MS13: World's most Dangerous Gang

MS13: World's most Dangerous Gang

2005, Crime  -   56 Comments
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MS13 - World's most Dangerous GangThe MS13 gang, aka Mara Salvatrucha 13, is one of the most violently dangerous gangs in the United States - and one of the most organized.

The MS13 gang has cliques, or factions, located throughout the United States and is unique in that it retains is ties to its El Salvador counterparts.

With cliques in Washington DC, Oregon, Alaska, Arkansas, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Canada, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and several other South American countries, the MS13 gang is truly "international" and on the verge of becoming the first gang to be categorized as an "organized crime" entity.

This documentary about MS13 shows the live of MS13 gang-members, their lives and their believes.

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56 Comments / User Reviews

  1. mosca-13

    if yall salvadorean you know this real and they hella dangerous i am 23 and i am in the gang sence 7 years old

  2. Rhonda

    Waste of ones life. They will graduate to burning fires of hell for eternity! Never to know the love of God. All to prove their a “man”. No their a piece of crap.

  3. Boot_Cut_Jeans

    none of this is TRUE

    1. William Rogers

      As far as I'm concerned there all cleared and scared to death. There's ZERO excuse to do any of the shit they do. Oh I never got my pony when I was 8 years old. My parents were killed or I grew up in it. Blah blah blah... Suck it up be a real man get off your ass do something make a change in your own life. Take the weapons out if there hands & they are nobody's. As is anyone that needs a weapon to fight or 3 on 1 or 7 on 1 please. I've been in the shit all my life & at no time has anyone I know fought with a weapon. If you can't fight with your hands then you got no BUSSINESS fighting. Out the power in someone's hands that has the balls to do what needs to be done. If you choose to do this shit. You get a bullet in your head immediately no if and buts about it. That's how it's dealt with til then. This shit is going to go on & on.

  4. Leah

    if they kill everyone in this whole world what about themselves do they just kill themselves or what

    1. Tripp lilo

      Your all ridiculously stupid to believe that’s ms13 the real ms 13 La Eme and sur13 are fckn hero’s our government and leaders turned on us on our own country wtf do privileged white people know tho you’ve watched them take ur 9 year old n shoot for the military or behead someone right you’ve had them bomb your city invade but others like our people retaliation had to happen ms 13 used to be good now America has ruined them because they never did sex trafficking and or prostitution to anybody who didn’t deserve it betrayal comes with its price so don’t be a rat

  5. Snot madomma

    I didn't see the TV show, but,, any away doc,,, rock on

  6. shiv427

    Deadliest gangs nothing like that in Fiji islands though :)

  7. Jakelotggge

    The most dangerous are the triads, yakuza, Italian mob and narcos the MS13 would sh*t their pants if they saw a triad

    1. oscarito

      you aint salvadorean stupid yall say caca and yall dont know i seen them i join them sence 7 years old cause i been in alot of poop so dont be talking about ms-13 or ms-18 cause that true yall aint salvadorean so dont talk yall fake asf they arent

  8. Frances

    Ryan I agree that violence flourishes when laws do not protect the young being targeted to join gangs. The young need programs that protect youth who we teach and train in career training. Maybe infiltrating the gangs with veteran gang members who know other ways of living. Although they may be killed. Maybe you have to take out the felons and then provide opportunities/jobs.

  9. Taylor Franklin

    Man, this is depressing and awful. It is incredibly complex how this gang came to be and why they are so violent. Being bred in war, brutalized by the Salvadoran government (look up "mano dura"), and experiencing extreme poverty which deprives people of legitimate means of making a living can lead to this sh*t. It's never as clear as "they're all psychopaths". That is simply impossible. There are many people and institutions at least partly responsible for this.

    The brutal Salvadoran government was backed by the US during the civil war. We are all implicated in this whether we can acknowledge it a lot.

    Obviously locking all of them up is not working. As they say, prison is like criminal finishing school. Until the ecology of their social conditions changes, this sh*t ain't going away.

