their solutions will never get any traction because the rules that are in place are written in stone, protected by politicians, and enforced through power, fear, and intimidation. Since the elite own basically everything, their addiction to greed is solidified, and anything that would allow people self sufficiency and security cannot be instituted because it is a direct threat to the 1%'s control over the masses. Since the vast majority of people are brainwashed, and apathetic, they will not do what is necessary to change it, thus the 99% are divided and conquered, and the cancer within humanity will continue to fester.

    1. Part of what you post appears to be true.

    2. Excellent Comment!!! Agree 100%

    3. If each individual -in any class or level- practices three things every day, the whole Humanity will change rapidly
      1-Lower your expectations
      2- Have more patience
      3- Don't be offended
      There is more than enough credit accumulated in the financial industry to fulfill everybody’s need for basic food, health, shelter & education. So is Humanity taking care of Humanity?
      Has not Humanity paid enough for it’s life insurance so far?

    4. @mattetezal: Sorry for the long delay, your comment did not show up on my message board until now.
      To answer your question, we have paid more than enough to look after humanity, and no, humanity is not taking care of humanity. The best answer I can give you is trickle down economics doesn't work, because greed is running the world, which by law destroys any idea of efficiency towards effectively looking after everyone.
      Aside from the fact that fiat currency is not based accurately upon labor, but credit itself, the bottom line is there can be no insurance against those who will sacrifice everything for short term profits. Looking after humanity is a long term goal. Take care, and best wishes.

    5. One only wonders why is this majority apathetic or indifferent?
      Don't they care? Or don't they have time to care working their socks off? Or perhaps are they so busy gazing in their TV boxes that there is no time left for the brain to activate itself a bit?
      Or is it perhaps fear, or laziness, or sheer stupidity...?

      It is a tremendously difficult task to wake up 7 billion people and show them how they have been cheated conned and enslaved for centuries by their beloved politicians, priests of all kinds, and now bankers + big corporations. These mentioned above are all sociopaths, perhaps varying only in degrees.

      But if that majority manages it one day, then I wouldn't worry about remaining 1 % of parasites. They will disappear into oblivion. Like a nightmare.

    6. Agreed. I wouldn't lose any sleep over their demise either. (the parasites that is) Of the other 99%, I would break them down into 3 categories.
      1) Apathetic - This comprises the laziness,(sloth) and the stupidity. (apathy towards education)
      2) downtrodden - These are the people who have little to no choice, where survival is primary. Note: Any disintegration of society will have little to no impact on these people. (3 of 4 people on the planet live on less than 2 dollars a day)
      3) Fearful - And rightfully so, since any attempt on their part to help initiate change will only be used against them or their family.
      Sadly, all of these people can have an impact since they have nothing to lose, even if they don't realize it. I must admit that I am skeptical for any quick solutions, even revolutionary ones since the parasites are in the best position to protect themselves, even if all the laws they have instituted for their protection fail. Although this sounds dreadful, it is the awful truth!

  6. 8:26 - the concept of separation from creation actually was started with the story of genesis where man was put above the animals, not during the roman times, as the guy states. it's older than he is alluding to.

    I like the concept of this docu, but some of their 'wind up the rectum' is absurd.

    money over deity? yes. money actually exists. i give up. 11 mins and i'm out.

    1. In genesis how does that read? If you don't mind?

    2. 'and god gave man dominion over the earth and its creatures'...or something similarly self indulgent. Google it?

    3. Oh yes, I remember now. Thank you Digi.

      Well if in fact "God" did say this we now know, (after five billion years or five thousand years, depending on who I am speaking to)? That God does makes mistakes?

    4. er makes mistakes then lies and tells elaborate fantastical stories about it, to manipulate his way further and make things even worse. Man, it should be said, is therefore a tenacious, imaginative, industrious rogue and you'd be well advised not reading anything penned by his hand claimed as magnificent fact....

      ...but in man's innocence, I sometimes chuckle (yes I chuckle) that perhaps 2000 years from now people will believe there were once a bunch of magical rings, with one to bind them all...

      Kind of poetic justice?

  7. I am left wondering why President Nixon dismantled the Gold System? Was it not a financial system that gave the US monetary stability?

    1. 1) The French were demanding their gold deposits back that were being 'looked after' by the US, and 2) the US was also at war (in Vietnam) and couldn't afford to continue it, based on the gold backed money reserves they had.

      It was only meant to be a temporary emergency measure, to 'unback' it...HA!

      That was the year I was born, 1971. I don't know if this has any relevance as it's never mentioned: it's also the same year the UK decimalised their currency.

    2. Thank you for answering my questions.

    3. The real rub though is how come the ensuing spending spree that happened didn't sink the value of the dollar through the floor? (i.e. the unrestrained issuing of money through the *private* central bank called the Federal Reserve, no longer backed to gold).

