My Penis And Everyone Else's

My Penis And Everyone Else's

2007, Sexuality  -   539 Comments
Ratings: 7.83/10 from 391 users.

My Penis And Everyone Else'sMy Penis And Everyone Else’s challenges society’s stereotypes of masculinity as well as getting to the heart of why men are so fixated with their members.

Emotional, revelatory, and intensely engaging, this film takes on one of society’s last taboos and culminates in one of the most daring exhibitions ever seen in the UK, as Lawrence puts together the world’s largest collection of penis portraiture ever seen!

"I do think pornography and the way it seeped into culture has had some effect because it's so saturated, it's so become a norm that people are seeing sex and their bodies through a completely distorted lens." -Rowan Peeling, Former Editor of the Erotic Review.

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  1. Why do we have to watch this on You tube

  2. Is it okay to dick to medical doctor in Brookline ma

  3. I wish this also included gay men. There's this term called "size queen" that also falls in line with this

    1. I thought the same thing!!!! If he had added gay men into this documentary mix, it would have had more depth (no pun intended).

  4. Brotherhood doesn't exist? Wtf is he talking about. Also, women are very competitive just in a different way.

  5. I don't think you know what you are talking about,because you never had to deal with a woman laughing at your small dick,and not getting the love that you need and want so bad. So you just keep talking thru your ass and sooner or later some body will get a belly full of your stupid,and shut you up for good. Why don't you do some thing worth while, and find some way to make a small dick in to a 5or6 inch one that would make a woman happy instead of degrading the man over something that he has no control.

    1. I totally agree with what you say. It pisses me off to read about how average is something I should get used to. If I'm not happy then that's it and nothing about average will ever make me happy.

  6. i'm a sri lankan. I've average size of dick.(6 inches) girls never worried or complained of its size, but some gay guys.

    1. At six inches your penis is actually about half an inch bigger than most. Men of your ethnicity tend to be a little smaller than average, not as small as Japanese, not as big as English. My own penis measured six and a half in my teens; weight gain has shortened that because fat is on the outer layer of skin and covers more of the root. When you are having sex if you do it dog style you will find you get deeper penetration no matter what. Nearly all penises are within an inch of your basic six. I had a friend in college who really had a foot long hot dog, but it was really kind of bad for him. The vaginal canal will stretch to allow entry of four to seven inches, but not much more without pain to the woman. My friend even had to use two hands just to masturbate, one to stroke or play with the head, the other hand just to hold his pole steady. I never saw that, but others in his fraternity did and verified what he said. None of them have reason to lie. Be Happ with what you have; use it well, even if she moans a lot, she isn't quite complaining!

  7. There is so much misinformation and so many bogus products surrounding penis enlargement that when they discover the solution, no one will believe. So here goes; any male can permanently increase length and girth in the same way a bodybuilder adds mass and becomes larger. As you stress tissue, the body goes into a natural process of creating new cells making you larger. The question is not whether permanent enlargement is possible but instead, how do you safely stress penile tissue to promote cell growth? The answers can be found by looking up Magnum Rings on Facebook or online.

  8. I am back to give a complete rebuttal to Beth's pathetic comments. Here we go:

    "Okay, the reason why women aren't dating you is because you are a massive misogynistic moron." Personal flaming never won a debate, Beth. It only makes you look like a foolish immature, child. Very embarrassing for you.

    "Women do not expect a 7-inch penis." Women expect and want a big penis. If they don't get it, they are disappointed.

    "Not are we shallow, you're just incredibly bitter about a few women not wanting to date you." The majority of women are definitely shallow. Over the internet, there are thousands of comments from women that say the most shallow attitudes directed at men. The evidence is clear and has been well-documented.

    "(because you're so critical of them even though you are making up complete bull****)" . You have no presented any proof that he is making up anything. He has done his research and come to those truthful conclusions.

    "Women don't want to date men who are self-pitying." Again, personal flaming never won a debate. Beth, it only makes you look like a foolish, immature, child. Very embarrassing for you.

    "Women don't want to date men who don't understand that women have been oppressed for a very long time and still are and you have the utter ignorance to believe men have it worse." Beth, you can no longer play the women's being oppressed card anymore. In the past, we lived in a far more misogynistic society. That is no longer true. The pendulum has swung in a completely opposite direction. Now, we live in a far more misandry society where men definitely have it worse. It is your utter ignorance to ignore these facts and believe otherwise.

    "women don't want to date you because you think our flaws are easily fixable." Nobody said they were easily fixable. What was said is that women have options to fix the parts of her body that she feels insecure about and is afraid that others won't find attractive. Men don't have those options. Men can't fix penis size and height.

    "women don't want to date a man who believes he's entitled to any woman regardless of her feelings, just because you want to." That is such a dishonest statement. He never said he's entitled to date any woman he wants. It's clearly you who are making stuff up.

    "If a woman enjoys a large penis, what does that have to do with you? It doesn't mean that she discounts men with smaller ones or that she bases her relationship on them." Beth, you are so wrong. A top sex and relationship expert conducted an extensive survey of over 2,000 women on penis size. One of the questions that was asked was if she ever broken up with a man sometime in the past because his penis was too small. Twenty percent of women answered yes. That means one out of every five women have broken up with a man because he has a small penis. I have seen other surveys as high as thirty-three percent where women have broken up with a man because he has a small penis. Also, all over the internet, many women have told their story that they had a boyfriend that was perfect in every way except he had a small penis. Do you know what were the results of every one of those relationships were? All of those women broke up and dumped those men because they have a small penis. So, there is documented proof where women indeed discounted men with small penises and based her relationship on it. Otherwise, these women wouldn't have dumped those men.

    "A woman can enjoy absolutely anything she wants--including things you don't have the criteria for. Stop being so butthurt and focusing on those women." According to that same survey of 2,000 women, 65% said that penis size mattered and is important to them. I've seen other surveys go even a higher percentage. The women who don't have that shallow criteria are very much the minority. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. They are a very rare find.

    "change your attitude and find women women who actually likes you." There is nothing wrong with his attitude. The problem is with the majority of women's attitudes that don't like men with small penises, who are short, etc. Their shallow attitudes are the problem.

    "Oh, and a penis over 7 inches wouldn't be nice--it would be painful." It would be to you. However, many more women would enjoy it and require it. In fact, there is a very popular internet dating site called 7 and up. It is specifically for women looking for men who have penises 7 inches and larger. It is a high-volume site.

    "The average vagina is 4 inches deep. Perhaps it's not your penis size, but the fact that you're rude and judgmental that women aren't dating you." He was neither rude nor judgmental. He just presented the sad facts that most women are size-queens and extremely shallow. It is you, Beth, who has been rude and judgmental with your flaming personal attacks.

    "Or maybe you just don't know how to use what you got." And you know that, how? You don't. It was nothing but a last attempt on your part to do more personal flaming which just makes you once again look like an immature, foolish, child.

    Beth's entire pathetic comments have been completely dismantled. Her feeble attempt to defend her gender and counter John G. was an epic failure. Her efforts were futile and she completely embarrassed and humiliated herself.

  9. John G., JFN100, You did a great job with your comments on this topic. You intelligently articulated the honest truth about the attitudes of today's women in our society. Like you, I've done the research reading surveys, polls, thousands of comments by women all over the internet and came to the same conclusion as you that the vast majority of women are size-queens. You're absolutely right that women of today are far more shallow than men. It's not even close. Years ago, we did live in a society that was more misogynistic. However, the pendulum has shifted in the entirely opposite direction as we are clearly living in a far more misandry society. John G., I have recognized your writings from other sites. I have always wanted to thank you for having the courage to preach the truth about the majority of women today. I saw women constantly try to launch lame personal insults at you but you just stood your ground and continued to speak the truth. In fact, you have been sort of a motivation and inspiration to me personally by ending my silence and joining you in speaking the truth about these women who denigrate men because of penis size, height, looks, bank account and every other shallow, superficial value that is their priority. Women today are viciously mean towards men who don't measure up to their requirements. John G., you have called them out on it and confront them and now I'm doing the same. It's a shame you didn't see that lame, pathetic attempt at a rebuttal by that commenter, Beth. I'm sure if you had, with your intelligence and the truth, evidence and facts on your side, you would've picked her entire entry apart. By her personal flaming comments, which has never won a debate, she totally embarrassed herself and looked like a foolish, immature, child. She provided no evidence or facts just her unsubstantiated opinions. I could take apart every one of her sentences and make a successful rebuttal to her feeble attempt to defend her gender. Beth's comments were a disaster and epic failure while yours, john G, were right on the money and on target. Keep preaching the truth about the majority of women in today's society and I will certainly do the same. We are not going to let these women get away with their bs lies, their cruelty and mistreatment of men any more. We will confront them with fact and call them out on their disgraceful behavior every time. And if all they can do is reply with personal petty insults, that shows their own ignorance and immaturity. They hurt so many men every day and really should be punished for it.

  10. Great job JFN100. I agree completely. You told the truth about women's shallow attitudes towards men in today's society.

    Beth, you were really pathetic. Your launching of personal insults made you look like a child. JFN100 has done the research and has the facts on his side. You, however, came off as extremely ignorant and stupid with just dishonest opinions with no evidence to back it up.

  11. Unfortunately, JFL100 comments are the most accurate and honest assessment I've ever read. On contrast, Beth's comments were the most obnoxious, bombastic, worst rebuttal I've ever read.

  12. This debate about penis size will never end and men will always feel some level of insecurity. I do believe that in this modern world of internet porn it's only going to get worse. Too many men and women are exposed to it and it does make for unrealistic expectations.

    I do think younger women are becoming more expecting and demanding of a guy having a pretty large member. But these women are shallow and soon enough their looks will fade and they'll be stretched out old sluts no one is going to want.

    I do wonder if part of the size problem is the growing size of both men and women? And by that I mean the number of overweight people you see in the world. I often see overweight people and wonder how the hell they can have sex? A fat guy would need a 12" dick to get 6" into a woman....and if she's fat too then perhaps only 3" is getting in there! Of course I'm exaggerating but I think you can see my point. There are a lot of women with junk in the trunk and I would imagine they might need a good 8" just to feel something inside of them.
    In past generations, when people were much slimmer, an average sized penis was probably "felt" much more.

  13. He is a confident man to share with entire world about his dick size ...thumbs up.
    It's a gud idea to talk.
    Peace and love for entire humanity.

  14. I don't like that this doesn't include gay men as if they were subhuman or not men at all. I'm glad he has a sub-masculine size dick to go along with his typical heterosexual attitude and subject.

  15. Thank god i'm bisexual and enjoy a man's company, because women are just straight up evil... big, small, average, cut, uncut... it DOESN'T. F**KING. MATTER. If you are a confident, caring, man and there is chemistry between you and the person you are enjoying, the size of your penis will not even come into play, I am speaking from EXPERIENCE.

  16. If the dude feels so bad about his penis that he make two docu's trying to feel better about it -he should get the surgery.

  17. Will the photo exhibition be traveling to the US? Any interest in that, Graham?

  18. As a "grower" I see the size issue from two sides, which is pretty interesting. On one hand, when I'm not erect, my penis appears small. But upon arousal I am close to 8". It can be a bit disconcerting, especially when doing things like skinny dipping, where I have a shrinky dink. Even though I'm big erect, I feel totally insecure when I'm not. I envy those guys with big cocks when flaccid. I think it's just more appealing to a woman, and I feel like I'm somehow cheating by not having it big at all times. But, beyond that, I have women tell me how deep I go, which they seem to like. I do think it's more about connection, emotion, being present with your partner. Otherwise, what is sex other than a physical activity?

  19. I would like to comment on this . My partner showed me this thread and I am always intrigued by this topic. I am a guy and I am VERY BIG . I am quite serious , I have always been very large. In fact I am VERY big all over - I am 6 5" and over 400lbs . I am NOT fat , I have been into bodybuilding / weightlifting all my life and i am all solid muscle (70 in chest , 27 in biceps) . Erect I am around 13 / 14 inches . I have never measured my "girth" as they call it but I am very large and all in proportion. Incidentally I am not the only guy around who is very big like this . Yes - I know I am big (obviously) - BUT , I dont think Im anything special or gods gift to women or anything like that. I like to think I am a good lover like anyone else (who doesnt). I have had a few lovers in my life (Im 44) and was married for some years and have 3 grown up kids. I dont claim to have had as many lovers as a lot of guys I know. I have a partner (who loves me the way I am and loves everything about me) , and who incidentally , is a very small , very petite Japanese lady. (I am from UK).
    I feel I need to say something on behalf of VERY BIG guys like myself. I am a nice , loving , thoughtful , romantic guy . I always try to be gentle and loving and take my time, etc . I am not just a "big dick" and no heart and no brain . What Im trying to say is that Im a nice , ordinary guy. After all , all those "big" guys you see in porn are just ordinary guys who happen to have got into that buisness! They are real people you know!! Lots of guys out there have very big dicks , like some women have big breasts , or some people are tall and some are short , some have big noses , some have brown eyes , etc , etc,
    Being big and having a very big penis can be really nice , with the right woman it can be fun and very erotic, but its like a woman having big breasts I guess. Some people will like it , some wont . I honsetly dont think there are any disadvantages to having a very big one . Ive never had a problem making love . You just have to be gentle and take things slowly and gently and not rush, etc.
    AND - what everyone seems to want to know (not that I talk about this much) Do I like having such a big one?? Well sure - its part of me , part of who I am and its nice when Im with my partner who likes that and we have lots of fun - and great sex. BUT -. Like I said , Im big all over , not just my penis. But it doesnt make me arrogant or thoughtless or selfish. As I said , I dont think Im gods gift to women or anything special. I dont think Im the only guy in the world with a big one either! AND - It doesnt make you automatically promiscuous (something I have often seen said about guys with big penises) THIS IS NOT TRUE . At least not for guys with big penises any more than it is for guys with average or small sized ones!
    Anyway , theres my input! Thats from a guy who has a very big one. Seriously I doubt human penises get much bigger than mine but Im not something special or different , Im just a nice (I hope people think Im nice) ordinary , big , guy.
    Incidentally I should say that I have always thought that penises are pretty much "private" things anyway , which only your lover sees , whether you have a big one or a little one!! I wonder what happened to that old idea? x lol x

  20. I actually have a serious question, if he was single I wonder if the mere fame would get him more pussy or less p*ssy for for having a 3 and a half incher and that being the source of his fame "having a small d*ck."What do girls care about more fame, money or d*ck size if had to choose one? Would he get party girls because of his notoriety like most semi famous people or is this something that cancels out his 15 minutes? My guess would be most girls don't care as long as its relatively normal size but his situation is a little different his is ridiculously small and I'm sure girls wouldn't even find sex with him exciting and I'm not trying to be mean but I can imagine screwing a girl with a giant pune and getting no friction that would be no fun. My theory is that girls like to sleep with celebrities for the same reason guys like to sleep with hot girls and tell their friends for bragging rights or a notch in the belt. If they sleep with him in a weird way their part of pop culture.

  21. There is a serious flaw in this documentary and apparently the reasoning of all of the men in it. I mean come on, are you telling me that men are worried about the size of their FLACCID penises? That certainly looks like what they are getting at here. I mean, when was the last time one of you guys made hot love with a totally limp penis?

    I have a 3-1/2" flaccid penis but really don't have any worries about it because when it's ready for business it becomes a very respectable 7" and that's where it really counts. The women sculpting penises in the beginning of the video certainly weren't sculpting flaccid penises. And seriously, comparing a roomful of photos of flaccid penises and worrying about size? Get real. Any balloon looks tiny until you fill it with air and the same goes for a penis. They really need to rethink the premise here.

  22. The fact is humans have the largest penises of any primate. If we only need 3 inches, why does the average man have 6? Because women prefer bigger dicks. Evolution has shown that the men with dicks around the size of 6 inches have more offspring than those with shorter dicks.

    So eventually, the shortest dicks, say 4 inches and below, will be weeded out by evolution. Then the average length will go up to maybe 6.5 inches. And women will say "size doesn't matter, as long as you're average or around average, it's fine." And the average will have gotten longer.

    my 0.02

  23. Size does matter yes. It's good to be able to feel it, yet only 30% of women can orgasm from penetrative sex, women enjoy foreplay more it seems. I've been with a guy that is larger than average, not extreme like porn stars but large and it wasn't enjoyable as someone who was similar at sex as him but had a standard size one. Don't want to feel like he's going to break my cervical wall.

    Just average is nice, good lover, great at foreplay, passionate, attentive, erotic, exciting etc etc is more important than a big un

  24. it was quite interesting i think size belongs to diff area like asian hav dif lenth english diff chanies dif etc its abt geological circumstances or abnormal size n wht i learnt from my self is tht size doent mttr technique mattr as long as u satify her she wont leave u n if u hav super size dick but u cant satisfy her without medicine thn wht the hell size is for lol

  25. Interesting documentary from mens' perspectives. As a woman, I've always felt it isn't what size you are, but what you do with it. You're either into lovemaking and f*cking like rabbits or you're not. That is what differentiates great sex from sucky sex. No pun intended :P.

    I only have difficulty when dealing with a guy who can't get an erection when I've done everything. It does feel personal although I've read that that it isn't, that it is more about erectile dysfunction. I am a great lover and will do most anything to please and am very highly sexed as a woman. I have found that a lot of men simply aren't as highly sexed as I. And I'm not ugly. I'm attractive, youthful, and vivacious in bed.

    So all you guys out there, it's what you do in bed, it's not your size, seriously.

    1. agreed size doesnt mattr technique mattrs

  26. That surgery scene went on way too long.

  27. Jelqing-it works

  28. That was really fantastic. More guys should watch it. Well done.

    As a side note, it reinforced my hatred of Los Angeles.

  29. Fun documentary from a pshychological point of view. I am curious to watch the the version made by a female documentary maker........

  30. well i find that what this guy did TWICE is incredible! it is certainly the best way for individuals to come together and talk..even more "face" their own fears! I think that this concept could apply in many many sectors in our lives.

    P.S. everyone talks about their size, but really do ALL girlhoods fit ALL manhoods????

  31. For the record, I'm a woman and I have to say that size or shape has never been an issue for me. For all of those men out there who are hung up on what they sport in their pants...there are a lot of women out there that are similar to me. The rest of the women who humiliate men for the size of their dicks are not women who have any personal moral fiber or respect for the beauty of diversity. It's that simple.

    Love your matter how small, big, thin, thick, veiny, freckled, or bent! :)

  32. Basically the women participating in this documentary are telling it like it is. And men probably shouldn't watch this documentary. Size DOES matter, and most women, if not all, prefer a big cock. If you have a 7 inch cock or bigger most women will find it to be big enough. If it's smaller than that she will be disappointed.

    Women have become more shallow and critical than men. They reject/mock/ridicule men because of their penis size and they sit and talk about it with their friends. Even if you're their boyfriend or husband she will tell all her friends about your penis. Women just don't respect men anymore. Sad, but true.
    I've stopped dating because women are so shallow and critical - even those women who are ugly and have thousands of flaws themselves.

    Most women have tried a big one so they're only going to be disappointed if a guy whips out an average-sized one or slightly below average-sized one.
    Most women believe that bigger feels better, and they're used to at least an average-sized one, so how do you think the sex is going to be for her if he's slightly below average or small? It's going to be pretty bad.
    It's only the well-endowed guys who get all the compliments in bed about their dick. Women are just "meh" when they see an average one. That's hardly the best way to initiate sex.

    And women compare the sizes of the guys that they've been with and they also tell it to all their friends. So there's no reason to have sex unless you have at least 6-7 inches in length.

    I'll never have relationship or a sexual encounter, because I'm too short and ugly. And no woman is going to accept a guy who is shorter and uglier than average and who hasn't even got a big dick to compensate for the other flaws.
    Women will never understand what it feels like, because men are simply not as shallow, critical and ruthless as women are. Any women can get a man despite her looks or personality. Guys don't have that "luxury"/"insurance".
    Not to mention that all women's "flaws"/"problems" can be solved. They can lose weight, make your boobs bigger (or smaller), get liposuction, cosmetic surgery, wear make-up and so on.

    Men can't do anything about their height and penis size, and we all know that the vast majority of women only go after tall guys and that they believe that big dicks are best. Height and penis size are two of the most important things in a man, if you ask women.

    1. JFN100: I agree with you. Women can be very cruel to men by humiliating for something they cannot control. I have been subject to such ridicule. However, I am happily married to a wonderful women and have two beautiful children. My 5 inch long by 5 inch girth pecker is perfectly fine for her and I love her just the way she is as she does me! The fact is, all those shallow women cannot be truly happy filled with such hate.

    2. You're right about a few things, and way off about the rest. Yes, there are a lot of shallow women, just as there are a lot of shallow men. I know of lots of girls who like to giggle with their friends over the sizes of their lover's penis. I've also heard guys do the same; describing a girl's unexpected body hair, flabby boobs, loose vagina, imitating her sex noises or saying nice body, ugly face...

      There are arse-holes everywhere, and lots of people who rate aesthetics and genital size as the most important things about sex. There are ALSO f--k-tonnes of people, like me and most of my friends, (who are pretty attractive btw) for whom a sexual encounter is not about that s*it. I was with a guy last year with a penis about the size of my thumb, and he was AMAZING. He had no hang-ups about his dick, I think he made a joke about it at one point, but in a self-respecting way. He wasn't even especially physically attractive. None the less, he had a very sexy, confident groove about him and he made me feel incredible!His penis has undoubtedly inspired many giggles. Doesn't matter. He's one of the best lovers I've ever had and I'd have him again!

      I think it's the fact that he's cool with his little penis that's allowed him to grow into a confident, charming man. And perhaps his little penis is what's prompted him to learn how to be so good with his tongue and fingers and sexy flow.

      Chin up, babe. One day you'll find the girls who want the same thing you want out of a sexual experience. In the mean time, work on those insecurities!! There's nothing sexier than a man who un-egotistically loves himself.

    3. Okay, the reason women aren't dating you is because you're a massive misogynistic m*ron. Women do not expect a 7 inch penis. Nor are we shallow, you're just incredibly bitter about a few women not wanting to date you. (because you're so critical of them, even though you are making up completely bull****). Women don't want to date men who are self pitying. Women don't want to date men who don't understand that women have been oppressed for a very long time and still are and you have the utter ignorance to believe that men have it worse. Women don't want to date you because you think that our flaws are easily solvable.

      Women don't want to date a man who believes he's entitled to any woman regardless of her feelings, just because YOU want her to date you.

      If a woman enjoys a larger penis, what does that have to do with you? It doesn't mean that she discounts men with smaller ones or that she bases her relationships on them.

      A woman can enjoy absolutely anything she wants - including things that you don't have the criteria for. Stop being so butthurt and focusing on those women.

      Change your attitude and find a woman who actually likes you.

      Oh, and a penis over 7 inches wouldn't be nice - it would be painful. The average vagina is 4 inches deep. Perhaps it's not your penis size, but the fact that you're rude and judgmental that women aren't dating you. Or maybe you just don't know how to use what you've got.

    4. To be fair, height does matter a lot more than penis size. Saying "women don't want to date him because he thinks your flaws are easily solvable" is incredibly ignorant.

      The fact is, there are quite a few men out there who enjoy looking for the shortest woman they can get. Height is not something you can change. I believe height is more important in men than it is in women when it comes to sexual attractiveness. Am I wrong?

      To say that your problems are not easily solvable is laughable. Do yourself a favor and date a man who is 5'1".

    5. Given that the G-spot is roughly around 3-4 inches in from the vaginal opening and most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, get a grip. Not their fault you suck in bed. My girlfriend and I dated for several months before we had sex, and I'm a trans guy. I'm 5'9 and I don't have a dick to begin with. Her favourite strap on is 4.5 inches. Also, who says men can't wear makeup? Lose weight? The fact that you listed off so many things about women and only two things about men says so much about you. There are dozens of things that make a person attractive. The most popular guy I went to high school with, the kind of guy that had girls drooling over him, was about 5'3. But he was a smart dresser, a dancer, funny, had great manners, and exuded confidence- everybody wanted him. Get over yourself, go to the gym, end the self pity. That's something unattractive about yourself that you can absolutely change.

  33. A fascinating doc -- one that is really more about social differences between the genders and amongst men than anything else -- however, with a topic that certainly is rooted secrecy. But as some of the subjects in the film mention, as a boy you are pretty much schooled to keep your eyes to yourself in the bathroom. And I suspect that in many cases this is where the "see no evil" "speak no evil" practice begins; and it's just reinforced from then on. With the proliferation of--and easy access to--porn, no wonder everyone seems to want the "8th wonder of the world"-size penis (apparently both men and women do). After all, it's sensationalized -- like a dare devil in a circus show. Even being happy with one's penis as-is somehow, I guess, doesn't stop a guy from thinking, "If I only had that instead." The commentary in the film pretty much highlights what is an obvious part of the social fabric, but still it was great to see a film that not only dealt with the subject matter openly, but even in some spots with compassion and with a sense of reflection. Well done!

  34. I found this documentary to be very interesting. As a female I would like to say size does not matter. This is not based on experience but based on education of the male and female anatomy. The sensitive zones that cause women to have orgasms is along the vagina, the clitoris, and even the "g spot" which is just inside the vagina right next to the outside. So, a 9 inch penis is not necessary to stimulate these areas. Also, the woman's vagina really is not this long channel where it takes 9 inches to reach the back of it. So, I agree with the black man in the beginning. It's not the size of the penis that matters, it's how you use it.

  35. ...

  36. every girls are buffelo

  37. Holy crap. Around 42:32 you can see the pubes stuck to the plaster cast of his penis. His pubes. Glistening in the sunlight. He is carrying his pubes around and plunking them down on the tables of scholars.

  38. thank you so so much for your great works you are making a big impact in the men world.I always have this problem before I came across this great video now i started to rethink myself that i have nothing to worry about it.

  39. if you love any beautiful girl you don't want to lose her, so you will do something not to lose her (if she wouldn't be supportif, mostly aren't). that is the story

  40. What a species.

  41. i think that woman only had seen those penis that had been enlarged, eradicated thus they will think that the normal size penis is consider small size penis.size does not matter when you are normal size( where you can see your penis). if those penis cannot be seen by the naked eye, then i will think it is small. Jarrod size is just fine. BTY people sleep around and see different size penis. people will see. but at least the exhibition does help a lot in the conclusion that penis does come in different size, shape, length and etc. if your penis is not deform and not malfunctioning then i think size is just what you think - in your mind, what do you feel, what woman take about. and most of all. having one is better than not having one (for man).
    to the girls: stop comparing. they are just insecure about their penis. like girl insecure about the breast size. to the guys: girl will just talk it carries no hurtful / harmful meaning. they just like to chat.

  42. I agree with Laura.
    I don't like big dicks!
    Firstly, they don't fit in my mouth. Secondly, they don't fit in my vagina.
    And both hurt! I can't imagine any girl enjoying trying to swallow a big dick, enjoying it hitting their cervix over and over, or stretching and making little tears. It hurts, dammit!
    Besides, the only pleasure I get out of it is it rubbing the opening, I could care less how deep or thick it is, so long as it grinds on the opening... ahhh bliss.
    Every time I feel a guy who has a thick or long (or both) dick I instantly don't want to have sex with him because I know I'll be miserable.
    There is a reason most women only buy vibrators/dildos that are 4-6in long and .5-1in thick!

    Also I find it curious that guys here are getting extremely upset because of women judging them on their penis size. I could have sworn men were judging women on their breast size and how big their labia are. As a slight feminist I'd say that its fair: we judge you, you judge us. Everyone needs to get over their sex organ size. If I have small boobs don't tell me to get new ones, if you have a small dick, I won't tell you to get a new one.

  43. Big penises are all well and good in fantasies, but I'm a woman with a pretty small vagina. I don't actually want to have sex with somebody with a very large penis, it would be painful (at least at first, I know things stretch).
    Masturbating kind of teaches us that as big as our own fingers is enough to have fun with.
    In the case of my fingers, that's about three inches and a quarter inches long.

  44. Nice balls dude

  45. it changes from 6.7" to 7" long

  46. I cried at the end.. What the **** are women doing to us? I'm around 6.4 inches long and 15 years old and I'm starting to realize that judging people on their penis size is just wrong. I'm not trying to brag but I'm a really nice guy and I think that that matters..

    1. Women are not the problem, society is the problem. Women and men alike are just vectors for this diseased way of thinking. If you think it is only women who perpetuate this problem, go watch the movie "The Adonis Factor" about the obsession with bodily perfection in gay male culture. These roots are deep, and there is no way that women could cause the pervasiveness of this idea alone.
      Also, anecdotally, stories I've read from parents arguing over the circumcision of their child typically involve a mom who doesn't want to circumcise her child and a dad who insists he wants his child to be like him. This bullsh*t is not and has never been primarily a female perception problem, it is common to almost all members of western culture(no pun intended).

    2. Women are part of society.

    3. Don't forget that this documentary is supposed to highlight the reasons why men do this and why they are so self conscious. Not all women are like that- Your penis is perfectly fine! 6.4 inches is GREAT! The documentary opens eyes, and that's great, but as a woman, I've never had a conversation about the size of my husband's penis. We may talk about how great the sex was, but never the size. Don't be discouraged.

  47. I thought the documentary was pretty insightful. Interestingly, when I was 15 the first girl I ever fooled around with kind of joked about the size of my dick. I'm just short of 7" long and it's not thin or thick. Her comment cut me so deep that I avoided having sex until I lost my virginity at 24. All that time I knew there wasn't a chance in hell that I would satisfy a woman with the penis I felt "god" had cursed me with. I don't think I'll ever look down and be happy with what I see but in a way I'm glad for her reaction because it definitely made me a very cognizant lover. It led me to figure out what feels good to a woman and what they wan't and need. Of course all women are not alike, but I know without any doubt that I am an excellent lover. I don't believe that because most women I've been with told me so. I believe it because their friends told me and the friends of their friends told me. I even got laid a number of times just because they honestly wanted to experience what they heard. I promise you that that is the absolute truth. Those days are behind me now. I'm married and the love my wife and I share is far better than any casual encounter in my past. She asks for sex more often than I do and I believe her when she climaxes. The sad thing? Despite all of this, and until the day I die, I will always be jealous of the satisfaction a guy must experience when a woman looks down and says WOW. That kind of sucks.

  48. "As I sat there, and watched it being cut up, and stuffed full of bits of his ***, and then sewn back together again, i thought to myself, "Why the **** is he doing this?"" That was pretty funny. Jarrod was totally insane he was sad about people calling him banana d*ck but now his dick is made of his ***, I mean thats gotta be a turn for the worse. It was actually a really interesting documentary into this particular mental problem. I think Jarrod was a good example because it showed such an extreme insecurity it kind of really amplified some of the causes. It seems like the more you want larger genitals the less it has to do with really making women happy and more with making them in awe of you. With Jarrod he just wants to really smash women, so much so, he's putting his *** into his penis to smash more. And that kind of ego fulfillment is insatiable and if his partner believes that's all there is too he will never be enough to her either. it's just a really demented pathology, how sick it really is is almost past over in this movie.

  49. Oh my gosh, is this whole documentary about wieners? Geez Louise are people running out of ideas these days or what.

    1. Well, you missed the point...or perhaps the tip.

  50. Stopped caring about my penis size once it became apparent to me the only person that I have to please is myself.

    If my dick gets wet why does it matter if she has a good time or not? Yes my small penis has turned me into an inconsiderate dick, but it's either that or crying about it like a school girl all day.

  51. I love how he's using the soundtrack from A Clockwork Orange.

  52. Just to reassure a few people...and I see nobody else noticed it...but the exhibition photos.... These are semi erect. I have a penis. I know how to create a more impressive looking penis for the purposes of a photograph. A flaccid penis is....let's just say 'more silly looking'. Shrivelled. You see...there is this thing we men do when we 'need to'. It's called 'tugging'. "What's that? Have I stretched it? No way man. Always looks like this. Shrivelled a bit now, if anything"

  53. Unfortunateley size does matter most of the time. At 4 inches and change it's hard to find a woman who accepts that. The problem is even if you do, it's likely you aren't compatible anyway. I've never had both at the same time and I can tell you that it matters to a guy's esteem. And it's not always a lack of respect, hell I used to write poems for some of the women I loved, but it didn't matter in the end. At 40 years old and never having had a successful relationship, you start to stop trying. Confidence comes from competence, and in order to have competence you have to have been successful at something at least a few times in your life.

    You have to be really lucky to find the right one when you have that "disadvantage." And let's face it, most of those/us guys aren't that lucky. It's simple math really.

  54. see above :/

  55. Let us all accept the uniqueness in us. If we let society dictate our view on what's best or what's beautiful then we will never be happy. Guys penises comes in different shape and sizes just like women's breasts and if you can't accept that fact then you're forever feel insecure. Let's be kind to ourselves...take care of our body and love it for what it is.

  56. Fascinating and enlightening.

  57. It is impotant to believe yourself and don't belive your doubt! People beccome depressed through making a logical error. T hey distort events into selfblame, so depressed persons draw illogical conclusion about themselves. why some people complain about size it is not important, what size you got, but it is important think how to scape from depression as people become depressed through negative interpretation about their thoughts and beliefs!

  58. People become depressed through making a logical error, they distort events into selfblame, so depressed persons draw illogical conclusions about themselve! Thought and beliefs cause emtional states? believe yourself do not relay on your doubts! Do not lose your confidence...size is not important?! If you know how to live in this world then you must drop your doubt and build your confidence!

  59. I am a girl, and what I find attractive about this guy is the fact that he has the Confidence, without the size. To me at least, the size does NOT matter. The difference between him and the man with the 7" penis was stark. The other guy seemed shallow and self centered which was completely unattractive. He was confident and a good communicator which a lot of girls value.
    I could not believe what i was hearing when that girl friend of the man getting the operation said she could not have married her last boy friend because of his size and that she would likely cheat on him. TERRIBLE!! She knows nothing of love.

    1. Yeah, the guy may have a small penis, but he must have giant balls to make this cockumentary.

    2. he might keep her happy by sex but not by relation as we need to deal 23 hour with a nice person nonly 1 hr or less with his or her physical parts

  60. This is a very feel good documentary. I may be a gal, but it really pains me when friends say they're uncomfortable with their penis. It's really hard to see someone sad about something that should be considered normal.

  61. You kids are funny. I'm gonna speak as a black, gay man (based on previous comments what I have is the norm).

    My penis is about 8.5-9" long (insertable, not measuring under the "taint", but from the top of the base tot he tip), 6.5-7" thick (look at your common "double" roll of toilet tissue, the core of it won't pass the head).

    When I see my penis, I see a 2" itty bitty thing. Boring, nothing impressive. My previous partners and current "partner" says I'm incredibly wrong with what I perceive.

    I've seen a lot of penises in my life, measured quite a biggest, and I rarely encounter one larger than mine--in fact, I've never (so, in short, guys who claim to have 10"+ are more than likely lying).

    I don't believe that black guys have larger penises than white guys, as I have dated a white guy with a penis that embarrassed me. While we never measured, it definitely looked that way. My current "partner" is very well endowed, a white guy, and there are times where it's difficult to tell who's is bigger. I've definitely got him on the thickness, but length it's hard to tell--it really depends on who is enjoying the activities more.

    Guys who compare to folks in porn are comparing apples to oranges. Camera angle, focal length (of lens), and the size/weight of the model can drastically change what you perceive. So stop.

