Mysterious Treasure on Oak Island

Mysterious Treasure on Oak Island

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Mysterious Treasure on Oak IslandIn 1795, on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, three young men stumbled upon a round depression in the ground.

They dug down 30 feet before stopping. Every 10 feet they found a wood slat platform. As men, they continued the journey to no avail.

Over the years, millions of dollars have been spent to find the mystery at the bottom of the pit. 6 men have died trying to get to a treasure that may or not be there.

Still in 2010, no one has been able to get to the bottom, but it is said the owners of the island are waiting for a permit to start digging again.

This is very interesting and was mentioned on the show, "Ancient Aliens." Many think there's a treasure buried from pirates to be found.

Some think the "Ark of the Covenant" will be found, and others believe the pit is the final resting place of the "Holy Grail."

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  1. Jason

    To Be Short Hopefully.. Ha.. For a Simple Example. It's Basically Like a City/ State Code Enforcement... I was Raised in North Texas. My FAMILY Builded House's From Ground Up. Also a lot were in Gated 'H-O-A'. Well Also Did Add-ons/ absolutely any Construction During the Building and absolutely any Construction After the House is Builded. You Have to Applied for a Permit and Get Said Permit Approved. So That 2 Steps/ Hoops to gGo Threw Before Construction Begins. Even Moving 1 One Grain of Dirt. Once Said Permit is Approved.
    Oh Yeah Said Permit Cost $$Dinero$$.
    Now in Said 'H-O-A' Even Though You Pay Can Be Absolutely of MILLIONS of $Dollar$ for Your House Honestly Most PPL Don't Read There Thoroughly. If They DiD They Would Know . They Are Never To Own The Land and or "KEY" *Mineral Rights* in Said Land.... So if You Find Anything in a 'H-O-A'
    Best to Keep it To Yourself. Now If You Do Own Own Property Witch Government is Slowly Taking and Are Making What Use to Be Illegal Action On Said Homeowners Land
    Writing What was ILLEGAL Actions by Law
    Now Legal Action 'KEY' But Only Legal Now for the United States Government. Meaning Yes Even Though You Actually Own Land or Mistakingly Think You Own Said Land. The Government Can Deem Said Land EITHER
    Historic/ Meaningful to the Story of Mankind/ Meaningful to Towns Growth-City's Future Betterment. Meang If They Tink It Betters the City or State-- Their
    Bank Account. They Can File Said Land InementDomian Said Property...
    Ha.... Quickly My Ass.... But that Kinda Breaks it down to Wrap One Head Around the Dumb Shit and Hoops to Jump Through
    Just to Simply Find Out If You Ever Find Absolutely Anything on Your Property.
    Don't Tell "NO-ONE".... ALSO if It's Significant. The Government Absolutely Will
    Take a %Percentage-- and or InementDomian and Just Take %100, in the
    Name of Historical and or Betterment of Said Community...

    PS. If I Didn't Feel Like Educating My Fellow Man, I Would Have Simply Said

  2. Larry

    Oak Island

    1965 isn’t so long ago. I was in the dentist office waiting my turn for what was real, the dentist’s drill. Fortunately, even with him telling me it wouldn’t hurt, my mind was on the Reader’s Digest article I had managed to read while sitting in his waiting room. I was fascinated with the Oak Island article, maybe much more so than a mature young man of twenty-two should have been.

    Years went by before I could read about it again. The encyclopedias of those days had a lot of information, but not about fairy tales. My mind never abandoned what I had read, and I often searched the library and historic magazines for follow-up information. There wasn’t much until the Internet arrived and after that a television program that deserves credit for sharing all that has been recorded before the Reader’s Digest article and after.

    Two hundred and something years ago, one hundred feet deep, and platforms every ten feet is right off the bat too much for my mind to comprehend. How can that be done? How do the platforms not get in the way of the excavation? Hundreds of men would get in each other’s way. All of us should sketch out the details of how it could possible be done. Now we line the hole with round steel wall sections that follow the excavation downwards. Subtract 250 years from modern methods and you have shovels, buckets, and ropes.

    How could so many people throw money at this fairy-tail in the past? Maybe I don’t have enough imagination? Maybe they had too much money? Would money still be going into it if television commercials weren’t subsidizing it? Maybe there’s a lot of “kid” in all of us watching “The Mystery of Oak Island.”