      The answer...OIL (the Petro Dollar) an international black (not gold) chequebook.

    4. "Same year the UK decimalised their currency" interesting?

    5. no, instability is caused by speculation in markets. the gold standard did not save us from the great depression, but regulation would have.

    6. Feverish markets fall under "hissy fit" greed coming to a boil. Several factors are the cause of a tight or ruptured economy; one, people get tired and want to slow down and take a breather. Two, people don't like their self perhaps form war, corruption, etc. The collective mindset set is garbage, hence, time out for a self imposed a** wiping. Notice when the President won the second term election, the masses, (critical mass) felt settled and induced a positive mindset and there was a bump in the economy, simply, critical mass felt Obama is an honest man and thinks things through in our best interest. All this "speculation" etc. is a by product, after the fact. The rothchild's the rockafellas these are just tinny little money punks! These imps don't even control their own bowl movements much less anybody else.

      What i have just posted is in essence. Bing Bang Walla Walla........

      This gnikcuf tihw hsart and their wives with augmented breast there isn't a legal blond in the bunch. Is this our goal, is this what we call "the haves"? I think not! This kind of mindset is twisted, depleting and impoverished.

      There good at playing the Money Punk Game stop playing their game, there good at it better then you and me we can't win that game because: OUR HEARTS ARE NOT IT.

      You gotta understand something, ultimately it don't make a F**K NO HOW SO IT MIGHT AS WELL NOT MAKE A F**K RIGHT NOW!

    7. @CA: Technically speaking, the gold standard has be gone since the early 1930's, after the 1929 collapse. This is when the gold standard was given up for debt based (fiat) currency, and gold became just another commodity on the stock market. The gold standard is a bad idea for the following reasons.
      1) The gold standard is what originally allowed the elite (goldsmiths/moneylenders) controll over the masses. They give out loans, then reign in the amount of gold in circulation, people can't pay back their loans, and the elite take their property.
      2) Since gold is so scarce to begin with, it prevented the growth of any economy, because it coundn't be mined fast enough to keep pace with the industrial revolution, and increased populations.
      Nixon detached the American dollar from gold because they don't have any it anymore. The last audit on Fort Knox was in 1954. Even at 1/10 fractional reserve banking, the amount of american currency in circulation far exceeds this ratio. In fact, the entire gold that has been mined in all of history woudn't fill 4 olympic sized swimming pools.
      In reality, fiat currency is a great idea, if it reflects true value, unlike the perceived value of the stock market. The real root of all economic problems is interest itself. (Usury) The federal reserve collects almost a trillion dollars a year in taxes just to pay the interest on the american debt. Thus, the Rothschilds, Rockfellers, Wargbergs, Morgans, Schiffs, Carnegies, etc who own the privately owned federal reserve make a trillion dollars a year doing nothing. (ask yourself why you pay interest on a loan that was created out of thin air!)
      The awful truth is there is no democracy, because the laws themselves have been put in place to prevent any politician from undoing the pyramid scheme they put in place. The economic collapse of 2008 was the modern version of what happened in 1929, where the very people who stole everyone's money for short term gain were bailed out, allowing them to take everyone's property,(real value) and saddling the unborn with the responsibility of paying it back. (intergenerational tyranny) It is for this reason that while this documentary is excellently informative, it's solutions are a pipe dream. This is why they have no desire to solve poverty or famine, cure cancer, generate thorium based nuclear power, or create any household self sufficiency, because they need slavery of the masses to feed their addiction of greed by control, and they have no intention of giving it up, at any cost, even their own destruction. (cancer) Any more questions? Take care, and best wishes!

    8. Well my my what do we have here, a self stroking futilest, a nine to five clock punching masochistic submissive slave.

      We can't help you if you don't have the will?

    9. @1concept1: For the record, I don't work nine to five, and I don't punch a clock, only a 300 LB punching bag. Since I have taken on the government, the banks, and the insurance companies, it would seem that there is something self masochistic in my nature,(even self stroking) but definitely nothing submissive. I am more than happy to serve, ( sat on council) but make a terrible slave.
      Which brings me to your question. Since it really isn't a question, may I just say that I try to help like some others who blog, by disseminating information to create greater awareness. If you wish to do the same, I will commend you for your efforts, but only suggest that you don't worry about me, and look after yourself first. No one can change the world, but we are all capable of making an impact. Anything else, is an exercise in futility. (human nature - no will about it)

    10. Well the above statement rings some truth. Just want to see who I was talking to. You don't seem like such a bad fellow on this second go around:)

      You know when I, (I can only speak for me), have a bad day some times i get on here and channel that ugly hateful feeling through the dialog at hand. I don't like that about me. I'm working on that problem. I forget that there is a person behind these words posted and lash out at the computer screen.