    While I discussed my penis when erect, I have conveniently bypassed discussions of it in a flaccid state. That's mainly because its not worth mentioning. I'm what the gay boys like to call "a grower, not a shower."

    In flaccid state, my penis is literally about 2.5-3", with no girth whatsoever.

    A large penis is a novelty. Something that girls (and guys) like to brag about. The fact is, they aren't that wonderful. I've had situations where I couldn't penetrate because of the perceived size. To those hetero-guys out there, who have been told by a ex or soon-to-be ex that their penises were small--ignore that. Men are so wrapped up in the size of their junk and women know it, so the first thing they tell you to hurt you is that "they've had bigger."

    So, in closing, as a guy with a penis that is by all comparisons is pretty large, it's pretty lame to be focused on the size of your junk. You can have a huge one and not satisfy a partner, and you can have a "tiny" one that rocks their world. Be happy with what you have. Short of expensive surgeries that can end up causing more damage than increasing your size, you're stuck with it.

    As a friend of mine has told me--who is very average, probably sub-average, "Every time i touch it, I get it excited."

  62. I did... I measured in at 7.1 Inches and 5.7 around. I always felt inadequate despite my girlfriends telling me my penis is big enough.So two things I have learnt...
    1. I will never be happy with my penis size.
    2. Girls that matter, don't care

    1. Might as well be happy with it then. Time doesn't usually improve things. Its best to enjoy what you have while you have it.

  63. I bet many men have gone and measured their own penis after watching this documentary.

  64. Many compliments for the great work and courage. It can be difficult to act as
    the man did in the documentary.

  65. I am very happy with my penis

  66. so much in awe with this documentary. it tells us to do away with sizes.

    1. What's that you say!? Do away with sizes?? Oh great!....right when my pants were beginning to fit too! Now I gotta go back to rolling up a sock and wedging them back into place.... Great!... just un-naturally great!

  67. comment deleted

  68. When female friends see my flaccid 5.75" penis, they are shocked when I say its only 5.75". They always think it's bigger... they guess 7 or 7.5". So I can only guess that because women don't have a penis, they don't have a grip on size.

    I grew up nudist (White, 1973, Canadian, uncircumcised) and have been to lots of nudist resorts. I can say with fore sure certainty that uncircumcised penises are generally bigger.20 years ago my uncut member was about 35% of the population. Now it's reversed. Now it seems no one is circumcising any more. I'm seeing lots of cut dads with their uncut sons. And.... We've got a jewish family who didn't cut their boys either.

    I also want to add. Penises always look bigger in porns because!!!!!!
    Women have smaller hands :)

    1. Why this trend towards being uncut? Is it a loss of "faith" in the general populaiton, or is it something different? Pondering to myself what the "faith" population of a nudist colony would be anyway. In Canada, nonetheless. Hum.

    2. I go to nude beaches too, and yes in Canada many penis are free to be natural like it was the first second of birth. Don't you think your GOD would have made a penis unwrapped if it was necessary, and if not your GOD, then evolution.
      I consider the decision of having a baby's penis circumcised a mutilation of "his private parts" and a violation of his human rights supported by religions.
      Look at you talking of faith???????

    3. Below C_and_N said to my post, "Why this trend towards being uncut?". I see it as the other way around. Cutting was the "trend". It peeked in the 70's and the 80's... and then people started questioning. Questioning doctors...and even their religion. Hence the uncircumcised Jews at my nudist club. I was raised Roman Catholic. Most people are Christian, or some branch of. We have a chinese family at our resort as well. They have been in Canada for 11 years from Sichuan, and they do see cutting as mutilation. They think a circumcised penis is just wrong looking, and amputated.

      I am friends with a couple who truly are delights to me. He is a white guy like me(30 y/o) and she is a 24 y/o muslim from the Maldives. I should say she was muslim. All she said was, was she disagrees with the religion. She said she enjoys bacon and alcohol.... she is not giving up anything, any God put here on earth. When they have children, and if they have boys, they won't cut them. :)

    4. I'll think about it. If I were Jewish, then as a covenant with G-d, I would surely circumcise my son. Yet, as a Christian, the Apostle Paul wrote that "circumcision" was a matter of the heart, and not merely the body. I ask myself: "Is circumcision a sign of the covenant for the Christian?" No. It's not. "Is it essential for slavation as a Christian?" Surely not. Therefore, breaking with my long-held subconcious beliefs, I think it's irrelavant for living a Christian life.

      My only vague feeling is to make sure I make the decision for my son, not because my heart is growing colder towards God, but rather fully understanding of the grace of God and what is truly important to be His servant. It's a matter of faith--not foreskin.

      That and I want my son to have great hot sex when he's married someday!

      He still might get circumcised, but I'm 60/40 against it at this point now.

    5. Do you think having most of an infants penis traumatically skinned off at birth might keep him from having great sex? He won't remember getting it, since they rip if off pretty fast because its so painful and if it kills him thats ok, you can just make another baby right? And, if he lives through the torture as they say most do, (thousands have died but thats fine too because he is just one tiny male infant with no rights) his nasty little body won't be able to spread infection (you really help all the women he can't spread infection to, a selfless public service) and he will likely just get infected himself from messing with males because circumcised males have high rates of hiv in the US, and he will stay clean cool, exposed, and get that funny feeling his opinion did not and never will matter, so he can always stay home with mommy when he grows up and finds out he got his manhood trimmed down before he could talk.

    6. I've never heard of a mortality rate for circumcision. Do you have a link for that?

    7. I mostly agree with you. I saw my little brothers circumcision minutes after his birth when I was a child. It didn't seem right in my untainted child eyes. For years everyone told me why they do it and that its okay, but my adult eyes research and concur with my child eyes, its wrong. I think its mostly for appearance, and hygiene is the excuse. Men don't want their sons to be different from them. And most parents are far too busy working to research stuff like this.

    8. In my sons' cases, my wife overruled me and decreed they would be circumsized, because I was. Me, I wanted my sons to have what I hadn't - a CHOICE.

    9. Did you know that circumcision today is much different from in the bible? They actually cut a lot more now. Times have certainly changed. I'm happy to see a parent out there putting so much intelligent thought into the decisions about their child.

  69. What is considered well hung in the porn industry?

  70. whoohoo lets talk about ding dongs. get a life.

  71. Watching that surgery actually reduced the size of my penis. ?_?

    1. Me too...
      It's called a Foreskinclosure

  72. Also on the topic of circumcision, you should let your child decide that when they grow up. I'm not circumcised and at first growing up i hated it and was so angry with my parents. That was until i realized how much sensation you lose when cut. the head is then exposed to the elements and friction. the foreskin also helps give the penis even more to cause friction in the vagina, and it does help it get wetter i swear during sex. No it is not hard to clean yourself, and it only takes a lazy bad parent to not be able to tell your child to always clean themselves in the shower. Woman i know you think we are pigs but you have to give us more credit, i always washed my penis in the shower just like i wash the inside of the crack of my as it's just common sense. This all started with old religious practices that are archaic. If God made us in his image, then why did he leave it up to us to mutilate our penis and body and cut something off he supposedly put there? if you ask a minister he will give you some ridiculous convoluted rational on why this is. but i promise you could just keep saying "yes but again, God made us in his image right or not?" he might say something so dumb like, yes but he also gave us the ability to be clean and to cut off our foreskins" well yes he did just like he gave us the ability to tattoo one another and pierce but then why is that defying my temple to many Christians"

    also circumcision and deform the penis head and stunt it's growth. I'm telling you don't do it, this is outdated and your trueley doing your child a disservice and it really isn't your penis to cut right? it's his. teach him to use condoms and also it doesn't catch or spread std's more. Would you cut off his pinky if everyone else was doing the same? it's his penis and it should be his choice, Nature made him that way for a reason, period.

    1. BeTrue2You: When is that age of concent? They get cut at about age 9-13 here. My boy with his bigger johnson wants it now, but he's only 5. I'm actually breaking with my life-long convictions and thinking about not circumcising him at all.

  73. Let's be realistic, women care about penis size. The biological competitive attitude of men makes impossible to talk about cocks, we want to have the biggest cock!!!... I feel the only thing that this guy wanted was to demonstrate his own size problem; he used arguments just to justified his own situation. Guys do not talk about penis because we are competitive... the only clear statement that this documentary made was that " penises came in all shapes and sizes"....

  74. i have 7 inch long and my 3 fingures fat every time i sex but im not realesd fast some time i feel pain and girls hat me what i can do

  75. I think that men feel insecure about their penises because most woman have a skewed belief that 7-8 inches is normal. I had a friend who said her boyfriends dick was like 8 inches, one day i saw his dick, hard... It was barely even 6 inches. It's really women's fault that men have this problem.

  76. I must weigh in here . Must we destroy everything and make it a problem, nothing can be just as it is not even sex. If you are incredibly into your partner and have an amazingly strong bond with them and love them ,then that’s all you need to have a great sex life. allot of people have been so brain washed by society that it makes are needs so high to maintain arousal. porn is probably one of the worst things for this .when images of dinosaur dicks,bowling pins up ***es,double insersitions,fising etc is all over this creates more problems. If your aroused enough by your partner then the slightest touch of your partner can make you orgasm. I have a very strange body shape , I look like an nfl running back with my shirt off and on the other hand I have a pencil dick which is skinnier then the gentlemen’s in this video. In my last relationship I made my girlfriend easily orgasm every time we had sex .the fact that we were so into each other and the fact that we knew each others body’s well(talk to your partner let them know what feels good to them and you do the same) kept a high arousal factor and wouldn’t have mattered if my dick was the size of a clit. .You must clear yourselves from societies harmful effects cause your destroying something so awesome. If your partner is not satisfied with your penis and its actually to the point of hurting your relationship then she obviously is just not that into you and its not your penis and was probably someone you should stay away from anyway. Thanks to the Ladies that post sincere things about size not being an issue, it can be a big relief to guys that have issues with there members.

  77. Great Vid. but do pills work?

    1. yeah, you can dance all night ;)

  78. Great Vid but would pills work? :3

  79. imm fed up with it ! In many cases ( maybe not most ) i truly believe that it maybe a case of a woman being to "large" for a man!If the "average" man is not enough for you then face the facts , you are on the looser side of the spectrum, and the same goes for men!Some women are born " larger" just like some men are born larger. it just that simple. other women strech them selves out over time though sex our masturbating ( yes woman if you have sex constantly or you put big objects and dildos inside of you IT DOES have an effect on your body. there is a consequence ) i don't care what the doctors or anyone says about the elasticity of vaginas , men can feel the difference and i believe you can as well. If that weren't the case then women wouldnt be in search of big dicks all the time. men bigger feels better to MOST girls . It is a fact of life. the sad part is how men are beaten up emotionally over the subject . i have a decently sized dick ( honestly i dont know how to feel about it ) I know what the average is, and yes i am above it,but being near the middle ground as far as penis's go i have gotten many mixed reviews . Some think my dick is huge when it is hard and others can barely feel it ? so men sometimes it just isnt "tottally our fault . that brings up the question IS AVERAGE REALLY ENOUGH ? even if a girl wouldnt leave over a penis does that really mean she is satisfied ?

    1. I agree with that. I think there's a good chance that the women who say they want a big one are big girls themselves. I personally don't like it at all. That guy Jarrod saying he wants to smash away at his is that fun?

    2. I agree. The big ones aren't any more fun than the smaller ones. I'd even say that more than 6 inches is a burden for me. Girth can be accommodated. What really makes a difference is the man's receptiveness to his partners feelings and needs, physical, emotional and sexual.

    3. When males are circumcised, it stunts and reduces their girth and length considerably, since most of their pleasure nerves skin and smooth muscle was snipped off, (for public health, hygeine, religion and other fabricated piles of sh*t, etc) most traumatically. A lot of US men were snipped at birth, and guys like you believe you were born this way?
      Now thats sad.

    4. As an American girl, & (here's where i need to admit... plenty of experience) typically all we ever see are circumcised ones. Because I am tall, i have had a lot more experience w/ larger guys than average, some men, do worry that they will hurt a girl if bigger, and we do like a limit on length, no girl wants a knob banging you up inside. A guy with girth can be plenty more proud than a guy with length, as that's what we really feel, more than length, too long, and yes they can hurt us.

      Interestingly, in Michelangelo's time, penises were drawn small, because drawings of large ones were undesirable, they were laughed at as "buffoonish" and a joke, a point of derision..

      Finally, i was surprised at the lack of precision in this, as we all know that relaxed penises are not the same as an erect one. Some guys can start out smaller looking, but get much bigger, and some with apparently sufficient size when flaccid, might not enlarge much when engorged, so i don't think unaroused is a fair measurement to many guys.

  80. 7in why is he having surgery?

    1. Because some woman told him he was small or he feels small i would guess

  81. Most men lie about the size of their penis. I mean no offense but three to four inches is small just face it. You cant call an A or B cup big either. So just face it you have a small penis get over it.

  82. Here is a Theory. Most men I know that have cheated on there wife or girlfreind all have bigger than average penises. I know it is not always the case, but I believe if you think about it you might find the same. If men had more confidence the more they would would get around. No I am not talking about the majority of men would start cheating just some of them.

    1. this is such bs men cheat because they want to. even if they are ugly, fat, or have a small penis, doesnt matter

    2. if it's really true that men with larger penises are more likely to cheat, that must mean their self-worth is tied in greatly with their size and they need affirmation. if i were a girl and just wanted a ****, i guess i would rather have a bigger dick but if i am in a relationship, size would not make me stay or go-there are other ways to please and the biggest sex organ is the brain.

  83. I know how everyone says how 5 to 6 inches is the average size but that is not true. my penis is a little under 6 inches. i thought that was average. that was until i started my sex life (at 18yo). I am gay, i am now almost 24 yo and i've been with a good number of guys (30+). i have met no more that 2 guys that were smaller than me. so i honestly believe that 5-6 inches is NOT average. i wish i had a bigger, (especially thicker) penis.

    1. Did you actually measure all 30+ penises?
      Could be they just look bigger, as they all will, as they are viewed from a different angle to how you view your own
      To have only experienced 2 under 6” out of 30 is statistically very unlikely
      Perhaps you have an overly jaded view of your own equipment
      You’ve pulled over 30+ men in 6 years. You’ve obviously got plenty going for you

    2. well i definitely didn't pull out a ruler and started measuring LOL but i did put them against mine and they were all longer and thicker.

    3. Just out of curiosity, with 30+ to compare . . . are ethnic differences being considered here? Not sure I really want an answer, but that's hard to believe 5 to 6 is below average when I think I've read that it actually is.

    4. I've been with guys from Eastern Europe and the US, the rest of the world, I don't know.

    5. what size u ike????

  84. The women in this film are id**ts on crack [or rather with cracked cracks, it seems.] Who wants to have a huge vagina? Because that's what you're admitting to if you keep ranting about wanting a big penis. And what about being the wife or a girlfriend of someone who is so anxiety-ridden and depressed that he believes his penis size is the source of his agony? Who ARE these m*ron women? Instead of vetoing these operations and swearing undying love for their conflicted partner's penis, there seems to be some kind of tacit acceptance. Worthless women with huge sloppy vaginas, that's what they are.

    1. I kind of wonder if the girls estimated larger because were embarrassed among each other to choose a smaller penis. I mean, think about if your girlfriends all "preferred" 8+ and you made a pleasant 4-5 inch penis...

    2. I kind of wonder if the girls estimated their preferences larger because were embarrassed among each other to choose a smaller penis. I mean, think about if your girlfriends all "preferred" 8+ and you made a pleasant 4-5 inch penis... You would feel like they were judging you for wanting a smaller penis. Get a woman alone in a room where they don't think they will be judged and then ask her what she prefers - I bet you get a totally different answer.

    3. no i dont agree with that 8 is big, but depends on girth too

    4. I agree

    5. the models werent even that big. get over yourself. maybe one girl had one with big girth, but they weren't big.

  85. 7 inches long and 6 inches around? Are you kidding me? That's far beyond average, especially the girth. The guy getting the surgery is a douche, nuff said.

  86. it's funny really, i think this doco exploits a lot of society's vein and tragic qualities, I read a survey somewhere about men and their attractions towards women, it said that most men desire a size 10, yet most women are size 12 or more, and wish to be a size 8, but even reading that survey to me detracts from the point that, when you have an emotional response to someone, generally the sexual response can be just as strong despite what they look like or how big they're body parts are, generally I find you meet someone and you either like they way they look or you don't but then as you get to know them they become less or more attactive, and if they find you attractive, penis size rarely matters, just like boob or dress size, after a while it becomes insignificant

  87. I think women have unrealistic hopes of men just as men have unrealistic hopes of women, I've had many relationships with women who are a cold fish in bed, no input what so ever but they expect you to be just as pleasing as they're 10 inch dildo, sex is an act that usually requires 2 people, I've never been 110% happy with my size, it's probably similar to that guy that had surgery, but I can assure you it's pretty awesome when you have the right pertner, not all vaginas or clitoris are the same size either, but mostly I find it's the personal connection that makes sex great

  88. I am about average in length, but skinny. I have had a number of partners before marriage, and only one complaint I know of. (turns out she was the town slut, and only after sex as a game) The trick was that with nearly all of these women, I was in a relationship before sex started, so they liked the rest of me first.

    My wife and just fit perfectly, isn't that lucky, and have for nearly 40 years. It was never huge, but could last forever, life has its compensations.

    Which would you rather have, 8 inches or two divorces?

  89. I have been aware of men's sensitivity regarding this subject and make a point to be sensitive of that - however this documentary makes me sad because the crux of the matter was only touched on - large is nice but if that all the guy has as far as being a lover (ie he is not considerate, only interested in what he wants, takes and does not give, does not look the woman in the eye to see if she is enjoying herself, makes no effort to make sure she comes, when all is over cannot wait to leave or to get rid of her) then he will not get a second chance - and will also leave the poor girl feeling quite bad about herself unless she has a very thick skin. Penis size is nice, but if everything else is fine (he is intelligent, considerate, loves me) then I would be with a one incher for long term - there are other ways to enjoy sex AND I would make sure we did. That is the extreme - you should be able to use what I have said to find a happy medium where you get sex and a nice not so long term if you want to.

    1. I agree with what you say.

  90. As owner of 5" circumcised penis and married to present wife for 25 years and aware she had numerous lovers who were bigger than me yes I do feel totally inadequate.

  91. Penis size only matters to me in the fact that it cannot be too big, I don't know about the rest of the ladies but I don't want sex to hurt everytime. To me it's all about confidence and the love you have for one another. If you love him you will also love his penis.

    1. that is the way it should be

  92. gays don't sit around talking about their dicks with eachother either. what a bunch of stereotypical, homophobic, ignorant bullshit. These people being interviewed need to keep their insecurities to themselves, but they dont even realize how ignorant they sound. I wish he would have taken the time to talk with gay guys as well to quash these mens ignorant opinions.

    1. exactly what I thought, every time they would mention talking about penises they would say " we don't talk about penises, were not gay." I would have like to see the gay side of this. What do gay men go through? Since most of what they mention here relates to pleasing a woman, what about gays who have two penises to worry about. I for one always worry about how I will measure up to his own penis,his expectations, and his past experiences. But that is me... again would have been more helpful if they had looked at the whole spectrum of the issue.

  93. i have a 6 3/4 penis and i thought i was the smallest penis in the world, kept me from having intercourse for years. what a shame! I'm still insecure it really makes me so shy!

    1. Wow. That's average, isn't it? Or a bit more in fact. No reason to be insecure there.

  94. Of course the average want's to be bigger, the average man, want's to be just a little bit taller, more muscular, fitter, faster, stronger, richer.

  95. I was so happy when they started playing music by The Raconteurs. That was the best!

  96. A big bucket needs plenty of sand to be filled out. A cat vagina wouldn't complain about even a (human) micro penis...

    Yes cocks differ in size, but so does vaginas, some feel like penetrating a bucket filled with Jellyfish, some like a russian babooshka wringing out water from a washed towel.

    Women complaining about the size of mens penises, maybe should learn some elementary physics. Especially if you feel a normally sized penis isn't good enough for you.

    It could be You who are sized like black hole, devouring automotive scissor-jacks without blinking, it isn't always the mens fault.

  97. I love all these comments by hurt men believing that a woman's job is to placate us and relieve us of our insecurities. It is indeed a shame that women might judge us men based on something we have no control over, or gossip about it. But, come on guys, we don't even need to gossip about or openly critique the many physical attributes women have no control over (popular are breasts, face, height, voice, hips/shape). They are out there in the open for all to see, and we still give women a very hard time, at least in our own social circles. Why are women not allowed to do the same, especially about information that's provocative AND not at all apparent to the parties involved? It's just something to talk about for christ's sake.

    Disappointing penises and malodorous or gape-ready vaginas seem like fair game for gossip circles, but come on now...we all know it's mostly about status. Chances are if a girl says "my man is huge" she's trying to impress her buddies. If a girl says "he's small and pathetic," well, chances are she doesn't care about him for other reasons. Either that or she's completely self-absorbed and wouldn't really care about a man even if he had a massive member. All a bit simplistic, I know, but come like this are supposed to give you some damn perspective.

    View the penis gossip for what it is. We all try to impress people, share secrets and divine power from them, or simply receive a bit of attention. Penises are perfect fodder for such social games. Both men and women love their games, they simply use different pawns.

    Guys: if the size of your penis really becomes a deal breaker to someone, chances are you're not doing your homework. Developing counteracting qualities like being a bit more honest and a bit less self-absorbed will more than make up for an unfortunate set of genitals. Nobody likes the guy obsessed with his penis. Loneliness has power, penises do not.

    My name is Derek, and I am a recovering peniholic. I have been realistic about my penis for 57 days.

    1. Lol, I liked this post. It's a good point that women sometimes objectify men in this way, too. The male member is unique and can tell a story about a guy. The worst thing about a penis would be a man who uses as a tool for power (rape), or is neglectful of the new life that his members help create. Otherwise thinking about how your child came from you and your woman and appreciating that expression of you (I suppose this is a feminine view) would be good, more kids would have dads. I am trying to understand the male perspective and sometimes I find that men are insecure about a smaller size because they feel it would deliver less pleasure to a woman and I know there are other reasons as well.

      If I am incorrect or interpreting it through my female views, I am sorry and I am trying to understand.

      I am only against men and women who use their bodies or minds to control, hurt or dominate others...or who refuse to have responsibility fora life they created.

      A man's body should be celebrated and taken care of. It tells a story. I know that is true for men and women.

  98. I have been in a handful of relationships, all of my exes were above average in size. I have had plenty non-sexual dating situations where the guy shows me his penis, again, all above average at least.

    So it was a complete visual shock to me that my most recent ex was very small. I had never seen a small one. I am not a shallow woman and would hear stories from my friends about leaving a good guy just because he was small. I thought that was ridiculous. Their complaint was always that you couldn't feel anything. I always suggested they do kegels and try different positions.

    Well my small ex actually felt HUGE inside me, and had his technique been better, it could have been great sex. Technique isn't a biggie for me either, since a man will do anything you ask, and if I adore you enough to sleep with you, then I am comfortable enough saying what I like. So no problem there, either. The issue is the visual of it. In dim lighting, it looked like he had a vagina or had been mutilated. Then once I saw it, I just kept thinking of baby boys. So my thoughts went from feeling like I was a lesbian to being a pedo. Neither of these are sexy thoughts.

    I felt bad because its not as if he can help his size. And I hope I haven't offended anyone, because my intentions aren't to be cruel. It is such an unfortunate situation. I had to leave him because there was absolutely no sexual attraction there once I saw it. And I gave it time....every time I saw it I was too confused, shocked, and weirded out to be aroused. And I am an extremely sexual and sensual person, always have been. I have NEVER not been ready to go. His body and face was an underwear model perfect 10, but I could tell right away when I met him that he was insecure. He was such a go-getter and from Germany so I thought maybe the insecure vibe was just cultural miscommunication. Hindsight, I now see why in the two years I'd known him before we started our relationship, that he never mentioned his penis or sent me a pic of it. Every man I've ever known has. At the time I just thought he was being classy and respectful. I hated that I had to end it, because outside of the bad visual and insecurity, he was marriage material. But we all know there has to be sexual attraction. FYI he was 4 inches, max and bigger than my finger, but thinner than his. Very, very strange sight.

    Here are my genuine helpful suggestions for men who are small:

    1) You have probably encountered looser girls, but every woman isn't . Do not go on auto pilot and pound away trying to make sure she feels you. If she is tight, the roughness will hurt and is unnecessary. And having one speed is never good, no matter your size.

    2) Find some type of way to get over your situation, and do not allow it to make you insecure nor bitter towards other men who are large. Never make jealous comments or assumptions about a man with a large penis. Like assuming they are dumb, don't know how to treat women, cheat all of the time, or don't know what to do with it. Not only is that not true, but you just make yourself seem very insecure in the process. As women, we have an evolutionary need to feel secure and protected by a man. We need to feel that you could defend us physically if need be. You HAVE to be secure within yourself in order to convey this to a woman. Confidence, confidence, confidence! I'm dating a guy right now that I know I will NEVER get to know further or sleep with. He is 9 inches and as thick as my forearm, but he lacks confidence. He is insecure about not being wealthy, and every chance he gets, he trashes men with money. Such a turn off. My thoughts are, here he has the attention of a beautiful woman, yet he spends time talking about other men...hmmm.

    3) We are emotional creatures so let us get to know you for you, and stay away from one nighters. Any girl that one nights, is looking to get her back blown out and is more than likely shallow when it comes to penis size. One night stands have never been my style, but my friends do them, and they trash small men as if its a paid sport. If you come up short, she will probably say mean things to you, or treat you like less than a man. Get to know a good woman, then PRIOR to having sex, discuss your size a bit so she isn't shocked.

    Had my suggestions been done by my ex, I would have no doubt stayed with him, 4 inch skinny penis or not.

    Hope this has been helpful.

    1. huh? first you say that the reason you dumped your "marriage material" ex is because you couldn't get over the visual of his junk. that it was a turn-off. that looking at a naked MAN made you feel like a lesbian or a pedophile. then you give a list of detailed "suggestions" as to how a man with a small dick could impress you enough to keep you? this guy would rather have a hot one night stand than spend time and energy building a relationship with someone so shallow. how do you think that these types of reactions to these types of bodies are supposed to make the bearers of these bodies feel?

    2. So, after 10,498 words, you left him because he had a small penis. I guess size does matter.

  99. I watched the whole movie and I liked it very much. I love my penis very much although I'd like it to be a little bigger, I also think it is perfect in shape and size. I haven't had any complaints from girls. My only problem with my penis is that I get excited and I have no penis control. It's embarrassing to have a boner in a grocery store or poolside. I guess every one is different and some men don't have the same experiences as me. I'd like if it were easier to find information about penises and I'm glad you made this movie.

  100. I think it's a shame that a lot of woman are looking for a guy who will accept them as they are but here you women complaining about how big someone's penis is and even ending relationships because of it. It's sad that some woman can accept a guy for who he is except his penis size. It's such a God damn shame. Guys, just be confident. If some woman leaves you or cheats on you because of a stupid reason like penis size, they weren't worth it anyways. Find the woman who will accept you as you are.

  101. Can anyone explain to me why women in the U.S. have something against uncircumsized penises or is this just rumour? Most uncircumsized penises look almost the same as circumsized penises when erect because the foreskin retracts.. There have been studies done that say foreskin increases male pleasure during sexual activity and I can only imagine how much more handjobs or masturbation would suck without foreskin.. If anything the women I've met just enjoy it cause they can do more things with foreskin than without.. And as far as the hygiene argument goes, do circumsized people not clean their penises? With foreskin you pull it back and wash it, it takes 5 seconds in the shower. I've read some sad stories about guys who got circumsized in the U.S. because society made them feel uncomfortable having foreskin, and regretted it for the rest of their lives, so why is this such a big thin in the States? Also @disco2k if you had touched a vagina before you would know that the g-spot is only about 2-3 inches in, and why post here and potentially make other people feel bad about themselves so you can stroke your own ego? Maybe your penis ruler was in centimeters instead of inches.
    There will always be mixed opinions on whether or not penis size matters to women because every woman is different, and has different sexual needs. Why worry about what you can't control? And if anyone's having trouble giving their partner orgasms during sex, why not do you best master the arts of oral sex and fingering? Many women can orgasm easier that way.

    1. Hmmm SRyderB, I think that women in the U.S. just have much less exposure to uncircumsized men than in Europe for example. Much of the attitude in the States about uncircumsized men being less clean in the penile department arose out of World War II. Yes! Oddly enough, many military men who wanted to go home and were afraid of the war were likely to inflict injury upon themselves as a way to get back stateside. They would sometimes cut their foreskin and the subsequent infection is what became the qualification for mass acceptance in the U.S. of non-religion based circumcision. These troops were also subject to the horrible conditions of war during which foreskin infections were also more common due to the simple fact that they couldn't clean themselves regularly.

      I would prefer, if I ever have children, that they be uncircumsized. When I told this to my father, he was upset. I find his reaction to also be very telling. But, after a couple minutes of arguing, he said "just show me the kids". I take this as a sort of 'reaching out' on his part. Grandchildren are most important to him. My decision not to circumsize is overall insignificant. I also see his "just show me the kids" quote as a good metaphor for dispatching penis size and characteristics, in favor of what is really important. Family.

    2. Well just a few days ago here in Slovenia the protector of human rights publicly condemned circumsizion. Saying it violates basic human rights according to our constitution. As she puts it there has to be a legitimate and lawfully founded reason for any kind of intervention in to the human body. So it should only be done with the consent of the child if it is done for any other reason. I wonder how many would get circusized if they had a choice.
      Ofcourse jews muslims and christians got upset saying she is violating their right to freely practice religion ect ect. In the end she had to tone down her statement saying that then the constitution should be ammended. So I guess now they will change it to allow for the mutilation of sexual organs. Sick.

    3. Circumcision is not mutilaiton, nor a violation of human rights. They have no right to say we can't. It should be our choice for our sons or not. Ironically, my son's not because he was born in Asia and they just didn't do it like they do in the U.S.A. I think I might let him make his own choice, but it certainly wouldn't be a violation of of any human rights if we were circumcised. I like it, actually.

    4. Well I am very fond of my foreskin and to me it seems unnecesary if you have access to running water.
      What gives you the right? I guess I would compare it with a tatoo. For the majority it is logical that it can be done only with a consent of the person.
      Anyway I am happy that you are considering of not doing it and letting your son make the decision. If he is happy about it when he is a bit older to fully understand what it means then go for it... I guess.

    5. They should allow it religiously, because that can be very important to families, but they should make the parent make a well informed decision using reason, not just elect it because its the norm.

    6. If I ever have a son I would prefer they be uncircumsized too, but my boyfriend, the love of my life :) thinks circumcision its a necessity. It might become an issue someday. I can be persuasive though.

  102. a lot of you need to work on forming coherent sentences, and not penis size

    1. Yes, I couldn't agree more Rae. Ahh the irony.... (the fourth period after irony was for you so that you could end your sentence) sigh... Wait, what did you even mean?

  103. There is no such thing as a penis being to small...there is such a thing as a vagina being to big! Sorry ladies, less dicks is your cure!!!

    1. You keep telling yourself that :)

    2. sOME WOMEN ARE NATURALLLY BIG. sO YOUR COMMENT IS LAME. Especially after child-births the woman's vagina expands. Get out of your damn head.

  104. I will place any amount of money on the fact that for ever cock made larger by artificial means theres a hundred women whose tits arnt real!

    1. wrong...i would say 1 to 10000, especially if you count all the old tits around. lol

  105. The only dilemma with enlargement surgery is the fact that it doesn't change the man genetically. We need to fix it on the genetic level but without making it too big because Earth would be known as the planet where the men are men and the women are scared.

  106. penis size does matter to girls sometimes but not always but alot of times it does

  107. very interesting! as a woman watching this the penis size insecurity reminds me much of the breast size insecurity in a lot of women.

  108. Disco, Disco, you talk as if sex is just a matter of tab A into slot B, this is sex, not making furniture, human sexuality just does not work that way, especially a woman's, they just aren't 'designed' to have an orgasm through internal stimulation, if they can, good for them, but the parts that are actually 'designed' for sexual pleasure in the same sense that the penis is, is the vulva and clitoris; the outside.
    Of course, any part of the human body you can actually reach has developed to be responsive to touch, and putting a vaguely stick-shaped object into a vaguely hole-shaped object is one tiny aspect of human sexuality, it's like eating an apple in comparison to the food actually available, you don't even need apples in a balanced diet, pears would do just fine.

    And disco, you shouldn't be glad you have an circumcised penis just because women think uncircumcised ones are gross, you should be angry that women think men's penises are gross and need to be 'fixed', that's nothing short of sexist.

  109. wow! most of you are waaaay off! i am not huge by any means, i have been about 10 inches since i was 15 years old. so i can accurately comment on some of the issues brought up.
    1. TO GIRLS SIZE DOES MATTER! at least 20-30 times, especial when i was younger, (high school & college age) i was approached by friends of girls i had sex with. it was always the same, "i got to feel that in me"... they did
    2. a short penis cannot reach up in the area people call "G-Spot". you know the rough but soft little patch on the vag wall if you go in then up. several girls, girlfriends, friends with benefite, and my EX can confirm that! some did not even know it was there, ha!
    3. for all of their adult life, a few girls who are some of my closest friends since we were on tricycles and trust very much, say that size does matter so much that they just quit dating a guy with a small penis. they say its alot harder to have an orgasm.
    4. circumcision -- wow, this is the only place I EVER heard anyone talk about been uncircumcised in a positive way. obviously i am circumcised, and glad of it, because girls think uncircumcised penis's are disgusting. Maybe it is different in other parts of the world, but in the U.S. every girl i know freak out if they happen to come across one of those things.

    size is not everything to girls, they are extremely sensual creatures, but size does matter.

    and yes, you have to be gentle with your mate for the first 10-20 times so that you do not hurt them, but their body does naturally adjust and all is well.


    1. 4) if you grew up in the us its not talked about much... but if you want to talk normal... 40% - 30% of the worlds population is cut.

      you want to talk double standards... tell a woman you think its disgusting if she wears pants... tell her you think some forms of female circumcision is no big deal (hoodextomy...the direct equliveltn to male circumcision)

      both usually get you in hot water... she probably wont even know what hoodectomy is or what percentage of female circumcisions it makes up.

      but no one tells them that its morally borderline to prefer that their men be surgically altered

      say what ever you want about medical reasons they arnt conclusive on this subject and few were done by non biased groups. wanna talk cervial cancer? we only care about womens issues these days... we still hear about circumcision reducing cancer in women... we dont hear much about the rise in oral cancer in men... the rise is directly linked to contracting hpv from going down on a female.

      in health class they taught me hpv has no affects on males we are just the filthy carriers that harm the women... so they didnt say filthy and harm was infect but its about the same.

      it may feel fine for you the way that it is and thats great for you...but it would feel better if it wasnt. there are a ton of nerves removed and that is non arguable fact.

    2. that's ridiculous. i have never heard that circumcision reduces cervical cancer! where do you get that from? there is no evidence showing, for instance, that there is a higher rate of cervical cancer in europe, where most men are uncirmcised vs. the u.s. where most men are circumcised. also, there are many more reasons NOT to circumcise than TO circumscise-it is NOT healthier or cleaner, unless you are a pig and don't wash and that's not an argument, and circumcised men lose sensation. i know b/c my aunt (we are from germany) did not mutilate her son, my cousin. she let him have the choice and he got circumcised when he was 18 and regrets it-it is not easier to keep clean and he lost sensation. he only did it because "every other boy in gym was cut" and he felt wierd. now, he is 28 and wishes he could go back....

