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Mugabe and the White African

2009, Society  -   284 Comments
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Mugabe and the White AfricanMichael Campbell is one of the few hundred white farmers left in Zimbabwe since President Robert Mugabe began his violent land seizure program in 2000. Since then the country has descended into chaos, the economy brought to its knees by the reallocation of formerly white-owned farms to ZANU-PF friends and officials with no knowledge, experience or interest in farming. Mike, like hundreds of white farmers before him, has suffered years of multiple land invasions and violence at his farm.

In 2008, Mike, 75 years old and a grandfather - unable to call upon the protection of any Zimbabwean authorities and unable to even rely on the support of his fellow white farmers, all facing the same brutal intimidation - took the unprecedented step of challenging Robert Mugabe before the SADC (South African Development Community) international court, charging him and his government with racial discrimination and of violations of Human Rights.

This film is an intimate account of one family's astonishing bravery in the face of brutality, in a fight to protect their property, their livelihood and their country. The outcome of the court case potentially determining not just the future that lies ahead for Mike and his family, but the future of millions of ordinary Zimbabweans who continue to suffer at the hands of a dictator who, in setting his own countrymen against each other, has demonstrated that he cares only for power.

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  1. If you have not even visited Rhodesia you should probably zip it. The rest of the world has been settled by immigrants and white south africans have been in Africa since before America was founded. If you still have a problem with that then you should hand everything you own over to the nearest native american you can still find and apologize, then I will listen to you.

  2. I'm a Zimbabwean and after reading some of the BS biased comments posted here i just had to write something. The land reform project was done for the right reasons albeit in the wrong manner. No one can deny that the white populace held prior to the land reform project most if not all of the arable land in Zim therefore the whole Chimurenga ( War of liberation) would have been fought for nothing if that situation had been allowed to remain. However the violence used to intimidate white farmers from their farms was uncalled for but this was not entirely Mugabe's fault. If Britain had not gone back on its promise to compensate white farmers for the loss of their farms through the Zimbabwean government the land reform initiative would have gone peacefully as planned. Also take note that it was the traditional chiefs who started the bloody land grab without Mugabe's consent, In fact he had no choice but to go along with it or possibly pull the country into another civil war.

  3. I'm from a royal family in Uganda. Let me tell you this no matter what Africa will stay black 100%. It don't matter if you coming from Europe from Asia from wherever. We will never let you take our land if it has to be over blood so be we have no problem in giving that order we live by an order. The riches of Africa are for Africans 100% black Africans. Do not ever get it twisted in your mind again. The tables are turning and you don't like it hurts you to see African being rich we always had the wealth we never needed to be greedy we have never had anything to prove to anyone. White people Asian people you have nothing. No mixed race child will ever grow up to take our land never! New tactics that white people and others races are trying to use on us they all have a hidden agenda and it's to take our God given land. The aim of all other race in Africa is biological by planting there seeds in our women. This is nothing to do with love it's to do with taking over people and taking there wealth. The children will learn there white asian fathers language and ways culture. This will results in the death of African culture the death of African people. In Uganda we kicked out the birtish we kicked out the Indian we do not play around with such matters. we see what you are all trying to do leave us alone we don't want white women we don't want to mix we don't want homosexual we don't want anything of anyone we are a rich county. Just like my fellow African county's. All African country sound seriously start thinking about tackling this inter breeding problem in Africa. Yes it will be a problem!! My blood is royal I'm a real prince my son blood is royal his mother African as well. I have over I have thousands of aches land. I will never never never never never let that fall in to anyone else's hand never!!!!

    1. Trust me I have the power.

    2. I hope you do...BTW, I'd keep my eye on the Chinese if I were you...

    3. From my travels in Ghana, SA, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique. And Tanzania- everywhere I go I see the Chinese getting their feet on African soil...and their hands on your aware...

    4. I'm very aware of them they are all over the place.

    5. Poor boy, keep your foolish problems to yourself. A word of advice, when u do a 180 on your attitude, it won't take you long to discover the beginning of true happiness and riches you so long for.

    6. I don't speak to sell outs.

    7. That was truly royal rubbish. [A fools wisdom is not worth a wise mans thought]

    8. THANK YOU, SIR!! i thinks YOU are sooo much RIGHT, SIR!
      AFRICA is a rich land an belongs to the BLACK people nd white people only allowed to leafe or serve the true OWNERS of the land. NO interbreedings the whites only bred to become the lowest part in society in AFRICA and the world !!

  4. i ama white slave y owned b4 by a BLACK MASTER from the US now regulear working for another MASTER. some MASTERS in US plan to orgunize a whie slave farm in Zimbabwe. the land is alraedy owned and it can be place 4 a real repairaitons!!

  5. It's always interesting to see the backlash that a group of people gets when the shoe is on the other foot.

  6. To those spewing hateful comments, I think you need to be quiet, since the majority of you are outsiders sitting in your comfy little lives and have no idea what it is to be African, White or Black. You have no understanding of what it is to be born into a country you love, your home, and people telling you that it is not yours to live in. For those white Africans living in South Africa, Zimbabwe and other African countries, they do not view themselves as "colonialists" ,as you do, they are just people, living their lives in the country they were born in. The majority of black Africans do not harbour the hatred that you think they do(based upon personal experience). They too, are just people, trying to live their lives and MOVE ON. Mugabe is evil, the crimes he has committed against his people(black and white) are inexcusable. To those of you condoning Robert Mugabe's violent actions, by all means, why don't you go and join him? If what he is doing is considered "karma" in your eyes, then shame on you, you will not win any support from the Zimbabwean people. I am South African, whether or not I am black or white is irrelevant. I was born in South Africa, and therefore that makes me South African. The Campbell's were Zimbabwean, and regardless of what you may believe, nothing is ever going to change that. Their family did not deserve to be treated the way that they were treated. Black or White, NO ONE deserves to be treated that way. History is History, the way things went down all those centuries ago are not going to be changed through revenge, or "karma". We can only move on, and hope that things improve for the continent of Africa. For me, it will always be my home, and I hope that people will stop blaming others for the crimes of their forefathers.
    “Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”
    -Paul Boese

    1. 1980 was a century ago?
      Whites in Africa want to benefit from the crimes of their ancestor but do not want to pay the debts associated with those crimes. That is not how the world works.

    2. How do you suppose a white African who is a nurse or a teacher, a law-abiding citizen who pays his/her taxes, and is serving his/her community, should repay the crimes of their ancestors? FYI, it's not the ordinary working class and middle class white South African who is to blame, it's actually the intermational banking cartel, world bankers, and large international mining corporation who who their grubby fingers in the pie and who do not even live in South Africa or Zimbabwe who are exploiting the masses of poor people. Whether you like it or not, the court clearly ruled that Mugabe's actions were unlawful in this case; Mike Campbell bought the farm after ZImbabwe's independence.

    3. How a white south african who isn't a millionaire could repay the crimes of their ancestor. This is a difficult question in nature as I am assuming you mean non-rich south africans who likely either they or their ancestors have squandered whatever money they got from oppressing indigenous peoples or didn't get very much money for whatever reason (poor luck of the draw or perhaps bad relation with parents or stingy parents who donate all wealth to charity and leave the white adult child nothing). The best thing a white person like that, who is not rich could do to repay the crimes of their ancestor, IMO, would be to set up scholarship fund or help pay for tutor or give some poor kid with nothing some chance to succeed in school by donating money to help them with tutors or books or supplies.

      Now this is very different than those living in stole farm land of course. Those ones need to go from the land.

      Campbells decision to buy known stolen property was grossly unwise if he bought his land after independence. It may not seem "fair" but if my friend steals your car and sells it to me, and the police stop me in a stolen car, do I get to keep your mercedes?

      I believe that was the regional court, frankly it will be ignored and should be.

    4. With what money do you want them to set up the scholarship fund, if they don't have any money?

      I don't know how much you know about SA, but there are actually White squatter camps in SA too! Those people are already being punished for being White because they were retrenched due to affirmative action. They literally don't have anything else to give.

      If you take all of the wealth of the few Whites and distribute it amongst the millions of Blacks, everybody will still be poor. That is why communism has never worked.

    5. Poor whites south affricans are a minority. The poor whites were not retrenched due to affirmative action, they were never properly skilled to begin with. Whites with even a glass half full are able to at least hold onto the stolen colonial goods. Only the very stupid whites who apartheid was meant to bailout find themselves broke.

      That may be true, but grossly inequal socities have never worked, and neither has strict capitalism. There exist no capitalist state in the world today, and all the ones who tried to become highly deregulated strict capitalist like ireland or iceland or america ended up collapsing and turning to socialism in one degree or the other.

    6. they have to give back: go clean the homes of Black people; drive our elderly around in your car. take some of your fat profits from your investments and put them back into where you got it. provide full employment opportunities, teach skills for self-sufficiency, there is a lot you could do that you should have done long ago but you do not want that.

    7. if we did not stand up to you, it would be business as usual in zim and the whole of africa. we have to be severe with you in the same way you are severe with us. this, which is against our nature for we are not like white people.

    8. Jesus said: John 13v34: A new commandment I give unto you. Love one another just as I have loved you."

      Luckily for me I am a Christian so I do not hate other people just because they are a different colour to me. God bless you!

    9. we do not hate you for your color. we hate you for your treatment of us. we hate you for your lies, deceit and treachery. we hate you for your racist and supremacist attitudes. I repeat, we do not hate you for your color.

    10. Oh but you do hate White people.....your very statement is a sweeping racist generalisation lumping the entire White race into the same category.

      I don't hate you though. In Jesus' name I come against your accusations that you have thrown at me and I declare them null and void. I will not allow your spirit of hatred to affect me. I have many friends of all races, and they will never agree with your comment because they are not racists.

      I really wish you all of the very best. For your own sake I hope you can release your hatred, because hatred can destroy a person. Unforgiveness and bitterness will just make your own soul sick. Peace be with you, and God bless you!

    11. the attitude that you claim I have did not destroy you and yours, now did it?

    12. Neither did I, I wasn't even there!

      Mugabe on the other hand is still there...after committing genocide against the Matabele and destroying his country and his people.

      I am not to blame for what other people did just because I am the same skin colour. Just like you are not to blame for what Mugabe did just
      because you are the same skin colour.

    13. what makes you think I am upset about what mugabe is doing? many african leaders need to follow his example of how to deal with the invaders settlers and oppressors of Black people. see how arrogant you are? why would you think I would be against my brother? were you against de klerk or cecil rhodes?

    14. I am against all evil leaders, no matter what colour they are. In fact, most of them are evil. You can't expect me to approve of Hitler and Bush just because they are white.


    15. I think you approved because it benefited you to do so.

    16. i am sick of you and your white supremacist ideas and behavior. tell me this: how the phuck am I suppose to feel about you?

    17. do not quote their religion because they did not follow their own religious beliefs when it came to us.

    18. It is a matter of historical fact that Zimbabwe was colonized by British settlers beginning in 1888. It doesn't matter if the descendants of these settlers view themselves as settlers colonialists or not, that is what they are by definition. You claim that since you were born in Zimbabwe you are entitled to remain there. You further claim that the lands that the ancestors of your settler peers obtained through robbery, trickery, and general force are legitimate because these crimes were committed in the past - you want to inherit the wealth, but not the responsibility for the crimes from which the wealth was acquired.

      If I were to come occupy your home against your will through the threat of violence or force, you would not say that I was the rightful owner of your home. Then if I were to have children in your home, would you say that my children have a right to live there simply because they were born and there and its the only home they know? No, you and your children would still be the rightful owners while me and my children would be occupiers. The only way you would have a legitimate claim to the land you now live on and consider to be your home, is if the indigenous people of Zimbabwe (meaning, all non-white Africans) had a democratic vote in order to decide if they would allow the settlers to stay. Since that never occurred, all of your claims are illegitimate. I am not saying this out of hate towards you or your settler peers, but because it is true. The colonizers and their descendants can never have any legitimate claim over the lands or peoples that they colonized... how could that be just?

    19. A black child born in Germany automatically becomes a German citizen. My family has been in SA for 6 generations and we come from a German background. We are white Africans and have just as much right as black Africans to live there. Just as all colours of people call themselves Americans......they've been in the USA for many generations and you can't tell them all to go back to Europe and Africa etc now. FYI, the indigenous people of SA are the Khoi Khoi and the San, and different parts of SA were then colonised by blacks and whites at around the same time.

    20. Tell me of a black family living in germany for 6 generations, better yet tell me a bout a jew family living in germany for 6 generationS? was it not the nazis who took away everything from the racial and ethnic minorities? Were jews not striped of citizenship and had their land, art and industry taken away?

      Trying to lie and say black people only moved to south africa in the 1700s is not going to help your case, only white south africans think the san are not black, the rest of the world disagrees. We now from structures the bantu speakers were arriving from 4 ad, but its irrelevent, the problem is not blacks but white colonialist.

    21. The Khoi and San also view themselves as separate from the Bantu tribes. In fact, they have been in South Africa for thousands of years before the Bantu tribes came down from the North.

    22. bantu is a racist name given to the indigenous Black people of SA. like, negro in america.

    23. Bantu is a major branch of the Niger-Congo language family spoken by most populations in Sub-Saharan Africa. There are about 650 Bantu languages by the criterion of mutual intelligibility, though the distinction between language and dialect is often unclear, and Ethnologue counts 535 languages.

    24. The Khoi San view themselves as blacks, in fact the bantu designation is a european one not an african one, which exist solely in the minds of whites. All of the bantu speaking tribes are heavily admixed with khoi and san and have even adopted their linguistic elements including clicks in the language. The so called bantu of south africa have much more in common with khoi san than anyone from cameroon or north africa.

    25. whatever. stop the divide and conquer tactics. they will not work anymore.