    11. @1concept1: Hey, don't sweat it man, I didn't take it personally. (we all have bad days) I have a tendency to be direct, and to the point, and it has been my experience that telling the 'awful truth' doesn't go over too well at the best of times. Probably the biggest hurdle for all of us is the limitation of the written word, because the tone of voice, inflection, etc are absent. (one wrong word can set any of us off)
      Since we are all a 'work in progress', we will shine better some days than others. The fact that you can identify this limitation, ( which we all have) and wish to improve yourself, puts you ahead of the bell curve. Now, if we could just get others to acknowledge this, imagine what we could accomplish! Take care, and best wishes 1concept1.

    12. @awful_truth I want to read more of your thoughts, you're a very good communicator

    13. @Benjammin1: Thank you for your kind words Benjammin1, it is most appreciated. I do try my best to express myself clearly, as do some others who blog on TDF. The goal to me is to be informative, and professional, yet sometimes I fail miserably with those who can't reign themselves in, or make it personal. (proof that I too have lots to learn) Take care, and best wishes Benjammin1.

  8. Money is not a problem its convenient. We're the problem. fix that and we have no problem. We are seeking the right answers to the wrong question. After reading our comments I feel as though its like saying, This hammer doesn't work right i can't seem to hit the nail on the head get me another hammer would you please.

    Now, can we start from here, fresh?

    1. impressive are young, but you will learn...

    2. OH YES!

    3. Sure sure.. but they know how to use your hammer better than you.. and you never never thought of using it as a weapon.. They're going to beat you in the head.. on top of that they're going to teach you that this hammer is your god and is useful to get everything you ever hoped for (not to mention need to live). Oh yeah and there is no real God, only this hammer. WE are not the problem YOU'RE the problem.. and these aren't OUR comments, that is YOUR comment and this is MINE. not impressive... depressing.......... Grasshopper.

    4. OMG I cant WAIT to get into this one! Just saw it now...I was quite inebriated when I wrote that lol (sorry 1concept1)...face palm...need coffee...bRb! :-)

    5. That's Mr's. Oneal to you, Dude, and I don't know where you're going with this... off subject much? Back to money being completely unnecessary in the present. I'll refer to a Venus Project concept.. If instead of focusing our national attention on ultimate destruction (war), we turned our focus to the equitable distribution of goods and free relevant education for all, the result would be some sort of collective sigh.. we'd regret the wasted time, maybe cry in front of our therapist, and move on to bigger, better, less genocidal things. The same goes with everything which is completely (and subtly) unnecessary to humans... Money, law (which is only necessary by law), 9 to 5's.. even transformers. The point is human life has become a means to sustain a self destructive paradigm. There are ways out.. Some don't even include heads rolling if you can believe that.

    6. Can't get rid of all the Transformers, what if the Decepticons come back and there are no Autobots to save us? ;)

    7. @dewflirt: The decepticons are in charge, humanity is the autobots, and there is no megatron to give us direction, or bumblebee to protect us from each other! (your post was hilarious)

    8. Here's a post I made on Facebook, that amounts to a reply here...

      "Connect with all, and be as one, while we close off your senses and fill you with fear. Stay indoors, plug yourself in, tell us what you feel. We'll feed you enough crumbs to feel safe and not starve...just enough and no more - for your own good. Celebrate your individuality, let us show you how free you are. Feel the embrace of your independence. There are no problems, only challenges. We have the solutions, no need to resist. Sleep easy now, rest a while. Tomorrow there's a challenge or two we haven't had time to discuss..."

      ...I got to where I am from the hammering I've already received, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger - I wear my scars like tattoos ...and I sense you have no idea about that one, or your stance might be slightly different... and therefore I am most certainly not the problem, neither for that matter are you.

      That said, I can't work out whether your comment was directed at me from you, or whether you were taking on the 3rd person dictatorship?

      Please don't think I'm heading for the door or facing up for a full-on barney...I'm sitting down, curious about what you think...

    9. That's exactly what that is a third party nonsensical desperate last ditch effort......

    10. Now you are just getting carried away with yourself. You think what April wrote was some slam dunk? Tell me how exactly? It was just a raving outburst that came from nowhere, went nowhere and said nothing. But because she threw in a few CAPS and derogatory're like OH YEAH chug chug chug


    11. You use alcohol as an excuse. I decided to get off the herb for a couple of weeks and the THC level is dropping fast. After about the third day i go bonkers and then I level out, you guys caught me on bonkers day. That's the way i read it that's the way i called it. I had no idea what April was going on about the hammer etc. Maybe i just didn't understand This internet communication Is a carved in stone situation once you've said it there is no way to unsay it; What can I say? (pun intended)

    12. Yeah, I replied to the wrong comment.. meant to be for 1concept1 (brilliant handle BTW). I'll be more careful in the future.