    3. do you have any idea how **** and arrogant you sound...the gspot is a finger deep and i have a hard time imagining any women with self respect saying they have to fell that inside of them. and not being circumcised isn't a bad thing it increases male pleasure 3fold look it up.

    4. Its not that clean to keep the foreskin. look it up

    5. As long as you keep yourself clean, it is actually cleaner as it keeps more stuff off of the covered part.

    6. I find it a bit sad to read of the negativity towards penis' not like your own. First, I want to correct you about the location of the g-spot. The g-spot varies slightly from woman to woman but it is roughly 1-3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall. You can reach it best by using a finger, and lets face it, fingers aren't that big.

      Second, I don't mean to make you feel bad, but 10 inches is way too big for most women and actually hurts. The biggest I was with was about 8" and he hurt me. The smallest I was with was about 3-4" and quite thin around but he gave me multiple orgasms. I figure it was his confidence, if he was uneasy about his size I would have picked up on that and probably felt uneasy too, but he wasn't.

      Lastly, circumcision is actually not that popular anymore, most little boys don't have it done to them, it's mostly religious reasons for getting it done now.I have been with both kinds and really don't care. I would prefer parents not circumsize little boys because it can be compared to mutilation.

      I think confidence comes from within, you have to be happy with what you got and usually if a woman loves you she will love your penis too.

    7. Disco: If you don't consider 10 inches as "huge" then I can hardly want imagine what you would think would be "huge"! Isn't that bigger than like 95 percent of the population or more? Those aren't questions I'm actually looking for an answer to --- just mind-boggling to myself!

      I do suspect everything you said was right, however, down to the letter.

  110. What is the song that you hear before they go to the hospital ??

  111. can u get pregnant by having a small penis cause me n my bf is trying n trying to start a family ... but idk if its him or idk if its me ... plz help

    1. hi amanda yes u can get pregnant with a small penis my bfs penis was small to and it will work as long as it is longer than like 2 inches which it shud b two inches in is were it is most sensational to the girl but yes u can get pregnant and start a family with a small penis

    2. yep u can start a family with a small penis

    3. Are you for real girl! I'd suggest the last thing you should be doing is trying to get pregnant - pity the poor child with such a stupid parent!!

    4. Yes, actually a small pecker can prevent you from getting pregnant. In China it is a common problem. They have to make sure the penis is long enough to break the hymen, or they have to do it manually. Infertility clinics are flooded with little peckered men that haven't broken the hymen in China (so I've read). Then you need to make sure the semen is far enough back to effectively reach the uterus opening. Use gravity for this (put your legs up for 20 min after sex). But, a woman only has a very few days she can conceive even in the best of circumstances. Once the hymen is broken, then even a little penis is effective in reproduction. Give it some time.

  112. what does it mean when my bf penis is small and i love him more then anything and i wonder if u can get pregnant

  113. try streching exersises it will make it longer therefore making it bigger

  114. hi i'm mani ...30years old man.......i got a prob penis size is 5.5 inch.but the thing is my girlfriend is not ok she want big thing but how i can .....and she said to me so many times .......i dont wana lose her ......plz give me answer how i grow my penis more ......even 1 inch more .....

    1. u cud try streching exersises

    2. dump her! that is the answer....

  115. there wudnt really b a problem with big dick exept that it can hurt the girls vagina sometimes and that just makes intercourse alittle awkward and discomforting 4 the girl but it wudnt matter otherwise exept 4 the fact that big or really big dicks can hurt the girl sometimes

  116. its very true that size certainly doesnt matter, as previously mentioned its how you use your member in the first few inches that really matters. also i think an uncircumsized penis is just fine and actually a little fun to play with. natural i def the wayto go...also i don think i could be with someone that couldnt or wouldnt clean themselves properly, its just under a little skin.

  117. men lie but it doesnt matter u dont have to lie bout ur size most girls dont care unless it hurts them that they care bout but otherwise nope noda nothing they dont care so u guys dont have to lie bout it at all it is fine we dont care all that much

  118. Even anonymously men STILL lie about their sizes. I can tell most of those pics were taken when they were NOT flaccid, but semi-erect. JUST as the documentary discussed earlier when Dr. Kinsey made the BIG mistake of having the men measure their OWN penis...the same was done with the anonymous pics of 'snap your chap'. Even anonymous men become too prideful and discreet on their size.
    Oh, and Jared is very unhappy. You could even see it before in his interview. Poor guy. There is NO surgery to make your erection bigger...which is what every guy wants. ONLY surgery to make you bigger in flaccid state. Not where it counts.
    One thing is FOR SURE about this documentary: MEN LIE ABOUT PENIS SIZE.

  119. dick size doesnt matter much to girls

    1. unless they feel nothing. ok fake it

  120. i am a girl and my opinion is that the size doesnt matter it is the movement and how smooth and nice the feeling is thats what matters not the size of the dick

  121. People are talking circumcision now? Alright, I was PARTIALLY circumcised. I still have about 3/4 of what used to be there, but I retain full sensitivity and the healthy pink tone (as opposed to that tan, callused look). Sometimes a foreskin can be so tight that urination is difficult (as a painful foreskin ballooning results), and in those cases, I'm not entirely certain that simple stretching is adequate. How long does the stretching take to become effective? How long should an infant experience pain in such a sensitive area due to a perfectly healthy bodily process? I don't advocate ANY circumcision, really, as no matter how it's sliced (both a pun and adequate descriptor) it's still genital mutilation.
    Because of my particular mutilation, I have not obtained the hygiene benefits of a full circumcision. However, I know how to wash my body, negating any risk of infection or the presence of "smegma". The practice was adopted in the 19th century at a time when adolescent boys weren't allowed to masturbate in the US, and shockingly women at the time were spared from a similar procedure at birth, because everyone knows women have never had one sexual desire. Ever.
    Since the advent of lubrication, the puritan desires of a young America were negated, and even further people began to question the practice, as it was possible for it to lead to impotence on top of being wholly unpleasant for the child to undergo the procedure. Even today, while it is still being performed on as many as 80% of male infants born in the US, horrific severing accidents are not unheard of.
    Even its religious significance was called into question when it was found the origin of circumcision, as recounted in the story of Abraham, was added to Genesis at around 500 BC, when an older scroll of Genesis was found from a little over 400 years before that and had NO MENTION OF CIRCUMCISION. 500 BC fits in well with Jews living in Babylon around that time, and it's thought that, to remain a political force in their people's lives, Rabbis of the time added circumcision to physically as well as spiritually differentiate their followers from the gentiles living around them.

  122. It is a competitive thing. That is why even guys with average penis want bigger ones so that they are higher up on the bell curve. Who defines that bell curve? Women. Women do want big dicks. Our primate ancestors have proportionately smaller cocks than we do showing (though not proving conclusively) that our women wanted bigger cock. Also, I've NEVER heard a woman break up with a guy because his penis was TOO big. I've heard of women breaking up over small penis. In fact, a big penis sometimes have helped to keep a relationship together. Why? Because it was an asset from the woman's perspective.

    1. I HAVE heard of a couple(in Jamaica) that had to split up over an oversized penis. It made for painful sexual activities even though he wore a "ring" on his penis. A woman has so much capacity for a penis and no more. Many of the women that want these large penises cannot manage all of it inside of her anyway. Research has shown that large penises can cause damage to cervical cells. As was said in the documentary, it's not how large a penis is, but how well it is used. Men with smaller penises(all men really) should intensify sexual encounters by focusing on foreplay.

  123. strange how he didn't touch on male genital cutting practically at all.

  124. @ Libby there is a rarely an indication for circumcision. There are many conservative ways (steroid cremes, stretching exercises, minor non-circumcision surgeries) to deal with foreskin issues. Anyways on average the circumcised penis is 8mm smaller, then that of the non-circumcised penis.

  125. Hello Guys! I'm a 23 year old girl. And maybe You will thing that I lie to you...
    but for me SIZES DOESN'T MATTER! For me WHAT MATTERS IS HOW THE BOY LOVES (TREATS) ME!!! Think of that! If you treat your Girlfriend whit love she will not ask you your size.

  126. my penis is of 4.2 inches size when it hardens but my problem was that the skin ties my tip tightly (just like for a child)....wats the solution ?

  127. This hasn't been mentioned yet, but coming from a female, I can that many of us (or at least I) spend very little time looking at his family jewels. If I am eyeing a good looking guy, its generally his face, shoulders and cute little tush. Besides which women generally also take into consideration personality as well. I think if you ask woman their favorite part of a man's body, most will not say penis, but shoulders or pecs....or some other body part. As for situations in the bedroom, there are many aspects of sex besides just penis size that excite women. It could be how his skin tastes or how he moans, how the muscles strain and flex, how he arches his back. Perhaps also being a art student in student has shaped my approach to the human body, but hopefully this is a message that will ring true to many.

  128. Very, very well done! Kudos’ to you for breaching a subject that is long overdue. I hope you become very wealthy for "killing" some of the false beliefs and exposing the unknown to the world male and female population.
    Fortunately I have a different perspective on penis size. Fortunately my lovers respect my love making even though my penis is small. My largest sex organ is between my ears and not my legs. Using my large sex organ I influence my lovers my stimulating their largest sex organ with my words and actions of concentrating on THEM rather than my penis size. When they have multiple orgasms, I too have a massive orgasm. Good for me -- good for them! When we are not in a sexual situation, penis size matters not. Passion, compassion, intelligence, respect and the glow of orgasm over shadows all else. Love it!

  129. Very, very well done! Kudos’ to you for breaching a subject that is long overdue. I hope you become very wealthy for "killing" some of the false beliefs and exposing the unknown to the worlds male and female population.
    Fortunately I have a different perspective on penis size. Fortunately my lovers respect my love making even though my penis is small. My largest sex organ is between my ears and not my legs. Using my large sex organ I influence my lovers my stimulating their largest sex organ with my words and actions of concentrating on THEM rather than my penis size. When they have multiple orgasms, I too have a massive orgasm. Good for me -- good for them! When we are not in a sexual situation, penis size matters not. Passion, compassion, intelligence, respect and the glow of orgasm over shadows all else. Love it!

  130. and i should comment on this video as well, this is a great video and really helps eliminate so many insecurities I have had with my member in terms of size.. I hoped there would be more about the guy who underwent surgery though but unfortunately there was only a few seconds of updates on his life. Otherwise, this was an awesome documentary and I think that every man should watch it.

    1. It is a sad and underestimated problem - women think it is funny to insult a man in this way. I am lucky enough to have been born "normal", but not even that has protected me from the paranoia that assaults a vulnerable teenagers mind. I can only imagine how hard it is for someone with an undersized penis.

      Women need to take more responsibility for this. Women understand how difficult weight and body image can be - and I propose that this is a much tougher subject to cope with for the individual.

  131. I am circumsized and am very happy with being so. I dont have to worry about cleaning my penis as extensively as those with the foreskin, and have a lot less of chance of having bacteria grow down there. I am pretty satisfied with my penis, and my girlfriend claims it is the best sex she's ever had, even if i am around the average scale, at 7''x5'', i know how to use my member. Her ex supposedly had a very thick member and she said she would feel a lot more pain than pleasure, and he had no idea how to use his penis. When I came along, I was a lot more experienced than him in the sack and gave her a lot more satisfaction. She always would tell her friends how sex is overrated before she met me, but after she met me and we broke up at one point, she told me that she told the same group of friends that sex was overrated, "oh and the sex was AMAZING," after she had a few drinks and dealing with depression caused by the breakup. Overall, i dont mean to brag about how great i am in bed, but I'd like to remind people that how you use your stuff is way more important than just showing it off.

  132. One thing to consider. The nurses prepping Jared for his operation considered him to be 'on the small side'. This would imply that most of the penises that go through that operating room must be larger than Jared's. At 7" or so, he's well above average. So the people who have themselves enlarged at that location already have big dicks that they want to make even bigger. Perhaps a big penis generates insecurity about penis size.

  133. Hmmm...well, I DO watch a lot of porn, and for some reason the friends I attracted seemed to have anything over 8". I used to think I was small, given what I had seen both in the "movies," but the only friend whom I got confirmation of his size eventually unzipped his pants and windmilled it to insult one of his friends while I was looking at both of them. Also, my GF at the time had seen it before I dated her during a game of truth or dare and recalled it; "It was like the tower of f--kin' Babel." In both of the women I've slept with (previously mentioned lady included), however, I've never had a problem with my size. I'm 6.75" long and 5.125" around, which according to world averages is slightly longer than "average." But I will definitely agree that it's not all size. You have to know what you're doing to please your partner. Really, the most sensitive portion of the inner vagina is within 2" of the opening, so a huge member isn't explicitly necessary. Girth is more important than length, as a thicker penis will more easily stimulate the nerve endings within that sensitive zone (however, there's definitely such a thing as too much girth). However, if your partner hasn't had much sexual experience (or any at all {or it's been a LONG time}), average or less than that is fine, so long as you're more than 2 inches long. My very first girlfriend (whom I had no physical relations with) was actually afraid of the concept of any penis larger than 4", because at that time she had never done it and wasn't aware of her anatomy's adaptability. This fear extended to her friends as well.
    The only girl my confirmed huge friend could sleep with comfortably was his first girlfriend, who was also the village bicycle. That was during puberty, though. Last time I spoke to him it was over 10" and at least 6" around. He'd be a hit in porn.

  134. good

  135. I set one of these as my profile picture on Facebook. I was let off with a warning. The warning from Facebook was that it does not tolerate porn. I suppose in Facebook members are all 9 year old kids or babies. There are lots of people who have complained that Facebook has banned them because they use too many expletives or they say things which are not according to Facebook's terms and conditions. These terms and conditions sound as if they are the '10 Commandments' or a newer version of them.

  136. I remember being told by a girlfriend.. it looks nice and ok yet it’s so small and got up n left….. it has been my darkest secret and hard to deal with everyday. Im aware of people checking out my crouch, men do it and so do women. I don’t do spots as I may be found out.. I haven’t had a girlfriend as I cant take the shame….. it was good to see this documentary

    1. Whats an inch anyway? Size matters to weirdos. Don't be ashamed anymore.

    2. do you have a small penis? you seem angry

    3. do you have a big vagina? you seem angry too

  137. im 17+ and i realize that my penis is about 2 3/4 inch... some said tat its because of my weight and size... but after watching your video sir, i realize penis size is not important in life... in the first place i had never had sex but i realize my friends talking about short sizes penis and the like of girls towards it... but now i cant still make a conclusion that is penis in the size of 2 3/4 inch does give a problem to life with a girl???

    1. if it bothers you then yeh it will. she will see you have a issue and be bothered. id say be happy have fun and remember your the biggest cock in that bed at that time.. make sure you do foreplay.. be yourself... you cant help the way were born.. we can help how it affects us...

    2. lmao I'm a girl and id rather u thumb me. You wouldn't pleasure a nun. Why in the world would you think an 18 plus girl your hysterical your going to die alone Ramadan must not be a good month for you my friend.Advice study the human body Learn the sweet spots of a tender puma . Learn how to use your fingers and tongue maybe there will be hope

    3. Honestly, it's smaller than average. However, you do have to consider how much body fat you have covering the pubic bone. It's estimated that for every 35 pounds of fat you have on your entire body, you're obscuring about 1" of penis. However, as I said in my own independent post, the sensitive portion of a woman's vaginal canal is within the first 2" of the opening, so as long as you've got more than that you should be ok. The only person whom I know would've had a problem is Napoleon, and honestly it's conjecture, seeing as noone really knows if the penis claimed to be his is actually HIS. Still, the alleged Boner-parte is only 1.5". One thing you need to watch with having a high ratio of body fat is eventual decline in function, but that's easily prevented by exercise and adequate diet (and in up to a third of cases, it reversed ED present in the Italian males assessed), though decline in function is mainly related to poor heart health. However, heart health isn't defined by an individual's weight, as even hefty people can be heart-healthy...but, a decline in heart health is seen in sufficiently heavier people, though I'm certain it's due to certain lifestyle choices that invariably lead to weight gain.
      I know this was a long-winded post, but what I'm trying to say is you should be fine. If you're worried, read up on some techniques that will improve your lovemaking, and perhaps talk to your doctor about starting an exercise routine to help reduce your weight over time. Not only will you have more energy, but you'll gradually see more of your friend as time goes on. If a girl is really interested in YOU, she really won't care about your size, and she'll never hold it against you. Plus, you're still going through puberty, and that won't end until you're 20-22. That means you've got up to 5 more years of growth down there, as well as in the rest of your body. Even if your body size stays the same, there's no saying you won't break 3" by the time you stop growing. When it comes to sex, size is not everything, and a solid technique will work wonders.

  138. Someone asked if any woman was going to answer a question - not sure exactly which question they were referring to - but from my 20+ years of sexual experience (and far too many men to admit) - I will say that 5"-6" is completely sufficient (and I've had a few up to 12") - One girl (I think) who said she'd be afraid of a penis that large - let me say - it's true! There was a thrill to the size at first - but ultimately, brought no great pleasure - rather intense pain and even bleeding at times. No fun - and no orgasms! My husband is about 5" I believe - and he brings me to orgasm more often than any other man/size I've experienced.
    I don't think that length is a huge issue for me - but thickness seems to matter...whoever said that the sensations are only a few inches deep seems to know their stuff. Sometimes I will cum hard just from having my husband hold his penis just inside of me after he has cum - and I can move just the right way to find the sweet spot.
    Sorry to a men with a skinny penis - not matter the length - those have been the least enjoyable for me...even compared to the 3-4" :/ Not trying to be hurtful or rude - just honest.

    1. what is skinny? i fit a johnny but know to slip off

    2. Average is between 4-6" around. Less than 4" would be considered skinny, but really, anything thick enough to touch the vaginal walls should do the trick. If you're having frequent problems with your raincoat slipping off, you might want to consider a different sized condom. They should be snug, but not tight.

  139. cool just proves that being open-minded and seeing things from a different perspective than the preconceived one can be fun and very helpful sometimes..I don`t believe in perfection, no matter what we`re talking about, but I do believe and enjoy diversity, this makes us more would it be if they all look the same in every guy? penises, arms, eyes, shoulders, eyebrows, chest with the exact same look, size, details? or how would it be if women had nothing different from one another? ..quite boring, nothing much to discover

  140. Madonna:) Always great to listen to here music:D (around 50 minutes)

  141. Just accept the way you are, small or big. The most important thing is that you can have sex with it on a way that it feels good and that peeing is possible wherever you want. The rest doesn't matter.

    Also, I think girls rather have the normal size penis then a huge one. Because certainly there first time. There vagina's need to stretch, which is very painful if you got a 10inch version. And sex is about feeling love for each other and enjoyment. Not pain and randomness.

  142. Dear men of the world, PLEASE DON'T GET SURGERY ON YOUR DICK
    I love it as it is! As a woman I would argue that I can't feel much difference in penis size unless it's so big it's just hitting the back of your vagina the whole time and that just HURTS!
    I'd rather a man had a clean and healthy dick rather than a huge one.
    Ask your intelligent female friends and they'll tell you it doesn't matter, the girlfriend of the surgery guy is an idiot.

    1. i agree with you, because sex is about a part of life ... making love is something important in every couple's life but its not about making her feel more pleasure on it... in conclusion i do take your advice for my future precaution... thank you...

  143. Okay so like I have passed watching this Doc but looking over the comments I just might give this one a view...But just a little sound advice for those women or maybe some men lol with this penis size thing..

    Lets for just a second use some common sense logic:

    Me personally just by using my brain and thinking beyond the scope do not prefer a really really really large penis why? That is because the larger the penis the more it will STRETCH my vagina.. Second if I had multiple partners and I have been so use to having a large penis then it would be very difficult for me to be sexually satisfied by someone with an average size penis which the majority of men have..Why would I want to walk around with my vagina so stretched that I would have to find a penis the size of a watermelon? Ridiculous ladies or men lol stick with a Normal penis just make sure they know how to work it :)

  144. Also, as someone with an average dick 5.5 inches, I take to heart all of my wife's comments over the years where she almost always said "little" before dick. I asked her many times why she said that and she made it out that I was taking things too literally and used to end up sulking when I her asked not to say "little". maybe I could have taken it better but if there was ever anything referring to a big dick on TV she would seem amusingly titilated. It caused me some some depression over the years and affacted our love making at times. Then I think she got the message and stopped saying "little" and I felt a whole lot better until recently it has started again and all my old anxieties are resurfacing. I want to be the best lover I can be but it it is difficult if I am thinking she thinks my dick is small and bigger would be better. I am sure she doesn't want this either but she manages to be insentive about this at times. I wonder if it is just a control thing?

    1. Why the hell did you marry her?! You're a fool and you should have dumped that nasty cvnt you call your wife the first time she made nasty comments about your penis size.
      I would have dumped her IMMEDIATELY if a woman had said that to me. Right there on the spot. Regardless of our past and relationship.

    2. Make fun of her inadequate sized boobs and tell her she has flabby labia

  145. I find it quite amazing that no woman can answer the question he has posed! How does a small dick feel compared to a big dick and even if it is different is the small dick just as enjoyable in its own way? Do women not read any of the previous posts?

  146. Great documentary. I have an average size. 5.5 inches when fully erected. But I have more things in my sex life to worry about then my average Joe. I have a congenital condition call Spina Bifida. Which means I have partial sensation on my penis and my erections don't last for long. Just like most men in your vid, I wanted mine to be bigger. Over the years of research, I've learned that if I am not happy with my own tool, I am a fool. My quest is more now about how to use what I have and how to maintain its hardness. And I am happy to say that I have been more sexually active since I have had that mind set.

    All but one women whom I've been with said she liked a big penis. But that evening, I show her that the largest sex organ is in our brain and that every other part of your body can be sexual. When you can give a woman multiple earth shattering orgasm with your fingers, tongues, silk cloth or an ice cube, the last thing she cares about is to have a huge dong inside her.

    Women also come in different sizes. My last girlfriend was just under 5 feet. And she sad I am too big for her. That did boosted my ego but I realised that she never really cum. That's no fun for me.

    I am now seeing a girl who has never seen a real penis before. She said, she have seen it on some porn movie and she is complete terrified of the gigantic dicks.

    1. Silk cloth? Ice cubes? Not even in my wildest imagination! But, fortunately my wife usually climaxes before I do (or even if I don't) when I just let her have me! But, if I really want to get her going, I wash the dishes and sweep the floor. :-)

    2. Did anyone see the movie:
      Puppetry of the penis: The Ancient Art of Genital Origami.

      a real blast!...the hamburger, the sailboat, the
      oups...wasn't meant to be a reply

    3. silk cloth should be real easy to find in your neck of the wood, give it a try...your lady is surely looking for something new, don't we all? Wash her bushes and sweep her flower.

  147. 5 inches is perfect. At least in my opinion. I'm tiny. I kind of get nauseous when some guy's like 'I've got 8 inches for you' NO THANK YOU.

    1. Much more than six and there's just physically not that much room in a petit frame. 5 or 6 inches reaches all the way to the cervix I think; that's optimal for comfort and fertility I think.

      I read our 400 page baby book 3 times (every page) at least. ;-)

  148. ok so I'm 28 and have never had sex with a woman just dreamt of it but because of my size I really feel that if a girl ever saw it she would laugh at me, and that would be the worst! I don't think I could ever live with my self after that! I realy need to know from all the women that actually have a clue is 5 inches enough or should I just keep myself locked away? Please answer fully so that I can make the best decision!?! Thank you to all who take the time to answer!!!!!!

    1. Timothy:

      I'm not a woman, but yes, that's enough. The little peanut, as my wife calls it, is just about an inch deep. The hardness is the major issue with a smaller penis. As long as it's pretty hard, that's ok.

      And, if you can, marry a virgin. She'll have no one to compare you to, and the vaginal cavity will form-fit to your size only. In all seriousness, woman on top is great for smaller penises, as the woman does what feels good, and based on how she moves, you can tell the sensitive spots are litterally only an inch or so deep.

      Lastly, sex is only a small part of a marriage. Great marriage with someone you love and that loves you == great sex! Bad marrage, good luck with the sex, as it just ain't gonna happen!

      P.S. Read T.J.'s post below. She said 5.5 felt HUGE to her having never had anything other. That's the key concept, I think!

    2. ur size same as me why we think it small due to masturbate make flaccid shrink.
      i asked lot of friends no 1 more than 6.
      I friend is 6 foot vary slim his flaccid is 5 so i ask him erect he told 6.1,he never masturbated in life.

  149. Lol he heard one black guy speak up and thought maybe it could be a black thing?? hahah, then he went to a barber shop lol!!!

  150. Ewe!!! The doctor didn't use gloves!!!!!!!

  151. A lot of the insecurities are from porn, just admit it! Most of the men in porn are viagra using, post-surgically enhanced exceptions to normal man-folk. I have just read about 20 comments on here, reading about guys belly aching about their size, and though I have much sympathy for you all, I feel like you'd think 200 comments would be enough to describe how you all feel. But no it's not!! LOL.. It's time to get over it. What you are buying into is all false, it is the same way real women feel insecure because they don't have bodies or looks like celebrities but you (the guy) are madly in lust with every inch of her body.

    I will use my personal experience as an example:

    My ex boyfriend was approx. 5.5 inches and I thought that he was huge. I never had sex before and on the basis of not watching porn or listening to others, I was able to decide by myself, that this was more than sufficient to satisfy me. Believe me I am not a naive teenager, I know my body, I am very in touch with what satisfies me sexually - I had just never had intercourse.

    Now, he asked me what I thought of it, and I was too embarrassed to tell him what I thought, in case if he'd find it funny, so I told him it was good.. some average answer like that.

    The guy proceeded to do what I think the "david" does, and use his fingers to determine 'my interior cushioning' lol, and really that offended me.

    I am not a tool for sex, nor is the guy.
    I think that is the problem, sex is supposed to be emotional and deeper than that, and still I am shocked that some guys are 7 inches and insecure. Don't buy into the hype, women don't scream for pleasure because a guy is huge, in fact many of my friends are very afraid of oversized penises, I mean where does the remaining 10 inches go?

    Do I want to ache and bleed, do I want to feel molested? No..
    The goal of getting sex with a woman right, is to intimate and slow and even if someone's 'tool' was large, thrusting back and forth gets boring and monotonous, you have to bring other things to the table anyway.

    In short, it is your decision if you let the media and what some silly people say get to you.

    This is not that different from when women think ALL men want enormous breasts, the ones who want the opposite to what is popular or against the norm never truly get to speak up.

    Everywhere you look, huge breasts are better, huge hips are better, huge butts are better, huge p**ises etc, but you can have all of that and still have AWFUL sex.

    Women are less likely to confess that they had an awful big penis experience because even we are brainwashed into thinking that the bigger the better.

    Personally, any woman who knows what's good for her will go for average to high-average.


    1. That was a good honest post. Thanks for that. You have to remember men are super sensitive about "size". It takes 10+ commpliments to make up for one snicker in that area.

    2. Awesome post TJ - I could not agree with you more, especially with your comparison of women's small breast size insecurities to those of men's small penis insecurities - dead on right. I am 37 years old and have had sexual partners with penises of all sizes, the largest being 11 inches. In all honesty I tell you that I much prefer an average sized penis (5 to 7 inches) to a huge penis anyday!

    3. Were you referring to me when you said the "david"?

  152. that blonde chick has seen alot of cocks shes made an almost perfect replica of one

  153. its true penis's an vagina's come in different sizes, but a vagina that hasn't been penetrated in quite a while, a 3inch penis will make her orgasm like 8inches would. any man with any size has a chance to make a woman orgasm if u catch her at the right time. only after the vagina gets used to the same penis, is when the arousal/stimulation stops, there fore needing something bigger to fulfill her needs. women who fantasize about the length of a mans penis, realistically wont marry a man with the size she desires, in most cases. INSANITY is letting go of a good man because his length was inaquedate for her. women need to be less materialistic an more realistic with THEMSELVES. true happiness comes from within, and a man can only enhance it, not create it.

    1. Yeah quit dating loose whores

  154. And yet, nobody dares to reference the phenomenon of circumcision until the very end where one guy comments that he can't fathom how a circumcised man masturbates... If I am going to be perfectly honest, I am envious of that man. This is a taboo that needs to die as well. Not all men are happy with their status there. I feel that circumcision is wrong, no different than FGM in it's origins, and I don't like being circumcised. Nobody had the right to do it to me. Yes, I AM saying that it's not a parental choice. It shouldn't be the choice of anybody but the owner of that penis. If there's not a medical need, why do it? The health rationales are debatable, and it is a painfully weak argument to hear as those benefits are very small to begin with. Compared to the loss of tissues that can contribute a whole element to sexual stimulation? I'd rather have taken my chances, thanks for nothing mom and dad.

    1. Yeah circumcision should be outlawed its totally unnecessary and alot of guys hate that they was circumcised.
      At least we can grow it back with are hands though it takes 1-4 years to grow a foreskin that covers the glans soft depending on how you was cut =(

  155. I am a female who has had sex with a man who was under 4 inches. He was one of the most passionate, creative lovers I have ever had. His length and width did not seem to affect his confidence at all; he literally ravaged me without any qualms or shyness. He was very aware of my body, and the queues that I was sending him. I've read a lot of comments from women who seem to have some kind of misplaced fear that the sex is going to be bad, strictly because the man has a small penis. This is false. Society has conditioned us with pornography and images of sex showing us since childhood that there is an "ideal" that needs to be met, when in reality human beings are as diverse and different as snowflakes falling from the sky. I believe sex is more about the attitude of both parties involved. If you go into a sexual experience, expecting it to be bad, then it will be bad. Sex is emotional, as much as it is physical and it can be extremely sexy and passionate in spite of having a small penis. I have been with men of extremely large lengths and girths who were unable to pleasure me like the man with the 4 inch penis - who, by the way, went on to become extremely successful in the scientific community, and leads one of the most interesting lives of anyone I know while being married to an extremely beautiful woman.

  156. Epicurus, I'm still laughing about your post!!!! Readers, scroll way down...funny. Hat's off to Lawrence for being intelligent enough and real enough to become satisfied with the way things are for him. Obviously, he's a great guy - someone who loves him - not his body per se' , wouldn't care about his size. You know, I really loved my first husband who was very small in size and would have loved him just as much if he were even smaller - I loved him first - there was nothing superficial about what I felt for him. The husband I am with today and have been with for 26 years happens to be perfect in size and if you want to get superficial, very beautiful in every way. But that was only a bonus - I loved him 26 years ago for the same reason I love him today - he's a genuinely good person. He knows what love is - he has a conscience - he has empathy - he doesn't lie - he is and always has been himself - he's confident - he's not rich - he's not tall - he's not stupid. He's just a really nice person who doesn't look for something better - we are happy with our life together, and thankful to have a good relationship. You all can have this if you keep your priorities in order. Good luck with your endeavors. kat

    1. I'm glad you got your bonus. Lots of us guys wish we could be someone's bonus but I guess we just have to keep trying to accept the inferiority for the reality that it is. Cheers.

  157. Jared has 7 x 6? Good God he needs nothing! So sad he thinks less of what he has. He's actually huge and he doesn't know it. Women are horrible to make him feel less of his penis.

    1. The vast majority of women are size-queens, so it's not a surprise that they make a lot of men feel less of their penises.
      According to the vast majority of women, a penis needs to be at least 7 inches long and 5.5 in circumference (girth).
      Big(ger) d!cks looks and feels better. It turns her on more and gives her better sensation which leads to stronger and better orgasms. To the vast majority of women, a big one is better than an average or a small one.
      So I don't understand why guys who have less than 7 inches even try to get sex. It's pointless because he will NEVER be able to satisfy her as good as well-endowed man can.
      Women will be disappointed when he drops his trousers and his average or small penis is put on display. She will be less turned on, less enthusiastic and eager to please him. And the sex won't be (as) good, because his "undersized" penis won't feel good in her vagina, so she's less likely to enjoy it and less likely to orgasm.
      So that's why you should just forget about sex if your penis is smaller than 7 inches. The vast majority of women simply are shallow, critical, picky, ruthless and horrible cvnts.

      It's a damn shame that porn, Sex & the City, women's magazines, media and the society in general, have brainwashed women into thinking that big d!cks are better.

  158. I feel like I have to chime in here. I've had sex with something like 40 different women through my life and I'm what most would call average (about 6.25" and straight as an arrow.) I've found that "most" (not all) women who require or prefer a large penis are typically whores. In all honesty any women I have spent time with over a couple months admits that I am the best they ever had. Now I'm not bragging I just love to please someone whom I love and I do a good job of it.

    Yet I too obsess over my penis size. I'd love to have a 10" cock as big around as a beer can dangling from between my legs. In reality I know I've made many women scream in extreme pleasure and even made a couple of em cry because they came so hard. However I look in the mirror at my naked body and wonder and fantasize what it would be like to have an intimidating chunk of man tool. Is it society? Is it porno's? I don't know for sure but I do know that it's a natural feeling to have penis envy. As I type these words and read my own writing and others posts I know in my heart and soul that if a woman does require a huge dick then she most likely won't stick with yours no matter how big you are because unless you have a 15 incher as big around as a baseball bat there's always someone bigger out there and she will find him if she wants to.

    If you are with someone you love and you have great sex then to hell with what society thinks. I have been with the same woman now for 10 years and our sex is magical to say the least. I wouldn't cheat on her if it meant my life. I know she's been with guys much bigger than me in the past but I take great pleasure in knowing that they never got her (like I do) to soul shaking ecstasy multiple times in one night or even bothered to try.

    1. What a freaking idiot, lol. Did it ever occur to you that women's vagina's come in sizes just like men's penises? If a woman requires a big penis, maybe she has a big vagina to accommodate it. Your average penis is probably going to be just fine for most. Calling women whores because yours isn't big enough is hardly valid research. In other words, if your dick is too small for a woman she must be a whore. Good God get over your penis. Some women don't have the sensitivity in their vagina's and need a huge piece of meat to feel it. She could be with just one man but based on your stupid logic she must be a whore. You have serious insecurity issues over your penis. I would see a doctor so you can work them out rather than calling women whores, you can't satisfy.

  159. it makes me feel awful how guys here convinced themselves its about motion of the ocean. so sorry, but its not. A penis needs at least 7 inches to hit the cervix strong, which brings a lot of pleaseure. I can get clitoral orgasms with just the tip of my finger, if a man cant fill that thing up, sex makes no sense at all

    1. So let me ask you something, and this applies to all the other women here who "need" a large penis, or suggest that a man who is not larger than average is incapable of providing satisfying sex to a woman. If you plan to have or already have children, and they happen to be boys, would you let them know that they are inferior human beings because they have average or below average penises ? Even if you never outright told your child that, would you think less of them because of their penis ? I just cannot imagine a woman doing or thinking what I am suggesting, yet surly some of the women posting here who insist on large penises have or plan on having children. Maybe you and women like you, who claim that men with average penises are incapable of satisfying women properly because they can't "fill you up" or "beat or hit your cervix" should just do everyone a favor, and when you do have children and they are not hung like a porn star, just put them out of their misery like parents do in China with newborn girls. Then you will be doing everyone a big favor by helping to reduce the number of average sized men. But really, if you are a real woman (ODee'l Pinedo), and you truly believe that men need to have at least seven inches, then about 75% or more of the world population of men should just give up and off themselves, because even if they find some women that they deeply care about, those women will never be happy and as a result their relationships will either be extremely dysfunctional or end in misery.

