Music on the Brain

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In an advanced age home in Australia, a substantial number of residents suffer from dementia, a merciless disease which robs them of their memories and their ability to perform even the most rudimentary of daily functions. Caregivers work desperately to connect with these patients and inspire improvements in their degenerative conditions. Remarkably, amidst the daily rounds of medications and physical therapy routines, they're finding great success from a surprising source: music. What is it about music that moves us so intensely and directly, and how can it be employed in the treatment of neurological and physical disorders? Music on the Brain probes the depths of these fascinating questions and sheds light on a potentially profound therapeutic breakthrough in the process.

It's all part of a new experimental project called Music and Memory, an experimental therapy program which is currently being adopted by a growing number of care facilities throughout Australia. After researching the past histories of their patients, the caregivers formulate a personalized playlist on an iPod for each of them. These playlists contain pieces of music that likely hold special meaning to them in their lives.

The film shows us the powerfully moving effects of these efforts. Patients whose responses had long been restrained or lay dormant are exhilarated by the familiar notes of an favored old song. They remember lyrics in precise detail. They tap their feet and are overcome with a newfound sparkle and energy. The memories are in there, and the music provides an tunnel through which they can emerge. Caregivers and researchers are hopeful that these responses represent the gateway to improvements in overall cognitive function, physical capabilities, and other avenues of their care.

Music on the Brain investigates the neuroscience behind the alluring power of music - how our brains complete the beats of information between the notes, for instance - and makes a strong case advocating for its use as a viable means of treatment at care facilities all over the world. But the film also provides an inspiring, warmhearted look at an older generation who still have much to offer, and the power of music and human connection to unlock this potential.

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  1. Betsy

    Documentary freezes after about 15-16 minutes. Fascinating info. Wish I could view entire video

  2. Janna
  3. Janna

    Didn't freeze for me. This was amazing. My grandma has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and i think i'll get my Grandad to try music therapy. Simply beautiful seeing these people unlock their memories through music.

  4. Sarah
  5. Sarah

    Just wonderful. Made me cry. Thanks for curating this. Very powerful film.

  6. Russ Tul
  7. Russ Tul

    Beautiful documentary -- also because it confirms part of what I realised some years ago, namely that there is much more to music than its entertainment and enjoyment value. I believe it helps our brain to keep us on course, and, by acting in concdert with our heart, to maintain an equilibrium. I believe more research in this field would bring many astonishing results in our unending efforts to learn more about ourselves

  8. Christine Yardley
  9. Christine Yardley

    Very moving, documentary!! as an activities coordinator in a nursing home, I use and see the power of music and witness the magic it can bring. It can help to lift and divert the lowest of moods, confused states, and anxieties, and help with human connection, expression and feelings. I see music as food for the soul. Thank you very much for sharing this knowledge and film.

  10. Fran Hawkins
  11. Fran Hawkins

    Thank you - An amazing documentary. I love music and wonder if maybe we should be preparing a USB stick now with music that moves us before we reach the forgetful stage of our lives when it will be a real blessing to us and our families.

  12. Artūrs Pupausis
  13. Artūrs Pupausis

    Very powerful film it made me cry. At least my eyes are no longer too dry. I think music can help to learn a language and complex motor skills. Because it is so linked in brain.

  14. richetta
  15. richetta

    i think this awesome!!!!! i will pass it on!!!! and also try it!!!! thank you!!!

  16. Leigh Atkins
  17. Leigh Atkins

    Music is a most powerful gift to mankind.
    I think this is an episode of Catalyst too...

  18. Elas l Jones
  19. Elas l Jones

    Worked with this client group for years... wonderful

  20. Poliana Almeida
  21. Poliana Almeida

    Music is life! :)

  22. ChakarronChakarron
  23. ChakarronChakarron

    Very good. If you enjoy this you should watch documentary "Alive Inside"
    Very moving and even more emotional than this. Exactly same subject but much more powerful.

  24. Deon Braun
  25. Deon Braun

    Wonderful. A must-see if you have senior people in your tribe. If we're lucky, we get old. And music can be our ever-youthful companion.

  26. Simone Rogers
  27. Simone Rogers

    insanely inspiring. get on it and help your older friends and family.

  28. Isabella
  29. Isabella

    Is a similar program filmed in Germany ...very touching and enlightening ...our house was always filled with youngest wake up call was Vivaldis four him cranked up for the drugs!!! A win win ...bless those who take the time❤️❤️❤️

  30. tinhinane
  31. tinhinane

    very fascinating ! how amaizing music is

  32. Suresh Kalra
  33. Suresh Kalra

    Very inspiring and informative documentary on music's impact on dementia and alzheimers patients. Had used the music therapy effectively on my father who had alzheimers disease.

  34. Marjorie Bradley
  35. Marjorie Bradley

    This shows how important music is in the life of ALL age groups. It is a wonderful video. Is there any chance it could be purchased??

  36. Michael B
  37. Michael B

    Does anyone hear or see the narrators name cause I don't

  38. Sara Brandt
  39. Sara Brandt

    I loved it! I knew music was always good for your brain, it is medicine without taking pills.

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