    All I know is it’s good reading before getting the dentist’s chair.

  3. Tim

    The translation of the stone sounds to easy. They were intelligent engineers and much more but come up with a simple code like that?

  4. Wes

    This mysterious story has intrigued me, I remember reading about this mystery in grade school and ever since I've always checked out anything about it when I would come across it.
    Something happened there, Samuel Ball could never of gained the amount of $ that he did. His buying up the lots one after another is fishy, and with all the coins that those two brothers are finding are suspicious too. Im realistic and it's a very good chance that searchers brought the coins and lost them during there work. But I wouldn't be surprised if it is a small part of the so called treasure. I truly hope that the brothers find some treasures of some kind. There hard work and millions of dollars needs to be not in vain.

  5. tom

    If they own the island why do they require permission to dig?

    1. Shane

      Because ultimately the government owns the land. If you don't pay your taxes they can take your land. And not just yours employment taxes I'm talking about your land owner taxes

    2. LM

      That is also true in the US. The land your home is built will always belong to the government.

    3. Stacy

      They don't own the entire island. They own most of it- about 80-some percent, including the portion with the money pit. The rest of the island is owned by folks who have full-time residential homes & part-time residences. So I'm guessing that's why they would still need a permit. But I'm a U.S. Citizen and Oak Island is in Canada. I'm not familiar with Canadian law, just doing an educated guess based on what I know.

  6. SdW

    Claims, speculation, Templar Knights, Aztec's. Come on folks. It's all baloney and this show is so funny in how these old men talk the talk of BS. They always stop short of saying anything that may give you a hint that they found something. It's always a half-hearted answer, half-truth, maybe this-maybe that, showing irrelevent pictures that mean nothing. It's all baloney people. And some of you even fool your own brain into believing by saying something like, "well it could be". Good grief, you don't need anything to help believe in bigfoot because you've already helped yourself into believing it. Just like Oak Island.

    1. Perry

      Sounds like you are full of baloney! The brothers have been fully transparent. They are revealing history at a great cost to them and many others and I appreciate that.

    2. Daniel Ward

      It’s become a show about Gary and his metal
      Detectar. It’s gotten totally boring.

  7. remy sampson

    I really wish that they could show some kind of proof that something happened here special. Until now I haven't seen anything that says someone was here a long time ago. Talk about a stone or coconut fibers or old coin is not enough. It's like the big foot. I want to believe but I need some proof that something happened here. Show me tunnels or something tangible. I love this story and anything is possible.

  8. mysterioso

    Really stupid show. Think about it… If a group, any group, wants to bury a treasure they wouldn't bury it forever. They would come back for it at sometime. Not leave it under tons of muck where nobody will ever see it again. If it were Masons, Templars, Rosicrucians or whomever, they would have passed the information down through the centuries so that present day secret society brothers could find it. Does anyone believe that the Ark of The Covenant, the Holy Grail or the balls of St. Bonehead would just be buried ? No. They would be kept in a place where other society members could view them, and or, worship them. Stupid show.

  9. Robert sullivan

    Your dragging it out so much it's getting boring

  10. Patriot_70

    Doesn't make sense. Each platform was ten feet, but they were solid platforms as far as I can tell. The only reason to do that is to dig sideways.

    What do you want to bet that the treasure is spread out all the way down, in side tunnels.

    1. Norrie

      Supposing the grab brings up a load of gold etc. from 150 feet, how are they going to access the rest? Have they got a plan of how to get down there safely to recover the rest? What damage to documents and wooden artefacts is the grab causing? Surely the best route down would have been sloping horizontal tunnels, from South to North and West to east.

  11. john

    Maybe if whomever dug the hole in the first place was going to return or leave it there for someone else they would leave some sort of message behind on how to plug the water tunnels. If they simply came up on the site before. Maybe they could find some sort of other evidence somewhere else on the island. I honestly think they've tried to many times to dig the whole just yo be fluided over and over again. First we need yo figure out how to plug the holes, because I'm just as curious as everyone else.

    1. Patriot_70

      I think they did. Every ten feet was another tunnel to the side. I'll bet that no-one even thought about that.