    26. By the way: Michael Campbell paid for his farm after Mugabe came into power. Michael Campbell died in 2011 due to the injuries inflicted on him by Mugabe's brutal thugs which left him with severe head injuries. Are you happy about the karma now? The only good news that has come of this is that a few days ago a court in Johannesburg ruled that one of Mugabe's houses in Cape Town (South Africa) has to be auctioned in order to compensate white farmers in Zimbabwe whose farms were stolen by Mugabe. Unfortunately it's too late for Michael Campbell, but the court case will set the precedent for human rights and justice in Africa. RIP Michael Campbell!

    27. I was born in america and I do not want to be here. if I cannot live in your country in peace, why should you live in peace in my homeland?

    28. Madam- I view your comments and cannot fathom the depths of your hatred. You remind me of someone who has a tooth ache and, rather than visit the dentist, prefers complaining about her pain. If you were born in America, you are an American, and that is your homeland, like it or not. Your connection to Africa was bred out of your lineage generations ago (unless your name is Gbanquoi, Nyrere, Lumumba, or similar, you are an "African American", what ever that is supposed to mean!). What is stopping you from chucking it all in and moving to your "homeland"? I will tell you this- I have lived and traveled in Africa since I was 12 years old (1963), and I can almost assure you that your reception there, should you choose to go, would not be all that you might believe it to be. Most Black Africans I have met do not have a high regard for Blacks from America. But don't take an old white man's word for anything...please, go, and prove me wrong...

    29. take your divide and conquer tactics and stick them up your arse. as long as you R Black, you are an african. not white, Black. your home is europe. my home is africa. my ancestors were brought to america from africa. this country has never afforded me the full rights of a citizen here. there is still debate whether we are part of the WE that make up the citizens of the united states. imagine, decendants of the people who built this country, questions if WE are citizens. so, YT, do not come on here and tell me about the way africans on the continent feel about Black americans. they are proud of us because we bring glory to collective Black people worldwide in almost every endeavor of life. yes, I hate you. when I read some of the opinions about Black people you have documented in your history books, I become physically sick.

    30. Stay on topic, if you can... "divide and conquer" does not have any relevancy here...and it should be expected that you resort to vulgarity when challenged...GO...GO TO YOUR HOMELAND....or, remain in your miserable existence and suck it up...impossible to believe that someone has so much bitterness with regard to their life...AND DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT...

    31. I am doing something about it: I am speaking out and look how its got you. mugabe did what every country in africa needs to do. you destabilized zim economically and then turn around and blame mugabe for its results. you are doing the same thing to countries much stronger than zim.

    32. I cannot debate ignorance...I have no ammunition...

    33. Possibly you suffer from the same malady that old Bob is reported to have...they say it wreaks havoc on the mind...

    34. While you are wallowing in your miserable life in America, take time to watch a movie called "Blood Diamonds". See how your "homeland" people treat each other...believe me, this is the real Africa....the Africa I lived in...

    35. Oh yeah...before that, I was in Nigeria for the Biafran war...remember, I'm an old white man...with some experience...

    36. And yet, this is the continent I want to finish my life in...want to be part of until I no longer exist...for reasons you are incapable of understanding...Have no clue about...I ask God to give you guidance...and lead you from your miserable blind hatred...and ignorance...

    37. Tell that woman seriously I dont think she get's it. She so wants what we have also Straight talker is a fan of this mixing with the whites. It's people like him our own black brother that will fall for such woman and distroy our African. It's people like him and her that have been sent to us from hell to finish us its people like them that will work together to produce children that will kill African woman and mix up our bloods. Then the whites, asians, and whosoever will take our land mark my words this will happen. Supports of this type of things cannot and will not remain in africa they must be removed. The whole world will run for help to asking us for everything like they have not taken a lot of us already we cannot let anymore of this type of thing happen!!

    38. Colonialism is the worlds earliest form of terrorism ! To come into someone elses country ,take it over through violence and turn the people who live there into none citizens ,in their home country ! I don't say this insupport of robert mugabe ! I am just saying that the colonialist are invaders and they put this injustice into action ! Without colonialist Mugabe may not even have the power that he is wheeling now! No matter what you say ,you know that the colonialist did the same things to africans ,that Mugabe is doing to them ! Colonialist stole the land and the natural resources all over africa! The people before you did it and because you were born there ,now you want to claim some rights to that country !What about those who's families have lived there,long before you people ever showed up ? What rights should they have?Members of the offending party ,always want to put that past behind them ! Well that doesn't work for the offended party ,who has suffered at the hands of the offenders !If the situation was reversed ,none you would be so ready to put the past behind you!!!!! I don't know you and I wish you no harm but I do disagree with you !Colonialist are selfish, murdering thieves! Their only goal is to take over a country and they will do anything they can to do so !

    39. Well said. I am African and I think most [but not all] non black African people think they are superior to their fellow black citizens.They don't want to mix genuinely. We all know that every action has a reaction-if you mistreat someone you entitle yourself to be mistreated.

    40. God Bless your truthfulness...!

  7. If a man from Zimbabewe come to America and purchases a farm, people in the government cannot send criminals to run him off it. If a Court rules that he has the right to keep and secure his farm, no one in the government can disregard the ruling and continue with their original plan to beat him or steal from him. The events that were depicted in the documentary, Mugabe and the Whie African, prove that there is no freedom in Africa as long as people like Rober Mugabe are in power.

    1. Yes they can and they did run black american farmers off their legally owned land and killed them by the tens of thousands, three word for you: Ku Klux Klan.

  8. If a man from Zimbabwe comes to America and purchases a farm, the government cannot send criminals to assault or murder him and try to run him off his land. If the Courts rule in his favor that he can retain his land and have protection in securing it, others in leadership within the government cannot disregard the Courts ruling and run him off his land.

  9. If a man from zimbabwe comes to America, he can purchase land without fear of the government hiring thugs to take it away from him, regardless of his color. He can have charges brought against people who trespass on his land, and can charge a person for assault and have him arrested. If a court finds in favor of him, a leader elsewhere in the government cannot disreagard the courts ruling and continue on the the path to take away his assets or beat him or murder him. This is what is happening to white farmers in Zimbabwe. There are unscrupulous people found everywhere on this planet. But in Zimbabwe if you encounter one of those in a government position, your goose is cooked! True there is history of white violence against blacks in America. But those days are past! We have a black President. Today it is safer for an african american to walk the streets in America than it is for a white man to do the same in Zimbabwe.

    1. In america they have a saying, white people are like a box of chocolates, you never know when they are going to kill you.

    2. lol. I mean it is not funny but the way you phrase it is funny. that line is from forest gump. My favorite part is when he said, "sorry to disrespect your Black Panther Party."

  10. jmac800 is a m*ron. There is no food in Zimbabwe, thousands die of starvation there. Murder is common place, police are nothing but thugs. I do not know what dream world he is living in, but it does not exists here in the southern tip of Africa.

    1. Sadly all you said is true of the USA as well it doesn't exist here in the states either. Looks like Mugabe is just doing what anyone else in his position (race, geographic location, religious beliefs, government official) Clearly there are NO compassionate in any position of power...So basically everyone needs to get over it or actually do something to make a change... Americans stole from the indians and enslaved africans while raping and killing, Germans killed jews and a bunch of other people while torturing, enslaving and experimenting on them, and so and so forth..It's the way of the world which is evil (clearly). So what, this guy is taking back land that was originally his and the peoples. So what, the white people don't "feel" like colonizers (thats because of there innate sense of superiority. But they are and someone should tell them it had to end one day. all good things do.), so what....
      Africa is so beautiful and so sad at the same time. The locals are living on the bare minimum while corporations are setting up shop and buying everything up at a bargain discount. If Mugabe was smart or white he would just tax the hell out of the white farmers until they eventually would fold and use that money to invest in the country's infrastructure instead using violent intimidation techniques... Then he wouldn't be a monster he would be a savvy (in my cart men voice) business man. Bottom line is Africa, africans, white, black,and all of humanity needs to stop being so selfish and stupid. We all know the right answers but no one is willing to give a little and come to fair agreement. Everyone's trying to not only win, but kill out the competition completely. I personally found Zimbabwe to be quite beautiful, laid back, and very safe and comfortable feeling;)

    2. I don't think the taxing strategy would work. Hasn't worked for Kenya, isn't working for south africa, and isn't working for zambia. The white farmers just create ways to acoid taxes.

    3. In SA they wouldn't get away with illegal activities such as avoiding taxes. I don't think farmers should be demonised. They are valuable members of society and their skills are needed to feed the nation and export food. SA used to export food, but more than 3000 of the White farmers have been murdered since 1994, which has also resulted in thousands of workers losing their jobs. Now they are importing food and food prices are steadily rising, and the poor are affected the most...

    4. 3000 murders has not pushed it from an exporter to an importer, most like it has been population growth and climate change and general land degradation which occurs naturally over time in all farm land. In South Africa we have lots of thunderstorms and rain and since the colonialist tore down the bearing walls, sadly all the good topsoil washed into the sea for literally 200 years so South africa will likely be a food importer forever like the saudis.

    5. Your story-telling ability astounds me! You have clearly never been in SA .....

  11. Mr. Razor: I've decieded this is one topic (about the incident in Norway) I don't plan to comment on any more. I'll concede for the sake of peace, but without complete agreement.

    Peace to you,

    Charles B.

    1. As an usual typical behavior found where you grew up, you addressed yourself to father/mother Vlatco directly instead of making your point. Why wouldn't you bribe him to blacklist this or that user with whom you do not agree?

      Better yet, call on your APAC representive either based in the USA or Israel to get your view imposed upon all of us?

      You can go to hell where you belong!


  12. I'm glad Mugabe has done what he has done, while Zimbabwe flourishes, Malawali and Zimbabwe's neighbours are still in squalor, suffering drought and starvation as they refuse to boot out their colonialist whites. zimbabwe has well over 2 million immigrnats from malawali and mozambique. south africa must follow zimbabwe and be liberated. It is better to rule in hell than to be a slave on earth

    1. lol... you simply have no idea what you are on about

    2. Zimbabwe flourishes? Now that's an oxymoron if I ever did see one.

    3. your people destroyed zim economically.

  13. Didn't know that religion was in this doc, religee's everywhere.
    Religion is the scourge of the Earth, bunch of lying cheating snakes in the grass hypocrites. Fundamentalist religee's make me want to vomit, they make me physically sick, most all genocide is religious in nature, even the latest Norway killing is about religion.

    Wish there was a cure for the religion sickness prevalent in the world that is classed as a virus of the mind, a communicable sickness of vast proportions.

    There should be a law against them spewing their vile obscenities about their invisible ineffectual gods, especially on non religious forums.

    1. i luv it:

      "...religee's everywhere."


    2. Hi A.R 'Didn't know that religion was in this doc'....Did you even watch it?? lol. Mike and his family were Christians. That was one of their main reasons in sticking it out/continuing their fight against Mugabe..thus the reason for my reply silly. To be honest ,I too hate 'religion' IS the 'scourge' of the Earth!!! That is what God's Word tells the last days there would be false teachers and hypocrites EVERYWHERE!!!! That is why i don't go to any 'Church'...anyway.......peace out

    3. The psycho in Norway was one of your own, Mr. Razor. He said he was a "Darwinian" and had no religion himself. He was raging against Islam and at best nutural towards Christianity. However, a self-professed Darwinian is in your camp, Mr. Razor, not ours.

    4. @C_and_N, don't twist the words.

      Here is what he said in his manifesto, exactly:

      As for the Church and science, it is essential that science takes an undisputed precedence over biblical teachings. Europe has always been the cradle of science, and it must always continue to be that way. Regarding my personal relationship with God, I guess I'm not an excessively religious man. I am first and foremost a man of logic. However, I am a supporter of a mono-cultural Christian Europe.

      Read again the words in bold. Sure he wasn't a fundamentalist, but he was a Christian for sure... or at least a Christian supporter.

    5. Vlatko: I've decieded to concede this argument. I don't plan to comment on it any longer.

      As always, thank you for your website. I really enjoy it and I appreciate the opportunities to watch the docs and give comments from time to time. Thank you!


      Charles B.

    6. Vlatko: You're right. He didnt' use the term "Darwinian" for himself as far as I can find. My bad.

    7. Dont pay too much attention to C_and-N, if I remember well, he was the one who once said that one day the whole Palestine was gonna be the land of Israel just as it was said in his bible.
      His bible written by peoples swalling muchrooms & other psychedelic goods so that the can reach "Higher grounds" in spiritual thoughts about the reasons why...

      Sort of a persons that need reasons to have a faith.
      Exactly the type of sub-human that cause holocausts.
      "They didn't learn a single thing through history!
      It is "The" sarcastic reasoning above all!

      No doubt that if "His" God really is,was and will be, the very 1st thing he'd do is to rid this world from garbages like him!
      This whole topic had nothing to do with the documentary.
      Disgusting things that C_and-N.


    8. Pierre, I'll take my chances with God's judgement. Still looking for a way to live in Isreal, but I havent' succeeded yet.

  14. 'Vengeance is Mine '..saith the Lord ....Yes maybe that is to much of a simplistic comment to such a huge controversial subject...but it seems to be the only answer considering all men, (majority) do not know or fear God , or even want to... .....I believe as Mike's family does, that God has a plan for each of our lives and and that ultimately ,God will 'sort it out in the end'..meaning He will bring about justice...He will repay the wicked..i feel they were just trying to live a quiet and peaceful life as the Word tells us,we as Christians should do...yes,maybe generations ago the 'white' man came to Africa to colonize it but that was generations ago..if we flip that it's like the black ppl in America still hating whites because generations ago they were's over..stop living in the past!...Also, the one family that moved away who had been there for almost 100 yrs..i think they did much good for the ppl of Zimbabwe..they were respected and loved by those who worked with and for them their entire is clear that the majority of black African rulers are wicked,greedy ppl who always do more damage to their ppl and their land than the 'white' ppl...Zibabwe will never move ahead in the global arena if they continue living in such a vengful,hateful way..this story brought tears to my eyes and just proved once more that this world is truly Satans Kingdom..and as believers this earth is not our home...and as Jesus told His followers..'My Kingdom is not of this world'! We are living in very prophetic times,scriptures are coming to pass before our very eyes(!!!)...Jesus is coming back soon ,as He told us He would ,to gather all those who long for his appearing! Thank you TDF for allowing us to watch this for free ..this is the first time i've learned what is really going on in Zimbabwe..because our American main stream media is run by the same type of ppl.... greedy,wicked ,corrupt,corporate owned Gov't that never shows us what is REALLY going on in the world!!