    2. You need a dildo then

  160. Starting to get the impression this forum is not frequented by people interested in an open intellectually honest discussion of this issue and its effects on male self-esteem/relationships. Seems more like folks are drawn here as if to observe a circus freak side show or something. Sad.

  161. Question for the ladies. The vague terms size matters, etc, leave guys a little confused. Can you clarify, those who have a real point of reference, the difference in size for you? No guy believes a 3 inch gives the same sensation as a 12 inch. But, within a range of say 4-7, can you really feel a significant difference? Of course, girth feels "fuller" at least at first. Do the sensations provided by a longer or thicker "manhood" lead to more frequent or more intense orgasms? Is the sensation of a smaller guy just as good but in a different way? Or, is the bigger sensation always much better for you? Please don't attack, I'm at peace with mine, I just feel we need to clarify this point to be on the same page during any future discussions. Thanks!

    1. Funny how no women have answered your question so far.
      I'll give you my answer though, based on the several sexsurveys I've read, the thousands of posts I've read from women about penis size and the women I've talked to:

      The vast majority of women are size-queens. A bigger d!ck looks and feels better. It turns her on more and gives her better sensation which leads to stronger and better orgasms. To the vast majority of women, a big one is better than an average or a small one. Bigger is better. And they want at least 7 inches of length and 5.5 or 6 inches of girth.

    2. I had stopped looking at this online but email brought me back here. I have come to realize that mist discussion on this subject is folly for many complex reasons. My worries stemmed from underlying overall self esteem issues. Developing an answer on this based upon internet chatter and "studies" is wildly inaccurate. This subject is extremely complex, more than most people know. The core point is, you have what you have. You deserve sex as much as any size queen does. There are many womenwho don't frequent the internet nor answer sex polls because they are 100% ecstatic with whatever penis you have, really. They are not happy with an unconfident obsessed man who cannot make love to her soul and whole body due to the paralysis that tunnel vision where he only sees his penis and nothing else. It is a trap too many men are caught in and don't know how to escape. These men are being robbed of precious years if relationship and sex by this "issue". Many are really good guys who care deeply for women but can't share it due to this obsession. I am much better than I was, still some work to do, but I am truly sad for any guy who can't get peace from this mindset.

    3. Hi David. I have limited experience, so I can't answer all your questions. But I can tell you this...I was married for 8 years to my first partner, now ex-husband, and he was just under average I think, between 5 and 6 inches when fully erect. Not really big around either, probably just less than average. I would have liked it if he was bigger around, especially after we had kids, because I was bigger then. But overall, his length was perfect. We could get rough and he would just barely reach the end of my vagina where my cervix is. Not all women like their cervix to be stimulated--many say it hurts. But for me, I liked it, and maybe that's because he wasn't long enough to hit it with much force, but just the right amount. But I didn't have any orgasms from that--I just liked it. Except in rare instances, clitoral and g-spot stimulation are where female orgasms come from. And if no one's mentioned it here yet, you should know that a woman's G-spot is only about two inches in. Shorter if she's got her legs bent up (think, over your shoulders, missionary of the best positions for deeper penetration with a less-than average length penis). Anyway, we don't need all that extra length. Really. How do you think a woman can reach an orgasm using her own fingers, when they can only go in a couple of inches, and are considerably less thick than an average penis? They don't need to, that's why.

      I had a brief relationship with a man of longer-than-average length, and I was having issues finding the right position or strategy to get him to thrust in enough to feel good to us both, but NOT all the way, 'cause, "ow" that was uncomfortable. And he was NOT huge, just longer than average, maybe 8 inches.

      So, yes, shorter vs. longer, thicker vs. thinner, they do feel good in slightly different ways. You do what you gotta do to help things hit the right spots and not the wrong ones. I have had difficulty orgasming because my relationship was unhealthy, but once I worked through some stuffand learned how, reaching orgasm by penetrative intercourse (with clitoral stimulation too) with my ex-husband was pretty easy. I did not reach an orgasm with my later partner who was larger. But there were external issues there too, so I am not the best source for comparing the differences with orgasms and different sizes.

      I am now beginning a relationship with a sweet, sexy, wonderful man, and we feel safe, secure, and accepted as we are. I have self-image issues too, as do most women who have had kids and will never fit society's ideals of size, shape, and weight. But I feel sexy with him. And he feels sexy with me. He's smaller than average. I haven't actually been with him yet, but we've been swapping intimate photos. I can't tell exactly, but he might be 5 or 6 inches, or he might be closer to 4. It doesn't matter. I know it's plenty and I must say, I am SO EXCITED to be with him soon!

      If all else fails...if your partner really can't orgasm from penetrative penis-in-vagina intercourse, don't sweat it. Most women don't come just from a dick being in them, regardless of its size. There has to be clitoral stimulation too, and their minds have GOT to be on board, because, YES, the mind is the greatest, most important sex organ for a woman. So, anyway, if P-in-V intercourse isn't enough, even with her mind there and her clit being stimulated, then just do other stuff too. (It's not a big deal. If it is, you're with the wrong person and/or have an unhealthy relationship) Fingers, toys, oral, whatever gets her off, can be just as special and wonderful and HOT because it's YOU doing that for her. Sex is not a one-course meal, it's a buffet. Take your time and enjoy it all. She will. Trust me.

  162. In reality, my post was not meant to reflect my beliefs, rather to shine light on the twisted way the communication between men and women can occur on this topic. We are getting close to being on the same page now. That's great, that's my mission--to get guys to understand what girls really need and to get girls to understand how guys have allowed themselves to be deceived and thus sabotaging themselves as a potentially awesome lovers. The scary thing in America is the growing number of women who are now starting to buy into the porn crap. I hope you didn't think I believe the things I wrote in my first reply, I've been studying this for a while and was merely trying to express how good guys, the ones who see women as partners/mates, a person they want to put into ecstasy for her benefit, not his (by his I mean he does it to inflate his own ego as in "Oh yeah, I'm the man! Look what I did to her!" :-) if you do for her unselfishly, for the right reason, she'll respond in a way that will truely make you never question your "manhood" penis or other. The tragedy is guys that want to achieve that but then watch porn or see other guys big penises, then ask the question "is mine ok? " In America, there's no shortage of nonporn folks who'll giggle and joke and exclaim "hell yeah bigger is better!" Then comes the complex followed by lack of confidence that undermines his desire to be a great lover which in his twisted "reality" he attributes to small penis and sadly sometimes she does too (then she goes online and mistakenly tells that bigger is better but doesn't realize that it is very likely her perception of that is simply because the "bigger" guy didn't have the messed up psychology that impairs his lovemaking. My demon came from being told at school at an early age that girls go crazy over a big dick. I was immature enough it became one of my basic beliefs about sex. Then, a few comments by my wife early on in our sexual relationship, comments viewed by me thru the "bigger is better" lens, reinforced to me that although she gets (and still gets at 17 years of marriage) at least 3 and usually 6-15 orgasms per session (from oral, insertion, combo, even occasionally from breasts alone--and I can feel the spasms--she's not a faker :-), that I could push her delight even higher with a larger size. Recently we have addressed this false concern and she has made me see that there is no desire whatsoever to change my "equipment" as it provides a level of satisfaction that she has no interest in trying to supersede. This has allowed us to reconnect on an emotional level and have some of the best lovemaking we've had since college--all due to emotional connection and nothing to do with changing our bodies. This topic is part of a much larger issue in society, namely, a messed-up view of ourselves, our partners, the role of physical vs emotional satisfaction in a relationship (the old "cart before the horse" scenario), the attempt to lead fulfilling/ gratifying sex life outside the realm of true love. Unless a couple gets these things straight in their heads and are on the same page with each other, they are destined for heartache and turbulence.

  163. @ Chris (again with the messed up reply system :-)

    Yeah, uh, how many erect 3 inch penises have you had in your vagina? How many have you seen? Think average girth with a hard erection might tickle that spot as much as a finger? I believe this forum is for honest discussion, bent toward the positive. Your statement is counterproductive and misleading.

  164. @everyone

    tried to read your posts but got totally bumed out by them. I appologise if I missed one of paticular importance. Eiter you are trying to be too politically correct or you have no clue what it is all about.

    The simplest way I can put it is just look at nature to see what is right.

    Most developed mamals are very exclusive when it comes to choosing a mate. Usually it is the dominant alfa male that gets all the pussy. Now you might feel sorry for the rest that can't get any... but hey that is just the way it is.

    So saying that looks don't matter or that people who choose partner depending if they find them atractive are just wrong/superficial is failing to comprehend what copulation is all about. It might seem as a superficial choice on the surface but behind this choice lies millions of years of evolution.

    Sadly this means that many males are inadequate. But that is just natural selection at work because it is all about what kind of genes you carrie on to your offspring.

    We as humans are more fortunate than most. Most people eventually find a partner even if they are not the best catch. Such is the power of urges. Such is human nature. So in a way not enough natural selection if you ask me.

    What is left to the less fortunate that are not the ideal? A lot can be done on personality. A lot can be made up by humor. Money is not bad. A good education is even better. Also being a well adjusted individual will put you above 50% of population. Hygiene another important one. Not livingin yourparent garage... Remember looks are just one side of the coin.

    Good luck to all finding partner and making most of what life can give you!

    1. Sorry to have bummed you out :-( There is a lot of crap to sort through to get to a healthy mentality on this male/female thing which is more than a penis size issue. There is some truth to your natural selection statements but if you put humans who are evolved beyond simple animalistic mating practices in the same category, you've convinced a lot of guys they are worthless as mates based purely on muscle mass, penis size, height, etc. This is wrong. The intellectually developed male can build a weapon to eliminate the "jock", for example. However, the jock could oummel

    2. Not trying to convince anyone that they are worthless. Just realistic. Like I said phisical apperance is just one side of the coin. Of course choosing a partner is more complex with humans than lets say monkeys but nontheless one cannot discard the basis on which we find people attractive. Beauty is more or less objective. Basic things to think about when trying to attract a woman:

      1. apperance
      2. social status
      3. smarts
      4. humor
      5. confidence

      The more points one can capitalize on the better.

    3. Sorry my last reply went off to the moderator prematurely. I was saying the jock could pummel the nerd to death if his weapon malfunctioned. Basically I had intended to end it by summing up what you've said nicely above. I agree with the list you provided but the order of importance varies between females. Appearance grabs attention for sure, but the other attributes quickly supersede the physical unless one is very shallow indeed. The reason this site can be depressing is most posters are struggling with this topic and there's so much embarrassment and just wrong information out there that a truly intellectual and constructive discussion becomes laborious. You seem to have a level headed way of thinking. What drew you to this video/forum?

  165. @ John_GE (for some reason my replies keep getting put into the new comments section instead--sorry).

    I used to think the way you do. Many women are to blame but its not because they are truly size queens. Bear with me here. Women, as much as men in some ways, have bought into the bigger is better line society is feeding us. I am in medicine. I've seen thousands of penises, admittedly mostly flaccid but often erect ones also, and I've looked at the size studies. Penises over about 7 inches are pretty uncommon. So, most women are repeating hearsay and have never actually had a big penis (or they consider truly average to be "big" while what we guys consider big is porn star big) upon which to base their comments. As a matter of fact, I'm around many nurses, etc. I've noticed something interesting. There are two types that openly joke and giggle about "packages". One type is the obviously inexperienced, either virgins or have only had one guy. The other is the other end of the spectrum, commonly known as "$luts". I don't really say that to be mean--get to know them they are obviously unfulfilled, unhappy, kinda mean people whose opinions I now realize I do not value in the least. All the other true "ladies" do not joke, do not belittle and do not express an interest in size at all. If the subject is brought up, they are embarrassed and excuse themselves because the recognize it is inappropriate and also they've learned the other 2 types above will try to force them to say bigger is better. Women in general think this is a silly topic and do not at all get how deeply it impacts a man self esteem (men don't really have self esteem, now do they?). Thus, they feel free and often think its funny and playful teasing to make light of it because in their minds there is no way someone could really get very upset about something like this. This lack of understanding and a lack of real experience also makes it easy for them to "go along with the crowd" and say it matters. Like, I don't really know but she said it does, so I'll say it too. In this way, they perpetuate the insecurity. Sadly, they shoot themselves in the foot because likely they'll get a guy in bed who doesn't perform because he believes the myth they've helped spread. I do not believe many women seek out large penises, not that they avoid them but don't seek them out either. This whole situation is really more about secrecy, lack of communication as well as rampant miscommunication between guys and gals as we speak entirely different languages when it comes to sex, ignorance and the inability to deal with reality than anything truly to do with the difference in the sensation in the vagina between a big and an average penis. Very sad, really.

  166. I used to think the way you do. Many women are to blame but its not because they are truly size queens. Bear with me here. Women, as much as men in some ways, have bought into the bigger is better line society is feeding us. I am in medicine. I've seen thousands of penises, admittedly mostly flaccid but often erect ones also, and I've looked at the size studies. Penises over about 7 inches are pretty uncommon. So, most women are repeating hearsay and have never actually had a big penis (or they consider truly average to be "big" while what we guys consider big is porn star big) upon which to base their comments. As a matter of fact, I'm around many nurses, etc. I've noticed something interesting. There are two types that openly joke and giggle about "packages". One type is the obviously inexperienced, either virgins or have only had one guy. The other is the other end of the spectrum, commonly known as "$luts". I don't really say that to be mean--get to know them they are obviously unfulfilled, unhappy, kinda mean people whose opinions I now realize I do not value in the least. All the other true "ladies" do not joke, do not belittle and do not express an interest in size at all. If the subject is brought up, they are embarrassed and excuse themselves because the recognize it is inappropriate and also they've learned the other 2 types above will try to force them to say bigger is better. Women in general think this is a silly topic and do not at all get how deeply it impacts a man self esteem (men don't really have self esteem, now do they?). Thus, they feel free and often think its funny and playful teasing to make light of it because in their minds there is no way someone could really get very upset about something like this. This lack of understanding and a lack of real experience also makes it easy for them to "go along with the crowd" and say it matters. Like, I don't really know but she said it does, so I'll say it too. In this way, they perpetuate the insecurity. Sadly, they shoot themselves in the foot because likely they'll get a guy in bed who doesn't perform because he believes the myth they've helped spread. I do not believe many women seek out large penises, not that they avoid them but don't seek them out either. This whole situation is really more about secrecy, lack of communication as well as rampant miscommunication between guys and gals as we speak entirely different languages when it comes to sex, ignorance and the inability to deal with reality than anything truly to do with the difference in the sensation in the vagina between a big and an average penis. Very sad, really.

  167. @ Anamarie (tried to post as reply but came out as new comment)

    Warning, I am very interested in this subject so I'll likely type a lot here. You are correct. Porn and comments at an early age from schoolmates, etc, plant the seed in a guy's head that grows as society cracks jokes, belittles "little" guys, girls giggle and show his size with hands for big, pinched fingers for small, bombarded by media telling you to "increase your size, give her what she's secretly craving but afraid to tell you." Sadly, the women who realize this is complete bunk try to reassure guys but aren't aware of how guys perceive their statements. Things like, IF I love you, your size is ok sounds to a guy more like "your size is inadequate--like a handicap. But, if I love you, I'll learn to live with it." I've come to realize that girls who engage in sex outside of love are, whether they perceive it or not, trying to fill the emotional void potentially with a perceived sense of unusual or heightened physical experience, ie, a bigger penis or multiple partners or whatever. When a girl falls in love, that emotional cup is full and she can relax and enjoy the true joys of lovemaking without the sense of wanting more. It truly has nothing to do with the physical sensation (granted, some may prefer the fuller feeling, some will prefer the smaller feeling due to their own anatomical issues but even this aspect in a loving relationship can be a joy to explore and work out together). So, I would love to see more women rise up, help us guys battle against this societal movement to wreck many couples' sexual fulfillment. Hearing the counter claims against "size matters" from many women who say it in an unqualified manner(Not like "size doesn't matter if you are good with your tongue". Ahhhh, you just said size matters because you have to make up for its inadequacy with your tongue!) will go a looooong way to squash his doubts of can he blow you away (keep it simple for us guys, things like, a bigger penis will not give me any better sex than what you are giving me right now--of course, don't lie but most won't have to. If he generally doesn't know what to do in bed, that has nothing to do with size so don't chalk it up to that. Talk, work it out, teach him how to blow your mind). Tell your beloved guy he gives you the most awesome sex you'll ever want, that you love his physical as well as his soul, that you never wish for bigger when he's in you. If you do find yourself wishing that, explore your emotional connection deeply before deciding anything else. Work together as a team to maximize the experience in a loving, nonjudgemental way. For example, I need to lose weight. I know it. My wife was afraid to say anything but I could tell. We had an intense discussion on the size insecurity. She finally hit on the right words to squash that question in my mind forever (she admitted she had told her friends about me sexually. I was mortified but she went on to say she had told them she had never had anyone bring her to such sexual heights before. That I was the most awesome lover she'd ever had. That I'd made her orgasm in ways she'd never thought she could, including with my penis--she'd never had a penetration orgasm before. NO MENTION OF SIZE ANYWHERE IN THE CONVERSATION. I looked her in the eyes, she was crying, she was as sincere as I'd ever seen her. Her friends related their own stories with their husbands and none came close to hers. Her friends are insanely jealous.) Then, while we were reconnecting, she admitted my weight affected her enjoyment of sex. I admitted it hampered me also. So, we'll work on it together. So much better now. Really feel close to her now. My insecure focus on size which was fed by her inadvertent comments early on then later by her seeming lack of interest in me or my "guy" which was due to a lack of emotional fulfillment and not some desire for a bigger or better one drove a huge wedge between us for a few years. That's the reason this issue and ones like it interest me to the level they do. I see so much sexual dysfunction in today's society and want to help address it. I hope someone reads this and gives me feedback on how helpful or potentially off-base it might be. Thanks!

  168. Maybe it's just me, but I think that society puts too much pressure on Men and Women to achieve something that doesn't exist, that is "perfection." It shouldn't matter how big, small, fat or skinny it is, rather how well you work it. As for the women who feel size does matter, well that's the same as crying that men only prefer women with large breasts. I think this documentary was ingenious, and I loved it!

  169. @vrobs

    So you and your friends tell each other about your ex-boyfriends and current boyfriends penis? That shows how little class you have and how unsympathetic you are.
    If you and your friends actually had any love and respect for the men you've been with (or who you're currently seeing) then you would NEVER tell anybody about his penis size or his performance/behaviour in bed.

    1. 'Most women are so incredibly shallow that they won't even date a guy who is short or shorter than she is. Yet most men couldn't care less if she's a bit chubby or have other flaws.
      Most short men have to accept the fact that they're not going to get married and have kids. That they're never going to experience love. That they might only get to have sex a couple of times.
      The same goes for men with small penises or penises that are in the smaller end of average.'
      It seems apparent that you have a big chip on your shoulder, and you seem to vent in a very misogynistic way. Yes, some people are shallow selfish and lazy, and some of those people happen to be women.
      I'd like to see any factual basis on your wild accusations about 'most' women or 'most' short, or smaller men.
      I'd hate to imagine what has happened in your personal life to make you feel this way, but maybe instead of letting this inhibit your views and make you so better against half of the population, you could move on and try to make sense of this in a more productive way.
      Some women like big cocks, some women don't mind.

      If you project this kind of negative, women-hating attitude I assure you that you will certainly not encourage a positive relationship, and it sounds like that is what you are looking for, deep down. No 'nice girl' wants to be with someone who is bitter resentful and sexist.

    2. Amen sister!

    3. Wow, you are the one who sounds like they have a massive chip on their shoulder and vents in a misandrist way. You cannot handle the fact that a man is willing to point out that females are not the perfect little creatures they claim to be. Too bad.

      Maybe the poster does not care that when he speaks his view it upsets females. I could say the same thing about good men avoiding someone like you; unfortunately, men are conditioned to accept man-hating females without protest. As a result, females like you continue to believe that your statements are facts. They are not.

      As to your claim that the poster's statement is "wild accusations," they are not. If you really listened to men, especially men under about 5'7", you would learn something. But then, when a female with a fragile ego goes ballistic and labels statements that do not cast females as perfect as misongynistic, woman-hating, bitter, and resentful, what is the likelihood that she has the capacity to listen to any man with an open mind? I suspect zero.

      No good man wants to be with someone who is bitter and sexist.

    4. @dlws8607

      Great post, dlws8607! I was going to write a reply to the ignorant Camilla Gulli, but you took the words out of my mouth in the good way.

      The vast majority of women cannot handle any type of criticism, whether it's constructive or not. They just believe that they're perfect little princesses who deserves to be spoiled by the pathetic slaves that are men.

      Words cannot describe how much hate, loathing, resentment, disdain and disgust women have against short men.
      I have no doubt that if women were given the opportunity to annihilate all short men, and men with penises that are small or on the smaller end of average, then they wouldn't hesitate one second to do it. They wouldn't even blink an eye.

      Most women do not understand dating and attraction. They're so stupid that they think that ALL guys can get a woman, yet they themselves are too shallow and critical to date a guy who isn't close to perfection. It doesn't add up, you fools.
      I have no doubt that the reason why women think this way, is because they can get a guy whenever they want. If they want casual sex or a relationship, they can get it just like that. It doesn't even take an effort. Women don't even have to make the first move, because they're all little princesses who men have to cater to and worship.

      It pisses me off that some (most) women have the freaking nerve to say that the problem with short men is their attitude or (lack of) confidence, and not their height.
      That's an outright insult, because the vast majority of women wouldn't even give a short man a fair and honest chance to show her who he really is and how his personality is. Women will IMMEDIATELY discard/reject a short man. No hesitation whatsoever. He will IMMEDIATELY be put into the "friend" zone or "I'm never going to sleep with him" zone.
      Therefore it's complete crap to say that a short man just needs to have a nice personality and confidence in order to get a woman. It's nothing but a lie.

      Even OBESE WOMEN have a higher value/power in the dating market than short men do. At least there are many men who would gladly date an obese woman, and BBW porn has also exploded in the last decade or so. At least those women can get casual sex or relationship.
      Short men can't - unless they're incredibly rich, handsome or well-endowed. But even then it would be a "false" relationship, because she would only be with him because of his money, looks or huge penis. So the vast majority of short men are NEVER going to be in a real relationship with a woman who likes him for who he is - and not because of his money, looks, penis or for the potential that he has.

      I really wish and hope that men wake up soon and see how most women really are. Most of them are horrible creatures, who are incredibly shallow, critical, unsympathetic, hypocritical and egotistical. Especially the young ones. We are treating them much better than they deserve and we're NOT their slaves. Remember that, men.

    5. I found that interesting

    6. Why can't women talk about penis size? I know many men who talk about the women they've been with.

    7. Thats odd I agree

  170. As a guy with a smaller sized penis I'm really glad this doc was produced, it certainly calls out a lot of harsh truths on how men are judged by our size in relationships and in society and advertising. Kinda sucks really, but what can you do? Cheers Lawrence.

  171. My bf's cock is 6 inches and it's just perfect for me.

  172. I live in Canada, and i don't know if its different here, but i was pretty shocked by this documentary.

    Me and my boyfriend have talked about his insecurity with his penis in the beginning of our relationship and what i found to be the biggest problem was his lack of self confidence from other guys telling him he had a small dick in middle school, without even knowing his actual size.

    The only thing he needed to satisfy me was to talk to me, we began communicating while having sex and he learned where all the right places where to push, what angles and positions work best and when to do what. My boyfriend has a fairly average sized penis in my opinion ( about 5 inches, but if you ask him he will say 6 1/2 inches ).

    I was only with one other partner before him who was longer but not as thick, and i find that when talking with other girls we all have a different idea of what big is, and it revolves more around whether we like the GUY or not.

    When i compare my past lover to my boyfriend of 2 and a half years, i would say hands down my boyfriend today is much bigger, but if i where to actually compare them side by side, this probably wouldnt be true. I found the same thing talking to my girlfriends, if they like the guy they spread a good reputation for them, but if they dont, they will tell people they where small, this seemed to be the same with if they where unsatisfying lovers.

    I think the reason for this is that females have the same insecurities about their mans penis and their lovers penis as the males to, we are scared that someone is going to stomp on the confidence of our guys, so we make up these monster dicks, trying to say "yeah i got with that beefy hunk with the big dick in his pants".

    I know that as a very petite girl ( about 5'5 and 105 pounds with very small bone structure ) that my boyfriend and i even have trouble getting started or getting him inside me without plenty of lubrication, yet, in comparison to what my girlfriends say their lovers have been, and "average", my boyfriend is somewhere between average and small.

    I have also seen girls give small measurements when they show with their hands how big their lovers where and then bigger numbers with the inches he was. So do we even have a complete understanding of how big the guy is or how big we need, or even what we like?

    Vanessa R. Age 19 Canada.

    1. sweeti wat u say is kinda sad....

      first, how in the hell are gurls insecure about their own f***ing guys lmfaoz? thats absurd, and ur just makin guys in general feel small and bad by saying that lmfaoz.

      im a big guy, but i feel bad just readin that s*** that is so false its hilarious. ok so im ashamed that ur not that sexi?

      NO WAT IM SAYIN AND THINKIN HERE IS THAT GIRLS ARE SOOOOOOOOOO INSECURE ABOUT THEMSELVES, so they talk pussi a** s*** about bois to make them feel bad.

      truth is dicks dont matter, so either do tits. its all personal preference, and confidence, wat u said is so ignorant and dangerously stupid i feel sad....

      im aorund 9 inches, and yet what you said is so false, i feel sad for bois in general lols.....

    2. why do you spell, boy, sexy, girl, pussy, and you wrong?

      plus stop talking about how big your dick is. no one believes you.

    3. I get what you are saying but it needs modification in a way. By "protecting your guys rep" you girls are feeding into the myth and increasing the insecurity. By spreading the rumor that he's awesome in bed because of his big dick, you crush most guys because you don't realize just about all of us think we're too small and won't be good in bed. By the same token, if you don't like a guy or he's an inconsiderate lover, find other ways to insult him. By using the penis as a "tool" to hurt, you hurt all guys, including good ones like your husband because he's gonna hear those comments about "his dick was small so he sucked in bed" and apply it to his own life. The penis is the great male equalizer. For some reason, if you say a guy is a lousy lover, we don't automatically think we're all lousy lovers. But, if you say he's lousy because he has a small penis, we all immediately think we are too because we all (except the bigguns, of course) think we have small penises. The right way to handle this is like my wife finally admitted to me. When her friends ask, she tells them how great the sex is (and, it really is, I have to agree). If they push her for size, she is honest. "He's average size and it's the best feeling. I've never felt like it would be better if it was bigger (and she has felt a bigger one before--part of my long term struggle that's just now getting resolved after 17 years).

    4. Vrobs, by protecting your guys rep, you are spreading the myth. Guys will hear, he's great, he has a big dick! and immediately feel inferior as most guys think they are "small". The same for insults. If you don't like a guy or he's an inconsiderate lover, find other ways to insult him. Reason is, the penis is the great male equalizer. If guys hear "he's a lousy lover" they don't immediately think they are too. But, if they, including your loving husband, hear "he was lousy because he had a small dick" they immediately assume they are lousy also as most guys think of themselves as small. Just tell it like it is, say he's an awesome lover. Don't mention size. If pushed, be honest. Its average, a good size for me, and it rocks my world. No need to make up lies either way. Thanks!

  173. I was recently talking to a woman and penis size came up. I asked what she thought the average penis size was. "I think 7 or 8 inches", she replied. I said "Baby, you're going to be really disappointed throughout your life." :)

  174. interesting doc

  175. Please delete this comment

  176. I'm not gonna lie, if it's just a hookup, I'll care about the size. But if I actually care about the man, his size doesn't mean anything to me.

    1. shouldnt it be the other way around? just asking..

    2. Why would it be the other way around? His personality is going to mean more to me in the long run than his penis will. That's what I'll love.

    3. probly false stuff too here lmfaoz lols...

      u mite not care if its average or so, maybe if its extremely tini lols, but s***, seriousli, honestly......cmon now...


      im around 9'' or so lols, n i dont give a s*** if a gurl is less attractive...if shes sweet n pretty nice lols


      im not tryin to sound insecure or mean im jus sayin is all.....sorri though :./

    4. Specifically why do you care about the size in a "hookup" but not in a long term relationship? Need very specific details to understand the mentality.

    5. Hook ups are all about fun, and I'm a fan of big penises, so the bigger they are, the more fun I have. But in a relationship, I'm not with him because of his size, I'm with him because I actually like him as a person. It's actually really easy to understand.

    6. Very good. I'm not being "dense" here, I really want to understand what's inside different ladies' minds. So, to get a little clearer, why is a big penis more fun for you? And, thank you so much for your honesty. An open, honest communication will help us all.

    7. Ok, let me ask another way. Have you ever had a fun hookup with an average guy? As a guy, I'm interested to know what makes it fun --visual, handling, the "act" itself? I'm also a little concerned if that's what you need for fun, will you not crave it and maybe cheat if the long term relationship guy can't provide it? The personality is the basis for a long term relationship, but if you are feeling unfulfilled sexually, that will have to be addressed at some point. Then he'll know you don't care for his "guy". I invite your thoughts.

  177. Very interesting doc. I believe women have the same type of issues. My ex wife had size b cup boobs, which I found to be just wonderful. They were wonderful because they were attached to her. But she had to spend thousands on a boob job. I liked her boobs the way they were, but she didn't. After she got her boob job she started enjoying all the attention that other men gave her and ended up leaving me. My point is that even though I liked her natural boobs before, she didn't. No matter how much I said I liked them. I was married for 25 years and not once during our marriage did I worry about my penis size. But when I started dating again it was always in the back of my mind.

    1. Her problem was not her boobs nor your penis. These are symptoms of an emotional inability to connect deeply with one another. The reason we focus on the physical is because either we can't see the real problem or the physical is the aspect we think we can "fix" more easily and hope the situation is resolved . Unfortunately, as you experienced, "fixing" the perceived physical flaw does nothing to address the lack of "soul" connection and the end result is the same-splitting apart. If more people could work on the root issue, the physical will fade into oblivion.

  178. What a good job he did with this!!! Good for him. Guys are so obsessed with their penis and I think the biggest reason is pornography. It's something they should not be ashamed to talk about or make fun of each other about.
    I think it's so much in our heads, you know...the size thing and that big is better. I mean, while making love, what makes a women have pleasure inside the vagina? It's her g-spot that bring the most pleasure from the inside. Where is the g-spot located? About 2 inches inside the the front wall of the vagina. So why wouldn't you be able to please a women with a 3 inch size penis?
    So much of what is normal or not normal is fed by us by the media and we swallow it all up without a grain of salt and then try to live up to what someone else said was normal.

    1. most people with a 3 inch penis aren't thick enough to stimulate the gspot enough. Length might be impressive but thickness is what does the trick. ;-)

  179. @Jake
    "Woman are far from it frankly we can not, definitely not hold them all responsible".

    You are deluded. Try talking to women about penis size and you will see that they are the ones to blame. Try going to forums for women and see what they write about, not only the size, but also the look and shape.

    I still believe that the vast majority of women are size-queens, and they're doing a pretty good job in convincing me that I'm right. Most women will take a big one over an average-sized one without hesitation, and you will struggle to find a woman who prefers an average one instead of a big one.

    1. Like how men hold women to ridiculously high and unrealistic standards? I guess men, and the exploitation of women's bodies and insecurities (by men) are to blame for every eating disorder, and feeling of self-hatred women have. You are deluded. Sex is clearly important to both genders, so if you're going to blame women for men feeling insecure about their short-comings, women can blame men for the insecurities they have about their bodies. How about we stop blaming people, and just realize everyone is different, and shut the f*** up for once?

    2. Bulls***. Most of the pressure on women to look good comes from WOMEN THEMSELVES. Men are nowhere near as shallow as women are.
      Most women are so incredibly shallow that they won't even date a guy who is short or shorter than she is. Yet most men couldn't care less if she's a bit chubby or have other flaws.
      Most short men have to accept the fact that they're not going to get married and have kids. That they're never going to experience love. That they might only get to have sex a couple of times.
      The same goes for men with small penises or penises that are in the smaller end of average.

      What makes it even worse for men is the fact that they can't change their height or their penis size. Women can lose weight by exercising and eating right and get all kinds of cosmetic surgery. Not to mention that men are way more lenient and tolerant when it comes to women's looks and bodies than vice versa.

      Most women are also lazy hypocrites. They have the freaking audacity to complain about men being "bad" in bed, when most women let guys do all the work in bed. If the sex is bad or if something goes wrong, it's always the man's fault, according to women.
      If she can't feel him that much, it's because his dick isn't big enough. If she can't get wet, it's his fault. If the women can't cum, it's his fault too. And so on, and so on.
      It must be so easy to be a woman. You can be completely lazy and still blame the guy if the sex is bad...

      Being "good" in bed is EXTREMELY EASY for women. Blowjobs are probably the easiest thing to do, and how hard is it to spread your legs and rotate your hips every now and then?

      It's much more difficult for men. They have to stay hard and keep banging her for ages, choose the positions, make her cum several times, and lick p**** which is not exactly easy if you compare it to giving blowjobs.
      And many women can't even open their god damn mouth to tell a guy what they like and what they want in bed.

      Why do women think it's their role to judge men for their sexual performances while not considering their own? Why do women think of themselves as goddesses who don't have to do anything more than lie back and be pleasured?

    3. Some men have wronged women in the past and some still do. The argument that two wrongs make a right doesn't hold true after about age 5 or so. The difference is, most abusive guys I know who expect these unrealistic female images are guys who are equipped with large penises--and as such, have been reinforced by females that they are "gods" so its no surprise those guys treat women like lowly subjects. In contrast, the tragedy of what women do to small/average penis guys is they rip the heart out of a guy who desperately cares about women and really just wants to know she can be unequivocally satisfied with his size (ie, not just "settle" for it because she wants to attain some other attribute he might possess in her long term partner). If women want to retaliate for the body image issues they feel men have caused, that's fine but maybe try to better direct the attacks to minimze the "collateral damage".

  180. This was a great doc. Very interesting and well made. Worth a watch. But watch My small penis and Me first. I feel bad for Jarrod, I don't think surgery is gonna give him what he needs.

  181. Dick doc makes people talk!

    Great to see so many guy opening up. A mini-mini penis is like a huge nose or stick-out ears or pimple face or super small female breast or big huge butt....when you truly love it fades into beauty!

  182. Is it time for the "Penis Monologues"? I think so!

  183. Hi, I seem to be the lone gay guy here. Hello, heterosexuals :)

    A wonderful documentary, and thank you. It's groundbreaking in the way that early feminist pieces on female sexuality has must know of Judy Chicago's installation, "Dinner Party". Do look it up.

    Trust me, I've seen and felt my share of penises. And like boobs, butts, chests, legs, feet, hands, heads, noses, arms, eyes, hair and complexion, they vary and that's part of the mystery and the joy of it. There's no single axis that you upon which one can objectively assess desirable or undesirable qualities except that of personal taste.

