Moons of the Solar System

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Moons of the Solar SystemHow did the solar system form? Are we alone in the Universe? What are alien atmospheres made of? These questions can be answered by studying the solar system's vast family of satellites.

This collection of videos looks at five of the most intriguing worlds that we've managed to visit over the last fifty years, including The Moon, Europa, Phobos, Deimos and Titan.

From the first human footsteps on another world to the most distant spacecraft landing in history, our neighborhood of moons has always played a central role in our exploration of the planets.

Europa. The quest to find life elsewhere in the universe is biggest in modern science. An ice covered ocean on a small world orbiting Jupiter may hold the answers to this fundamental question.

Phobos and Deimos. Named after the Greek gods of fear and dread, Mars's two moons remained undiscovered until the late 19th century. Since the start of the Space Race they've been minor supporting characters in our quest to understand the Red Planet, but an ambitious new mission may be about to move them center stage.

Titan. The landing of the Huygens probe in 2005 unveiled the surface of Saturn's mysterious largest moon for the first time in history. Six years on, the data from the mission and its Cassini mother craft has revealed it to be a fascinating world of methane lakes, rainstorms and cryo-volcanoes. This film brings us the latest news from the orange world, including audacious plans for a return splashdown.

The Moon. When Apollo 17 lifted off from the lunar surface in 1972, it ended the greatest chapter of exploration in human history. For nearly 40 years the moon has remained abandoned and untouched. But the secrets locked up in the Apollo samples are continuing to change our view of our nearest neighbor.

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  1. The "simple" in Simple Simon Says is spot on.

  2. simple simon you chose the right name. i pity you and your ilk

  3. The anti science, ignorance, religious fanatics and easily misinformed, are taken all the bases! Damn, would you not be happier watching a jebus flick?

  4. I was a child and watched the Lunar landing on t.v. and turned to my father and asked "Where are the Stars in the background?" Dad turned to mom and said "Even a child can tell this is fake." Also we have been informed our moon was created out of a massive planet the size of Mars hitting Earth. If that is true then it must apply to the other Planetary Moons. That's a lot of collisions.

  5. One correction to otherwise very interesting short videos -- Asaph Hall only nominally "discovered" the moons of Mars. Jonathan Swift described them perfectly in Gulliver's Travels, including the super fast orbit of Phobos. Swift almost for sure knew William Whitson and Edmond Halley, friends of Newton, and they probably got this information from China, as European scholars of the time had a lot of contact with Chinese scholars. Science has swept this little story under the rug. Isaac Asimov wrote it off as a lucky guess.

    The US military spends more on air conditioning than the entire NASA budget. If we reversed our priorities, we would have colonies on the moon by now, and launch platforms for going to the rest of the solar system.

    The solar system had a much more complex origin than any of our current theories suspect, but we will never get real knowledge until we get more and more space craft out their checking things out and collecting data.

  6. If the water on our planet came from outer space, why should this not hold true for all planets and their satellites as well? At least for those that are further away from the sun, where the water would not evaporate.

  7. I can't wait for the next Russian mission to Phobos! Hopefully I'll still be alive when they come back with the samples. I'm dying to find out how they plan to go there, and bring them back. Come on, Russia, third time's a charm! xxx

  8. At the risk of angering many of his fans that seem to frequent this site, I simply don't care for Tyson. He seems over bearing and long winded to me. I watched an argument between he and Lawrence Krauss once that really ticked me off. Krauss was asserting that manned space flight is really counter productive, that we should use robots and other technology which could allow us to go to mars much easier and sooner. Tyson argues that we must send people if we hope to inspire the next geeration of explorers. They both have good points but Tyson was simply overpowering and would not let Krauss speak. Then he insulted chemistry by making fun of the way chemist name compounds, obviousely not understanding that the name is defined through a system that tells you all about the compound in question not simply made up by the chemist. In fact I have heard Tyson insult many other fields of sience other than his own, though he usually does so in a joking way. In the end it just comes off unprofessional and as if he is full of himself and thinks astronomy is the only real field of study.

    By the way, what heppened to the orinid meteor shower? It was supposed to peak this morning about 4 AM, I went out and looked- nothing!! Up at 4 AM for nothing!!!! Must have already ended by then somehow, which is really wierd.

    Whoops, this was supposed to be posted on Keen Talks under Cosmic Quandries- If a mod. could fix this it would be nice- sorry.

    1. Love him or hate him wald0,
      The man is fighting effortlessly to infuse more capital into NASA, while inspiring many to look up to the stars!

      But I understand where your coming from in regards to his personality. It can be a double-edged sword; what makes him shine in the public arena can come off as pushy and arrogant in a academic forum.