    1. @ jellybean8309
      ...the only answer considering all men, (majority) do not know or fear God,..." Presumably you are a human with a penis, otherwise you might explicitly have included women in your oh so unbiased... I really don't know what to call it.

      How can one 'fear' that which one does not 'know'.

      Your man-made religion(man-made, as in not woman-made) is not fake. It is very real, and the blood and unspeakable suffering it has caused attest to its reality.

      As to this god 'thing'?to which of the 28,000 gods(at last count) do you refer?

      While you are thinking about that, perhaps you might entertain me with your definition of the 'supernatural'. I enjoy a good laugh, now and again!


    2. i don't have penis. I'm a mother of four. To answer your question..The God I was speaking about was the Only God..the God of Abraham,Issac and Jacob. Who can only be known through His Word. Thanx Oz. :)

    3. @ jellybean8309
      "The God I was speaking about was the Only God.."

      And witch of he 28,000 'Only God' do refer?

      And what evidence have you in support of your mindless claim?


      If it's the one of the 28,000 I think you're into, you sure do have the hots for a sick spook!

    4. @ jellybean8309 i don't have penis."

      And I was almost ready to fall in love with you! (lol)


    5. Paragraphs, please!

    6. lol..yeah,ur sure right about that! Thanx :)

    7. @ jellybean8309
      "...the God of Abraham,Issac[sic] and Jacob. Who can only be known through His Word."

      Oh, now I think I know which of the 28,000 you mean!
      And I have run across some of "His Word," too:

      According to the 'Bible' God tells Moses and Aaron to go to the Midianites and kill all the men, then take the booty, the women and children back to their encampments, then to kill all the mothers (because they had sex), then to kill all the boys, and finally to take all the virgins as slaves:

      13 And Moses, and Eleazar the priest, and all the princes of the congregation, went forth to meet them without the camp.

      14 And Moses was wroth with the officers of the host, with the captains over thousands, and captains over hundreds, which came from the battle.

      15 And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive?

      16 Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the LORD in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the LORD.

      17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

      18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

      19 And do ye abide without the camp seven days: whosoever hath killed any person, and whosoever hath touched any slain, purify both yourselves and your captives on the third day, and on the seventh day.

      [KJV Numbers 31:13-19]
      ~ God

      In one famous incident, God commanded Israel to wipe the Amalekites from the face of the earth (1 Samuel 15:3), and then He punished king Saul for Saul's failure to follow those instructions to the letter (vv. 18-23).
      ~ God

      Sound's more like DickCheney, to me.


    8. I'll press charges to the "International Society for the Protection of the Choking Documentary Viewer"!

      Gosh! I just pissed in my pants laughing!
      Gotta take my breath!


    9. I thank God that you never were in Zimbabwe.
      But still would prefer to see you stranded on island at most 1 square wearing a nice white coat with very long sleeves that ties up on the back.

      Just in case...


    10. The grand irony is, no matter how you cut it, it is the white man's fault. If all you say about Mugabe is true, Mugabe is a product of white colonial/imperialist rule. Heck he was such a good example of the ideal african imperial indentured servant that the white queen of england decided to knight him and give him a big celeberation even after he allegedly murdered all those rebels you whitey claim he killed. If Mugabe is corupt, he is the product of a corrupt colinialist english system. If Mugabe is a murderous dictator, he learnt from the best, ian smith and the white british.

    11. Hahahahaha! Ever hear of the pyramids you dolts? Thousands of years ago Africans were inslaving Africans. Long before they ever knew that white men existed. Slavery and evil are human problems, not white problems. Good on you for the scapegoating and racist slander though.

    12. how can you say that black Africans are wicked.. and because they are wicked that they will not flourish. that's crazy talk. yes your right it was a long time ago. but it more like since the first invasion on African soil. whites have been killing, raping, and destroying since they have inhabited this earth and yet they rule the world... so how come their wickedness has not stop them from flourishing?? and also what do you expect from the Africans or blacks of the world they are the most hated on the planet, and even if it was generations ago there is still residue from millions of years of being mistreatment... oh by the way I"m white

  15. 'Vengeance is Mine '..saith the Lord

    1. @ jellybean8309
      "'Vengeance is Mine '..saith the Lord"

      Yeah, JEALOUSY, too!


    2. Definately!

    3. @ jellybean8309

      Nice "Lord" you got!



  16. The english government had agreed to fascilitate the tranferring of farms owned by white farmers to the black population and to compensate the white farmers when Zimbabwe gained independence, but that never happenned.
    Robert Mogabe only did what had been agreed upon. But that didnt digest well with the english government. Zimbabwes exports mainly go to europe and this relationship contributes more than 80% to zimbabwes GDP. SO when they heard the white farmers where bieng chased away, they cut ties, established sanctions on zimbabwe thus destroying Zimbabwe and its people.
    They wanted to zimbabwe to be so dependant on them so much that weaning zimbabwe from europe would mean chaos. They wanted to maintain control and when they lost control,They destroyed the country, then shifted the blame onto Robert Mogabe.


    1. I don't buy that! Mugabe is a thug and a bloody dictator. Evil is as evil does, and his actions are very evil, and therefore so is the man. Corruption leads to poverty of the people and that is the reason Zimbabwe is in the sad state it's in now.

    2. Have you heard of the Lancaster House Agreement? you don't "buy" what I am saying because you are uninformed. I'm guessing you only get information from the news.It Seems only Africans can understand African problems because we experience what you only see in the news.

    3. What portion of the Lancaster House Agreement involved murder and theft? How many of the white farmers have been rightfully "compensated" for the loss of their land that they have farmed for generations?

    4. See Victors comment. He addressed this already. It is the British who agreed to compensate the white farmers but decided to cheap them out once it got expensive.

    5. Untrue, many countries are rich and corrupt, italy, america, canada etc.

    6. Mugabe doesn't starve and murder his people? Really?

      Wow I guess I owe that guy an apology instead...

      *puts sniper rifle back into safe*

    7. Yeah this is basically an accurate reflection of what happened. Its ironic how none of the white posters talk about how the blaks being compensated by the english and whites for stolen land. As long as the whites come from the position that africans are inferior and are not entitled to compensation for their land but whites are the only solution is to remove them all.

  17. You white europeans living in africa are not africans. When blacks live in europe they are never called europeans you call them immigrants even when they are born there.

    The ministers son is right, africans no longer want to do business with europeans, go away, return to your mother land, there is more money in europe for you, your white so you will be welcomed there. Africans would rather deal with india man or china men, whites man are too cantankerous.

    The idea of a nation state means there is no room for whites in africa. Nation means a group of relatively homogenous people with a common racial identity. State means continuous geographical area. zimbabwe is too young for multiculturalism to work. Multculturalism doesn't even work in europe and you have all the money to try to make it work. Most europeans oppose immigration, so why is it bad when africans want the immigrant white man out?

    1. Bigot! You judge a man by the content of his heart, not the color of his skin.

    2. Yeah keep blaming your inadequacies on the white man, lets see how far that gets you in life.

    3. The life of an African despot -

      -Blame the white man
      -Kill and enslave the black man
      -When you see the end is near, steal all you can and go into exile

    4. @ jmac800
      ...there is no room for whites in africa."

      I think I understand your rage.

      I am white, of European ancestry. I do not know what it is like to be black in a world lorded-over by white imperialists. I would not presume even to imagine.

      I do believe, however, that accepting friendship from white people when, each in our way, we attempt to extend friendship might be something to reconsider.

      Just a thought.

      You do not want to be like some of those hypocritical Christians willing, at the drop of hat, to accuse others of being a "Bigot!" as did C_and_N(seen below).


    5. And what was not the classic definition of a "bigot" in his statement? He based his entire assesment of people on the color of their skin-- NOT on the actions they do, nor on the content of thier hearts. If I had said that about black Americans, wouldn't you also call me a racist, or a bigot? True of false?

    6. C_and_N
      "...classic definition of a 'bigot'"

      'You', of course!


    7. Sorry Oz, some whites can be likeable on an individual level, whites can visit africa if they want but this movie highlights why they are just incompatible with africa and africans.

      The reality is that this white guy in the movie is exploiting his black workers=slaves. Who are working to make him rich yet if he was gone they could become rich. The reality despite putting up the facade of being white "africans" these so called white africans have far more in common with europe and its where they ought to go. they have used europe to ruin zimbabwe they go and cry to europe every day and make africa worse for all but themselves.

    8. @ jmac800
      "...some whites can be likeable on an individual level,..."

      I know nothing whatever of the on-the-ground-reality in Africa.

      The only place I have ever visited on the African Continent is
      the North African state of Morocco, hardly representative of
      the region where you live.

      I am happy, however, knowing I would be welcomed by good people, as yourself, should ever I request to visit your homeland.


    9. The Chinese DO NOT give Africans a fair deal at all. None of the money they invest into that continent stays there - it all goes back to China.

      Good luck with your "fruitful" business partnership.

    10. No African country has ever been enriched when dealing with the white man, in fact its the opposite. Those African countries who deal mostly with the asians do better. Luanda, Abuja, etc. China is not perfect but it is a huge improvement

  18. A group of British colonialist illegally enter your country at gun point, steal all your best land, rape your women, and kill your men, and abduct your children and force the men into slavery and when you come to take your property back you are called a farm invader? Typical British colonialis behaviour. Thats almost as bad as when white americans steal half of the land from mexico kick out all the mexicans and when they return they call them illegals.

    all in all this is clear anti mugabe propaganda. He is not clean on human rights but in light of what the above circumstances are he is very nice to whites in africa. I mean he could just kill them all. However he is simply advocating that africans have self determination like every other group of people do. Further more than 100,000 people have been resettled on the agricultural land reform program, so claims its all mugabe's people getting the land are false.

    1. Blood is on your hands too, I see, as you support all the evil Mugabe has done.

    2. @ C_and_N
      "Blood is on your hands too,..."

      Another, even better, example of "blood is on YOUR hands" can be found in Uganda where, as you well know, white Christians from the good ol' U.S. of A. are helping to promote legislation in Uganda which, if successful, will result in the execution of untold numbers gay people.

      Hold your head high, you arrogant hypocrite!


    3. Oz, I didn't watch the Ugandan documentary. But as I said BEFORE and will say AGAIN:

      I DO NOT support legislation to kill homosexuals. If they are pressing specifically for that legislation, then I'm opposed to it. This indivicual SUPPORTS what Mugabe has done and is doing now. There's a HUGE fundamental difference there---- One is called "support" the other is called "opposition".

      If however, the missionaries are supporting "holiness only," and the Ugandans themselves are taking the matter into their own hands with this legislation that has the death penalty, then that's very sad. The death penalty in my opinion should be reserved for murder alone, or perhaps extreme torture with intent to kill, etc.

      By the way, Magabe met last year with Iran's president, Abinaminabadjab (yeah, who cares how to spell it right), and now they're best of friends. He supports the killing of homosexuals too, whereas I don't.

    4. @ C_and_N
      "...I didn't watch the Ugandan documentary."

      I think you should. You might learn something of real value.

      TDF? SEXUALITY? 28.The World’s Worst Place to Be Gay
      TDF? SOCIETY? 94.Missionaries of Hate


    5. Mugabe has done plenty good. Mugabe is like the George Washington of Zimbabwe and Africa. Washington killed plenty people but if you want independence you must fight the wicked british for it. If the Americans do not want white English loyalists in their country why should zimbabwe?

    6. This oz character is quite the narcissistic jackass, with alot of bitterness.

    7. @JMAC800. This is typical Mugabe style propaganda, and all bullshit.. "A group of British colonialist illegally enter your country at gun point, steal all your best land, rape your women, and kill your men" When the settlers arrived in Africa, there were no countries. Just a bunch of primitive tribes, killing each other, raping the other tribes wives and daughters, and at best, herding some cattle. The countries, borders and farms came long afterwards, all built from nothing but arid bare land by the white settlers. The farms are now taken from the whites, not because they belonged to anyone previously, but because the black people have built a hatred towards the whites, thanks to no education, propaganda, politics and greed of the leaders like mugabe. There are millions of acres of land that belong to the government, both in South Africa and in Zimbabwe, that can be used for redistribution. If there was ever any valid intention of redistribution, why has the governments never started with that land first ? The no education, also largely due to politics, makes it much easier for political parties to manipulate ignorant people than those with education. The Blacks in Africa have created themselves as slaves, to the black leaders, through listening to the leaders when the leaders tell them to burn their books and not to get educated. You ask for the whites to be removed from Africa, yet when it comes to the poverty, you always expect the whites to bring in relief and charity, double standards, much?

      how about a fair deal then. Give the arid bare land that the governments currently own, and have no interest to farm, to the white farmers, in exchange for their, now fertile land. And I bet within 20 years, that that arid land will be fertile farms, and the previous fertile farms will be arid, useless land, as shown time and time again. These people who are taking the land have NO interest in farming, they only want to take the land because it belongs to a white person. Don't talk about racist anyone when you are supporting a purely racist agenda.

  19. 10+ Documentary!

    Note to Zimbabwe: When you plan a genecide on the color of a man's skin, make sure you can do his job when he's dead or go hungry!


    "Mike Campbell - the white Zimbabwean farmer who took President Robert Mugabe to court in 2007 over his programme of land seizures - has died.