    13. You two comment as tho you're paid by the letter by the way.

    14. Nt tru

    15. some people like to write more then others. I enjoy writing very much and there is no better place to hone what skills I have. I learn a lot by other peoples reading in the exchange.

    16. I knew in my heart you'd be the next one to reply and not for the reasons you posted :), I took a test in deciphering once and got 99 out of 100. You can't have her she's mine :) If only in my dreams :).

    17. lol, steady on fella, but yes you're right on all counts.

    18. I see now this was meant for me as though we didn't know. When i said our comment i was trying to be polite and not say your comments as though i hadn't said a word. If you'll take a look I made comments you made comments other people made comments. Mrs. Oneal did WE or did WE not make make comments?

      Mrs. Oneal I have been cutting my own check from age eight. I have created and built several business over a life time. Not big just SELF sustaining Mrs. Oneal I have never had a boss because I am the boss. I'm the one that swings the hammer. The difference in me and as you call them "they", is I am not a materialist I'm a visual Artist I paint etc. and like to build company's sort of like writing a play with a stage setting and actors and then when i am done and had my fill I turn it over to someone else. I get board easy, and move onto other things. The lang. you use, "There going to beat you in the head",What I hear you saying is, i want to beat you in the head with a hammer. Am I correct in my thinking Mrs. Oneal? "There going to teach me that this hammer is my god", Now I hear you saying you want to bring me to submission am I correct in my thinking Mrs. Oneal? "WE are not the problem YOU'RE the problem". Would you define just how I am the problem, Mrs. Oneal?

    19. Sure. You just don't get that the system you help perpetuate might just be sucking the creative force out of people who become enslaved by it. Even the people who think they love what they do have to sacrifice time and energy jumping through meaningless hoops. I don't get why people come on here and spew about their personal life (though I can guess).. You're the boss eh?.. And you can't read my posts as though I know exactly what I'm saying.. you think you know better what I'm trying to say, but that's where you're deluded. You're the one who doesn't accurately express yourself. You do more to confuse the reader than clearly state what you mean. That's a huge problem in our society (people in leadership with little understanding of what they're saying or the effects. Like Jacque Fresco has said, most of what people say is completely meaningless. When I said YOU'RE the problem, in response to you stating "we're the problem" I reduced the collective we('re) (which you admitted to), to the singular you('re) (because you can only admit this for yourself).

    20. 99% of the problems you have are between your two ears, just like me and everyone else. I am sure if we sat down in person and talked you would find that i am not the enemy :)

    21. You ,good fellow. deserve a standing worthy of a legitimate place in any properly organized senate.

    22. That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

    23. terrasodium, used in cleanser, let me guess your a chemist? :)

  9. I totally agree that money is just a tool to help people connect, exchange and share, to help humanity care for each other, and improve all of our lives, and perhaps that was the original intent for the use of money, but somewhere along the road, money became the goal itself, and greed took over. However, I am optimistic in the future and glad that people are finally starting to realize what is really important. The financial crisis has awakened many people, as the illusory veil has been lifted.

  10. we are fish living in a sea of money! Absolutely, most people will be resistant to the idea of life and a society without money. That is the very heart of the problem. How do we transition out of a monetary system? We better start thinking how to do this about because our monetary system is the very root source of all wars and the vast majority of our societal problems.

    1. Very very on target.

    2. Who says we have to transition out of a monetary system. Why not rework the paradigm? Money isn't the issue, its issuance and the pursuit of it at "all-cost" is the problem. Money just enable the flow and exchange of goods and services. That's all it's supposed to do, not be hoarded and massed.

      I think we could live without a monetary system, but another exchange system would be used in its place. Some town have begun with with local "time-banks".

    3. Yes, but that is the heart of the problem. IT all comes down to those same old questions: Who? What? Why? When? How? I would predict the largest of the monetary interests will buy out most of the low hanging fruit(the poor and the middle class) and the competition is likely to be reduced and restricted even more tightly. In other words the wealthy would win, sort of a new version of the "too big to fail" rationale.

    4. If you have five problems and no money you have five thousand problems, In this present system. Putting seven Billion people in a no money system, whats that old saying, "you do the math", surely you jest. Govt.s go under through war, and their money system with it. Money's not the problem?, (it was brought to my attention that placing question marks after a statement makes me pensive). Not my intention, I'm looking for input not some crass remark and the ? mark stops them in their tracks. The value of money the value of gold go up and down. First of all seven billion people trying to barter as a main stay? The North Korean govt. issues a credit allocation for work performed so many credit points allows one etc etc etc. There are no store with products, why would there be. The govt. issues goods and services for credit points, or something like that? The people who control that system have big homes and plenty of food and toys? So I guess we can rule that system out? In that system every body is a govt. employee. Supply and demand still a factor.