    2. Ya i saw 2 streaks over an hour of watching. Very disappointing.

  9. Leaving Niburu behind, I did enjoy these films. What struck me is the length of time it takes to actually send a probe to some of these moons. I'll be long gone before a manned mission takes place. Too bad. It's going to both exciting and fascinating.

    1. Ain't it the truth Jack. It's like reading a book and finding the last pages have been torn out.

  10. anyway i am going to bed now, if the links don't show then i will put this site on my virus list so my browser never shows it, pity cos i did like most docs here, but i am a man of my word.

    1. Went to a link you posted and it's one of those "rolling paragraph" videos with music in the background. His other "videos' have paragraphs with Blaring annoying thrash metal in the background. The aren't docs they are amateur video's by someone with a lot of time on his hands. Please put this site on your virus list and leave us grown ups alone.

    2. i have never said this before, but good riddance.

  11. i let the link through against my better judgement. tie it to the moon landing very quickly or move on

  12. ok seems every post has to be modded that has any form of address

    1. Just give me the topic to google. It'l give me something to do while I wait.

  13. inb4 walk the dinosaur

  14. i gave a link to 73 vids on the sumerian text, but awaiting a mod.

    1. Right, what exactly for? what reason have we got to believe anything you post, when you make a bold claim then refuse to answer a simple question regarding it?

    2. you would like to know why we can't leave the planet yes, well lets see if the mods allow the link i have put up awaiting a mod, there are 73 vids in the part and will take a few days to screen.

      you may not like the answer, sitchen didnt really tell the truth, he gave the view that others wanted him to give so to not hurt those that believe in the bible.

    3. Not exactly. I would like to know why you believe we can't leave the planet. As Wald0 pointed out the physics is simple. If there is a physical reason for what you say to be true, Sumerian tablets are not the way to explain it to me. If you understand it, use your own words and articulate your understanding. Take a page of text or 3 if you need, but do try to format at least simply with paragraphs etc.

      Also if these vids are that long, just prompt Vlatko as OverTheEdge suggested and he will likely put them up for everyone. Depending on their content they may be put into a section that you disagree about, but they will be watched, by me when I feel like taking in a bit of ancient history.

      Regards, Sam.

  15. Only the so called moon landings have been above 300 miles, the shuttle tried 350 miles and the crew were blinded by flashes and had to be bought down by mission control, sooner or later you will start to ask why no one has been above that height since the so called moon landings

  16. hmmm cant get off the planet, interesting.

    1. there is a reason, but i can't say in this thread as it is deleted.

    2. Simple Simon says
      i am pretty sure you are trying to bait me. i deleted most (not all) of your posts discussing 911. if your posts are on topic they will not be deleted.

    3. well you deleted he one about darwin, how is that anything to do with 9/11, but is related to the sumerian tablets, that the US took when they invaded iraq and have lost, all 16,000, one day i will be gone and so will all the others that read them o a huge part of human history will be lost, put a vid up about them, then i will explain why you can't leave the planet, forget sitchin hes another darwin.

    4. Simple Simon says
      i do not post the docs. but if you find one suggest it to Vlatko (the owner of the site) and he might post it.

    5. That's your evidence. Sumerian tablets that no longer exist and a moderator who will not allow you to comment on them. Compelling evidence. That's sarcasm, by the way.

      No one thought to make copies of these tablets. Rather short sighted. How is it that you had access to them anyway?

      If those tablets had information concerning the reason why we can't get off this planet, I'm sure the moderator would allow it. After all, we are talking about space exploration and these tablets tells us why we can't. So it would be on topic. So...once again...why can't we get off this planet?

    6. lots of copies of the ones translated and approved, but that is a fraction of what is there, plus they had to fit the so called bible.

    7. Pardon me but a question comes to mind. If the Sumerian texts are missing then how do you know what those texts say?

    8. He has hidden knowledge ;)

    9. Many were translated, but many of those that translated the ones not published got shot as terrorist, seems terrorist also translate tablets.

      they contradicted the bible, so maybe that is what a terrorist is now, you know just like when the church wanted the earth to be the center of things, spose a bullet is cheaper than a stake and fire wood.

    10. Ok. I'm trying to follow you now. If you should know what the texts say then you will be shot as a terrorist. That being so then you cannot know what the texts say because, unfortunately for us, you have not been shot.

    11. Sure it is, slappy

    12. Sounds like a futuristic blues song.

      "Just can't get off this planet baby"

  17. how come i cannot see documentaries any more, no links or pictures to click? what new add-on must i have, jezus?

    1. maybe try restarting your browser?
      If that fails try restarting the computer.