    Mr Campbell won the case in a regional court but Zimbabwe's government ignored the ruling.

    His family says the 78 year old never fully recovered after he was abducted and badly beaten by militants."

    "When the farm invasions began in 2000, there were some 4,000 farms owned by white people.

    To date, only about 300 remain - and evictions - albeit at a slower pace - continue, our reporter says."

    News Africa
    April 8, 2011

    1. BBC News Africa? No comment.

      C_and_N, Could it be that I once seen you commenting on another doc that "It is written" in the only Bible that the "Only God" once declared the whole middle east a land that he reserved solely for the jewish descent?

      Otherwise, it would have been the comment of a certain C_and_C?

      For now, I wouldn't have any trust in that unmaned body that your are.


  20. I never claimed that I knew Zimbabwe in any manner.
    And instead of making assumptions, I asked...
    I repeat, within the city where I grew up (Huge one), there could be at least some 100 buildings of all sort that some well fortunate notorious individuals contributed to.
    Most of the times, it was with the partnership of some social or political entity.

    Around the whole world, many countries have quite a bit of the same thing. Except in Russia where I never been.
    A bizarre behaviour that many human beings come up with once they obtained success in life. Too often after overexploiting their fellow citizens. In West Europe, we have tons of this.
    Sometimes it's a university faculty within the individual specialty...
    Go figure... Trivial!...

    In short, it just crossed my mind, I wondered for a moment and I asked before making my mind. Gotten the reply...
    If some brought them religions plus a few other principles, why not what comes with it? Civism?

    Lastly, this doesn't change that the "Mugabe" henchmen don't have my recognition. They are as late as anybody can be.
    Because, the problem is now there, it's too late...
    Worst, they're not negotiable & this means, no future in sight for them.

    As for the absence of any obligations toward one nationality, you suggest that only the rule of the law with a total absence of philanthropy, civism apply? I do not deny that at all! YOU'RE RIGHT & YOU WON!

    Anyhow, once someone has lost the confidence of the other half...
    Years and generations ago.
    Now go to sleep with your “Definitions” based on the rules of laws.

    After viewing that doc & having your comment, I sure know what's happened in Zimbabwe.
    It stops there.


  21. I come from Africa I am white .I see the harm Mugabe has done to his own Black & white people,they are starving...leaving Zim to live in nabering country s ,putting a huge displacement of His Population in to southern Africa ....His minister that was interviewed in this video clearly states that they ,the ZANU PF are in bed with the Chinese ......@ the cost of his own people .cum on get of the race issue and look at the braider picture PEOPLE

  22. Poignant it is. But how this came to be? Not a clue in that doc.
    Since they claimed that they were Zimbabwe citizens, what did that mean to them? There are quite a few rules of thumb there!

    Isn't Zimbabwe part of the international homosapien societies over the world?
    I doesn't appear that this doc allow have a clear judgment upon the whole case.

    Here, I mean: For the ones not residing, not citizen of Zimbabwe, have you ever seen heard of a philanthropic organization within your country founded by one of your well know and well fortunate fellow citizen?
    -Understood, not all of them, but it's been seen and still is in India...

    Ok, when it breaks down to only foreign organizations like CARE or any other one worldwide, that is something else. I ain't talking 'bout that.
    Because the African regions concerned here are quite a bit different.
    They have natural resources and wealth, and a whole lot of it!

    In short, I never seen what was the social conditions a few generations ago, never seen any of these white business or corporate give any grant to any philanthropic social organization or else, being a factual part of the Elite of these countries to build a better social life that would promote a superior education of the masses.
    -Your freedom you'd say, I agree and be it!

    Do good to any animal living on planet earth and...
    Treat him as an object that only needs to be watered or fed once in a while and... What did you expected, really? It's already too late, much late.

    In facts, I'm a bit sarcastic here because I sure know already what would be the answer to the question: -"What do they consider to be; "Being a citizen".

    We've seen it all in the occidental societies and our best days already passed by.


    1. Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean they haven't done it. You're too quick on making assumptions without any evidence. The words Old, Cynical and negative comes to mind.

      Look at the definition of "citizen" : "A resident of a city or town, especially one entitled to vote and enjoy other privileges there." Here's another one : "A person owing loyalty to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of a state or nation."

      White Africans do not have privileges, in fact we hardly have rights. So why on earth would they put their money into building a society that denies them their rights and wants to genocide White Africans as a whole? Heck I'm not even allowed to vote because I am white yet I am a citizen of South Africa! I'm sure the rich Whiteys would much rather use their money into building a fortress around them/hire swat teams to protect them from their own Country and Government.

      It's all a vicious circle, the more the blacks get vocal about their hate for the whites the more the whites get paranoid and scared. This isn't freedom and fixating on blaming others is not getting us anywhere. CLEARLY. So please keep your misinformed/inexperienced assumptions to yourself. You know Nothing about Africa, so stop pretending that you do.

    2. I never claimed that I knew Zimbabwe in any manner.
      And instead of making assumptions, I asked...
      I repeat, within the city where I grew up (Huge one), there could be at least some 100 buildings of all sort that some well fortunate notorious individuals contributed to.
      Most of the times, it was with the partnership of some social or political entity.

      Around the whole world, many countries have quite a bit of the same thing. Except in Russia where I never been.
      A bizarre behaviour that many human beings come up with once they obtained success in life. Too often after overexploiting their fellow citizens. In West Europe, we have tons of this.
      Sometimes it's a university faculty within the individual specialty...
      Go figure... Trivial!...

      In short, it just crossed my mind and I wondered for a moment and I asked before making my mind.
      If some brought them religions plus a few other principles, why not what comes with it? Civism?

      Lastly, this doesn't change that the "Mugabe" henchmen don't have my recognition. They are as late as anybody can be.
      The problem is there, it's too late...
      Worst, they're not negotiable & this means, no future in sight for them.

      As for the absence of any obligations toward one nationality, you suggest that only the rule of the law with a total absence of philanthropy, civism apply?
      I do not deny that at all! YOU'RE RIGHT & YOU WON!

      Anyhow, once someone has lost the confidence of the other half...
      Years and generations ago.
      Now go to sleep with your “Definitions” based on the rules of laws.

      After viewing that doc & having your comment, I sure know what's happened in Zimbabwe. It stops there.


  23. Fairness. What is fair? Is it fair to let a man pursue his livelihood and happiness? Of course. Is it fair to let Africans control Africa? Of course. But is it fair to strip every man, woman, and child of their human rights and dignities in pursuit of "African self-determination"? God no. Is it fair to beat, torture, and murder those who oppose one man's idea of a perfect African nation; one that supplies him and his cohorts with fresh cars and estates, while the people and economy lie in ruins? God damn it, no.

    There is no "fair" anymore; there never was. What is "fair" for one man may not be for another. There is only right and wrong. Some call it the "laws of God" - I call it freedom. There is NO freedom in Zimbabwe; not for the blacks, and certainly not for the whites. History has been very unkind to the people of Africa, and that, in itself, is a vast understatement. However, history is GONE. All we have is today and tomorrow; the past only exists in our memories. It is our memories that haunt us and eventually formulate our ideas for the future. Sometimes, those ideas lead to great change.

    Take, for example: The Arab Spring. Scores of citizens living under despot-like dictatorships who were tired. So tired, that they have risen up and taken to the streets in effort to finally topple these regimes in the Middle East. If one follows the process of elimination, then once the Middle East is set free, Africa is next. Then Asia.

    Good people with video cameras and a voice will not stand by and let human rights violations go unnoticed. Once this material is brought into the light, only then can the process begin. Once the media has taken hold, and everyone on their couches in free countries watching their televisions finally stands up and says "Hey! I have human rights! What about them? Whose gonna help them?", then we can ask ourselves what must be done, and then we can move on to accomplish those goals.

    We are finally moving into the age of a legitimate world community, supported by free trade. Generally, those nations outside of this community are those with tyrants reigning down terror upon their people. The term "human rights violation" doesn't even touch it. The truth is, these people live in "terror", not "violation".

    Coincidentally, this legitimate world community is currently involved in an extensive "war on terror". Al Qaeda isn't the only organization bombing and killing. There happen to be governments that are just as awful, if not worse than Osama's bunch, and speaking of the man, he's dead. So who's next? As I recall it, the free world declared war on terror, and certainly Osama Bin Laden was not the world's only terrorist. I can think of a long list of other men who deserve the same fate, or at least a swift trip to the Hague, and Zimbabwe's Mugabe is among them.

    So what is fair? Fairness is equality among men, and human rights for all, regardless of nationality, and as I said, "fair" never was. But it's the dawn of a new age, where good people take action, and I have hope. All we must do is learn from our past, and hope for the future.
    : :
    Aside from my rant on humanistic principals and foreign policy, the documentary was outstanding. Top 3 on listed here, for sure. There needs to be a thousand more like it.

    1. Hu huh... forming an opinion with "a quick browse" about global research, a site with thousands of articles made by university teachers, professors, doctors and international rewarded wrighters dous'nt sound lake a person to be taken very seriously. You se, that's the main problem with the overall mainstream public opinion. You're a part of that system.

    2. I'm not mainstream; I'm progressive. I don't even have a T.V.

      Your source did have one or two interesting articles, I'll give you that, but it still appears incredibly anti government/media/everything (biased). I don't like Rupert Murdock either, but I don't watch Fox News, so I don't worry about it. Even professors and writers have strongly biased opinions and ideologies. To each his own, but I prefer objectivity in my news (and multiple sources).

    3. @ BeardHero420
      "I don't even have a T.V."

      I think you're the first person I've come across here at TDF that doesn't have a T.V., just like I don't.

      I threw mine into a dumpster 20yrs ago and then tossed a brick onto it so that no one else could be victimized by the thing.

      No one in the world, except some Americans who have never been outside their own country, takes American noooz seriously.

      What comes through that tube is pure diarrhea.


  24. Where were the international courts when whites were taking the land from africans ? The dictator of zimbabwe went through the process of redistribution of land the wrong way from the start ! It is a shame that the burn down this man's farm.If they wanted whites to leave they should have compensated them for their time and property and wen through an orderly transition .In the end I don't believe he made life better for africans by doing what he did .The truth of the matter is that this is clearly a sad,sad situation for all -africans and white africans !Its a shame that human being have such a hard time getting along with each other !

    1. I think you're missing the point. The man bought his land in a free market, independent Zimbabwe AND he is African - just white. I think we should stay clear of big race statements. Remember many bantu Africans are also immigrants to the area! The myth of 'whites' stealing land in exagerated and based on peoples own racist perspective. I do agree we should all do more to understand each other as human beings BUT its a two way street. Anti-white racism should not be accepted.

    2. nobody told white people to come to the land of others and dominate them with violence and hate.

  25. In the begining of white take over of zimbabwe ,whites evicted blacks from the land ! Two wrongs will never make a right in most cases but this seems to be the exception ! How are we to feel sorry for whites being evicted from lands that the original owners were evicted from ,so that the whites were given that land ? This movie seems to be making a case for sympathy for the whites and I find it to be strange !This guy claims that he is an african but what he really is ,is a white african of european decent !All of the people he claims to be so good to are his employees who are making him rich with their cheap labor ! Racism is wrong and the whites in zembabwe are just going through what Blacks have expireinced throughout the world.The same augumens that they use concerning fairness has fallen on deaf white ears all over the world,when made by blacks .Europeans have done all sorts of dirt to africans all over the world .They have robbed resources from africa even until this very day and have killed african people all over africa and now they have concerns for fairness ? I can find no sympathy for them ! These people were wrong from the start !The dictator of zembabwe is also wrong ! If he is not going to make the lives of the african people of zembabawe better ,he might as well leave the whites alone !

    1. What is your view on Hitler? I cant believe anyone can defend Mugabe. This is human story about injustice. Its actually a very simple truth but perhaps people like you are unware of the race tinted glasses of your own prejudice which clearly affects your view. The Nazi's had similar views...and you do not see white Africans as Africans?

    2. They bought their land from the Government in a free and and independent Zimbabwe and now you want to tell me these people are in the wrong and that they "Stole it"? They feed and support a community of over 500 black Zimbabweans... Something Robert Mugabe can't even do!

      "All of the people he claims to be so good to are his employees who are making him rich with their cheap labor !"

      Seriously? Your racism is beneath you.

    3. "They bought their" land? I just gotta view that one.
      Because, if the USA citizens at large have multiple problem to get their own civil rights to be respected and are exploited to the bone, who on planet earth can ever dream that civil rights can reprected over there?

      All over the world, histrory teaches us that on the contrary, the well fed and well provided abuse the ones who bring wealth to a country.

      Then, why would there be a "Miracle" over there?
      At any time anybody could think of, or suggest?

      I have to see...


    4. you really believe they paid for all that land?

  26. After reading all these comments, I'm shocked to find people arguing about the moral rights and racism shown in this film. Isn't it enough to say that no one deserves to be treated any way which is unfair? That no one deserves to get beat up and harmed. This film was made to show predominantly one side of an issue but all you people want to bicker back and forth with each other. This movie brought me to tears because I cannot fathom how people can hurt each other the way they did shown in this documentary. It definately opened my eyes to something I had no idea about before.

    1. Thank you for your humanitarianism :) People like you give me hope.

    2. humanitarism is not in your culture when it comes to Black people. now you have shown that time and time again throughout history. stop it, please I cannot stand the hypocrisy.

  27. Good post Tamryn, but you're wrong about anti-black racism being worse than anti-White racism.

    What is happening to Whites in "Zimbabwe" and the "New" South Africa is infinitely worse than anything that ever happened to blacks. The proof of that is obvious. Whites are fleeing these countries and no new Whites are moving in. When Whites controlled these countries, blacks (and other non-Whites) flooded-in, to live among the Whites, proving that the "discrimination" against non-Whites was not as it has been characterized. If it was so terrible for blacks, then why were they (and others) so eager to move into the White areas?