    5. I see money as very similar to manure, it's major benefit occurs when you spread it freely. Holding onto it, or just investing in stable systems generally will only create more of the same results. i.e. if people cling to money then they are not truly productive. Perhaps the antidote to money is trading and the market, though it is difficult to monitor and of course there is always the potential for major corruption. Be that as it may, it is my understanding that money is merely 'fiat', a stand in for value and has no tangible value itself. On the upside this can be a problem for those who produce nothing of tangible value, i.e. Wall Street, Banksters, Hedge Funds, the usual suspects etc etc etc I would suggest that the last 500 years of history shows that staying on the same path will keep producing dangerous results.

    6. A point well taken! How should we circumvent this? What steps should we take? Details please not just the name of a new system. Not trying to be cutesy here, a for real question.

    7. Tricky... and nearly impossible to do on a chat forum. Ok, ok, ok, here is the quick version (BTW I don't see it as possible in our current world of money and banking) so here is my short hand: true democratic structure where the people make the rules and authority is removed...( but damn, this ain't gonna happen until there is real actual transparency!!!) Money as the root of power needs to removed and replaced with tangible goods/services/benefit being the root of power. i.e. paper/straw men/puppets of authority need to be eliminated, amputated, eviscerated and removed from all power. It would be a huge cultural shift in the paradigm. How/can it be accomplished? Good question... much work and constant communication, like an forum where all can be in direct contact with instantaneous feedback and reply... a linking of parties like a spider's web, or a net of webs, or we could call it an internet.

  11. @bringmeredwine:Please Mary Poppens,get real.The real ratio is more like 10 to 1.Talks cheap,the good,bad and ugly.Only the shadow knows.

    1. "only the shadow knows" that goes back a ways. The good bad and ugly, i liked that movie.

  12. Helping your fellow man by exchanging goods and services, sharing your wealth, paying forward good deeds, is all well and good; but don't be surprised if every 10th person is just out for themselves or tries to screw you any way they can.
    You have to take the bad with the good.

    1. Well you have brought an old cliche' back to life. I'm afraid you might be right; after a million years of sociopath cultural implants were not going to change over night; come to think of it, one out of ten might be a bit to kind? It would have to be a critical mass mutation or an out and out war from Hell to bring us to a fresh new state of being, a brand new clean hard drive, I wish. What worry's me I doubt that a critical mass mutation has a chance in Hell and the thing is, its no longer IF but When.

    2. We do indeed, and somehow not be corrupted by it yourself in turn. That's why I had such a hard time accepting corruption as a 'natural process'....and still do I guess, cause I can't accept that we'll all end up bad eventually, inevitably. Does flooding someone with love and goodness reverse the affects of corruption? Sometimes perhaps? But it certainly seems clear we all affect each other to a large degree.

    3. Open that flood gate I wanna go skinny dippen.

    4. Were not corrupte at large, individuals can be corrupt. We design a system the system evolves and tweaks as it goes it becomes a way of life in time and in some cases, "too big to let fail" All kinds of holes show up in the system that were not thought out during the initial design. I am going to give you an example, I don't want you less then perfect at no fault of your own. The Public school system. Today we have the teleapromter, A big one flow with me on this I have to back it up, we can hire One top notch math teacher with a kick butt talent to pitch her wares, math, over the closed loop internet system to thousands of students in real time. We can place college interns and high school grads in the existing class rooms as monitor for conduct and to assist with the active student. The monitors of course would be good in math. Now instead of placing umteen thousand math teachers in schools across the nation at seventy thousand a year. We pay big money to One Anthony Robbins or the like., plenty of incentive to study hard to get that job, so to speak. The money that goes into public education is colossal, that's dead wait on our collective funds. The savings could go toward national health care! A much grater value for us and the dollar!

      Problem what will we do with all these out of work 70,000, a year teachers? The system is holding us hostage.

      Yes again people can be corrupt,

      We don't even to get into govt.

    5. Why make it realtime? Stick the broadcast on a some vids so it can be paused and rewound and listened to many times, er...yeah it's been done.

      Think of corruption as a natural, inevitable process of all things and natural as death...and you'll begin to realise just how depressing a fact it is. Not all are corrupt? Given enough time ALL will corrupt. Hey today though :-/

    6. Yes Digi true. At one time in my life i was very corruptible and became corrupt. As time went on and some wisdom came my way I felt remorse. Never again will I every hurt other people and take from them without true value in return! Your knowledge in these matters is limited and hypothetical do to your lack of experience. I will give you this, at forty two you have much more wisdom and knowledge then I had at the same age, pertaining to these matters.

      I must state again from an earlier comment i posted and directed toward you; A Quick Mind Does Not Mean, The Right Information Or All The Information Is In There.

      You ever wonder why were here at this frequency at this dimension? And not to mention where I came from?

      No time and space in the subatomic world, the real world; perplexing.

      Avatars masking behind avatars.

      Who were you before you had a name before were labeled some -thing? Please elaborate on this Digi.

