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2005, Sports  -   3 Comments
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MurderballBetter known as Wheelchair Rugby, Murderball is a game created by quadriplegic athletes that is every bit as aggressive as the name would lead one to expect; played with bone-breaking intensity, a typical game of Wheelchair Rugby involves plenty of trash-talking, a few head-on collisions, and the occasional player being thrown from his modified wheelchair. The game has become an official event at the Paralympics, a worldwide competition for handicapped athletes, and the United States and Canada have become fierce rivals in the event. When Joe Soares was dropped from the top-seated American team, he angrily retaliated by signing on as coach for the Canadian team, which he led to an upset victory for Team Canada in the games.

In 2004, filmmaker Henry Alex Rubin and journalist Dana Adam Shapiro followed both teams as they traveled to Athens, Greece, for the 2004 Paralympics, documenting the fierce competition between the two teams (especially the Americans, bitterly stung by what they saw as Soares' betrayal).

Murderball offers an up-close look at the 2004 Wheelchair Rugby tournament, as well as the personal stories of the athletes who are passionate, driven, and determined to win - as one of them says, "I'm not here for a hug, I'm here for a medal."

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  1. Steven Bryant

    I was sick In the hospital at the time, losing my ability to move i was bound to a wheel chair, I watched the documentary In absolute awe, It totally changed the way I looked at my situation and how to better my approach to things going on. Every time I watch this documentary It brings tears to my eyes.
    By far the best documentary I've seen, and easily the most Influential, thank you to the people who brought us this story, It changed my life and I know I'm not the only one. Thank you so much.

  2. Aija Repsa

    Absolutely agree to LisaP. I am not much into sports but this is one of the best documentaries I have seen. Actually this was the first documentary that didn't make me bored.

  3. LisaP

    I can not believe no one has made comment on this film yet!

    One of the best documentary films I have ever seen!! Everyone should see this at some stage, even if sport is not your thing as it covers so many different aspects of life - Relationships, coming to terms, dealing with injury, regaining friends, tears, anger, acceptance, wining and loosing - are just a few.... A wonderful journey, and everything a documentary should be.