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My War, My Story


My War, My StoryIraq war vets from across the country talk about why many of them oppose the war. Most of these vets remain loyal to their branch of the service, but believe that U.S. involvement in Iraq is wrong. This documentary is not a statement from the political left-- many of these vets who now abhor the war come from conservative backgrounds.

You will meet Dave, from Illinois, who believed he was there to help the Iraqi people. After witnessing families living in rubble, with no running water or electricity, he began to question the validity of the war. There is Fernando from the Bronx, who feels it's outrageous that corporations are making billions at the expense of soldiers who come mostly from the working class. And there is Abbie, who has tried to resume normal activities like dating and going back to college, but has struggled with her fragile nerves.

You will also hear of civilians killed at checkpoints. Eric, from Chicago describes the accidental slaughter of three generations of a family. Jimmy from North Carolina ordered his Marines to open fire on a speeding car, which turned out to be full of civilians. What effects do incidents like these have in the long run on returning vets?

The film is divided into ten topical sections: Why Are We in Iraq?, Support the Troops, On Coming Home, etc. The style is very open, candid and informal. There is some footage from Iraq, including live combat footage involving one of the vets. Many of the vets remain very troubled by their experiences. For them, the war will never be over. (Excerpt from

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  1. Tom Hall

    Johnson and Kissinger lied to our generation in 1964, and we believed
    the lie. Now Bush and son have lied to our children's generation, and
    once again, the lies have been believed. As long as there is wealth to be made from wars, our government will continue to lie!

  2. Glen Hale

    The feds are now storming honest bushiness in USA looking for tax evaders the Feds are so desperate for money they are flying in Swat teams to storm any shop they think is avoiding tax.
    The next war will be the Civilian of USSA and the Feds.

  3. Pierre

    Yep! The clip "Migrated" to a few other non censored places.
    A needed documentary indeed.
    Especially regarding the fact that US army recruits mostly come from the middle or lower class of US society.
    Bush Jr., Cheyney as well as Powell found ways to keep from Viet tours, or "Touring" may I say?

    As a whole (Statistically talking), US citizen as so scared (Almost a phobia) of socialism measures (Such as minimal medicare and any other social mesure) that the sole word "Social-Anything" only mean "Socialism/Communism".
    Just as if some US citizens are not US citizens.
    - "To share is not my sign".
    This, up to a point that us within some commonwealth countries look at the USA as 2 contries within the same geographical region.
    One is a 3thrd world country and the other one is the official USA.
    A bit sacastic but we ain't that far from reality.

    I guess that the big question is, as that documentary suggest, what other job, trade or profession can be offered instead of the army since the draft isn't an obligation anymore?

    Worst, what you can be done with the workers who produce weapons? Good jobs, very good jobs & salary.
    It's been quite a few generations that went by within this way of life. Grand fathers, uncles, grand uncles and so on all in the army.

    Bwarf! Before trying to turn those things around, it appears that the USA constitution needs a little update.
    Yes, idealist things in it but since some "Tycoon" obviously found ways to ways to manipulate these concepts, other regulating guide-lines appear to be needed to protect those concepts edited at a time where "Know How" would not permit what happened in Iraq, just to name one sole worlwide case.

    Here, I'm simply thinking about a USA president involved in oil fied business while leading political operations that directly regard oil field business management.

    Thinking twice... There would be so much to be done that I, myselft wouldn't have the tolerance to accomplish!

    When such a thing as 911 or anything alike happen, how come only one man (USA Commander in Chief) decide of the USA nation faith? Is he the only trusty patriot in USA?
    Could there be a few other ones for whom they can request all CIA/FBI or USA Gov. ministry documents?
    You guys are close to 450 millions, there should be some (5-20) proven trustry patriotic USA citizens that could be intitled to see confidential documents without risking treason or international blame?

    As well, human kind sure know that money corrupt.
    History teach us that, plenty!
    Why let your congress reps. be under that spell?
    There could well be a maximum $ contribution and then, let the individual speak, describe his thoughts to see what's the best. Not necessarely occult others by $ arguments.

    In the end, you have any idea who pays for the mischiefs?
    The average USA citizens and not me because I ain't a USA citizen.

  4. Anthony

    Read the bold text above the video for a alternate source to watch the doc.

  5. khadijah

    It says it's a "private" video. What gives?

  6. Anthony

    I found the doc via Google but will refrain from giving the link publicly. The info was sent to Vlatko, so whatever he decides to do with it, is his decision.

    Wasn't quite what I expected though the personal testimony was revealing. Can't say though, it comes as a surprise, what some of these people said. I'd venture a guess that more Iraqi Veterans have and will come to the same conclusions portrayed in this Doc.

    Like all Wars, a Veterans "tour of duty" doesn't end when they leave the Battlefield.

    FWIW, I do support the troops but, support for the Government that put them in harms way is something I'll never support. There are some very twisted people in power so question everything you're told by Main Stream Media, whether that be on the TV or in print!

  7. Anthony

    I watched the trailer at youtube. From comments above from those fortunate enough to watch it and the trailer... I hope to find it somewhere in cyberspace or through the films creator, Andy Blood.

  8. Christopher

    Private video, must be invited to watch. Please re-up as public so i can view this.

  9. Shwan

    THis is almost like "Shaving private Ryan".

  10. Ralphy

    Says it's a private video - can't watch it

    1. Vlatko

      Well... YT (more precisely the owner of the video) decided to make it private. Nothing much we can do.

  11. Franck

    Here we go. CENSORSHIP, in Canada.

  12. Reglin

    women shouldnt be allowed to serve in the military unless they are nurses

  13. Adam

    It makes me sick that this has been blocked in Canada, i would like to see this as much as anyone else and why would it be blocked in canada anyway. What a load of cr*p. What are they scared that Canadians who already oppose the whole thing will see American vets saying what we've all known since the start that the war is the real terrorism and the poor American youth is being tricked into fighting for something aside from what they've been told.

  14. nathan

    this is quite possibly the most amazing iraq veteran documentary ive seen. more stories like these need to be released to the general public. i know it must be the hardest thing in the world to talk about but if the stories come from soldiers then society wont be able to turn their cheek to it.

  15. Tom

    I disagree with the guy dustin who said that only soldiers who have been to Iraq or people who know someone who has been there should have an opinion. Yes they have seen more than anyone else but just shaking your heads amongst yourselves isnt going to change anything. People power has the means of shaping opinion in governments and this means letting the general public say how they feel. Protesting the war doesn't mean you hate the troops, it means that we don't want people on either side dying without just cause. War should be a last resort.

    I'm worried how these wars have and still are being handled. Like they said in the film, seeing innocent civilians die and children being left without a family isn't going to jump for joy and praise the west. I don't believe you can stamp out terrorism like we are made to believe, it is a faceless war and its looking messier and messier with each passing day. What we can do im not completely sure, but i think that we should be speaking to the Iraqis and Afghanis to discuss and make them feel like we aren't just bringing the western justice raining down, that we are compassionate and want to give them back their country as an end result and maybe even build an alliance.

  16. aycee3

    very touching doucumentary