      And to think this avatar was sucked right into this dialog. Shame! Shame! on nobody.

      A one way ticket down the rabbit hole, no red slippers.

    7. 42 ...the answer to life the universe and everything... (well calculated grasshopper ;-)

      In the words of Robert "Allow me to elucidate..." not a chance...this is not the time or the place to get in to my avatar or my quantum building blocks for that matter (excuse the pun).

      However...I will say this...I had one of many serendipitous stumbles and DWD was the result. It wasn't self appreciated at first, but I soon learned to love the label (and the mask) and in time I found I grew to become DWD, still a label but no mask! Happy days! But that was years ago, and now...I look back and see that DWD is once again a mask but fondly, and grateful for managing to follow my heart, my avatar gives me my daily smile.

      That is an entire book condensed into one paragraph.

  13. moneyless system is the evolution of man, anything less is unacceptable period.

    1. Yes, but how? Money, being a means of exchange, suggests that you think we will evolve out of a system of exchange. Really? How so? Do you think that any system of exchange is therefore 'unacceptable'? There will always be supply and demand, therefore a need for exchange, don't you think? Just trying to get you to think some more before issuing that kind of 'speak to the hand' comment.

    2. You know what they call Duck Tape in Mississippi? Chrome. You sound like my daughter with that speak to the hand comment.

      Dingdiddledodangdude now that you've got us slammed dunked balls to the wall might you have a suggestion or two, to point us in the right direction?

    3. Well...assuming that wasn't a rhetorical question...probably was, but hey, I'm up for a challenge....

      It's oh so easy to see what's wrong, but not so easy to see what's right, or more specifically, how to do things better. The upshot there is that we all want to improve things, be it for ourselves or for all (we each share that desire in common), even if we don't necessarily know how or fear the change itself. That's a good thing. That's a start at the very least. But change is scary... when the fear of things staying the same outweighs the fear of will come, violently, abruptly, peacefully or painfully, it will come.

      People are realising, in an accelerating way that, that time is upon us whether we like it or not, as the simple arithmetic becomes undeniable to all. Math is the universal truth here regardless of stance, beliefs, political persuasions or complex issues.

      So perhaps the simplest question to ask, and simple is good, is how do we fix the numbers? And if we fix the math will that be enough? Should we reset it to zero or make amends and adjust the formula to fit? It's just arithmetic.

      Well, how did we get this far? From hitting reset or from slow progressions and adjustments? Perhaps a mixture of both? We have to decide soon because the compounding ticking of the clock demands it this time more than ever.

      It's time to restore balance and balance is the key. Balance in the proportioning of blame and balance in the adopted remedy. Any steps that restore balance to the numbers, that everyone can easily agree on can't be a step in the wrong direction.

      All successful systems are fractal by design...our imbalances are not, so (imo) don't even deserve success. If we can fix the numbers so they behave fractally at all levels...I believe there is hope.

      How? The loudest voice (the media) shouldn't hold the largest sway, money is not free speech and corporations are not people. Democracy, in its original form, would have put paid to these things very quickly.

      It's about taking ownership of our responsibility, and rejecting our innate tendency to be indifferent. It's about not pointing fingers and not reflecting on the actions of others with our mouths open.

      We are all in this together, and only together will we evolve. Resetting with a perhaps a few survivors is not evolving. It's just starting the same thing all over again.

    4. And again and again and again, even the best song gets old. My greatest memories are the hardest times of my life, the living through it and the emergence of a brand new me.

      My daughter is a paramedic in med school. She said to me not too long ago, "Dad the brain sends messages to the body except for the heart, it sends messages to the brain. I wonder where the heart gets its information from and how it processes it? (and please don't come at me with some kind of a molecular answer and ruin my dream) :)

      I have always loved change. Change brings out the best in us all. Emerson said, (or words to this effect), "security comes as a guest stays on as the host and remains as the master". I don't know something happened to me as a very young boy, someone left the latch of the gate and I broke free.

    5. Free, you clearly are. Perhaps your love of change and the fear 'most' struggle with over it, reflects that. It strikes me that you walk a different path, with your chin up and eyes wide. That's a blessing, that's a Jonathon! :-)

    6. I can agree with your assessment in the 8th paragraph of your post, defining the whys and hows of that paragraph would provide a positive recognition of our commonlly accepted axioms, and would better serve a discourse to solving the over representations of a few. The Math portion of your post is merely a language in second order logic the syntax and functionality of which would be lost on most of us, as the "proofs" are semantic.

    7. Thank you for that, well said and I agree wholeheartedly, but I had to start somewhere and back it up somewhat.

    8. It's doing the working and the thinking that wears a fellow out, I'm ready for a bit of a rest, how about a drink aey, nothin' but champagne now I'm the boss.
      Thanks for the the audio digi, got amusement from that , good on ya !
      edit; maybe a game of cards would be pleasant when on the brink, Nero fiddled while Rome burned, maybe it was a happy tune, considering he knew he could rebuild it in his image.

