My Run

My RunDriven by the experience of raising three children on his own, Terry Hitchcock decided to accomplish the impossible: run 2,000 miles from Saint Paul to Atlanta in 75 straight days to publicize how single-parent families need recognition, compassion, and support from Americans everywhere. To achieve his goal, Terry had to run the equivalent of one marathon each day for two and a half months, this despite being 57 years old and having a weak heart, bad knees, and shaky ankles. And he did it! Terry crossed his finish line in Atlanta in time for the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Terry's story shows one man's love for children and his concern for the plight of those who struggle every day with the often hearth braking challenges of single-parent families. He wanted his feat to shine a light on the obstacles involved and the need for more support for these parents and children. "My Run" will tell Terry's story, a tale that will entertain and inspire everyone who sees it.

But it will tell that story within a broader context of defining the successes and failures, the strengths and weaknesses of the single-parent experience, a context constructed from the professional observations of psychologists, socila workers, and academic experts, as well as personal anecdotes, drawn from single parents and their children as well as from friends, neighbors, colleagues, and others.

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  1. Vlatko

    It's inspiring story indeed.

  2. Jason
  3. Jason

    Terry's story is very inspiring. I understand that he lost his wife due to breast cancer early on in their relationship. Also, he had an up and down relationship with his son who ends up following his dad down to Atlanta while driving the motorhome.

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