    1. Anna

      Well put about previous US policy contributing to these gangs. Karma’s a bitch

  10. Walter Sieruk

    The gang with their awful violence with all the other heinous evils and that are part of it, one such example is the gang of thugs called M S -13. Those hooligans are very violent and engage in murder, rape, drug dealing and, for a price, they will even smuggle into the United States Muslim terrorists as operatives of ISIS and Al Qaeda. . So the members of this gang of thugs, MS -13, are very dangerous, destructive, and ruinous and are totally useless for anything that is value, good and worthwhile. So much so those MS -13 characters are very similar to the villains described in the Bible. This reads “Their feet are swift to shed blood; ruin and misery mark their ways, and the way of peace they do not know. There is no fear of God before their eyes.” Romans 3:15-18. Those ruthless punks of MS 13 may also be described in Second Peter 2:12-14. For it reads “They like brute beasts, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, and like beasts they too will perish. They will be paid back for the harm they have done. Their idea of pleasure is to carouse in board daylight. They are blots and blemishes, reveling in their pleasures while they feast with you. With eyes full of adultery, they never stop sinning; they seduce the unstable; they are experts of greed an accursed brood.” Good people do face a deadly threat from those type of street thugs. As the Bible teaches Bloodthirsty men hate a man of integrity and seek to kill the upright.” Proverbs 29:10. Nevertheless, those thugs will not get away with their many evils. For the extreme wickedness of M S -13 will all come back down on them in the end, and come back down on them hard. For it’s true what they say, which is “What goes around comes around.” As just sited in the above Bible verse “They will be paid back for all the harm they have done.” Likewise, the Bible in Galatians 6:7 teaches “A reaps what he sows” So rest assured justice will prevail. As the Bible teaches “May disaster hunt down men of violence.” Proverbs 10:7. [N.I.V.]

  11. Walter Sieruk

    The street gangs of worthless brutal vicious thugs called MS-13 are very terrible. So much that they may be described, in character, in the Bible which reads “For they cannot sleep till they do evil; they are robbed of slumber till they make someone fall. They eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence.” Proverbs 4:16, 17. [N.I.V.] The governmental law enforcement authorities do have every right to come down hard of the hooligans. For the use of strong force is the only language they those thugs will understand. Such gangs will not respond to reason. So power police force is both fitting and appropriate to use on them. This statement is upheld by the Bible, Romans 13:1-4. And common sense and the well ground and solid knowledge of the difference between right and wrong.

  12. Dan g

    Please get these thugs wich are here illegally for most part. And for all the uniformed democrats, I mean people(lol) go with them. Go see how people in other countries live before you bash the greatest country in the world. Find out what the mind set of conservatives and libaterians are about. Check out Rush Limbaugh , Mark Levin , Michael Savage and Glenn Beck are about by listening for 1 hr a day. Don't let media outlets, friends, family, and pop culture (movies tv) tell u what they believe and say. Just try it for an hr a day 5 times. A whole different world will open

  13. shane van Ireland

    crazy what boredom drives people to

  14. Ryan

    Look, I'm not sympathizing with a gang banger. But it's not just I wanna kill people and be a thug. Maybe a little. But not all of it.

    Poverty = gangs. When a young man has no job, no income and is NOT part of a gang in a poor neighborhood, whether it be in El Salvador or America, he's completely vulnerable. Think about it. You're walking home from school...a group of gang bangers come up and beat the sh*t out of you and take your money. You decide to join a gang for protection, for brotherhood, to know someone has your back when no one else does. And eventually, you will kill for them.

    Isn't it the same logic of joining the army? Ultimately, people end up fighting to protect their "brothers." You guys need to open your minds and see what the real problems are: poverty and a total lack of security.

    Look at the opportunity cost: join a gang, sell drugs, be protected...or have no money, no people to back you up, be completely vulnerable. Now ask yourself...if you were not in your position of privilege and comfort, what would you do?

    1. Anna

      Another worthwhile comment (amongst the other useless comments). People don’t want to “understand” how these young men came to this life. But for the grace of God go we ...

  15. Ryan


    Yeah, Lord Bob's hard to take you seriously when you actually believe indigenous South/Central American societies sacrificed children by throwing them into volcanoes.

  16. Lord Bob Fates

    Central/South American savages, a generation or two removed from throwing their children into active volcanoes in order to appease their 'gods'. All gang-bangers are scum - a virus who's main objective is to eradicate life. Illiterate, sociopathic garbage cans with no redeeming qualities, whatsoever.

  17. Jam

    Watched this straight after watching the 18 documentary and this one makes the MS look a lot scarier! Five stars for scaring everyone in the named places and glorifying the gangs!
    At least with the 18 documentary you could see why the gangs were being formed and what had to be done to prevent it. This documentary might as well have said "We're doomed, let's surrender to the gangs now".