    As for me, I don't care what a man's penis is like. I want a partner who's smart, good hearted and importantly, a good cuddler! I'm sure that many people of different genders and orientations feel the same :)

  184. Ahhh man, size is nothing when its got no technique, how about how you use your hands, your tongue?!?! Gentlemen, your penis shouldn't be doing all the work in the first place! If you know anything about anything in the sack, you'de probably know your penis isn't enough to nearly please any woman entirely ( or even more!) . I would date a guy with a 4 incher and an excellent personality who knows how to please a woman over a macho stallion whose there to wet his dick with no persona EASY. In my opinion, porno is really f--king a lot of shit up. It's all a game of intimidation, besides a complete load of rubbish- female anatomy is more complex- doesnt need you to smash her every time (unless thats what theyr into) . Step up your game and learn to actually please a woman. . not like shes spending too much time looking at your narcissitic manhood while its IN HER. Theres a universal cowardice, and I wish that men AND women understood that there is this absolute unshared fear and cowardice in the bedroom. Just a side note- if you think women are thinking about your 'chap', just imagine how much women are thinking about what your thinking about them. Devastating fear- is a suppressent of biology. Get past your imaginary eyes and see with your real ones. we are all cowards together.

    1. You are missing the true concern. What small /average guys are being told is that you are OK (ie, will SETTLE FOR as there's not much chance of finding the second option below) with a good guy with good technique but a 4 incher, BUT you'd be in absolutely mind blowing jelly legged ecstasy with a good guy with good technique AND a 7 or more incher. We aren't angry with women (unless it turns out we are being lied to about this whole business), we just get really sad that we can't provide the experience that the second scenario above could give you. (That's what leads to these twisted guys who go out looking for huge penis guys to have sex with their beloved lady--wtf?!) If we love you, we want to give you that awesome gleam in the eye we see when a big one pops out. Your joy pumps us up in an amazing way. Why is it wrong that we want to give you the best?

    2. look at the you know how many women in general(men too) suffer from a terrible sex life because of how they feel/lt about themselves? (60 PLUS) (which im sure they're partners are not fully aware of) i can testify to this. by the way-about your jelly legged orgasm- women can have over 3 different kind of orgasms.. (or more, i wouldn't be surprised) and penetration is only responsible for... ahhh 1 or two. i think your porno industries are at fault- which may i add- are almost entirely based on the man/man's pleasure/domination/etc all types of other machismo bs/closet insecure men who's last concern is the blow up doll with the pulse .( as for which, women in pornos are all often faking it/never cum/NEVER fully satisfied, if even) also, giving us the best- it's really partial. - look up female prno if you want to know what women want ( and im sure that too is extremely impartial) those 'stallions' often may not be credited for the best orgasms either- take it for what it is.- you were given something, and whatever itmay be- your 'curse'/'burden' whatever - you'll hopefully understand this is a blessing in disguise.and im sure at the end of the day, your imagination has contorted reality for you beyond that which you can actually see past. trust you me. i've had my sexual demons- and i've taken the easy way out- and this to me, at the end of the day is more angst than all the angst i've 'believed' to have all these many MANY years before

    3. As this is anonymous, do you mind if I ask what you meant by "taking the easy way out"? I find I'm just so interested in how these issues impact lives. If you don't feel comfortable opening that up, I do understand. Thanks :-)

    4. @ ImmodestlyHuman.
      In reality, my post was not meant to reflect my beliefs, rather to shine light on the twisted way the communication between men and women can occur on this topic. We are getting close to being on the same page now. That's great, that's my mission--to get guys to understand what girls really need and to get girls to understand how guys have allowed themselves to be deceived and thus sabotaging themselves as a potentially awesome lovers. The scary thing in America is the growing number of women who are now starting to buy into the porn crap. I hope you didn't think I believe the things I wrote in my first reply, I've been studying this for a while and was merely trying to express how good guys, the ones who see women as partners/mates, a person they want to put into ecstasy for her benefit, not his (by his I mean he does it to inflate his own ego as in "Oh yeah, I'm the man! Look what I did to her!" :-) if you do for her unselfishly, for the right reason, she'll respond in a way that will truely make you never question your "manhood" penis or other. The tragedy is guys that want to achieve that but then watch porn or see other guys big penises, then ask the question "is mine ok? " In America, there's no shortage of nonporn folks who'll giggle and joke and exclaim "hell yeah bigger is better!" Then comes the complex followed by lack of confidence that undermines his desire to be a great lover which in his twisted "reality" he attributes to small penis and sadly sometimes she does too (then she goes online and mistakenly tells that bigger is better but doesn't realize that it is very likely her perception of that is simply because the "bigger" guy didn't have the messed up psychology that impairs his lovemaking. My demon came from being told at school at an early age that girls go crazy over a big dick. I was immature enough it became one of my basic beliefs about sex. Then, a few comments by my wife early on in our sexual relationship, comments viewed by me thru the "bigger is better" lens, reinforced to me that although she gets (and still gets at 17 years of marriage) at least 3 and usually 6-15 orgasms per session (from oral, insertion, combo, even occasionally from breasts alone--and I can feel the spasms--she's not a faker :-), that I could push her delight even higher with a larger size. Recently we have addressed this false concern and she has made me see that there is no desire whatsoever to change my "equipment" as it provides a level of satisfaction that she has no interest in trying to supersede. This has allowed us to reconnect on an emotional level and have some of the best lovemaking we've had since college--all due to emotional connection and nothing to do with changing our bodies. This topic is part of a much larger issue in society, namely, a messed-up view of ourselves, our partners, the role of physical vs emotional satisfaction in a relationship (the old "cart before the horse" scenario), the attempt to lead fulfilling/ gratifying sex life outside the realm of true love. Unless a couple gets these things straight in their heads and are on the same page with each other, they are destined for heartache and turbulence.

    5. One last try. The last half of your post really intrigues me and I'm dying to have it clarified. The way its typed after the "as for giving us the best, its really partial" makes it a little unclear to me. Can you please rewrite it to better clarify your meaning? Again, I think your post is really helpful it just would be better if clearer. Thank you so much.

  185. @Michael

    You can't blame women for low self esteem. I won't argue with you that they are the main reason that men feel insecure or bad about their size but only because some women say they need a big p**** to feel satisfied. You can't assign that preference to all women.

    Theres more to life than sex! If your associating self esteem, and happiness with penis size then it's definitely misplaced.

    You can blame women for p**** insecurity but unhappiness and low self esteem is a reaction to that insecurity and you have control over how you react to insecurity.

  186. @Tino

    If your contemplating ending your life over a 5.5 in. p**** then I should've ended mine a long time ago cause I'm only 5.1! Look, whether you will admit it or not, you are not on the left of the curve. The statistics are easy to find online. You are right in the middle of the curve. I know you've heard this before but self esteem doesn't come from a p****, and deep, fulfilling orgasms feel the same with an average size or big p****. What if you had no p****? Or what if you were paralyzed (in a wheelchair)? There is always something to live for and there is a lot more to life than sex and women. I won't pretend to understand your depression, but I do know that it's possible to climb out of it. Others have done it and lead happy, fulfilled lives. So if happy and fulfilled sounds like something you want, hang on and at least give it a chance.

  187. i am surprised and i really appreciated the BBC regarding the topic the choose.

  188. @ Ghostdogguy
    @ Tino

    Ghostdogguy I couldn't say it better.

    Tino, I'm pretty sure you're a very nice person and you don't deserve to end like this... there's many "big shaft" dumb sack that would certainly deserve a ill-fate... but not you I'm quite sure... so buddy get help.

  189. @ tino
    I read your comments and from the "loathesome" existence I was reading from your words I assumed that you were sporting no more than 2 inches, but then I actually saw what you are packing!! No you aren't going to break records, but that is hollywood, porn, material society propagated by insecurity.
    People that want the biggest and baddest are usually bereft of inner love and security. btw, I am really close to your dimensions, just a half inch longer and I feel great. But it took work and a mental attitude adjustment/awareness.
    You can be secure and confident like your friend. Is your
    friend loving? Is he kind? Is he generous? Is he thoughtful? Is he hard-working? A team player? Those things fuel his confidence and make him magnetic. Yes, he may not of had a "small penis" to slow him down, but he had to build all those other qualities. You, sir and many other men out there, INCLUDING ME, let the size of our phallus and many other things to convince us that we are not good enough.
    Feeling good enough is a choice. Feeling rich, abundant with love, friendships, money is all CHOICE.
    The physical is NOT cause. Thought is cause. Do you even know what women want? A sincere woman with an intact sense of self, secure in her identity: sexually, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, knows how to be happy, successful and can make things work. Tino, you are missing a well endowed penis, you are missing a well-endowed imagination.
    A woman with no imagination, may want a big penis. A woman with an imagination can create something out of nothing.
    What if your friend lost his penis in an accident, or his other limbs, or was scarred horrible from burns, should he give up being attractive because, simple-minded people can not see what is attractive. Use your mind/imagination productively. Read Viktor Frankel's Man's Search for Meaning (life changing book). I may seem critical, but I have been in your shoes before. I walked around in them for many many years. It is never too late to create the you you want to be. My last bit of advice learn how to give more than worrying what you can receive. Those people are magnetic from something that is real, yet intangible.

  190. @jackie - You're welcome dear... I was raised with woman (mom and sisters - no brothers) and I have a daughter... I really don't like them to be blame for everything... the first step of fixing an issue is to find which parts belong to you in the so called issue.

  191. @Jake: THX !!!

    @Michale: listen to Jake- he is a wise man

  192. @tino Well Tino it is sad to see that you give up like this... I am not a god believe least not the one of the mainstream religions. But, I believe in life... and if you believe that your time has come it's really up to you. I believe to this point you know what to do if you ever find out that this issue is indeed all "in the inside". I believe by polishing your "Outside" you forgot to polish your "Inside"... my view of life is that having friends and all is important, the big job, money and all is somewhat important... but being self content of one's accomplishments is more than important... for you... you forgot YOU.

    Your life is not going to be save on this board... because the matter and the fact is that when someone has decided to finish with its life... and drowning in deep depression, there's not much to do... the "Outsiders" cannot help. But if you have just a little respect for yourself in the "Inside" go talk to someone. Therapy is a soft way (in my view) maybe you should try harder by talking with your entourage... and I'm not talking about getting medications (but if that can help, and you really don't want to finish it this way... go for it my man)

  193. @MIchael - Humm Mike, this statement is interesting "If women hadn’t reduced sex to nothing but ***** size and stamina"... in all due respect I wouldn't hold woman all responsible for this... guys have a lot to do about it as well. This also is the fault of general assumptions that there was a perfect "genuine" size. Back in my grand parents day they would never talk about this and woman would just have to do with what their man had to offer... so are they completely to blame... hell NO.

    I love sciences, but on this one I have to blame sciences and Dr. Kinsey for trying to regulate an ideal size, I also have to blame porn movies that are the first protagonist in bringing those popular disbelieves. On a set of a porn movie, there's like 6 casts, 3 woman, 3 man (per say)and those three man have been selected according to some industry standards out of 200 guys who might have applied for the role... only three were selected. Now does those guys are social standard - hell no! I'm still waiting to see a porn movie title such as " Woman like it small!)

    Moving on the blaming game, I blame man for believing in it LOL. Woman are far from it frankly we can not, definitely not hold them all responsible.

    1. OK, this is kinda dumb. I have to comment. It is wrong/stupid to say "all" of any group caused anything--it never is "all". To clarify, porn, locker rooms, internet, etc, are the things that make men ask, is mine good enough? Why would a guy seek that answer from a DVD or another guy? Logically, he searches what real women have to say. That's the beginning of a long, confusing, frustrating, hurtful journey. That's the beginning of, "hell yeah, gotta be huge" to "motion of the ocean" crap to " if she loves you, she'll accept it" to " I don't really care about sex, so, your size is "fine". Point is, there's enough, not ALL, women saying directly or between the lines, that bigger rocks
      their world to keep guys guessing, suppressed and depressed to the point his confidence is shot, making him bad in bed, reinforcing in his mind its the small penis causing thus tragedy and the cycle goes on. So, to the degree that women intentionally or unwittingly perpetuate this scenario, they share in the blame. Not all, but enough to do some very real damage.

  194. No, plastic surgery doesn't help. Those men who choose that procedure aren't too bright.

    Of course I can blame women for insecurity. They are the main/only reason why men feel so insecure and bad about their penis size.
    If women hadn't reduced sex to nothing but penis size and stamina, then there would be a lot more happy men (and women) in this world.

  195. Hello Jake, I read your replay. Probably I was not able to properly express my thoughts for lack of knowledge of english. I'm finding that psychological aspects are very difficult to express in a language you have only base-knowledge.
    I understand what you mean but unfortunately I'm not so simple. I followed all the steps you say, I was able to have a romantic and professional life that anyone would consider satisfactory when viewed from outside. And THIS is the issue: "viewed from outside". I can no longer compensate the reality with palliative thoughts, creating my own satisfactory world. Yes, my brain can do that, I can force my body doing that but my limbic system, tired of being deceived, protest ever stronger.
    Yes, you right, my friend have his own haunting demons. But he can easily get the emotional-reset, being able to tame it.
    (real, deep, and frequent orgasms, according to the theories of Reich and Lowen, and how each part of his body confirm) You say I'm "green with jealousy and envy": it's partially true. Really I'm happy for my friend and I will not remove any of its life to transplant in my life. For this reason the terms "envy and jealousy" are inaccurate. But I feel a fierce anger against fate, against my fate that have given me anything like that, giving me a penis at the lower limits of the so-called normality. I think I could make myself a reason for a two-inches microphallus with a ginoid body like Lawrence Barraclough, better than my being on the lower edge of the "normality" in matter of size.
    I said I feel a fierce anger against fate but, what is the fate ? I do not believe in God, do not believe in destiny, I do not think that if I lack something I have to have another, or to the other are missing something else. I just miss THAT thing. And in the end, missing God and destiny, I feel a fierce anger against myself. I agree that at some point we need a certain stability, and I think I've passed that point (I'm 45) but I can not deal with at least 30 years of living-full-and-proper that I lost not exactly being "rotten to the core" and without wanting to be.
    And I will not be able to deal with for years to come.

  196. @Tino are you F%$#&! kidding? You need professional assistance and a little bit of it start with you accepting who you are. Neighbor's flowers always seem more beautiful then your own. While you have been 7 years or so with the same woman... now have you check with your friend how happy he is with all those woman jumping on him.

    If you think of suicide over the length of your penis compared to your friend's this means you have serious self esteem issues and it's not just the penis length it may be other things that you haven't questioned yet. It seems to me that you are green with jealousy and envy over what seems to you better in you're friend's pants.

    Have you talk to your so-called friend... yes the very same one that you believe to be soooo self-confident, so happy in its life etc. I'm only 34 years and if life thought me something is that all human beings have their own demons haunting them. It doesn't matter how beautiful and well endowed they are.It doesn't matter how reach and socially engaged they are we all have demons haunting us.The EVER HAPPY human being doesn't exist or at least if he exist he's not from this world.

    So for the grace of your GOD talk to your friend and really find out what's hunting him... maybe you could help him with something. And for god's sake penis is just a member... think about those that have 10 inches and that they need that "blue pill" to have it going... think of those that woman jump on them because externally they are the most beautiful guys... but inside they are rotten to the core and think only of themselves.

    Have you ever considered that maybe your friend would somehow love a certain stability... f--king around is very fun I agree... but as we become older one need someone who'd love them for who they are. I'm looking at my old aunts today... they've been together for eternity and frankly I envy them more then the young going from a woman to an other since at least at the end of your life you'll still have someone you care about no matter if the time you were having steaming sex is revoked. You still have together.

    I will prefer having someone for my old days then ending up in a "Latter days house for old geezer" alone and grumpy.

  197. Hello, I mean first of all apologize for my poor command of English, anyway I still hope to be able to make clear my thoughts. I'm 45 and I'm struggling with this problem for 30 years. My size at it's best is around 5,5 inches, being 4,5 the girth. Doctors says I'm normal, but I know I'm at the left end of the left wing of the bell-curve. The fact was clear since I was 15. I know all sorts of "therapeutic" speeches usually done on the topic: "size doesn't matter", "the average depth of the vagina", "what matters is love", "be happy with what you have" and so on. I lived for 30 years forcing myself to believe these commandments.
    I had 2 long cohabitation with women: 7y, then 6y single, actually 6y still running. I find increasingly difficulty to believe those words I said before, and actually the reality stands out more and more often, 'cause getting older I become more honest with myself.
    My wall of convictions has fallen miserably few month ago, when I started a friendship with a 30-year-old male. (the real meaning of friendship, I'm not gay) He's 7,5'long x 5,75 girth endowed, being sincere, strong and proud at the same time. Women seem to have a radar, and throw themselves on him before to know what he hides beneath pants. I asked one of these "what do you find attractive in him?" - "it seems that semen emits from his eyes", she said. (I hope that the literal translation retains the meaning). And obviously he can have the woman he wants to, he can accept the offer, or he can point one of them and easily have. Everytime he's relaxed, self-confident, open minded.
    In short terms, he represents everything that I wanted to be, everything that I could do if the statistics had no placed me on the left of the graph. He is the living monument, the touchstone of a wasted life. A half-life as it has been my life for so long.
    And I firmly believe that the size is the basis for all, The not-the-only-but-necessary thing to reach and to give the unintermediate animal pleasure who can heal every neurosis.
    I see no way out, and I'm seriously thinking about suicide.

    I Think that Lawrence Barraclough is at the preceding stage, so that trying to know every aspect of the problem gives you the illusion of being able to manage or overcome it. I have just passed through that stage and I hope that he lasts longer thinking so.

    1. Tino, do not leave us over this! Women are not drawn to your friend because of the size of his equipment! They are drawn to him because of his confidence. All you need to do is to study all you can on specific positions and techniques that might help, and learn other ways of pleasuring, so that you can have his same level of confidence in your ability to please a partner. And then, go out there and meet someone. If it doesn't happen naturally, there are plenty of websites on the internet that help people find partners. Be discerning, be safe. You should not have difficulty finding a woman who will be with are trying to learn exactly what she wants most, adn what feels best for her. This is far more attractive than being with someone who is just in it for their own pleasure. Go in, be honest, and find someone. I promise it will not be that difficult. Men in their 40s are like men in their 30s were in the past. Do not be concerned that you are too old. You definitely are not, and there are many, many women out there who would actually PREFER a man of your age than someone younger. The more your practice and learn, the more your confidence should grow. Then you will have women naturally attracted to and interested in you, just as your friend does.

  198. Well thanks Lawrence I really did enjoy that documentary... it was really funny yet was serious. And here I am not going to reply at some people about their believes regarding their endowment or those who have drivel about virginity and all. I believe that it is definitely pointless to try to convince or have someone that hasn't experienced something and keep talking too much on it (you know who you are and don't waste your time, I won't even pay attention to it). I call it babbling on the subject. However "Kudos" to Charles B. I've read previous comments of yours on other subjects which I'd won't mention because I don't want to start a unrelated thread but yeah this time I did like you comments here (beside the religious references) but in all and all I finally saw the human side of you. So very great to have seen that from you. I do believe you're a very well spoken dude and even though I don't always agree with what you're saying... reading your comments are interesting.

    Now on to the subject... wanna know what size I am... well even if you don't care i'll say it anyway. I am well over 9"... REALLY :p... All right some of you would say wow lucky you... some other would really feel sorry for me. Well you are both right... I don't really have to worry about being average I don't even know what average is... but sexually speaking having a big "thing" is not always joy joy... first I'm a very careful guy with my girls but really no matter the level of carefulness sometimes I would end up hurting someone... which I can see in their face while in action a rictus appears that would translate "I hurt you now... I know" and zoom it will go soft.

    So no it's not always paradise and yes porn have made it that somehow, when I was a teen I would believe that girl like it rough... woah buddy rough with your size can cause serious damage. So just like Randy I had to read, question, listen feel so that fear of hurting someone would be replaced by more understanding of the woman I sleep with.

    So the woman I am with now I warned her of the size before doing anything and we spoke a long time before so I'd know what she like and what cannot be done with her... that's exactly what need to be done whether you have a big shaft or not... COMMUNICATION... I will not go for a woman that only craves for big "little man" nor will I go for a woman that has humongous boobs...

    In my teen, just like many teens I had a huge sex appetite but the first time I had sex with a girl and the hymen broke it bleed so damn much I got very scared that I broke something definitely... and it when on me being scared of hurting girls no matter how big they wanted it.

    Want size queens - check the gay side my friends and you'll find out soon enough that this issue of size is well spread among guys too.

  199. Kudos to the producer for having the courage to make this film! It was excruciatingly honest and refreshingly blunt.

    One thing that I think was missed was that women as well have distorted views on our members. Most women would not want to admit that they think a penis is large or average, for fear of looking easily satisfied or inexperienced (esp. in American society, e.g. the nurses). On top of that a study of access to sex by gender showed that around 80% of women have readily available access to sex (and take advantage of that access), whereas about 20% of men do (with multiple partners if you do the math). My guess is that the men with readily available access are confident (especially to sleep with very attractive women) and part of this may be because they have average to large-sized penises. That means that the penises that women see are 1)Usually erect, and 2) Average and above, making their perception of average shifted right on the bell curve.

    As a personal example, my penis is around 7.5 inches erect, but has been called everything from small, average, perfect, to huge. You can imagine my confusion about what average really is and where I fit. Many of my friends who do well with women claim to have anywhere from 7 to 9 inches (not verified by ruler, but generally women supported their claims), making me think I was on the smaller side. Some women have stopped me during sex because it hurt, and while this did build my confidence, it's not what sex should be about. If fact the insecurities about one's penis can lead to bad sex, making the problem worse or even creating a problem in the first place. Despite all the overwhelmingly positive feedback I've received over the years, it took one girlfriend calling me "average" in a fit of anger to ignite deeply-seated and long-lasting damage to my confidence. Even with compliments and apologies later, even the mention of it made me lose trust in her and my self perception.

    Why does all of this matter so much? Probably for just the reasons outlined in this documentary. A man often says "he" is of a certain length or size when referring to his member, showing how much importance we place on it. But we never see each other, so we imagine everyone else being much larger than us or women really caring that much about having a big one (one size does not fit all). Living in Japan for several years, I noticed a refreshing candidness about size and performance in bed. Men talked about being small, big, and average usually without flinching. Some talked about lasting only 2-3 minutes, laughing it off without being mortified like most western men would be to admit the same thing. The difference? I think partly because they go to public hot springs and see each other naked on a regular basis, without some hang up on being gay if they look and talk about each other's junk. Being gay is not some taboo, demasculating lifestyle, it's just an accepted preference for some people. Sexuality in general is accepted as being as natural as eating or breathing, even if some people are chaste about it, that's their choice, there are plenty of people who are not.

    Imagine how women must feel having their bodies scrutinized daily and constantly being assaulted by companies that want to sell them cosmetics, clothing, diet pills, etc. by inflaming their many potential insecurities. The difference for men is that nearly all these insecurities are focused on one organ (you can't make up for a small penis with a great butt for example, where this might be comforting for a small-chested woman).

    Thanks to Lawrence for having such courage and candidness about an issue that affects us all! By accepting our bodies for what they are, we can focus on what really matters (and what women really care about) during sex: connecting with each other and making each other feel good. It has helped me to appreciate what I have, see past the size insecurities and focus more on interpersonal compatibility, and all the other wonderful parts of sex.


    1. Most of what you say is true, but I have to tell you, from what I've read on forums and a little how I also feel, you've undermined your own advice by admitting to a 7.5 inch penis (that's big, I don't care what anyone says). We 6 and under crowd have trouble "feeling your pain" (not that you didn't have issues, its just a perception thing) or believing you can truly relate to the depth of our feelings.

  200. @michael

    plastic surgery doesn´t help?… so there is no hope for guys with small penises….xD
    sry, but this whole topic is so funny in a way…i mean it is such a small thing to make such a great problem out of it…or a movie :D
    ….you can´t blame women for insecurity and low self esteem…or society, or world, God etc…you just have to work it out

  201. michael:

    plastic surgery doesn´t help?... so there is no hope for guys with small penises....xD
    sry, but this whole topic is so funny in a way...i mean it is such a small thing to make such a great problem out of it...or a movie :D can´t blame women for insecurity and low self esteem...or society, or world, God just have to work it out

  202. Bravo to the producer of this doc ... a brave man, and one I bet who has no difficulty finding girl friends, because as a few women here have 'tried' to point out - it is confidence, kindness, a brain... I can't count how many times I have heard from single women who get excited because "he reads", that "turns them on". Also, agree with those who admit that even if a few naive, inexperienced, or self conscious women 'say' that size matters, when you really talk to most of them they get round to realising that, no, that is not the important thing in a healthy sex life. Again, if you care about having a healthy sex life, then learn about your partners anatomy. National American average is 45% of women 'never' have orgasms from penetration, and about 75% don't know where there G spot is (about 2" inside the vagina, directly behind her clitoris outside)... but mostly I am surprised that on this site NO ONE has said the biggest statistic - 80% of good sex happens in the MIND - excite her mentally/emotionally (after you read the anatomy book, watch the kinsey film, etc :)and when your thinking about your insecurities, consider she has some too... likely. Two Final thoughts to leave you with: 1. because it was also said on the small breasts film- "more than a mouthful is a waste" ha, and 2. go and have a look at the size of OB tampons in a pharmacy, and consider this, some women find them too big; it is also true that 'most' women's vagina 'conforms' to the size of her partner, IF she actually feels connected to him.

    1. Guys are more concrete thinkers. Instead of talking tangentially and saying there are more important things (right or wrong, guys will focus on that as the penis size is indeed important, just not AS important as a brain). If it is true, just say "your not--big penis feels absolutely fantastic", then explain that even so, you need more--intellect humor confidence hygiene oral hands variety etc etc to fulfill the sexual experience. It that context, it short circuits the next thought we tend to have, ie, yes, its fantastic but I bet you like bigger better. It reassures us you're fulfilled in the area of penis in vagina sensation then gives us other fun things to focus on to round out the experience. I feel better just typing this as I can imagine my wife saying it and it would be awesome. Of course, if you really mean a small penis is lacking in sensation, just say so but let us know we still excite you greatly, that the penis thing is unimportant enough that you never think you're missing out, that all the other things we can do, including toys if you like, keep you in ecstasy and absolutely fulfilled sexually. I can accept this scenario very well. Guys can handle the truth much better than you give them credit for, even if it hurts, we can find a way to deal, especially with a caring, understanding, nonjudgemental woman helping us along the way.

    2. *very well is not said often enough that 'everyone' walks around
      with their own basket full of insecurities - in remembering this, perhaps we
      would speak to one another (verbally and non) with more compassion and
      kindness. It is immeasurably powerful what one human being can do for
      another, simply by choosing to be a 'hero' for someone - parents do this all
      the time - imagine if more partners would, for eachother. - peace

  203. @jackie.

    LOL. How ignorant are you? Plastic surgery WILL NOT increase the size of the penis. It might make it hang lower and thus seem bigger, but it will be the exact same size, as it was before when erect.

    Why shouldn't men blame women? They are the reason why millions of men over the world are insecure and have serious self-esteem issues.

  204. When a chubby guy loses weight he normally gains on penis size, obviously not inches but still. It is actually the same for a woman, she gets more lips less hood.

  205. I don´t know why people make such fuss about it- I mean it´s the world we live in and affects everyone- men and women. If men can be very judgemental about breast size, why couldn't´t women criticise penises. After all, if it bothers you that much, you can always go to plastic surgeon and buy yourself a larger one. I know this sounds very shallow, but it´s truth- If you minder having a small one, either stop complaining about it, or get a large one, but don´t blame it on women- it is pathetic.

  206. Great documentary! Thanks very much for doing such a great job! =)

  207. this made me buy a ruler

  208. Fantastic doc! I really loved it! I deeply appreciate lawrence's courage and commitment to overcome his fears and help other people to talk about their concerns. That is so good and there's nothing sexier than self confidence! ;)

  209. je ne parle pas englais je veu avoir une reponce svp mercie

  210. Ok I have read the comments - before engaging in this documntary and my intial response is this - if penis size is really as important as men, women, people or other say, then I think we as a species would have died out a long time ago. What is "average" anyways? I mean, lions have barbed junk! If people put as much effort into intercourse as they did into this rather banal discussion, we would be well on our way to 10 billion people, which is too many people worrying about the genital dimensions anyway. Long story short (ha ha) if you can put your fingers in it or your hand around it, or if you can manage to figure out where it goes, you are well on your way to a good time, which really this world needs desparately. Quit crying and go have sex with someone (or thing). Peace

  211. wow - there are those comments that have come from the same people so often it's almost scary thinking how pre-occupied they are with this documentary...that said I'll leave my one and only response.

    very interesting...yet so sadly pathetic, such insecurities and misplaced importance of's a body and it is what it is and so shall it be erect or otherwise.

  212. When I was living in Japan, I remember hanging out with two male Japanese friends in the public bath (as is common there) and they were sort of casually talking about our penis differences as it we were talking about noses or something. I was shocked at how there was no mysterious aura of taboo surrounding looking at or talking about penises. It was really refreshing and liberating actually.

  213. I have been reading the comments left on this website and there have been lots of size mattes .. and no it doesn't comments and arguments. I would consider my self average size and off all the partners that i have had, and it's probably been in the order of 20+ only 1 complained about my size and to be honest, she wasn't much fun for me either so i think that reflects badly on her rather than the other way around.

    I myself have struggled with my size and this is the conclusion that i have come to: all men are made in different shapes and sizes as are women, i have been with one that was so delicate that i couldn't get it in, and before you go saying oh but you didn't do this or that, trust me i tried it all, and even when it got in it hurt her like hell. most of the women that i have met are not hung up on size or prefer average sizes or smaller. but this is where the neigh Sayers will chime in and say but they say that they wanted huge, and some women do, but do you honestly expect to share your life with someone who is so shallow that they only way they can get gratification is to be impaled by some huge thing ?? i couldn't say it's my idea of a good night out but hey each to there own.

    However the ladies can do pelvic flaw exercises and practice the clenching maneuvers that they use during intercourse, and thus they will be able to clench down and grip tighter so assuming that the man is large enough to enter the vagina it should be an enjoyable experience for all, ask any prostitute they will back my up on this, and there are Indian texts that speak at length about this. it is in fact far easier to make her tighter than it is to make him bigger.

    But i have also asked most of my partners which of my features that they found attractive and the response was almost always my confidence, above all else more people found that attractive, followed closely my build, i am in shape not fat not over muscly,they have also said that I'm good with my hands, but i have been never short for a date.

    So there you have it, be happy with what you have, be confident, and don't act desperate, stay cool get into shape if needs be, and possibly take a course in massage or tantric sex and the ladies should have nothing to complain about and if they do they are not right for you and your better off with out them.

    i hope this helps someone.


  214. I have read this whole thread because I admit that I have my insecurities with the size of my equipment and when I see something like this, it makes me curious. The fact of the matter is the average male p**** size is between 5.5 and 7 inches.

    The percentage of men over 7 inches is just 1% and under 4.75 is 0.8%. The percentage of males over 6 inches even is only 9% (lifestyles condoms Co., 2001). Granted, all statistics are only as good as the sample they come from but all penis size statistics are pretty close and this one is well known. Going by these numbers means a little over 75% of men are between 5 to 6 inches. What that boils down to is this: Every guy around has about the same size p****.

    They are all a little different and peeking a quick glance in the locker room or the pool isn't a good way to compare. In fact, unless you held up your erect p**** next to several other ones you really don't know (how many threesomes and orgies have you been in?) The only comparison we have is what we see in pornography. I remind you thats one percent of the sample, displayed next to short, small girls with little hands and mouths and whatever other tricks they use. Thats hardly a fair comparison and I think we can all agree that we can't measure up to porn star standards. Now as for the supposed "size-queens" unless they are dating porn stars (which some of them might be), they're partners are NOT THAT MUCH BIGGER (on average).

    How would they even know how long a p**** is? I've never gotten laid and had a partner say "Oh, hold on a second while I measure you" which is the only accurate way to know how big a mans p**** is. All they can do is estimate which is completely subjective or ask "how big are you" and who's not gonna add a little (or a lot) when asked? I'm sure that some women have a preference for one side of the range or the other.

    The point I'm trying to make is firstly, the effective range is really only an INCH AND A HALF which is not that much. Secondly, p**** sizes in general are inflated. All the guys claiming to have a really big p**** are probably not that much bigger than you or me and all the women claiming they love big p****es are probably not imagining or experiencing something much bigger than yours or mine.

    This is all assuming the statistics are correct which I'm not claiming they are however, I think they are close and I think my points are still valid.

    but I do know that the difference between most p

  215. Michael:
    What's gross and sad is that you and so many others will shamelessly promote sexist generalizations when met with a single individual you disagree with.

    Statements like "Women are..." or "Men are..." almost always amount to vicious, absurd, and unfounded lies.

  216. Great. Another size-queen (rachelnico) commenting on this documentary. Just what we needed.
    It's gross and sad that women have become so shallow. Men are nowhere near as shallow as women are.

  217. LOL, it's totally true, some do feel better than others; that's just how it is. There seems to be a lot of bitter men on this comment stream.

    The fact is that size matters to a degree, but usually it's not a problem if its average or more than average, if not, then the guy may have to find alternatives methods to make a woman happy.

    In conclusion, everyone is different, there's nothing anyone can do about it, so get over your bitterness and insecurities and work with what you got.

    1. Wow, thank you so much! Your caring words reveal a truly considerate and concerned heart. While it is it apparent you have no capacity to comprehend what's going on here, your disdainful post oddly serves a purpose. It clarifies for me that you are the type of female that I honestly don't have even the slightest concern for your sexual satisfaction. The concern for satisfying your partner drives this unhealthy fear, so, by taking away the desire to please a women by exposing her disdain for men who worry about her pleasure, you effectively remove the impetus for the fear. Good job!

  218. guys do talks about their junk with each other though. maybe not in like great detail necessarily but they definitely do. I went to an all guys school for 3 years and i didn't go one day without hearing about someones d@#$. hahah as funny as that sounds. but when you've got a camera and a stranger asking you about your d@#$ they're not gonna be as open to talk about it, duh. straight guys are always so f@#$%^& worried about coming off like a gay dude.

  219. nice shooooooooooooooooort document

  220. I think its more about bal*s than dic*s... its about performance than size... about that confidence with which you cay you can f--k the s**t out of any girl... knowing no matter what, the woman leaving your bed is going to be a satisfied one and that she's going to come back for more... if you have that confidence in you then you wont need a huge member... after all, all guns are dangerous... all you have to do is shoot right.

  221. The American guy and his girlfriend in this flick are truly sick minded, but isn't this the norm in California the home of the porn industry? Just listening to that guy talk about his aspirations in life and how they revolve around what women discuss in bathrooms is not only utterly stupid, it's really disturbing as well.

    The truth is, sex in long-term relationships is more about breeding than anything else and you don't need to be hung like a porn star to make a baby. Unless you're a drunk college kid trying to $#@% anything that moves, the size of the member is really inconsequential.

    The reality is, it's not the size of the tool between your legs, it's whether you can use any tool to hunt and gather for your family. By the looks of that American guy's house, he's not very good at hunting and gathering....

  222. To Cat:

    Your post is one of the reasons why so many men around the world worry about penis size.

    Your statement (the one in citation marks at the bottom of this post) is not really helping any men who are insecure.
    A bigger penis does feel better for women which is why many men are insecure. They know that no matter what they do in bed, it still won't feel as good to her, because he is not well-endowed.

    Women can't understand this because there is no similar pressure on them. The size of their tits, asses, stomachs, legs, whatever doesn't have the slightest influence on a mans sexual pleasure.

