Montana Meth

Montana Meth

Ratings: 8.45/10 from 109 users.

Montana MethMontana Meth is a personal look at the physical and psychological damage caused by Meth, a particularly vicious drug, whose effects range from tooth decay, skin lesions, and paranoia to brain damage, convulsions, and death.

The filmmaker, Eames Yates, speaks with several addicts and recovering addicts whose lives have been crippled by this drug, including 16-year-old Graham, a former straight-A student and athlete reduced to a shifty-eyed dropout after one year of using meth; 22-year-old Crystal, whose life has fallen apart in the three years she has used the drug and 21-year-old Rhianna, who traded "hard sex" for meth before she stopped using a year ago.

Prominently featured is a member of the Chippewa Cree tribe known as "Weasel," a meth user for half of his 22 years who lives with his addict father and whose girlfriend had her two children taken away because of meth use. The cheapness and availability of meth - which one Montana tribal leader describes as an epidemic - is taking a huge toll on the local Native American population.

Warning: Contains scenes which some viewers may find disturbing.

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4 years ago

What a great documentary.

6 years ago

Wonder what that pretty girl looks like now. So sad.

7 years ago

This documentary just seemed designed to scare the sh*t out of its audience without really exploring any of the problems that result in these kids finding themselves where they are. I learnt nothing from watching it.

7 years ago

This is awesome misery porn. These kids are funny, I wish they would film them when their arms fall off and they completely self destruct. Best drug deterrent is watching these awesome kids kill themselves for drugs and documentary filmmaking. These kids are cash.

8 years ago

This is heartbreaking.

9 years ago

Rest in Peace Graham

Tubeadream .
10 years ago

I think that to erradícate drugs abuse in US; a prevention campain is more effective than just trying to catch the dealers.

Rick Barley
10 years ago

that mum at the end is a real crazy bitch I'm not surprised that kid ended up a drug addict

10 years ago

It is sad to see how prevalent meth use has become.......but part of the solution is choking off the supply of pseudoephedrine that is necessary to manufacture the base pseudoephedrine, no meth......I dont have to much of a problem with marijuana, cocaine, heroin even.....but meth destroys on so many different levels. Those that import the pseudoephedrine from Mexico, or India, and those that produce the crystal meth......need to be locked up and the key thrown away.....

10 years ago

what i found to be very interesting is that where i'm from; outside of chicago, meth isn't nearly as prevalent. i didn't go through highschool knowing or hearing of anyone using it, let alone even trying it even further out in the more 'rural' suburbs. i can't speak on behalf of the rest of the state, though.

here you will find mostly potheads. there's also pill poppers here and there, cocaine, heroin and some rave scene drugs. crack but usually that"s if your closer to the inner city.

i have heard it is a much bigger problem in the western states. i once heard a public service announcement while i was spending time in the southwest advising the dangers of meth. you wouldn't hear that on a chicago radio station, at least not yet.

11 years ago

The problems that cause drug epidemics are deeply inbedded in society. In the US there is a huge number of antidepressant users (those are also drugs) People in Western societies are taught that suffering should be eliminated efficiently. Thore is no time to deal with problems and suffering in the ongoing rat race. There is so much pressure from every site. People want to escape any problem by quick solutions. When you are out of a job or things go wrong the society doesn't offer you any help, but rather labels you as a looser. No wonder you seek refuge in the subculture of other 'losers' With all the consequences. Then the 'adults' that are supposed to be the representatives of the institutionalized support system are completely out of touch with the youth. They condemn any act of rebellious behaviour, only thinking in terms of good and evil, just putting moral labels on anything that is part of youthculture (I don't mean just the drugs, but rock and roll and the occasional drinking, basically anything that doesn't fit into their narrowed frames of what is expected--> being a jock, good student, etc) Again, no wonder that youngsters lock themselves up in their own subcultures, and because of the big gap there is no control anymore in what happens there.

I did my share of drugs but I never even got close to addiction. Why? Because I found different forms of meaning in my life. But society is supposed to give people the chance to find their own meaning, and that is what wrong most of the times. Be a consumer, be popular, be godloving, be a ******* cheerleader waving your legs around for horny fretboys. Be artistic? Exploring the humand mind and its potency? Nooooo. That's just plain stupid.

Every society gets the **** ups it deserves. Loosers only grow to be loosers because we marked what it means to be a winner.

