My Pet Dinosaur

My Pet DinosaurIt's a palaeontologist's dream: the chance to live in a world where dinosaurs are not something to be dug out of the ground but are living among us. It may sound far-fetched but dinosaurs were actually rather unlucky. The meteorite impact that doomed them to extinction was an event with a probability of millions to one. What if the meteorite had missed?

Had dinosaurs survived, the world today would be very different. If humans managed to survive alongside them, we wouldn't have the company of most, if not all, of the mammals with which we are familiar today. Giraffes, elephants and other mammals wouldn't have had space to evolve.

Would we be hunting Hadrosaurs instead of elk? Or farming Protoceratops instead of pigs? Would dinosaurs be kept as pets? And could the brighter dinosaurs have evolved into something humanoid?

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  1. Billy

    omg i enjoyed that documentary verry intresting :D stole alot of there clips from walking with dinosaurs lazy BBC make new clips :D

  2. Budo Web
  3. Budo Web

    Very interesting, i enjoyed that documentary!

  4. cian
  5. cian

    haaa beetlejuice,,

  6. Riley
  7. Riley

    by many accounts, the dinosaurs were in decline independent of the meteor strike. it very likely accelerated a decline, already well underway and probably irreversible.

    the fact that the entire genus went extinct, apart from the birds, is indicative of a turn-over in the environment which they were not able to 'weather' - among these factors: the emergence of deccan trap volcanism , which resulted in massive global warming, and a lack of adaptation by dinosaur herbivores to the rise of angiosperms (flowering plants)

    at any rate, had their food-chain, and consequently their predators survived, it is unlikely that mammals would have evolved into larger competing forms - hence no higher primates/apes/men.

    all this sort of goes along with the concept of punctuated-equilibrium. they hung together, died together, and mammals inherited the depopulated world, in time undergoing their own wave of adaptive radiation. we will similarly hang together, though the extent of our adaptation & adaptability, as a class, is considerably broader then that of our predecessors, imo.

    but a big enough meteor could wipe us out, too. no reason for it not to happen, either. without doubt, at some point in the future - climactically or otherwise - a hard rain will fall upon the existing world order, the likes of which have never been seen in human memory.

    they will live in interesting times then, as best they can. if they can.

  8. pigdoor
  9. pigdoor

    nuh UH!!

  10. Sweevo
  11. Sweevo

    its funny that the Dinos dint evolve futher than they did, what I mean is no "ape" like dinos
    they where here for around 200milion years and we "humans" have been here for around 5 mins ^^

  12. coyote03
  13. coyote03

    Sweevo, did you actually watch this documentary? It discusses the point you are trying to make in extreme detail. All modern birds are direct descendants of therapod dinosaurs, at the end the example of an Emu is the perfect illustration of this.

    The genus Homo was separated from the Pan genus (chimpanzees) around 7 million years ago. The Hominidae (group that includes chimpanzees, gorillas, humans, and orangutans) separated from the Hylobatidae genus around 18 million years ago, you can go back further until you reach the first tiny mammal, the point is, humans may be a final product, but we have been evolving for quite a long time as well! In the 200 million years of dinosaur evolution they went from incredibly tiny reptile like creatures, to the most massive animals that ever walked the earth. At the same time others were evolving to be faster, smarter, and eventually grew feathers and took to the skies. That is a whole lot of evolving right there!!

  14. pigdoor
  15. pigdoor

    Final product?? are you really that arrogent? caus you dont sound stupid. in evolution there is no such thing as a final product. and if there were im pretty sure WE AINT PERFECT YET!!

  16. snakesinabin
  17. snakesinabin

    yeah gotta agree with pigdoor on this one, evolution doesn't stop, we've a looooooooong way to go til we're "finished*, provided we don't kill each other off in the meantime

  18. Rory Searle
  19. Rory Searle

    I would keep a Compsognathus as a pet, because it is small and, what I would suspect harmless

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