    How would you feel if you knew that no matter what you did to your partner, it would never be as good as if one of your body parts was bigger?

    This is what guys have to deal with every time they sleep with a woman. The feeling of inadequacy and knowing that whatever you do to her, it won't be as good as it could be. That you will never be her best sexpartner.

    "Now I’m not going to deny that it matters. Some definitely feel better than others."

    1. Exactly. Somehow, I have never never heard a guy say, boy she was so tight I had the most intense mind blowing sex ever. No matter what, I've gotta ALWAYS feel first and if its not that tight, I put my clothes on and leave--not wasting my time on that. Likewise, I've never heard a guy say, wow, it was sooo loose, I couldn't feel a thing, then spread the word so all guys would know to secretly ridicule and avoid her for sex. Honestly, if guys talk at all about hookups (which is rare that we do talk), it is kept vague, such as, wow, she's got "skills", that's about it. Generally much more respectful--at least the circles I've ever run in. Women who do this to guys are the epitome of cruel.

  223. I think that this documentary shows what it feels like for guys with small penises to feel less than, and then you can compare this with women who feel they are fat, or have small breasts, and how they may feel less than. I will say that I am a black man, and I have a 5 incher when its erect, and ya know I gotta be honest when I say this: anyone who gets their bodies modified is their choice, but I can tell you that I am happy the way that I am.

    And when I mean happy I mean psychologically happy with the way I look, and if another woman feels that way then she can go elsewhere. It tells you a lot when a woman, or man feels that someone is to small so they will go shopping somewhere else. It is supposed to tell the person that that individual is someone who is totally empty on the inside, and somehow they have let society tell them what beautiful and happiness is. While these are words I can tell you that if you need to spend money to feel happy, or good about yourself, then you will never be happy. YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY.

  224. This documentary is awesome! (And yeah, I freakin LOVE this site!)

    It's nice to see so many of you showing support for those who feel insecure about their size. Personally, I don't understand why women harp on men about this. It's rude, and except for surgery, there's really nothing the guy can do about it, except feel awful about themselves for something over which they have absolutely no control. So why bother? It's good to talk with your partner about what works for you sexually and what doesn't, but there are more tactful and effective ways to address this rather than complaining and being a total raging b!^(# about it. Guys, please don't stay with mean girls like this! Tesler's right: "sausage munching hoes" don't deserve your respect.

    Of course, the issue does come to surface during bouts of girl talk, but outside of my teen years, I don't think my friends and I have ever gone on at length (no pun intended). It's mentioned here and there, but has never monopolized an entire conversation.

    While I've broken up with guys for a variety of reasons, it's never come down to size. Now I'm not going to deny that it matters. Some definitely feel better than others, but the sex was never awful until I got to the point where I was emotionally unhappy with my partner. And yes, I've had miserable sex with guys both big and small, but those incidents pretty much came down to them being selfish schmucks. Bottom line: it's pretty much a peripheral issue (for me at least) when assessing overall chemistry.

    On a side note, it IS thoroughly unappealing for me if a guy gets body hair waxed. Shaving and trimming, fine, but there's something about a guy who'll go through pain purely for vanity's sake that just leaves me cold. I guess this includes getting that surgery mentioned in the documentary. Again, personal preference.

    And about the racial issue: I've been with both Asian and White guys, and the smallest one I've ever seen was on a White man. Another friend of mine has been with Asian guys and Black guys and has found their respective sizes to be more or less comparable. So yeah, total fallacy. There's variation across all races.

    1. Thanks for clarifying that if the chemistry is right between a girl and a guy, the bigger one will "definitely feel better." Somehow, I don't feel better now.

  225. Nice word replacement there @Tesler. Made it entertaining to read. I can't say you are wrong about your observations. The packaging can tell you about women. Even women know that girls showing their cleavage then complaining when someone looks are just inviting the attention for something to whine about. There is absolutely no reason to show the top of your breasts, they don't require air circulation or anything. It's only for a way to get men to stare and they will sit there with cold breasts to get that attention they desire. I don't have any low cut clothing and dress conservative. It's rare for someone to blatantly say damn tig old bitties and really only happens if I'm going braless to a grocery or something. This is with natural 36 D which is too large for my frame and pushes out my shirts. It's the same with tight clothing. Unless you are severely overweight there is no reason to wear clothing so close we can see you breath. It's just poor taste on their part and I do judge them as skanks, females with respect for their bodies don't give away free peeps. :D

    Pleasuring a woman tho does not require much equipment other than fingers so all men can rest assured that size does not matter to someone that isn't a slut and spread daily by multiples.

  226. I've read through most of the comments and I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up. Has anyone noticed that different types of women want different types of guys? Probably going to offend someone, but it seems to me like the women who complain about small floridas show more skin. From my experiences on various sports teams, I've seen different size d@#$% and known the girlfriends of their owners. The guys with the bigger spades tended to stay with girls who advertise, while the guys with smaller slim-jims tended to stay with girls who have more reserve. Girls give a lot of signs if you take the time to read them, how they dress is just one that I think most guys notice. If they put a lot of emphasis on the superficial parts of a relationship they usually show their superficiality in other aspects of their lives.

    I've had two long term relationships and few brief ones. Both of my girlfriends complained about my 5.5 incher, yea it hurt. But I brought up how neither of us were perfect and we decided to focus on the parts of each other that we both liked and it helped. In the end my d@#$ wasn't the reason it ended with either of them. One of them was more experienced in bed and said that she liked sex me better than her previous boyfriends with bigger branches, because I was more passionate. This might not have been entirely true, but she did leave a thicker guy for me and working on my passion helped out. Other girls have complained about my d@#$ but it just opened the door for me to hand out some insults. It felt good at the time, but I think learning to lose respect for people who need to focus on your tongue-brush (why do some girls let their teeth touch it?) is an ok way to handle it.

    Summary: learn to profile girls and avoid fluff brains, learn how to better use the tools you have, and don't mind making sausage munching hoes feel bad about themselves, because some of them don't deserve your respect.

  227. From a girl's perspective, I suppose I don't have much pity for guys. They treat women the same way, except for they have the advantage of being able to judge the woman BEFORE she's naked. I wonder how guys would like it if their cock size was on display as a girl's boobs and butt are on display.

    That being said, I tell guys... don't worry about it. It matters, sure, but in a superficial sense. Just like how it matters to a guy if a girl has big boobs or not. Sure, if you're going for a one night stand, you want the hottest chick you can find -- and that includes big boobs and a nice ass. However, you aren't -- or at least you shouldn't -- take those factors into consideration when you love someone. Likewise, a girl isn't going to not be into a guy because of his small dick. What WILL turn her off, though, is his insecurity about it.

    I'm sure guys would say the same to girls feeling insecure about their bodies.

    1. Are you saying, as with breast size, the only reason a large penis is chosen for a one night stand is purely the visual appeal and NOT the actual intensity of sexual pleasure/friction? I know girls with small boobs who have no problem getting casual sex. Not so for my small dick guys once word has spread what they "pack".

  228. by the way John, if a girl is a size-queen, chances are you and her do not have in common many other things like ideals, desires, values. You and her may like puppy-dogs and Harry Potter, but that does not a Match Make. Think about the Law of Attraction, why do you attract these girls to you? It is a reflection of your thoughts. Law of Attraction. So go Ghandi on your world, and Be the Change You Wish To See In The World.
    Everything is connected. A person who NEEDS bigger or is Always attracted to bigger, faster, tougher is insecure in themselves. For example when I identified as angry and sad, I listened to Angry/Sad Music. I don't anymore. I evolved. We all should evolve and mature. Change is natural and healthy. Think about car and drivers, homes and owners, extreme tattoos/motorcycles/weightlifting. What are people compensating for? Trust me I went through all of this Bull**** myself. Now I drive a casual sedan, appropriately attractive clothes, don't Need to do anything. I choose according to my own code. Confidence is really just self trust. okay, I will get off my soap-box. Peace

  229. @lady
    Lady, that was some beautiful, intelligent honesty. I am a guy who started out super insecure about my size. I watched porn and got way deluded. I have this to say about porn. Women come different sizes just like guys do. So if there is a big size porn-dude, then there will be an equally sized porn-girl. I had sex with my first love and it was not a tight fit and I am not thick around, so it wasn't just about her, it just wasn't a great fit. I found about different sizes as I dated other women, and BOY can I tell you I was relieved, because I JUDGED my self and all womanity by my first and only sexual experience. Subsequent girfriends/flings were closer to my size than my first. In fact my last was the best and she agreed.

    She said that she never thought she could have sex without fearing getting hurt down there, but because of my desirable size being considerate, she said she doesn't worry and can enjoy. Before me she never allowed herself to have orgasms, because of fearing being hurt physically/sexually, but mostly emotionally/psychologically.

    Lady is right. Inconsiderate sex is bad sex. I even think SLAMMING where the guy wants to see the girl Whimper, can actually be the desire of a victim minded partner wanting to unleash REPRESSED anger out. If your mad at Mom/Dad, the World and you repress it, it HAS TO COME OUT somehow. I always wondered why I was attracted to Big Guys on Small girls and now it makes sense. Even though I was the "guy" who was "sensitive" and self effacing, I had anger issues for feeling denied in meeting my psychological/spiritual needs for self-actualization from my family/world. Notice how we hurt the ones closest to us when we hurt, not strangers. I woke up and realized that I was keeping myself "small" not other people.

    When I took responsibility for creating my Life, my perception of "being small" went away, small in ALL ways. Once you realize this underlying belief system, you will actually laugh with a little pity at Porn/destruction-sex. This has been my experience. A little pounding sex, but mostly smooth normal speed and even bouts of super slow is ideal. If you are desirous of a tighter/more sensuous grip, you have to not push away the blood in yours or her's organs. If you go fast all the time, you don't give the tissue time to engorge with blood again, basic physiology I believe.

    When I take my time and address my girlfriends turn-ons it is super exciting. She doesn't have very large breast and she never thought they were anything special. They are actually cute and small, and I LOVE THEM. She let me know later that no other guy made a big deal about them, and the fact that I was turned on made her warm hearted and wet. Start with a woman's heart, think about win-win sexual needs, and be Confident, that means follow YOUR DREAMS, because fulfilled people are confident people. They are fulFILLED, they don't NEED NEED NEED people, places and things to make them whole. It doesn't work anyway. Lady across the Pond, can we be pin-pals? I will show your mine if you show me yours... email. ;) Cheers from the States.

  230. John G. I find it SOOO amazing that you still try to convince everyone that women are evil bitches who just laugh at guys. I mean... what the f--k has happened to you during your short life? Women are not evil, some may be but not the whole population! You are just purely pessimistic and you just want to live in your "oh women hurt me, i'm a victim!!" world.

    I have experienced different sizes and my last bf had HUGE dick. But gosh it was horrible to have sex with him. He wanted to do it 2-4 times a day but it was like a torture to me. His needs and my needs didn't meet so we had to break up. To be honest we had like 3 weeks full of fighting because one morning I just said to him that I don't want to have sex anymore because it hurts like hell and all the time i'm just thinking "when is it going to stop, do it quickly!!".

    And honestly, he treated me really roughly and his style was too aggressive. It was just fast in-out-in-out million times in a second... okay not really but it felt like it! So it wasn't good sex. It's not mostly about the size, it's mostly about HOW YOU USE IT! Guys don't seem to understand that most women don't want that "porn treatment". Getting cum on your face is a REAL TURNOFF.

    And the size issue... C'mon, 5'5 is PERFECT for me. I'm not lying or just trying to make you feel better (I don't have to, i'm anonym and I don't know you). 5'5 can be pretty useless too if you don't know how to use it. If you just aggressively SMASH SMASH SMASH your girl, it SUCKS. Maybe it feels good for you but it feels terrible (sometimes even raping tbh) for the girl. And there are other things in girls which deserve a mention. Like clitoris and other sensitive spots. Groping tits (especially if you do it aggressively) is a turn off for me if you do it all the time. But I love when someone kisses my neck!

    And John, I know one guy who is like a bit more than 1" shorter than you and he is quite a bit overweight. He has dated some lovely pretty girls in the past few years. He is single now. Oh man if he knew what kind of thoughts I have on him... He is very caring, good at cooking, extremely funny, positive and spontaneous. I have to admit I have had few naughty thoughts about him and I don't think that "well he is damn ugly but he has a good personality". I think he is handsome too! Because he buys good looking (doesn't mean trendy or something that is in fashion) clothes, does things to his hair (just a bit gel or something like that, too much gel is disgusting). And the way how he is CONFIDENT!

    Do you guys want to hear a secret? Women may not even know this fact but confidence makes people sexy. Confident men are sexy and girls run after them. I met one really nice guy who was pretty smart and funny. But he was so insecure that I just started to deteste him a bit. All the things were about him and how insecure he was. No matter what we were doing or where we were going. If you are going to sell your old cellphone, are you going to say "well this is just ugly, broken and useless, I would throw it away asap if I couldn't sell it to you for 999 euros. Are you interested? And when you buy it, could you give me your number so that I could call you and complain about the phone even more"

    And Jonh I find it really ironic that you talk about how women feel all the different dick sizes. Have you ever felt them? No... I didn't think so. And tbh, once again, I think that women talk about dicks quite light hearthetly. If I talk about the size of my bf's dick with my friends (Actually I have done this only a few times!) and say that it's small/normal/average, it doesn't say anything. Even if I say that the guy has a small dick, he may be the man of my dreams. MORE IMPORTANT to me and my friends is HOW THE GUY USES IT and HOW LONG HE CAN LAST. And once again, this isn't a competition. I don't want all night long sex feast (it starts to hurt, honestly) but if the guy comes after two in-out's... I mean, it's like you would give me a lollipop and let me lick it once and then you take it away.

    There are even other thing that annoy me. Like demanding sex right after I wake up. It's hurts like hell because I just can't turn on right after I have woken up. Maybe other girls can but I can't. And guys who take too many ideas from porn to reality... If i'm giving a BJ, I don't want you to grab my hair and push my head towards you dick because firstly i can't breath and secondly it hurts and it is degrading. And if you aggressively f--k me faster than the speed of light and after cumming complain that you are too tired to make me cum, F U! You can't always do it more slower if you don't have stamina for both. I have even heard from my friends' guys that many time it feels better after doing it more slowly (And I don't mean super slow, just normal speed).


  231. @Krista:

    "I think you need to seek counselling because if you think 5.5 inches is too small thats kinda strange. I know a lot of girls and all the girls I have ever spoken to think thats fine. Especially if you say you are short. Then it looks even bigger!"

    Krista, most women prefer 7 inches or more, so 5.5 or 6 inches, which is my size, is too small for the vast majority of women.
    Sure, those women might not say it's actually small, but they will say that it isn't big enough.
    Most women are unfortunately size-queens. Especially young women. They have been influenced by porn, tv-shows like Sex and The City, magazines and the society in general.

    Women prefer a big penis because they can feel it more and therefore it gives more pleasure. An average-sized guy can never compensate for that with technique. And then there's also the visual and mental factor/stimulation which only big penises gives.
    A well-endowed guy with great technique/skills will always be better than an average guy with great technique/skills. That's some of the reasons why I don't see a reason to have sex and she will also be able to find bigger and better easily.

    Sometimes I wonder why guys who have less than 7 inches even try to get sex. You know she's going to be disappointed when she sees it, and you know that she's not going to enjoy it as much as she would if you were big. You're setting yourself up for failure and ridicule, so it's pointless.
    And many women have reduced sex to nothing but penis size and performance/stamina.

    Look at the replies in this thread from Tia and Jay. They're hardcore size-queens. See the first documentary that Lawrence Barraclough made. It's called "My Penis and I". It proves that most women are size-queens.

    "To be honest, i am a smoken hot girl and I think you sound fine. stop calling yourself ugly. If you are out of shape (Fat) then loose it. Otherwise, height is not a matter. Are you like 5 feet?"

    I'm around 5'6"-5'7" so I'm way too short for the vast majority of women. They despise short men and would rather stay single than date a short man. It really sucks, but apparently that's just how it is.
    I can't believe that women have the audacity to whine about men rejecting/dumping them because they're too fat/thin when most women reject/discard short men. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  232. Great Doc , well worth it for any guy out there to watch. I really feel that society has just put a taboo on mens talking to one another about their "meat and two veg" so all we ever get to compare to are the guys in porn, that builds an unrealistic view of what real penis size should be. Almost none of the men you pass on the street have a 10 inch penis , This doc helps to break down some barriers about talking about penis size , and takes a realistic and humorous view of what all men should really be talking about.. I'm also sure that most woman seeing this would agree, a huge penis , cant replace a man who is loving and care about them. We need to relax about size , love our women and treat them like gold , Small , Avg or Large , truly loving her is going to be more important than anything.

  233. @Dodgy
    Fingers override wangs? Really? I'm not saying I don't want a man who's good with his fingers, (nothing worse than a guy poking around down there like he's at war with my vagina!) but they certainly don't replace a cock! Oh, well, different "strokes" for different folks!! And yes, I completely agree with you with regards to the BIG double standard. Men expect us to look like super models but they feel perfectly comfortable with their beer gut hanging over their pants. Seems they can dish it out but they can't take it! That's why I find this topic so amusing and feel little sympathy for them. These cry babies wouldn't survive a day as a woman! Seems it might serve men well to keep in mind one of my favorite bible verses, "Judge not lest ye be judged..."

    1. You compare very different situations because you have such limited understanding. Men who demean women are vile creatures, so why do you aspire to be like them?

  234. @Dodgy

    Yes... yes, I HOPE that is true... I try really "hard" (no pun intended...).

    But it is really up to the women, what works or doesn't, I find.

  235. Fingers override wangs. I do find it surprising to see men complaining about seeing porn and being nervous that is expected yet their fantasy women look like women in porn, molded by plastic surgeons, ok for them but not us eh wink wink
    Been with small and large, true the large hurts when it pokes your cervix so I don't find it enjoyable. Once again tho, it's about multi-tasking during naughty deeds to satisfy women. Kiss her back, pull her hair, bite her neck, massage her butt - make her body your rollercoaster and she won't be concerned about your wang unless you forget to hit the clit on your rounds. Take up pilates and practice twister lol

  236. Why dont guys talk about penis's? Simple, Because its GAY. And men aren't interested in each others c@#$%

  237. Bravo...Wonderful documentary, and actually made me feel better about what I have always perceived as my "shortcomings"!

  238. I could have handled this documentary better if I had not seen the tiny little mold of his penis.

  239. @Jay

    Excellent points. You only need 3.5 to four inches to get the job done, (to break the cervical barrier and deposit a semen packet into the uterus).

    But the ladies do enjoy the larger sizes, and science shows that it is easier for her to become pregnant if she actually enjoys the act...

    If you actually wanted to breed, that is... messy business...

  240. I think the lesson here is COMMUNICATION. That seems to be something we avoid when we need it most. Strange how we got here, too shy to talk about sex stuff. If we communicated more, there'd be less to be scared of. I find it funny how even couples having sex can't communicate. If your man is not satisfying you, tell him what to do and don't expect us guys to instinctively know how your body works. Not saying all couples don't communicate, but I've heard enough to know there are people having plenty of sex and not talking about it with each other.

    BUT, that's why we have the internet. Thanks to films like this and sites like this, we can all talk freely about one of the most important pleasures in our lives. Great comments... almost everyone ;)

    He teaches you that it's not about looks, but understanding female psychology and putting your best foot forward. Really great stuff that actually works. These aren't just pick-up lines that get girls. It's about communicating to women, who you are, in a language that they subconsciously understand. Little things like noticing when a girl brushes her hair or subtle touches to build attraction. I've still got a ways to go in building up what Mystery calls "competence rather than confidence." Hope this helps some guys out.

    Ladies, you don't need tips on how to get a guy, do you? You just continue being beautiful, in all shapes and sizes, and hopefully you have learned to judge when the right guy comes your way. ;)

  241. I find it interesting that so many men are commenting on how cruel and judgmental women are about men's penises. Really? Welcome to our world!!! Since the beginning of time women have been little more than T & A to most men and that attitude is still prevelant today. Furthermore, if it's the porn industry making you feel badly about your penis size, stop watching it! It certainly isn't women who are responsible for the billion's in porn sales. Lastly, size DOES matter. It probably matters differently to different women, but generally speaking anything under 6" is useless to most women, but circumferenece is VERY important too.

    Having said that, I'm sure there are women who LOVE small penises. BTW, it's not a myth about penis size and ethnic background/race. I believe a study was done, I can't remember by who, but I've had a pretty good sampling myself. Black men definitely have larger penises, I've never had sex with one who I would consider small or even below average. Most were well above average. Most white guys I've been with average around 6" I'd say (but I did have one hung like a horse and one so small it was useless). The two smallest were of Mexican decent. Never been with an Asian man so can't speak on that.

    1. Wow, such interesting and constructive input! So refreshing.....

  242. Oh good lord...that guy (Jared?) who was explaining to the narrator why he was going to get p@#$%-enlargement surgery at around 31:10!!! I can't get over what this dude is saying! "What is boils down to is, is your s@#$ is thick and you're filling that hole, you are giving your girlfriend pleasure! And if you're like me,and you've been cheated on and f--ked over and you're a nice person...and you want to feel 100% secure that you are smashing your girlfriend! Smash! Smash! And she is absolutely overjoyed with the fact that you have a thick c@#$!...then she's not going to go somewhere else, so the next i@#$% who's even buffer than you and has a bigger d@#$...that is why I'm getting it!"

    Jesus! Where did he get his ideas about satisfying women? Rocco Sfriddi porn? Cavemen like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble? Of course lots of women like energetic sex at times, but I've never talked with any of my girlfriends about how much we needed to be SMASHED! Smash! Smash! by our boyfriend's thick c@#$!

    HAHAHA! I am laughing, but it is actually kinda sad. I wish that I could tell him that if his GF is sexually dissatisfied, it is probably not due to inadequate SMASHING on his part...jeez. Furthermore, I find it very improbable that women cheat on men because they want someone with a bigger dick. A cruel woman might SAY that in order to be a hurtful b@#$% (Jared's ex obviously knew where to hit so it'd hurt... astonishingly, this doesn't seem to have occurred to him), but anyone who would say that has already discredited themselves in doing so. I'm not a marriage counselor, but I don't think that "partner's p@#$% isn't big enough for me" is not in the top 10 reasons given for infidelity or ending a relationship.

    On the other hand, I bet that "partner is insecure about his sexuality/obsessed with his p@#$%/interrogates me about the size of my previous lovers/jackhammers into me every time and refers to making love as 'smashing'" are all plausible and common grounds for terminating the relationship...
    29 year old SWF here, who has done her share of dating in NYC these last few years....
    P.S. If you want to know what gets your girl off...ASK HER! And don't be defensive or intimidated if her responses are not all phallocentric!

    1. You've just delineated why this is such a serious issue. Its not serious because size really matters, its serious because the impact on a guys self worth is more profound than women can comprehend--regardless whether the hurtful statements are true or not, once you've attacked/belittled a guy in this way, you'll never get him back. No amount of reassurance, no cool docs, nothing will convince him 100% that he is "awesome" in the penis department. I don't know why this one male facet runs so deep it borders on insane, but it absolutely does. So, for your moment of "ha! I hit him hard where it hurts!", you've sentenced him and any future lovers to less than his full potential at best, suicide at worst, and everything in between. Is it worth that? Can you appreciate the cruelty from our perspective?

  243. Wow guys have insecurities too!? I never knew guys were so touchy about their penis size. Imagine how girls feel when the media bombards them everyday about their boob size, their butt size, and their waist size. I think guys still have it easier.

    1. I disagree. Yes, media uses good looking well-bodied women and men, but I don't think I've ever heard the media propogate snide jokes infomercials TV show scenarios etc etc where guys dis women's bodies the way I've heard small penises demonized.

  244. ummmm, just to clarify...penis size has nothing to do with race. i know white ppl love to buy into this (cause at least half are smaller than average so it makes them feel better about themselves), but it's just a myth about blacks being bigger and asians smaller. just another stereotype, and not true. i find it racist, a way to demean asian men. but as i said, it perpetuates cause it makes white ppl feel better about themselves.

  245. Wow,

    A lot of response on this doc. :) I find it amazing how far this guy came in his quest to tackle a fairytale vision of what reality should be like. Since I do believe that the porn industry creates this expectation and that it does influence both men and woman I find it really amazing what he tried to do. It would be another strong step towards a healthier world if people would more accept the way they are instead of all trying to become what Is abnormal. Greek people in the past seem to have done this a lot better with all their statues en drawings. All dicks are okay, because they are our dicks :) awesome documentary, I love how this story evolved from one guy having a problem with himself and turning it into a revelation to a lot of men. Good Job!

  246. I feel like s!@# after knowing that a 7.5 inch guys like me Hade to go to a surgery because he is not setisfing women :S

  247. I completely agree with Amanda, up there.

    P.S. 3.5 inches or not, I would definitely sleep with Lawrence Barraclough, because he's an interesting, funny, brave and good natured guy. He seems to me like someone you could have a tender and playful (maybe in a naughty way :) ) fuc*.

    Unfortunately I can't say the same for some of the men commenting here...

  248. Womens obsession with penis size has more to do with control than anything else. It is there equivelant of men mocking them for their weight/breast size etc... It's just a way for them to feel like they are playing on the same level. If they only realized that before all of this 'Man-like' behavior started they were at a level much higher than man. I feel their need for equality has brought them down on many levels.

    1. Amen, Pablo! You are truly wise. I've told my wife the same thing and she backed off the domination crap. Guess what? Now she's back on the pedestal, being treated like a queen, rather than us getting a messy divorce so she could prove her "equality" (actually its superiority, but, shhh--don't say that out loud). I have to say, she likes her status now and I like pampering her. And all she had to do was quit being down low on my level, ie, equal, and go back to a higher level. So easy to do if your guy truly loves you --don't try it otherwise, it won't work--he'll tread on you.

  249. Oh, and one more thing, I have a woman-friend who is a sexual fiend. She has had a great many men, and she and I talk about sex because I love to talk to women about sex, (that makes me more creative for my wife...).

    Anyways, the point is, my friend says that the biggest penis she ever had was 11 inches, (yes she measured), but the guy was a terrible lay. Big guys figure that's all they need. "I got a big one so just deal with my three minutes of grunting and watch me fall asleep."

    Little guys try harder!

    And with that, I bow out of this...

    1. What if the big guy tried just as hard? Who's better to her now?

  250. Ok, When I was a kid in high school, I realized early on, from the locker room, that I did NOT measure up to other men.


    So, I was determined to learn everything I could about female anatomy, the female sexual response, from the Kinsey Reports and the Master and Johnson reports on human sexuality, etc. because I knew, to please a woman, I would have to be knowlegable and creative!

    I mean, I got a three ring circus up in my bedroom! There is juggling, possibly balloon animals!

    The end result is, 25 years of marriage.

    Fantastic and, I think, very important documentary, especially to young boys.

    Oh! and if you are religious and deny youself and the women who want you- sex? You need to put a bullet right in your left eye. Just shoot yourself right in that left eye... There you go...

  251. size only matters to the women who doesn't have anything else in mind but...

  252. i totally love this guy! i wish we could do this kind of filming in the usa.

  253. This was an excellent documentary on a very serious subject! I also believe that porn has distorted men's view of their penis. I believe surgery is way too extreme. I didn't even know surgery like this existed until watching this video. I have a less than to average size penis... I guess. Now I'll have to measure it for my own record. LOL! Porn has made me question in the past whether it was big enough. However, I came to the conclusion that I was happy with its size and if a woman had a problem with it... they can f--k someone else. Most women have been quite happy with it and have returned for more... so I'm not quite sure what the deal was with some of the women in this doc. Maybe those womens' vaginas are abnormally large?! But, have you ever heard a man say her vagina was too big for me? I haven't.

  254. I am a woman with quite varied sexual experience.
    If I was going to have sex with a man and he pulled out a ten inch dick, I'd run away.
    I've had sex with one man who was above average length (he was about 7 inches) and it hurt in a lot of different positions.

    It had nothing to do with how turned on I was either, as I got horny just looking at him.
    I think the people above who stated that women also come in different sizes are definitely right. That is the truth.

    Also - no woman cares about the size of a man's penis while it is soft. Those who do care only care about its size while hard.

  255. a joke i heard from a marine : what's the consequence of a "field jackoff" ? DISHONOURABLE DISCHARGE

  256. sorry ,but this is just too funny " PENIS SUPPORT GROUP " ... sounds more like impotence group :D (just kidding)

  257. There are medical accounts that "huge" penises hurt women during sex. Also, length of the vaginal canal which receives the penis, varies from one woman to another. So the definition of "huge" and "small" are purely subjective. I also read

    Now my two cents, size does NOT matter. What matters is stigmatization, which has to be taken care of at a mental level not by hunting for a perfect vagina or penis by surgical means. Psychologically, "yearning for social acceptance" is ingrained on all of us, but it is we who should draw the line.

    Oh, BTW, I would suggest its wiser to learn techniques to have more satisfying sex [Study Kamasutra, i meant 'study'] rather than making decisions like putting your "little fella" under the knife on the operating table.

    Finally, I'd like to comment on some people who are trying to force/invent rules (dram from religion) onto relationships - its totally sick. With due respect to all religions, you wont make a loving wife/girl friend if you don't use your heart.

    Peace out.
    Be proud of your little fellas :)

  258. A personality is truly the sexiest thing of all.
    A good fit can be achieved if that matters to either partner. Women vary in their sizes as well as men do.
    I have been with a "large" woman and was insecure about my size, however the sex was still hot and she also was beautiful soul that reassured me that it was in my head. She was my first, so as I went on to have other partners, I realized just how adequately "hung" that I really was.

    It is my perception that the women in the doc. are a part of the Western mindset that bigger is better, and no way are they going to be the weakest link in group and say they can't handle the biggest or status quo penis, which may still be too large for some of the sculpting participants, definitely not on camera with their gal pals. More accurate evaluation would be to have the women sculp in private the privates; with mob-mentality braggadocious rules. Humans, especially us North Americans are reallllly competitive, especially since we have all this opportunity to get the biggest, most expensive, and "best" things that this finite world can put out.
    Another thing, the "small" guy in the film had the absolute best, I would even say sexiest personality that I have seen in awhile, absolutely sparkling. If I were a woman, I would be uberly more attracted to him that that tool of a man, with an already pre-surgery large package from L.A.
    If you "need" a dick to fill you up or boobs to smack you senseless, more than another other quality, then there is a sincere deficit of love, confidence or compassion for yourself.
    Only impoverished minds/souls lust for money, power, and sex to fulfill them. Those things should be icing on the cake that should be love for oneself and all of humanity.

    Oh, yes, if you like porn, please, PLEASE all you young folk, put those guys in perspective. Those men and women, are both, the "biggest" in the population, that means do not use them as a measure of the mean. They are also paid to "take it". It traumatized me and took awhile 'ahem' some real experience to heal that ignorance.
    Kuddos to the makers of this doc.
    love to all.

    p.s. A shout out to my most favorite, eye-opening doc. ever: The Corporation. It should flip your lid sideways. btw, I am really happy I found this site, as I have loved doc.s ever since I was a youngin.

  259. not really surprising that white men have small penis.
    they end up not working after 30 too. that's why the divorce rate in America is so high. too fat and obese to even keep a women happy lol. a broken penis, and on top of that balding hair, white men got it bad. i cry for u all

  260. really really good documentary...being from India I can truly understand how difficult to talk and start a conversation about penis in society like ours......truly bravo!!!!

    I am glad that you finally made them speak about their natural instrument of mating (picture speak more than thousand words!)... its a instrument and it depend on you how you use it.

    In India we are told that masturbation is a taboo and you should save your scream and all that sh*t....due to this and lack of awareness or you can call it shyness more appropriately... they get engage in a cycle of pleasure and grief... you can define it as first gain (pleasure) than pain (regret)... Me being a designer want to do something like this to get them out of this cycle (at least the people i know)...

    and there are lot more i can bet....your documentary is a huge inspiration and i will be glad if you can suggest me something for the can contact me on my e mail... thanks... and congratulations for your success...

  261. John G.

    I think you need to seek counselling because if you think 5.5 inches is too small thats kinda strange. I know a lot of girls and all the girls I have ever spoken to think thats fine. Especially if you say you are short. Then it looks even bigger!

    To be honest, i am a smoken hot girl and I think you sound fine. stop calling yourself ugly. If you are out of shape (Fat) then loose it. Otherwise, height is not a matter. Are you like 5 feet?

  262. What did I learn from this? That white guys truly have tiny peckers.

  263. Brilliant! I love myths exposed. Whatever the size of the cock it is still only a small part of the man. Thanks fo showing that.

  264. Don't worry guys.

    The sexiest thing about a man is his personality. Everything else is simply decorations on the cake.

  265. Its very interesting and knowlegeable documentary. In general its very resourceful and wonderful website. You deserve a GOLD MEDAL.

    1. Thanks @Awes.

  266. To all the men on this site, I've watched the documentary, and yes there are some women, like in this documentary, sharing that much information with eachother and poking fun at the size of their lover's penis. There isn't much off limits with me and my friends. BUT, I do not reveal the size of my husband's penis. And regardless of how our sex life is from one day to the next, I play coy about that, as well as his size. My husband is average in size, but not he is no average lover. And let me tell you what, that makes a world of difference. I was with one guy, who was truly too large. It's the truth. It was painful, and therefore not enjoyable. As for the men, who's wives or girlfriends demean you over your size. Shame on them. I know better than to even joke about anything like that. I make a point to compliment my husband, and remind him often, very often, he is an amazing lover.

  267. man life observer still going eh?

    ok i dont take the time to properly read all posts but here are some quick views that i have come up with from your peoples fragments:

    -marrying as a virgin is a very cool thing to do
    -if you can have sex before marriage, do it!
    -there is a very large division between people who want to explore their bodies and sexuality and whores
    -sex is awesome! is really awesome, especially if you can ever find a person who can match you in spiritual (emotional?) ways, then it becomes not sex but a ceremony towards i am sure God will agree with (he did give us genitals no?)
    -being awkward at sex, and feeling inadequate as a male is normal and not to worry about, as they say, many keys to fit many different keyholes, so don't attempt to lock up an air hanger (sorry for ladies who are air hangers)

  268. ...hahaha...Nice doc...Its all in the mind!...

  269. It's always tough to here even an innocent comment about ones penis. It's probably tied to the whole 'shock and awe' 'constant stimuli' need many of us have seemed to develop.

    Regardless of what I just said - I don't have time to go back and read it - a former girlfriend of mine once commented that the Vaginal passageway isn't that long... maybe 6 to 7 inches. If you don't have a long penis simply adjust how you are trying to insert it. Even if you don't 'stuff her hallway full' - sorry I said that - you can still hit the G spot. Heck if you have quick and nimble fingers - and don't have carpel tunnel syndrome - then your hand can get her off just as easily as it does when you jerk off.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I was scared that my penis wouldn't be enough. It turns out that was mostly my own insecurities festering and bubbling to the surface. For many men out there it's simply a reality: "I simply don't have the length or girth you do. That's a problem for me."

    All I can say to those men is that I understand where your fear is coming from. To have a small penis is to realize all of one's worst insecurities. Your best bet is to accept what you cannot change and change what you can. Read up on creative ways to pleasure each other, and build up your self esteem. After all you do have a penis. It's not like every women on the planet is going to regect you simply for that reason. I know confidence will only carry you so far, but the same is true for well endowed guys.