    2. nope, something is missing, i have some software conflict or whatnot (i use firefox with adobe flash 11 on windows xp)

    3. OK, sorry that didn't work. Could try looking in the options of your browser under the 'Content' tab and make sure that loading of images automatically is checked. Check your installed addons for updates. Other than that I can't help.

      @mods sorry for off topic please delete as appropriate

  18. Look when they started this they did not know about the belts, by the time they did they had spent billions, so they had to make it look as if that money was not wasted, it fitted with the agenda at that time putting the US tech above russian tech, the russian really did think the US had some kind of radiation protection and forced russia to talk peace.

    1. Now that makes sense. Radiation protection forced the Russians to talk peace. Who knew that's all we had to do - have radiation protection.

    2. the russians knew they didn't have that protection so would have made a first strike pointless.

    3. You just don't get sarcasm do you?

    4. It means nothing from a fool but others read, you have not worked out that you are but a canvas, a place for me to paint, if none of you had said anything then all that would remain is the first post.

    5. What remains is the flag we planted on the moon, not your first post.

    6. "we", lol, ty.

    7. "The belts" as you call them are called the Van Allen radiation belts, because they were discovered and named by Dr. James Van Allen of the University of Iowa. If anyone knows what they are and how they work he does, yet he has stated several times that this conspiracy theory factoid you site is ridiculous and that we can/have easily passed through the V.A. belts as long as they don't linger and have the right protection. The fact that people are still simple enough to think we can't get off the planet in 2012 is beyond my ability to understand. escape velocity = 2GM/R raised to the 1/2 power-- M= mass, G= gravitational constant which is 7.0 x 10 to the 11 power, and R== radius- all units in meters and meters per second- There lanch yourself off the planet, maybe you'll get it then.

    8. yet you ignore that fact that we have never been higher than 300miles above the suface, lol, sooner or later many will ask why only 300 miles, lol.

    9. Where did you find this 'fact'? if it were true, you would know something about why? care to elaborate?

    10. The existence of those belts were suspected for years and was confirmed in 1958. Kennedy proposed the moon missions during his presidency which was in the sixties. They did know about the belts before hand.

    11. They fooled the Russians but they couldn't fool you. The Russians could have used someone with your unique talents. They could have won the Cold War.

    12. lol, no one can fool me, thats why the mods watch me like a hawk, in my younger day when i gained patents they treid to get me onboard, but said i was a lose cannon, what ever that means.

  19. ok i am deleting the off topic please stay on topic

  20. Perhaps the moon landing was an inside job and the 9-11 conspiracy is a fake.

    1. both were carried out by the same people, there are moves to bring them to justice.

    2. Yes we do have movements including bowel movements. So I suppose bowel movements are a sort of justice.

  21. The moon landing were fake as 9/11 was an inside job, sorry to upset your little cotton wool world, the zionist are the biggest threat to mankind and were behind both.

    1. Simple Simon says
      you stated "The moon landing were fake" could you give me your best two or three evidences for this statement? also why have so many other countries (not all U.S. friendly) confirmed the moon landings. most recently jaxa (Japans space agency) Selene taking pictures of the landing sites?

    2. Van allen belt and the fact that every russian that went though was killed and cooked, as for 9/11 well building 7 is the smoking gun there, but i am a free thinker and not like most of you seem to be and need to be told what to think, i will be proved right in the end.

    3. And those cooked Russians, were they cooked rare or well-done? Every one knows you need to cook a Russian well-done.

    4. The spacecraft moved through the belts in about four hours, and the astronauts were shielded from the ionizing radiation by the aluminium hulls of the spacecraft. Furthermore, the orbital transfer trajectory from Earth to the Moon through the belts was chosen to lessen radiation exposure. Even Dr. James Van Allen, the discoverer of the Van Allen radiation belts, rebutted the claims that radiation levels were too harmful for the Apollo missions. Plait cited an average dose of less than 1 rem (10 mSv), which is equivalent to the ambient radiation received by living at sea level for three years. The spacecraft passed through the intense inner belt and the low-energy outer belt. The total radiation received on the trip was about the same as allowed for workers in the nuclear energy field for a year.

      The radiation is actually evidence that the astronauts went to the Moon. Irene Schneider reports that 33 of the 36 Apollo astronauts involved in the nine Apollo missions to leave Earth orbit have developed early stage cataracts that have been shown to be caused by radiation exposure to cosmic rays. At least 39 former astronauts have developed cataracts; 36 of those were involved in high-radiation missions such as the Apollo missions.

    5. thank you im glad someone rational has finally posted a constructive comment

    6. Thank you for the info. I will check this out because ai was wondering about the Van Allen Belt.

    7. no problem.