  12. Patricia Fischbach

    I recently found that Marie Antionette owned the famed black diamond from a Island Temple. If it is there, leave it there. It is truly cursed. Everyone who has ever owned or had possession of it is dead. Louis gave the necklace to Marie, shortly after she was beheaded. Before anyone goes any further, find out where that diamond may rest.

    1. Levi

      "Louis gave the necklace to Marie, shortly after she was beheaded." No wonder she lost it with that big gap between her head and body. He should have given it to her as a bracelet. What was Louis thinking? (attempt at humor is intentional)

    2. Kyle

      Well if the curse is right and one more must die before the treasure can be found is true then this could be number 7 and they don't need to keep that part of the curse I their minds. I just wonder how covid will affect the next season of episodes. I hadn't watched the History Channels series for nearly 3 yrs. So finally having the time to try and catch up to the current episodes, I binged nearly 60 hours. Forgetting all the comments that I am seeing here the hour long program has brought 7 years of episodes. They have a huge fan base. Fake or real it it's captivating and along with the 100s of documentaries is very entertaining. At that point we all can form opinions as took out we continue to view or more on. Myself after adding up the hours I have already invested will be right here to catch the next episodes hating to see the last once before shutting down until warmer weather returns.

  13. Anonymous

    The Hoover dam? That cost millions and millions of dollars, and would cost billions to make now. I don't think that's reasonable, especially for a place that is lowly populated, the "dam" would be much too expensive, and pointless. Plus The dam would have to surround the entire Island and empty out the bay. That would cost billions of dollars now, and the water-flood tunnels were underground, so even if you spent all those billions, maybe trillions of dollars, it may not work, and I doubt that the treasure you would find if it DID work, would be much more than the cost spent to find it considering that it would have been underground for hundreds of years and if there were gems or gold it would have degraded, have flaws, and be blunt and cheap.

  14. Bryan J. Smith

    Are the autopsies of the men who lost their lives available?

  15. shawn yeager

    All they have to do is build a dam like the Hoover dam around that side of the island to block out the water and plug the holes with concrete and the dams should keep the water out and they can continue and finish the dig and solve the mystery of the mysterious money pit. This can be done by various millionaires putting enough money together to get it done and if there is a vast treasure to be found they can all share the rewards.

  16. AddFacts

    In 1971, the message on the stone was deciphered by Prof. Ross J. Wilhelm, of the University of Michigan Graduate School of Business Administration. He was a cryptographer in WWII. Using historic methods, he deciphered the message, in Spanish - instructions for plugging the drainage holes. This is well documented. It is interesting that this was left out of such a comprehensive documentary.
    Francese Wilcox's comment below makes alot of sense - that the pit may be for draining marshlands. Google "aboiteau".

  17. gloryhunter

    digging up treasure is not easy there r certain things which should be read before starting to dig or the treassure keeps sinking down

  18. Ashley P

    maybe there's absolutely nothing at the bottom of the hole and whoever made this is the king of all trolls!!!

    1. Achems_Razor

      @Ashley P:

      You are probably right sugar plum, there is usually nothing at the bottom of any holes.

  19. jackfrost3

    In 1795 lights were observed near the hole, 3 persons went to investigate and dig.....there was a LIFTING device on a tree over the hole.
    Someone was there before, took whatever was there, covered up the hole leaving a depression and left.
    In 1971 photos were taken of "empty chests" or containers, tools etc. in a chamber.
    There is no treasure, there WAS a treasure or something important to some people.
    Interesting program, good viewing, nothing else.

  20. Jessica

    Why these people keep wasting lives and money digging is beyond me, there are so many ways to get whatever is down there...

    Submarines/digging robots.
    Suction (of soil and water) and huge metal dams thrust into the ground.
    Underwater drilling from the side like we have dug into mountains to make railways.
    A solid metal net type device that could open underground and encase whatever is around it then pull it up.
    Creating other water shafts to lessen the pressure on the original shaft, creating a sieve effect.
    Scuba gear.

    Do you think any of these could work?

  21. Anthony

    i think i have a solution that may work but im not going to put it on this site but if you are interested in my idea you can contact me...

  22. Ly


  23. spikey

    Agree it should have been dug decades ago.

    There is talk of a masonic connection or bar to the sucessful excavation of this pit, which of course being a worldwide organisation could be a legitamate explanation of why this have yet to be figured out.

