My Car Is My Lover

My Car Is My Lover

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My Car Is My LoverHere’s a great companion piece for the real doll documentary and objectum sexual disorder.

It seems the British have a knack for finding weird American’s engaged in experience relationships with everything other than a human being. In this case, vehicles.

Meet Edward and Jordan. They are mechaphiles - men who are sexually obsessed by cars.

They regularly chat online, but this program sees them undertake the journey of a lifetime to attend a huge car convention.

Both VW Beetle owners, the men reveal their stories and what it's like to have a full relationship with a car.

But how will the men react when faced with a huge beauty parade of metal and rubber, and will they be able to remain faithful?

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  1. canary

    okay but the younger guy seems to be struggling with homosexuality? doesnt find women attractive, gives his cars men's names...... honey, its okay, youre gay, just shag dudes instead, its fine

  2. Jacilyn

    I like this video... Im a girl by the way and just saying, im not judging because I love my truck...not really in a sex way but like a boyfriend. Like hugging and kissing.. So I am not going to judge these people.

  3. Dina

    this is called Mental disorder.

  4. grace111

    i'm in love with a white Ford 11 passenger van and i don't see anything wrong with it.

  5. KsDevil

    These guys need to spend some time admiring the curves of the human body, assuming some othe human would like to be treated like an object like that. Still the ear hat seems to suit the older guy. The younger kid, well, he has a lot more growng up to do. I didn't make it to the Eifle tower part. I saw too much already.

  6. Rachelnico

    Damn...dude really loves his car

  7. His Forever

    The older guy was just plain creepy----like a sexual preditor at the car show---fondling without asking (presumed) and sneaking around looking for an opportunity to . . . . well, you know what I mean. That's not mentally healthy in any form, I don't think. But, at least cars don't care-----there are worse pervs in the world. I can ignore these guys! When he was touching the 1919 Ford, I was thinking: "Oh! Don't you dare!" I actually felt "panic" for a second, and it wasn't even my car! ;-)

  8. Teamtigerpaw

    Sorry Achems_Razor
    426 was gone in 1972. But yes kids nowadays with there nitrous Hondas just don't know what they missed.

    1. Greg_Mc

      I am not an expert on the old muscle cars, I did grow up with them around (a teenager up the street had one of those orange super birds with the big ass spoiler on the back) and when I was a teenager the amount you saw on the street had dwindled. A buddy had I believe it was a 1970 demon (it was a Demon just not sure on the year) with a 340 in it and while we did a bunch of the basic work on it ourselves we had to get help with the high performance engine rebuild, tranny and rear Diff stuff as it was well out of our league to do. But man the car just flew off the line. Another buddy had a late 60's early 70's Coronet that originally came with a Hemi but someone had put a 440 in it, classic sleeper car as it looked like something your dad drove lol. I didn't know what year they stopped putting the 426 Hemi in production cars (scary engine to put in a car anyone could just go to the dealership and buy) but maybe Achems installed the hemi in his car after the fact Didnt see the comment about the nitrous Hondas but I agree with your statement on them. Compared to muscle cars of the 60's and early 70's those other cars (while they are fast etc) seem like kit cars or toys.

    2. Achems_Razor

      Nothing to be sorry about, I know that the Hemi's last year was 72.
      But the motor is making a comeback in my 75 roadrunner, it has a previous owner.

      I also had a factory order some years back 1966 Pontiac 2 door hardtop with 283 emblems on fenders when in reality was made in the factory with a 396 motor 4 barrel carb and muncie 4 speed 4 on the floor and bullet tack, posi traction, was known as a sleeper! That beauty could really honk. Even though I bought it second hand, sure wish now that I kept it.

      Won a lot of cases of beer with it.

    3. Teamtigerpaw

      OK on the transplant. Mine was a 1968 427 with 3 dues from a corvette in to a 1970 camaro 4 speed 456 rear gears and the biggest rear tiers we could fined. Damn those were some FUN days.
      P.S. Got 5min. into this doc and had to look for something a little less weird.

    4. Achems_Razor


      I got as far as to when the weirdo with the bunnytail hat was fondling his white volkswagon, if I was there would of *** the b@st@rd.