    1. Um hello. Slavery

    2. I didn't say anti-black racism was any worse than anti-white racism. I said MY personal experience surely was not as bad as the average black person's experience during Apartheid. But then again I was extremely lucky and I wasn't willing to wait around for it to equal out.

      What the white's are currently undergoing is little more than a silent genocide, while I'm not one for tit for tat it's unfortunately an African solution to an African problem. You can either accept it for what it is or get out.

    3. It's late, much too late.
      And quite a few generations went by while it was already was too late. Reason why it gotten so bad to up that point.

      Just by curiosity though, may I ask once again if any notorious wealthy white individual (Although maybe passed away since) would have given or loan, any money of any grant of any sort to build a school, a faculty in a Zimbabwe university, or then simply an auditorium for social shows of some sort in Zimbabwe?
      You know what I mean?
      A factual gesture that make a citizen what he claimed to be "His Patriotic" citizenship?

      Name me a few through, say about 40 years?
      Even if it was Rhodesia.
      Go ahead but do not mention pure forreign aids like CARE or Oxfam.


    4. wow. you're pretty out of touch with history. you may want to do a little more research on the history of Africa (and maybe even black people in America, if you care enough) before you make such claims. and lol at you questioning AFRICANS for wanting to move to an AFRICAN country. you may want to go a little further back and ask ,"why were the whites so eager to move onto a black continent?"

    5. Please learn something about the truth and do not base your ideas on myths!

      It can never be stressed enough that Zimbabwe inherited a highly unequal land ownership pattern from apartheid Rhodesia. By 2002, 70 percent of the richest farmland still remained in the hands of just 4,500 white commercial farmers, focused mainly on producing crops for export. Meanwhile, one million indigenous families eked out a bare existence, crowded into an arid region of limited suitability for agriculture, known as the 'communal' areas. Fast-track land reform redistributed much of the commercial farmland to some 170,000 families. Whatever its faults in execution, the process has undeniably created a significantly more equitable distribution of land than what prevailed before.

      That is not the story the Western audience hears. Instead, we are told that fast track land reform was a "land grab" by "cronies," bringing about a more unequal distribution of land than what had preceded it. Yet the surveys conducted by the AIAS and the IDS found that most beneficiaries of land reform were ordinary people, whereas those who might be categorized as "elites" constituted a small minority. According to the IDS, this minority amounted to less than five percent.

    6. Sounds like the words of a "crony" to me.

    7. Still, the "Cronies" that you are, are the worst nightmare human beings can ever dream of.

      You had a marvelous and rate opportunity to get these straight minded "Whites" to a round table to settle down some "Citizenship" issues once & for all.

      Instead of this solution, you decided to resolve "Your" problem by ransacking your own fruits and natural resources.

      There was only one word to say: there's more to being a citizen than what you have in mind.
      Name me one White African who commited some of the wealth he acquired here to the nation he claimed to be from?

      Name me one?
      That doesn't take Einstein brain?
      Even your IQ could have come up with this if it wouldn't be crooked.


  28. I'm actually incredibly heart broken by the uneducated bullheaded opinions on this film :( I was born and raised in South Africa, I went to a school with children of all races, I lived in a community of all races and we had a black President known as Madiba who was greatly loved by all. I grew up not knowing what racism was until I went to high school. It was then that they taught us about "Aparthied" and it was then that I realised I had to reluctantly carry the burden of my "fore-father's" crimes. As I got older I was hated and discriminated against professionally and personally for being white. I know what I had gone through was nowhere near as bad as what the non-white people had to go through during apartheid, but I still wouldn't wish living like that on my worst enemy. I am sorry I was born white and in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I am sorry I forgot to remind myself what an abomination I am when I woke up this morning.

    1. I am sorry Tamryn. You aren't bad. just as I am sure there is not many people here that would actually be racist just on the basis of skin color. There is however a lot of hard feelings in this world, a lot of power struggle, a lot of mixed emotions and misunderstandings. It is foolish for us to be sad because we can't manage it, or deal wit=h an imperfect world. I rather see it as something exciting, something that gives us opportunity to resolve problems, in ourselves and for others.

      Think about things that we perceive as good: say, mother theresa. She is the holy lady isn't she, but call it indirectly or not, her lack of support for contraception ( putting it in the same category as abortion) created more harm than good. To name a few more, there are many vested interests in making education systems suboptimal, just as there are people making sure to erase and rewrite history of first nations all over the planet.

      There are also perceptions which change with time, as you may very have noticed it as you grow up and how you don't see the same things that you saw when you were 10. These are separate from history, as well as from your ability to learn what is real history and what is the history told by the winners of a struggle.

      Watch the movie True Grit. It may tell you a couple of good things.

    2. Tell me something I don't already know.

    3. True Grit. Africa is a bit like the old west in America if you think about it. The man with the guns and the posse runs things; the people live in fear. Only difference is, the scale on which this takes place is one-thousand fold of the Old West. Bigger posses and more guns.

      Except the Old West ended about 100 years ago. Africa continues on like this today.

    4. the differences we call race (an outdated term if ever there were one) are environmental. fact is no two people are more than 50th cousins of one another. Most are closer.

    5. Despite this lovely fact you have provided people still look for differences in each other to hate and despise. Personally I think racism is stupid. It has done nothing but cause pain and suffering for everyone and has made my homeland too unbearable to live in.

    6. How were you suppose to know what was going on ? We all know that sooner or later you would know because your parents taught you about the way things were and why they should stay that way !Its a shame that it is that way but there is nothing kids can do about it .

    7. Dude what are you talking about? I grew up when apartheid ended. My parents never taught me about racism and the history of Apartheid because it's not something you teach a child... Please don't assume all white people were racists and for Apartheid because that's a terrible assumption. Just like how not all Germans were for Hitler's Jewish witch hunt.

    8. Again, Name me any notorious wealthy white individual (Although maybe passed away since) would have given or loaned any money of any grant of any sort to build a school, a faculty in a Zimbabwe university, or then a show auditorium of some sort in Zimbabwe?
      You know what I mean?
      A factual gesture that make a citizen what he because patriotic citizenship?

      Even if it was in Rhodesia.
      Go ahead but do not mention pure forreign aids like CARE or Oxfam.


    9. I wouldn't know I grew up being "lower class" and never met a rich person in SA. However I haven't heard of the privileged black people doing the same either. So who knows?

      It doesn't make the rest of the whites any less patriotic if that's the point you're trying to make. And same goes for the blacks.

    10. Pierre - regardless of the past, the fact of the matter is that the blacks are now the ones causing problems - not the whites. They have the ability to run a peaceful nation - they choose the low road instead. We can argue about historical colonialism all day, but Mugabe is still the killer today.

    11. Tamryn/Louise? Did you or do you expect me to know personnally any of these "Great" philantropits for whom I only know their names.
      For some, I know what theyve done but it remains rare.
      I guess that I'm only an "Average" common dude.

      Bottom line, you simply "Evaded" the case.
      I rather not make any comment on such a behavior but gess that you aleady had an idea how I "Grade this"?

      I now know what was wrong there.
      Wrong for centuries.
      I'm glad that as expected and hoped for, all is fair.
      Thank for the infos.


    12. BeardHero420? Yes, I agree for sure!
      A war criminal among many.

      The only thing is that those "Right" whites were and still are some (2-4) generations late.

      PS: By right, I mean justified...
      Still some (40-60) years late in assessing, assuming what they claimed to be "Their" citizenship.
      Tamryn/Louise just replied not remembering of any notorious white Zimbabwean being at the origin of a public grant of any sort.
      -Even the uneducated beggars know that this building, or that public pool or summer camp for younsters was given or pushed forward by this or that "Cresus"?
      Know what I mean?...
      Got the money, love mother or father homeland...
      So, through the years, ~60 went by...
      I was curious to have a better idea... Before...

      Now I know.


    13. I can't exactly formulate an educated opinion about your question without the facts, now can I? And no we weren't told who built this or that, I lived in a shitty town that no one gave a toss about. We had hardly any facilities and all the buildings that we did have were old reused ones from Apartheid times. So please don't be so presumptuous and tell me I'm "evading" your question. Maybe you live in a first world country where that's a little hard for you to comprehend. We weren't as spoilt or as lucky as you clearly are. People don't do PR in Africa like they do in America with charity events and building schools for special kids. (Just so you know since you clearly have NO IDEA about how Africa works.)

    14. Tamryn, I couldn't agree with you more. If you hurt me, I'd probably not forgive you. But if your grandfather hurt mine? There comes a point when we must let the past rest and focus on a better tomorrow.

  29. karma sure is painful

    1. You are evil!

    2. There is no such thing as karma.

  30. A government foremost responsibility is to its citizens, this is not only a constitutional requirement but a moral requirement. Mugabe became demonized by Europeans because he is accused of grabbing land from the rich imperialist remnants of Britain colonialism and redistributed the land to deserving Zimbabwean. In doing this he became an instant enemy of the Europeans. The Europeans responded by imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe and as a result a once prosperous African country was reduced to nothing. By imposing sanctions against Zimbabwe the Europeans targeted Zimbabwean leadership and ended up hurting the Zimbabwean population the most. Its time we ask the Europeans whether it is moral to punish an entire population of 13 million people just because a handful of rich Britons feel hurt because they have been evicted of their ill gotten land.
    At the forefront of demonizing Mugabe is Gordon Brown. The same Brown who recently said ‘British jobs for British people’. We need to ask ourselves if this is any different from Mugabe’s policy of ‘Zimbabwean land for Zimbabwean people.’ Is the west practicing double standards? Both Mugabe and Brown are trying to look out for the interests of their citizens. Mugabe emerged a tyrant and dictator as a result and Brown was branded a statesman. Do you think a Zimbabwean would be allowed to own large tracks of land in Britain while the native Britons are homeless? Both you and I know the answer to this question. The Europeans will claim that the evicted Britons are Zimbabwean citizens, this maybe true. And if this is the case why are the Europeans meddling in conflicts between a group of ‘Zimbabwean citizens’ and the Zimbabwean government. Would they be equally interested if the conflicting ‘Zimbabwean citizens’ were non white? I have friends who are of African decent but European citizens and I can tell you they are treated like 2nd class citizens by the native Europeans. Its time the Europeans got a taste of their own medicine.

    Mugabe was trying to get rid of the rich imperialist who owned large tracks of lands in Zimbabwe while the indigenous Zimbabweans are landless. This land by the way was acquired as a result of colonialism, and therefore they cannot claim to have purchased the land lawfully. This land was grabbed from its rightful owners the Zimbabwean people’s ancestors. I live in Europe and I can tell you the European people and its leaders have a very negative attitude towards immigrants especially African immigrants. As a result abuse towards African immigrants is rampant and in some cases, can be considered as the norm. Immigrants cannot really integrate into the European society because they are not given an equal opportunity to prosper. And in cases where an opportunity is given, the opportunities are very limited. This happens to be the same Europeans who when they come to Africa expect to own large tracks of land and head the top companies at the expense of indigenous people. And on top of all this expect special treatment from the same Africans whom they despise back in Europe. To me this stinks of arrogance of the highest order, the Europeans and its leaders are drunk of arrogance.

    Africans should not be hood wicked by the west. The western world is not always right, sure there are a few things Africans should emulate from the west, such as good governance and technological advances. But we should shun their dictatorship on Africa leaders and its people. They should emancipate themselves from mental neo colonialism. The Europeans who pride themselves for civility are the same people who lead the world into two world wars. The same Europeans who pride themselves for prudent judgment are the same Europeans who have lead the world into the current financial crisis. These two examples should show us that the Europeans can be wrong and when they are wrong the consequences are deadly to the world. And in Mugabe’s case the Europeans are dead wrong.

    1. Actually, Mugabe was a kept pet of Liberals and put in power by them to prove to the world that blacks were wonderful, honorable, brilliant peace-makers and rulers. Instead, he turned-out to be a monster, identical -- in almost every respect -- to every other black-ruler in recent memory.

    2. You are that stupied that you are unfit to see your salvation.
      When I was a "Trainee" in pure & applied sciences, I didn't went on my own taking for granted that I didn't need what already existed as facts in in technology.

      Today, it's me who bring the business in.
      It ain'ta matter of "Who" has the brain because we all have it.
      It is rather "Who" has the potential and it is not individuals like you, not smart at all.

      I'd stay aloof for more than a lifetime.
      The world doens't need such extremists while you're in need of help.
      Still, you remain a dangerous crook to make business with.


    3. Clearly you come from Europe, you know nothing of zimbabwe.
      If you actually got your facts straight, then spent about 5 minutes going over them you would realize how dumb someone has to be to believe the propaganda spewed by mugabe. To take one of your quotes: "he is accused of grabbing land from the rich imperialist remnants of Britain colonialism and redistributed the land to deserving Zimbabwean" This is untrue, he is not accused of this. This is what he, in person is claiming. Now, if you look into this with any intellect, the first three questions that should pop into your mind should be: 1) Who are these deserving recipients, and what or who qualifies them as worthy recipients. 2) Who, and how do they decide who's land to take. 3) Is it humane to kill, and torture the families to take their land. If these imperialists had no care of the land, or any of the people in zimbabwe, do you not think they would have been more willing to just hand over their land because some dictator told them to.

      To answer the questions,
      1) Any mugaba friend, or zanu PF supporter. (It is common practice to make sure any known people in the opposition parties do not get any food, are arrested, and beaten up by the police)
      2)The decision is simple, two aspects qualify you for land reform, If you are white, and if you are in opposition to zanu pf.
      3)zanu pf is a dictatorship, there is no humanity at all.

      Why do you live in a democracy if you support, and encourage this barbaric behavior. You then speak of the world wars as if they are bad, yet you support the killing of innocent people in this case. I can only attempt to brush it aside as intellectual immaturity.

    4. It been said B-4: It's way too late, decades too late.
      You may be right but that changes nothing.
      Decades ago, it would have been much better for the "Whites" (No offence intended) to act as "Partners", then Mugabe wouldn't never had anybody behind him.