    As for the online bitchy girls. Guys will talk the talk about being 'hung like a horse' and girls are just as guilty of that as well. I do realize the irony of what I'm about to say but: "If you believe 'saying it like it is' online is anything more than childish losers on their computers at night typing because they've nothing better to do... then you are typing on your computer at night because you've nothing better to do."

    If you were smart you wouldn't have read all of my ramblings. If I was smart I wouldn't have bothered to write it.

    I was a virgin until I was nearly 18, I'm glad that I'm no longer one as sex can be so much fun. My prayers - even though I'm an athiest - go out to all those virgins. May you finally bury your bone in some girls front yard!

  270. To Imazaf,

    I've been dating since I was a High school freshman. so 24 - 15 = 9 years my friend so yeah the 34 girls I mentioned a while ago is actually wrong but hey I didn't think I needed to bring my first girlfriend into this since as they say childhood romance never lasts. The 34 relates to the past 4 years of my life since 2005 -2009 October.

    Anyway here's how I go about informing the possible Mrs. I date on my sexual belief in the relationship 'Now and Then'. I first ask them out duh!!! After that we go out on a date. Then around our third to fourth date I tell them about my religious beliefs about sex. After this is usually when it ends in the relationship. about 20 of the 34. Anyway the 14 who told me that's alright and it's fine continued to see me. Here's the problem though I guess they didn't believe me and thought I was just saying this to be a gentleman. 9 out of the 14 tried to seduce me into a sexual act after 3 weeks or 2 months. I say no. They call me an inappropriate name of some sort and boom!!! the relationship ends. the 5 girls left where my longest. Especially the one who lasted a year. the other 4 in this group lasted 3-5 months before ending the relationship due to sex.

    I'm still dating and am having no luck still. So yeah. The past during my High School days. I would go up to a girl and ask her to marry me. She would think I was kidding . I told them I wasn't and wanted to stay with them forever. We would date for a while (the ones who didn't just reject me and laugh), and sooner or later I would see her with another guy. Yeah so High School dating sucked. In that place it was like the store to have sex, fainting ignorance to what was right and wrong. Or as most of my pot smoking girlfriends would say (not all but most went to drugs alcohol and such), "A place to have fun". Yeah at the expense of their bodies and future!!

    Premarital sex and love have always been a problem for me. it's like you can't have one without the other. Well I guess you can have premarital sex without love so who am I kidding.

    Okay let me post a comment again about the penis size documentary. Yes Penis size matters . During college you hear rumors about guys with a big penis. The ladies come after him to get a taste of something different. Just as guys with small penis are know as well just one difference. Ladies want to see it so they can laugh about it or find out if they can "feel it" or not. Great doc. Who didn't know this stuff. I guess Bullies go after the strong not the weak. People date the poor not the rich. Yeah let's do reverse psychology starting today. "Women love a Janitor". Common Sense really.

  271. Folks; Life Observer is right; he is a voyeur not an indulger and if that’s his kink then I say, that’s his kink. Man doesn’t want to do it so he doesn’t want to do it. Period.

    Hey Observer, see I agree with you totally, one slight issue you forgot to sermonize about was the documentary, which bye the bye is the purpose of this space right here, so stick it in after 5 years and oh hey these 35 chicks you pulled in the last 6 years, I need to understand, did you have a sign in your hand….THERE WILL BE NO STICKING IN OF ANTHING FOR 5 YEARS….or did you mislead them into thinking you were just a normal guy?

    Having agreed with everything you have said you believe in, I want to ask you one simple question, can you please change the stipulated time of 5 years to 55 years….. please….

  272. This comment place is for us as viewers to say what we like about the video, so just go and leave your nasty comments and life lessons that nobody wants to hear somewhere else, if you dont like what they say then dont watch the video, there problem solved.

  273. I’m the reason yes of course!!!!! Why people hate, don’t believe, or care about religion. Yes (anon female) MEEEE!!!!!

    I’m starting to get really tired of this reverse blame, or my ideals are the most unbelievable compared to “Ghosts, Dragons or UFOs” waiting 5 years to really understand someone is so hard especially I presume with the other person’s plans being to get over with the relationship as soon as possible. “You know”, time wasted before having sex (A.K.A “If you don’t have sex with me to prove you love me were breaking up”. Dating pressure. Just like Drug pressure “Smoke this or we aren’t friends anymore.”). Impatience is so cool Right!!

    You state mistakes are made by someone in the relationship. What type of mistakes: “The guy is nice but has no money”. “The lady was sexy but boring in bed”. “The dude was rich but really so much a jerk”. “The lady was older than she said she was” “The guy has a great penis but couldn’t last long” or “ Your pregnant we need to rethink the relationship”. The first one by the way referred to the homeless guy in New York who didn’t “deserve” help because he wasn’t rich of course. I guess these “mistakes” as you call them in a relationship deserve to affect the outcome of a newborn’s life. You know living without their other parent, or vast majority of people’s favorite choice ABORTION.

    Know my being responsible and planning ahead approach must be very difficult for many who feel they live in the moment. When in fact the moment never stays still, time is always moving forward. STDs which might I add most come from people who had sex with animals and then give it to other people through sex or blood. Priest having sex with little boys, should prove in it self the point of “who” is following religious rules again. With the increase in science and the allowed doubt of “There being a Creator” will only lead to the end of mankind in the future or robot parents.

    Back to point of me being the leader of religion not being important to people . Like I said about parents not being able to control the way their kids view the world, what group of people they follow, or their personality. I can’t make people do anything. If I could then “Peace” “Cooperation”, and “Unconditional Love” which many of you view as boredom would rain on this planet forever.

    Anyway people of non-religious belief and you “Anon Female” I ask this. Who rules do you abide by if not religion? Why not date a 14 year old when your 21. What’s the problem (80 year olds can date 20 year olds no problem That’s a 60 year gap yet no one makes a law about it). Why not have sex with everyone in the entire world, have 10 wives, or 20 husbands (for women). Society makes no sense when you really think about why are you doing what your doing. Okay someone whose Gay why not date someone 10 years younger than you as long as they are sexually developed and in agreement. Age means nothing, shouldn’t mutual agreement be all that matters. It’s not rap or child molesting then.

    Wait I know what’s going on “cops” “fines” “judges” “lawyers” and “Man Laws” like not being able to drive a car if your 10 years old. Get married at 12 years old. If you beat a dog you go to prison. If you eat a cow nothing happens. Yeah you should be getting my point by now if not, oh well you just don’t give a F**k because to you as long as you fit with the in crowd nothing else matters. (Example): If helping someone on the street was done by everyone than guess what everyone would do it too to more than likely fit in. Just like women going for older men feel worried about being called a “cougar”. Like being gay in today’s world is viewed with negative ideals. I have more points but I’ll leave here. Religious followers, how many of the population cares again. I mean really cares not I modify the rules because they are hard.

    (Example: You have sex after 4 months in the relationship and 3 months later you break up and then go out again and do it over. However you view this as not being adulterous or premarital sex. Marriage to you means putting a ring on a finger, not having a child or sex itself.)

    (Example 2: You view drinking or doing drugs to not be a problem. Except the legal issues involved. Yet these drugs kill you. So are you committing “slow” suicide?)

  274. I would just like to say that i am religious and i think that life obserever is the reason that so many people get scared off by religion, your way too full on to people it truly scares them off. I know plenty of people that are the most down to earth lovely people both non christians and christians that are not virgins. You arent a horrible person just because you have done it with someone it may be with the one that you love, or it may be a big mistake that you made when you were younger, either way i think it is wrong to judge another person just on the thigs that they have done in their life.

    Also a great documentary, i think this is a real problem with both men and women. as others have said women have been real cruel to men about this issue and i think that it is a big factor in why men feel this way about their manhood. but really it doesnt matter if you get someone that truly cares about you, they will like you just they way you are, and if you have someone that you are with whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend or life partner you should not let their comments get to you, you were made the way you are and you will find someone who loves you just for that.


    1. Here again, u wanna help. But, you just told us guys--find someone who'll love you. Then she'll accept you and will be willing to live with your paralysis or leprosy or brain damage or small penis. In our minds, you just equated our penis with leprosy!

  275. @Epicurean_Logic
    LOL. yards.
    Your're burnt up,man.Ha!

    @Tia"Oh, and for the men saying that women are shallow, guys do it too! Not all girls are, and not all guys are!"

    Those men who say things like that are the same one who constantly get rejected by women and are the one who get refused sex because of thier mini- wee's. Your point was 100% valid and correct in my opinion.

  276. Oh, and when you said 7-9 was that cm, inches or yards? please remember that you lose 1 mark for not including the units!

  277. @ Tia

    If the glove fits, wear it!

  278. Size does matter! If it is too small, you can't feel it, and if it's too big, it hurts! It completely depends on the woman! Too small for one woman, may be just right for another, or vise versa. Personally I have only been with one "small" guy. (and I mean small!) I couldn't even feel it. It was not good for either of us. Now, I am with a man who is the father of my son, and we have been together for about 6 years. He is too big! It hurts pretty much every time we have sex! This makes it very uncomfortable, so we end up not having sex very often because of it. This does not mean that I do not love him, but I do think that sexual chemistry is important, because I feel like we are kind of missing out on that part of our relationship. I'd say for myself, a "perfet size" would be 7-9 long and not too thick, but not super skinny either. (just my opinion for myself) ;)

    Oh, and for the men saying that women are shallow, guys do it too! Not all girls are, and not all guys are!

  279. This man has some serious balls. Pun intended.

    It saddens me to think that men are as concerned as they are about their 'size'. With all due respect, women are usually thinking less about the size and more about the experience. Any woman who says she cares about how man inches has obviously had either more than enough to choose from and has become picky, or somehow believes by saying size matters she'll make herself seem slightly less attainable... increasing appeal?

    I can honestly say that this documentary has opened my eyes (and hopefully many other people's as well), to the discrimination that the porn industry created against people with small penises.

    Oh, and did anyone else laugh at the start of the documentary when the sex therapist started talking scientifically then ended by saying "cock" in a very casual way? No? Just me? Okay.

    1. I like how you ladies almost always qualify your "reassurance". For example, "women are USUALLY thinking LESS about size". So, to me, that means they all think about it (in what way isn't made clear--just use your imagination guys ;-) ,its just that SOMETIMES they think about it LESS, but, believe me, they still DO think about it. Again, I am a bit dramatic, but my goal is to enlighten women on how size challenged guys filter this info through their minds, that's all. Maybe in doing so, we can get honest, clear answers finally.

  280. You know what I think I'm starting to get something now. I think people want or better yet enjoy (having more value towards), bad things happening to them as opposed to good. When something good happens to them, (I'll just say a nice guy who is shy , reserved, and morally sound), they value the experience less and find it so meager in value (A.K.A boring). When something bad happens to them, (A a**hole who's mean, has a anger management problems, is abusive). They "say" the experience was horrible or scary. Yet deep down the experience was exotic, vibrant, wild (adrenaline rush).

    Example (bad event): If someone had done something wrong we can dwell on the event for a lifetime, even build up (add on) rage from multiple bad experiences and add them up without forgetting them. All in the while turning more bitter by the days.

    Example(good event): If someone is kind towards us, we say we enjoy the experience. Yet such events are barely memorized or are easily forgotten with time. We continue to experience such bliss only to associate it with boredom. With the feeling of repetitive "ease" we take it for granted and become tired of it.

    (Rabecca) First off the kid having thing you said. I'm not a control freak. I don't care if my kids are gay, good, bad, wild, criminals. All I do care about is as long as I tried my best while raising them, giving them the things and knowledge necessary to live a comfortable life if possible. in life you learn early on that controlling people's actions is a no-no. What parent raises their child to become a murderer? What Adam or Eve wanted Kain to kill Abel, really? What parent wants their children, grandchildren, future generations to be homeless, drug addicts, STD carriers? Who???? What me. I'm the worst possible person to have kids right??

    Look either you have never seen bad things (sickening bad things. Not, "I broke a nail?, or "the bullies won't leave me alone" bad things) or you must be lost. Me a nice religious, morally stable person I am the worst parent available. Enough okay, just enough. My statement about the types of ladies shouldn't even have been offensive to any point.

    Men in today's world don't even want to marry/date single mothers. Yet I speak of "charity" when I say I should just find a woman whose wants and desires are made up in her mind (through her experiences good or bad). Okay Older women for example now you are going to tell me men are lining up for 50 year old women. I guess wanting to marry a lady no matter what she looks like, her age, or physical and mental abilities is wrong on my behalf because it's "charity" in yours and others eyes. What about exceptance being the word instead of "charity". I bet however women wouldn't mind a man who beats or treats a them like crap no matter the circumstances. (See what I mean at the TOP. Abusive jackasses 100,000 points{Dark and Handsome AMAZING}. nice guys who don't judge people 0.00000011 {If this is even accurate on any scale})

    I guess my relationships and parenting skill (p.s. have watched, played with, and taken care of kids 2 months and up and love them so much!!) suck compared to some random alcoholic guy from a bar, or a surfer hippy dude who likes weed. My personal favorite the aggressive jerk who turns women on so much because he's mysterious and hard to figure (or kick) out!!!! Thanks (Rabecca) though, because with each person I talk to it makes me understand relationships a whole lot better.

    Sex crazied, mentally irresponsible, Manly, Angry, marriage hating, drug using, drunk driving,playboy (ladies man: many chicks want him, and he knows how to have them) = lots of sex, strong marriage, great partner, and pro-child manager (ladies love the challenge).

    Shy, reserved, mentally responsible, trustworthy, loves kids, values marriage (love), has problems using chick as sex objects, doesn't do drugs, nice, respectful = lousy lover, weakest marriage ever (divorce around the corner), can't watch kids for a second, horrible partner.

    "I guess I should have sex every 2 weeks with women I meet because this people, this will create...." I can't do it I'm sorry. You know how people say buying a used Realdoll Is nasty or sick. Well I don't want to become a Real "used" person just not my style. Doing person after person after person after person after person after person aft..........

  281. Life Observer:"I think I’m definitely going to have to marry a homeless woman, a chick from a poor country, or maybe one with a disability. I say so because how much do you want to bet they won’t cheat on me and could honestly last a measly 5 years before having sex."

    What makes you think these women will want you? You are treating them as sub-human, without the same preferences and desires as any other woman in society. They may not be in the same 'class' as you, speak the same language as you, or perhaps be able to run or move their body the same way as you, but they are all capable of knowing what they do and DON'T like. Don't treat them as desperate woman who would serve and obey you like some kind of 'saviour'. You will be sorely disappointed.

    I think it's best that you don't have sex - ever - as your kids would suffer growing up with a father having such myopic views on the world and people in general.

    You also seem to have a deep seeded fear about "STDs". May I suggest that you spend your time reading up on how condoms and lube are used? Having been sexually active for 20 years now I can assure you that I have never been pregnant and have never contracted an STI.

    On a better note: this doco is FANTASTIC! Congratulations. I definitely adhere to the belief that it's not the size but what you do with it that matters. In fact, one night stand or long term relationship, it is always about the complete package: getting along, sharing same interests, having a 'connection', how they treat you, how they compliment you, how they actually touch you etc, etc. Someone who I laugh with, enjoy time with, who makes me feel good will always trump a rude guy with a big cock.

    1. You guys always couple big cock with rude guy. We don't care about that comparison. We want us with small dick compared to us with big dick. Once we answer that, we can either get blessed relief or start the process of accepting we'll never be performing "at that level" and face the reality of how to cope with that.

  282. I think that this is all being way over thought. Do you honestly think that just because of the advent of the Internet and television that these things were not relevant? Seriously.. This is evolutionary woman with bigger boobs and more curves are looked upon as being more fertile, more apt to produce and provide a males offspring with nourishment and health.. Same with any other animal the male sex must provide the woman with physical evidence of his virility. So come on give it a break on the social BS it's been ingrained in our DNA to seek out the best of the sexes.. It's survival of the fittest, and this is a part of it.

    1. Hmmm, lets dissect this idea. Larger boobs theoretically translate to more milk/nourishment for offspring. Wider hips supposedly indicate a larger birth canal and thus less chance of death in childbirth (I stress both are THEORIES only, obviously, billions of females prove the theory irrelevant. So, you propose that it follows women will seek a big dick to, what? Reach a cervix 4-5 inches in? Big dick=more or better sperm? I submit this theory is even more unlikely than the boob/hip proposal....

  283. I found it funny that that Gerald fellow said he was 7X6. That's above average in every respect and 9 out of 10 girls that he'd meet on the street would be saying he's huge. I believe that to be the fabrication of his mind as he tried to "cheat" his way into being bigger. Even if you believe you're own lie you won't be satisfied by it as it's obviously not the truth in looks. I think a big part of the insecurities of men starts with the falsification of their own size.

    That's why I thought this documentary was great. Get men comfortable with what they see and next comes honest statements/measurements of size. Get that and all the glorification of huge di*k that we seen in the likes of porn will also lose it's relevance to reality. (^_^)

  284. Dylenger: I must admitt it feel more "manly" and "powerful" if there a little pain expressed on my wife's part, or she says "It's so hard" or "You're so big."

    It's hard to get past that inferiority complex if you have an average to smaller penis (or you think you do). My wife's very petite too (lucky me). If you like them "normal" sized (or smaller even), then be sure to let him know it. It makes a big difference! There's no greeater compliment to a man than a nice "Oh!" when you like it. Especially since she thought it laughably small on the honeymoon, but before it was "ready for action." It really hurt my ego a bit and took me a while to recuperate from that. ;-)

    1. As many times as you've related her comment to us, I'd say you're still not over it and may never really be. I know how you feel. My wife is Asian and claims to have only seen 2 erect penises before mine. Both guys were very thin, muscular types. I am about 75 pounds heavier than either guy and have a fairly thick prepubic fat pad that hides about 1.5 inches. She had heard American guys are huge down there. So, her first view was in a car, me sitting upright with jeans on. Needless to say, only a couple inches poked out fully erect. Her first words--" is that it?" Dagger thru my heart then and even now 17 years later. She swears innocence and claims she had no thought of disappointment but just wasn't sure if he was thru getting erect. She even claimed once she was afraid it would be bigger due to the rumor and prostitutes in her country telling of horrible pain with their white customers. I want to believe her but, damn, it hurts!

  285. "And as I sat there and watched it being cut up and stuffed full of bits of his ass...I thought why is he doing this?"

    Brilliant ;-)

  286. I am a women. I am not very tall, and I am built petite. I have been with a few men in my life and because the way I am built, I find a "larger" (above 5 inches), uncomfortable for me boarder lining painful. Like I have said to many male friends, and from most womens perspective, its not the size, its how u use it:)

  287. he may have a small weener but he as some BIG GUTS! respect nice entertaining documentary!!!

  288. the real issue here is brainwashing !
    by the media
    by porn
    by our peers (who are brainwashed themselve!)
    by women and men alike !
    the fact that a women would say 4 our 5 inches is not enough
    yet turn around and use a finger our 2 to satisfy her is ridiculous !
    sasme as that other realy good doc /me and my vagina


  289. Anon: Me too. I'm fat, but living in Asia is good for my "pecker ego." Asians are slender but a lot of them have such little teeny weenies too! . . . but obviously the numbers of Asians are so high in the world and are proof that pecker size really doesn't matter that much for "effectiveness." ;-)

  290. im glad to be big not that big but much better then these guys lol

  291. sad little me

  292. A good documentary indeed. This same experiment could be done here in America but one has to be very clever to get men to take it seriously. Porn and sexual images are everywhere in America but when it comes to men; there is still a huge taboo about men revealing their penises. So most men are afraid to even go near projects like this one. I know this first hand because I'm an artistic photographer and I shoot mostly artistic nude portraits. The only way you can get most men (and even women) to model their body, especially their private parts; they expect lots of money in return. They also want free copies. They want to dictate what photos you can and cannot use.

    The list of their demands is endless, really. But this Docu... was really good and tastefully done; it even showed a surgery on a penis and it showed many photos of penises. This film would not be shown on any America TV shows or even Cable until it has been censored/edited to hide the surgery and the penis photos. On Cable, the penis shots might be shown far from the camera and it can't be erect at all. If they do show it, it will be shown in a quick second or two. I LOVE how foreign countries aren't afraid to discuss it openly; without endless hang-ups like Americans have about sex.

  293. Many of the guys here talking about women as if we are all exactly the same - we're not!

    Not all men have the same preferences when it comes to women, so why would all women have the same preferences when it comes to men? Some guys are shallow, some guys aren't, some guys want very specific things and some don't. Women are the same way. Not all of us are straight either, so some could care less about any guy's penis.

    Personally, penis size or shape has never been an important factor in any of my relationships, or a sign of whether the sex was good or not. This may sound crazy to some, but the best sexual partner to me is a guy who honestly respects me and has an interest in learning what I like and what feels good to me. At that point, I wouldn't care if he didn't even have a penis at all.

    So yeah, if you think that your penis is the reason you don't do well with women in general- think again.

  294. What I donot understand is, no one has pictured his penis when errect! There is a big difference in the shape and size of an errect penis from when its is placid.In cold weather I can't even see it,but when errect its above 5.5"

  295. Man or woman, they seem to both be equally tormented by this. and they sound exactly the same when talking about it. not all women are shallow, i cant believe that needs to be said, or airheaded like these- ..obviously winners. not all people are superficial a--holes. this is aesthetic inclination called the beauty market. and they make millions on the insecurities they dictate 'belong on your body'. I think the two 'species' ought to have a chat on a larger scale -People for the most part, are completely apt to oblivion.

    1. Once again, I am on a mission I suppose to clarify the nuances and get guys and gals speaking the same lingo on this subject. You want to help, I know. But guys brains hear you saying "not all girls are shallow or superficial" and translate that to, yes, your small penis is a handicap. But, if she's not shallow, she'll sacrifice the best sex and take what you can give in order to be with you for your other qualities. So, good we can be with someone, but, we realize we can't give that girl mind blowing sex and that to us feels like a ticking time bomb of cheating lurking in the background.

  296. I'm not sure why people assume most Asian have small penis. my boyfriends who's Asian is about 7 inches and hes 5'9. You cant compare a 6'2 guys penis with someone who's 5'3 from Asia thats like cheating. I guess white guys are more insure than they are making jokes like Charles B. to make themselves feel better. I've dated white guys and they cant stay hard at all, kind of sad with their floppy penises. We like smooth hard penises, thats how we ladies roll.

  297. Ann

    Yes. I am not huge but have experienced some tightness. But this is usually because I haven't worked a girl up enough. It can cause soreness - especially when the "act" goes on for a few hours; this is usually caused (in my case) by an excess of beer!

    Lubricant is not a shameful thing and is adequate in most circumstances. Seriously it can get a bit raw!

  298. So after watching this video and "The Perfect Vagina" video I have come to the conclusion that many people, both men and women, are uncomfortable with their bodies...yet the parts that we worry about aren't really that significant to the opposite sex, and it's the other stuff like character and common interests, and such that really matter.

    Also, I've read about a society when the preferred man has a short, thin penis...and if you want to insult someone you say that they have big genitals. So obviously the whole size thing is a western construct.

    Personnally I think sex should be enjoyable, and a large penis definately doesn't contribute to this - it can cause a lot of pain both during and after sex for the women.

    Also, if there are any men out there you can answer this. As a women I've experienced pain during intercourse, do men experience any pain?

    1. I have but only when she goes reverse cowgirl and almost lies on her stomach. That one left me sore for 3 days. I'm in medicine, so I've seen quite a few fractured penises---ultimate OUCH! And, some never work right again after such an injury.

  299. I think the guy who is having the penis enlargement is an *****.

    I mean come on, if you have to base your relationship on a PENIS, there's something wrong with the relationship- not the penis.

    And I agree with Graham, some women fear large penises because it may hurt them during sex! And not all women constantly talk about the size of the penis with their girlfriends. I certainly don't. As it has been said before, size doesn't matter, if you know how to use it. I mean what good is a huge penis if you can't use it right???

    1. Again, good intentions but the point is missed. Guys first of all probably aren't 100% clear when u say its how you use it---stick it in, pull it out, repeat. Maybe a swirl here and there? :-) Our concern is a small one used well vs a big one used well-- which do you choose?

  300. Got to love MrDeity, will check out EdCurrent and Pat Condell.

  301. Hardy; one of my favourites is "Retards go to heaven." Other channels I can recommend are MrDeity and EdCurrent. The discussion on the Ed Current stuff is just as funny as those for Jesusophile's. Believers cheering them on as speaking the truth and rather dumb atheists attacking them. All very hilarious. Glad you enjoyed. Go to Pat Condell for the real stuff though...

  302. Make love, not war.

    @Yavanna - I can't stop watching this guys videos! It's such a perfect satire and I can see how SO many people will take this seriously! Absolutely hilarious, thanks for the link.

  303. look people, LifeObserver is right people we all need to start caring for one another because you see if we did there would be no more wars people wouldn't be killing one another over stupid things like she looks better than me or he's going out with my girlfriend or my girlfriends cheating on me think people wouldn't you like it if the world was peaceful a place where there was no worry of someone being kill over stupid reason where there is no rape and everyone could live happily because I would love to live in a world like this it would be a nice place to live and if you get mad at what I'm saying then you are a person who doesn't care about others only your own self gain.

  304. My penis is smaller than the guy who had surgery when not erect. It is around 8 inches (sometimes a little less sometimes a little more) when erect. So the nurses probably did not consider that the penis was not erect or assume that the erect size is close to the flaccid size.

  305. (Enlightenedmind): I read your post on the "Zoo" documentary. When I said I have more discussions going on in different sites I meant other than this one (TopDocumentarFilms). I don't comment on all the videos on this site because some speak for themselves, or there is just no point in commenting. I'm here simply because I need to know what others feel towards temptation. Life's Urban Utopia will possible come to an end in a couple of years thanks to oil depletion. If so I must know what others will most likely do under chaotic circumstances.

    (Yavanna): Your statement about one of me being too much is quite upsetting. What have I done to hurt anyone. What I give friendly advice to others. Or is it the fact that I'm worried about people that scary. Remember abortion, unwanted children, if people stop having "fun sex" then such things wouldn't occur too often. When I said Lust had no future I was telling the truth. This temptation doesn't come with a plan for a child born from the act. My main reason for being here is to let people understand that sex isn't a toy or a game. Yet people say they understand, however how many unwanted children are born every year (accidents as some say), how many children are aborted. Also then Yavanna I guess guys like me who don't abuse women, leave you after hearing the word "pregnant", who will protect you no matter what, and who loves his family unconditionally is so wrong. I guess we need more abusive nuts, Hit it and Quite it champs, disloyal partners, and love you as long as there's dinner Men around. I'm just too great of an A-Hole

    (Enlightenedmind): You say my family conditioned me to be the way I am. No not at all. They actually are very lenient and care free. I just choose to be this way because if possible I would like to see others, Men, Women, Children live good lives. Also I won't push my beliefs on my kids. I will warn them though to be careful about decisions they make. I can't control what you all do, so how will I control my child like a puppet? There is no point just hope they listen. You say something along the lines of "I have sexual frustration because I haven't released in a woman". No that's not what my concern is. My problem is the way people view one another. We have to leave discrimination in the toilet. Not many people out there seem to care about others even though we are all family. We feel as long as I have something who cares. Sex objects, Pawns, insects, dirt, enemies, worthless, and obstacles, these views we have toward one another stem from temptations. What's is easier Love all or Hate everyone.

    If a crisis happens in the world, I'll say it, Will you let temptation (your desires, your wants, your needs, your way) control you or will you work together with your fellow man to achieve peace and longevity. "one man can do nothing , many can do all"

    Okay now to the religious aspect of what you said, Is viewing bad things a sin (Zoo). Even so how can you not see bad things in life. Murder for example, a man hits a boy with a car he is split in halve (literally) he then flees from the scene like a fool. I saw the boys brains on the road. Am I evil for witnessing this. No!!! Also the Zoo documentary didn't show anything worth burning your eyes over. A point then I wondered, was it a sin then for the men who watched in "Real Time" the act without trying to stop "Mr. Hands". Some things in life you don't want to see but I find it unlikely that seeing something of such magnitude can be considered a sin. Ones actions I would more than love to say, more likely will be the definition of character.

  306. and your asian to right...? i could tell by your broken engrish.. and small weiner....

  307. not tryin to convince him to have sex, just not be closed minded. the whole freedom thing. its nice to experience it. religon kinded takes a way alot of freedom...... but gives you freedom from HELL!!! waaahhahahahahaha!

  308. sorry i didnt address your situation on std, ive had well over 20 sexual partners. im 23 years old. i have not had a single issue. stds come from unprotected sex. like i sad, sometimes to enjoy life there are risks. stds are one of those risks of enjoying sex, but like any kind of risk in life, if you take the right precatiounary measures then 99% of the time your home free. yes theres that 1%.... but what kind of life is developed around 1%? you would be a sad little man by 30. your emptyness would be so consumed with religon, eternally controlled by a beleif system that you only believe because your parents or whoever said so. and someone told them so, and told them so repeat til 2000 or so years ago. and guess what your going to do to your kids? ya thats right, strip them at birth of there free will. condition thier minds to think like you. lets just pray to allah that they have an overwelming urge to express thier freedom as a human in thier own right, not in yours.
    i am a religious man, i do have beliefs. the difference is with my beliefs, i control them, yours control you.

  309. man, your blowing this way out if preportion. comparing sex to rape and murder? everything you believe is because of a way your mind has been trained to think in this manner. you have been conditioned since a wee little boy to think and act the way you do. you speak of the free will of man? well you dont have free will, your conditioned to a zombie like state, except way more literate, and way more crazy... lol jk.. or not? the TRUE free will of man is what seperates us all as human beings, so many of us freely beliveing in our own inner connciousness to guide us in our daily lives and make our own concious choices. some of these choices have risks, absolutely. the difference between people like me and people like you, is that my free will is intact, you were probably stripped of it at birth, seeing as tho your day to day actions are bound by a book and a invisible man. you want to compare sex to rape and murder because of our uncontrolled free will, having no godly direction? well how bout i just put you in the same boat as the thousands of priests fondeling little boys? so its settled, murdering rapestists on one side, pedophiles on the other. damn... your side does sound a little better, looking for any new recruists?

  310. Enlightenedmind: Thank you for the advice but what would fornication get me. What a child I don't want. So what then? Oh I know abortion right that's the next step right. Never mind that a STD sounds really nice in the summer!! Wait I know a 25 cent condom will save the day Hip Hip Hooray!!! Don't I value my life sooooo!!! much. I'm worth 25 cent Oh Yeah!!!

    "Do you not have faith that god will sort everything out"?? What the heck are you talking about man people just don't get it. FREE WILL Exists. If it didn't why are we able to do Evil or Good things huh. A man can rape a woman. A woman can kill a man. Etc. Look I don't have faith in others. My faith in God is true. After all people this planet was given to us after all. Our ability to act freely as well. What if mankind where like animals mentally. Hope some of you thought of this. No War, Hate, envy, and whatever other negative emotion or act people seem to enjoy.

    Why are you wasting so much energy on this topic? Simple answer I'm not. I have other discussions going on in different sites. I want to see how many people care about one another, why people cheat on one another. How many people have Self-Control. Who can you trust? Also possible leaders . All everyone seems to do is follow others doesn't matter if Right or Wrong.

    Hardy: Man what is wrong with you calm down, you must be feeling guilty because at the end of your statement me telling you where you will go. That never happened. All I have been saying is people need to have more self-control. Don't kill someone because they wanted you dead first. Don't have sex just because you feel "uneasy". Man so if food ran out all over the world will people die with honor or will they resort to Cannibalism. With what others say they will most likely "out of temptation eat others just to stay alive and end up dead later anyway".

    "You tell us to keep off your back with our beliefs." You miss understood me "no Atheist please" was simply put there because you don't follow the creators laws but your own and the "government". anyway what will you say to me that can counter my point about relationships breaking up over "Bullcrap". You gonna tell me you don't believe in God yet you believe in a commitment to another person "based on sex". Look if you killed someone what do you think happens? I assume nothing right, they just die... If you aren't not of belief than why do you feel incest is wrong, because everyone else thinks so. What is marriage to you really God invented this concept. Look if no one still understands why I "type" I'll summarize it( iAmbiguous thanks for the tip) :)

    I'm worried about your future. I want the children of this planet to live better lives. I don't want people to get STD's. I need others to worry/think about fellow cousins (A.K.A you call them strangers). We must stop being selfish our needs don't have to come first. It would be nice to see the love between people last "til death "not "half decade". Lust, Greed, Hate, Fear, must be replaced with Love, sharing, concern, and acceptance. Read my post again if you like and find those messages. Not just "I'm going Where???" O.o

  311. Wow some really candid and frank comments earlier on, plus some open minded content from the ladies. Then the discussion got high jacked. What a shame and a great pity for the boy!

  312. @lifeobserver: You're right, sex has nothing to do with love.

    I love sex, so I'll do it when I want to. Not when some book tells me to. Sex is fun! Sex is great! Ever tried it? Are you speaking out of experience? Or what you have been told for all your life?

    You tell us to keep off your back with our beliefs, yet you preach your own. I try to be tolerant regarding religion with respectful discussions. But you are just one of those people who make me lose that tolerance...

    You get the exact same amount of respect back that you give to me, and since you're disrespecting me by telling me I'll go to hell, thats the amount of tolerance you'll get back.

    Fcuk ouy. Literally!

  313. lifeobserver,
    why must you preach so heavily about your beliefs? whats the point of faith? do you not have faith that god will sort everything out? why are you wasting so much energy on this topic. sex is freakin awesome, and the reason your so god damn upity is because youve never busted nut off in a girl or on or wherever!! seriously man, you will calm down so much if you stop ignoring that pulsating in your weiner and stick it in a girl. please for the sake of top documenteriers and all of man kind, FORNICATE!!! FORNICATE GOD DAMNINT!! your an earthling, an animal, look what every other freakin speicies on this planet is doing!!!! then once you finally bust that nut, learn to make love to a women, your world will never be the same.

  314. Dude.. I have a penis and what it just needs to do is get in there and provide me with the pleasure.. The chicks would not be happy with how long my penis is but how long can I go with that for in bed.. Dude, next time if you are conducting any exhibition let me know where to send the photo of mine.

  315. I enjoyed reading all the comments, wut da girls had to say was deffinitely the most beneficial!! peace

  316. Forget about penis size, this Lawrence guy has got BALLS!

    Thank you, sir, for so expertly and amusingly pointing out just how ridiculously modern culture treats the human body.

  317. @Life Observer,
    I'm gonna give my 2 cents here and say that to some extent I do agree with what you're saying (not everything since I do not believe in the Bible and I do not like to prejudge someone based one just one aspect).

    However, while you have the right to your opinion and views, would you for the love of God try summarizing things next time? I'm sure you love discussing this topic but please try to be a bit precise.

    To comment on the video (or topic since I've yet to watch the video) I've had this fear since I was around 12 that I was small. I had spent a lot of time researching about it (didn't even know if the "average size" meant 'when erect' which worried me even more!) and came to a point where I actually considered either never getting married at all or letting the girl I wanna get married to know that I was on the smaller side so she wont complain later lol. Amusing, I know.

    Obviously porn made it worse. Moreover, reading about girls being impressed and enjoying a guy who was well hung didn't help lift my spirits up either. Now I'm 23 and still a virgin (and don't have a problem being one) but I'm more than happy with my 6.1 inch pecker.