    9. Well done you! Thanks for taking the time to listen to it all in this world of bite sized info. :)

      ...I've no doubt the bush brigade did as Nero did (that's clear to me now - watch "No End In Sight"), but the game they played had bent cards and they didn't play with a full pack to begin with. But that probably didn't matter much as they made up the rules as they went along...probably still are...

    10. Agreed.. Now if only there were a way to skip the steps between here and there.

    11. I agree with DigiWongDude. Money itself is not he issue, it's merely a system of exchange. In a moneyless society we'll still have a method of exchange. People need to stop hating money, and look upon it as the tool it is. I really like this documentary for that. It contained none of the anger found within the Zietgeist.

    12. Your living on the poop deck of the Titanic.Wake up.

    13. Oh I have. How is it you feel I'm on the poop deck? I see the ship is sinking, and something needs to change. To me it's about infusing a spirituality back into money. Money itself is not the problem. If I'm on a poop deck, so are you and everyone else.

    14. "infusing spirituality back into money"? Good luck on that one.

    15. Yes,were all in the same space ship called Earth.

    16. "People need to stop hating money" ? I don't know i just don't know!

    17. Right.. money is the system.. just like it is in Monopoly.. but, if resources were humanely distributed as tho nature were not some sort of commodity to be hoarded and sold, everyone would "win". Not just some jerk who made up derivatives and claimed them "worth" currency. Their "worth" is all made up and so is value in any currency. Think about it as if, in the game of monopoly, money were resources, and instead of competing we were all on the same team. accumulating and sharing. The possibilities (hotels) would multiply exponentially...... but will they? I strongly suggest looking into the Venus Project. You can even criticize it and improve upon it in on your own.

    18. April in ref. to the Venus Project; J. Fresco, (not sure about the spelling), before he had a dime, myself and four other people use to go to his home in coconut grove, (Miami), every Thursday night and spend an hour or so listen to jock, (bad spelling), go on about his structures. He would draw pictures of his dwellings etc. He would pass the hate around and we'd make a donation. After that we would all go down to the local all night cafe, for about an hour and continue the conversation there. He had this German ship captains hat he wore.

      One of the things that puzzled me then and still does now and i asked him. What about the chores? What if someone says I don't want to help etc and so on, or words to that effect, his reply "We'll handle them",

      That's a utopian concept like commun...s it goes against thousands of years of programed human nature; sounds good on paper like Marks. Research this man and see what said, he's been coupled with Natzy, (i'm a terrible speller and don't feel like looking words up right). I was shocked when i saw him on Larry King Live. Then his doc on TDF. I Think that gal that is with him has the money, who knows? Have you ever seen two and three year old's in a group playing, they'll nock each other blocks down, screem and cry because someone took their toy. and hit each other. It's like communizum with a space ship. Now that being said with all he has done and the complex he has built distorts the math in my line of thinking? It appears to me that all animals have a social order, an Alpha and Omega chain of command. What if people want to take a trip somewhere, overseas and they have no funds to do that? Does this Eden now become a prison after the honeymoon is over?

      This man is a structural eng./designer by nature. He loves his dwellings he has all these structures in the ocean or pictures of his drawings with advance computer enhancement etc. That in it's self would is enough but it seems to me like he feels a need to push the social program along with it to sell his bldgs. or something to that effect . He reeks of ignorance in the human side of the equation. I don't know he has an ominous energy he gives off, not so much in that doc of his but in person?

    19. It somewhat sounds like your critique of Mr. Fresco is actually a critique of yourself. I'm sure you have some reason to claim a mid-90 year old man is actually in a life long pursuit for the money he's never accumulated, while keeping up appearances of working on a societal structure that would end scarcity. Your comment is long-winded, confusing and missssspelled.. I plan not to read such attempts in the future. I have a problem with people who don't do their chores too.. but I "handle them".. meaning I handle their chores without them asking me to. I handle their chores and my own for a period of time, until I begin to feel resentment. Then I let their responsibilities go, and they begin to feel guilt and respond by taking over their part. This is the key. It's somewhat of a self rehabilitation. Everyone needs to learn to clean up after themselves, and let the rest go. Those who don't will be taken care of by ones who care enough for the both of them.

    20. April the Venus Project...(cutting right to the chase here) has to happen all at once - it can not happen in stages because of borders and controls and centralised resources. For it to happen all at once would take complete international agreement to give up all ownership of resources. It just ain't gonna happen. EVER....EVEEER. Why do you suppose they are raising money? To make a model village? Or to make movie, that will raise more money? It's a lovely idea but it just doesn't hold water at all. I've tried to show many times why. But really it doesn't take much deep thought at all. But please, understand, I was all for this for a long time, now I just feel a bit silly for being duped by utopian ideologies that can never get off the ground. Sex and drugs are two other factors that the Venus Project just can't handle at all. And be it coffee (drugs) or subtle prostitution (sex)...they ain't going away any time soon. Please think about what I'm saying!