      Hey! Tamryn/Louise said it and once was living over there: -In never occurred that a "White" who had the opportunity to grow his financial assets over there did gave or lend any social facility (Public school, pool, football field or anything alike...) or took an active part (Such as an Elite figure) to the betterment of that African society since that country or Rhodesia existed apart than paying the strictly evaluated cost of living for the families over there.

      Why is there so many of these all over the occidental world and none over there? You are simple minded but not everyone is.

      This just can't be called the "American Dream" for God Sake!
      They're not obliged? For sure, but even not one since that time? That speaks a lot.
      They are not citizens because they do not consider themselves as such.

      And it is obvious to me that if one dig deeper into the ditch, a lot of similar5 facts will surface; Where was their bank located? Where did they shared their wealth?
      Remember the Slogan: "Made in America", what was that for according to you?

      Sorry that someone had to tell you such basic things.
      But you don't have not even a drop of wisdom.
      They can not go back in time, simply live with what grew up.


    5. Next time you'd need anything from these countries, harsh oppositions will be there.

      Second, telling the rest of the world that Mugabe isn't a criminal is a summum in psychosis.

      The words of that "Abrao" should be kept until further use can be done when international deals are negociated.
      Weak brain, very weak brain...


    6. wrote ..'The Europeans responded by imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe and as a result a once prosperous African country was reduced to nothing'...well,the only reason they WERE once prosperous is because the white ppl there made it so! duh..white ppl kicked out ..back to hellhole brainer! I am not predjudice but it's a fact....look at any once beautiful,prosperous city,..even neighborhood..when blacks move in it goes all to hell! The majority of once beautiful Polish,Italian family neighborhoods in Chicago are now rundown Ghetto's!! It's heartbreaking!

  31. the introduction needs editing... The English should never forget how many people they have killed in Southern Africa alone

    1. Van Gaal ?? Sounds a bit.. Dutch - in which case YOU, and your clogs should learn about your own people's history in the region before defaming the English...hypocritical is the word that springs to mind.

      There on the other hand - such a broad and sweeping generalization as is invoked when using terms like THE Dutch THE English etc., are clearly nonsensical, when it has been proven that the concept of race is not only socially divisive it has no basis in scientific truth. (see Human Genome Project).

      Mugabe is deeply sinister, has a dodgy mustache and admires hitler := plus on top of that he's a mass-murdering racist, and in this day and scenario, I think it's fair to say that HE is probably the baddie, not previous colonial powers.

      Perhaps we should not visit the sins of the fathers on the children.

      I thought those were extremely tough and brave people. I couldn't help admiring them even though I thought they were crazy. I hope they are all surviving through their awful time and I hope the outcome will be peaceful and worth the battle.

      Their workers seemed such sweet people too.

      Very sad business.

    2. Bwarff! Quite all Europeens did suck the blood out of Africa,
      I'm simply happy we never did, far or close.

      Maybe he (Or its) simply refered to the "Home Sweet Home" or the "American Pie" way of life since there ain't a lesser amount of races in the "White spicie" compared to other colors?
      Sometimes, I'd like to be black 'coze black by definition in pure applied (Realtity) science is a "Total absence of color"!


    3. It's foolish to argue about what may or may not have happened in the past. We need to focus on the present and stopping the genocide of Whites in "Zimbabwe" and the "New" South Africa.

    4. Yes! If it may help, burn all history books that mentions that part of the world.
      But hasn't that been tried before?

      Meanwhile, name me any notorious wealthy white individual (Although maybe passed away since) would have given or loaned any money of any grant of any sort to build a school, a faculty in a Zimbabwe university, or then a show auditorium of some sort in Zimbabwe?


    5. I agree Jack.

      And Pierre - we should LEARN from the past; not LIVE in it.

    6. BeardHero420. It is intrinsec to humankind to acquire knowledge and remember it.
      As well, it is intrinsec to some to forget and take pleasure in causing prejudice to others.

      I read many of your comment & you're a crooked mind.
      Go practice your lack of judgement on anyone else.


    7. @Pierre In what way is my mind crooked?

      I read "many of your comment" as well and you are generally a cynic. I apologize for my positive outlook.

  32. Possibly one of the very few white people in the world who understand what racism genuinely feels like.

    1. Excuse me?

    2. One of the very few... what about the white jewish people? Hispanics in the US? And "white" is a week word because where do you stop on the scale of color graduation? But that's another discussion I guess.

  33. This is absolutely racism.. but when I put myself in Zambabwian people's shoes I can understand them.. If white people (I am a white person by the way) invaded my country and took everything from us, our petrol, our lands, our farms, our udnerground resources and still resist to live in my country, I would not be happy at all.. Those people have all rights to think that white people are colonian, and that's the truth! I just dont understand, if white people disriminate, it is ok, but if black people do, it is not right? why? white people discrimated black people not so many years ago, and those people need time. If white people behaved nicely old to those people in old days, the world would be greater than today! Also I understand this brave white family, they fought for their rights, and they are rabsolutely right.. However, they also trust other white people, but during colony, those african people did have nobody to trust and there was no court for them! do not forget, the colony time is not long ago.. and there are many white people in other african countries and they only use those african people's countries' resources and give them nothing! they are hungry, they need water, they need home! But those (I do not mean Micheal Champbell in here) cruel and selfish white people who are still taking away those african people's resources, they are guilty ones! They got and bought those mines from their owner and they make them work right now? so what could Zimbabwen people think about white people while other white people still use their resources in other countries? And again sorry for this family and this discrimination, but I am trying to understand those people, too..

    1. your own racism is evident in your rather unlettered response. are you responsible for the behaviour of your ancestors? If my great grandfather was a colonizer does that mean I deserve to be robbed and beaten? There is no excuse for this type of behaviour, the history of Zimbabwe's english colonies is merely a flimsy pretense for a campaign of violence and fascist socialism. Your pathetic attempt to 'understand' the other side is just a cover for your sympathizing with them; with racist murderous thieves.

  34. From the description of this documentary, it is clear the position of the makers, it is not to balance the fact but to continue on the same evil deceitful stance that criminals like Tony Blair and his cohort orchestrated. Well, we may not like Mugabe, we may all have stone on our hands to stone him given the chance, but truth remains that very few will do what he did in terms of forgiveness and justice for the evil committed by whites against Africans in Zimbabwe in particular.
    All these hypocrites Western psychopaths posing to be 'holy', forgot that the West never forgive anything, even a 1000 years event is still being revenged, they will hide often under the cover of 'justice', but is it really 'justice or revenge?
    It is only in African, due to their humane and forgiving heart that all the atrocities committed by the West, are easily swept under the carpet as though nothing happened, but the same people will turn around to abuse Africans more.
    What about questioning why Britain under Tony Blair backed off from the Lancaster agreement, instead applying their usual bullying and innuendo tactics of smear campaign with their media controlled propaganda?
    Why hasn't people been asking how justified is it for less than 12% of white(minority) to occupy over 75% of the best land in the country, yet never contributing to the growth of the economy?
    Do we really want to talk about justice or Jaundice?
    It is so sad that people like Tony Blair and his evil allies are still roaming around committing more atrocities and never questioned for their part in death of thousands if not millions that they willfully contributed to their untimely departure. That the world still shy away from placing the blame of what happen in Zimbabwe at the door steps of Britain and their blood thirsty 'tattered' empire, is to say the least, the sorry state of the world. Even more disappointing that people like Mandela and Bishop Tutu, should join the imperialists to throw mud at Mugabe is beyond comprehension... But we live in a compromising world.
    Long live imperialist propaganda of evil

    1. bazingaaaaaaa

  35. Non of you ever lived in Zimbabwe , i do . Racism or no racism no one has the right to cause such pain on any person .
    At the same time most of you don't believe Africans especially Zimbabweans should own their own land. Its ok to most of you if Zimbabweans live in two roomed houses whilst the white people florrish in Estates , but i don't blame you for that thought because that's what you grew up seeing so it just seem right to you .
    When will the day come for you to just leave Africa alone even with that BS financial aid that makes you think is our life line . Very sorry to the crying family but they got that land from brutally killing women ,man , children and old folks too living at that very same place but non of you raised that up today it happened to a white family and everyone is crying Mary!!!!

    1. How many white people are still living there to blame your failures on? Did all your black leaders treat you with tender loving care? How about the rest of Africa, are all those countries to continue to be the worlds beggars forever? Forget the slavery angle considering your own ancestors sold you for so many pieces of silver. It is beyond time to stop whining and get your country off its knees, quit overpopulating the world with children you cannot afford and please, remember that your continent is not the only place in the world that has suffered through the centuries. Finally, the bs financial aid we continue to give: If it's not your lifeline, then tell me why do you continue to lobby for and then accept it?

    2. Maura Collins i'm not really sure if it's ignorance you possess . you are not well informed of whats happening in Zimbabwe . What you know is either form that bias CNN that only portrays what it thinks the audience want to hear not the real news.
      Its been a decade now, Zimbabwe hasn't asked or received a cent of your financial aid we rather borrow form other African countries like South Africa, we are on sanctions remember?? not sanctions of your aid but that we cannot trade with any country around North America,Britain and its Primary allies , now that's your people at their best to cripple the basic principles of economics mainly because someone an African stood against them ..
      I'm not blaming any white person for all of this hence i'm saying you are ignorant . How many Europeans do you know who own land in Africa and how many Africans you know own land in Europe ? you answer that then you might be a bit enlightened .
      You are lucky most of the races you enslaved and butchered are remorseful , the blood that passed through your hands its just so much that you totally refused that you robbed people . The greatest architechs of misery and death , where ever you pass there is blood flowing and riches in your possession , i gotta give it to you , you can terrorise..
      I was in the UK just recently it looked like India !!! Why do you think there are so many indians just so many that i had to ask where are the British ? answer that again .
      You totally have no idea how it is to be African with you always on our backs like ticks..

    3. And how is your government working out for you? You seem to have internet access, so I bet it's working out pretty well. For you. What about the rest of the people? The starvation? The non-existent economy?

      I want to hear what other Zimbabweans think. Oh wait, they don't have computers.

    4. Computers ?? Really?? BeardHero ???? you are thinking of computers on such an Agenda..? i don't have time for you .
      Did you just google Zimbabwe now , you worried about internet access?? no time for you papa..

    5. Like the Zimbabwean gov't had no time for his trial?

    6. Actually if you watched the film it said he bought the land from the Zimbabwean government AFTER it gained independence and he spent over 20 years paying it off. Sounds pretty standard procedure to me. Slow down deary and give your brain a rest :)

  36. Racism is racism, no matter who is doing it. What good is land when you don't know how to use it? Mugabe ruined the economy and people fled. The Zulus and the British fought a war and the Zulus lost fair and square. The Zulus had inferior tactics and weapons and so they lost. If you look at history, you will notice that nations & people throughout the world have always fought each other, and whoever won, won the land. But now the world is so globalized and interconnected, people and nations are interdependent on each other and it is better to cooperate and live in peace for prosperity of all mankind. Redistribution of wealth, communism, and socialism have failed repeatedly to provide people better living conditions. How much more time does it take to learn from that?

  37. There was not apartheid in Rhodesia, only the perception by europeans settlers that a majority rule will somehow not work, that the tribal alliances was going to make it difficult for a government base on the separation of powers as instituted in western societies and practiced in most civilized nations was not going to work in a majority rule situation. They were rigth, as this documentary shows. Mugabe, whom I admired as a young man, became
    a dictator, to whom power is what counts. His behaviour is all too familiar,
    wherever republican democratic institutions fail to operate.

  38. You watch one documentary, believe main stream news and think you know enough to form an educated oppinion, about Zimbabwe or Mugabe, think again. I don´t claim to know Mugabe or Zimbabwe. I do know one fact everyone agrees on:

    Mugabe unlike Mandela in south Africa redistributed the land. Mandela is a hero Mugabe a villain.

  39. White African farmers never shared there richeness with the African people, with there profits safe on American and English banks. Very few white people have interracial relationships. That's one reason why the apartheid had to end.
    Apartheid meaning "separated" or "apart". Mugabe is a ricist? That's to bad....

    1. You seem to be obsessed about blacks and whites having interracial relations. I don't see what that has anything to do with getting along instead of killing each other. And for your information they do have interracial relations. Their offspring are called "Coloureds" in South Africa. Look it up since you're so obsessed about it.

      P.s. it takes two to tango.

  40. Here's a good idea. All white people get out of Africa and the Middle East (that also goes for financial support).

    1. I agree. Let's also get all the blacks and illegal immigrants out of the US (that also goes for financial support).

    2. DID you forgot that those illegal immigrants where the indigenous people of that land?!?!?

      So technically according to your logic everybody except NATIVE AMERICANS should get out of the U.S.

      what do you think?!?!?

  41. I'ld like to remind all of the Mugabe critics and the fighters for "freedom", free market adepts and equalty for al races that America is in war with the rest of the world since the end of the 19th century. In war because of Iperialistic motivation and world domination. The hyper agressive USA has more bloud on its hand than Mugabe will ever have. America has been fighting (secret wars) in:

    San Salvador,
    Pakistan, etc.

    And what about the systematic repression of minorities, black and hispanics in the USA . A land where 3 on 4 black children is living on social welfare, recieving foodtickets and living in deep poverty.
    Great place to be....the land of the free!

    1. There certainly are many other countries & dictators guilty of equally and worse crimes against humanity but this documentary was about THIS dictator Mugabe in Zimbabwe and his horrific crimes.

      Mugabe is no less guilty because there are others or there are worse. He's a racist scumbag and there's no way around it.

    2. I don't remember hearing any references to the United States in the documentary? The two countries mentioned were Zimbabwe and England.

      Your argument or anger seems to be directed at blaming America because 3/4 of black children grow up on social welfare.