    As you say, in the time this was constructed, the water traps would have made excavation impossible. As was the obvious intention. But there is no reason, considering the technology available to people of even relatively modest means and resources today, that water traps / ingress should be of major concern or undue hinderance.

    Which brings us back to prevention by other means (masonic desguised as officialdom) as the likely reason for not having fully explored this pit yet.

    Which begs the obvious question...what would the Masons or any similar organisation, desire to be elaborately hidden there, and why would they still be hiding it in the 21st century?

  24. Jordan Stevens

    Its a giant toilet! lol. I believe the little girl.

  25. Guest


    1. Cathy

      It to bad they turned a beautiful site into trash. Leave nature alone. This is all for tv, who know if these claim are not made for effect.

  26. Ed

    the monster of loch ness

  27. Jason

    I think it was a poop system, you know to get the poop off the island so it did stink. Poop has to go somewhere. :)

  28. Nakor420

    It's the ark of the covenent.

    1. Guest

      I know, right? With Jimmy Hoffa inside of it, holding the Holy Grail.

    2. Nakor420

      With an alien.

  29. tzachee

    is an elevetor from the underworld people. the eliens that abduct evrey were are not up but down.

  30. Kumamori

    It's a nice mystery. I wouldn't carelessly dismiss the little girl's words, whether it be ghosts or descendants of those english soldiers, I think ghosts are highly more likely. If you were a descendant of them, why would you go there with a red coat and only at night when there's people living there nearby? This document makers could make a sequel if they did more research on the background history of either the english soldiers with red coats and the pirates, or to the supposed-to-be kopti christians. It is a well known theory, at least, that the early israeli tribes, I think it was the same era with the kopti, came to europe through mediterranean and french and spanish coast. If they could sail that far at that time, I'd say it's not an impossible scenario that their cousins, the eqyptian kopti christians, went all the way to today's canada. But if they can't find out where the coconut oil/hay/whatever was from, it might as well been from the middle America's islands or the south coast of today's USA. I'm not an archeologist by any means, I just don't think you should draw yourself to conclusion that it was certainly the eqyptians if you have no concrete proof on your hands about it, or at least a legitimate logical theory which you have, if you can confirm that the stone existed and the writing in it was indeed kopti.

  31. Razim Aliyev

    it will stay as a legend

  32. Zog Darkchilde

    the hebrews built it

  33. derek

    so let me get this straight...we managed to land on the moon, we managed to create the "Large Hadron Collider" but we CANNOT dig a hole in our OWN planet?????

    1. Ly

      Unbelivable Right??? LOL

  34. averageuser

    What an amazing and interesting docu!

  35. Francese Wilcox

    the wooden drainage apparatus looks very much like the aboiteaus used by the French Acadians to drain the marshes of Acadie... now Nova Scotia. Has any one yet checked out the Kirk brothers and their father, they were English pirates that were the scourge of the atlantic coast in the 1600's.They plundered Maine and Nova Scotia up to labrador and other parts of the north atlantic

  36. Steven Hillcoat

    They'll dig to the bottom and get Rick Rolled!!! lol

  37. Stephane Caissie

    If people hid treasure down there, how would they get it themselves. They would equaly encounter the same booby trap and flood the hole. Cool stuff though...

  38. Alfredo Agius

    Maybe it's Big Whoop, and there's Guybrush Threepwood down there!

    1. Nothing nothing

      lol we need to get ahead in naviagating

  39. documental

    The old guy in yellow is not making any sense. He vehemently and adamantly states in the beginning that he "KNOWS".. not thinks, but KNOWS that it is a f**cking sinkhole! Then, he goes on to speculate that the slab found may have been from .. egyptians.. lol...and that it may be a burial ground for an ARIF soldier? LOL.. yah they sent down a rig , it penetrated the casket, and grabbed a link from the dead soldier's armor, who for some odd reason was buried a hundred feet BELOW the earth, even though we all know egyptians bury their dead in tombs above ground (i.e.- pyramids?)... so which is it.. is it a sinkhole hat coincidentally has wooden platforms in it exactly every ten feet accordig to multiple sources, or is it a 200 foot deep burial ground for ancient egyptians soldiers.. not understanding his logic here.. someone care to elaborate? .. Also another thing i thought was really funny.. he goes "possibly NOT probably, but possibly.. and then in the very next sentence he says "they probably" lolololol