    21. Them's some matter of fact statements, but to quote the dude himself "That's like your opinion, man" (and I do appreciate the length). I suppose Jacque and Roxanne are raising money to buy food, pay taxes, print books, and effectively spread the word. The awareness could easily explode, as it's poised to, and when a unique, unexplored solution based on intelligent use of arable land and automation is grasped by the billions of disillusioned.. who knows what's possible? I have my own theory on the future of sex and drugs, and it involves the freedom the hippies enjoyed but with a learned sense of discretion. :)

    22. If you checkout my Webs Docs FB Page (see my profile links)'ll see a few top notch ones that are much more realistic, practical and don't make demands on others for it to succeed. VP is a good thought experiment...a stepping stone to a better solution, just not the solution. It might appear like I'm all cynicism...I ain't no book cover...

    23. I can be long winded, sorry for the spelling. You brought his name up and i wanted to give you some input because i know him, not that i know him well but still i have more to go on than a doc. he so carefully put together. I I'll check my spelling in the future. and keep my comment shorter, in your case :-} Just trying to rush through my comment to you, wrong move.

    24. I never said he was after money. As a matter of fact i know he was chasing his dream and not just for the money?

    25. I have looked into the Venus Project, and I agree it could work. I just don't see money as the enemy, its a means of trade, and the ideologies (such as success means hoarding) in place surrounding it are the issues. In Africa people used beads and shells and money.... as a currency with which to trade. It was never meant to be hoarded. As they say in this documentary... that's like having a clog in the artery, and usually causes death. ;)

    26. Here in North Carolina, down east, that system is already enforce, you need a manual?

    27. I agree.But the moneyless system was exterminated with the genocide of indigenose populations. Is it realistic to believe that that can ever be brought back?

    28. "An exterminated moneyless system", Damn talk about broke.

    29. The way eye see it at this point in time is the evolution of man is the monkey.

    30. Janeen there are 7 people in favor of your comment. I wish they would come forward and give us some input on how to do this?

  14. Same old control wrapped with a new pretty bow.........

    1. Yeah, i gave up after a few minutes :D

    2. Should have watched through.

    3. Emil was the code word for general Halder for the only first and real chance to kill Hitler>But it failed because of Chamberlain.

  15. yet another monetary conjob. if you get a reward for volunteering, you are no longer a volunteer. your "not for profit" effort has become a for profit effort. your "volunteerism" becomes "taxable earnings". another hour plus of hypnotic set-up, before they drop the con. when you engage in commerce and trade outside the monetary system, you become a tax dodger, a cheat. when you label something as not for profit, that earns a profit, you become a grifter. when you label something as volunteerism, that earns substantial reward, you are lying to yourself to justify this dodging and grifting. you also become a fraud. "touchy feely" freeman foolishness is no less foolish, or felonious.

    1. The citizens in the Western democracies are being forced into acceptance
      of the agenda of a small oligarchy of powerful private interests. The
      "free" media, "democratic" governments, and most economists serve the
      ruling private interests. Let's face it: Private power can be just as
      abusive as public power. The worst-case scenario is when both are
      working hand in hand, what, in fact, is happening in the Western
      democracies today.Formerly, the policy was for banks to write down sovereign debt that
      cannot be paid; today the policy is to extract the resources from the
      population by cutting wages, pensions, social services, and selling the
      country's public assets to private interests. To stabilize the
      situation, German income will be tapped to provide transfer payments to
      alleviate the suffering of the Greek population that is being looted for
      the sake of the profits of private banks.

    2. Dear mr nutzack, I almost agree with you, but can't accept that the intention is to con anyone. A monetary conjob is occurring, but this doc is revealing the scam (as if anyone is unaware). To "cheat" the current system of cheaters, to me, seems like an act of self preservation, and creativity. I think your naysaying is out of line, and does no good. Instead, say something like, "They don't go far enough.. A resource based economy is the only end-all solution." SMILE! 8D

    3. "Dear mr nutzackz", funny.

  16. peak oil or low energy levels we are carbon based lifeforms not money connects the dots

  17. Nice doc,but just old wine in new bottles offering up no practical solution.Cum-bi-ya?

    1. Great Doc!

      Great Comment!

      The problem at hand is obviously quite large.

      It is this small period of time (awakening) that we (average citizens) are only just now discovering the leak; rather hemorrhage, of communally human problems.

      This form of education, (as repetitive the may content seem) is crucial, in rounding the apex of our previously outlandish trajectory.

    2. Oliver you know how many lawyer jokes there are?

      Two the rest of them are true.