    1. ranii02

      thank you! that is exactly what i am thinking right now. there is a good amount of decent information and research that the documentary is given..but gosh, her voice and tone is really annoying. repeats the words deaths, emphasizes every other word, yet all in a somewhat monotone voice. very annoying, sometimes this is why i like BBC or a british documentation of events and topics instead of hyped up over the top american style

  18. Am Used

    argh ... cant watch this - I hate these type of docs which make all efforts to dramatize what its describing. At least in terms of quality of the docs 18th street won the war :D

  19. Davd

    First Of All,NO greater gang than the CIA and FBI. Who can distabilize governments and kill leaders they don't like. SO don't be fooled by these so-called gangs. What these gang do is punk stuff compared to those in power.

  20. ayala

    ms 13 for life!! fuk 18 st bitches!!!!

  21. Buford

    . . . aaron, we are all animals . . . you should try to live where they are and then we'll see what you have to say then . . . you will conform (you already have) . . .

  22. Buford

    This is not a legitimate documentary. Its purpose is to shock and create fear - war on terror, war on drugs, war on gangs. They are just instruments used to perpetuate traditional power and authority. Too bad the gangs are so busy warring on each other; they should join together and focus on the true source of their oppression.

    1. Jamie

      The true gangs are governments and America is the most corrupt and powerfull.They love the way things seperate people like gangs religion and race to name a few.As long as we fight each other they have an easyer time controlling us.Untill all humains stand as one our at least most we have no chance at real change.The cia is the biggest drug dealers and weapons dealer in the world.Also gangs and wars make the governmet money by jailing people giving police and gaurds and lawyers judges money.Your very easly fooled if you really think the governments want to stop this,it's there bread and butter.They use there own law abideing citizens and turn them into muders in illegal wars baised on lies.Its all money and controll,gangs are a problem but the government our governments are far worse.They buy all people judges, lawyers, congress,police,and other governments.They don't want peace they are the worlds biggest criminals,gangs are small potatos in comparison.The biggest gangs and they act like them and worse because tax payers pay for them to rid the streets of violence but through poverty and no hope for a future they help creat exactly what they want anarchy.What I was about to say is the biggest gangs are the police and military.Many young adults become police our military to do good only to be brainwashed and become worse than the people they are fighting.Some stop when they see it and others become brainwashed like much of the public from things like the MSM.DON'T JUDGE OTHERS YOU ARE NOT LIVEING IN THEE SITUATIONS.BE BRAVE AND STAND AGAINST THE BIGGEST CRIMINALS THE GOVERNMENT,NOT THOUSANDS MILLIONS IN A COUNTRY LIKE AMEWRICA 100 THOUSAND IS A DROP IN THE BUCKET WHEN THERE IS 350 MILLION PEOPLE.i BELIVE MANY IN THE MILITARY AND POLICE WOULD STAND WITH THE PEOPLE IF THEY NEW MOST WOULD BE WITH THEM NOT THOUSAND BUT MOST OF THE COUNTRY.THE CONSTITUTION DON'T JUST GIVE AMERICANS THE FREEDOM TO OVERTHROUGH A TYRANICLE GOVERNMENT BUT IT'S A DUTY,SO THE LAW IS WITH THE PEOPLE NOT THE GOVERNMENT.TRUST ME I'M CANADIAN AND NO IT'S NOT JUST AN AMERICAN PROBLEM BUT IT'S THE BEST PLACE FOR CITIZENS TO STAND AGAINST TYRANY AND THE WORLD WILL FOLLOW.THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT BUT VERY FEW LIKE RON PAUL.AMERICA CAN CHANGE OUR THE WORLD WILL BE DESTROYED IN A NUCULAR WAR,AND IT'S SAD BECAUSE THERE ARE INNOCENT PEOPLE INCLUDING CHILDREN I HAVE A 5 YEAR OLD AND PRAY THINGS CHANGE ,BUT IT'S NOT LIKELY.WELL SORRY ABOUT ALL THE CAPITALS WAS NOT YELLING EVEN THOUGH WE ALL SHOULD BE BUT NOTICED LATE,AND I THINK I GOT MY POINT ACROSS IN SHORT ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US NOT EACH OTHER.

    2. Justin

      Can I just say that Jamie is definitely on drugs.

  23. aaron

    its all a case of just changing the mind structures of these types of beings,but then again the karma they have had to exist,so that we who are not will never be like we should look at and count our blessing that we are not them,they are only humans acting like animals.
    thanx for loggin my opinion.aaron

  24. Bryan

    way to glorify this gang's ego with this mtv like production. This is like their own movie that validates their existence. The gangs name typed over the face of our nation; that is a bit much and only serves to boost the mystique and supports the legend of a virus. Thanks, but no thanks, Lisa.

