The Mysterious Origins of Man: Part 2

The Mysterious Origins of Man: Part 2

2007, Conspiracy  -   40 Comments
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This companion documentary to the original NBC broadcast, The Mysterious Origins of Man, features interviews with Michael Cremo and Richard L. Thompson, as well as a variety of so-called "suppressed scientists" who call into question the widely accepted Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection. Through the presentation of alternative evidence the interview subjects lay out arguments against the notion that natural selection provides sufficient proof that humans and apes share a common ancestor.

Questioning the implications of a discovery of misshapen skulls, the film puts forth the suggestion that extraterrestrial beings were present on ancient Earth, perhaps playing a part in the origin of mankind. Ancient sites such as Giza, Egypt and Tiwanaku, Bolivia are also discussed later in the film, leading viewers to consider the existence of an as-yet unidentified ancient civilization and whether they may have played a part in humanity's development.

Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods expounds upon these ancient civilizations and introduces the pole shift hypothesis, which itself derives from something known as the crust shift theory. Proposing that Antarctica was initially further from the South Pole than it presently is, Hancock explains that geological shifts around 10,000 BC caused Antarctica to move to it's present location. He suggests that this shift caused the destruction of the legendary city of Atlantis, and enabled the disbursement of ancient civilizations to other continents, leading to the human race as we now know it.

An interview with an archaeologist also suggests mankind has existed for hundreds of millions of years longer than presently believed. His conviction rests on the discovery of a man-made tool found in proximity to dinosaur fossils, suggesting the two species co-existed. He also cites a more modern story in which an aeronautical engineer witnessed a flying creature matching the description of a pterodactyl, making the more outrageous suggestion that dinosaurs boasted greater longevity than we've been led to believe.

The researchers being interviewed are passionate about their claims, and defend their views with compelling arguments. Dismissed as pseudoscience by the greater scientific and academic communities, the theories presented in this documentary may be outlandish to some, but are entertaining nonetheless.

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peruda hudson
2 years ago

judging by some of the comments muppetry is still rife around the world

Yehoshua bar-Adonai
3 years ago

Ironic that the ones that deny the spiritual nature of reality, like the Apocalypse, are the very people that are causing it. Scientists have no circuit breaker for common sense. Their curiosity isn't just killing the cat, it's killing the planet.

6 years ago

I've come to the conclusion that scientists in general cannot be trusted. Too bad, we thought science was going to free us from things like religious superstitions but they have become themselves a corrupt religion.

7 years ago

Don't waste your time..... this is a gloss of various misrepresentations to my mind.....

7 years ago

Evolution was very clearly proven to be wrong by several scientific methods described in the doc. Also,it is crystal clear that beings more intelligent than ourselves existed millions of years ago, there are no other explanations for the great stone structures all over the world. You can "see" that , right. And agreed, an ET higher intelligent life form would know not to "contact" most of the scared or shallow people dismissing these ideas,many ofwhich are simple facts,like the pyramids relation to the astronomy,or just the sheer building of the structures that we could hardly do today,with all our "technology." And yes, they gave a specific site where the hammer was found. I can't believe how scared or reluctant almost all of you are to not want to consider these truths, the possibilities, and actually embrace with joy that a superior intelligence could have manipulated our DNA, as the government said in the document. I love these very reasonable conclusions, and the facts also are undeniable. And remember, Evolution has been disproved, it was only a "theory" anyway. Even Darwin doubted it, by removing his idea that bears could eventually change to whales if they started swimming. And you say aliens would have contacted us by now...well thousands of people say they have, but you just dismiss them. So it's not that you know they have not contacted us, they just have not contacted YOU yet. If they did, then you would be dismissed. Its like the killing of the messiah that a religion long preached would be coming. A whole religion based on a messiah coming. When he comes, everyone laughs first, then wants to destroy him, attacking his character, as people do of those interviewed. The world can't deal with it, so they eventually kill him. Maybe that's why the aliens avoid you (a certain majority of you, that is), they know the history of man, haha.