      Years back when I was in the car business, drove as a demo a 1975 silver anniversary edition corvette, big block 454 motor, drove though a Mc Donalds drive through, could of swore the girl at the takeout window was having an orgasm drooling over my car.

    5. Achems_Razor

      Just joking.

    6. Elizabeth Jones

      only men withh some real masculinity issues could watch this documentary and talk details about cars afterward... or you relate to this more than anyone knows.

    7. Achems_Razor

      @Elizabeth Jones:

      Jealousy will get you nowhere, and since you brought this up, seems you have inherent feminine issues, otherwise would have not tried your dig. You can always get an artificial one, yes?

  9. thedilema

    this is ridic.. im not even gonna watch it.. ur man is a queer end who needs to grow up and stop makin love to his car or whatever and get on with life and mabye smoke some herb

  10. NAND Gate there anything you want to talk about dude?

    1. Achems_Razor

      I am starting to believe @Yavanna: when he said that it is "Vlatkos" coming out, in reference to him being in love with his mother in-laws garden wall. (LOL)

    2. His Forever

      At least Mrs. Eiffel can't leave "seed"----that was a bit much for me.

    3. Vlatko

      Hahaha... Not much @Psinet.

      Visitors are recommending these docs over email. I have nothing to do with it.

  11. His Forever

    That was just too disturbing. I wouldn't recommend it.

    1. NAND Gate

      I am disappointed at myself, but I wont take your advice. I'll regret it, I know. No amount of violence can ever shock me as much as humans fornicating with objects, and calling it love. So why do I watch?

      I. DONT. KNOW.

    2. His Forever

      Why did I KEEP watching? I . DON'T . KNOW. EITHER.

    3. Guest

      I do! Because YOU. GUYS. ARE. PERVS! (lol)

      [And before you maybe get too upset, Charles, all I actually mean is: A natural inclination to try to rectify in some sense the psychologically unsettling with the ordinary sense of sanity.]

    4. Greg_Mc

      @Pysmythe You had me at perv.

      There was no need for a follow up explanation of your first comment, you pretty much summed us up perfectly in it.

      Havent watched this doc yet but I did try to watch the other one about women (I think it was all women in the doc) who fall in love and have relations and I guess relationships with things like buildings and bridges. I watched that one just for the laugh which I got in the first few minutes. But after that it just became disturbing to me and I couldn't watch more than 10 minutes of it. Nothing really shocks me anymore so it wasnt the shock factor that made me stop watching, it just became as I said disturbing. Guess I will have to give this one a try too and see how it goes.

    5. Guest

      @ Greg Mc

      I haven't actually watched this one yet, either, which is why I've only made one comment, thus far, but I plan on doing so tonight. But I'm still recovering from the other one a little bit, myself... Also, Charles said something below about "seed" (which doesn't bode too well, does it?), so...I'm working on my fortitude for this one, lol.

    6. Greg_Mc

      I didn't notice the seed part so I must agree with you when you say it doesnt bode well, I am thinking this will be a doc that I don't eat anything while watching.
      I am going to put my rubber seat cover on, grab my dipstick to check my oil, top up my washer fluid, watch it now and hope it doesnt cause me any auto-erotic nightmares

    7. Greg_Mc

      I didnt take your advise and I watched it, believe me next time you give advise like that I AM going to listen to it.
      @ Pysmythe
      I watched it and to say it was disturbing is an understatement. As for the seed part well it really didnt bode well, I wont give away anything about the plot but at one point it could have been a Naval doc considering all the Seaman in it, except to go back to the word I used earlier and that is disturbing. The older guy is a total freak and nutcase, I mean way the F out there. The kid is scary with all his "I wanna take the car home and rape it", as someone on youtube posted "thank goodness he is only into cars".
      It is one of those vids you watch out of curiousity (like the bad car crash on the highway) but I wish I hadnt watched it, there are some images in it I need erased from my memory.

      I didnt see all of the Eifel tower doc but in wasnt some lady in love with the Golden Gate bridge? In this doc they had the old perv, wait I cant call him a perv as it gives us run of the mill pervs a very bad name, driving his girlfriend I mean Beetle over the Golden Gate bridge. The irony was not lost on me if in fact it was done on purpose.