11 years ago

I know people take drugs because of various reason. but does anyone, ever stop and think............. whats going to happen to me, mybody my face my health BEFORE they actually do it. ive never tried anything and wouldnt be tempted to as is not the road to a glamorous life....

11 years ago

self respect goes along way... the body is a temple! drugs arent the problem drug abuse is the problem

11 years ago

...These people's faces seem quite well off, compared to the Meth faces I've seen on youtube clips! They show "Before & Now" faces, real ugly they look! This video is quite tame!

Sherry Roberts
11 years ago

The girl in this documentary is so pretty. I'm crushing. Hard.

11 years ago

This **** is destroying the next generation of Americans. It is a truly sad situation. Treatment and progressive actions are a must in all these users lives. It will take years to get one's life together. But it can be done. I have seen the most brilliant minds and bodies destroy their lives with this ****! But with patience, resilience, hard work, doctor prescribed medication, therapy (accept whatever you can get) and striving for a positive attitude you can get off this poison.

11 years ago

Is this a mostly rural small town problem in America?

11 years ago

Oh, what would we (other) humans do without you n your intelligence, dear drug users... We probably wouldn`t feel so superior. Make your own localy (divided from us) comunity n drug yourself freely so you can achieve "the meaning of life" n experience sth soooooo greatly, we sobbers "have never"...

11 years ago

I can't even watch all of this. All of this makes me sick. Boo on all of you.

11 years ago

All the anti-drug cops which speak to kids at schools across the nation, really ought to show real life examples such as this. It hits home far more effectively rather than listing potential side effects and consequences of using the drugs. I myself never tried meth, but I went through a spurt of drug experimentation during my teenage years that I really wish I could take back...

11 years ago

I commend the mom at the end doing a 1 on 1.I have worked with behaviors for 26 years and it is HARD WORk.

I think Doctor Phil would say to this mom you do it achieve success.You get him on the doctor phil show and then beg for a good treatment centre.

Use this documentary and the chemicals in meth to show kids in public school the danger and let them visiting meth prisions to to talk to inmaates about the 1st try is the end. Teach kids...that.....METH = DEATH

11 years ago

You are trying to "dignify" cannabis drenevonn. You are a dope.

11 years ago

These are always fun to watch, although a bit old though, 2007

11 years ago

I never liked the term "dope" when used to describe Cannabis, to me the word "dope" always meant methamphetamine and there's good reason to steer well and clear of it. I can't imagine being as whacked out on meth as some of these people have, I'll keep to the occasionally medicated cookie.

Lysergic acid diethylamide #25, Cannabis, Salvia Divinorum, Dimethyltryptamine and Psilocybin were all great tools for me, really had a wonderful and interesting time experimenting with those, (By the way, Dimethyltryptamine occurs naturally in your brain :D) but I see no place in any rational society for substances such as meth or heroin and I'd much rather see them done away with all together.

On the subject of addicts like those in the video, I implore people to not see them as criminals and undesirables but as people who are in fact very ill and they desperately need help. I don't particularly like using the terms "addict" or worse, "junkie" to describe anyone. They are people with serious mental, emotional and physical problems that need our help and if at all possible, some god-forsaken compassion from society. These humans need immediate medical attention, serious psychological counseling and they need some friends who honestly care about them, not about getting their next fix. Society would be greatly improved if we took all matters of private morals (hard drug use/drug use in general) out of police hands and regarded them as a public health problem.

11 years ago

Ugh.. thats why these kind of drugs should be banned forever and set even harsher penalties. This goes for marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroine, lsd, shrooms, bath salts etc etc.. we just dont need these dangerous toxins .
They are either ending up in jail, or dead or even worse with their faces eaten off..Trust me, we must educated the kids today because now its more important than ever!

11 years ago

very disturbing! really something to show kids to discourage doing drugs

11 years ago

Well, I already know I won't be able to sit through this one... I cannot abide seeing people do this kind of thing to themselves.

11 years ago

a very powerful weapon & more lethal than H or charly,to diminish population!
it's not about ethnical cleansing just good riddance of the poor!survivors will be locked away & exploited for the private sector!meth has the same effect in america like pouring a bucket of blood into shark infested water!

11 years ago

This drug is in a class all its own. I know very few people that have tried it that didn't end up hooked and their lives destroyed. I have never seen a drug that damages users so badly, so quickly. But it is so easily made that I really don't know how they will stop it.