MonsterQuest: Season 2

2008 ,    »  -   11 Comments
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MonsterQuest: Season 2From the beginning of time, mankind has been riveted by accounts of mysterious creatures, from mega hogs to vampires and giant spiders.

New and frequent sightings are reported throughout the world as more people come forward with photos and other evidence. Season 2 of this spellbinding series takes a fresh look at legendary beasts and seeks new proof of their existence.

Deploying state-of-the-art equipment, each episode examines the best evidence available, including photographs, videos, hair and bone samples and the actual eyewitness accounts themselves.

Credible individuals have seen things they can't explain. It's time to sort out fact from imagination once and for all.

Includes all 20 episodes: Mega Hog, Vampire Beast, Ghosts, Ohio Grassman, Giant Killer Snakes, Super Rats, Black Beast Of Exmoor, Chupacabra, Legend Of The Hairy Beast, Vampires In America, Boneless Horror, BigFoot In New York, Lake Monsters Of The North, China's Wildman, Giant Bear Attack, Giant Squid Ambush, Monster Spiders, Jaws In Illinois, Real Dragons, and Sasquatch Attack II.

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11 Comments / User Reviews

    Wayne Marsh
  1. Wayne Marsh

    A bad parody of an even worse comedy, save your time and watch Brass Eye instead.

  2. Steven Hews
  3. Steven Hews

    I like these doc's however, the information is way too repetitive. Each episode could be easily cut in half.

  4. Filip Gorecki
  5. Filip Gorecki

    There's a shark in the pool! Should we go in??!

  6. Yavanna
  7. Yavanna

    "something is terrorising the southern unites states"

    First 5 secs of docs and moving swiftly on...

  8. spawn2000
  9. spawn2000

    this ia a very cool documentary

  10. spawn2000
  11. spawn2000

    its a cool doc I like it

  12. Ramona Erdman
  13. Ramona Erdman

    What an i***t on that horse, My God if you have no more sense to where you lead a horse then don't go there, it is not the fault of the horse.

  14. talashea
  15. talashea

    Ok this is my take on the Sasquach doc. I am pretty much open minded and will pick something apart to death to try to understand it.. Having said that i find it hard to believe that we would not have found a skeleton of this beast a long time ago, all things die and we know that we find dinosaur bones 10,000 years later still intact, so show me the bones of one and then i will decide from there.

  16. Sendy Yagambrum
  17. Sendy Yagambrum

    Getting repetitive. Nothing is really shown. Only failed expeditions

  18. Matt Dall
  19. Matt Dall

    "Largest land carnivore that had ever, or since existed"... PRETTYYYY SURE T Rex and a whole slew of other carnivorous dinosaurs dwarfed the short faced bear. Stupid fear mongering show. Only retards would buy into this stuff.

  20. sknb
  21. sknb

    These shows are fun to watch because of their silliness. They are clearly trying. If I lapse into a child like imagination it becomes even more fun.

    The cast of characters are a fascinating variety of American characters.

    Does anyone else notice that the descriptions people use of Bigfoot, Grassman, Swamp Monster, etc... always seem like the way racists describe people of color?

    re: the "grassman nest" . Ok. Does anyone consider the large amount of homeless and mentally ill people wandering around? ESPECIALLY in states that have cut funding for such people? If someone is homeless and desperate I could definitely see them making such a structure... if it even IS a structure.

    re: the giant snake episode: I can't even BELIEVE they would even consider using the "pictures widely circulating on the internet" as any kind of proof.

    re: giant rats: hahahahah! HA! Yeah, of course, there are huge rats in NY. But I do agree with the guy who says that people exaggerate. SO TRUE. I mean, I've seen some pretty huge rats in NY. Like 7- 8 inches is the largest. If you are not used to seeing rats, all the rats look huge. You can tell the train is coming at the subway stations because all the rats run across the tracks.

    To the series credit: I have learned more about REAL animals in the USA and South and Central America from this show.

    Re: ghosts : I don't believe in ghosts even though I thought I saw one when I was 12. Now I am fairly certain it was the light reflecting through the house windows in a strange way. However, I do think when horrible things happen in a place people can sometimes sense that.

    Re: Lizzie Borden House: ITS A HOTEL!!!! I can't believe they don't make that obvious. People pay hundreds of dollars just to spend one night there. OF COURSE they want to see a ghost. That's the whole reason they come there.

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