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My Cultural Divide

2006 ,    »  -   6 Comments
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My Cultural DivideStarting from the opening scene My Cultural Divide questions the logic of the hardcore political activist, and wonders aloud whether ethical consuming actually does anything good for the workers behind the machines.

Because of family connections director Faisal Lutchmedial makes his way into some of the worst factories in Bangladesh, and talks frankly with the workers inside about their job and living conditions.

Accompanied by his ailing mother, Lutchmedial takes us on a very personal journey to bridge the gap between his heritage in Bangladesh and his life in Canada.

He connects his politics with his humanity, and weaves together a story that is both thought provoking and touching.

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6 Comments / User Reviews

  1. whoopi goldberg

    the director makes a beautiful comment at the very end of this film, -hugging his mother and grandmother he says "average consumers have more important things to think about then going shopping"

    i just bought a pair of $200 work boots and have no clue who made them, oops

    very good film!!

  2. whoopi goldberg

    the blundstone store and box both insinuate australian boots, however turns out they shut down their ausi factory in 2007 and now make them in thailand.

  3. michele

    So many people buy their clothes and disregard any notion of how they were made or where they came from. This film is a great inspiration for re-thinking the way we shop and the name brands we choose to wear. If everybody adopted the "concientuos consumer's" way of thinking, I think it would force corporations to push more ethical practices needed to ensure better wages and working conditions for the people in theses factories. This is a great film - very thought provoking and inspirational!

  4. kodak

    @ michele, very true but first you would need to eliminate government and corporate corruption, poverty, racism and illiteracy. Great doc!

  5. Jo Mckay

    Hands down, the best documentary I have watched on this subject. (I have watched dozens). Clearly spoken: FIRST we become more 'conscious' about how and where we Spend, SECOND, put pressure on the companies we want to but from (to share their wealth with the workers), THIRD, put pressure on the WTO and all of our governments - send them a link to this or other like films and ask them to respond to your question "What are you doing about this?" (No rhetoric - I want to know what Action YOU personally, as my representative, are taking). Wording similar could go to the corporations as well. Some of these things I have been doing, now I will do more...Thank you so much for posting this beautiful and honest story.

  6. smugg

    just stop buying anything! i find all my clothes on the street or in the charity box or outside oxfam, some says it s not ethical to steal from oxfam, well, guess what : i m poor!

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