  318. Look I don't know what the heck you mean "Sigh" but I going to say this once more okay for people who don't seem to get it. The fact of the matter is "Fornication" is a sin. There is no such thing as divorce. Having sex with someone after you get this fake divorce is adultery. Now listen if anyone is a "Atheist" = (Don't care, believe, or think there is a God) is posting towards me leave me alone okay. You are not who I'm speaking to because you don't care. Now back to the point. Fellow religious believers I'm informing you that sex isn't something you should take lightly. Marriage is "Til death do you part". Not (until bank account empties do we part) ( until age 50 do we part) (until a new girl/guy do we part). Back to the point again. So "Sigh" you think it's okay to commit a sin because your parents or ancestors or peers do it. What does your soul have to do with anyone else. What I am saying is people need to stop going at it after 3 stupid months(or less). Wait some years before having sex. Stop letting temptation get the better of you. To those who say I love more than one person or whatever that is just an excuse for why you think it's okay to fornicate with multiple people. Sex has nothing to do with love. It is just the final seal for a man and woman's feelings for one another. The problem is many people are breaking this seal!!!

  319. To John G and all the men that assume that all women openly discuss their sex life and their mans penis with other women, your wrong. Not all women are inclined to openly share and discuss their sexual experiences. Some may be inconsiderate and share intimate details that you guys may not want us to share, just as some men discuss unappreciated details about us women. It goes both ways. As for myself and many women that I know, I keep it quiet and if there is discussion, the details are minimal. It is out of respect for those that I care to share myself with and i have hopes that they would have the same respect for me. To be respected you must respect others. Everyone is different, don't clump us all in the same labelled box because we share similar body parts,

  320. Omfg Life Observer if you think everyone who has had sex before marrige is a bad person, what do you think about your parents? I guarantee they weren't BOTH virgins before they married.

  321. Although I knew that some men felt that the size of their penises defined them, it was interesting to see to what depth.

    I've been here and there with big and small. In my younger years (I'm in my early 30s now) size DID matter but as I've gotten older, there are better, more important things to focus on.
    My current boyfriend is probably one of the smallest guys I have been with but there are other things he can do. I'm not shallow enough to love him for just his penis. He's not the most attractive and he definitely isn't wealthy but he's extremely smart, kinda, and caring.

    It makes me sad to see other people give up on dating...just as it was mentioned before, there is someone out there for you. There are a lot of fish in the sea.

    Life Observer, it's best to date someone with your beliefs and values so that you're not set up for disappointment. I feel there is more going on in your life than just relationships with women. You're still young and have lots ahead of you. I hope the best for you.

    Great comments, everyone. I enjoyed reading them. :)

    1. Yikes, you, like many women, meant your words to be soothing and helpful to guys-- I think. But, if you really understand guys hang up on this size issue, you'd realize what you just said to them sounded more like " yes, big is the thing that makes for great sex. But, now I'm older and great physical sex has faded for me, so, now I'm willing to take a guy who can't provide in that area because I've decided now I want to feel loved, intellectually stimulated, etc." IE, a little bit of have your cake and eat it too or, thanks little dick guy for waiting while I wouldn't give you a chance in bed so that now you can give me what I want now in my life. It is slightly twisted thinking (not terribly, tho), but, that is how it comes across to guys whether they fully no why or not.

  322. This documentary is revealaing. All the women said that size matters. The women in the street and in the sculpture studio in England, and the 2 nurses and the interviewee in America. They can't all be coordinating to play a sick joke on men. This says something about women's attitude towards size...

  323. Thanks Karen for all the lovely tips. If we continue down the road of your wonderful gender generalizations we should come to some unexpected conclusions. Who are these 'guys' you speak of?
    Also, it seems to me that this obsession with huge dicks and enormous tits is largely a North American phenomenon.

  324. Life Observer: Or, I could just follow your instructions and type in the key words. LOL! Thanks.`

  325. Life Observer: I tried to cut and paste your link but got a bunch of non important youtube stuff. If you can find the video you want us to watch (I'm very interested in it if it's about an HIV crimminal) then when you have it to where you can play it, then highlight the whole link and then just copy as is. I think you're typing it, and not cut and pasting it, as it's usually colored when you cut and paste correctly.


    Charles B.

  326. Life Observer, it seems like you've prejudged everyone who's not a virgin. Most of us who have had sex are not players and are not lying and manipulating our way into women's pants. There are a lot of things in between virgin and manwhore. Those are not the only two options. Some people actually do only have sex with people they love; it just happens that they love more than one person during their lifetime.

  327. If you want to save youself for marriage that is respectable after all your body is a treasure and your boys are your jewels and a woman or man for that matter would be very lucky indeed to know she/he was the only one.

  328. Wow, I didn't realize guys had body image problems like this. The size, is never the right size, I guess. Your comments to each other are even more surprising. What feels good doesn't always look good!

    I think, the females in this video were playing a little bit of a sick joke on you guys.

    Lets face it, there is only so much distance from the bottom of a woman to the top of her womb, after that having something 'smashed' into you just hurts. A bigger dick allows for some feelings you can't achieve with a small dick, but overall, most of our nerves are at the bottom. Hense, size doesn't make it or break it.

    By the way, guys who watch porn suck in bed. There is more to making love than 3 positions and cum in your face.

    Sex is best when there is definite attraction, chemistry, and a good body fit. Not to mention a caring connection between two people that involves trust, respect, honesty, some sacrifice, humor, and bonding which happens when people communicate and do things togethet. IKA:Love

    If guys drove us like their precious cars more women would be happy. If you don't get the analogy, suffice to say, don't skip gears.

    Try having your parts visible to everyone. I can't tell you how many people attack me for my breast size, and I have perfect porportions. Men and women alike. Even strangers. Women are expected to be double D's or they don't measure up!it is more valued than brains, and people go out of their way to make sure you know it. Plus images of breasts and striper scenes are constantly shoved in our face. Do you know how many women I know who won't show their body's to their own husband or have stopped having sex with them because they have been made to feel inadequate. LOTS.

    Guys seem to think that they are more visual than women. Who ever thought up this myth must have been a guy, because attraction and looks matter to women as well. In general, guys are ugly, but what is worse is being nasty. Short and bald is not that big of a deal. The thing is we set looks aside to look for someone who well be caring and treat us well and take care of us when we are in the child rearing stage and most vulnerable. If you haven't noticed it is still a man's world; we get paid very little for the work we do and housewives don't get anything. So many women and children are going hungry because the males are not taking care of their baby moms. Guys tip waitresses and prostitutes more than they give their own women. Every women wants to be with someone who well protect her and provide for her and her children and love her and only her. Guys would be well served to be healthy, fit, groomed, clean, and polite, use your manners. Basically, cow boy up. We don't like a relationship to be a competition, we are not males, don't look at us like that, it is not how we think.

    Oh and by the way, the customary waiting period is 90 days. But that doesn't mean that you guys are supposed to be out screwing other women during that time period, or a series of people every 91 days or so. And buddy, there is no way, I would wait 5 years for you or anybody else, no matter what you had going on, and this discipline well not guarantee you success in a relationship. You have serious trust, abandonment issues. People get divorced, cheat, or are unhappy for a variety of reasons. Everyone wants to be loved but only a few know how to love or accept love from another.

    On a side note, women don't talk to each other about their vagina's either but if they did I would tell them to do a little bit more swimming pool maintenance because some of them scare me at the swimming pool. Makes me wonder if you guys pack machetes with your condoms in your back pocket. Ha Ha.

    And guys, wash your hands more. And wash under your skin if you are not circumcised. STD's are real. Women talk about this too! Play safe.

    1. OK I was with you until the men are ugly nasty vile creatures women have to settle for for procreation/protection tirade. My wife stays at home and yes she works but her pay is a connection with children most women lose out on, her house car insurance food health care clothing entertainment travel jewelry etc etc is provided. And, she does have the opportunity much more than I even though her job is much harder to go to the gym have luncheons take a quick nap or a TV show during her workday. So, some housewives are fairly well compensated. Women speak as if only men have issues. I'm in healthcare and I've seen just as many vile ugly women as there are men. We're all imperfect humans, we all have to "put up" with some bad to glean out the good.

  329. Married? No. Older than you? Yes.
    I understand and respect the fact that some people believe that they should have sex only within marriage and only with the person they love and no one else. I have some guy friends who lost their virginity to their wives and seem to lead perfectly happy lives. BUT, this does not mean that sex before marriage will result in STDs and other unpleasant things. It also does not mean that all men and women who have a premarital shag are dirty sluts, spreading the plague around the globe. Doing it, or not, is a matter of conviction more often than not linked to religious views and certainly can be done safely.
    Your view of love and life is nevertheless idealistic and pessimistic. Sure, many people marry out of desperation but this doesnt mean that they will be unhappy and that they won't love each other eventually. Staying with someone is complicated and takes hard work. Also, you must be made out of stone to make a lady wait 5 years for a little action. Damn!

    Latin the language of God? You must be Catholic. But even then the languages of your God would still be Hebrew and Greek, not Latin.

    Anyway, I don't think there's any point continuing this discussion. I wish you the best of luck.

  330. Okay I give up, so you would be okay with your little girls doing it with many guys just to "find one" I cannot accept that coming from a man with daughters. I hope they found a man like you found your wife(first try). Wait so it would be torture for a woman not to have sex with a man for that long wow. I guess masturbation on behalf of the women must not be considered an alternative. Look patience is a virtue that must be used why can't people see that the easy way (laying in bed with countless women) is not always the best. Look being religious and typing what people call "swear words" means nothing. Look English was not the original language of man. Latin is considered the language of god so calm down (bad words would be in that form or spelling not current English). Actions speak louder than words anyway man. When will people figure this out. Like saying "I love you" to get in a girls pants isn't always said with truth. Here's an example of lying and just me being harsh. I wish you a happy life (do you believe me?). Some guy who dates a girl goes to prison for life for shooting her in the face with a shoot gun; He Says "I'm sorry I did that" (Do you believe him?). Just because I said harsh words doesn't mean I hate you either(older dude). I'm just a bit angry and cannot believe no one is really concerned about STDs or anything else even. I'm upset that in today's society (2009) girls (highschool freshman even) are opening their legs easily and guys (man 8 years and older) are unzipping their pants so easily. So yeah don't take my harsh "typing" so seriously I'm just trying to get some emotion across on my "dull" comments. If I said positive things like "I love" or "good grief" "holy moley" you wouldn't even care. Notice how you commented on the words people view as negative. People do take positive things for granted (like loving parents). Again though I really do care about you and want only the best for you and your family Achems Razor :)

    (I do on to others that I want done to myself.)

    (Hope I didn't hurt your feelings. the words had to be used though Kinsey was a "jackass". Cannot believe you told me to listen to anything that had to do with that sick minded individual. you want me to tell you to listen to "Pointy Horn SAM" I would hope not.)

    (Not type on to others what I want typed back, No Sin for typing my friend "voice is spirit" not letters. I'm not scary because I wouldn't hurt anyone in fact I would let you harm me without harming you. Peace)

  331. Life Observer:

    You are one scary dude.

    You say you are religious, and yet you swear like a trooper, and use vulgar language and attack commenters.
    You want to keep a woman like she is an aquisition for 5 years.
    You want to test her for 5 years, like she is a lab Rat.
    And torture a woman with no sex for 5 years.

    They do have names for people like you. Get help and Stay away!

  332. Life Observer:

    I find you hard to believe. Okay so you are religious, so what!
    I also find it hard to believe that religion teaches you this.
    It must be some religion that nobody has heard of.

    I do not know exactly what you have been observing, but it ain't life! For one thing you are a virgin so what do you really know? Nothing!

    I really do not think you will ever find a woman with your mind set. Not one that will stick around for 5 years before you decide to have sex. You probably do not know how absurd that sounds!
    And how do you plan on testing her for 5 years,

    You should have sex at least on the third date, to see if you are compatible. If anything else.

    Why don't you pick up a good movie, with Liam Neeson and Laura Linney,
    called "KINSEY" Lets talk about sex.

  333. Graham"!!! Okay now I'm getting pissed off. What do you mean I'm going to have a "sad little life" if I keep "thinking " the way I do. First off fine I get it everyone isn't a religious person. My views on virginity until marriage means nothing to some okay I get that. Yet however it doesn't take a man of faith to understand that STDs are not a joke. I see that some people are what I call gullible and naive. I not going to type adultery anymore it has no meaning to some. In its place I will use words like "Cheater", "affair", and "Infidelity".

    I think people don't understand what love really is. It is being confused with sex and/or a (need/want). I didn't have sex with any of my 35 girlfriends to prove just that. Why did they feel the need to abandon a relationship with me because I'm an abstinent virgin. I thought chicks liked guys who weren't all about sex, sex, sex, sex!!! What is that a lie or did they want to have sex because they knew I was a virgin and just wanted that to take my virginity!!! I made two comments on this article in hopes that someone would understand my views which are real. Fine if I'm a liar about relationships being about nothing more than "when I'm I going to get laid again", stop having sex for 3 years with your girlfriend or wife and see what the hell happens. I didn't say boyfriends or husbands because ladies you know "they can't live without it". This is a man's challenge.

    I have seen and heard too many of my friends (both sexes), fight over wanting sex or they would end the relationship. This leads to teen pregnancy, father less children, and single women who don't stand a half the chance of securing a husband as a single woman does. After reading this much I hope I have gotten through to someone. Anyway so when I tell girls I like (based on personality, hobbies, likes, miss, etc) that I'm not ready to have sex yet, it's like I'm a joke. I am "Serious Ladies". I love people. I do to others what I want done to myself, (Karma, what comes around goes around). "I will live a sad life," Yeah your right if I was a complete dumbass to allow some girl to cheat on me all because I don't want to be patient to see her true personality. People wear masks okay, everyone isn't like me humble and nice.

    I enjoy helping my neighbors. Talking to my loving parents. Playing video games. helping the less fortunate. Having fun with my siblings. To those who read my other two comment look I never said I hated people. People hate me. You know lowlife a--holes who take pleasure in others misery. I don't enjoy hurting others. That's also why I take relationships slow ( 5 years of time together or sex no go). To those who are married I'd advise you to always be cautious to your lovers behavior because being cheated on while married is one of my greatest concerns. People with STDs shouldn't try to have kids because there child will be born unjust. Getting a STD is like game over for your bloodline. If no one cares about this then "the children are the future" is not a concept you care about. I stay so determined to remain a virgin because of this as well. having sex with untrustworthy people is suicide for your future.

    If anyone still has a problem with my views then it's okay, I give up. Here's one, who are paying prostitutes? Married men and guess what who could find out about this action what the show "Cheaters". You or your lover could have an affair at any given moment. As you or them get older the chances of being cheated on increases.Even old men go to prostitutes okay so don't say ohhh nooo!! Reason: bored of them/you or their secret lover appreciates them more, sex drive, older looking, even money can be a relationship breaker. That's why waiting 5 years means nothing to me. To meet a girl I could grow old with and make love to for years to come would be worth the time spent not havind sex, finding or testing her. I know however even if I meet this girl who would be with me for 5 years with no sex, she could still end up cheating on me later, but whatever I had a better chance with her than someone who couldn't wait a week. Some of you don't like what I say because it's true or you don't want to face reality because you are in love. Remember "Love" isn't equal someone approached someone first. You may love her so much while she only likes you, or vice versa. Having kids does not stop this from happening okay if it did then why are there so many kids living with divorced parents look at statistics. my point about people using each other lies in this fact. During this "World Recession" married couples divorce rate has lowered. Why???? If you can't get a job might as well stay with the person you don't like anymore it's better than being hungry. Fact

  334. "Life Observer" you are going to have a sad little life if you continue down the road you're going.

  335. Andy (With respect in mind if you are older than me) "Too much pessimism", I know since I'm a virgin you think I haven't been in a relationship since you mentioned me being one like that matters and I'm not thinking or writing pessimistically. On age however you have a point about me being too young. First I been with many girls (about 35) and "tried" to date them without involving sex my first date was about when I was 17 years old. My longest relationship with a girl last a year just recently she broke up with me because I wouldn't have intercourse with her ( I like to wait until 5 years then I decide if I'm ready to trust her). When I decide to date a girl I let them know that I'm looking for a wife not pre-marital sex. I tell them we aren't going to have sex anytime soon and that if they are serious about loving me and starting a family be patient. I told All the other girls, the same thing and some girls even cheated on me right in my own dorm and parents house Andy sir. Used a camera on their dumbass's to find out. Some girls even thought they could tempt me to have sex with them like a relationship is some game, by walking around nude at my parents house. Others told me I didn't love them because I wouldn't touch them inappropriately, I guess my hugs and kisses weren't enough. A girlfriend of mine said she would leave me if I didn't "do her" That relationship went down the drain from there. Now okay to summarize my first comment if no one else understood it as well. A man's penis length is as important to woman as a woman's looks are to a man. Wealth and fame also contribute to relationships as well. Why do the vast majority of actors and rich people only date someone else who is rich or famous. I also state the reason why I'm so patient to have sex is because of STDs, Premarital sex, and "Adultery". Religiously speaking there is no divorce well unless your wife commits adultery which is having sex with another man. If I have sex Andy, what I'm trying to say is that once I enter this woman it's "til death do we part". If she ever cheats on me or die I will not remarry okay because there is no "real divorce" If I had sex with someone else it would technically be adultery and if I have sex with her again I could get a STD. Dumbass judges and these man-made laws I'm talking spiritually marriage like Adam and Eve okay. I also believe whoever you lose your virginity to(first chosen lover, not rape idiots) is your husband. Now my statement on people getting together out "desperation" or lack of options is real. When a woman is single and in her 50's or older they tend to accept a lover no matter what their status as a person lies, so they won't grow old alone. For men when there penis is small or they are broke, or due to some other misfortune they too will settle for what they can get. If anyone thinks this is a lie fine okay ask yourself would you marry someone poor and "ugly" if you had to over someone rich and "beautiful". I think the best and most loyal wife would be someone homeless or from a poor country who respects good fortune and doesn't take it for granted. I would think another option for a great long lasting relationship would be to marry the girl who is considered a nerd or geek. Finally Andy since you commented on my first comment tell me about your past relationships because I hope you are a married man with a wife that was your first love. If not I still would like to hear you or anyone's relationship stats (one night stands=, gay relationships=, married=, divorced=, girlfriends/boyfriends=, cheated on someone=, Someone cheated on you=, etc). Since my last comment seemed Pessimistic fine is War, STDs, child rape, suicide bombing, hate, racism, teen pregnancy, deadly disease, hunger, murderers, gangsters, domestic violence, prostitution, and whatever other bullshit that exists in society Pessimism. I think not. What's bad is bad is as what's good is good. If your wife gives you HIV after 2o years of marriage I guess "my glass half full"

  336. Hey Life Observer, what are you talking about? and really, as a 23 year-old virgin, perhaps you should wait a bit before proclaiming what relationships are like. Too much pessimism.

  337. People this documentary was very educational and should have awoken some peoples' minds. The idea's of love and respect are flawed in the human conscience. Think, why would a stranger care about your problem's in the first place (relationship wise). A man's penis size means everything to a woman. are we forgetting about female orgasms for goodness sakes or the size of female dildo's. The only reason anyone seems to stay with someone is usually out of desperation in the long run. For example give a woman or man a chance to be with the perfect human specimen they will most likely go for them than anyone else if it were possible. A woman will be ridiculed because of her body. A man over his wealth and penis. When one meets someone who says their okay with their flaws doesn't always mean it. They really mean they don't care and will settle for you for the time being. If my statements seem harsh then look up "Real Dolls" on "YouTube" find this 50 minute documentary about men living with these sex toys. Watching those videos gave me insight on human relationships. The best example of what I'm writing about, how the relationships between most males and females in a compromising relationship is false is simply tested by, " give a man 10 million dollars and give a woman the same and see where their life goes". If anyone says they would not cheat on their lover and/or break up and find someone else they are lying. I would say 80 percent of married couples around the world, if given this opportunity would do either of the two. Oh Yeah!!! It does count if cheat on your partner without them knowing. With the rise of STD's like: herpes, HIV, warts, AIDS, etc., I thought people wouldn't care about stupid thing like looks, penis size, bank accounts (money), and "coolness". Just in case anyone is wondering I'm a 23 year old virgin. Why am I still a virgin?? a little thing called dignity, right partner (personality not stupid crap like boob size, butt width, or supermodel status), and (oh yeah people who believe in marriage) adultery with a side of no pre-marital sex. My parent want me to just go to town with some girl ( if you know what I mean XxX). I can't do it and guys with small penis's do me a favor, go marry a Japanese woman or something. I wish the world consisted of more loving people ,but since it don't fellow lovers of mankind find a way to deal with the problems that negative people bring. I know many a nerd ( female or male) A.K.A positive majority, have had to deal with scumbags and hohohosss!!!!! To whom ever has come out of such relationships without STDs please thank "something". To does who have received great misfortune from such Aye!! Wipesss!!! I beg you don't blame anyone but that person who gave you a STD, taken half your stuff, or worse than that. Free will can be so beautiful when used right and so horrifying when used wrong.

  338. Now, it's not too much of a surprise that there is that pressure on guys from everywhere- I mean, consider everything that phallic in our culture, from guns to architecture. It's just amazing how in a sense, they are shier than girls- although you can only imagine the pressure put on women in this society. His work is great.

  339. John G., Dude yeah there are a ton of women who view men in the way you describe, but there are also a ton of women who are the exact opposite. I think you've just been unlucky and finding all the stupid shallow women in your life. Giving up is the WRONG thing to do, because then you're just eliminating the possibility of finding someone who's caring and understanding completely. Keep fishing. It may take a while but you just gotta keep at it.

  340. John G.: Sorry, I mixed two posts together, yours and colin's post, as he's nearly 7 inches.

    Both my brother and I were lucky enough to marry a virgin (not one of my requirements, but a nice plus), and I think that my brother's advice to me was wise. He said that even a "pencil dick" would be ok for a virgin as even a little finger is too big when they first start out. I found that too be true also.

    I think I'm just about 6.25 inches when erect, so that's not extreme either way. 5.5 is ok as half the world in Asia seems to be smaller than that (I'm not precisely sure how big the average Asian man looks when hard, but they sure look small when not). I'm sure that 2.5 inchers abound (as the documentary guy had).

    Hopefully if you can find someone that loves you and you love her, and it will be ok. I didn't get married until I was 36 (the same age as my wife) and I'm not very handsome either. We used my wife's savings for half of the wedding ceremony (and I paid for half as well), so that wasn't much of a consideration either. It was just God's timing for me and her both. We kept it a secret that she paid for a large part of her own wedding, as she is Asian, not a Westerner.

    Nevertheless, I am the first to admit that I am very blessed with my wife. Best of luck to you; keep trying. Hopefully you can find someone that loves you for who you are and not just for the size of your penis. I think it can be done if you don't give up. Salute! :-)

    1. Just want to interject something here as a thought. I often hear, if she loves you it won't matter. I kinda get it, but, when I fell in love I didn't magically lose all sense of what great sex was so why, if she needs a big penis outside of love, does she not need the same sex in love? It still seems like you are inadequate, its just if she loves you enough, she'll be willing to suffer through it. Better hope that level of love or her newfound lack of interest in big penises persists for a long time because I think it likely it would return if the fog of love lifts and she comes back to reality.

  341. "John G. It's ok to be a virgin now; if and when you get married, that’s a plus for many women. My wife is the one and only woman I’ve made ever made love to, and I like it that way and she does too".

    What?! Sorry but I just don't believe that. You got lucky and found a woman who would accept it, but most women HATE male virgins. They all want somebody who's experienced. I haven't heard any women say that they want their next boyfriend to be a virgin.

    "I remember my honeymoon, and my mistake was not wanting her to be scared of the size (her premarital biggest fear) so the first thing she saw was the tiny weeny (pun intended ) stage. I should have stiffened it up a bit first. Almost 7 inches is good enough. Don’t worry about it until you’re ready. I suspect that bigger penises are more difficult to make them hard than smaller ones that grow more proportionately (I read that somewhere). Find a woman that will love you for who you are and the cock in your pants is a plus along side a happy life in other ways.
    Heck, once you have kids; sex is really hard to schedule, IF you’re not tire, and IF she’s not tired, and IF you have time and IF you can keep it up; anyway . . . you get the picture. Make your life and your marriage good in other ways, and then the sex will be better when it's time".

    I'm not 7 inches. Not at all. I'm barely around 5.5 inches and to most women it's just not big enough. It's one of the reasons why I've stopped dating and why I try to stay away from women.
    You don't how extremely shallow and critical women are when it comes to men and our bodies. If you were my age, you would understand.

  342. @Achems Razor:

    "Thanks for the funny videos. You seem like you are down on yourself.
    That in itself will never find you a woman, they will feel your vibrations. I would like to help, but I am not a counselor of any sort, especially a sex counselor".

    So let them feel it. I'm already too short and too ugly to get a woman, so it doesn't matter to women whether I'm positive or negative. I'll still get rejected.

    "The truth is no men can, or ever will, understand women, us men like to think we do, but that is a non sequitur. I know women understand a lot of money. If you had that, problem resolved. I no doubt will have repercussions on saying that (LOL)"

    Good. That's another good reason why I should keep avoiding women.

    "If all else fails, my advice is to go and see a sex counselor".

    Sex counselors (male or female) are just talking bullshit. They have no idea of what women want and will keep saying stupid lies like; "Size doesn't matter".

  343. Destro: No, don't have surgery (if you're even a little bit normal). If it's possible to have sex, then find someone that can take it and adjust. You might be able to have "thigh sex" if you're that big, and do oral sex for her. Anyway, surgery should be the last option. I would like to think there are "options" if there is true love there. As far as I know there aren't any Biblical prohibitions for any positions and "options" that I can find; just be polite and not demanding with your wife when the time comes.

  344. hey destr0 have penis size reduction surgery XD

  345. I am rather large and have had experiences where I can't have sex with the girl because my penis is too big, or it is uncomfortable for them. I have had a relationship with a girl who found it too big for her and we ended the relationship even though we were in love. Can't have a good relationship without good sex. On the other hand you will never have that problem if you are small. So the grass isnt always greener on the other side.

  346. John G:

    I agree with Charles B. for a change. Except for the religion of course.

    You gotta be cool! let nature take its course. My wife and I were both virgins when we got married, I have two grown daughters.
    I believe there is a partner for everyone on this planet.

    Your problem is that you are to focused on your misgivings. Let it go!
    Usually you will find a partner when you least expect it!

  347. John G. It's ok to be a virgin now; if and when you get married, that's a plus for many women. My wife is the one and only woman I've made ever made love to, and I like it that way and she does too.

    I remember my honeymoon, and my mistake was not wanting her to be scared of the size (her premarital biggest fear) so the first thing she saw was the tiny weeny (pun intended ;-) ) stage. I should have stiffened it up a bit first. Almost 7 inches is good enough. Don't worry about it until you're ready. I suspect that bigger penises are more difficult to make them hard than smaller ones that grow more proportionately (I read that somewhere). Find a woman that will love you for who you are and the cock in your pants is a plus along side a happy life in other ways.

    Heck, once you have kids; sex is really hard to schedule, IF you're not tire, and IF she's not tired, and IF you have time and IF you can keep it up; anyway . . . you get the picture. Make your life and your marriage good in other ways, and then the sex will be better when it's time.

    My pastor friend told me to "Do everything for her pleasure and along the way, you enjoy it too." It's good advice. You can be selfish sometimes, but not always if you want to keep your wife happy.

    Oh, I almost forgot to say something religious! LOL! The Bible tells us that our body is not our own; the man's body belongs to his wife and her body is yours--don't use them selfishly with sex and you'll not only be happy, but will be honoring also to God.

  348. This documentary is amazing! I try to talk with my friends, and I usually get a conversation started. It's great when I see that "Yeah, I'm huge like a horse" bullshit melt away when they see that I'm serious and not here to judge.

    I understand why there is an international fear of having a small dick, but the anxiety that it brings will only be highly magnified if it's continuously pushed under wraps. The penis is such a complicated organ (mine can be 2 inches in the cold, 5 1/4 - 6 1/2 erect) that it's too difficult to determine what the perfect penis is based only on the shallow expected monster. Please, please, pleeease do not be afraid to talk. We don't need this primitive issue ruling the lives of so many men.

  349. John G.

    Thanks for the funny videos. You seem like you are down on yourself.
    That in itself will never find you a woman, they will feel your vibrations. I would like to help, but I am not a counselor of any sort, especially a sex counselor.

    The truth is no men can, or ever will, understand women, us men like to think we do, but that is a non sequitur. I know women understand a lot of money. If you had that, problem resolved. I no doubt will have repercussions on saying that (LOL)

    Is there any women reading this that can offer John G. some advice?

    If all else fails, my advice is to go and see a sex counselor.

  350. Seems fashion based just like women's breast or dress size. If Madison Ave introduced a "Twiggy" penis women would all be wanting smaller one's. Bigger is not necessarily better, but in a society that promotes more is better, what do you expect. As a woman with large breasts I know that it's not always what it seems. More men like smaller breasts than the media would have us believe.

  351. Damn it, John J.

    You should not be that disappointed with women, treat them with respect and they will treat you as such, and drop that "ugly" shit! all women are beautiful!

    Learn some techniques for C.....sakes! If you do not know how to make a women happy buy some learning videos, for a women it is not a "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" thing. There are many ways to be a Don Juan. and if you do it right, they will even forget you have a penis.

    A lot of guys will know what I am talking about.
    Probably a lot of women too.

  352. Good documentary, but if Lawrence made this documentary to prove that penis size doesn't matter, he failed GREATLY.

    Basically the women participating in this documentary are telling it like it is. And men probably shouldn't watch this documentary. Size DOES matter, and most women, if not all, prefer a big cock. If you have a 7 inch cock or bigger most women will find it to be big enough. If it's smaller than that she will be disappointed.

    Women have become more shallow and critical than men. They reject/mock/ridicule men because of their penis size and they sit and talk about it with their friends. Even if you're their boyfriend or husband she will tell all her friends about your penis. Women just don't respect men anymore. Sad, but true.
    I've stopped dating because women are so shallow and critical - even those women who are ugly and have thousands of flaws themselves. There's no way that I can live up to all those things that women expect.

  353. It is a little funny, as I'm quite sure I'm one the "biggest" in her family as she's told me what her brother's wife has said, (women talk too), and everyone was in "awe" of my boy's "big bird" as they say, but it's just not in their conscience congnitive makeup to think or worry about such a comment once in a while. She's a bit insecure about her breasts being uneven and mentions it to me and maybe to other ladies, so I think she's not as sensitive in that way for me. She's actually quite lovely; I'm a lucky man, so I've told her never to worry about it as that's quite common from what I've heard.

  354. Charles- Wow you should really let your wife know how upsetting it can be for her to keep demoralizing you like that! It doesn't sound nice of her to keep saying things like that to you. As for it being such a sensitive topic, it's the fact that men don't have outlets to voice their concerns or ask questions, like stated in the documentary. In fact in some ways the age of the Internet has made this worse due to the fact that with anonymity comes ignorance and abuse, along with porn making what we regard as the proper male size to be a good 3-4 inches longer than what's normal. Hopefully some day all these issues will be addressed in a wide scale fashion!

  355. Also being overweight makes the penis appear shorter. They say every 15 pounds overweight hides about a half an inch.

  356. wtf you can't make judgements on size when it's not erect. The size can completely change.

  357. Graham: You're right. I'm glad you didn't get the surgery either. Unless you're so small you can't penetrate, I don't think surgery is a good idea. Even tonight my wife and I watched "the disappearing male" (less boys are being born now), and she asked if I had chemicals like that as a child which made me "smaller." I told her "Darling, I'm not small; in fact I'm almost average," but she thought that I thought that I had said when we first got married that I was quite small. I wish she would stop that. It takes like 10 compliments to make up for one casual "insignifican't to her" word like tonight.

    In general, I wonder why men get so touchy about this subject (me included) as we have kids, and it's nice to make love no matter what the size, so why are we men so sensitive (secretly) about our sizes? I just don't know. It's not logical. If everyone was truly bigger than me, I would be really sad, but I've seen some pretty teeny little weenies here in Asia (swimming pools, etc.) and it was great for the ego! I'm rather glad I'm not living in Africa! ;-)

  358. Hehe good on you Charles I'm with you I'm average too and the psychological damage it did to me with the current girlfriend I'm dating was devastating.. I constantly thought she was lying to me whenever she would say that I was big enough for her and would obsessively search the Internet for answers about what's normal. I now know I have an average sized penis and it's plenty to work with. Sure I wish I was bigger and the media tells us we need to be bigger but you have to learn to live with what you got. I even considered surgery but decided that would be way too risky on my manhood (nobody's going anywhere near it with a scalpel).

  359. Nice work done!

  360. Graham, you are so right. Good call! We joke about it because it is a very sensitive topic. I'm average for a white guy (or slightly less), but I live in Asia (lucky me) --- more than enough here. My wife didn't know they "grew" when we first got married and she was very disappointed at first sight (she wondered if she could ever get pregnant with "that think") until "surprise!" Just that initial disappointment on our honeymoon was rough on me psychologically, despite sebsequent complaints the other way now (it still is painful sometimes to make love). It took a long time to get over that initial worry about being "insificient" even though I mentally knew it wasn't so, and based on my darling wife's truly "innocent" understanding of things at the time.

    I know too much information, but heck, the guys on this doc. are actually showing off thier pictures! I suppose I can be real for an annonomous comment.

    It still bothers me when she laughs about the honeymoon "first sight" and it would have been devistating for me if she had continued doing that past that one time. I DO understand what you're saying, Graham. She doesn't understand why I don't like to talk about it much and think it's as funny as she does. :-) Way to get past the jokes and bring up a good point.

  361. This is quite a serious subject which torments men more than women think. Porn started making this worse and worse and now it's the norm where people think your penis has to be huge, especially in places like the US (like shown in this documentary and first hand experience of how incredibly competitive people are in the US). Truth is if you have an average sized penis it's plenty to please a woman, it's just knowing how to use it. Hell there are women who find big penises as a handicap because it'll hurt them too much during sex.

  362. What a funny documentary! I'm glad the funny guy has found peace with his little fella and its size (or lack thereof). Good for him! :-)

    I've been told the little fellas grow more proportionately than the big ones. ;-) I've read that 4 inches is good enough, but ya need to know how to use them.

    Such a funny trivia note: In China, (you wouldn't believe it for the size of the population), fertility doctors are working night and day with "childless couples" and right away they "measure" the penis to see if it's long enough to break the hymen in his wife--no joke. If so, then they "interview" to see if they are penetrating deeply (one couple was kissing only). With such strict birth control measures, many couples just don't know what to do now. Now that would be embarrassing!

  363. wow! awesome doco and bravo for the exhibition! :)

  364. This is an absolutely brilliant documentary. He takes a serious subject and carries it off with true expertise. Bravo! It is truly informative and revealing and, of course, eminently entertaining. If it does nothing else, it should achieve the film-maker's goal -- of getting people talking. The bottom line: As entertaining as it is, it's certainly is critically important. Heart congrats to the film-maker.

  365. Funny Doc.

    It is not the size of the boat, its the motion of the ocean.

    And if it hangs to the left, or to the right, it is big enough!

  366. Funny and revealing. Penis surgery seems a bit sad and extreme. Men need to understand that it is a two way street, some women just have too much "space" to cover. Shop around and you will find a good fit.

  367. If this was done in nyc, people would have definitely talked to him.

    Nice soundtrack.