      If you did research, you'd find that more than 75% (3/4) of pregnant teen mothers end up needing social assistance.
      If teens decide to have sex, get pregnant and have children before they've secured a stable job and/or financial security, it's not "the land of the free's" fault...

    3. You are not entirely informed:
      low class educated groups do have children at an early age. This is common in the entire world. Remind you the common big Irish proletarian familys from the early 1900 in the US and Europe counting 12 children.
      Education in America is not available to all.

    4. you cannot hold an entire nation responsible for the actions of one bureaucrat or a handful of operatives. The people didn't vote for henry kissinger, a lot of what your talking about is individual wrongdoing and cladestine operations not 'war.' And if you know about all of those 'wars' then how secret can they be? Mugabe is operating a national program of ethnic cleansing, he's not much different than hitler and he's even admitted that. If you think America is worse than Zimbabwe then I welcome you to move there and see for yourself

    5. Drew-Jordan, "Didn't vote for Henry Kissinger" then, thereafter what that nation has done to resolve the ever repeating aberration?

      You like to sit in it to that point?


  42. Everyone should be able to watch this doc! Download it at Vuze.
    F**k Channel 4 SCUM!!!

  43. Well, yes, racism does go both ways. Mugabe is targeting white farmers not because of historical injustice or land reform, he`s doing it to control every aspect of the country AND a need to help out his friends and allies. It really has nothing to do with social justice. It`s a crime. Mugabe tries to paint it as something else.

    But here`s another thought. It seems like the filmmaker is purposely oblivious to WHY any of this would be going on. Why there would be desire for reform in the first place. When he says: You can be a white American or a white Australian, but why not a white African...I thought to myself, well considering those two country`s demographic makeup is due to genocide and colonialism, that`s not the best comparison. I mean, he seems like it`s hard for him to admit the inequality caused by British colonialism too.

  44. Obviously racism goes both ways. The ruse to make an ethnicity a scapegoat to divert attention from ones own shortcomings is usefull to any dictator of any colour. Yet I found it peculiar how very white the white farmers were. No mixing with their "equal" black workers, an interesting fact that shouldn't be missed...

    1. "No mixing"???????? They ate together, offered medical care, talked & prayed together, etc, etc.. The white people were their employers and seemingly very compassionate ones, certainly more than anyone I know here in North America.

      You "found it peculiar how very white the white farmers were". I can't believe, in 2011, I actually read that, that someone out there thinks that way. Amazing!

      Racists come in all colors.

    2. In your eagerness to agitate yourself you utterly misunderstood what I was saying. I didn't see anyone descended from a mixed couple in this doc, the people where either plain black or plain white although the white Zimbabwians have been living there for centurys. And honestly who would have expected anyone of mixed colour there? This was just an observation which tells much about the way these people have coexisted for the better part of the time since the white settlers' arrival. It doesn't justify anything happening now and it doesn't imply that either unless someone like you comes along looking for an argument. So take your selfrightoussness elsewhere and try to understand the comments you are criticising.

  45. Racists come in all colors. Mugabe, like all tyrannical corrupt & racist dictators will fall hard like ALL the others and leave a shamefully embarrassing legacy. My only hope is that it will happen before Zimbabwe is beyond the point of no return.

    Michael Campbell will forever be remembered as a hero. May he and his family continue to lead the noble fight against this maniac, Mugabe. I will applaud and laugh when I hear the news of Mugabe's demise. I love watching Karma happen and this one's going to be an epic.

  46. I love how black peasant = rich minister's son with a bunch of new cars and properties in multiple countries. :/

    1. And that's the way it works. The depots and their brethren profit while the people suffer and starve.


  47. now it is a fat slice of irony to see white people complaining about stealing their land..... and fairly thin slice of revenge there for black people.

    Now of course mugabe has to go, see his palace pictures on google and notice he is doing rather well. As far the old white old man.... with that fantastic hair... he has nothing to complain.

    Sorry there.... but images of boats filled with dying sick slaves come to mind when I think of the relationship between england and africa.... so I am sorry blondies in the movie, cry me a river and swim in it back to your homeland.

    1. Unlike you clearly, most white and African people have moved on and are not living a 100 years ago. Most Africans are not wishing to see "images of dying sick white slaves" as some form of retaliation. You talk exactely the same nonsense like Mugabe! And guess what: he is making life a living hell there for most common Africans as well as those white farmers (who at least provided some jobs and some form of income to those locals). Go ask them if they also see the irony you claim to see in all this. I can tell you they couldn't care less for that. IN FACT they are now hoping for some help coming from "the evil white men" to get that "not so white dictator" out of there as not too many African places around them with their "not so white governments" seem to care much for their fellow Africans in Zimambwe.

    2. You are right, we have moved on as far as our intentions, and yes most africans are fine and peaceful, but feelings are still alive and well in a lot of people (ask anybody living in a south african slum). To me, this argument is not about race but human nature: retaining hard feelings, to want to get back to others for what was done to their ancestors and so on. I visited a few countries in Africa myself, and what I saw racism alive and well, specially in south africa.

      come on man, read mandela's biography.... it makes one cry on how those people were abused to the core until the other day.

    3. @Leonardobdas:
      Actually, I know a lot of those living in the slums(sic) (Called "locations" or "townships" in South Africa), and a large portion of those in slums(sic) are fleeing from the brutality in zimbabwe, and then living in fear of being slaughtered in South Africa due to the xenophobia created by the failing economy and influx of jobless immigrants. (IMOH) Largely due to the racist policies brought in by the current black South African Government. As well as the massive influx of Zimbabweans into South Africa that has compounded the problem by causing a job vacuum. And I can tell you that they are not all angry at the whites, as much as the black governments would like to drum up that hatred and diversion through racial policies. And using the government that left South africa almost 20 years ago as a scape goat. The truth is that a large portion of them see the governments for who they are, they see these racist greedy governments who are taking the peoples hard earned money and pissing it out. These governments then Blame everyone else, especially the whites for the failing economy and massive inflation.
      Besides, one of the only reasons the international community are not involved in zimbabwe is due to the fact that zimbabwe does not have anything to offer, like oil ... If they did, Mugabe would have been dead long time ago....Bin Laden has killed less people, and caused less damage than mugabe. And with regard to the stereo typical picture you are painting, it is clear you know nothing. And retribution?? wtf? Are you like 11 years old ? Is torturing and Killing a 70 year old man, and his grandchildren supposed to make them feel better? Does it make you feel better? If that is the case, then you are one sick warped individual, who has about 100 years of intellect to catch up on. And as to the seven eleven rubbish, yeah there probably was some good quality products in your seven eleven that came from zimbabwe a few years ago, before the farmers were killed and the farms taken away. Rhodesia no longer produces any export. So I can guarantee you that the cheetos are Rhodesian product free. Sad though.... if that product was still there from Rhodesia, that would have saved a life and helped a child from starving, and given an income to a family.... But you cannot see that far, can you ....

    4. @CyberDog Breath

      now come on, I never even suggested that the white old man with nice hair deserved pound for pound retribution, cus that ain't happening anyways, or even any kind of retribution. All i said is that what is happening there is natural, just as it is natural for me to have these feelings, and that it is hypocritical and ironic. Now I admit I made some jokes that could rub people the wrong way, but at least it is not like those I suggested them to swim back to a homeland with no families and government entitlements to play with back home....such as the lovely south american sugar cane colonies.

      As far as all the local political talk, all I can say is that it is a big bag of BS for us to even consider talking about this in any real sense. However, one place that I see you as royaly wrong is about corruption. People get angry about that because they don't know enough about econometrics and conspire together because they are emotional beings. The truth is that there is not enough money(not even close) in Africa or even South America to make their world a fraction of what is cape town's pretty little districts or Ipanema and its 10k a sq ft condos.

      About bin laden and international influence in Africa, come on man, there is plenty of industry in Zimbabwe that is owned by foreign interests. That alone is enough to keep Zimbabwe safe for a while and I am suspect that it why he is still there.

      Anyways, I am loving this racist experiment. it is proof of the generalized hypocracy, the guilt we share as the rich 10% of the world, of our nature and of the scope of our ignorance. I never thought the replies would be so charged and I am glad I wrote this stuff.

    5. You are truly a racist fool and worse than any slave stealing African Chief, who sold his black enemies to the Arab slave caravans that were then purchased by the Portuguese slave traders. All of the black slaves were sold into slavery by their fellow black African tribal enemies. The white people that you so enjoy see suffering are as innocent as a black slave sold into slavery by their tribal enemies.
      It's ignorant to hate and you are one of the most ignorant fools ever.

    6. Mr. Dan Morris, your biggest worry is probably your neighborhood 7 eleven running out of cheetos.... and you come telling me about life's lessons. I am sorry, but talk about irony there, since probably the cheese flavoring in your cheetos was made in Zimbabwe. Anyways, look, there is likely nobody living in tin shed slums at the outskirts of your city, while rich people endulge because until 20 years ago they were emprisoned because of race.

      So yes, the feelings of anger in some people in Africa are real and part of human nature. Just as I feel a sense of hurt and justice being served to simply imagine family members of strangers climb aboard ships or be emprisoned or murdered under the apartheid, I also imagine what it must have been for these people still today. This is real life and people will feel those things for a long time, the tell stories of their families, their grandparents and recent history. There is no running away from this.

      And don't come to me with non violence turning the other cheek BS, because retribution is a good thing. let's see white people's sense of non violence when it comes time to take mugabe off his throne. Anyways, this dictator business is far more complex than what we can especulate and I am sure that there is plenty of international vested interest in Zimbabwe, since if it wasn't the case, the UN would have sent a couple hundred of planes other there already. and yes he is a bad dictator and i want him out, but for many other reasons including the ones stated in this movie.

    7. You see leornardobas, your are commiting the same fallacy here as the people you are so eagerly - and rightfully - denouncing. You judge a whole ethnicity by the action of individuals who happen to have that ethnicity. And that my friend, no matter whether you are talking about black, white, yellow, red or purple with little blue sprincles on it - is racism. Retribution against people who are only responsible in the sense that they have the same colour as the culprits only leads to more violence on the same unfounded basis.

    8. Your analysis of the slave trade has holes. It wasn't as though African tribes really wanted to do this. The European advancements in technology, mainly guns, put African leaders in a position where they either had to sell their enemies for guns to protect their tribes, or watch their own tribes crumble because their enemies purchased guns to kill them. It was a real pickle.

      Even when blacks sold blacks into slavery, they weren't under the impression that it would be chattel slavery. Slavery in Africa was more like indentured servitude in Europe, and while no form of slavery is good, what whites did in the Americas, 400 years of humans being treated lower than dogs, is not what Africans thought they were selling people into. Also, bear in mind that there were African revolts against the slave trade in every century it occurred, so it wasn't as though people were just a-ok with selling african people like white people were a-ok with raping and enslaving them for 400 years.

      European powers pretty much trapped Africa into the trade with its technological pressures, and the Europeans began a practice that still goes on today: take blacks out of their communities, give them guns, and then just watch them kill eachother.

      "The white people that you so enjoy see suffering are as innocent as a black slave sold into slavery by their tribal enemies." I don't even want to get into that one, but long story short, I strongly disagree. Rich white people losing their land on african soils is nothing like native africans being sent across thousands of miles of ocean, and killed and mutulated in the millions. Complete bullcrap.

      I don't condone the acts described in this documentary, but I don't shun them either. We have to remember that what European society has done to the continent of Africa is among the worst genocides ever. If I was leading a country, and people who oppressed and destroyed my homeland were the richest in it, and they had no real native tie to the land, I'd be hard pressed not to make big changes.

    9. Again everyone, we all know here that these arguments have fallacies, that they are missing historical context and density, and that they are hypocritycal in a catasthrophic number of ways. That is why I think it is important on focus on the human nature of this phenomenon.

      I personally have a sort of all encompassing hunch: under our tried and tested 2000 year political system, the interests of many are weighed in and the results of which we are looking for don't come in a timely fashion because of these interests, sort of like a leaking pipe. Whether or not we want it in this generation, there will be 2 of our human natures in a cockfight: our desire to repulse unfairness yet somehow being able to pity ourselves into unfair situations, against the greedy entitled 'lucky' selves that we use for our advantage.

      There is no way out: if I was a roman politician living back in a villa with a bath and some comcubines and all I learned was about how fair my political system was just that way, why would I want change? Same goes for everything in this world today, from the maids in brazil being a kind of home slaves, or a country like the US that picks the fights it can make money in.

      So if we live in a world that the changes we want won't come as timely as we wish, it is perhaps us that need to work on out ways to be patient, or should I say learn more about delayed gratification. Take a clue from politicians: they maneuver themselves in political environments knowing that almost all they do won't have a truly positive effect in their lifetimes. In a way, it makes makes them maneuverable and seeminly insensitive, qualities that come from the system itself, known to the public as their facial expressions of "f--k it". In another way, they are being exposed to moral dilemmas that must be lessons on top of lessons for them personally which must be hard to deal with.

    10. "images of boats filled with dying sick slaves come to mind"
      Is that right! where are these images as it was so long ago all the victims are dead and now your average yankie wanabe Africans are still using the same excuse for spreading black supremesis racism.
      I've been to Africa many times (Rwanda,Congo,Tanzania,Uganda) and the average black African is very different to the average western black supremesist. I have never been treated with hatred by any blacks in Africa just by idiots in London who couldn't point to Africa on a map
      Your racist thoughts are that of the west and nothing to do with Africa so don't come on here with your nazi crap as you obviosly know nothing about Africa or its people
      Oh and you claim slave boats bother you but your happy to use a computer with most of its materials having been mined by child slaves in the Congo..........
      And you talk about irony......
      All you racists are as thick as each other

    11. Listen to your self man, you are smarter than this. Racism as I have ever experienced persobally is almost exclusively confined to hick immigrants in the 19th century, religious crooks and documentaries about the KKK.This is different and not about color of the skin. What I am talking about here is our need for fairness, about human nature, how people deal with emotions sometimes in violent ways, about reality, about the fact that despite us all sitting in computers with imacs and diamond rings and second hand land rovers, there is this much hard feelings over TALKING about unfair treatment of people..... yet we forget about many atrocities commited all the time in fight for freedoms and so on.

