MonsterQuest: Season 1

2007 ,    »  -   21 Comments
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MonsterQuest: Season 1The search is on for the earth's most elusive and mysterious monsters! Each episode of MonsterQuest launches an expedition to uncover a famous mystery creature.

Scientists use modern technologies like DNA testing and digital photo analysis to evaluate decades of physical and photographic evidence, while field researchers hunt for the beast itself.

Bigfoot, aquatic dinosaurs, giant squid, mutant canines, man-eating catfish, and more will be investigated like never before.

Includes all 13 original episodes and behind the scenes footage: America's Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch Attack, Giant Squid Found?, Birdzilla, Bigfoot, Mutant Canines, Lions in the backyard, Gigantic Killer Fish, Swamp Beast, Russia's Killer Apemen, Unidentified Flying Creatures, The Real Hobbit, American Werewolf, and Behind the Scenes Footage.

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21 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Crab_Nebula

    The most amazing thing from that family that saw the creature in 1977 with the mom that took the snapshot, was that they drove up to the bearch in 1997 ford taurus. So not only were they seeing sea creatures in the 70's but they could time-travel too!! more acid please..:)

  2. Mário Silvério
  3. Mário Silvério

    This kind of doc is not for me, way too much melodramatic.

  4. Jordan Lebow
  5. Jordan Lebow

    How does a Sasquatch know how to step up onto a cabin porch?

  6. Sieben Stern
  7. Sieben Stern

    you had me at 'man eating catfish'. noodlers BEWARE!! XD XD

  8. ZarathustraSpeaks
  9. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Putting Giant Squid, Large Catfish and other scientifically established creatures in the same discussion with Bigfoot, Birdzilla, Hobbits and Werewolves is a shallow attempt to legitimize the ridiculous. And what about Trolls? No i didnt watch the doc for obvious reasons.

  10. Benoit Field
  11. Benoit Field

    I guess there must be people who watch this kind of documentary, I am however not one of those people.

  12. whoowee
  13. whoowee

    I was looking forward to wasting a few hours on this documentary but judging by other comments it wouldn't even hold my attention for a few minutes. Pity.

    Where have all the good doc makers gone??

  14. Szalacsi
  15. Szalacsi

    this is amazing! thank you !

  16. Guest
  17. Guest

    Because he heard about the Yeti who did the same, it is not the hundredth monkey effect, it is the hundredth mankey exposure. lol


    saw a couple of minutes of this on tv a few times in passing, and i must say, i don't really consider this a documentary. seems more like a childrens show...
    luckily tdf has something for everyone ;)

  20. Yavanna
  21. Yavanna

    they work for the BBC

  22. Yavanna
  23. Yavanna

    I thought I met the Champ monster once.... but then he asked me for three fiddy and I knew it was the loch ness monster in disguise again!

  24. Hattori Hanzo
  25. Hattori Hanzo

    I tried to find the cave where they said it was in the video(20 miles south of Aquismon, mexico) and they were way off, it is located 5 miles west of Aquismon. FYI Episode 11 video

  26. Carl Hendershot
  27. Carl Hendershot

    I want more more more more hungry for knowledge power... Taking over the world with monsters and and and and ummm someone help me out here.... 0.0

  28. Subject6teen
  29. Subject6teen

    Actually I live with my girlfriend and we're very close to the forest, we've had some rustling sounds at night but it's usually deers and some other animals. But one day there was a knock on our door and when i opened the door i saw Jehovas witnesses, he told me if i would like to donate to charity. He said "We only need Three fiddy"....three fiddy...It was about time i realized it was the loch ness monster!

  30. poorbutters
  31. poorbutters

    Yeah now i know why it kept coming back...i gave it one fiddy

  32. sameer
  33. sameer

    Dude you made me laugh so much by your comment, now i dont think it is worth to watch this crap. Thanks dude.

  34. Staind716
  35. Staind716

    I'm watching the one about the black cats that are not supposed to exist. This one actually surprised me that there is even a controversy about their existence. I used to live in a very rural area in Arkansas and have personally seen these cats. It was common knowledge that there were what we referred to as black panthers in the area. I never thought there was any doubt in anyones mind about the existence of these cats. I haven't watched the end of the episode yet but I have to believe this one will be easily proven because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are large black cats at least in that area. It still surprises me that this is even considered newsworthy since I grew up in an area where I saw these animals on several occasions. Oh well, guess they have to have something they can prove on this show. To me this one is like them trying to find proof that white mice exist. Very strange.

  36. Staind716
  37. Staind716

    Ok, I just finished watching the black cat episode and was really surprised that supposedly the evidence was inconclusive. If I had known all the controversy surrounding this I would have shot one and proved it for them. I personally believe it is an alien conspiracy that is keeping the proof hidden. If you don't believe me just take a good look at the lady expert from Texas with the huge head. The visitors should have found a more human looking decoy to put on tape. :)

  38. sknb
  39. sknb

    About the Lake Champlain "monster": I spent extensive amount of time in Vermont last summer, including at Lake Champlain. I camped and hiked at 6 different Vermont State Parks and my boyfriend had a photography internship with the Vermont State Parks. They had record flooding around Lake Champlain that caused terrible devastation and heartbreak. One thing we saw over and over again were strangely shaped pieces of trees and root systems, some curly and twisted, floating in lakes, some 10-15 feet high in odd curly shapes. My brother, who does sculpture as a hobby, collected some of the most beautiful pieces. I have one in my living room now that is about 10 feet long and if I were to see it sticking up out of a lake I might think it was a monster as well.

  40. Nicola-Jane Wiseman
  41. Nicola-Jane Wiseman

    Echo location present in lake Champlain sounds similar to the echo location of a whale? Well, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck..

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