7 years ago

I love to read the senseless, yet extremely confident spoutings of a certified cretin.

Fu Man Chu
7 years ago

ET's do exist, let's accept that. There has likely been some contact, but no one's gonna admit to that. The less we know , the better. That's what the Govt feels. For the idiots that just want to ignore the years of sightings from all over the world, keep living with your heads in the sand.

alan morris
8 years ago

If we apparently evolved from apes how come we are living as we do as humans and the apes and monkeys ate still in the tree

8 years ago

You must stop waiting right now, because you just don't know, or don't understand the true meaning of evolution.

We are talking about biology that evolve over million of years.

But anyway, lets forget the reality for a couple of minutes, could you describe a fossil that could potentialy show you a transformation of any kind?

Science is based on the scientific method. A question or problem is raised with some possible answers or solutions. The answers and solutions are tested, if an answer doesn't work or is false, it's thrown out. Testing continues until an answer is found. There is no personal opinion or subjective judgment in the scientific method. It is
only fact, so science is based only on fact.

Vegana Piranha
8 years ago

Don't begrudge spending an hour to hear 2 or 3 truths. I am grateful for people whose ideas fall outside the mainstream for speaking their findings, their "truths" even if most of it is nonsense, and motivated by their religions. Sometimes I still hear a thing or two that causes me to challenge one of my own sacred cows. I challenged a couple here.

8 years ago

There are some truths, but most of it is nonsense.

9 years ago

More grifters. Nonsense bs religious hokum. Scamming the masses.

9 years ago

Also, I haven't given up the possibility these 'things' could very well be from right here on Earth. Or rather, from within the Earth. People think we have discovered everything and know everything about our planet. Hogwash. We are discovering new things all the time. Massive underground caves with their own ecosystems. Previously unknown species of humanoids, animals, etc. Egypt is far from being fully explored and as it is, I'm certain some fascinating things will be discovered. Look at what we don't know about the Great Pyramids, and the wide variation in estimates on how and when they were built. How many times have we heard "This discovery is going to rewrite history!!!"... yet, it never does. The same old, tired, stodgy crap we've always been fed still prevails as the benchmark.

I feel confident in my suspicion that "experts" and governments know far more than they are willing to divulge. Today's Egyptologists are a gaggle of tools and deniers of every other theory but their own. And their theories often are as ridiculous as some of the others. Yet they hold steadfast in their stubborn insistence that they are absolutely correct and no one's going to change their mind. And those that try are tin-foil hat idiots. To them I say, 'Look in the mirror'.

9 years ago

The claim that "There are no aliens, if there were, SETI would have discovered them", is nonsensical. Why hasn't SETI "discovered" any of the thousands upon thousands of sightings that have been taped, filmed, witnessed by innumerable people the world over? They aren't all "swamp gas" or "weather balloons" or any of the other so-called rational explanations. And all the video of UFO's aren't fake or misconstrued as birds, flares, or what have you. There are simply too many. The Phoenix and Stephenville sightings are a good example.

And SETI? Not a peep, other than the famous "WOW!" moment they had years ago when they received some kind of inexplicable transmission. Out of all the sightings, etc., not a single observation from them. There is no rational explanation for that!

There's 'something' out there. But what that something is, eludes us, for the time being. It's simply absurd to write off all the evidence as "nothing" or all being something earth-bound. However, until we have actual proof, all we have is logical speculation

9 years ago

I googled most of them, and they are charlatans, book sellers and creationists. Ask the real scientists now.

Michael Spinler
9 years ago

how stupid, woo and bull, is not science

9 years ago

This man-made tool mentioned, where is it?

Fabien L'Amour
9 years ago

lol this is hilarious, the nonsense starts a mere 30 seconds into the video!

~Oliver B Koslik Esq
9 years ago

lol omg... theres more cheese here than on a f'in dairy farm.

desktop joe
9 years ago

Totally, I just wanted some light escapism and was curious to see how long I would last - 9 minutes,not bad.

9 years ago

"....entertaining nonetheless!"
- sums it up best!-