  25. lily

    I just think that its not right and like they said you lock dem up it just make them ferious another thing that aint da solution you should reach out and help them they dont get in it because they got a good education..they have no one to turn to no one hears them call for help so they turn to violience and you sit there calling yourselves americans but u aint doin shit to help better this country how the f--k r u goin to stop violence if u cant help out. U aint no different from them only color but thats all. The latinos and african americans have made this nation wat it is.

  26. jose

    What we have here is some inbred bad sperm. These pieces of humane waste need to be eliminated fast!!! The new America will be hunter killers that have a lot of money that opperate in the shadows destroying the disease.

  27. TheSwede

    Haha this was rather funny, f***in losers all of them

  28. GTO

    the police should just purge them and throw them in the river

  29. Amy

    That guy Jester in the film is already incriminating himself by showing his face and confessing to all the things he would do. Wish they all did that! Good enough evidence to rid them off the streets.

  30. D-K

    @Eff: I'll have you know, bad graffiti is nothing to joke about sir, and I'd ask you to refrain from doing so.

    1. Kezo Takemura

      Actually, considering the vernacular for "bad" (Used primarily by those who practice such illicit artwork) is a statement for "good." Then by all rights (And by your logic) he's joking about "Good" graffiti, so it's perfectly alright to do so!

  31. Eff

    OK I was only joking...

    This doc really chokes me up! These gang members were once nice people until they started watching sensationalized American television like "The View" with Susy Wong (who narrates here) and her cackling cronies. Buy a weapon... End violence... shoot your television dead!

    1. Kezo Takemura

      I couldn't agree more, wtf do we need television for, especially since we have the internet!

  32. Eff

    Its not the guns and killing that disturbs me,
    ( I'm de-sensitized from too much war)

    Its all that terrible graffiti!

    The prison system needs to introduce
    some cultural art programs

  33. Emily

    when will the US learn that media hype doesn't help - its great for validating gang members and creating public fear- "tougher sentences mr Present" the language used by the presenter, music etc is ridiculous. Shame America is useless at dealing with crime and only ever escalate the problem - through the lame prison and punishment to the media and public attitude - its only going to get worse cos you don't make divisions based on empirical evidence... this is a doco about shock for entertainment - not informative about what is happening, why etc

    1. Kezo Takemura

      It won't, and that's a strong contributer to the problem..

      America is a country that has a selfish culture as it's base that's structured as a greed-fueled corporation as it's main function..Change THAT, and there will be hope for a much better nation...But unfortunately, I don't see that happening in my lifetime.

    2. Jamie

      I agree with you 100% I left a comment above stating facts about how realy is the worlds biggest gang the American government.You seem to realize that unless I misunderstood your coment.If you agree you should read my comment.

  34. American Student


  35. Bluesmanwalking

    These guys think they're tough, we should give them what they think they want.
    Our soldiers left home healthy with good intentions, then they killed because the government says so, they come home dramatized, feelings of guilt, most of them are treated like less then nothing by the same government that sold them the sales pitch.

    Well i think we should first, parachute these MS 13, 18, xyz gangs behind enemy lines. Let them kill to survive for real, they will realize after so many of them dead that they should maybe consider survive as one gang. There's your therapy.

    1. Kezo Takemura

      Actually that's precisely what happened to them when they were deported into a country that was fighting a civil war and MOST of us saw how THAT turned out, you short-sighted half-wit...

      Weren't you paying attention during the crappy documentary!?

      It's no surprise that the rest of civilization sees Americans as dumb, fat orangutans grunting at the television screen..

  36. Pamela

    Timmy...she says "as far as Spain AND South America."

    I saw this doc on tv, it's really informative. I love Lisa.

  37. Swabgob

    Second line of the documentary:
    "You've gotta shoot at people, you know. You gotta' kill people"

    No you do not. Walk away from the violence, leave it be. No man has to kill another man. The only reason you should have to shoot at or kill someone is if they are threatening your life, whereas it is clear in this documentary that no one has antagonised them.

    Very appalling to see that so many people think that this kind of violence is justified, let alone required.

    1. Kezo Takemura

      Unfortunately, the grown-up world hardly works like that..

      ~Edited for being too harsh~

  38. Timmy

    Lisa sayd that Spain is in South America.... its in Europe =P

    1. Kezo Takemura

      No..What she said was: "Spain AND South America" Not: "Spain IN South America.."

  39. Brinnemman

    baah, just kill'emm all =P

  40. Charles B.

    The solution? LWOP, baby!

  41. Mike Wilde

    That was awesome. pretty sick that among all the troubles out there, theres people like this.