      Going to try and block this vid out of my head and get a sandwich, minus the mayo ofcourse. Man that guy was a sick F**k

    8. Greg_Mc

      I wrote another comment to you and C_and_N but it has to be ok'd first before it can be put up on here. Not really sure why though

    9. Guest

      @ Greg Mc


      I've read your other comments, however... Are you really sure those would be nightmares? Maybe your neighbors ought to make sure they've got locking gas caps, lol.

  12. His Forever

    Exactly what does ""Embedding disabled by request --- Watch on Youtube" mean? Did someone ask Vlatko to take this documentary down? Did anyone actually get to watch it first?

    1. Imightberiding

      Same statement popped up when I attempted to watch this kooky doc. I just clicked on the YouTube icon on the bar at the bottom of the screen & low & behold there I was watching it on YouTube. I presume you are correct in that some person or persons unknown have interceded on behalf of the film's producers & requested or rather demanded that Vlatko not make this film available to us lowly peons here at Top Docs. By the way, I most always enjoy your input to the comments with regards to the topic at hand on any given film. Cheers & enjoy your YouTube experience.

    2. His Forever

      Thank you! I was wanting to see this doc and compare it with "Married to the Eiffel Tower" to see how similar it was. I like old cars a lot!

  13. dufas_duck

    Every country has it's dingbats. In this case, it's cars. I've known of stamp collectors, surfers, gardeners, etc, etc, just about any interest that you can name have some fetish involving whatever their main interest is. Each one will rationalize why they are the way they are while at the same time, cutting down someone that has a different interest. Some pet owners are a perfect example of this, their pet affections trumps all other feelings for anybody or anything....

    The weird do walk amongst us...and they vote. It's scary..

  14. Earthwinger

    I subscribe to the old credo of different strokes an' all that, and so long as they're not hurting anyone, etc. but an Austin Metro!? That's just taking "wrong" to a whole new level. Perhaps if it had been an E Type Jaguar or maybe an Aston Martin DB6, it just might be forgiveable! :D

    1. Guest

      I once sat in a Lambhorgini for a stroll around Stanley park in Vancouver...wouldn't want to fetish a beast like that, imagine what could happen if the climax came while driving! Watch out!

    2. Earthwinger

      It doesn't bear thinking about! Italian supercars are such sexy, dirty, sluts! Now a Jag or an Aston on the other hand, you could take them home to meet your parents. ;)

    3. Achems_Razor

      Well then you would like my muscle car, 1975 road runner 426 hemi 6 pack, 4 on the floor, would get you going just by starting the engine. Rmmmm!! Beep, beep.

    4. His Forever

      Mr. Razor: If I ever make it to Canada, take me for a ride in your car! Backpacking with Az and a road trip with Razor---no immediate plans to visit, however! ;-)

    5. Greg_Mc


      Big Mopar fan here, your car sounds amazing. I assume it is green in colour, can't say I have ever seen one that wasn't green.

      P.S. you had me at Hemi

    6. Imightberiding

      Perhaps the Austin Metro was only a few steps beyond your Jag & Aston idea when it comes to taking them home to meet the parents. Polite, soft spoken, some-what shy if not self conscious, non threatening, introverted, little or no hubris, good little dependable daily worker, responsibly gets the son or daughter from point "A" to point "B" with out undue showmanship, no criminal record (ie: excessive speeding or stunting) & only a face a mother could love & all that. O.K. maybe it was many, many steps beyond the Jag & Aston... To each their own, right?

    7. Guest

      Does the man have the same kind of spunk? Muscles?
      You sound like a wild and fun man.

  15. Justin Drakes

    Is Animal Passions 2 uploaded here, yet? Between My Car is My Lover, Married to the Eiffel Tower, and Animal Passions 2, you have the perfect recipe for absolutely traumatizing your friends when you invite them over for a drunken movie night.

    1. Guest

      humor is great in the morning!

    2. NAND Gate

      Beware. I find my fellow man unfathomably strange, and they may call your bluff and declare you have really invited them over for an "object" orgy.

      ...jus sayin....

    3. Greg_Mc

      Could be interesting (scary) to see which of your friends watched with a little more focus than the others lol

  16. Guest

    I think one helping of Objectum Sexual Disorder doc a week is enough for me.
    Although i can see that a second helping "on cars" would appeal to many guys.
    Will see what the comments reveal.

    1. His Forever

      I agree, Az! I should have listened to your intuition.