    12. Great point, and true - to - heart. Intel and other chip manufacturers are a major part of the African problem.

    13. I, am actually a South African (Black) if that even matters. I for one can say that I do not wish to have the retribution that you seek. Having a family that has suffered the pains of racism, I wish it on no one, not even my fellow white counterparts.

      I come from khayalitsha (A small township close to Cape Town), and I have met many great whites and many racists too, but the same issues exist amongst black people as well.

      Speaking proudly on behalf of myself and my friends, I can say that we are looking to the future and retribution isn't part of our plans.

      I would just like to ask that if you do not know about the true situation in South Africa, and if you have not lived that life, please don't comment about our countries as if you know our reality.

      We are progressing and would appreciate that you don't demeanour the countries that we live in. There is alot of happiness here here in South Africa as well.

      It isn't the cesspitt which you imagine Africa to be.

      leonardobdas you are a racist and it may be because you have been hurt by racist policies in the past, but please try to move beyond issues that once were. The world is becoming a happier more tolerant place, I suggets that you start to grow with it, like we are doing here in South Africa.

      Appologies for the bad grammar, I am slightly dyslexic and will proof read this later.

    14. I undertand and respect that you can hold an opinion and situation. But I think it is total BS. Africa is riddled with massive problems, killing each other by the millions all over the place, and hating each other for their sexual orientation just to mention a couple of lovely social spars.

      I think all this turn the cheek BS really scares me, because this is how bad it has come for Africa: they don't care that much for their emotional and social safety. This is the christian thing at work, brainwashing otherwise perfectly good cortexes, and taking away people's ability to fight and charging a fee for it. If africa had a modern and proper and functioning widespread legal system, I would have offered something other than the expression of anger as a way for people to feel better about themselves.

      It is other worldly. When will people realize that they potential for change is not in accepting their fate and all this talk of peace crap, but in intelectually arguing their way to prosperity and producing results out of that without day dreaming of world peace. Imagine if we just turn the other cheek to kim jong-il with a nuke, or to Saddam and his mass gravery or the freaking pope condomning the nazis until 1964 while raping children? Yes, there is a place where life turns out to be crazy as the families of jews in ovens may attest to. Oh, as it turns out, it was not the white man's compassion that made africans not be slaves today, but somebody figured that it would be more lucrative not to do so!

      It is sad but true. Still I am not talking about people executing their hate crime plan for humanity at all, but I am not talking about peace by means of swallowing a load of peace crap. I am talking about letting people know of the unfairness of all of this and that they give a damn. I am talking about exercising their intelelct together to try to make financial and social repair, and i am talking about people having the humility to show some god damned SHAME for what they done for years.

    15. Well done on bringing a voice of reason to the discussion.

    16. @ Marc

      RIGHT. oh i am sorry. WRONG. Royaly wrong. See my dear friend, this peace la la la talk is what got you there in the first place, as exemplified by your euphemized passive aggressive politeness. When will you fight for what is right? Hell, mandela would be sitting in that prison today still eh if it was not for some fight he's done? How come you forget all the genocide and horrible atrocities in other countries? is that peace to you? You always get SCRAPS in exchange and will continue to do so unless if there heart in there.

      and before you go off with calling me a racist, that is just not smart, for it is obvious that this is about fairness and what it is to be human under real circumstances in the real world. WHICH IS WHY, this sweet talk of peace is one horrible burden on you guys, a direct consequences of christianity in Africa gasp gasp, perfectly suited for you at this time and introduced by people that happen to be from another race.

      Screw the turn the other cheek stuff. What you guys need is to wake up to what is being human, to fight for that is right with your lives. I am not talking retribution pound for pound here, and of course given the chance, having proper legal recourse is the right thing to do to get the house in order. But what I am talking about is that there has to be some proper human-ness in this. If you allow this people that deserve SHAME to get away with it, you will get more and more scraps.

      What will happen if we turn the other cheek to Kim Jung-ill and his nukey boys? How about mr Saddam mass grave russein? How about the vatican officially supporting the nazis until 1964 (YES 64) while playing with little boys genitals? should we just not say a word about those? is just a cute little apology enough? Are you kidding me? os is the shame self inflicted, as you can obviously see as the jaguars roll around in jo-burg.

      Have you thought about that it was not fairness that stopped slavery in the first place? That is was simply a commercial decision, for everyone being part of the hamster wheel of shopping is better than only some people? Or that apartheid was supported by the very church that most of you follow? Yes humans can be mean, whatever race or place they come from, but meaner if one stand there. So no I have not been hurt by racism at all, just that I dislike when I hear people GIVE UP.

    17. As a menber of the Dominican Republic Dominican-SouthAfrican Chamber of Commerce, I'm glad to hear your comments.

    18. Slavery existed many generations before white settlers went to Africa. Actually the first human slaves were problably whites in Mesopotamia. Slavery in Africa was a great business for African slave hunters for the Arabs is the Eastern part of Africa. Whites commited the wrong practice of using black human slave labour following the Arabian tradition, and also the first to create ideas to help it disappear and be shown to be a disgrace.

  48. When Zimbabwe gained independence, 46.5% of the country's arable land was owned by around 6,000 commercial farmers[48] and white farmers, who made up less than 1% of the population, owned 70% of the best farming land.[49] Mugabe accepted a "willing buyer, willing seller" plan as part of the Lancaster House Agreement of 1979, among other concessions to the white minority.[50] As part of this agreement, land redistribution was blocked for a period of 10 years.[51]

    Anytime "land reform" is in the same sentence as "white farmer" you know something is askew.

  49. These guys who have stayed and fought for what is theirs, and for justice, and law, are all heroes. Mugabe and his tyrants are nothing more than cowardly criminal terrorists. Taking the land is criminal, and anyone supporting this cowardly regime is a supporting the brutal torture and killing of innocent woman, children and the elderly.

    1. I guess you have'nt seem much of the world yet. If you did, you would'nt use the same kind of words all media brainwashed ignorant people are using. Mugabe is setting Africa free from the burden of centuries old imperialism.

    2. I have experienced these parts of the world that I speak of first hand.... have you?.
      You are clearly speaking about something you know nothing about. For anyone to view the slaughtering of innocent people, then to point out that it is an acceptable replacement for imperialism is abnormal. If there is any brainwashing done it has been to the person(s) who believes that this is acceptable on any level.

    3. "Mugabe is setting Africa free from the burden of centuries old imperialism"...
      Lets look at that,
      Mugabe was the sole runner in the country's election.
      He is redistributing the land to military and political elite (NOT to african peasants).
      A dictator that uses violence against both blacks and whites to take power.

      (By any chance have you received an email from a Prince in Nigeria that wants you to collect a million dollars?)

    4. Wake up dude!!!cheque out what i wrote to dastenras..the same counts for you...get a live we are in the year 2011 and not 1511

    5. Your desire for revenge can be realized in the place, where if we were going to give the world an enema, it would go right up Zimbabwe's butt. Why don't we ship all the dummies like you over to the glories of life in Zimbabwe. I've been there and what used to be the "bread basket of Africa" is now the hell hole of Africa. Go over and enjoy the utopia created by the wonderful geniuses like Mugabe.

    6. Mugabe isn't in the business of giving freedom to anyone. His buddies and cronies are getting free land but everyone else, black and white, is getting a free kick in the pants. To applaud anything that he has done shows that you are allowing your anger and bias to cloud any clear judgment that you have. If your approval is based on what you perceive as revenge against the whites then I'm afraid you are no different than the imperialists you hate. I can only hope your attitude is an aberration and not the norm. We do not need a future as violent as our past.

    7. Ah stop for Christ sake, you're making my hair hurt. The thug Mugabe is torturing, enslaving, murdering and raping his people, but somehow the word freedom immediately pops into your brain?

    8. @ Abrao

      Hah. Now I know who's on the payroll.

      One day, not too distant from now (I'm guessing 50 years, give or take a few), men like you and Mugabe will be in the dust bin of history.

  50. ''let me be a Hitler ten fold"

    And THAT psychopath is still ruling the country ? :-(
    They should have kicked him out long ago, before he went mad.

    1. There are little Hitlers all over that continent; all whom have long overstayed their welcome.

  51. can't be sorry for big landowners in Africa, they don't belong there, their presence is a painful reminder of centuries of slave trade, devastating colonization, so yeah they should get out.

    It's so ridiculously pathetic that they call themselves the victims of "discrimination", when their mere existence in Zimbabwe is the result of the worst face of discrimination, the white men self proclaimed superiority and exploitation of others. That's their ascestry.
    And even if they as individuals don't feel like that any longer, they must at least understand their livelihood as the result of that history and get some historical perspective and responsability.
    we don't just inherit granddad's land, we inherit his debts too, and often his moral debts.
    so read revised history, read about cecil rhodes, and the exploitataion of Rhodesia now Zimbabwe.

    It's really a shame that there are still people with the kind of mindset, that the west knows best, that the UN should exist to protect large landowners. sometimes I feel it's still the 1950's...
    arable or not arable the land is theirs, for them to do as they please.

    1. @dastenras With what you are saying, the same can be said for americans, and quite a few other countries. The reason you feel that it is still 1950's is your backward thinking. You are still living in the slave trading mindset and with the stereotypical racist view that all africans are black and that Africa belongs to the blacks. And blacks do not belong in the west. you simply do not have a clue, if there is anyone who needs to do some reading, it will be yourself.

    2. The mindset your talking it still in the minds of this people,
      I don't support racism I think its very ignorant and it takes the same amount of energy to do things wrong.
      The problem is the leftovers of Imperialism and the massive impoverishment of the African Natives.
      Who lives by the gun dies by the gun!

    3. I totaly agree.

    4. And the killing goes on. You and your friend dastenras are just as dangerous as any slave trading imperialist. People like you have,in the past, nearly brought the world to the brink of destruction. It is people like you that may push the world over the brink.

    5. @dastenras, so you support racism?

    6. @ dastenras ..Its almoste 2012 dude wake up!!!! its not about Land and History,ancestors or traditional,white,black,racial,slaves,witches,sorceres,vampires,and all that crap....Its about Power,shelfishness,Greedy,Egomanic,Crasy,Fuckt up ,and Money....thats all and thats Mugabe and his Poletics in what world are you living in ass hole????ooo jea and what about the Corruption,its not the President and the corrupted people that suffer Noooo no no its the hole country that suffers,all tribes.and normal people,the population....!!! the fatt Cat get All.NO MATTER WHAT!!!

    7. Yeah, let them do as they please. Like eat each other. Steal from each other and murder each other. That's why Africa is the preferred destination of all those who want to get ahead in the world. I'll bet this butt head, dastenras, lives in a majority white world. Dream on fool about the "Black Man's Paradise". Have you moved to Zimbabwe to enjoy the "fruits" of the new utopia, known as Zimbabwe? You are a fraud and and a hipocrite, loser jack ass.

    8. What are you saying Dastenras- Whites don't belong in Africa? Do blacks belong in America? Slave trade was a white only operation? (who do you think were selling men to the traders?)- you are either stupid or trolling- which is it?

  52. Most white folks have the attitude of taking everything thinking that they have the rights to everything in this world...

  53. The iperialistic attitude of white farmers and corporations that never wanted to share there richeness with the africans are now complaining. How sad, while these, mostly English colonialists where putting there profits away in England. Let's ask why it is that a men like Mugabe do rise anyway? This doc shows how wrong the perception of democracy, equalty and freedom is in the west about African country's (and the rest of the third world). This is called Imperialism. Western corporation are destroying nature and we sell them geneticly modifacated GM seeds and we use Africa as a waste dump.
    Africa should be free from the western capitalistim, the hunger for profit and the exploitation of the African people on the whole continent! Wake up.

    1. I do not see you complaining about American corporates not sharing their riches with you ... WTF?

    2. Name one example.
      American corporates do not share anything and never wil. They sell!! The only motive is to gain more power and financial welth. As that is for all corporates in the, namely western world.

    3. Yes Abrao the west should all pull our support out of Zimbabwe and let Mugabe build the nation of his dreams. He will continue to strip the nation of its wealth, divide it among his cronies and blame the west for all of it. If you believe that he has the best interests and the welfare of the population in his plans then you really are blind.

    4. Arbrao do you live in the paradise called, "Sub Saharan Africa"?
      You hipocrite! You live in a society dominated by the white man and his values and you are probably on welfare and have 5 kids you don't support and have 9 different venereal diseases that whitey is paying for and you whine like a little punk ass. I'll pay for your ticket to Africa so you can live in the pardise created by 'your people. Dream on loser!

  54. this is the war that UN should be fighting for. beautiful documentary.

  55. About 96 percent of commercial arable land is still in the hands of South Africa's white farmers, and Mugabe is the bad guy. OK

    1. get your facts rights, 4% of commercial arable land in Zimbabwe is still in the hands of South Africa's white farmers. this doc takes place in Zimbabwe, not in the rest of south Africa.

    2. Thank you. You said it for me.

  56. About 96 percent of commercial arable land is still in the hands of South Africa's white farmers. Robert Mugabe is the bad guy. OK

    1. Even your updated facts are wrong, and I am still unclear to what point you are trying to make here ? Or are you just trolling?

    2. Clarification:
      In south Africa, Nelson the Hero, let whites keep 96 percent of commercial arable land. In Zimbabwe Mugabe, "the villain" redistributed the land. I hope that clarifies things for you.

    3. Redistributed to the top classes only! I hope that clarifies things for you Diego!

    4. @DiegoJones, Exactly what makes you think he is fighting for the people?
      Mugabe is redistributing the land to Judges, Generals and Mistresses...