  40. unkown234

    clog the holes that feed it with the powder in diapers alot of it

  41. Nikola

    maybe its just a some sort of elaborate trap for someone greedy...
    ..well there may be some sort of treasure at the bottom...

    but look at it this way... need at least 4 or 5 men in hole to dig...than they come to a stone plate with a pretty simple and obvious encripted text...
    ...which translated says ..keep diging...
    By that moment the leader of "expedition" is in the hole eager to get his hands on the treasurre first...
    They dig a bit deeper and brake the water thight seal..BANG..hole fills with water and drowns them all... whom and for whom is this trap ?

    Very intresting doc...

    Hvala vlatko za uploadanje :D

  42. James

    why dont they just build a coffer dam(dry dock) around the whole island ,and pump it dry!!? done work on uss enterprise and it.s as big as a small city>> same as panama canal!!

  43. unkown

    i think its a giant water filter system...sorry to ruin your appetite for treasures but the hole mechanism i think it worked as a filter because of the coconut stuff there until someone broke the seal and messed up the whole filter system.sure it works the same way as a filter and it uses osmosis.just think of it for a moment.

    1. Travis Fairman

      why the hell would they make it so you have to dig and bust open that part to let the water in? you are completely wrong

  44. riley

    saw this on tv a number of years ago, never forgot it.

    one of the stranger things i've ever heard about. will watch for further developments...

    they could have done without all the nonsense. the story, told straight, is lively enough.

  45. capricious

    How hilarious! This is the same exact story that was told to me as a kid, except for me, it was about Treasure Island here in the bay of California. I always thought it was a fascinating story... until now hearing it actually applies in Canada to an entirely different island. And I mean every last detail was the same -- the wood slats every 10 feet, etc. After googling it I can see whoever told me that was confused. Pretty sure it was my dad.. I'll have to ask him about that :)

  46. Boog

    Look into the Sinclair family. they were over here a century before columbus 'discovered' the americas. i believe it is "Templar treasure" related, but again, not treasure as we traditionally think.

    1. frank dajcar

      Bingo, you are closer than any one of these jokers!

  47. C M

    Man I am so going, it's only about 5 hours away for me...

  48. jack1952

    I first read about this in the Readers Digest in the sixty's just like the guy in the video.

  49. jack1952

    @ Anthony

    Normally I would agree with you. However, this mystery was documented over 200 years ago. Tourism was not a big industry in Nova Scotia back then. Today the island is privately owned. You need special permission to go there from the owners. There are not Oak Island entry fees, no Oak Island pony rides or campgrounds or any other of the trappings surrounding tourist traps. There is one road and the site of the money pit is isolated in a woods. I'm sure some of the local small businesses will sell you a teeshirt or coffee mug with a logo on it but they are taking advantage of a phenomenon not the other way around.

  50. Anthony

    Publicity stunt to generate profit from tourism for the island owners. Come on people, "the money pit" are you lot serious?

  51. TriforceV

    If I was a betting man, and hypothesized about its more than simply a hoax..

    I would gander it was knight Templar treasure of some sort, (by treasure I don't necessarily mean gold, but something they treasured.)
    Their known to have affiliations with masons, so the engineering ingenuity is entirely possible.

    Or its simply a hole in the ground...

  52. Xeno

    Very interesting. I don't believe that things like the holy grail or aliens or ancient Egyptians are involved but there's definitely something to this. I hope someone gets to the bottom of this soon.

  53. Joe Blow

    It might have been used as a poop hole.

  54. Achems Razor

    Have been following info on the money pit for many years.

  55. macca420

    omg its killing me...what the f is down there

  56. Charles

    This was interesting and worth watching. Did anyone else notice the similarity of the layout of the flooding passages and the layout of the very narrow passages found in the Pyramids in Egypt, and also the central chamber thing. This site is sure a curiousity.

  57. toddy

    I remember reading something as a kid and seeing something on tv about it also so i just had to check it out. Really interesting. I reccomend it . Gets you thinking.