    8. I NEVER post statements like this but . . . This post was succinct and informative. Thank you for the information.

    9. This fake moonlanding is already debunked , Russians sent "robotank" in the moon before US sent humans in moon . Both of these are documented and scientifically prooven facts + theres docs of both of these above mentioned things.

      Sorry for typos im from Finland and my English is not good. Guess you got it what im trying to say..

    10. One other thing. It's not moon landing. It's moon landings.

    11. as there never was one it is neither.

    12. Why fake a moon landing? To start a war? For financial gain? How does a fake moon landing threaten mankind? Why would Zionists threaten us in this way? None of it makes any sense.

    13. Because we can't get off the planet.

    14. So you do think the Hubble telescope isn't well as the space station.

      Why can't we get off the planet, anyway?

    15. They are not on topic and i have had every post removed that is not on topic with in seconds

    16. As I thought. You have no idea why we can't get off the planet so you are using the off topic strategy. Unfortunately, it is on topic. This video is about space exploration. You claim that we cannot do this first-hand. I would like to know why. So, tell me why we can't get off the planet. There has to be a reason that you have made this claim.

    17. It is not on topic, maybe if i comment on the sumerian tablets i could answer that as i have read them all.

    18. Jeremy Paxman says; 'Just answer the question!'

    19. the mod here has deleted every comment i have made that is not related to the moons, so blame him, bit like mr paxman editing the answers.

    20. OK then, since I can still read comments from you about Sumerian tablets to Zionists, I can only conclude; you are lying. I contend that the real reason you won't answer Jack1952s straight forward on topic question is that you can't.

    21. Not the best of rebuttals "Because we can't get off the planet"
      It's kinda lacking . . . . . um . . . like . . . . everything !

    22. Wrong, with Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and pictures of all the APOLLO landings, the possibility of a fake moon landing are at 0%
      There are reasons for people to make such statements about it being fake and the most popular reason was to ignite peoples passion to go/return to space, moons and other planets.

  22. the chick in the blue shirt is pretty hot for a scientist.. just sayin..

  23. if the comments were somehow implanted in the documentaries,as an extra like bonus dvd's supply useless comments from anyone that participated,this 'beauty' would degenerate
    to a bad comedy a la beavis & butthead .

  24. Great! Very interesting!

  25. Was put off by the "when apollo 17 lifted off", i think the moon landing was a huge fake, so the doc can only be more NASA propaganda, pty would have liked to watch it, but NASA are more concerned with feeding the population with false science than any truths, as knowlegde is power and the people running it are more concerned about postion and pensions so would tell any lie.
    So i shall not watch it.

    Did you know cheney and rumsfeld had the same role in controlling info on the so called moon landing as they did over 9/11.

    In fact a lot of moon landing veterans had major roles in 9/11.

    1. Wow....looks like somebody forgot to take their meds!

    2. Same childish remarks from the same childish people, one day all you zionist will pay for your crimes, it will be you running at the end of the day.

    3. Only an immature person would pigeon hole someone as a Zionist without any knowledge about this individual. Your comment and veiled threat is a disgrace.

    4. By knowing that man has been to the moon I am a Zionist? I suppose you could reason that by knowing Curiosity is on Mars I am also the one who really shot Kennedy.

    5. Wasn't it Curiosity that killed the cat?

    6. Yep, landed right on Sylvester. Sufferin' succotash.

    7. rofl......classic!

    8. Thanks for the laugh, but your trolling needs work...

    9. NASA propaganda?? I suppose there is no space station either...the Hubble telescope is a Mars fact, the science that allows the computer to submit your nonsense over the internet is just a lot of baloney.

      Are you a scientist? And how would you know that all this is false science if you don't even watch it? A statement made without even examining the subject at hand. Your credentials must be quite impressive....if you have any.

      How do you know ButteredBread is a Zionist?? You have no idea who this person is. Yet you threaten him/her with retribution even though you know nothing about him/her...their ethnic background, ideology, political beliefs, even this person's gender. You are the most frightening type of individual.

    10. i am not a scientist,but iam an inteligent human being. your comments say more about your self than anything else.

    11. I can't tell if you paid me a compliment or not but thanks if you did.

    12. you are submissive to what you are criticizing.i emphasize critical analysis but picking sides, when one should know the 'conquer & divide' tactics ,has lost the core of what they try to open mind!

    13. Moon landing is not fake! If you squint you can see the alien bases though ;)
      Edit- if they haven't been to the moon, how do they know it's hollow?

    14. Moon landing are real and 9/11 was an inside job, your 50/50 on this. Do more research on the moon landings and you'll see they did happen.