  58. Wombat

    It can't be that hard, surely. The dug a tunnel under the English Channel for Gods sake. Also one under Sydney Harbour and who knows where else? They must have been getting a lot of water in those tunnels when they were building them. They sorted it out fairly quickly.

  59. Imightberiding

    Come on already, get to the bottom of this! Ha! Ha! See what I did there? Certainly there has to be a wealthy eccentric who hasn't yet given this a go. With all man's other accomplishments both on & off this planet as well as deep beneath the oceans this should be child's play. I read a book on this subject a few years past & seem to recall the largest of challenges were the hydraulic obstacles en route to the bottom & said treasure.

  60. Waldo

    @ Zalobar

    The platforms occurr at regular intervals, every ten feet. This could not have happened in the manner you prepose. Bedsides, why would someone dig water entry passges connected to the ocean in such an elaborate way just to flood some sink hole, doesn't make sense. This is either some apparatus with some yet to be discovered utilitarian purpose facilitated by its design, or a booby trapped treasure stash. I think maybe it is the former and not the latter. Maybe the rest of the assembly is long gone and thats why we can't make out its purpose. Though I must admit the design of what remains doesn't suggest any practicle use I can think of.

  61. Syed

    Even if the Big Corporates find some thing valuable there, they wont be telling the rest of the world. Otherwise they will be liable to help the poor and the needy.

  62. MIchael22541

    Very interesting! I remember watching a movie of the same name with Tom Hanks many years ago, but this one takes the cake. I wish them all the best of luck.

  63. Zalobar

    Where I grew up there was a sink hole. We would fill it up with leaves and brush some people would dump trash and dirt in it. A contractor had dirt to get rid of and filled it level to the ground. Two years later it was a sink hole again and the precess repeated. Could the same be true for this one? The platforms could have been built at ground level on fill dirt and they sank and then again repeated? It could have been revered as a holy site and the platforms were alters.

  64. Waldo

    Very wierd man, must be somethin down there. The web site Richard posted is worth looking at as well, if you like this sort of thing. I don't think the story William posted is necessarily true, but it is very elaborate and entertaining. Like the guy who owned the site my romantic far flung imagination wants it to be true, but my more practicle side knows it probably isn't. If there is treasure down there someone meant for it to stay there for a long period of time before they returned to claim it. They built too elaborate of a system to think other wise.

    Some one posted that they could just plug the water ways with cement, but thats sounds easier than it actually would be. The second you open one of those water ways you realease the compressed air and let in the water from the other end. You would need to enter from the submerged end of the passage to cement the thing shut, and its flooded right now so you would be worklng under water. They could do it but they need some intense equiptment and materials, as well as some very brave and capable people.

  65. kevin

    i live in pretty close to this place in new brunswick, and have wondered about this "money pit" since i was a kid i love the mystery behind it, but come on, get down there already,

  66. azilda

    Nothing like a good mystery "novel" on a cold saturday afternoon!

  67. pont

    The thing is that if someone today would want to find out, it could be done... It can't be that hard with modern machinery and mind. Start with plugging the water entrance with cement.

  68. Joe

    Great documentary. Kept me interested through the whole thing! thanks vlatko

  69. yes sir

    use a satellite. gold has a unique EM signature.

  70. nathan

    Just finished watching it. Very frustrating that we still don't know for certain. Wiki has some interesting references about it. How spewin would they be if the drill which brought up writing had allowed the water to ruin the rest of it..

  71. Marion

    I think this doco was fascinating. It let my imagination roam more freely than most movies you see these days. If I had money, I'd invest, for sure.

  72. Jonathan

    Duuuude, imagine this as a pitch for Dragon's Den! Haha, could TOTALLY work! Haha!

  73. nathan

    Lol this doco either isn't worth commenting about or I am one of the first to start watching it.. Ancient Aliens, Holy Grail, tch, I dunno......

    1. Thomas Benedik

      Maybe being and island. Of oak trees the pirates back then set up . A elaborate hoax. Of a ship repair place. Had merchant ships returning to eroupe stop in. Get them to pull into. Cove. Now swamp area. And ambush them take plunder . Put in tunnels underground. For later date. Or possibly. Start of new country . To pull out of . Europe's control. Final answer. And the states knew about. That's why they had a war with Canada. To get the land. Etc. Treasure they thought . Would be already in thier country. .lol. a bad calculation. By the states.